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Through The Sands We Go A Post Pokemon Sun and Moon Fanfiction.

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Master of Chaos!
Summary: A year after the events of pokemon Sun and Moon, Lillie had returned to Alola to reunite with Elio and begin a new adventure in the Orre region. As the reunion and adventures begin, a crime organization from twelve years ago has made a comeback.

Rating: Teen. Language, violence, blood.

Main Characters: Lillie, Elio (Male Player character of Sun & Moon), Wes (Player character of pokemon Colosseum.), Rui.

Thank you all on the forums for giving me ideas and telling me ways of how to execute these ideas.

This fanfic was being made long before Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced, so feel free to laugh at me when some of the pokemon NOT available in S/M but are Available in US/UM that are portrayed as imported.

Act 1

Chapter 1 A Year Later.

The following fanfiction takes place a year after Pokemon Sun and Moon and twelve years after Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness and Seventeen years after the events of Pokemon Colosseum. It is assumed the reader knows of those three games and what has happened.

Despite his position as champion and all that came with being champion of Alola, the dark haired grey eyed boy Elio, still missed Lillie. They talk on the phone from time to time, while Lillie said her mother was getting better mentally, Elio is waiting to see if her mother improved as a person to believe it. More importantly, was that Lillie became a powerful trainer during her adventures in Kanto. She defeated the elite four and became the Champ of the region. With a promise that once her mother recovered from Bills machine, she will make a return to Alola to see everyone again. Elio long dreamed of the day he will see Lillie again, to meet the trainer he inspired in a one on one battle and the girl he has a crush on.

His old friend Hau had not changed much. He was still naive, energetic and munching on masalada's, living a care free life style. Preparing himself for the day he might become Kahuna of the island. Gladion was acting president of Aether and did much to clean up the dark deeds that were committed during the Aether crisis. Recently Aether has been studying on a new subject! The mystery of Mega Stones, their connections with key stones and the origins of key stones. As long as nothing drastic happens over mega evolution's, there should not be ANY issues coming from the champ.

Most of Team Skull disbanded after the Ultra beast incident. But members of the group are still around. Guzma, being a regular person that Elio meets in the battle tree, Plumera being a usual challenger for Elio's title of champion and even the some grunts who were throwaways, were ready to try the island challenge once more if they didn't put their talents elsewhere. Elio mostly encouraged the former grunts to make a realistic end goal. Two such goals are beating all the trials and beating the elite four. Recently some of the low ranking members of Team Skull have actually decided to start the island challenge fresh. Most start themselves on Melemele island, first of the four islands, which is the quickest and easiest to get started on.

One particular trio from Team Skull went by the name York's, Jeffery and Bulmer.

At high noon, noise was heard from the city called Hau'oli, there the dark skin member York's lit a cigarette before he began posing. "All right boys, with the 6 pokeballs we divided up what did we catch!"

The brown haired gangster Bulmer, shouted as he let out a blue bat. "I got this Zubat who is pretty good at making opponents flinch."

The paler red haired gangster, Jeffery posed like he was back in the gang before he send out a metal ball with magnets known as Magnemite. "I sneaked into the school grounds and caught a Magnemite because once it learns thunder wave it will help me catch more pokemon around these islands... I am hoping to get a Makuhita later"

The dark skin Yorks finished his cigarette as he sent out a green blob of oily sludge known as Grimer. "HA! Caught this Grimer, digging in my trash can this morning, it has the ability poison touch. It poisoned most of the opponents I faced this morning. We won every last one of the three fights,"

Flying in the distance on a Charizard; was Elio, a dark hair, grey eyed boy at the age of twelve wearing a black hat, a blue and white stripped shirt landed near the pokemon center to go get treats for a yellow creature impersonating another pokemon known as Mimikyu and a large reptile creature with a younger one in her pouch known as Kangaskhan that were let out for a walk.

