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Things that BUG you about the show

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by TysonKO, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. SpoinkDude

    SpoinkDude Well-Known Member

    Team Rocket don't bug me but...you'd think they'd be dead the ammount of times they've been electrucuted, burnt, drowned and blasted off!
  2. Pkmn_Collector

    Pkmn_Collector Go Go Power Rangers

    u think team rocket would stop trying to catch pikachu and move onto a different pokemon
  3. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Not many captures.
  4. iraqmaster

    iraqmaster Well-Known Member

    I'd say, this is a Biggie. What happened to all the trainers in Kanto that Ash said that he will see again?!
  5. PaulFan1517

    PaulFan1517 Well-Known Member

    The dumb writers are probably waiting to bring back 100 missing characters on the final episode of the pokemon series.
  6. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    I don't see why it really matters that they didn't bring back rather dull characters who don't have much left to contribute...
  7. Typo

    Typo been a while

    Dull?? ALL of the old characters would be cool to see again, A.J., Richie, I cannot wait to see the Ash VS Max battle!
  8. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    Not that every character Ash wants to see again is necessarilly interesting, I would want to see Ash run into AJ to see how he's doing, and who his first loss was to. (Assuming he lost. Surely somebody beat him. Maybe he beat 100 Trainers in a row, but...)
  9. iraqmaster

    iraqmaster Well-Known Member


    Yes, it would be nice to see what the Old Characters are doing.
  10. Drkecho

    Drkecho Retired

    Thats what Chronicles is for. They take all the dumped characters and try to make a storyline for them so we have less whiny *****es that complain that their favorites went away. Its pretty much a 'fan based run' show
  11. Poke'T<3

    Poke'T<3 ASH FAN GIRL!!!!!<3

    I really love ash but his pikachu should be able to kick about any pokemon's butt by now i mean he beat reggice for real... he should have had absolutely NO PROBLEM wooping that freaking buizel not to mention he had a HUGE advantage and the piplup who is nowhere near or at least shouldnt be near pikachus level!!! ughh it drives me crazy how they are trying to make dawn look all skilled...
  12. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    It's a cartoon- they don't have to be able to die.
  13. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Meh, the writers didn't want to overpower Pikachu, but you are f'in right.
  14. the_w0lf

    the_w0lf -/-Dutty Love-/-

    Well, I find it rather strange that Carnivine still loves James after years of neglect...or do they explain Carnivine actually going for air every now and then for like 10 years...:/
  15. PixieMaster

    PixieMaster Team Galactic = Win

    Ash`s Diamond and pearl voice. For some reason, every time he says "Aipom" it grinds my nerves. Its like he`s straining his voice in battle...
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2007
  16. buneary dude

    buneary dude Well-Known Member

    You make me laugh. Yah it is annoying because it's just a recording. A thing that bugs me is that their mouths don't move with their words. Although it is showed worldwide so forget I said that. One thing that bugs me is that I see when Ash is battleing and yelling a command, he has his arm up and grinding his teeth. Makes me mad! But I seriously doubt it does better than "The Simpsons". Simpsons is best cartoon ever!
  17. iraqmaster

    iraqmaster Well-Known Member

    1. Team Rocket. They have spent over 500 Episodes, 7+ movies, and countless Manga trying to catch one single Pikachu, and they can't even do that?! Come on, either make them good guys, or just drop them. Whatever happened to their personalites from the first few episodes, back in the Kanto region?

    2. Team Rocket again: you know, I find it strange how they always complain about being broke, but they seemingly have enough to build giant mechanized Pokemon and other contraptions, power a Meowth Balloon, and have clean clothes.

    3. The Inepitude of the Police Force: It's pretty common knowledge that the majority of people know Team Rocket is an evil organization bent on world domination. But why doesn't anybody do something about it? Jessie and James walk around the majority of the time wearing their TR outfits, and nobody seems to arrest them.

    4. No way Ash and Dawn, May, are 10 years old. No self respecting parent ( even if it is an Anime) would let their 10 year old go off on a Pokemon Journey. If they were at least 14-16, I could understand.

    5. If Jynx is a so called racial stereotype, why hasn't anybody come forward and blast Ludicolo? i mean, Their head dishes are in the forms of sombreroes. To me, that looks like a Latino.

    6. Does anyone find it odd that people are willing to pit Pokemon against each other, during which they will blast each other with Rocks, Jet streams of water, and fire blasts, possibly injuring one Pokemon or the other, but when Team Rocket tries to steal a Pokemon, it's all wrong and immoral?

    7. Ash & Company always have to run into a Legendary Pokemon. Can't for once, some regular joe Schmoe run into one?
  18. Shuko

    Shuko Pippi! Pi!

    Butterfrees, Kricketunes, and Scythers bug me the most about the show. :p

    *is shot*
  19. Blue Ace

    Blue Ace Pokemon is Dead

    I cant stnad Pikachus invincibility, didnt he fight a Dragonite toe to toe? wth??? it shoudlve been a OHKO there, also Pikachu was able to OHKO a Machamp AND Golem in the 1st movie??????

    And how a Crogunk actually HURT and KO a Scizor w/ Poison Jab???
  20. NightwolfAA2k5

    NightwolfAA2k5 Game &amp; Software Dev

    It goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on... You get the picture... I just want the damn show to end o_O

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