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Things pokemon has helped you learn in real life.


Who dun dug diglett?
Nothing, really. It's just entertainment to me.

Wolf Prince

Lycan Seraph
Pokemon has thought me to read carefully everything as it might be not what we thought it was. I usually skiped the words in the pokemon game and went directly to Gyms until i find out i had to beat the evil teams. So in school i since then read more carefully the quizes and exams.


Am I even still here
its taught me that eventually turkeys will turn red or orange and exact their revenge on our species by cooking us all at 400 degrees for 5 hours with streams of fire that come from their mouths

srsly though, its taught me that no matter who you are you can become great, namely magikarp.


Metallic Wonder
I have learned a very big lot of words, and meanings.
And also *Que Inspirational Music!* that one can follow ones dream, and become something big, regardless of what everyone else tells you...


Fire breathing moth
Between EV training, IV breeding, and eventually RNG, I'd say it teaches patience. I've hit that 999:59 game timer more than once in these last 12 years. My math's definitely seen improvement, except I hate powers of four and its all pokemon's fault.
Its also taught me that all creatures of this earth come from eggs, even plants.


No longer posting
- Problem Solving skills, I've gotten better at these after years of playing Pokemon.
- Time management, mult-tasking skills
- Strategizing for how to deal with real life problems
- Heart and Determination.
- More respect for the animal world


Pokemon Trainer
For Me, Patience and Braille XD damn Regis :p ;377;;378;;379;


~Setting Sail~
Math, logic, strategy, perseverance in bad situations, planning, etcetera.

Hint, hint, school curriculums!
Time management. I am always racing around the clock when i play Pokemon ( I am for a less than a day postE4 time). And thus, in real life, I also learned how to manage time.


Well-Known Member
Pokemon helped me learn a bit of braille, and it was just plain entertainment to me.


I'll do my Lilliest
following your dreams..

water being weak on grass...o_O

you earn money by beating people..

you always hafta have a rival who's stronger than you from the start...nya~
It taught me to strategize. Think ahead of my competition. Predict what people are going to do.