Yorks looked in fear and shouted. "Oh crap! Its that kid again! Look we ain't doing nothing this time around so don't go sicking no Kangaskhan at us!"

Elio looked at their pokemon, then back at the grunts. "So what are you people actually doing here?"

Bulmer being the only one with the courage to answer "Uh, redoing the island challenges. Because most of us don't have anything better to do besides try to climb up."

Elio stares at all three. "Oh, are you three ready for such tasks?"

The Skull Trio looked at each other in uncertainty.

"Hmm, still not 100% sure!" Elio responds back before smiling in encouragement. "Here is a pro tip for when you don't know how far you are going, just make sure you set yourselves realistic expectations. For example, do you want to clear the island trials or do you want to beat the elite four? You would be surprised how many are actually able to reach that goal. As long as you think your team's accordingly and try something one would not expect, you will reach you goals. Good day."

As he left to the Masalada shop, his Mimikyu running past the grunts like she wanted to get her treat. With the Kangaskhan keeping its cheerful young safe, Jeffery turned to the group as he took the words to heart. "Something one would not expect? That is a great idea!"

Jeffery shouted like he was back in the gang. "Say, any idea that one would not expect to find on these islands? Their was that one festival that gave out that bug egg as a grand prize, and Guzma ended up coming second short of the champ. It turned out to evolve into a big fiery moth. That only made the boss more mad. Apparently this big moth was said to be rare, only found on some islands in Hoenn and even rarer in the ruins of Unova!"

Bulmer nodded in agreement. "I know right. We need to get ourselves some of that. Pokemon that don't normally show up on these islands, that would catch these island chumps by surprise, then who will be picking on us? NO ONE!"

York's shook his head at the two. "Look you two numb skulls, we can barely afford to get 2 dozen balls, let alone GO to these places... we are stuck with what we can get and it is going to take a while before we can even set up a team."

"Oh I wouldn't say that!"

The trio acted in shock in response from a voice came from what looked like a old jolly looking tourist wearing a blue Alolan shirt.

"Sorry I couldn't help but over here, you want some pokemon who are not of this region?"

The Skull Trio nodded in agreement before the man clapped his hands. "Excellent! I happen to know some people who would be rather happy to give you some rather useful pokemon!"

Yorks shouted. "Hold the phone old man, this sounds a bit too good to be true, what's the catch?"

The man shook his head and gestured innocently. "Oh my no catch, no price, not even a real favor. All I ask is for you to complete this islands trial and beat the Kahuna. Show me if your three are competent to handle them. Then meet at the port, I have some fine fellows who would be more than happy to offer you some variety."

Bulmer looked at his Zubat then back toward the man and said. "Clear the island trials? Sounds easy enough. Thanks old man, we will get to you when we are all done."

As the trio shouted in excitement that their hair brained idea might work, an older tough looking pink, yellow haired woman in a bandanna listened into most of this, shook her head and thought to herself. These three numbskull's are letting themselves get taken advantaged of... AGAIN!

Meanwhile, in a laboratory at the edge of Melemele's shore

Elio is helping out a Professor by the name of Kukui work on updating the Rotom Dex. Elio was busy moving boxes over and keeping Rotom Dex calm during the data transfer.

"So boss, with the National Dex, we will finally be able to get specific information on pokemon not native to these islands, including old Solaire?"

The Professor responded. "Correct, as soon as we make contact with the professors of the other regions about you completing the Alolan Dex we will finally be able to spread this information to the people of Alola."

Elio grinned in glee. "Alola is joining the rest of the world in Pokemon discovery."


The Professor grabbed the phone, "Hello?"

He is about to use the video screen before being interrupted. "Huh? Oh... that's wonderful to hear, today? You sure? He has been exited to see you after over a year? Alright, see you real soon."


Elio being too busy to listen asked, "What was that boss? One of the professors about to share Dex info with us?"

The professor shook his head "No, just one of the guys at the league talking about sending more challengers to Alola. You might want to spend the next few days getting ready."

