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Three Years in the Making!

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Tsumiki, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    So it’s nearing my three-year anniversary here on IGRMT. My First Major RMT, the SoulSilver RMT was posted on March 27th, 2010. I honestly doubt I'll be able to post this then because of school, exams and the like, so I thought I'd take the time to post it now while it's in my mind. Instead of writing a really drawn out letter thanking each and every person who chose to befriend this awkward Asian nerd and make an awesome experience out of it (tl;dr iluguys<3), I chose to instead make a team based off some of the most memorable people I’ve talked to here. It really sucks that I’m stuck with only half a dozen, but that’s how life is. Anyways, on we go!

    • Noctourniquet @ Choice Band
    • Adamant Nature (+ Atk – SpA)
    • Huge Power
    ~ Aqua Jet
    ~ Waterfall
    ~ Ice Pawnch
    ~ Superpower

    Alex is a huge part of my IGRMT career, and is probably to anyone who started rating around the time I did. He was cool enough to talk to me back when my English was pretty terrible and took the time to critique my rates, giving me tips on how to improve them. I suppose you could call him a mentor of sorts. He’s also the first real friend I made here and honestly, part of the reason I frequented SPPf before cementing my place within the Rater’s community is to banter with Alex via PM. Alex is unfortunately hardly active anymore, but when he does post he gives very thorough rates. Most of the current generation consider Alex to be amongst the best Raters, and for good reason also he’s a super midget<3. Azumarril was chose to represent Alex due to his previous username, TheBlueRabbit.

    The Azumarill set itself is a pretty standard Choice Set that I’ve used in a number of my other teams. Aqua Jet coming off STAB + Choice Band + Huge Power is amazing, and Waterfall is the more powerful alternative that even the most dedicated Physical Walls will have trouble standing up to. Ice Punch covers the Grass Types that wall Azumarill’s STAB. Superpower lets Azumarill steam through those Steel Types that tend to have high Def. I may use Life Orb > Choice Band to give Azumarill freedom with its actions, but the significant power drop really bothers me. Thoughts?

    • [GS] @ Leftovers
    • Careful Nature (+ SpD – SpA)
    • Thick Fat
    ~ Curse
    ~ Return
    ~ Earthquake / Fire Pawnch
    ~ Crunch

    Joe is an awesome guy because he loves turtles. He originally came off as an experienced rater that didn’t share that air of superiority. Instead he was much more down-to-earth, managing to calm down trolls without actually breaking into offensive language. That being said, it was only natural he become promoted to a mod. Even as a Mod, he still maintains his playful personality and seems to be that one guy who seems to know whatever the hell is going on whenever. He’s also an amazing musician. All in all, it is my belief that Joe’s levelheadedness plays a big part in keeping IGRMT afloat. Snorlax was chosen to represent Joe because his Username, [GS], are the initials to his previous Username: Grumpy Snorlax

    I’ve opted to use Careful to boost Snorlax’s SpD to make him more of a Special Wall naturally. Curse patches up it’s lackluster Defenses while also boosting it’s Atk at the cost of sacrificing some nonexistent Spe. I originally ran Body Slam as my main STAB move but switches to Return as the Paralysis side effect won't be supporting Snorlax all that much considering that what little Spe it had will be lost while setting up Curse. Earthquake or Fire Punch is a toss up on whether I want to hit Rock Types and most Steel types in general harder, or if I want to hit those Flying Steels. Leaning more towards Earthquake, but either could work depending on the situation. Crunch prevents Ghost types from coming in and laughing at Snorlax. Leftovers should be fairly obvious, so there you go!

    • peacemaker987 @ Leftovers
    • Adamant Nature (+ Atk – SpA) / Lonely (+ Atk – Def)
    • Multiscale
    ~ Dragon Claw
    ~ Earthquake
    ~ Dragon Dance
    ~ Fire Blast / Roost / Fire Pawnch / Draco Meteor

    Jordan initially started off as, well, a complete n00b, not unlike myself. He had no idea how movesets worked was well, pretty terrible tbh. Over time, we saw him mature from a complete nobody to one of the most prominent raters of late 4th Gen. I want to believe that I played some part in his growth, as I remember spending a lot of time talking with him discussing ways to improve our rates. Having been ‘raised’ at a similar period in time, we naturally did a lot of talking and helped each other grow. Now he’s a much better rater than I am, but those days, man. Dragonite was chosen to represent Jordan as it (seems) to be his favorite Pokemon. It was also his Avatar for the longest time.

    Everything is cookie-cutter standard save the last move. Fire Punch is usually the accepted move as it gets powered up while setting up Dragon Dance, but the other options have plenty of reasons to be used as well. Fire Blast is much more useful for getting past the Physically Bulky Steels that are able to take an Earthquake fairly well. Roost makes it easier to bring Dragonite back to full health, effectively reactivating Multiscale. Draco Meteor is a single nuke that is used to take out the dedicated Physical Walls that suffer from low SpD. Suggestions?

    • Kerech @ Leftovers
      [*]Timid Nature ( + Spe - Atk)
      [*]Magic Guard

    ~ Stored Power
    ~ Charge Beam
    ~ Roost
    ~ Cosmic Power

    I could be boring and only list people who are still alive, but Kerech deserves a special mention. He was that rare case of a newcomer that actually knew his stuff! We got talking, and it turned out that we had a lot in common. Talking to him was a blast and no doubt played it’s part in turning my English into something mildly legible. I remember one time I typed a VM that was so long that it had to be split into two separate VMs. He was made a mod thanks to his frequent, high quality rates and his calm persona, but alas, he has since disappeared from IGRMT. RIP Kerech, you were amazing. Sigilyph was chosen to represent Kerech as he did state that Sigilyph (or rather, Shinpora) was his favorite from the BW Pokedex. Also the set above was created by him

    • Soroft @ Leftovers
    • Super Luck
    • Jolly Nature ( + Spe - SpA)
    ~ Swords Dance
    ~ Sucker Pawnch
    ~ Night Slash / Mud Slap
    ~ Superpower

    Soroft is like Kerech in the sense of being a newb that knew what he was doing. He and I hit it off pretty well, managing to spout all kinds of random topics, thanks to his with more than anything else. He also remains to this day, the only person on the internet who I've spoken seriously about life problems. It was only once, but his words helped me put myself back together during a rather troublesome period of my life. He probably doesn't even remember what I'm talking about, but ehh. Absol was chosen to represent Soroft as it seems to be his favorite Pokemon, being is a fair amout of his RMTs.

    The main debate here is whether Absol really needs two STAB moves. I chose to run Night Slash over other potential coverage moves mostly due to Sucker Punch's low PP more than anything. Given how Dark + Fighting coverage is enough to hit most of the game for at least neutral damage and the fact that this Absol also runs Swords Dance to cover it's lack of Super Effective hits allows me to get off with the simple, yet effective coverge that it has. im not using mud slap bcoz its too good

    • Zhanton @ Life Orb
    • Effect Spore
    • Modest Nature ( + SpA - Atk)
    ~ Giga Drain
    ~ Sludge Bomb
    ~ Hidden Power [Rock]
    ~ Sleep Powder / Moonlight

    Zhanton… is amazing. That is all.

    …but in all seriousness, Zhanton is arguably the best Rater as of time of typing. He also has a great sense of humor and has awesome taste in music. The main reason he’s on this list, however, is because of how much he helped me get the In Game Tiers rolling. Being the first time leading a major project, it was obvious I wasn’t very good at it, being all over the place, saying one thing only to do the complete opposite and whatnot. Zhanton’s levelheadedness made the whole project much smoother, helping me fix all the snags that lead to the actual thread’s opening and even temporarily leading the thread when irl got the better of me. The project is now almost complete, and it couldn’t have been done without Zhanton. Also, he and I were engaged at one point. Vileplume was chosen to represent Zhanton as it is (apparently) his favorite Pokemon.

