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Three Sides to Every Story (605)


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Well, this episode sure was entertaining. I'm all over dislikes on love scenes but this one just takes the cake.

The beginning got me confused at first. Turned out to be some fantasy dream of Piplups. Keep dreaming Piplup :p

Then there's this whole fall in love at first site thing going on with Piplup. Ugh, it's like taking a leap of faith without know whats below.

The most entertaining part I find best was with Marill, Piplup, and Elekid. Still, poor Piplup failed to impress Marill many times. At least Piplup is confident about his loss... well almost.

Also, I'm surprised that TR actually changed tactics and went to steal something different for a change. But soon enough they went back to the old routine...

I have to admit I almost left before seeing the last 10 sec of the episode.

Overall, it was a great episode. 8/10.

I'm looking forward to the next episode. ;197;


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It was kinda ok i liked the rivarly between Piplup and Elekid though. The bit when they were crossing the bridge and Elekid left the wood and Piplup fell off it was quite funny though. And I agree the bit at the end with Dawn annoyed me as its like she was upset she was the chairman. Oh well we will have to wait and see. Ive seen worse episodes though


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Bwahahaha! Piplup was rejected. I must admit I like that Marril now.

It chose a baby pokemon that can't even breed with it (and even if it evolved it wouldn't be able to breed with Marril) over another water type that could have bred with it.

The ending was annoying to me too. Dawn's reaction was horrible.


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At least now I'm finally caught up with my reviews, just in time for the next new episode.

I loved this episode! Clueless Ash as usual (though at least Pikachu seems to know Ash's stupidity when it comes to girls here), cuteness with Piplup, a cute little Marill, poor Piplup's efforts and eventual heartbreak. This was a great episode.

I think it's about high time Ash stopped being clueless about romance, though. For gosh sakes, he can't be that way forever.


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It's just a cheerleader outfit,boys can be cheerleaders too. It's a Piplup,people put feminine outfits on their male pets all the time.

Yes, but you will notice that when Pikachu cheers, he wears a more masculine robe and paper fans. Where the heck does he get those anyway?!


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I find it's true love.. NOT.. This Marill goes for the jocky type! Not for a lover like Piplup! I don't even like the penguin, but I felt like he had a nice crush.. but left blue.. which it always is..

Was this episode that showed Raikou? I can't remember, I was so surprised when I saw it appear.. I got to the edge of my seat and.. Poof.. it was a dream! Darn.. no real Raikou then.. Just random HGSS promotion.. I wonder why they didn't use Entei, since it's more popular anyway..


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This episode reminds me alot like Love,Totodile Style.It had a water starter in love with a marill evovle line.It was the same old dance,same old song.



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This was a nice filler episode. Elekid is one of my favorite pokemon so it was nice to see it again. Piplup's dream was funny and so was it's rivalry with Elekid.


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I just saw the episode again reccently, my favorite part had to be Ash being clueless about love. I just adore when he doesn't get the whole love thing, he clearly only thinks about Pokemon LOL. Other than that, I don't like Pipulp episodes but bang he got rejected. Must be that ego of hisXD
An Elekid/Marill/Piplup love triangle, eh? This is going to be good!

Aww, Marill chooses Elekid in the end. Poor Piplup.

*Hugs Piplup*

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Nice episode... to see this side of Piplup


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What's with the so many Marills in Pokemon? I mean really? Aren't there any other water Pokemon to show besides that fat mouse? They don't even show Rattata that much.


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This episode was ok... It was cool seeing a Love Triangle based episode. Intesteresting how Piplup was in love with the Marrill, at the same time Elekid was also in love with the Marrill. It was cool to find out that Piplup was indeed a male. The Raikou dream was really cool. It was great to see Raikou in the Anime for the 1st time in a long time, even though it was a dream. It was sad that Elekid ended up with Marrill in the end instead of Piplup.

The episode was.......weird. I didn't really find it interesting.

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I love that Jessie reached a new intelligence low in this episode, eating the Lum Berry which couldn't possibly benefit her Yanmega no matter what way you look at it.

Poor Piplup. At least Brock had his back.


This ep was awesome for raikou, and Brock can so relate to piplup's pain. Darn it Pikachu see whats happening in front of your eyes? get some of dat buneary *** while you can!


I loved Raikou's cameo in Piplup's dream and I thought it was cute seeing Piplup help with the gardening at the COTD's Berry grove. I also liked how Pikachu tried to defend Piplup from the Elekid and I cackled when Meowth wore his infamous Sunflora disguise when he robbed the Lum Berries. Seeing Elekid kick Jessie made me smile as well.


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This was a decent filler ep. I like that Dawn and Brock were trying to help Piplup win marill and Ash being as dense as ever.