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Things that grind your gears!

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
Whimsicott....when caught off guard that thing becomes the most annoying thing on the planet

Dew Watatsumi

Water Type E-3
I guess those people don't play the games.

Some people probably do have the games but they either A: Have the japanese version/language settings or B: Prefer the Japanese names over the english names because it may sound better to them.


Well-Known Member
People who refer to Pokemon by their Japanese names on English-speaking forums (excluding when the Pokemon has only been revealed in Japan and so has no known English name). It just creates unnecessary confusion because nobody knows which Pokemon you're talking about most of the time. Why talk about Ash's 'Tsutarja' when most people wouldn't know you mean 'Snivy'? I can see no practical reason for people to just use the Japanese names if they're not actually talking in Japanese or are from Japan themselves.

omg yes this bothers me to no end. >__> I'd assume a very small portion of the forums know the names in Japanese (besides ones like Pikachu and common ones like lizardon and purin, but in that case what's the point since there's no excuse for not knowing charizard and jigglypuff in English?), as opposed to nearly 100% of the English-speaking fanbase who would understand the English names. Even if you were in the very small minority of people who exclusively watch the anime in Japanese and don't play the games and apparently live in a box and have never heard the English names elsewhere... would it kill you to take two seconds and google it? Because otherwise I'm the one who's going to have to google it cuz I have no idea what a tsutarja is lol.

I watch the anime subbed and think of Fennekin as "Fokko" in my head in regards to the anime, but I'd always say "Fennekin" on the forums. It's just rude to exclude people who don't know the Japanese names and looks elitist in that regard imo.
I do agree that it is annoying when people use the Japanese names of Pokemon and the other characters instead of the English names. However, I can also agree that those people may be used to using them because the original Japanese version is what they saw first.

So, I guess I'm not sure how I feel which way or the other on this matter.

Sunset Star

The DS Gamer
Kind of off-topic, but...
I'd heard about Attack on Titan before from school and Memebase, but when I discovered that most forum-goers call it Shingeki no Kyoujin... it was just so weird. X3

Slightly more on-topic: on Kissanime, some anime with English names are listed by their Japanese names (eg: Attack on Titan is Shingeki no Kyoujin, Blue Exorcist is Ao no Exorcist, Black Butler is something-that-will-get-censored-in-the-middle...). One such anime is Pokémon Origins, which it calls Pokémon: The Origin. Naturally, I was kind of confused, because I wasn't sure which name was correct. Pokémon: The Origin just sounds too clunky. >_<

Ze DreamGirl

Future Vaporeon
Talking about names it's worse for people from Germany, France...because we have our own sets of names...so we have to learn those and the English and Japanese ones...-_-'


Heated Fury
What really grinds my gears is Venomoth's typing. Sometimes it looks Bug/Psychic, sometimes Poison/Bug.
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Draco rex
Just got done with a BATTLE SPOT battle...this suicune managed to get SHEER COLD off two times in a row and wiped out my team!! I mean REALLY?! I can barely get even focus blast or hurricane to hit twice in a row...I can't even begin to say how bitter I am right now...
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Atomic Rexx

Don't Care
I freaking hate Masuda Method. I know it's still technically the most reliable way to get shinies, (except for chain fishing; which is ridiculously easy) but I have like the worst luck with it and I completely lack the patience to deal with over 100 eggs just to reclaim a stupid shiny Abra that ran from me in Sapphire. -.-


Active Member
Was trying to make a deal with a poster, and he's looking for some legendaries, and I made my offer and he said he's interested. Then he asked if I had Mew and another legendary mon and I said no, but I told him whom he should talk to for those mons. And he didn't even tell me if he'd still want to make a deal with me or didn't even thank me for telling him where to find the mons he looked for :/. I am fine with not getting what I want, but at least show some basic manners by telling me what status is like - I hate when people just stop talking to you and assume you should just get the hint and disappear.


Dragon Trainer
Something that winds me up is being unable to change the name of pokémon you can get via wonder trade, i have a whole pile of Japanese ones that might be called something as pathetic as Doug. Great for a escadrille, but no ones bricking it over fighting a Mega Gyarados called Doug -_-


Dragon Trainer
I also dislike the amount of weaknesses Rock and Grass have, 5 each on a mono-type i feel is a little too much, I know grass generally have good stats, and Rock amazing defence, but for the life of me I still can't work out why it is that Grass type is weak to Flying or Rock weak to Fighting...

Lord Fighting

Bank Ball Collector
I also dislike the amount of weaknesses Rock and Grass have, 5 each on a mono-type i feel is a little too much, I know grass generally have good stats, and Rock amazing defence, but for the life of me I still can't work out why it is that Grass type is weak to Flying or Rock weak to Fighting...

Fighting moves will smash and break rock types into tiny little pieces.... That's one of the obvious ones.


Golden Sun 4?
What Grinds My Gears is when I got a Deoxys Speed in a Random Battle, but with a CHOICE SCARF -_-;

Hehehe defo not me...

I really hate the fact that you cannot re-nickname a Pokemon once someone has traded it to you. Imagine getting a 6 IV Pokemon to then discover that you had some rude/rubbish nickname on it. It is really frustrating.