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Things pokemon has helped you learn in real life.


Neighbor? Neighbor!
Lati@s helped me remember latitude/longitude.
I kid you not.
English! I still learn new words from time to time.


The Living Hologram
From the anime - no matter how long you work at your goals, you will never reach them (ash has been going for pokemon master for so long yet he still hasnt gotten there)
the games - all good things come to an end (no matter how many times you restart its still the same old game)
For real - imagination is the best tool a human has ever grasped


Tropius Rocks!
In general, the animé learned me that to achieve something, you have to travel a long way in order to get there. Don't give up and keep walking!

Keep it Kool! ;)


Highly competitive
I believe it helped me out with my memory substantially as well as my vocabulary. When I was in 9th grade subside was a vocab word that I had to know and I just thought "The sandstorm subsided. This is easy." Also, after I learned the in-depth mechanics of the game it has helped me out with math, too.!


Errr... Is nothing an option?


One thing I learned is to be mean to rage quitters....


Penguin Lover
Pokemon taught me to become patient (from breeding and training), to organize myself (in terms of box organization and movesets) and to read braille. :)


Oh, hey, Big Zam!
How to pronounce Psychic.


Armored Legend
Pokemon taught me quite a lot of things throughout my childhood. Basically what most members said about patience, determination, and friendship.

There are also little bits of information related to real life such as the ocean, rocks, fossils, etc. in the version games.


Active Member
I learned dedication?


Cooler Than Red
Hmm...playing Pokemon competitively has helped improve my decision making. Trust me...I wasn't that good at making the wise decisions till I played Pokemon. It was either that or Chess. I chose Pokemon :p
It widened my grammar.

jireh the provider

Video Game Designer
It opened me to the power of video gaming literature. Which is why this series opened me to many other video games.

Which is why story is very critical for me to observe in every video game on release. But if you're the one who started this thread reading, it has taught me truly the value of going against the normal society. I was a high school student victim from bullies. You know how many years I have been humiliated by my own school for being a different personality and refusing to be myself? 3 straight years!

And yet I've changed in little ways, I'm quite the same today in a much more mature yet childish way. Its what these pokemon taught me so far. Value Pursuing your talents and passion. Even if everybody around you refuses you to be yourself. There comes a time that you have to decide the choices you have to do and plan. Diligence is a crucial factor that Pokemon has taught me.

And you know what, there's a reason why pokemon faint rather than die. Satoshi Tajiri, "founder of pokemon", decided to faint them is because children in america tend to treat death dis-respectively. He wanted to educate the children to treat death with respect. Respect, even the ones who offended you, you have to respect them if they have a good intention for their actions. And I'll be honest, you can also learn forgiveness. I recommend you try pokemon mystery dungeon series.

In this series, you learn morals that many tend to forget and/or ignore the more they grow up.


Well-Known Member
Because I spent most of my time on Pokémon when I was younger, i'm pretty good at English.

When learning the elements for science, iron (Fe) was very easy to remebmer because of these fellows::598::597: