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Thoughts on Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

pokemon player

Sylveon, tho.
So, I recently finished this small standalone game which, if you haven't played it, is a small 4-6 hour game which is identical to Far Cry 3 but with a different setting and story. You are Rex Power Colt, a cyborg sent to save the world from destruction in the year 2007. Personally, I preferred it to the original Far Cry 3, mainly because of it's hilarity and stupidity. What does everyone else think?

Abstinence Pistols

I haven't yet finished it, but so far it's great. The neon-looking artstyle is a hell of a lot more interesting than the original island in Far Cry 3, and I would gladly pay 60 dollars for a full version.

The one complaint I have is that from what I've seen there isn't really an upgrade system in place, besides just unlocking things automatically as you level up.