Elio smirked. "Heh... hope they are ready for latest pokemon I have raised, because if they cannot keep up they are going to get burned."

The professor asked. "Are you sure you want to bring that thing?"

The arrogant trainer replied back. "Of course, I normally don't bring the Tapus with me because they have better things to do, unless it is VERY important. While Nebby is normally happy at the Pelago or at the Altar of the Moone, I will let her out to stretch her wings from time to time. Using her for title defense would be SO evil it would not be funny. Speaking of which, I may want to go pay her a visit in the next day, other wise she starts missing Lillie and that leads to a whole lot of trouble calming her down. Besides depending on the time of day the sun will shine ever brighter with this next batch of champs."

Elio eagerly said as he stared at the red wing moth perching on a cliff outside and continued his thought. "Samson had a pup two months ago that I named Gladiator, while the old berserker is officially retired at the Pelago... his son is more than eager to go places his father could not. Otherwise I am bringing most of the same old team from when I conquered this region, including Guppy and speaking of new challengers! I might want to alert some of the old about this new batch. I might have something for them to do to help spice things up for them." Kukui grinned in response to such an idea as the Alolan Champ went out the door waving goodbye.

Elio signaled his Volcarona to follow, as he headed towards Iki town to let Hau in on the plan. He intended to let his friend know about the following chaos, so he would not worry about actual trouble going on in Alola. A tan child rushed towards Elio with one of the more excited grins he had not seen in over a year and the instant he saw Elio, his face changed into a brief panic. Like he was trying to fine something else to talk about.

Elio shook his head in response to seeing the panic and tried to calm his friend down. "Sheesh Hau I have not even set things up yet; word is from the professor that some new challengers are on their way to Alola. I am going to organize a small group to antagonize them. One of us might want to inform that Skull Trio over this so they don't get lost discouraged or get caught in the gears."

Hau cheered in response. "HAH! That sounds exciting! Anyways Li... I mean I heard that one of those challengers have already made it to Alola and are already getting started on the trials,"

Elio's eyes widen and asked how soon will this be happening?

"Crap this means I got to hurry, if I don't let Gladion or some of the former Skull members know about this plan, there would not be any antagonists for the "heroes" to beat." Elio said as he called the Volcarona back into its ball.

"Try to spread the word to as many people as you can, if you see a Snorlax blocking some roads and some gangsters pretending to have actually done that, that was my idea." Elio then called in Charizard for a quick flight to Aether Paradise. "See you tomorrow. Let me, know if more meat arrives on these shores."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 1 Chapter 2 Thine Wrath.

Swoop! Elio landed at the front of Aether Paradise, a giant research facility floating in the sea near Alola, thinking to himself about his schedule. A purple haired woman greeted him.

"Hello and welcome to... oh Elio its you!"

Elio greeted her back. "Hey Wicke, if Gladion is not at the Conservation area, I am going to search some of the inns around Alola, there is a hair brained scheme he might be interested in that can kill some time."

Wicke flinched in response trying to warn him. "Elio wait don't go up the..."

Elio did not even listened as he pushed the button to go up. As he went up to the Conversation area, he saw one of the few people, he HOPED he would avoid like the plague, a tall blond lady. The gem on the dress was missing and her hair was shorter compared to the last time he saw her, just to her shoulders. Elio recognized Lusamine. He was also worried that SHE is back here on Alola... with Lillie being nowhere to be found. He approached with a calm look.

"Oh hel..." Lusamine said as she turned to greet the champ and recognized WHO she was about to talk to.

"Where is Lillie and what did you do to her?" Elio asked in a calm built up rage as he takes out a pokeball. "Don't lie to me about this or you are about to have a REALLY bad time."

The blond lady shook her head a bit. "If you must know, she is on Alola. Whether she is safe or not depends on your definition."

Elio found that information too vague to be taken as truth. "Garden 10 minutes."

Lusamine started to ask. "Wha..."

