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This guy is stupid...

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Teh Ubermasta
Wow. I mean, I love the XBox and 360 and have no desire for Gamecube and PS2 other than PS2 for Kingdom Hearts 2 and Gamecube for F-Zero and Zelda, but I don't go ranting about how the console sucks or doesn't suck. Both Gamecube and Xbox were powerful machines for their time, the only problem is the lack of third party games and such. PS2 jsut killed itself with the disk read error for me. :< The main reason I prefer XBox over the other ones is Xbox Live and Halo 2 + Perfect Dark Zero.

Yami ookami

Well-Known Member
I say we chase it around the world "5" times. And then, we put him in a cage and hit him with nearly molten steal pipes. Then, we put it in a tank neck deep with paranas. Then we get Link from "Twilight princess" to start slashing at him for revenge. And then we duck tape its mouth shut and play gamecube in front of his face for three weeks!

This will give it mercy.

"It" = the person who wrote that stuff about the game cube.
How could you hit someone with a 'molten' pipe? XD

Anyways, I think dropping an Xbox on his head would suffice. Or strangling him with an Xbox controller cord.


Jade Star Trainer
This thread was totally pointless, it could be totally made up, we don't know where it's from. And if it's real, who cares? People are going to talk s**t about anything and anyone. You don't just make a topic about 1 person and 1 opinion, deal with it their opinion, even if I don't agree with him/her.
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