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Those things in video games you just won't ever forgive


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Nintendo for delaying the release of Skyward Sword till April 2011, they could've sold even MORE had they released this year like they originally planned.

I remember when another company did this. Releasing a game in the Christmas Rush instead of fine-tuning it to perfection.

The results were... less than good.
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I remember when another company did this. Releasing a game in the Christmas Rush instead of fine-tuning it to perfection.

The results were... less than good.

You say that as if mere fine-tunes would fix that mess.

Granted I haven't played, but all I hear are atrocious things. x.x

The one thing I will say bothers me a bit more than it should is when games decide to add ridiculous quests as Achievements. Thanks Final Fantasy XIII, I'd love to get every single minute thing in the game and do every single important battle to absolute perfection. Assassin's Creed, I'd love to collect all of your godawful flags. Eternal Sonata, I just smile at the thought of having to collect obscure Score Pieces and play through a game twice for that reason alone.


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the big freakin turtles from FFXIII >.<;;;; I hate them, my non platinum on a game I love, frustrates me...


De Ibwis Twigga!
You say that as if mere fine-tunes would fix that mess.

If they kept working on 06, instead of rushing it out. I could of possibly been Sonic Colors level stuff. Or at least Unleashed level stuff.

But no, thanks to the demand for a title to shove in for a X-Mas release and the endless bitching from the Sonic Fandom for a new Console title. The game we got was an Obvious Beta of a game that could have been great.


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One thing has never bugged me so much as Fable III.
First, it killed the love of my poor heroes life in the first 5 minutes.
Then, Logan shot Major Swift.
Then I was courting the furniture store owner in Bowerstone. She was a nice gal. BALVERINES ATE HER.
Oh, and then I had to kill my best friend and mentor.
Thank you, Fable III.


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Caitlin in Gen 5.

I will never forgive that. That should have been Darach and not the lazy little brat who sat there and did nothing and suddenly OMG PSYCHIC POWERS SHE TOTALLY HAD THOSE ALL ALONG RLY

I really hate that girl.


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Also, a key question that has yet to be asked: for all the b*tching and whining about miniscule crap that will go on in this thread, have any of these egregious transgressions caused you - that being anyone who answers - to actually walk away from the game(s) in question forever?

no, but then again, I can be remarkably tolerant of some crap as I'm apparently masochistic enough to try seeing things through to the end (I got all A-ranks on the PS2 version of Sonic Heroes, I think that says enough). Though, it really can piss you off when you can't even get a 100% completion for a game due to an overlooked glitch (like that uncollectable trophy in Space Station: Silicon Valley).

I never got how you were supposed to push the A button 100 times in 10 seconds in Mario Party 4. They say to use two fingers, but that hasn't helped me.

the Mario Party series in general has a nasty tendency of expecting you to do the impossible. I was one of the unfortunate people who got a blister on his palm trying to do one of those damnedable joystick-rotating games in the first game (and this was against the computer), and I STILL didn't beat the thing. T_T What the hell, Hudson?

If you're really daft enough to consider these "things you won't forgive", then I don't know what to tell you. The regional Nintendo subsidiaries have every right to protect their respective financial bottom line and you are being denied absolutely nothing for not being able to bring in a fully-functional system from another region a month in advance.

but I think it does say something when Nintendo is the ONLY console-maker out there who doesn't allow region-free gaming (the most successful of the console-makers, but still). And to make things worse, portables have always been region-free, so to do it now for the 3DS just seems like a major step back. Though, being fairly literate in Japanese, I've started making a habit of importing myself, and I do intend to just get the Japanese release of the 3DS right off the bat. In some ways, it's no different from how I order several of my possessions online anyway, but the overseas shipping costs and the lack of chance opportunities to find hidden treasures at a discount are bound to get to me eventually. Oh yeah, it'll also mean that any online shop points I want must be obtained in the form of an imported card, because I can't just buy the points directly unless I have a Japanese bank account (though to be fair, it seems I already need to do that with the PSN).
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