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Things that aren't Pokemon yet


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I think it's possible they could make a really neat Pokemon inspired by a Basket star, it's a sort of star fish. It could be a fancier Staryu.

Mega Altaria

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But how to deal with a Pokemon you can't defeat?
But it may be defeated under extended periods of being in extreme conditions. They wouldn’t be impossible to defeat, but they will be very hard to defeat.


I personally really want to see a Diamond/Pearl remake with Primal Dialga from my favourite mystery dungeon.


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Okay today I learned that flesh flies (which iirc were introduced into Australia by European settlers in the late 1700s, thanks for that) sometimes give birth to living young and when you squash them because they annoy you and you don't want them in your kitchen, they will sometimes explode into a mass of tiny, living maggots, if they happened to have been female and pregnant.

So that means a potential, over-due housefly Pokemon could learn Attack Order/Heal Order/Defense Order, like Vaspiquen.

So yeah, 3 stage Bug/Dark Housefly Pokemon, starting off as a maggot, evolving into a beelzebub like thing that learns Attack/Heal/Defense Order if female.

Kirby Dragons

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Some sort of rainbow Pokémon. It'd be multicolored like Alolan Muk, but lighter in color and concept.