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Thoughts on the Upcoming Pokemon Switch Game?


Johto Boy
What would you like to see and what do you think its going to be like?

Personally anything with a good post game, rematches and plenty of content will satisfy me.


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I think we'll see another Eeveelution released, maybe dragon type, as an Eevee lover that will be exciting!

Though it may be unlikely, I'd like to see more regional variants, I enjoyed them.

I also think less hand holding would be good.


Johto Boy
I think we'll see another Eeveelution released, maybe dragon type, as an Eevee lover that will be exciting!

Though it may be unlikely, I'd like to see more regional variants, I enjoyed them.

I also think less hand holding would be good.

A dragon evee would certainly be epic. Or perhaps a ghost or flying evee.


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I hope the new game retains (and increases) some form of interactiveness with your Pokémon (i.e. Pokémon refresh). Given the more advanced capabilities of the Switch, it would be nice if you could let your Pokémon out of their balls and play with them/feed them in the overworld.
Many People expect a BotW like Open-Game... just because it's on a Home Console... I think it will be a normal Evolution that we know from Gen. to Gen.

A) They stick with fixed Cameras. "Sun and Moon with better Graphics." Graphics could look like Digimon Cybersleuth, Tokio Mirage Sessions etc.

B) Third Person. Remember GameFreaks Little Third Person Experiment in X/Y? Yeah it was bad, but only beause they didn't had a second stick for the camera. With the Switch everybody has a second stick so Third Person could become a reality. Dragon Quest VIII, DQ Monsters Joker 1-3 and Monster Hunter Stories are good examples for this.

Okay there is one thing I expect them to do, that they would never do if Gen. 8 was for a Handheld: local Multiplayer on One System. Share a Joy-Con and you can play together. Okay I don't think they will bring a Co-Op Mode but some Form of Stadium like Local Multiplayer on One System will be there, besides the Multi-System and Online Multiplayer.


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^dear lord nothing like Tokyo Mirage Sessions please, as little anime-looking game as possible... similar to a style more like Colosseum/XD just with better proportions. Essentially Sun/Moon with better graphics. Cel shading works in the 3DS games because the 3DS can't handle complex shadows and textures as well as it helps make the models look smoother.

I'm hoping gyms come back. While the trials were really cool the first time around, the second playthrough they were just.... boring. It's nice with trainer battles because you normally have a different team every run but with the trials you only have one battle per trial.

Satoshi & Touko

Glimwood Tangle is Literal Dreamland
All just wishes, but I hope the region is based on a part of the world that stretches into the Arctic. Hopefully trainer customization comes back again. I would also love it if whatever communication features we get don't strictly cater to those who only care about battling/trading and offer other things to do (kinda like the Plaza, but maybe expanded upon). I'd be kinda disappointed if gyms came back since I'm enjoying the straying away from tradition.

Oh, and I'd love it if the story featured a legitimate romantic subplot involving the player that would allow for the player to be able to "date" a another major character of your choice (like in those visual novels). Obviously this won't happen, but I'd love it so much if it did. <3

Pokegirl Fan~

Golden Queen
I'd rather not see gyms back either and would like something else totally new for a main quest. I'd also like another game that is plot driven by the villain team like how it was for the original BW games.

Also hoping for it to be released in the summer or fall of 2019; anything before then would feel too early for me and it would make it seem that GameFreak isn't even putting effort into their games anymore and just care about the money.


Winter can't come soon enough
Yeah, no real expectations. But count me into the "2019, please" camp. For one, I don't have a Switch, and don't know if I'll even have on in 2018 (though Kirby's making it really tempting to just buy one despite not needing that hole in my wallet). But, for another, I really don't want this game rushed. The Switch is a much more high-tech system compared to what Game Freak has been working with. I really don't want another DP or XY where it's clear that they're not taking full advantage of the system (or that there are bugs, glitches, and lag that could've been avoided with more time for polish).


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I forgot to mention that I definitely want walking Pokemon to be included in the Switch games, it was one of my highest hopes for the Ultra games.


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Better graphics would be appreciated. Also I would like to see new mega evolutions. I was really disappointed when they did not introduce them in Sun&Moon, but I hope we will see new megas in the upcoming game. As I understand, the Pokemon Switch game will be a core game, so if they introduce a new generation, a new region and all that comes with it, that would be fine with me. Making more multiplayer options is something Game Freak will probably introduce on the Switch.
And no more Ultra Beasts, please. xD
My Dream Pokemon:

