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Things in Pokemon that you wish there were in real life.


burning it down
I love the idea of going on a country-wide journey without having to pay for hotels/meals etc. All of the fun, none of the dull and expensive planning.

Also, you can leave home at ten years old and travel alone, and never have to worry about being raped/mugged, and everyone everywhere will be nice to you (barring the designated evil team who you can just stomp flat with you new best friends).

Pretty much this. I'd love to live in the Pokémon world, it's so safe and idyllic. I'd also love the big cities (Jubilife, Castelia, Nimbasa) to be real. They're so breathtakingly beautiful and to see them firsthand would be amazing.


I'd love to just press a button and be on a bicycle. That would be so damn convinient.


and i wish we could leave home at 10 years old to travel around the world D:


You Looking At Me?
Pokemon Centre's. Going into their and magically healing anyone's animals would be really good.


Well-Known Member
Everything!! Leaving home at 10 , Having a Professer to give you a good pokemon of your choice , press a button and get a bike!


Justified Trope
^ Then again, it would be $200 for a single PokéBall.


Lover of underrated characters
The distortion world would be cool.
I think the idea of being able to store and transfer physical objects in an electronic system would be amazing in real life.


I wish that everyone (apart from one gang in your country) was Nice...
oh and the mythology and actual pokémon we real ;) ahh, for a Vullaby to sleep on my Pillow...


No life till leather
That you actually could run indefinitely. I'd destroy on my cross country team?


Well-Known Member
Lots of caves everywhere would be cool and every other rock there would be a valuable hidden item.

To be in a desert one minute and a mountain range the next, then underwater the next, :)


Being able to fly on the smallest of birds..............


Aspiring Arteest~
I wish that everyone (apart from one gang in your country) was Nice...

Boy do I agree with that.

But other than that...

everything. Duh. Simple as that. I would love to be...transported to the world of pokemon and start a journey of my own. xD There would be awesome battle music during battles...creatures that have the power to destroy the world if they wanted but listen to your every order anyway...and many, many hot guys...