Elio interrupted. "If we fight here MUCH more people and pokemon are going to get caught in the crossfire. I want a full answer!"

Lusamine put her fingers between her eyes, out of annoyance over something. "Fine, if you choose find it that vague!"

Behind him the Aether Chief Branch scientist, Wicke came barreling, huffing and puffing. "Listen Elio, Miss Lillie really is on Alola. She came here to greet everyone after visiting some people on Melemele. She never specified what she was doing."

Elio looked at the situation in an awkward stare. "I am not apologizing, but this is rather awkward." As he faced back toward Lusamine he was still staring in question. "I called you out on a battle that you agreed to... you still want to battle?"

Lusamine smirked. "Well champion of Alola, no sense backing out now! I want to see how your team has improved since we last met." Elio put on his angry face, that looked more like a smile. "Okay then. Now I have a reason."

Ten minutes later the battle starts.

Vs... Lusamine

Out of one of Lusamines ultra balls comes a large pink fairy known as Clefairy, who has a mischievous grin.

Elio tossed a pokeball and shouted as a red wolf leaps onto the battlefield. "GO GLADIATOR, USE STONE EDGE!"

As sharp rocks impale Lusamine's pokemon without any guard up, Clefable used cosmic power in an attempt to generate more bulk.

Elio shook his head and shouted."Oh we are not having that, GLADIATOR STONE EDGE AGAIN!" Sharp rocks once again tear into the Clefable, dealing critical damage and knocking it out from the battlefield. Elio said in pride as he prepared the next pokemon. "Well done Gladiator, Samson would be proud."

The next pokemon Lusamine send out was a large pink bear. Elio called back the Lycanroc and shouted. "GO FORTH SOLAIRE !"

Out came a Volcarona, Lusamine looked at the moth intrigued. "I have only heard tales of this pokemon, never seen it this close, Bewear use double edge!"

The Bewear took advantage of the switch in and rammed into the Volcarona, Elio performed a pose emulating a rising flame, energy flowed into the Volcarona as its trainer is about to shout. "Oh you are about to see more than just stories, SOLAIRE! INFERNO OVERDRIVE!"

The Volcarona rose into the air generated an massive inferno ball shooting it towards the Bewear. The Bewear panicked upon realizing that the damage was about to hurt. The impact of the explosion was enough to knock Lusamine off the ground, leaving the Bewear charred and several tree's obliterated.

Lusamine sent out a purple witch like ghost. "Take this Volcarona down with a power gem!"

The Mismagius conjured four glowing gems that shot at the Volcarona, sending the Volcarona crashing down for a knock out.

Elio sighed as he swapped. "Only way to get a safe switch, GO LOST!" Out came a Mimikyu that was hissing at Lusamine. Mismagius used shadow ball, as it hurls a dark blob towards the Mimikyu, her disguise plopped upon impact.

Elio smiled at the free shot before shouting. "LOST, SHADOW CLAW, SHOW THIS WITCH WHAT YOU CAN STILL DO!" She raked into the ghost. The Mismagius was slammed the ground, before loosing consciousness. Elio swapped to a large black and red fiery cat known as Incineroar. Lusamine switched to her flowery Lilligant for a teeter dance, causing the Incineroar to dance in confusion before being pelted by a paralyzing stun spore.

Elio shouted. "GUPPY USE FLARE BLITZ!" The Incineroar was dazed, he struggled to move but he ignited into a inferno and rammed the Lilligant for a knock out.

As Lusamine called the Lilligant back for her next pokemon, Elio was still furious at Lusamine for just being back and shouted. "Hey you remember the pokemon I used to deal the winning blow last time?"

Lusamine remembered during the last time she had to fight the boy, with a hidden cringe on her face as she sent out a pretty sea serpent known as Milotic. "You mean that Goliosopod who gave my Bewear such a hard time?"

