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Thoughts on the Elemental Monkeys?

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I don't hate them. They're not the ugliest pokemon and they seem like they could exist in the pokemon universe. They're also a good excuse to use the pledge moves without trading for two starters.
There are a lot of pokemon who have a worse design, complete lack of an interesting gimmick and/or are annoying competitively.

But I wasn't exactly broken up that they didn't make the cut in Galar.


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I appreciate the elemental monkeys for what they are. Every time I played through Gen 5 I always used them for the whole run, sometimes I don’t even evolve them since I like their base designs better and they are still helpful in the Elite Four. They’re not my favourite Pokemon by a long shot but I do like how they are like Pseudo Starters in Black and White. They could be better, of course, but I think they aren’t as bad as people think.


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I'm one of the only people who actually likes them. The three wise monkeys concept they are based on adds more character to them, and you can see that motif represented in their sprites and official art. The fact you needed them to beat the first Gym gives you the chance to learn about the monkey and how it functions like a second starter.


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idk man they’re ugly. i guess i like Simipour, but still ugly.


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I quite like Simisear and Simipour (Simsage is ugly though)
But I wish they would have been an Eevee situation (one Normal monkey who can evolve into Simisear, Simipour or Simisage depending on the evolution stone)
I also didn't like that you get handed one right before the first gym and specifically the one that will be strong against the gym leader you have to face...

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Conceptually I like the idea behind another trio - it gives an interesting and varied type to your team that you don't normally get early on. I also like that they are rare finds in a forest further on but the one you get lost/abandoned/whatever. But I don't like the designs or how they're mostly required to beat the first gym due to the lack of availability of mons and how experience now works. It doesn't help that they're pretty weak and because they are stone evolutions, you need to keep them in the base form for a while even though you can get their stone somewhat early. The 3 elemental monkey families are easily some of my least favorite Pokemon within Generation V but also outside of it as a whole.


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I like all of them but Simisear is my favorite. They are all just conceptually cool and I just think they look nice.


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I like the concept behind the three but their not really my favourites. Out of them I’d say I like the designs of Panpour and Pansage the most but I’m not really fond of any of their evolutions especially Simisear.

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The don't deserve the hate that they get, and I personally don't mind them. I've used them all at one point or another, and they've proved to be decent. I do have one gripe with them though. That being that once you evolve them they can't learn any more level up moves (in Black & White anyways). So essentially I have to keep their pre-evolutions a lot longer than necessary, which is a little silly in my opinion.
Simipour does get some good moves and Simisear can be useful if you need a Fire type in Unova and isn’t the worst Pokémon ever. Simisage id Say is the most popular of the 5hree mainly for its design which is both balanced and cool looking. Simipour looks goofy and like it is wearing an ugly old judge’s wig dyed blue and could have been better designed. I don’t get why people hate Simisear so much though. Its design is not that bad and the only criticism I have is it is a bit too similar to Infernape and maybe too soon for more monkey based Fire types that had Blaze as their standard Ability.
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I’ve seen a lot of people hate these 6 Pokémon with some considering them some of the worst and Simisear being the least popular Pokémon in Japan during a Gen 6 contest.

I never understood why. It’s not like they’re forced upon you. I can understand the complaint of them being too similar even if I disagree due to their “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” plus Japanese delinquency inspirations.

What are your thoughts on them?

I actually really like them and they’re some of my favorites in Gen 5. In fact, they’re always the second team member on my play through and have carried them to the League. The first stages are cute while the second stages are a good mixture of cool and fun. I also like how they have Berries as a part of their gimmick as they learn Recycle and Natural Gift along with having Gluttony as an Ability. It fits with them being the aces of the Straiton Triplets, who are chefs. Plus it’s cool that they’re pseudo starters with having Overgrow, Blaze, and Torrent along with learning the Pledge moves.
Always loved Simipour, it looks so goofy and i used it in my first Pokemon White playthrough.


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I do occasionally use them. Even when they reappear in Gen 6 X & Y. But i still usually don't stick with them until i get more choices.


I like them. The Elemental Monkeys very useful against the Striaton Gym Leaders and have unique concepts. My favorite is Simisage because I like its groovy hairstyle. In Black, my Simisage was quite helpful in my team and it's nice that it can learn Acrobatics, Shadow Claw, and Payback. I think this monkey trio has better designs than Mankey and Primeape.


Don't like any of 'em tbh. The base stage ones aren't so bad but they're not super impressive either. I don't like monkey mons for whatever reason.


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The idea behind them is really cool, unfortunately, they are too weak even for in-game standards or get easily overshadowed by other Pokémon.

The fire monkey is pathetic strength wise and useless after the first gym. You’d have to devote most of your training to him so that he can be somewhat useful in the second gym, but why even bother when a) you can just catch fighting type Pokémon instead and b) you have access to the superior fire monkey line, Darmanitan, once you reach the third gym.

As for the others, they are better than their fire sibling but ultimately suffer from the same issues. Leavanny/Seismitoad do everything they do, but better.


The unevolved forms are pretty cute. The evolved forms range from OK (the grass one) to downright ugly (Simipour - which looks greasy.)


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Lol I liked them, didn’t realise how disliked they were until I went on the internet

Simipour was a key staple on my first playthrough, came in clutch against many opponents. Scald was a great water move early on and it had good coverage with ice beam/focus blast/acrobatics etc. Haven’t used the other two much tho
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