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Thoughts on the Elemental Monkeys?


Pikachu the Prophet
I’ve seen a lot of people hate these 6 Pokémon with some considering them some of the worst and Simisear being the least popular Pokémon in Japan during a Gen 6 contest.

I never understood why. It’s not like they’re forced upon you. I can understand the complaint of them being too similar even if I disagree due to their “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” plus Japanese delinquency inspirations.

What are your thoughts on them?

I actually really like them and they’re some of my favorites in Gen 5. In fact, they’re always the second team member on my play through and have carried them to the League. The first stages are cute while the second stages are a good mixture of cool and fun. I also like how they have Berries as a part of their gimmick as they learn Recycle and Natural Gift along with having Gluttony as an Ability. It fits with them being the aces of the Straiton Triplets, who are chefs. Plus it’s cool that they’re pseudo starters with having Overgrow, Blaze, and Torrent along with learning the Pledge moves.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I don’t love or really dislike them and think that they have an interesting concept behind them. I will agree that the way Simipour and Simisear ended up looking like is rather unfortunate. Simisear basically became a poorly drawn counterfeit Infernape minus the Fire hair and flame tail. And Simipour looks like it’s wearing an ugly discarded judge’s wig that it dyed blue. Shame how much those two are despised because I think we need more counterpart trios that aren’t starters or Legendaries. It is such a nice twist on the usual opposite Pokémon that have a specific connection route we usually get with such Pokémon as Seviper and Zangoose or Sawk and Throh.


I don't have strong feelings about them one way or another. I think that Yanappu (Pansage) is probably my favorite one, but only because of its portrayal in the anime. I used each of the elemental monkeys on my teams in B/W, but I only had them temporarily for use at the first Gym.


The Meme Supreme

I actually really like the elemental monkeys, and it's a shame I don't use them much (or ever, really). I think they add some solid type diversity to your team early on in a game that limits your options quite substantially in that department, serve as a good way to help you beat the first gym (which is always strong against you) and they have such customisable movesets thanks to their stats and TM options that they can do anything you really need them to do. I love Pokemon on my team which can adapt with their movesets, and the monkeys can do that - Rock Smash for Lenora, Dig and Rock Tomb for Elesa, can learn stuff like Acrobatics and Shadow Claw for certain types across the games, it's really good. That and they evolve by the third gym, offering a little extra boost of power to make them still seem worthwhile when you're getting more options for your team. I think the other main issue is that each type just has better Pokemon out there - why use Simisear when you can get Darmanitan/Chandelure? Why use Simisage when Sawsbuck/Leavanny/Lilligant exists? Why use Simipour when you could grab a Seismitoad like 2 routes later, or a Carracosta by the mid-game?

I don't really have a favourite monkey, although I think the Pansage line is the most consistently "good" one design wise? Pansear and Simisear look a bit eh, and whilst Panpour is cute Simipour is not that great in my eyes (sucks too because I use Snivy the most in BW). I think I'll have to beat the game with one to have a proper opinion, but who knows?


Dragon lover
I will admit that Pokemon based off of monkeys/apes tend to take a while for me to warm up to as I've never been fond of their real life counterparts. I'm not sure why I don't care for these animals but yeah.

Having said that though, I've never really understood the hate for them. I can get not liking how similar they are to each other but that can be said for several different Pokemon in the games. Plus it has a clever concept, and was a creative way to help show off type advantages/disadvantages by giving you a Pokemon that would be strong against the Pokemon of the first gym who in turn would be strong against your starter.


I’m with RoughCoronet0...I don’t HATE the elemental monkeys, but I do have distaste for any monkey-like creature in any game. Monkeys are just one of my least favorite animals, I guess.

So yeah, I avoid using them. =P But I wasn’t aware that they were a highly hated Pokémon though.


Well-Known Member
I thought they were okay. Panpour is the cutest one of the bunch and I think Simisage is the best evolved elemental monkey.

I didn't realize until a few years ago that the monkeys kind of have a restaurant theme going on.


Call of Fate
I liked the concept, but the designs are sadly disappointing. I actually find Simisage to be pretty cool-looking, but Simisear is rather bland and its hands creep me out, and Simipour is just ugly. I wish the monkeys had better standard Abilities, as Gluttony is only useful with Substitute. I only used Simisear during my first White playthrough, and I carelessly used the Fire Stone too early, so it was stuck with the horribly weak Incinerate until Mistralton City. I only replaced it during the climax with Zekrom, though.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I honestly think if Chimchar hadn’t been the starter of the previous region then Pansear and Simisear might have been better received. I get there will always be Pokémon of the same type that look and act similarly such as the numerous fish but these two were dangerously near identical to the Chimchar line in both looks and movesets. Pansage and Simisage were better received because they weren’t attempting to look similar to any other Pokémon and actually had a unique look that hasn’t been seen before then or even repeated. Panpour is decent looking but when it evolves into Simipour, it gets a ratty ugly looking judge wig reject dyed blue. Simisear is slightly better in design than Simipour but we’ve got Monferno and Infernape as Fiery simians. At least Grookey and its Evolutions didn’t try to copy and paste Simisage.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I don’t see how they tried to copy them when they have completely different inspirations. Infernape looks nothing like Simisear.
I think the hair is pretty similar looking and both have exact same hand shape complete with five fingers on each that are a different color than the rest of the hand. Same could be said for the toes. They both also have shoulder pads that stick out and almost touch their necks.


Pikachu the Prophet
That’s grasping for straws. And the only one of those that impacts their designs is the hair which I can somewhat see


Pikachu the Prophet
This is a public forum so I’m just questioning that logic. Plus you phrased it as if it was objectively true that they were rip-offs

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
Sometimes I just phrase things the wrong way. I honestly meant it as an opinion and not a proven fact.


Well-Known Member
I tried out all three, Simisage is easily the best one, and was often my go-to Grass Pokemon in Black and White playthroughs if I had Tepig as my starter. In X, if I didn't choose Froakie as my starter I would usually have Panpour as a temporary team member until Clauncher became available. It's not a fantastic Water Pokemon by any means, but it serves its purpose well enough.
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I barely acknowledge these monkeys and I will say right now that I didn't think they were needed. I thought Game Freak messed up by giving us 6 monkey Pokemon in the 5th Gen when those spots could've gone to better more original Pokemon.

Pansear is the only one of those primates that I think looks acceptable.