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Thoughts on the Elemental Monkeys?


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Lol I liked them, didn’t realise how disliked they were until I went on the internet

Simipour was a key staple on my first playthrough, came in clutch against many opponents. Scald was a great water move early on and it had good coverage with ice beam/focus blast/acrobatics etc. Haven’t used the other two much tho


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I had a hard time liking panpour and didn't care for it much. (Vaporeon will always be my main water user.


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panpour and simisage are actually pretty good

pansage an pansear are alright

simipour is kinda bad

simisear is horrendous


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Wonderful and cute


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i really liked them, i especially liked how we got a free one in the game. i just think the first gym would have been much more fun as a triple battle, it would have made them leave much more of an impact and possibly improve their popularity.

i loved the concept of them but it was hard to justify using them on my team as the game went on. Samurott was my usual starter (initally Snivy but it was a terrible choice), Lilligant replaced my Simisage and Victini replaced my Simisear.

Lord Godwin

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I don't really understand the backlash.

Simisear is probably the worst but because it was introduces the same gen as Darmanitat.

It was GF idea for a New Eevee-like line but got too much hate.

Captain Jigglypuff

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I think the problem of Simisear is that it debuted right after Infernape which is problematic as Simisear is basically a weaker Infernape with a similar body shape and facial structure. Rillaboom and Zarude were able to coexist without one overlapping the other due to Zarude being dual type and looking like a different type of primate and them having different Abilities. If Simisear had debuted in some other region like Johto or Kalos and at least one generation apart from Infernape, I think it might have been better received. I don’t think it is necessarily a badly designed Pokémon and it is average in battle in the Gen V games but it also was never going to be a fan favorite due to its average stats and design.


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I like them but I understand many do not. I've always though that with a few small buffs they could easily be a lot more popular. If they had a good secondary abilities (they currently only have primary and hidden abilities), a few movepool improvements and a stat buff and they could be more popular.