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Things That Make You Happy!


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Having my favorite Pokémon be acknowledged feels great. I was really excited when Sceptile was confirmed for Pokken Tournament. Considering he was one of only 14 Pokémon species to be playable in the game, it felt really special.


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Finally getting the Nature you wanted on a Mystery Gift Pokemon after 2548503588 soft resets...

Come here my timid little Hoopa


The fact how a random Koffing in my Emerald somehow managed to get transferred all the way to my Omega Ruby.

I mean, when I wanted transferring some Pokemon to Diamond, it required six Pokemon to be transferred. I didn't have that many, so I randomly picked some filler Pokemon, and one of them was Koffing.

And when I was transferring my Shiny Tentacruel from Diamond to White and then to OR, Koffing was again randomly picked as a filler Pokemon.

It wasn't until last year when I realised this, after hearing about the diploma given in ORAS if you have a Pokemon from the original Gen III games.


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Finding a shiny Golbat. That was my very first shiny, excluding the Gyarados from HGSS, and I was completely ecstatic when I found it. I have evolved it into Crobat since.


Gliscor is amazing
My friends make me happy, mine pokémon, my old Dewong the first pokémon of level 100! New pokémon, my dogs, Mila and Ruby, my family

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I just would like to thank this community yet again for keeping this thread relevant for so long. I appreciate it a lot, I really mean it.

Anyway on topic, the thing that makes me most happiest about Pokémon are the endless possibilities of what can be done in battles and so on.


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The moment you find the shiny pokemon you have been looking for! I have been searching for a shiny Zorua for a while, and after searching for months, I finally found one! And the moment you soft reset for a shiny legendary and it only takes 50 times before it shows! Same day as I caught the Zorua, I caught a shiny Giratina!
Also, when a Pokemon that is a bat or a lizard is revealed~ You can imagine I was jumping around when Helioptile, Heliolisk, Noivern and Noibat were revealed in X and Y~
So whilst I was rewatching the SuMo announcement trailer, I noticed that Whitney's Miltank and Cynthia's Garchomp were present. I got a dorky smile, because they put two of the most infamous Pokemon in the 20th Anniversary Trailer :v


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When I play a new generation and my pokemon evolves without me expecting it or knowing what it'll turn out to be and it turns out awesome. I really enjoy that moment a lot, lol.


Honestly, one of the things I love best in recent games is the Pokemon Amie. It's just a little, gimmicky detail, but I love that it adds that layer of depth where you can interact with your Pokemon in a more playful way, even changing how it relates to you in in-game battles. Such a small thing, and it makes them seem so much more real.


I always get excited when a new Pokémon is revealed or a new game is announced whether it's a main series game or some spin off games.


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Catching a Mesprit in Omega Ruby with four perfect IVs on the first try, something that's only made better by the four perfect IVs being the right ones as well (attack, defence, special attack and special defence).