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There's a New Gym Leader in Town! (772)


It's potion time!
Well, Cheren, it's confirmed you exist in the anime, except you're way older than Bianca and you don't know her at all. Oh, and Trip took your spot as an Alder fanatic for three whole seasons.

If your small little Pokémon is walking a few feet away behind you, you're bound to get problems. That Axew drives me nuts.

If Ash was excited to battle a Gym Leader, wouldn't that mean he wanted to collect an extra badge for kicks? I was hoping he would, but...

Way to drive the nail further down, Cheren. You just beat a Unova League Quarter Finalist. I'm sure the children liked you more because of that fact. I think I remember hearing his VA somewhere else, but I hardly watch other anime nowadays.

Hurray, there's a Shinx in this episode! ...Wait a minute. What happened to the second Shinx? They never found that one.
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This episode was okay for me. I mean the beginning starts off really slow. It's mostly introductions and the comedy is really lacking in the first half. It starts to pick up slightly around the middle after Pikachu and Axew cause trouble but it's not enough to make it a great episode. While I did find the scenes of Ash, Cilan, Iris and Cheren trying to find the missing Pokémon to be cute and Ash's battle with Cheren to be a good one and wish it was longer, the whole episode itself wasn't filled with much laughs and this is probably one of the weaker episodes of Adventures in Unova thus far. About Cheren, I did find him to be a likeable character and his voice was really good, but I could see how people would be overall letdown with his character. He wasn't nearly as interesting as he was in the games and I could actually see how people would find him bland and forgettable. I don't expect many of us to be remembering anime Cheren a year from now unfortunately.

Here are my rankings for Adventures of Unova so far:

1)"Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!" (Some of the best comedy you'll find in BW)
2)"Team Eevee and the Pokémon Rescue Squad!" (A really fun action packed episode where we get to see all the Gen 1-5 Eeveelutions together)
3)"Drayden Versus Iris: Past, Present, and Future!" (Iris' backstory and her rematch with Drayden)
4)"Mission: Defeat Your Rival!" (People are going to disagree with this one. I loved Ash's final battle with Trip and the flashbacks he had of their rivalry)
5)"A Village Homecoming!" (Great episode for Iris where we get to see her get a chance to use what she has learned on her journey)
6)"New Places... Familiar Faces!" (Best episode of the Episode N portion of the dub. Good COTD, I loved seeing old faces and TR make their return)
7)"The Name's N!" (No where near being the most entertaining episodes but it introduces N in a nice way)
8)"Lost at the League!" (Oshawott was great in this episode and while I know people hate this one for interrupting the League, the League was never that great anyway)
9)"A Unova League Evolution!" (Great montage at the end)
10)"Strong Strategy Steals the Show!" (An enjoyable battle between Ash and Stephan)
11)"There's a New Gym Leader in Town!" (See my review of it above)
12)"A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!" (I will give this episode major props for creative battling but not one of my personal favorites)
13)"Cameron's Secret Weapon!" (One of my least favorite, if not my least favorite full battles of the anime if you could even call it a full battle)
14)"Curtain Up, Unova League!" (Mostly re-introducing characters)
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Well I'm glad Cheren didn't end up being Ash's rival in BW anyway. That would mean that Ash would be still losing to him a bunch of times despite him being only a gym leader. Ash should have stayed and asked Cheren for a rematch and trained there for about three episodes. That would have at least made me have respect for the boy and the pokemon.


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True but I think it was making a pun off something (Not sure) and town worked better then city.

I would of liked to see Nate in the bg like on the boat or at the harbor and nothing more and see if anyone noticed


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even though i already saw this episode, it reminds me of how it saddens me what the writers did to oshawott. They legit made it a piplup...not even a piplup clone because even though piplup barely did real battles and the ones it did do were mostly comedic, it did really well in the contests. I don't understand why everytime oshawott is on the screen it has to go through a battle making as many stupid faces as possible and resulting in it being defeated. The best battle in my opinion was oshawott against palpitoad, it had it's same personality but was serious because it was a battle. i know the stakes were different but after seeing it in this battle and in the league battle, i wish they'd ease up on the comedy with the little guy. (even axew becomes serious in fights)


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Fine episode. It was nice to see Cheren, finally. I thought searching for the missing Pokémon was a bit unneeded, though.
I think it did it's job as a filler. I liked it.


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So we finally arrive in South Western Unova and we dock in Aspertia City!

I liked how the whole episode was based within the trainer school and gym and I found the Pokémon escape very enjoyable as it included some funny moments. I thought the battle was good but it was too short for my liking and its a shame that Ash lost. I thought this was why it was changed to an exhibition battle so Ash didn't have to be awarded a badge at the end of it. My last note is about Iris saying kid which I particularly enjoyed the boot being on the other foot and Ash calling Iris a kid.

Anyway, good episode. Onto the next one!


Hopeful for Gen 8
I think it did it's job as a filler. I liked it.
Not a filler if Cheren was in it.

As for what bothered me in this episode was Oshy losing. The thing has had like maybe two wins out of like 8 or 9 battles. (Maybe more) I feel as if Corphish and Buziel had a better win record then again Ash's Unova team seem to be as weak as his Kanto and Johto team so yeah...


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He doesn't appear in any other episode and he's practically a CoTD. Hence forth, this is filler.
Cheren and his gym were previously mentioned in other non-filler episodes. Plus you can't skip this because Ash and his friends decide to travel there in a previous episode. And the inclusion of a character from the games should be more than enough to say this is a non-filler.
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This was an ok episode. There wasn't anything too special that stuck out to me.


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Not a too exciting episode, and imo Cheren felt disappointing to me. His voice is alright, and certainely not what I expected. It's just that his original character feels stripped away. No mention of Bianca (but never totally proven), never battled/met Cilan for a Gym Battle, and no obsession with being the strongest. I guess that's where Trip came in.

However, Cheren won me over as an acceptable character due to his love for Pokemon and wanting to teach his students well.

Axew, for the love of everything left in BW, STOP causing trouble! Sorry Pikachu, for you had to get in on this mess too, only because you tried to stop Axew.


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I see the school has computers. Wonder what sites they have on the internet?


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Just as boring as I remember the subbed version. Don't like Cheren's voice and they wasted the opportunity for lots of game references. Not like we're ever going to see him again, they could have mentioned all sorts of things.

And what's up with the battlefield not being ready? It's just a patch of ground and it looked exactly the same as any other arena.

Axew used as a plot device yet again. At least when Team Rocket were used like that it's in their job description to kidnap random Pokémon.

At least the N arc's second worst episode is past us now.


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It was an ok episode could've done with out the Pokemon round up, also would've been nice to get alittle bit more focus on Cheren. I enjoyed the dynamic between Cilan & Cheren.