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Things that BUG you about the show

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by TysonKO, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Yeah, the writers neglecting types advantages a nd disadvantages bugs me.
  2. Redeevee

    Redeevee Well-Known Member

    what bugs me?

    dont get me started! let me leave it at EVERYTHING!!!!!! thats not an understatement
  3. GentleArtillery

    GentleArtillery Always subjective

    The dull characters, the poor plot and the overpowered Pikachu :p
  4. CommuMax

    CommuMax DO LIKE THIS

    The various qualities in the TV program version of Pokemon that annoy me the most are that Pikachu is obviously sharked or has somehow obtained superhuman abilites off-screen, Ash is dull, So is Brock, Electirc Types tend to own Ground-types and various other very similar situations involving different types, and the fact that it keeps being just good enough for me to keep watching it despite the fact that the show obviously suffers from the qualities listed above.

    It's kind of like a peanut butter trap. You want to escape yet you keep on wanting to do the licking motion with your tounge for the delicious flavor.
  5. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Neat characters never returning.
  6. the total best!

    the total best! Well-Known Member

    Team Rocket, they give me a laugh every now and then, but they really dont know when to stop. I think its a waste of time when they appear because you already know that they will lose.
  7. WaterMaster315

    WaterMaster315 Well-Known Member

    Team Rocket ....

    So much to say

    The first series they were entense and actually known for being hardcore thieves, but the new episodes makes them jokes.

    I would like to see them be succesful sometimes ... maybe not with ashes pokemon but im sure the makers could think of something

    Plus Team Rocket in all the MOVIES are HILARIOUS
    And i like how in the movies they actually work with ash and help out alot
  8. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    They were?
  9. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    The wanted poster in Jenny's box, and how they were in charge of the attack on the SS Anne.
  10. ImJessieTR

    ImJessieTR I WON'T kiss Ash...

    Reading thru 13 pages, here's what I've wanted to comment on so far... "What bugs me personally" will be in bold.

    1) Team Rocket: you know, I don't think they're just "wannabe losers". I think that since they left Giovanni and Viridian (when they were more "hard-core"), they've had a change of heart and are now morally confused (see: all heroic attempts). They know Giovanni will punish them if they return (see: Mewtwo Returns -- they don't just walk up to him and say "Hi, how's it going?"), so they stay far away from him (which suits Giovanni just fine, they only seem to go before the Boss when Ash goes home). Also, having been put in situations where they were actually good (and Meowth has befriended Pikachu on several adventures), they no longer spend all their energy into catching them. I think they follow Ash around just to have something to do. Also, we know where TR gets its money from, sometimes in episodes we see them at their "day jobs" (or sometimes in the movie shorts or the movies), and I suppose it's implied that is what they do when episodes are separated by weeks or months. What bugs me about TR, besides the ludicrous "not being arrested when they advertise themselves CONSTANTLY" (although TR isn't as well known in other far away regions, so maybe that's not fair), is that A) Jessie is never allowed to win a contest because apparently villains should never win -- even when winning a contest might just make her more constructive and "good", and B) James' extra-curricular activities are largely ignored -- when is the last time he got to do something eventful? Let us not forget C) Giovanni must have abandoned his whole "rule the world" idea, since he hasn't gotten around to it after 10 years (which makes me think there IS some credibility to the whole paternity issue, since both of them have basically slept through the last 10 years without doing much :D ).

    2) Heroes' backstories -- We know more about Brock than any other hero. It sucks.

    3) Must agree with Pikachu's random levels -- and don't say that they don't exist -- that Pokemon Tech or whatever (with the arrogant chick with the cubone) mentioned levels -- it just gets ignored because the writers know that we all know all of Ash's team, which always has to fight not only strong trainers and gyms but also legendaries and Mewtwo and fake legendaries (infinitely-powered Entei), should be able to sneeze pokemon to death by now.

    4) I work on Saturdays now, but the plot is so repetitive that I don't feel I'm missing much.

