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Things You Can't Do?

Xx Flare xX

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I can't write properly with either of my hands (even though i'm left handed I tend to smudge the letters up :p I do try though and I aim to be alot neater)

I can't wolf whistle (yet... Still practising)

I can't stand still (or hold things) for long periods of time before going light headed and collapsing.

Thats a few of them.


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I can't whistle, blow bubblegum, or touch my toes standing up. I'm the most un-flexible thing on the planet.


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I can't whistle
I can't sing very well
I can't do a cartwheel...


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Whistle , play a game of nazi zombies and not go mental at the noob 10 year old while me and the other 2 guys try enjoy ourselves , throw a grenade in modern warfare 2 and not go boom baby when it kills someone


just some guy
i can't talk properly (curse these braces). I can't do a back flip, i can't even flip at all. ohh and i can't get a nuke in modern warfare 2. i also can't ask a girl out
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I can't touch my toes, do anything more complicated than a forward roll or roll my 'r's. I also can't walk properly without concentrating on it and even then I walk, as my friend's brother put it, "Like a smackhead". I could launch into a depressing monologue about all the things I can't do that make life hard, but this is meant to be a cheerful thread, so I shall restrain myself for now and take it out on a hooker later ^_^
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I can't dance beyond the few stupid dances they made us learn in gym class back in the day.
I can't stop myself from cringing when people practically brag about how they don't listen to rap/country/metal/pop. Granted, I listen to three out of those four genres, but you still don't see me going "man, country SUCKS. How can anyone LISTEN to that ****? It practically makes my ears bleed!" whenever music discussion pops up.
I can't ride a bike. I find this one to be legitmately shameful, but I never get around to fixing the situation. Probably because everything around here is within either walking or bus riding distance.
I can't wear contacts. I tried once, but the primal portion of my brain took over and refused to let me put little bits of plastic in my eyes. Thank god for glasses!
I can't draw anything more advanced than a five year old could draw.
I can't tie my shoes, whistle, snap, wink, can hardly sing worth a crap, can't do pushups and fail at almost anything athletically related.

+1/+1 self esteem counter for everybody else, yeah.
I can't cook, sew, dance, sing, do pushups, pretty much anything athletic except soccer (on defense), can't draw, can't lose weight, can't wear a purse, can't put on makeup, can't go shopping without complaining bitterly about it...

I'm just a horrible woman.


Rev up those fryers
I can't snap my fingers for some reason.

I also can't do the Vulcan sign... my fingers just won't go that way.


Riddle in an Enigma
I can't tread water, I can't win the game, I can't fly, I can't stop being lazy, I can't dance, I can't sing.

And, I can't think of anything else I can't do right now >.<


Internet Squirrel
I can't believe its not butter (yeah someone had to do it)
divide by zero
fly on my own
survive 27862405697945 degree temperatures
survive -236729560 degree temperatures
escape the gravity of a black hole
walk on water
swim on land

I can't draw
roll an r like spanish speaking people do
be flexible
do a cartwheel
snap (I can snap but its not very good)

there's probably more


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I can't whistle
I can't understand French, but I can speak it
I can't stand stickers, or anything sticky for that matter
I can't eat cheese

that is a start...


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Lets see...

Can't touch my toes (while standing), cannot watch scary movies (yet can play creepy games... don't really get that myself), can't stand the sight of tarantulas but don't at all mind spiders...

There's a bunch of others... I just can't think of them right now :p.



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Thought of a new one: I can't understand why Serebii if a breeding ground for trolls. Seriously, you don't have anything better to do with your spare time than wasting the time of people who just want to have a pleasant conversation?


i wantz beef!
i cant cook... except for macaroni. i love macoroni!


Shade of Blue
I can't tie my laces.

I can't count how many times I've been ripped on for it. It's nearing around 200 right now.


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I cant swim

I am not a fast runner (working on it)

I am not good at any form of art besides creative writing (making stories, poetry, ect. which I am given a lot of credit for)

I cant walk on sunshine

cant ride a bike

I am not a patient person

I cant punch anything without expressing sound effects ( I might say something like "Boom!" Or "Pow!"

I cant avoid a mental challenge if one uprises

I cant count how many licks it takes for me to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop, nor have any interest in finding out because the number is pretty meaningless seeing that your licks carry different intervals of saliva.

According to hollywood, I cannot jump.


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I can't whistle properly. It's only recently that I could manage a sort of whistle.

I can't do anything athletically related well. The only sport that I am quite good at which is archery and even then I have terrible eyes for aiming the damn thing.

I can't swallow a pill. I simply cannot do it. My body just will not let me swallow something solid without chewing it first. When I eat meat I have to chew it until it is at the point were it is colourless and flavourless before I can swallow it.