Elio laughed sarcastically as he switched his Incineroar for his next pokemon. "HAHAHA NO! I am talking about H.P, my Kangaskhan, you may not have remembered her, but she remembers you. Good news though, you will be remembering her right now," Out came a Kangaskhan that recognized who she was fighting and glared. Elio activated his key stone as the mega stone on the younger ones head piece glowed. "H.P MEGA EVOLVE!"

The younger Kangaskhan glowed as it had a growth spurt, she leaped out of the pouch ready to fight. Elio shouted. "H.P! MAGGIE! OPEN UP WITH FAKE OUT!" The duo leaped at the Milotic to do a double clap at her face, startling her before she could shoot out another hydro pump.

Elio saw the chance and shouted. "ALRIGHT FINISH THIS FIGHT WITH A RETURN!" The Kangaskhan duo smiled in glee as they glowed, generating the the affection they had toward their trainer into a powerful punch. Aimed toward the Milotic's abdomen, with the child's punch towards her face sent her barreling back.

Lusamine called back the Milotic and pulled out another ultra ball, hesitant to throw it. "I am still not done."

As she tossed the next pokemon. Elio had the Kangaskhan brace herself for the next one, out came a blue fluffy bird.

Elio blinked. "Huh? I haven't seen an Altaria outside of the battle tree before."

Lusamine shook her head at Elio's ignorance. "I was hoping she was ready before it came to this, but it would not be graceful to back out at this point. While I was recovering I found this thing injured as a Swablu. The poor thing never wanted to leave after it got better, so I kept it."

Elio groaned, "Yeah I am still not buying any of that. H.P USE RETURN!"

The Altaria did not even get hit by the younger Kangaskhan as it was sent flying back towards Lusamine. Both her and the Altaria were knocked off their feet. Next thing Lusamine saw was a Kangaskhan that gave her a death glare. Elio shouted and signaled a time out before he used the key stone to power the Kangaskhan down. "H.P THAT IS ENOUGH! We don't even know if she done anything yet,"

Kangaskhan grunted "Skhan... (fine)" As the mega energy faded, the child shrunk back down as the parent took her back into the pouch.

Elio turned to Wicke in a concerned look. "I will try looking for Lillie myself after I dealt with one of these new challengers that just came to Alola. There are suppose to be more of them coming within a week and I have been planning something, but I need Gladion for it to work."

The Alolan champ glared back to Lusamine unamused. "If anything had happened to Lillie, I will be seeing you again very soon!"

The woman petting the Altaria stilled her tongue as Elio paged Charizard to fly him off. As he finally left, Lusamine called the Altaria back in the ball. "You have less experience in comparison to the others anyways... I am sure you will get better in due time." She looked over to Wicke in a frown. "I expected this to happen when she asked me to tell that boy the bare minimum... I am surprised he hasn't caught on yet."


Master of Chaos!
Act 1 Chapter 3 The Misadventure.

Elio flew to Akala, where route 8 and the roadside hotel was. If Gladion was not busy keeping Aether in line he was normally there or near the battle tree training.

Elio spotted a blonde green eye teenage in dark clothes looking at the distance. "Hey Gladion!"

The brief smile Gladion had seconds ago turned into a usual frown as he noticed. "What do you want?"

Elio replied in excitement. "I don't know if Hau has told you this already but some new challengers have arrived on Alola... and I have an idea that you might be interested in,"

With a raised eyebrow, Gladion asked, "What exactly are you asking of me?"

Elio explained. "Just having the new arrivals just do the trials would get stale after awhile, so I was thinking... would you and a couple of other people serve as a type of antagonists to these challengers?"

Gladion shook his head in response. "That is just stu..."

Elio interrupted as he raises his hand. "You don't even have to do anything actually horrible, just placing a Snorlax on a roadway or three with the option to boast that you did it. Hau already knows so just play along that I am the diabolical mastermind that is intentionally causing trouble. Could spice the Alolan experience for them,"

Gladion's glare lightened up a little bit. "Okay then, other than me who else do you plan to drag into this train wreck?"

