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This is weird (Foresight + Cross-Chop on Sableye)

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I am playing Colosseum at the moment and I have my Entei and Hariyama against a Trainer's Sableye. I used Foresight and the Cross-Chop on Sableye and it did regular damage. Is it supposed to do that? or does Ghost have a resistance against Fighting-types? Just curious. I also know that when people on other threads on this forums were saying, "Oh, I wants to create a stronger Pokeman. Sableye with Wonder Guard! :D"

Someone else replied that when Foresight is applied and then it is hit by a Fighting-type attack, it's supereffective and Wonder Guard has no use for Sableye. Well, that person who proposed that Sableye with Wonder Guard is unstoppable...

Try it yourself. I'm not lying at all.


Rising Trainer
moves like Foresight and Oder Sleuth make it so any pokemon (even ghost types) are seen in battle.

If you ever saw the episode where Ash faced off with Morty in Johto, he had his Noctowl use foresight on Mortys Ghastly/Haunter/Gengar, so his attacks would hit

Thats what Foresight/Oder Sleuth so ingame

RaZoR LeAf

Night Terror
Foresight makes Ghost types 'solid' so they can be hit be normal or fighting attacks. It does not negate the type and make the attacks super effective. They only do normal damage.
But Sableye is dark/ghost and if foresight makes fighting do neutral power to ghost and fighting does 2x to dark therefore should not Cross chop do 2x the damage to a Sableye?

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Shuckle, it'll just do regular damage. The Ghost-type negates the Super Effective hit of Dark-types.

+Chaos Blade+


Psephophthalmus artu
if u make it so normal/fighting can hit ghosts its still not going ot be very effective so it does normal damage because dark is weak to fighting

Edit: to late lol
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