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Things You Are Looking Forward To.


New Member
I just got back into Pokemon TCG, I've been playing TCGO often getting back into it. I'm loving how many different ways there are now days to build a deck. I'm looking forward to finding a couple really good decks and then joining local tournaments. :)


Team Universe Boss
Star Wars The Force Awakens, the Ant-Man movie, and Captain America Civil War are all looking great! I cant't wait! Spiderman's making his MCU debut in CA:CW, so that's even MORE exciting!


Veteran member
I spent years looking forward to Pluto and...it's actually better looking than I thought it would be. More immediately in the future, I am looking forwards to Terminator Genisys with my dad big time. For half a month, he's been unavailable, so it's going to be so satisfying to be with him. In the near future, I'm looking forwards to the new Star Wars trilogy and hopes of a trilogy set 1000 years ago. In the future, I'm looking forward to human-level AI, even if it decides to kill us all(because at least we'd have robots). In the far future, I'm looking forwards to holidays to the moon. And in the distant future, I'm looking forwards to an intelligent species to succeed our own

Mega Altaria

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I'm looking forward to going to Worlds later this week.

Same. It's going to be an exciting event, with potentially the winner having an unpredictable set, like last year's winner Sejun Park with his main Pokémon, Pachirisu.
Metal Gear Solid 5. 11 more days.

Mega Altaria

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Pokken Tournament for the Wii U. It's going to be exciting it's not going to be just on arcades.
Any given new metal album. But if I had to pick one I'm looking forward to the most, probably Soilwork's newest.


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I'm looking forward to meeting my hero André Kuipers in a few days, he's the reason why I wanted to become an Astrophysicist.


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Looking forward to my preorder from Disturbed. WAS going to get it yesterday, but then they delayed the orders to this weekend.

Mega Altaria

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Looking forward to Pokémon Shuffle Mobile to come to regions other than Japan.