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things your brother or sister or parents do to anoy you


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When they think they're being funny but they're really not and so I don't laugh and then they tell me off for not laughing and call me grumpy and carry on to just generally make me feel like shit.

When they pick on me for the teeniest tiniest things. Like one time I was told off for not saying hello to my step-dad. One time I didn't go out at the weekend so they said I would lose all my friends and that I'm anti-social. One time at school when it was a sort of meet-the-teacher thing, they stood there and laughed at my report infront of everybody.

When they give me a choice like "Do you want peas with your dinner?" and I say no but then they give me peas. Or when I'm going out and they say I need a jacket (even though I don't) and so I ignore them they get stressy with me...I'm 15 I know when to wear a jacket!!!

Or when they're drunk at parties and stuff. Not nice.

How old are your sisters/brothers? Or do you mean your parents? xD


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well, my female friend came to our house once and my older brother saw her and when she left he told me (in his words) "man what I would do to her if she was 5 years older" (he is 25 she is 17) and I tried to make a joke and told him "I don't care if she is 5 years older I would still do her....."
and I was kidding i'm not a lesbian and ever since when ever she comes to our house (she is a good friend) my brother comes and start to giggle and stuff and points at me...../:

she doesn't get why but its still really annoying and embarrassing

oh and when i am talking with friends on the computer/phone and my mom comes into my room spying on me--------> SO ANNOYING!!!
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my dad comes home drunk and starts *****ing at my mom for not making him dinner and all this dumb crap, even though he's probably busy eating out anyway if you get my drift.
he cheats a lot too.

my mum starts giving me curfews NOW, but when i was about 11 or 12 i could stay out late.

my mum judges my friends because they smoke or something, and makes the worst jokes about them. i know when i joke is funny, hers are in terrible taste.

my dad just thinks no one's good enough for me...and i said 'yo' on the phone once and my dad went batshit and he told me he doesn't want me talking like a black person because we're spanish. racist stereotypes much?! i do anyways.

my parents are nosy as ****. i'm talking to people on msn and they stick around to see what i was writing ever since my parents found porn under my bed...-_-

my brother doesn't do anything out of the ordinary.
my dad: he says horrible puns. Thanks to him, I hate a lot of puns especially when they come from him. He focuses on the smallest things that are not important. Like, when I was carrying stuff to my room, and some of them drop he starts complaining, "Yeah you drop it and you'll forget it." I don't know if it was a complain or an insult of some sort. It irritates me.

my mom: she repeats things a lot. The things she loves to repeat is something you don't want to remember and she brings it up.

sisters: one is really bossy and the other one is messy and dirty. I don't want to go further and I'm leaning toward my other sister.

my brother: that retard always punches me in the arm. >>; Thats all.
Get a load of money for Xmas/birthday, spend 30 -40 pounds, save the rest, and THEN have the nerve to ask me for spare change! That's the most annoying thing my lil bro does.


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my dad comes home drunk and starts *****ing at my mom for not making him dinner and all this dumb crap, even though he's probably busy eating out anyway if you get my drift.
he cheats a lot too.

I lol when i put those two together


I dont know.
dad: he doesn´t believes in me and the fact that I´m very capable to do things and that I´m smart, cuz one day I told him that I wanted to study astrophysics and he just started to laugh. I really hate that and the fact if I do something bad he blames mom, but if I yell at him, he´s like ok, I´m sorry, my mistake...(I really love when he feels guilty about something, thats the way I get videogames, my computer and stuff)
mom: she always wants to know all that happens in my life. She´s like: how was school? and I answer: it was ok. and then, she asks: and what did you do? answer: nothing. but then she asks again. And she´s always taking my money without asking. Once, I had like 250 dollars saved to buy a dsi and a game, but when I returned from school, my money was gone. I asked what happened to it, and she said sorry, I needed it, I´ll return it to you soon. But it never returned to me ;_;
brother: he´s annoying as hell. And when he was little, he used to throw anything on his hands to me. And is the fave kid of my dad.


