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Things that grind your gears!

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Frost Mage, May 19, 2013.

  1. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    The fact there was no Move Deleter in Gen 1, no Move Reminder until Gen 3(excluding Stadium 2), no reusable TM until Gen 5 and HM were mandatory until Gen 7
  2. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    From the sound of it, I assume you like doing old playthroughs of those games?
  3. FlashFire926

    FlashFire926 Member

    There's no pure flying type outside of tornadus.
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  4. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    This is mainly a complaint for Virtual Console

    Agree. I feel Castform(normal) should've been pure Flying instead of Normal as it's a living cloud of sorts
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  5. gwen-watson

    gwen-watson A Marvel Baby

    The fact Alolan Raichu is Psychic/Electric. I imagined as it was Alolan and surfed on its tail (plus the ability Surge Surfer), it would be half Water like Lanturn and Chinchou.

    It's a small nitpick. I still enjoy Alolan Raichu and find it adorable.
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  6. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    The fact that Serena didnt get a special/anime cameo
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  7. RedJirachi

    RedJirachi Veteran member

    Cian and Iris not returning in Kalos, since every other old companion got to show up in the gen after they left for a bit

    Also, Buneary not evolving into Lopunny already considering the Pokemon evolves through friendship and that gives some unfortunate implications to me
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  8. Satoshi & Touko

    Satoshi & Touko Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland

    Be careful what you wish for. Would you still be happy that Serena got an anime appearance if it meant that Amourshipping somehow got mixed up in SM's usual slapstick shenanigans?
    janejane6178 likes this.
  9. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    You r right hehe
    Better appear in her own special, without an ugly art style. I wanna see her particating in a contest
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  10. janejane6178

    janejane6178 XY over SM (ew) ANYDAY!!!! <3 (Anything actually)

    Serena not getting Mudkip for ORAS advertising
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  11. Gamzee Makara

    Gamzee Makara Let people enjoy things...

    People b****ing about Pre-Gen VI graphics being "superior" because of minor details like water.

    I'm looking at you, Chuggaaconroy.
    Redstar45 likes this.
  12. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    I hate that some people think Gen 1 is the best while everything after Gen 1( or 2) objectively is bad/or sucks. I hate that some people think Garbodor, Klang, Vanilluxe are awful designs but praise Muk, Magnemite and Voltorb. Lol
  13. Ignition

    Ignition I change these way too often

    Who praises Muk, Magnemite, & Voltorb?
  14. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Many users on Youtube( that's what I primarily use). Even if you come to SHSW trailer you will see by scrolling down some people saying that designs are bad and that older design were much better. That's just cherry on the cake, though.
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  15. Ignition

    Ignition I change these way too often

    Fair enough. I do agree with you just curious about who saw them as superior
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  16. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus Whovian

    I'm not a gen oner but I think that Garbodor, Klang and Vanilluxe are all pretty terrible designs whilst Muk, Magnemite and Voltorb are all much better. It's not not that they are based on inanimate object, but that they are based on man-made objects a rubbish bag, a gear and some ice cream compared to a pile of sludge, a magnet thingie and a sphere. Of the Kanto ones only Magnemite is based off of an everyday man-made object and even it's only parts of it. I'm not saying all pokemon inspired everyday man-made objects are bad deigns, it always depends on execution but buy and large tha aren't great. I'm not suggesting you should change your mind but I'm hoping you'll understand that why I dislike them isn't because of blind hatred of all post gen one pokemon.
  17. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Factually incorrect. Man-Made objects? Grimer and Muk are basically a pile of stuff that all came from humans, which is a "man-made" object. Magnemite is a magnet, which is man-made object. Voltorb is a Pokeball which in Pokeverse is man-made object. It's false to say that those 3 from Kanto are much better designs than 3 from Unova as a fact.( they're on same level objectively).Sure you can have preference but it's heavily implied that you were saying that ,as a fact, they were better. Which is again, false.Not to mention that Pokeball, magnet and pile of stuff designs are not that good same with pile of rubbish, ice cream and gears.
  18. Dragalge

    Dragalge Ancient Gilbert

    Silly agent, you misunderstand! Vanilluxe is actually a pair of icicles!
    CapybaraMage and AgentKallus like this.
  19. AgentKallus

    AgentKallus Whovian

    I'm talking about designs not lore so a pile a sludge doesn't have to be man-made where as Trubbish is a literal bin-bag. I'll give you magnetmite but I don't really like it anyway :p. As for Voltorb a pokeball isn't a man-made object in the real world which is what I was talking about, anyway it isn't a pokeball it is a sphere with a pokeball design. I did say that it was what I thought not what I believe to be objective fact.What I was trying to imply is that being a genwunner isn't the only reason people dislike those pokemon not which were objectively better as Pokemon as that is inherently subjective.
  20. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Design wise, Muk is still a pile of stuff, instead of being brown for you know why reasons, they gave him purple. Same with Garbodor they changed the color, both are still man-made objects. Even though is not RL object, it still counts. But if you wanna get technical, Voltorb is an orb, a ball,like you said a sphere just painted like Pokeball, it's still a man-made object. I was talking about people who say that those 3 have objectively better designs over 3 Unova, I never said anything about preference. Objectively( design-wise) they're on same level, designs are lame, but preference wise - is subjective. Like for me; Muk is more menacing, but Garbodor is cute. So, I don't have preference but I like Alolan Muk more than both. Klang and Magnemite. Clang is cute, so is Magnemite, so it's tie. Vanilluxe and Voltorb; Vanilluxe is really cute, while Voltorb is more menacing ( with eyes), but Vanilluxe is my choice, I prefer extra cuteness over bland menacing look.
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