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Things you like about yourself

Pika Pika333

Impulsive Trainer
I guess I like the fact I can recognize all 721 Pokémon by their cries... But I dunno...
I like that I'm compassionate toward others, especially if the person is going through a tough time. I also like my artistic ability, although I'm not too creative... But overall, I've learned to appreciate things about myself.


Falling Roses
I am intelligent and quick
Anime and Japan culture lovers
Loves foods of course
Best wishes fan whisperer
Cold and distant
Good old sister
Loves sister and parents
Single and happy
My job at health center
I am tsundere


New and Improved
When my impulsive tendencies don't get the best of me, I can be surprisingly calm, collective, level-headed, and mature for my age. I can, more often than not, think for myself and research further into what I read or hear about. The latter goes in line with the fact that I'm ready and willing to learn (from the good and the bad). I (generally) try to see the good in everyone and see them as equals. I'm willing to help others whenever and in any way I can. Additionally, I try to make it a point to be humble (without having too little confidence), and I do usually succeed. My perspective is usually optimistic but realistic. These are the parts of my personality that I like, and I express thanks and gratefulness towards all of those who have instilled these values and traits into my character.


Cool Cat
-I have a dark and oftentimes off-color sense of humor that makes my friends laugh and PC police types squirm
-I'm good at laughing at myself and the stupid stuff I've done
-Even when things aren't going so well, I can still find humor in the situation
-I've become good at realizing the mistakes I've made in the past (Specifically my slacking off in school) and doing my best to fix them
-When I become interested in something I can work infinitely hard at it
-I like my hair
I'm pretty multi-talented in sports, mainly football and volleyball seeing as how I've played both sports since I was little. I just enjoy everything athletic.

I'm also handy in Photoshop. That's a nice thing to have.


I'm most of all happy with how well I know myself. I know my talents, and I know my shortcomings. I'm fairly intelligent, I can write and I have good memorizing skills, all of which are big assets in my life as a student. I'm intuitive, and I'm a great listener. I can also cook some delicious meals. :D

As far as looks go, I like the color of my eyes and the fact that, no matter how much junk I eat, I never seem to gain the least bit of weight.


I'm very good finding loopholes, which is very useful for dealing with my super strict dad.

I have nice hair whack can be a pain in the butt to take care of but it's worth it.

I have perfect pitch, which is also cool (if you don't know what that is, it's when you can identify any musical pitch just by hearing it)

I can drink hot sauce straight from the bottle. A difficult skill, but I've spent years developing my iron tongue.

I'm a decent artist. Not as good as most people, but yeah... pretty good. Plan to go into graphic design.
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Active Member
I like how I can be caring and friendly.

I also like the fact that my patience is huge so I can do many things with this.

I like my personnality and my way to be a lot, I really appreciate my way to see things.

I do not tend to criticize badly, I like how I can have a good and constructive criticism as well as taking time to analyse around me as much as I can.


The Forgotten Man
I really like my ability to converse with people. Working in a hospital has sure given me the confidence to know I can make a difference to people during their stay.

I also really like my ability to forgive people and move on from situations. Having hatred and grudges are so petty, in my opinion and they give you very little in life. In fact, just causes stress which in turn becomes detrimental to your daily life.
I guess physical characteristics count here too? This is gonna sound stupid but I like my height. Im tall enough to feel significant yet im not that tall to look intimidating. I also like the fact that my teachers think that I am intellegent.


Be a Man!
I like my beard growth. It's not perfect, but most people at my age can't grow a beard. I can grow a decent one, almost full, except a thick moustache and connectors.

And I'm quite proud of my height (not extremely tall, nor nowhere near as short or middle sized). And my ability to learn languages and translate Spanisg and English stuff to my main language (Portuguese). Just as fine.
I have the concentration to get away from from the computer and take my plant for a walk.