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Things that annoy you in the XY Anime

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Yeah, ok!
Oddly enough XY is missing a lot of the things people liked about DP:

- A strong rival for Ash in Paul...this is absent now. I don't mind too much since I didn't mind AG not having a rival either, as long as Ash is competent

- Villains like Pokehunter J and Galactic. DP had the best villains of the entire series, so far in XY everyone is absent.

- The female companion getting a big goal and development. So far Serena is where Dawn was in DP8....but nearly 50 episodes in.


Brock and Misty!
XY is refreshing from what we had in BW (IMO) but yeah there are still flaws. I pretty much hate TR there, and the catchphrase Ash has about science (probably because Natochenny is super annoying when saying it) but yeah. That's about it. Oh and Bonnie is annoying. She's like Michelle from Full House or Charlie from Good Luck Charlie when they got older. They think they're cute and funny when being sassy but it's just annoying as hell.
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