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This is my ingame team. Need help fixing it.


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I'm in Canalave, my team is(I will not list moves for pokemon I have no intention of editing):


Dragon Rage
Dragon Claw

Quick Attack
Faint Attack
Knock off

Umbreon(by the time it evolved, it had horrible moves, so I gave it some better ones):
Hyper Beam(to replace tackle, okay?)
Confuse Ray

Tropius(half HM slave):
Magical Leaf


And my part time HM Slave is:

Rock Smash

I got the Riolu Egg from Riley yesterday. So I might replace something with it.

And I need a water type I know you have to surf in the Distortion world, and I'm not bringing a Bibarel with me. Should I get a Chinchou or Lanturn and get rid of Shinx? And I was going to get replace Gligar with Riolu. Is that a good idea?


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this thread should be closed because, we cant really make anything out of it because you have just started the game and dont have the resources to make your team acceptable(im talking in terms of thew elite four), you should also try to mention items...


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This is the ingame team rate board. I assumed I would fall under that category.
Well, I should ask. Are you planning on using Tropius as an actual part of your team, or just as an HM-slave, basically? Most of the HM moves are not very useful, other than Surf and Strength (and the latter is debatable). Also, I'm not especially skilled at movesets and such, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

With Tropius, your team has three pokemon weak to Ice. Granted, you don't have to deal with that much until you start climbing towards Snowpoint, but still... not a healthy thing for that gym at any rate. Replacing the Shinx with something would be a good idea, actually, but Chinchou/Lanturn don't have a lot to offer other than high HP and barely average special stats, along with Volt Absorb. It's by no means a bad choice in-game, though you obviously would need WiFi to get it early. I would recommend Floatzel with Surf/Ice Fang, Gastrodon with Earthquake/IceBeam/Surf, or a Vaporeon with Surf/Ice Beam. Granted, Waterfall would be a better attack than Surf on Floatzel, I think, because of it running off of Floatzel's attack stat, but Floatzel does have the stats to go either way (it's just fairly fragile in the defenses).

When it comes to Umbreon, I'm not sure Hyperbeam was the way to go. I'd go either Dark Pulse or Payback rather than Bite, however. Dig is something I wouldn't recommend either... Taunt and Protect/Toxic, maybe, in place of Hyper Beam and Dig.

Gligar, I'd try breeding with a Heracross (or use a TM) in order to get Aerial Ace. It comes in handy when all else misses.

Gabite just needs evolved, but that comes with time. I'd also recommend getting some egg moves on it, such as Dragonbreath or Body Slam depending on the nature and which you'd like to get Paralysis support from. You'll probably want some addition type coverage as well, so probably Flamethrower or Fire Blast would be a good idea to deal with Ice-types. Or you could try Metal Claw, but I don't think you can trust the 10% chance of gaining a stage of ATK from it.

That's all I've got right now.