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Therian Reign2(An Ou Team Revamp)


So, I made this team with the thought that my last team was now outdated with the bann of Deoxys-D. Since I drew my focus from using Thundurus-T to Landorus-T, I knew the team would need a balance of sorts to ensure that Landorus-T would function as well as Thundurus-T did on my previous RMT(Not For the Weak Hearted...). Using Landorus-T is nothing new to me, as it was once my most abused Therian upon receiving the Reveal Glass. With that said, I find myself, again, beginning to ramble about my team. So why don't we get down to the team's debut, shall we?


Trait: Intimidate
Naive nature
252 Attk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Sp.Attk
Earrthquake, Rock Slide, Hidden Power(Ice) & U-Turn

Opening with the star of the show, I introduce Landorus-T as the lead. Utilizing Intimidate's potential, it U-turns out to either Gorebyss for a straightforward set up or Porygon2 for the start of what I like to call "The Ultimate Depression". Many often wonder why I prefer to run the naive natured HiddenPower(Ice) set. Simply put, it gives Landorus-T the wonderful niche of all around coverage against Salamence, opposing naive Landorus-T, and helps take down Gliscor annoyances. ToxicStall Gliscor are easy to handle, but you'll see why soon enough. Earthquake is for STAB and ofcourse to score KOs against weakened foes that don't resist it. This, too, is true for RockSlide, which has also helped score 2 wins with the rare additional flinch hax.


Trait: Iron Fist
Jolly nature
252 Attk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Hp
Mach Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch & U-Turn

Coming in as the second member of the team is Infernape. I can't understand for the life of me why some people use Infernape's Iron Fist ability when using no boosted moves. It is this reason that I tend to boast just how to one can abuse an Iron Fist Infernape. Mach Punch provides priority while also allowing Infernape to contend with the likes of weakened TechLoom and IceShard Mamoswine. Often enough, Infernape revenges the latter and can then switch to Scizor or Porygon2 to cover its weaknesses. Fire Punch and Thunder Punch enable Infernape to have a variety of coverages against immediate Steel types like Cobalion, Jirachi and Scizor, Water types like Specs Politoed, SubDD Gyarados and the occasional weakened Vaporeon. U-Turn is again used to scout, but Infernape is the most desposable at times and often stays in while the consistant Life Orb recoil adds up.


Trait: Magic Guard
Timid nature
252 Sp.Attk, 252 Spd/ 4 Def
Psychic, Shadow ball, Focus Blast & Hidden Power(Ice)

Alakazam was added as filler at first, but has since then earned the permanent position on the team as the team's emergency revenge killer and occasional sweeper. It's set is solely based around coverage and coverage only. Psychic also recieves STAB, which is nice, but it often wishes to have Psyshock when facing Blissey and Chansey. Fortunately, neither of the two enjoy taking a Focus Blast when lacking Softboiled. Shadow Ball helps rid me of pesky opposing Psychic- and Ghost- types. Now you may be asking yourself and me, Why Hidden Power(Ice)? Any experienced player has run across a dragon or two that have set up entirely too many DD to stop without anything short of a miracle. This is that miracle. Garchomp are one hell of an issue all the time. Alakazam fixes the patch up quite nicely with a revenge attack and OHKO. Alakazam is also Part 2 to handling SubToxic Gliscor annoyances.


Porygon2(Error Code)@Eviolite
Triat: Trace
Bold nature
252 Hp/ 248 Def/ 8 Sp.Def
Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave & Recover

Porygon2 enters as the overall wall of the team. Also, as Part 3 to handlng Gliscor annoyances. Trace is the best for almost any occasion, as the opponent's own natural ability is also its worst downfall... That said, Porygon2 has gained me alot many wins recently. Rarely seen, it is the most unsuspecting threat to most team. This is but a scratch on the virsatility that Porygon2's ability grants it. Heatran threats that come in on Scizor are walled after Trace'ing Flash Fire. Chandelure is badly walled, as Porygon2 resists its dual STABs. BoltBeam allows it overall coverage great coverage. Thunder Wave is support and Recover to keep Porygon2 healthy.

Trait: Technician
Adamant nature
252 Attack/ 248 Hp/ 8 Spd
Bullet Punch, U-Turn, Super Power & Swords Dance

As a common Choice Band user, Scizor is often mispredicted in battle. The following set allows him to set up maybe once, twice if possible, and proceed to sweep with STAB Bullet Punch. U-Turn was chosen over Bug Bite and, while it may seem redundant, it allows Scizor to get in some much needed "hit-and-runs" when the time demands it. Super Power is for coverage, although I've found myself considering to replace it for Brick Break. The loss of power doesn't seem significant, so on the matter, I'm still indecisive.


Gorebyss@White Herb/Focus Sash
Trait: Hydration
Modest nature
252 Sp.Attk/ 252 Spd/ 4 Sp.Def
Surf, Hidden Power(Grass), Shell Smash & Baton Pass

As the last member, Gorebyss makes a decent impact. SmashPassing is quite easily achieved when the opponent sees it and thinks to attack. Unfortunately for the opponent, I usually try and get in one Intimidate activation from Landorus-T to keep Gorebyss' natural bulk intact. Surf serves as a nice STAB while not taking any unnecessary risks using HydroPump. Ice Beam was replaced with Hidden Power(Grass) after a while due to Jellicent's annoying presence on opposing teams. Hydration as an ability is one for the record books, as it assists in tackling Rain teams head on. Rain not only prevents its status, but boosts its initial power provided by Surf after x1 Shell Smash.

As I come to a closing with my team, I want thank everyone for taking the time to read my newest RMT. Being only my second here on Serebii, I hope that everyone enjoyed reading about the team and how each Pokemon's role plays against certain notable threats. With that said, I look forward to everyone's critiques and suggestions. Happy Rating! :)


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For some reason is see sunny day offensive teams being a problem, you may want to try out flash fire arcanine, bit random but he has high attack, speed isn't a problem because he has extreme speed, he has almost the same coverage, and he shuts down volcarona which could cause problems.
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Sun teams are taken care of using a combination of Landorus-T, Infernape & Porygon2. Volcarona aren't a threat at all thanks to Porygon2's Thunder Wave and the assistance received from scarfed Landorus-T's Rock Slide for a OHKO.

I do see why you would be concerned, though. Even Venusaur are handled using, again, Porygon2's Thunder Wave & Infernape's Fire Punch and/or Alakazam's Psychic. But by simply looking @ the team, one could never know how versatile the use of each partner is. :)

Thanks for the suggestion, though. It was greatly appreciated.
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Might wanna invest more in Scizor's SpD, as Swords Dance lets it boost and boost and Boost. U-Turn would get rid of your boosts, and I saw your Hit-and-run reasoning, but you can always just switch out. Could try Roost to recover the damage you take and then proceed to sweep. Also, give Scizor a Life Orb to give more oomph or Lefties to give more recovery.

Other than that, this team looks pretty solid and no glaring weaknesses