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Things you like about yourself

So I just saw the topic 'Aspects of yourself you dislike' and thought I'd make this. A lot of the time, people are afraid to point out what they like about themselves in fear they'll be thought vain or arrogant, and that fear is, unfortunately, pretty justified. However, I hope you'll be able to share what you like about yourself here. A lot of the time, even acknowledging the little things that you are good at or are good about you can up your self esteem a little!
One thing I like about myself is that I'm good at writing.
Your turn! :)


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I guess I am kind of ethical and compassionate?

Oh god, I feel so narcisstic right now.


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Things I like about myself? That's easily...nothing at all. I absolutely hate everything about myself (not to a suicidal extent though), but I guess I can say I'm smart for my age, maybe.
This is basically me except it is to that extent.


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I have quite good hearing skills,....... eavesdropping in people's conversations hue hue :p


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Things I like about myself? That's easily...nothing at all. I absolutely hate everything about myself (not to a suicidal extent though), but I guess I can say I'm smart for my age, maybe.

This is basically me except it is to that extent.

I'm kind of the opposite. I know there are good things about me, but even with that I had to deal with thinking about suicide because a few really bad things outweighed the good.

I'm a nice person most of the time, especially if you're nice to me, I'm fairly decent at most of the things I do, and I'm almost always prepared for anything (thank you boy scouting) so I don't need to face as many awkward situations and I can help people


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Oh hey look, the opposite of the thread I created! Let me think....I'd like to think that I'm a pretty nice guy. I dunno.
Hmm... (Thinks hard)
I guess the fact that I'm pretty funny.
Without that, I'd be nothing.
In fact, I only have friends for that reason.

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There's a lot of aspects I like about myself, I suppose, like from how I'm able to still see the beauty in the world despite everything that goes on to how I'm the oldest child. Not sure if it's from some form of naïveté or what, but I guess it's because I like to smile to myself. I also like having my hair poofy, I feel more comfortable than when it's straight (even when my hair's in a ponytail, it's poofy). Mom doesn't like it when I brush my hair because of my curls and it makes everything frizzy. Wasn't as bad as it was back a few years ago probably because of the shampoo and conditioner I now use.

And I like that I can write and draw. From what I've gathered over the years, not many people can do both, or they can, but they're much more better at one than the other. I plan to write on the side one of these days, so it'd be a plus to do my own book covers.

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My package.


Good memory I guess, makes learning a walk in the park. Good thing is I've been developing better studying habits regardless. That's about it, I'm a good person at heart, but can be indifferent and mean. Best not to be pissing of people when it can come back and bite you in the ***, at least I'm observant enough to determine how I should act to certain people, le shrug.


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I'm smart. As in, I'm one of those people who gets mostly As at school, mostly because I'm a fairly hard worker and am good at paying attention. I also know a lot of random trivia that makes quizzes fun. :)

I'm pretty nice, and I feel like doing the right thing is important. I do try and help out sometimes if I can. I try to respect people's opinions most of the time as well. I really don't like injustice and inequality and do want to help to prevent it, and as such I don't cheat at all. I always have to do things the rght way. I hardly ever lie.

I can be funny at times, and I try to share the fun things I've found.

I am fairly creative, although I feel like I'm better at reimagining and personalising pre-existing ideas rather than making my own. I'm a decent enough artist, and I suppose I can write and bake as well.


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I really good on things like math or chemistry, so i get really good grades in school. I also try to help other students who aren't as good (most of my classmates have hated physics). I also try cheering them up when i notice something's wrong ,even though i get depressed sometimes, i can't stand seeing someone else sad. And then there's drawing. I've always liked drawing even though i never upload anything on the web or try to make a career out of it. I was never the best "artist" of the class, but there's something about drawing knights,dragons and pokemon that makes me feel good.


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hmm for me it might be my cheerful expression i feel to do so, glad that i was a happy go lucky person in my entire life and i'm thankful for my parents that i would be able to live a happy life


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My friends all see me as their therapist so I guess I'm a good listener/good at giving advice? Like it's gotten to the point where I've had to schedule appointments on some days when several of them need to talk to me at once.
I seem to have pretty good eyesight (or at least better than my friends) as I can spot bus numbers from across the city centre...I've freaked a few of them out by doing that though.

The only thing I actually like about myself is my ability to remember a lot of things, I refer to it as information hoarding, I can remember random details like every single one of my classmates through secondary school and now into college, I tend to remember their birthdays and in some cases the day they got with their partners. Again, it freaks a lot of them out but I find it amusing.


I kinda like myself quite a lot.But the main points I like in me are:

I'm musically very talented. I have played guitar fow two years and taught myself piano three months ago.
It's impossible for me to gain extra weight.
I have an IQ well above average.


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Why isn't this called the bragging thread?

Well, on the topic of me, I am very pleased with my looks, being effortlessly average.


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Well, to be honest there isn't a lot I like all that much. My brit lit teacher says I'm that kid that refuses to live to the beat of society's drum, and will think so outside the box I'm thinking inside a tetrahedron. I'm that kind of free spirit that even when we're doing something serious I'll be that kid that will put some humor into it, and I won't conform to any labels. I'm just that kid that plays Pokemon, watches cartoons at 16, and I just won't care what anyone else thinks about me. I guess that's it.....