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Things you disliked about X and Y?


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I love these games, they're one of my favorites! But I was curious, what are some of the things you think could have been done better?

I personally dislike how I have so many "friends" in the game. I want a rival that hates me, pushes me against a wall, and tells me he's going to burn my dreams to the ground :D


Odd Teambuilder
Serena and her team.

After every single fight, she would say something along the lines of "I'm tired of losing to you..."

And every single time I thought, "Well stop coming at me with the same team of the three same freaking Pokemon."

Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
I enjoyed X and Y but there are a couple of things I didn't like much:
* The lack of 3D in the over world. There are so many places that would look awesome in 3D but are sadly limited to 2D.
* The lack of end-game content. The Looker quests were interesting but after those are completed there isn't much left to do.


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The game was overall too easy. You have to turn the exp. share off to make it somewhat challenging.
Not much for post-game.

Mega stone hunting had to be done in a specific hour.

Didn't like any of the rivals.

Gym leaders still had a max of 3 Pokemon and the Elite Four only had 4.

Wish the Chateau had more trainers. Also wish the trainers had more Pokemon.


"Orange" Magical Girl
The only aspects I was disappointed about were lack of Elite Four rematches (the Battle Chateau had them but I was hoping for ones like the previous games where they had higher levels) and the gym leaders not being like BW where they weren't just...there.

As for post game, I can't complain. I mean did RS or BW have a lot of post game material too?


A lot of people seem to have been disappointed with the post-game, but since when do the initial paired version have a good post-game? The only instance that I can think of was GSC. That isn't an issue with XY so much as it is an issue with GF's formula.

Personally, I was only disappointed with the lack of mythology behind the XYZ trio and Mewtwo (I love Pokémon mythology so it was a shame to see them take such a step back from the vivid background mythologies of the Unovan Legendary Pokémon), as well as the lack of depth in the Gym Leaders. BW/B2W2 did so well when it came to making the Gym Leaders feel like people, but now, most of them have reverted to being elementally-themed cardboard cutouts.

Also, Tierno was dull but eh, that didn't knock off any points in my opinion. Overall, I thought that they were really great games.


*hugs Absol*
Bad rival. I want someone who tries their best to beat me.
Easy main-game. Yeah, I don't play Pokémon story for a challenge, but X/Y reach an all-time low with gym leaders and elite four that can be facerolled without resistance.
Bad post-game. Not enough to do after the main-game. No 2nd round of the elite four is inexcusable.
Bad player customisation. Hoped to see much more and better stuff.
Mega evolutions. Some Pokémon that already were incredibly strong get even stronger, while some Pokémon that never were that strong to begin with are still lacking to be considered top material. Would have preferred a more evened out set of mega evolutions (or none at all).
Lack of Move Tutors.


much more beastly
-Tierno annoys me


-Champion and Elite Four were pitifully easy


-Not as many new Pokemon as earlier generations

-Did I mention I hate Braxien?

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
The one thing about this game that bothered me was that all of the awesome Tutors from last game are gone.

I know we get them on the 2nd installment of any Generation, but..That's actually part of why it bugs me >.<
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The Looker missions were fun and all, but they went by too quickly. I'd have less of an issue with the post game (or lack thereof) if it didn't seem like GF put a few things in to make an attempt at the post game and then just kind of left them there.

Personally, I was only disappointed with the lack of mythology behind the XYZ trio and Mewtwo (I love Pokémon mythology so it was a shame to see them take such a step back from the vivid background mythologies of the Unovan Legendary Pokémon), as well as the lack of depth in the Gym Leaders. BW/B2W2 did so well when it came to making the Gym Leaders feel like people, but now, most of them have reverted to being elementally-themed cardboard cutouts.

^seconded. The fact that this game only has the box trio and their trio leader as new legends was disappointing. It's cool to have Mewtwo there and all, and I know a lot of people have been complaining about the volume of legendaries since like gen III, but I would not have minded if there was a native Kalosian roaming legendary and a fourth legendary tucked away somewhere. I understand that we've discovered those three event legends, but having a couple more in the game would not have been remiss. Or maybe just a few sidequests involving earlier gen trios, which also would have added to postgame.


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I want a rival that hates me, pushes me against a wall, and tells me he's going to burn my dreams to the ground :D
You were basically that to your rival this time around.

My issue with this "paradigm shift" is that there was really no believability to it, given the fact that our character never speaks a word. (Unless you count the two-choice questions as speaking, but those were few and far between if I remember correctly.) I guess, if the roles were purposefully supposed to be switched, our rival was portrayed reasonably well because I was aggravated by them every time they showed up, from the very beginning. But on the other hand, there just wasn't anything to make me care about the relationship, because of course the player is going to raise their Pokemon well, play with them in Amie, etc. etc. Just because our rival got a lot of dialogue about how they lack self-confidence doesn't turn us, the player, into the G/S/C rival or even Blue, because we have no opportunity to really show our personality outside of those limited two-choice questions. (Heck, I would've liked to run away from several of the big friend conversations, but of course I was unable to do so.) In terms of all our friends, there was no real "opposite" to the stereotype of "earnest Pokemon trainer". Each one of our friends had that quality - they just showed it in different ways and had varying degrees of talent. To me it was slightly weak in comparison even to B/W, because at least Cheren was focused so much on being strong that he rather forgot about the whole "earnest" schtick.