    I’ve never used a Vileplume before, so this is all new. I opt for a simple Offensive Tank set that utilizes both of it’s STAB moves. Sludge Bomb will be the main source of damage as far as neutral damage goes, while Giga Drain actually hits a fair number of things for Super Effective damage while also healing off the recoil damage that Life Orb racks up. Hidden Power [Rock] is important as far as coverage goes as it hits the vast majority of Vileplume’s weaknesses. Sleep Powder lets it Sleep stuff for free damage, but Moonlight is a more surefire way to remove Life Orb damage, and damage in general as Vileplume’s low Spe means it’ll be taking hits more often than not.

    So that's about it! Again, there are some people who weren't mentioned due to the lack of Party space (iluguystoo!). The Syngergy is probably lacking somewhere as well seeing as this wasn't designed to be a proper team but rather an homage to, well, people. As usual, do your thing, people of IGRMT!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2013
  2. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Wynaut SupPunch Azumarill? I think it's more consistent than Superpower + Aqua Jet. Idk what you'd want to switch.

    I remember Joe saying Fire Punch is better for Snorlax... Anyways, yea.

    Draco Mewteor for the r0pe.

    Absol gets Mud Slap, and I'm being honest, you should consider it for Soroft.


    **** it, I'll be first to say this should be Archive material.
  3. Soroft

    Soroft Cat and Mouse

    gahh, it's people like you that make me feel bad for leaving

    Sigilyph @ Leftovers
    Magic Guard
    248 HP / 8 SpD / 252 Spe
    - Stored Power
    - Charge Beam
    - Roost
    - Cosmic Power

    Iirc, Kerech's build for Sigilyph was designed to tank and tank it well, and I'm pretty sure he used Cosmic Power to achieve it. If the set the IGRMT Singles thread is his original, then he utilized this with Stored Power and Charge Beam for attacks, which makes sense. After two boosts from Cosmic Power, Stored Power would outpace Psychic, and Charge Beam would help out with a bit of coverage and boosting as well. Roost would be nice to heal up, because all of that building would suck to lose. I just copy-pasted the one in the Moveset Index, but I'll double-check later to see if it's really his set. Either the one you have or this one would work though, but I'd use Shadow Ball > Roost, if something's wanting to take Sigilyph down then it'll do it anyway imo, prolonging the inevitable's a little silly when they can punch through his physical Defense.

    I dunno anything about Vileplume either, sorry girl.

    I've thought of Absol 6 different ways to Sunday, but this set's one of my favored ones so far. Another one's the Super-crit, but it's not quite as effective. You're right though, I do love this little one.

    Oh boy, you obviously don't remember the first time we met.

    I never forget. There for you, remember it.

    While I'm at it, you seem to have incorrect format, don't worry I got you covered.

    Looking good.
  4. Zhanton

    Zhanton le quant-à-soi

    I don't think there's that much need for Waterfall on Azumarill since Choice Banded, Huge Power-boosted, Adamant nature boosted Aqua Jet should be powerful enough, and plus it has priority, so personally I would go with either Return or Double Edge for neutral coverage, or drop Superpower as well and run Substitute + Focus Punch with a Life Orb although this does cut Azumarill's survivability. Your call though.

    Personally I prefer to run Roost on Dragonite to bring yourself back to full health and reactivate Multiscale, but then again Potions do exist ingame so you might want to free up that slot and run Fire Blast and just use Potions to bring your HP back up to full. (Sorry I'm not being very helpful here)

    Vileplume is really slow and I doubt Timid nature is going to help it much; go with Modest instead. I'd probably run Sleep Powder > Moonlight though as with Modest, Giga Drain recovery should be enough to heal off Life Orb recoil, and as you said Sleep Powder is really helpful since you can really use that opportunity to deal a lot of damage and heal up.