-Third Person
-Graphics like Xenoblade 2
-World like Xenoblade 2 (more open, but still linear Progression)
-Freeroaming Pokemon (no more Random Encounters)
-Shy Pokemon are running from you, Angry ones attack you on sight
-Pokedex Scan Feature (Camera Feature)
-Battles directly in the Overworld (no extra Battle Area that needs to load)
-Battles still turnbased. One thing from Xenoblade 2: The 4 Attacks can be used with A/B/X/Y. So no more Menu clicking. The D-Pad Buttons are for Pokemon, Bag, Escape and Z/Mega. So same Battlesystem. No Realtime Battle Bull...
-Voice Acting for Story Dialogs. Sun and Moon where the first Pokemon Games where I missed that.
-Trainer shouts the Attack Commands (Tackle etc.)
-First Pokemon in Team can follow you and you can ride it (when it makes sense)
-More intresting Sidequests (S/M had a few) with a Questlog so you can keep track of them
-Maybe a combination of Trails an Gyms, like you must proof your self before you can fight the Gym Leader
-different Difficulty Settings (Hard Mode has no tutorials, less Handholding, higher Levels, better AI etc.)
-better Story. Yeah I know it's for kids but for example Professor Layton can also tell heartbreaking stories and kids can play it.

That is what I wish, but not what I expect. When they have a different Vision that is also great (I really like S/M) than I'm also happy.
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Sceptile Leaf Blade

Nighttime Guardian
My desires also exceed what is realistic to be expected. I'd really want to see new battle mechanics and get away from the old slot-based turn-based system, at least for group battles. I'd love to see a system akin to what Dragon Ball Fusions does, which is still turn-based, but you get more turns if you're faster and it has actual positioning. The current system feels more like a trading card game than an actual battle, and I think in this day and age the main pokémon series should at least try to make the battles a bit more dynamic like in the anime, we're not in the 90s anymore. I know it's probably not going to happen, fundamental change like that'd undoubtedly receive a lot of hate, and it'd require a complete rebalancing of the battle system, but I still wish it would.

Walking pokémon behind you I'm a bit mixed on. It's cute but hard to do right, there's always that strange thing when you're walking around with Arceus following you and nobody you interact with even cares, and having something like Seaking following you around is also just strange.

Blitz Lucario

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I have a serious question for everyone regarding this new game.... should it be one individual game or split into two separate versions? I ask from a cost standpoint because would you want to pay $59.99 twice?
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The ROTOM Lotto and the handholding aren't...great, but I understand why they're there. It'd be nice if you had the option to turn those features off. I'm not looking to take advantage of the ROTOM powers in US/UM. With better hardware, I'd like to see more customization options for trainers (outfits, hair, etc). New Eeveelution would be cool. The big question is how will Pokémon like Inkay evolve on the Switch if it doesn't have a gyroscope like the 3DS? How will it be compatible with PokéBank etc.? And it durn well better be. I haven't spent the last 3 years completing a Living Pokédex not to be able to carry that over to the Switch.


Winter can't come soon enough
Bank uses cloud-based servers tied to your NNID, doesn't it? If that's the case, all they need to do is make a version on Switch and, theoretically, you should just be able to grab you 'mons out of the cloud and migrate them into the Switch.


Porygon2 - DoomDuck!
I thought about this and tbh I am open to see what they do with a full switch game.
But here is a few things that I have thought about that I would like in a new pokemon game

1. More than 1 region.
So I would love it if we were able to revisit some regions. We havent done this since Heart Gold/Soul Silver with Kanto. There were plenty of trials in USUM but I always want more afterwards. I loved that after beating the Elite-4 in Johto you had another 8 gyms you could do.

2. Ball Seals
Way back in Gen 4 we had cool little stickers called Ball Seals. I loved these. Being able to customise how our pokemon appeared from a ball more than just what ball its in was great!

3. More Mega-Evolutions
Bring back Mega's again. Gen 2 Starters minimum and some more. Mega-evolution even though I doubted it at first, I ended up loving that mechanic

4. More "Alolan" Forms
I would love some more pokemon getting "Alolan" forms. But scrap the name alolan forms and just called them regional forms. Maybe a tangela form based on algae which is water/grass type for example.
Bringing some "forgotten" pokemon would be great

5. A nature editing item/mechanic
I would love an item that would be able to change the nature of your pokemon. Now before you go "but thats what breeding is for" .... what about legends? Yeh you can soft reset, but what if you get a shiny that the sync didnt work? Also breeding also affects IVs but we have items which affect those. Maybe a certain amount of star pieces and comet shards combine into a new item, or for 100BP (Ability Capsule anyone?) an item which changes your nature to a random one. Which if you saved before using the item you can SR for the right nature.

6. Pokebank has to be compatible

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
The closer this game is to BotW and the farther away it is from XY and SM, the better. The series desperately needs that level of freedom and exploration to really appeal to the console market.


Johto Boy
Walking pokémon behind you I'm a bit mixed on. It's cute but hard to do right, there's always that strange thing when you're walking around with Arceus following you and nobody you interact with even cares, and having something like Seaking following you around is also just strange.

This can be fixed by not including those particular Pokemon. There were plenty of Pokemon in HGSS that weren't allowed to follow you when entering buildings.