So yeah, I didn't really care for the rival (or the friends) dynamic myself either. My main problem is that the rival, and each of the friends, seemed ripped directly from a light-hearted anime. And while I don't normally have a problem with those sort of "archetypal" characters, it's different to see these characters on screen (and have the benefit of a fast-forward button if necessary) than it is to have to interact personally with them in a game. I don't play any Japanese games aside from Pokemon, so of course I can't speak for how many imports have the "anime quality" to them, but I've always felt that in Pokemon's case, it needs to be done carefully to keep from becoming boring or, worse, dis-likeable. In this case I think it was unfortunately done to the extent that it became the latter. I personally had no patience for any of the friend/rival cutscenes, especially when they took that inevitable turn into "it's so wonderful that we're friends, we all have to try our best, let's never stop being friends" territory. But then again, I probably shouldn't be analyzing this much, since Pokemon has never been a series that runs on character development. xD

Otherwise...I still don't care for Lumiose City, but I have been slowly getting used to it and I've at least memorized the important locations, so that's more of a mild dislike. Another mild dislike is the "you must wear a hat" thing, which I don't get and would like be exempt from.

I also feel like it's difficult to level up once you hit lv.70 or so, which is frustrating. In particular, I'd heard a lot of good things about the Battle Maison and was looking forward to it (although I hadn't read about its specifics) so I was slightly disappointed to find that it was another one of those Battle Tower-esque places that don't give you EXP. (And yes, I know that you get Points and trade them in for items and all - the issue there is that I'm too lazy to go to the trouble of battling if it's not going to earn me anything right away. xD)

I disliked how the Team Flare story was built up. Though I respect the storyline itself, I feel that it could have been expressed differently and laid out on a more even keel. Also I felt that Team Flare had no real menace, even when their true motive was unmasked. I think that comes mainly from seeing full-body renders of the team members and getting the full effect of their "mod" poses, whereas in the past, teams were just represented by sprites, with no campy stuff aside from the occasional bit of comedic dialogue. It's fine to have a few blundering goofballs in a team, but in this case it felt like every single one of them were that stereotype - and although that makes sense when you think of how team members joined, it also takes away credibility from their motive at the same time. Double-edged sword, I guess.

Other than that, I can't really think of anything. My postgame play is mainly comprised of getting items from the Amie screen, playing with my Charizard and other Pokemon, and battling in the Battle Chateau. It's at least keeping me interested for those things, so I can't say it's as disappointing as other postgames, some of which just made me drop the game entirely until I was ready to restart the story. I have no complaints in terms of graphics or mechanics, either. So even if my post seems more negative than others', I really do think this generation is the best since R/S/E.



Mega Typhlosion

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Overall I really enjoyed the games. Only negative is the extremely low difficulty of the main plot and the lack of a post-game plot.

The game is already easy by nature with you having the possibility to Mega Evolve since 3rd Gym (!!!) while only having to battle two other megas in Mega Gyarados and Mega Gardevoir really lategame. But the new Exp.Share mechanics and the bonuses from Pokémon Amie are just overkill. I had to disable Exp.Share most of the time and still got to the league with a mono-Fire team around Lv70 (!!). I though maybe the Water E4 could be a challenge, but no... Mega Charizard swept him like if he had a team of Rattattas. Then maybe the Dragon girl! No... she has Altaria and Druddigon instead of Salamence, Flygon, Goodra, Garchomp, Kingdra, Dragonite. So many challenging dragons to battle, she has a team made of probably the weakest 4!!!

It was really disappointing. My first mono-Fire was on Emerald and it was a real challenge as Wallace made me give it all and use several sacrifices and items to beat him. This time, not even the Water guy could make it challenging... Just too easy.


Battle Master
I can understand how some feel about there not being enough post game content, but most of the people here have wifi connectivity at some point, in which, they can battle and trade with others online. The problem is, people lack the need to use it. They don't feel like it is part of the game since this is the first game that utilized the PSS system to make it more user friendly. There is other things to do besides going around and filling in your pokedex. You just have to be willing to go out and find it.
Now, stating that, I do feel that the game is too easy, not because of the rapid experience gains, but the fact that most trainers and gyms that you fight through are just push overs. What I would like to see is that the 8th gym is housed by trainers with level 90-95 pokemon. And the elite four having level 95-100 pokemon. When I did my first play through, I caught all of the pokemon I could before I advanced to the next gym to help fill in my pokedex. When I got a new way to obtain pokemon, ie: surf, fishing rod, I would go back and hit all of the areas I missed. By the time I got to the elite four, I had 3 pokemon around level 90. The elite four was still a push over. I lost only my starting pokemon between all 5 battles.


I just felt the game was too easy. Usually some gyms take a couple of tries and the elite four take at least three goes but in these games there was really no challenge at all. Shinies are now decreasing in value, and overall I feel that the original challenges the game produced are all but gone. Like, I bought 20 revives when they became available and I still have 11 left. The complexity and hardships of the game are lost and that makes me sad.
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