    It's a shame our marriage broke off. [noparse]:([/noparse]

    Also I just wanted to say that it's been great getting to know you over the past two or so years. You've easily become not just one of my favourite users but also one of my closest friends here over that time, and I think this is the first time someone has put me in their team so I just wanted to say thankyou for that. :) I hope to see you around more (though hopefully not this year because I want you to ace your senior year, so hopefully next year)! :)
  5. peacemaker987

    peacemaker987 Custom User Title

    Well I've been away for far too long.

    I would switch Choice band over to Absol because you'll probably get chunked down too far after swords dance to have too much sustainability. iirc he gets Megahorn now too, so you won't be forced to switch or burn that super power.

    You and zhanton were the best parents ever <3
  6. [GS]

    [GS] Staring at my phone

    Aqua Jet, as said already, should be enough STAB for Azumarill, go with Return.

    I'd say go with Waterfall in the last slot for Draggy, it adds some FlincHax to those DD boosts and gives him epic neutral coverage.

    Fire Punch>EQ for Lax, Bronzong is hit hard enough by Crunch and it also lets you destroy Ferrothorn.

    Also, YES @ the Sigilyph set that Soroft listed. Kerech's set put the spotlight on Siggy's tanking/destructive abilities. You can go with Roost>CB if you don't feel like you'll have problems with dark types.

    Great team and tributes Steph! Here's to another year!
  7. ~alcario~

    ~alcario~ Banned

    Are you HoundoomFlare?

    Snorlax wants return over Body Slam. You're going to be so slow, there's no point trying to compensate for it with paralysis.
  8. happyhappy

    happyhappy Banned

    good tream but you shouldn't run more than two moves of the same type on one set look at azumarill and absol
  9. Tsumiki

    Tsumiki Tsun Tsun~

    Yes indeed I am (was) HoundoomFlare.

    Yeah, I'm not too fond of SubPunch in general for ingame, especially for something that doesn't get STAB off it.

    I'd think that the general coverage against Rocks would make Earthquake the superior option? I'll leave this be for now. Also, wouldn't LeviZong be a reason to use Fire Punch? x)

    I'll slash it in somewhere for the pure lulz x)

    My god this set looks awesome. Excuse me while I copypasta your description <3

    Thanks. That really means a lot.

    May as well, for old times sake x)

    While I do agree that Waterfall won't be seeing too much usage, I'd say that Ice Punch + Superpower gets pretty decent neutral coverage. Correct me if I'm wrong and this set is horribly walled by something though!

    Fire Blast it is, then!

    I guess a Base 50 Spe Stat isn't exactly going to take Vileplume places. Modest it is. You've got me sold on Sleep Powder, so I'll finalize that little conflict.

    Bahh, you just had to remind me. Thanks though, hopefully my senior year will go smoothly enough that I'll be able to balance time for the Interwebz x) doubtit. It's also been a real pleasure meeting you!

    I suppose Absol is somewhat frail. That being said, this is ingame and the AI doesn't hit as hard? I dunno, I'll leave it be for now x)

    If you're going to suggest Waterfall due to neutral coverage, wouldn't Fire Punch / Fire Blast be better? I'm not sure how useful that Flinch would be considering Dragonite with a Dragon Dance or two should OHKO anything that it need to hits with Waterfall regardless. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

    Yes indeed!

    Thanks for everything, guys!
  10. Night Slash definitely should stay for Absol for Super Luck hax and because Sucker Punch has too low PP to form a reliable STAB. Considering the AI, you could even throw something like Zen Headbutt over Sucker Punch.

    I would have draco meteor on dragonite for physical tanks such as Slowbro or Weezing, though they could probably be killed by a boosted Dragon Claw anyways.

    Azumarill could have Body Slam > Waterfall for fun fun parahax.

    Aura, don't you remember the family tree with zhanton and Steph engaged and me and Oscar being the lovechildren of Jordan and some Joyce?

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