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Things the next Anime could do to improve upon the last.


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That is, while the next Anime and protagonists have a lot to live up to, I feel there are some aspects of Pokemon's Anime that could do with a bit of ironing out.

What are your's? Please be nice...


I cannot see the future yet... The world is…
- Cohesive storyline from start to finish.

- Less filler episodes.

- Not only focused on pokemon training, but in character development as well.

- Try not to repeat past storylines.

- Don’t bring game characters to assassinate their personality and motivations in the anime.

- Don’t prioritize COTD over the protagonists who need the screentime to develop.

- No more pokemon’s lost at the league.

- Better pacing.

- Don’t create ships to leave them unresolved.

Pokegirl Fan~

Female as The main character that battles and does gyms and not this non-battling female companion curse that Serena started in XY
Yearly 24-26 episode format that are full length episodes with almost no fillers.
Focus more on the story arcs and characters instead of making the anime a 20+ minute weekly commercial that focuses on plushiemons, potds, and cotds that no one cares about. And also don't rehash episode plots to death.
No more "comedic" stalker villains like the trio
A better dub run by a better competent dubbing company.
Replace the main characters every new generation like the games do.
Better pacing.
Better natural continuity.
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To have an actual plotline for these three years, and not to change it every quarter or if this season receives harsh criticism (based in "no Satoshi").

Please not another Gohry Stu / Mary Sue. Characters should learn and grow because of their travel.

Most shippings, as a mind novel of the fandom, are meant to be left romantically unresolved. Relationships, on the other hand, are expected to have real reciprocity and development, not a one-sided crush given to a lead character as her main (and only?) feature. In other words, please no Serena 2.0.
More mature tone and no tone like SM with overused comedy
Good writing
Adapting SV games storyline (especially Arven and Area Zero) to as close as accurate as possible
Relationship between the main protagonist and their parents


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I honestly just don't want them to try and repeat the Ash anime
Don't make Riko the next Ash
Have her be a battler yes, but not someone else aiming to be a Pokemon Master. Differentiate her, don't make her Ash's progeny that's lazy writing and timeline blasphemy
Have an end goal for Riko in sight. It's okay if her arc as a MC remains for 3 years only and we get a new MC every gen. That is alright


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Nothing, original Pokémon will be never touched.


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- Don't wait 60+ episodes to decide on a goal or direction for the main character. Either give them a direction from day one, or deliberately write them as aimless. If the character is aimless, make it clear that they're aimless and that they're struggling with their lack of direction. It's essential that this is established as early as possible, otherwise it's just wasted time that could have been used more efficiently.

- Make the characters struggle. It's way more fun when a character has to struggle to achieve success, or has to work hard to get something. A character who gets something easily, without working for it, or without struggling with it, is just not a very interesting one. It makes it hard to care.

- Create a group with a spicy dynamic. Traveling groups who always get along and are always nice to each other are boring. They can be friends of course, or maybe not even friends, maybe they're companions out of necessity, rather than genuine desire. Give me bickering, conflicting viewpoints, it's a perfect opportunity for both comedic scenes as well as character growth.

- If you absolutely need to have "filler episodes", at least make use of them. Make them training episodes, bonding episodes, flashback episodes, something that will add to the characters. Also, please no off-screen development.

- Please have a clear structure from beginning to end, or at least a rough outline of storyline for the main cast and the overall series. It's very easy to notice when a series hasn't been properly planned out, and it just reeks of bad writing.


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You guys remind me of this fellow:


And no, that's not a good thing.

Satoshi & Touko

Peanuts aren't just a nut.

- Target the series strictly to an older demographic (or have the MCs age throughout their travels and do the "Harry Potter" thing when it comes to the targeted demographic)
- Increase just a bit on the presence of ships and situations that cause drama
- Have an insanely high animation budget
- Maybe consider rotating protagonists, especially if these MCs are NOT going to age
- I'll edit this post when I think of more


- Include Ash in any way or at all mention/reference him.
- Make either of the MCs Ash's children unless they reveal that the mother IS NOT Misty or Serena, and also IS instead, someone who had aimed to be a Pokemon Master
- Fail to include somewhat more mature content/themes
- Neglect the current Gen's region
- Be filled with Kanto pandering
- Fail to cater the series to an older audience (or do the "Harry Potter" sort of thing I mentioned earlier)
- Again, if I think of more I'll edit my post

Alolan Glaceon

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1. Expressive characters of flesh and blood, those who have flaws as well as strengths so that it can be seen that they are people, not ideal wives or husbands. This depth of character
2. A more serious plot. In SM, they showed it perfectly on the example of Mallow's or Scoutland's mother, so they can do it here too, only more expressively, maybe not like in the manga but you can mix the sugary tone with the darkness and it can turn out well, many series that had it say hello
3. Better fillers, these fillers used to teach, after the 7th generation, unfortunately, they broke down and they don't bring much. And so we had the opportunity to see more of our favorite characters
4. Graphics are important, yes, but not always if the plot and characters are at a high level, the graphic design ceases to be important, so I hope it will be here anyway


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* God-tier smears similar to the likes of Hiroyuki Imaishi.
* Liko and/or Roy to catch at least one Shiny. The closest known one was Ash’s Noctowl.
* More serious themes like some representation than death. For example, disabilities or even blood.
* A recurring Pokémon that’s evil. Malamar was wasted potential, so I’m gunnin’ for the Houndoom at the start of ScaVio.

Almighty Zard

He has returned.
-allow pokemon to grow at a stable pace instead of preventing some of them from evolving due to "promotion" for long periods of time(looking at the starters mostly with this), of course evolving them quickly isn't a good idea either

-Employ hold items in battle more

-Use the different types of pokeballs for captures.

-As others have said, make fillers more meaningful if there has to be alot of them.

-Focus on Paldea, but in the event the "world tour" continues, actually try to give the other regions equal focus and redeem Galar for it's mistreatment.

-explore more into shiny pokemon as well as those with hidden abilities.

-put a restraining order on Nemona
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