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Things that grind your gears!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Frost Mage, May 19, 2013.

  1. roule

    roule take it all or leave it... I Feel You

    the fact that we only know that pokemon go is going to exist in the future
  2. Emperor Empoleon

    Emperor Empoleon Honor of Kalos

    ORAS' tendancy to hold your hand, whether you actually need help or not :/
  3. Mr. Reloaded

    Mr. Reloaded An enigma

    Why would this be considered a bad thing?
  4. roule

    roule take it all or leave it... I Feel You

    we only have only blurry pictures of the UI in the trailer (which might be only conceptual)... like, how does it work?? it's just a personal annoyance...
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2015
  5. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    I would also like to see more info soon. Didn't they say it would be released early 2016, like in January? I would expect some more info soon.

    Still, seems like it is legit. You and Yami were lucky to find them! Did you already hatch the egg?
  6. Goddess Yami

    Goddess Yami Happy Go Lucky

    My was hatch already and trained. The previous owner beat the game. I transfer all the Pokemon he train just so his Pokemon can live on. :)

    Speaking of that. I had to delete a bunch HM moves to do all that. Quite annoying. He taught Manaphy two.
  7. Captain Jigglypuff

    Captain Jigglypuff Leader of Jigglypuff Army Staff Member Moderator

    My Manaphy Egg is still unhatched. I plan on trading it over to Platinum to hatch and then to B2 and finally to AS. I've always wanted a Manaphy. The Pearl game is pretty legit aside from all the Master Balls and other items. I plan on trading Gen IV to there for TM moves
  8. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria ☆~Shiny hunter▢~ and Animal Crossing

    Like in GSC/HGSS, it really bothers me that Falkner only has Pidgey and Pidgeotto in his team in the first battle with him. I thought that he would have Hoothoot instead of Pidgeotto.
  9. Sceptrigon

    Sceptrigon Armored Guardian

    ^Falkner is afraid of the dark :p

    Yea I'm tired of having to go to the move deleter to remove HM moves.

    Oh, I forgot that eggs could be transferred to another game without being hatched.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2015
  10. Alexander18

    Alexander18 Banned

    Especially when Pidgeotto is under level. What grinds my gears is that not all Johto gym leaders use Johto pokemon during the story. Falkner, Bugsy, Morty and Chuck use only Kanto pokemon. Surely they could have use a pokemon of gen 2. Falkner could have used Hoothoot, Bugsy could have used Heracross, Morty could have used Misdreavus and Chuck could have used Hitmontop.
  11. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria ☆~Shiny hunter▢~ and Animal Crossing

    I think that was due to a lack of Johto mons introduced, 100 were introduced.
  12. greatguy

    greatguy Back.

    That might have been because of the addition of Kanto in the second-gen games. Such a large map would have taken up a large amount of space in an age where data was far more limited than it is now. The first gen was already revolutionary in terms of the amount of data that was compressed on a single GB cartridge, but I'm not sure how much further technology came by the time G/S/C were developed. This is complete speculation here, but I'm guessing the desire to have both Johto and Kanto in the same game was the primary reason for the dearth of new Pokemon.
  13. PrinceOfFacade

    PrinceOfFacade Ghost-Type Master

    It honestly grinds my gears how GAME FREAK insists on acting like no one knew Diancie, Hoopa, and Volcanion existed.

    This freakin' trailer for Volcanion starts off with, "A new Pokémon has been discovered!" Nah, bro. We've known about Volcanion for over two years now. We could have at least had Volcanion much sooner if they hadn't been playing dumb this whole time. I had two wait two years, and even longer, for Volcanion because GAME FREAK and Nintendo couldn't just let it be and release the darn thing.
  14. Disaster_Lord

    Disaster_Lord Sad Bayleef is Sad.

    But we gotta have the next mediocre movie and it's merchandise for the japanese kids! We gotta have money!
  15. Bananarama

    Bananarama The light is coming

    I always hated using Surf in RSE and getting lost :(

    I haven't played ORAS, so I don't know whether they fixed the seas in the remake, but in my experience, surfing in Hoenn was very frustrating.
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2015
  16. Boss1991

    Boss1991 Hardcore Pokéfan

    Complete fixed. Encounter rate is lowered a lot, and Sharpedo is twice as fast than the rest of surf users, making surfng the opposite of tedious.
  17. Mrs. Oreo

    Mrs. Oreo Banned

    Hoenn's sea routes bugged me too in gen 3 and I still avoid them even in Oras as much as possible cuz I'd rather just fly to places than Surf. ^^;
  18. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria ☆~Shiny hunter▢~ and Animal Crossing

    Yeah, kinda find surfing slow in RSE. Just use Sharpedo in ORAS. It's twice as fast.
  19. Psychic

    Psychic Really and truly

    I've been playing Sapphire, and I wish there was another way to transfer Pokemon to gen 4, because almost nobody still has the hardware needed. It drives me up a wall how how difficult it is to get certain Pokemon, plus there's no Ditto to breed with, and leveling up takes ages. The move pools are also terrible and TMs are at such a premium I'm afraid to use any. I have Colosseum and XD, mind you, so I have access to a wider range of Pokemon and extra TMs, but it's still frustrating. I'd love to complete my Sapphire Pokedex and beat Colosseum's Mt. Battle, but it looks like I need another gen 3 game. Gah.

    This kind of bothers me, too, though at least they announced Volcanion right after the Corocoro photos were leaked instead of waiting a few months. I think part of the whole reason for announcing new Pokemon is to just have news and things for fans to obsess over and talk about between games. Of course, if they just gave us international players as many events as they gave to Japanese players it would be far more interesting.

  20. Fissurous

    Fissurous <>< Staff Member Moderator

    On a similar note, the transferring between XD/Colo and the other main series games. XD and Colo were my first Pokemon games, and since I've never owned a GB, everything on those games is basically stuck there for eternity unless I get a GB, RSE, and cable. Not really blaming anybody since there's really no better way to transfer between console and handheld, but it's still frustrating.

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