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Three New Avatars


And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared...
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You guessed it


Sugimori category


Shiny Hunter
Thanks Serebii!!
How can I search for them? I can't seem to find them on Sugimori.. What page? Is there a search box?


Sweet. Thanks. (In case people are endlessly looking through the category pages, they're on page 13).

But when will we get the anime avatars before XYZ?

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Awesome, thanks!

Will there be avatars of the other images of the starters? (I.e. Popplio balancing Rowlet in the bubble ball, Litten blowing out a fire furball, etc.)
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Thanks so much! I want to use Litten but I see others using him and don't want to feel like I'm copying.

Also, any update on the series X/Y avatars?


I Love You!
I love these avatars! Thanks Serebii <3