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Things pokemon has helped you learn in real life.

At mid-semester test, I got a Biology exam about Animalia kingdom, I was stuck at a question about Echinodermata (Starfish family). And I remember which species belong to which Class and one that I don't remember what is this thing, was Crinozoa, I was like "come on! please give me a hint" then I remembered Cradily, that happen both are start with "C", and Cradily also based on Crinozoa. Thanks Cradily!


Ours is the Fury

I make my living as a salesman, and persistence is something that you just have to have. Catching legendaries really helped me out with that. Ball after ball after ball thrown made me want it that much more


Well-Known Member
I suppose I've become a lot more competitive, which I can take or leave. I don't remember hating losing this much before I started wifi.

Also, I've gotten used to pressured situations a lot more too, having to battle in a tournament final is good experience for exams ;) At least that's what I tell myself.


It has helped me learn a few words


Shiny Hunter
Helped me become a heck of a lot more patient.


Mad dreamer
It helped me with my English a lot. You know, when you go to a french school and your parents barely speak English at home... yeah, Pokemon was basically my English tutor ever since I started playing.

Aura Of Twilight

Forever Clueless
Patience and flexibility.

Why? Because when I was younger, I played pokemon games almost non-stop evertime I had the chance. I got irritated when I was interupted by something, and hated when I got stuck on my games. Sad really. I'd curse, and maybe even cry sometimes. I finally realized how stupid I was being the day I broke the screen of my gameboy advance SP, so I changed and didn't take it so seriously when I had free time. If I did get angry though, I'd just turn the game off and go do something else.

All in all, this is what I learned: Playing Video Games doesn't solve your problems.


Must stay awake...
Thumb wrestling.


First Male Swiftie
English tests. Once it asked me what an ember was. And I was like
"what's an ember!!!! I'm just gonna daydream about my awesome Chimchar in pokemon platinum and it's awesome move ember! Oh, wait....."

Dawn and Piplup

Piplup+Pikachu Fan
It game me a lot of skill

I was the most impatient person ever but through long training sessions and breeding I became more patient.

Ok, I WAS terrible. But now I draw pokemon so much I'm actually quite good!

Video making
I'm making pokemon videos, cartoons, and tributes all the time.

And pokemon gave me something to think about in life.
Eg. Thinking about pearlshipping in a French lesson about grammar -bad habbit, I know.


The sky is the limit
Well, Pokemon has helped me learn to read. I was about 4 when I got Pokemon Crystal. I really wanted to know what people were saying so I always asked my Mom. Eventually, she got tired with me asking her and I had to learn myself and I did! It also helped me some in Science, History, and Math.


Rev up those fryers
That leaving your 10-year-old child to fend for himself and go fight criminals is okay as long as you give him a dangerous animal to play with.