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Things you hated about school


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Primary school not too bad as the teachers and kids were generally lovely. I am Autistic and have ADHD , though was not diagnosed with Autism till after getting my A levels results in 2012, while ADHD at age 4. SENCO in primary school were lovely and understanding of my support needs and the primary school was pretty chill.

High School on the other hand was a nightmare from the get go, a sensory hell and made me depressed.
Loud noisy nowhere to go if you wanted somewhere quiet, have memories of losing break times and being stuck in class because the other students generally misbehaved during class.The teacher would just say you couldn’t leave for break time,stay in the classroom ”and go on their merry way. It could be from 30 minutes to an hour of being stuck in a classroom with loud students,not good if you have sensory issues.This was on top of the noisy lessons as well.

Also the bullying how I hated that,constant verbal bullying, food being thrown at me,things taken from me. Being bullied for largely being different and not having “typical interests”.

While I did okay academically it did me bad mentally,socially and emotionally. Remember being relieved when it was half term but then feelings of dread when I had to go back. I also remember having shutdowns,sensory overloads constantly during school and afterwards.Also had to go to bed due to the aftermath of it all.

While I was alright with some students I generally always felt like an outsider and was one of the kids picked last or not at all in group work or PE. Felt real bad especially in GCSE Drama as noone wanted to be my partner for our last assignment and the person who was made my partner didn’t want to be my partner either.Plus felt a bit bullied by my year 10/11 Drama teachers especially as I had to take days off due to the stress of school plus I had also developed tics around the time as well.

Subject wise the only subject I really enjoyed was GCSE History as I enjoyed the coursework. I hated design and Food technology,Science,PE especially due to my lack of coordination plus this is where I normally encountered the most bullying.

I also lost my support and accomodations in High School which made it worse I suppose as I was meant to have 1:1 support as put in my statements.It was even promised by the high school but never given. Though I did interact with the SENCO they were also rather rough worse than some of the teachers, even remembering hearing them talking behind my back about me rather nastily when I was put in the SENCO room.

I went to a different school for A levels which was much better and got 1:1 support in place but it wasn’t perfect but it was still good.Much better environmentally though I always went to the ICT room by myself to recover from the lessons and the 6th form room was too loud.The teachers and students were much more chill and laidback,and the teachers didn’t have the elitist mindset my previous school did either.

Overall did I enjoy school? No and am glad that’s behind me,sure they were good bits such as the school trips(Only because I got out of the loud,cramped environment). I was not able to do University as I could not cope with the environment or workload so had to drop out.Me and my parents are hoping to move in a few years near a city where my other relatives live so we have more things to do as they is not much here in my small town.
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yah Eevee Rocks !
@VoltTacklePikachu It's kind of why I hated pep rallies. I am not that sensitive to noise, but I hate it when it gets loud.

I eventually would feign a headache and go to the nurse's office. I think she knew but didn't care.
Now that reminds another thing I hated about high school was the School nurse that was where students ended up if either they did not feel very well or had to be sent home.I remember going to the nurse and remembering the nurse being horrid not just to me but to other students.
The nurse often gave very unhelpful advice as well.


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@VoltTacklePikachu It's kind of why I hated pep rallies. I am not that sensitive to noise, but I hate it when it gets loud.

I eventually would feign a headache and go to the nurse's office. I think she knew but didn't care.
I was in elementary school for 2 years before being homeschooled. The teachers let me stay in the library during pep rallies. I actually spent most of my time in the library in kindergarten and first grade.


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My aunt said she hated pep rallies and that students should be able to choose whether they want to go or not.

Honestly, this is the most relatable my aunt has ever been.


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I hated sport class. I used to ditch it and hide in the library hehe

U.N. Owen

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I actually had the opportunity to talk to one of my former classmates whose now a teacher while I decided to go to grad school. Here's a few things he hated about teaching in a public school:

Grade quotas: In college, my department head told me I just needed people to pass, and I can give whatever the hell I want so long as I can back it up. Turns out, they can't fail kids who don't do work now. The F grade is no longer a viable option. They can only give a low D even if kids do not turn in work.

Teaching to the test: I don't really write my final so much as it's a departmental effort to write a final and align it against all classes. Turns out, high school has it worse than me.

Lack of disciplinary action: They are supposed to use PBIS which, given how he explained it, seems more like bribing students into behaving rather than dropping the hammer on them for the crap they pull. It's odd they can't really expel students who wear symbols of genocide and hatred like the swastika or the hammer and sickle. It's honestly appalling. Back when I went to school, zero tolerance was a major issue and the pendulum has swung the other direction.

Lack of vaccines: Teachers are basically told to go into the meat grinder of SARS-CoV-2 without vaccines and barely adequate PPE. They aren't even on the vaccine priority list, yet everyone wants school to open.

Outdated research: I thought it was a given that learning styles do not exist since subjects are not tailored to individuals rather subjects lend themselves to be taught and expressed through certain mediums. Turns out, people are still using learning styles.

Racism: America's schools do have a racial divide problem. The problem is that schools are trying to "solve" racism in the laziest fashion possible. For example, this school, which shall not be named, tried to remove the honor roll. The valedictorian was nearly removed because having a valedictorian is racist and discourages minorities like Blacks and Latinos from achieving more because the non-minorities like Chinese Americans and Indian Americans discourage them.

This is what a friend of mine told me. Anecdote, I know, but I really don't care. If this is what high school looks like, then I'm glad this crap isn't going on where I work. I probably would have snapped more than once and lost my job at these conditions.


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Here in India the competiton is pretty damn high thanks to the population, esp engineering which I pursued and considering how the society is in general theres a lot of pressure. My mental health in 11th and 12th was absolutely destroyed by this affecting me severly, esp coz they just wanted you to be in the top tier colleges only, so even when I found an actual decent college I was made to feel worthless because its not the top tier ones.
Still recovering from 11th and 12th mental torture as Im finishing up my second semester lol and I know Im not the only one, seeing what my friends went through


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Anything related to (never went to college/high school)

homework (after school)
Pop Quizes, Exams, standardized tests, and Final Exams (School and Upper Middle School.)
Getting yelled at by teachers for not showering after gym class (The showers at that gym are terrible and i don't shower near others)
Math classes i never got into anything past algebra. Cosinus Tangens and Sinus were the reasons i flopped on the final exam for that class and i dropped out (One of the questions was a cross section diagram for a pyramid) got 4.0 out of 10