    5) Ash never becomes a Pokemon Master. However, my thoughts about it is that the reason he stays away from Pallet so long is so he doesn't have to face his family and his friends. He knows that after 10 years he should have more to show for all his "work" than one trophy and a lost opportunity to work for the Battle Frontier. That's not to mention his amazing lack of pokemon. I can understand that he likes to train his new team, but he never really takes the time to do so intently and it shows. He only rarely calls for his old pokemon. I think the only reason Charizard isn't back on his team for good (remember he left so he could train harder cause God knows he wasn't getting anywhere with Ash) is that Charizard knows Ash is still a lazy bum. Ash's learning curve is more like a loop-de-loop: he will discover the merits of strategy -- and five seconds later in a new battle fight aggressively and with little thought like he always does. Check this boy out for ADD stat! I think Pikachu's electric attacks have fried this poor kid's short-term-memory (which also explains my pet peeve, back before they got new characters, of Ash forgetting a pokemon he saw one episode before).

    That being said, I had more I wanted to rant about ...

    ... but I forgot what they were. :p
  11. I hate team rocket
  12. uber gon

    uber gon Accept Change

    Not many evolved pokémon for Ash. I know it'd be overpowering him, but at least it'd show how far Ash has come from the Knato years.
  13. Wobuffet fan

    Wobuffet fan TR's #1 admin

    Not trying to sound rude, but those triple posts were unecassary.

    I have a huge problem with Ash always not seeing through Team Rocket's dissguise. I must admit they had much better disguises in Kanto.

    I also hate how Ash and friends can catch any Pokemon in the wild but when Team Rocket catch it "OH NOES! YOU EVIL PEOPLE LET THESE WILD POKEMON GOOOOOOOOOOO! PIKACHUUU!

    One thing they cannot do is get rid of Team Rocket.
    No Rocket= No me watching show with immature ten year old boy.
  14. once in a blue Mew

    once in a blue Mew ITS DAT TEOU-TEOU

    The dub in general. I just cannot understand why the hel* they just can't put the Japanese show with Subtitles. Fan Subs = Better then Dub. Fact.

    But... aside from the crappy voices... the fact that my precious Turtwig was caught by Ash, and is stuck in its Pokeball most of the time.
  15. Blackjack Gabbiani

    Blackjack Gabbiani Clearly we're great!

    Oh yeah, because everyone wants to read subtitles, especially unofficial subs.

    Good dubs>subs anyway.
  16. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Because the world is not your personal playground. A subtitled show might make you piss yourself, but it would get all of about a hundred viewers (all of whom would be pissing themselves alongside you) and then it wouldn't air anymore. And no, while fansubs may be accurate translations much of the time, they simply cannot stand up to a professional-grade production job on any level whatsoever. That = fact.

    You lose. Go sit in the corner.
  17. Anzua2

    Anzua2 Well-Known Member

    4Kids dub of CCS/One Piece.
  18. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    I guess I really don't have to respond to this, but...

    Because of something in the dub or the fact that it is a dub?

    Because there isn't a single anime series like that. And it would destroy the ratings.

    The whole point of dubs is to show a show from one country into another country with a language that people can understand.

    Depending on the sub. And the dub. I think that people are too dependent on fansubs when looking for differences between the original series and the dub.
  19. bigpop618

    bigpop618 Dragon Trainer

    The one thing that will bug me for a while...is that Ash will continually attack with Pikachu...knowing theyre trying to catch Pikachu...so theyll use electric resistant stuff...wouldnt he learn in all that time that TR will use that stuff?
  20. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    1. Cardcaptors wasn't a 4Kids dub, it was a Nelvana production.

    2. Even if the sniveling Internet whiners didn't feel that the One Piece production was up to their lofty standards, the fact is that the production staff for that dub and most others still had access to better resources and information than any fansubber would have, regardless of the finished product. It's as simple as that. Don't argue.

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