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THIS GAME IS SO HARD ;O; - PMD [All Versions] Help Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Spinoff Discussion' started by Erik Destler, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Hazel_Nut

    Hazel_Nut Well-Known Member

    I don't really remember much since I graduated a looong time ago, but I think there's still more story after graduation. :/ Have you battled Darkrai?

    But I don't think that's the case. The prompt looks like:
    Would you like to send for a rescue?
    Then you have an option of Yes or No.
  2. Dalolguru

    Dalolguru Behind You

    Thanks for the help, but i did it already by spammin smokescreen (just like you said lol) whilst i threw rocks. ironically, i found the luxray fight easier thanks to the vacum cut tm i found :D
  3. Prinplup

    Prinplup Super, super =D

    I need help.

    I need to find a 2nd Blue Gummi for my Manaphy. Where can I find them?
  4. xdragonx

    xdragonx I'm baaaack. >:]

    Gummis can be found all over the Craggy Coast dungeon--if you've gone there a few times with no luck, you can always check the Kecleon shop.

    >__>;; Here are Wonder Mail Codes, if all else fails.


    +M4C 69Q@ TJ@C
    WYQ# 697S 2HF-
  5. Silverninetails

    Silverninetails Quaaaaagggg~~~

    I went to Sky Stairway and beat Rayquaza but it didn't join me. If I go there again, will it still be there?
  6. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    As far as I'm aware, there isn't a single legendary Pokemon in the game that won't reappear if you fail to recruit it.
  7. Raddaya

    Raddaya My Little Ponyta

    *hem hem* In PMD1 is Rocky Orb affected by weaknesses/resistances?
  8. SilverLanayru

    SilverLanayru It's a mystery.

    Yup, it will still be there. You just have to keep trying... and it will eventually join your team. :]

    I'm not entirely sure... but iirc, Rocky Orb basically functions the same way as Rock Tomb, so that might give out a hint. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong. :/)
  9. xdragonx

    xdragonx I'm baaaack. >:]

    I think you are correct--The Rocky Orb hits the enemy Pokemon in front for damage, then lowers its Speed by one. That's just how Rock Tomb behaves...

    Does anyone know where Lugia appears in Sky? Is it still a wandering legendary?

    Also, I was wondering, is it possible to receive Challenge Letters from legendaries besides Mewtwo, Jirachi, and the 3 Legendary Dogs? Those are the only ones I've gotten from messengers in Spinda's Cafe. Are there more, or should I stop checking back in hopes of getting another challenge?
  10. talala

    talala Well-Known Member

    lugias still in surrounded sea, as for the spoiler
    no, stop checking for challenge requests
  11. Silverninetails

    Silverninetails Quaaaaagggg~~~

    Lugia is in surrounded sea B18F, and you must have Secret Slab and Mystery Part.

    For the spoiler question:There are those from non-legendary pokemon. I got some from the likes of Wormadam and Honchkrow.
  12. Slowdive

    Slowdive horses in the sky

    Hello there! I'd like to know if my team is strong enough to go into Foggy Forest (PMD Sky):

    - Lv. 20 Vulpix
    - Lv. 20 Eevee

    Anyways, I want to know if it's necessary that I level my team up or not. Thank you in advance!

    Oh, just in case you wish to know, my current supplies are:

    - Two Reviver Seeds
    - Five Gummis (all different colors, I believe!)
    - Several Oran Berries
    - Obviously, I have a lot of Apples x)
  13. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    You're more then ready.

    Level grinding is completely unnecessary for the main storyline (More so in Sky due to the juice bar allowing for easy stat gains).
  14. Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster

    Tabs The Omnipotent Hamster And yet, it moves!

    Can someone give me a list of all the Key Chambers in Sky?
  15. Ze DreamGirl

    Ze DreamGirl Future Vaporeon

    Wich pokémon should I use as the leader in Midnight forest (time version) ?

    Piplup level 43
    Hydro Pump
    Drill Peck

    Pikachu level 44

    Tangrowht level 39
    Stun spore
    Mega drain

    Slugma level 36
  16. talala

    talala Well-Known Member

    slugma, then pikachu, then tangrowth, never use piplup
  17. Prinplup

    Prinplup Super, super =D

    In Ice Aegis Cave, I need to solve a puzzle with the Unown. What do I need to do? I cannot advance and have not seen Team Charm again....
  18. talala

    talala Well-Known Member

    kill the unown and collect the stone tablets they drop to spell out ICE, the rock chambers puzzle is ROCK, and the steel chamber's puzzle is you guessed it! STEEL, after that you're all good to get owned by regigigas
  19. Prinplup

    Prinplup Super, super =D

    Don't worry, I beat Regigigas, EASY. I have o wake Azurill from the nightmares now.
  20. vitorml

    vitorml 5th gen Legend

    PMD IS HARD? who said it REALLY doesn't know how to play RPG games...

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