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Things that aren't Pokemon yet


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Still waiting on:

- Wolverine
- Black Widow
- Snow Fox (Alolan Ninetales does not count)
- Coyote
- Hammerhead
- Cockatrice
- Snow Owl
- Water-type Hippopotamus
- Triceratops
- New Mexico Whiptail
- Mimic Octopus
- Flamingo
- Dragonhead Caterpillar/Butterfly
- Luna Moth
- Great Dane
- Whale Shark

As for plants, I would love to see pokemon based on:

- Weeping Willow
- Nightshade
- Cobra Pitcher Plant
- Cape Sundew
- Aconitum (also known as Wolf's Bane)
- Titan Arum
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Well, I have always wanted some more mythical creatures such as centaurs, gryphons and chimeras etc.
The chimera wish was answered by Type:null and silvally though. Kind of.


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If they ever made a region based on South America, they should create llama/alpaca, guinea pig, jaguar, puma, condor, howler monkey and macaw Pokémon. We already have a toucan in Toucannon (obviously) and a parrot in Chatot, but a macaw would look more like a parrot than Chatot does.


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You mean a hammerhead shark? Garchomp is a hammerhead.

I'm referring to a more proper hammerhead.

It's sort of like saying Mightyena is based on the hyena, when there are very few similarities between the pokemon and the animal. With that being said, I would in fact like to see a pokemon that better reflects the hyena, particularly the Spotted Hyena, with emphasis on the female's wrath and domination.


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OH! A white tiger pokemon would be fun. Ice type, or maybe even make it a fire type.

I'd love to see a wild white tiger being an elegant ice/fairy, more or less like an alolan ninetales counterpart. Fire/ice fits it as well.

I mean, there's the legendary and the starter tiger, (Raikou and Incenoroar), but i still wish for a proper catchable tiger found in a snowy route.

I think the coyote is in a bit of a similar boat. I mean, sure, there isn't any pokémon that's outright a coyote or dingo, but is there any way to make a distinctly coyote or dingo pokémon? What would really cement it as specifically based on one of those any more than something like manectric? Just about every feral/wild canine is similar enough that it's hard to pin down a particular one as inspiring a pokémon's design
Always pictured a coyote like a a very slim and mischievous brown dog, more or less like the Coyote of The Road Runner cartoon. Anyway if not that, pretty sure that GF can make something different if they want to base a pokemon on it. There's always a new dog pokemon every gen btw.
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Let see here what all hasn't become a Pokemon yet:

Video Game Consoles (relax I mean this one as a joke, I hope this doesn't become a Pokemon it would be too silly, and don't give Rotom any ideas)
Thylacine AKA the Tasmanian Tiger

Vampire Squid (Yes that's a real animal)
Clown Fish
Cane Toad

Poison Oak, Ivy, and Sumac

I am gonna stop now because this list is ridiculously long enough


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Poison Oak, Ivy, and Sumac

Isn't Aerodactyl a velociraptor? And Snivy is sort of based on a snake with ivy leaves? ;142; :495:

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Isn't Aerodactyl a velociraptor? And Snivy is sort of based on a snake with ivy leaves? ;142; :495:

Nah, Aerodactyl is more or so based on the pterodactyl because of its ability to fly. Velociraptors don't even fly.

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I can think of some recent extinctions that would make good Pokemon. The dodo, the Quagga, the thylacine, the bluebuck, the warrah, the Aurochs, et cetera.


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I finally want my Manatee Pokemon >_> preferably water/grass, so that we finally have a water/grass type that doesn't look ugly as sin.
A Parasaurolophus, a stegosaurus, a peacock and a flamingo.

I can think of some recent extinctions that would make good Pokemon. The dodo, the Quagga, the thylacine, the bluebuck, the warrah, the Aurochs, et cetera.

An Aurochs would make a perfect basis for a Normal/Fighting or pure Fighting type regional form of Taurus. :D

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More Pokémon based on non-Japanese mythical beings. For example, a new Legendary Pokémon heavily based on the Norse trickster god Loki would be pretty cool!


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Perhaps it's due to my own special interests, but there's far less beetle-based Pokémon that one would assume, considering Satoshi Tajiri was so big into bug catching, the most popular of which in Japan is beetle catching. Not just one or two beetles though, Japan imports foreign species and has done for years - usually dynastid or stag types, I don't think there's much of a market for flower chafers as, whilst pretty, they don't have much fighting capacity (I own a species of flower chafer, and the most mine do to "fight" is crawl over each other... slowly).

Another missed opportunity I feel is the pigeon - we have Pidove, which is a cutie, but it ends up as a pheasant (they're completely different families...!!) - I feel like a line based off of a type of fancy pigeon would be really cool, maybe something like a normal looking stray pigeon, second stage as a cappuchin and then the final stage as a jacobin - I mean, if I could design an official Pokémon line and had absolute free-range of it, I'd probably go for an Eevee-like evolution set, with one stray/street pigeon as the starter, which branches out into many of the different types of fancy pigeon (fantail, lahore, jacobin/cappuchin, archangel, cropper, etc...) with different types.

Though this may be somewhat irrelevant as we do have two stag beetles, one dynastid and one stray pigeon-like Pokémon...


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Would it be possible for a Pokemon to be based...on Pokemon?

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Would it be possible for a Pokemon to be based...on Pokemon?
I think that Mimikyu is already kinda like that. It's designed to look like a Pikachu.