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my brother will just walk up to me and recite some lame internet joke, and has the nerve to criticize everything: what music i listen to, who my friends are, my taste in icecream flavors, EVERYTHING! that's not even the worst part. he'll throw a fit whenever i eat certain foods because he doesnt like them (he's 14)

my dads beyond that, but still thinks he has to use simple words when he talks to me because he thinks im an idiot. its kinda irritating.

my mom is the only person that doesnt annoy me in my immediate family, though she is extremely paranoid. It's ok though, so am I.


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Dad: Doesn't let me finish my sentances when he doesn't like the first part of it and keeps interupting them

Mom: Likes my Bro better than me, which is obvious due to my bro's spoiledness

Bro: A person who is only good at video games (Which I taught him... That's why it's the only good thing) who acts like a baby to get what he wants, crys alot, making him the crybaby of his grade(thank god I'm older than him, or else my reputation might have been ruined), never gives me privacy, and acts up around my friends (seriously, i dont know how my best friend can like him @_@)

I'll remember more stuff later... But my bro is more annoying and I'm pretty sure I forgot what else my parents are annoying for...

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I have so many, but I'll give a few that my sis does.

Sis - Kicks me in the ballz when I get her mad, attempts to break my 360 (She can't even lift it) and shouts MUMMY RYAN BEING MEAN TO ME! She's 5, and is freakin' evil.


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My mom draws attention to me. I'd rather she didn't.

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My sister goes through my room from time to time, because sometimes I borrow her things. She can't help it, but the lack of privacy in that manner just annoys the hell out of me! >.<

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Ugh my brother annoys me with just his presence around me. We're just total opposites. I'm preppy his a rocker, he can sit all day on a MMORPG when I can't do that. He's basically like a bum in my house's porch.

My mom annoys me because she is a procrastinator which is the most annoying thing ever.


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well, my mom is pretty anoying,
-first of, she doesn't get the definition of sassy, example:
i was forced to go clothes shopping and she said "Jason come on were going!"
to which i respond "allright lets go (i'n the most neutral method possible)"
and she said "DON'T SASS ME!!!"
-She still doesn't get after 13 years i do not enjoy clothes shopping
-she doesn't get that i like to sleep and do not go to bed at 11pm and wake up a 12am because i'm sick, i wake up at 9am and go back too sleep till 12am because i'm comfortable and don't want to wake up

but after all the bad stuff, shes a really nice mom

My dad is nice too have around because hes easy to manipulate usualy, but works long hours soo i don't see him much

my sister is horrible to have around but thankfully she got a job and has a ridiculusly strong social life soo she rarely at the house except for sleep
also she got a laptop last year so she doesn't literaly kick me of the computer anymore


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When they just keep talking ..about the same things. And I obviously don't want to talk.

Mommy: "HOW WAS WORK?"
Me: "good."
Mommy: "OH."
5 mins later..
Mommy: "How was work?"


That happens to me ALL. THE. TIME. I've also had "do you work tomorrow?" and "how was lunch/dinner?"

Just annoys the hell out of me.
My brother likes to try to put his bloody tissues from his nosebleeds on me. As well as boogers, animal poo, etc.

My dad likes to repeatedly ask my the same questions for about an hour.

My mom....tries to buy me bras she knows don't fit me ._____.


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Not sure if it counts, but my sister's boyfriend takes a piss all over the floor in my bathroom for no apparent reason.


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I've also had "do you work tomorrow?" and "how was lunch/dinner?"

Just annoys the hell out of me.

Does everyone here get annoyed by their parents trying to make conversation?

The only thing my family annoys me with is that my Dad has a habit of talking to himself. I don't mean, like a conversation, just thinking out loud. He also does it in this half-whisper voice which just bugs the crap out of me.


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I have an older half brother and younger twin brothers.