Elio shrugged "Eh not much, just some people that use to be a part of Team Skull, could give them something to do."

Gladion kept a glare at Elio as he heard who was being dragged into the scheme. "I know enough of Ula'Ula to call that a bad idea."

Elio frowned in questioning. "What you mea...? Oh … Nanu! I might want to let him know before any of this nonsense even begins. Still, I call you whether it is a go or not, if it is are you in on this?"

Gladion continued to glare at his rival. "Sure, I guess."

Elio nodded. "Alright, let me know how the new people react to having a Snorlax blocking their way." Elio said goodbye and took off.

Flying towards Ula'Ula Island, he found a police station near a desolate place called Po town. Nanu was enjoying his evening of nothing, hanging out with his Meowth.

The cop just stared as he recognizes the kid rushing in to shout. "Hey Nanu, I got a favor to ask."

The cop asked in return. "Does it have anything to do with the members of Team Skull?"

Elio grinned. "Yes!"

The cop with the dead look in his eyes asked. "Does it in anyway involve property damage or stealing things?"

Elio shook his head and grinned wider. "No it does not, if they do that then they are not following the plan!"

Nanu rolled his eyes at what he was hearing. "Does the plan have anything to do with a Snorlax?"

Elio kept the wide grin and answered in excitement. "Why yes, yes it does!"

Nanu heard the tone, shook his head and asked. "Does it involve trial goers?"

Elio let loose a small laugh. "Oh most certainly yes!"

Nanu groaned before answering, "Don't place it on any road ways, don't place it near the shrines and most importantly don't place it near the abandon shopping center."

Elio grinned even wider to thank the Kahuna as he proceeded to call Gladion who responded in an unamused. "What?"

Elio spoke out holding his excitement. "He said yes, going to gather some of the boys from Team Skull before sending them off. There is some areas that are off limits, so I have to explain some of that," He heard a long pause over the phone before hearing Gladion sighed.


Elio heard the hint of sarcasm as he continued. "Off to Melemele island to find the others, I will lend you guys a Snorlax to block some important pathways in the next day or so, talk to you then, bye."


Taking off Elio headed to Hau'oli beach, Melemele's main beach, to see if he can find Guzma. Elio knew that Guzma would be in a better mood to listen if he kept the Volcarona in the ball and out of sight. The champion spotted the former Skull boss sitting at the corner of a beach with his Goliosopod at his side, starring at the waves relatively bored.

Elio shouted. "Hey Guzma!"

The former skull boss flinched at the noise breaking the mood. "What the hell do you want?"

Elio kept a grin as he explained. "Some new people are arriving on Alola to partake in the island challenges. I am gathering some antagonists to make their trial more memorable. Do you want in?"

The Boss grinned for a moment before he shook his head. "Yeah, I'm in. But shouldn't you be getting ready for something yourself?"

Elio looked confused, "Something? I have been busy setting up the "villains" for this show, all you and some former Skull Members have to do is do everything possible to inconvenience people; just don't break or steal things and watch where the Snorlax's go. Then revel as you see the look on their faces as they have to deal with the biggest obstacle they will ever face, a thousand pound tub of lard that is not moving anytime soon."

The former Skull Boss chuckled. "Heh, no not that, something that only you the champ can do, otherwise this show will have no finale."

Elio asked. "Presenting myself at the throne of all this madness?"

The former Skull Boss nodded "Bingo kid, no sense keeping them waiting," Elio nodded back in agreement. "Good point! The first visitor is already on Alola, so do everything possible to prepare for the next batch, let Plumera know about this. I need as many people as possible for this to work."

The former Skull boss glared in annoyance. "Get out of here kid!"

The champ joked back. "Alright nice talking with you!"

Before Elio set Charizard on another flight path, He spotted Nebby flying back to the Pelago. Most of the time Nebby flew over to the Altar of the Moone, which was located on Poni island, relax for a bit, then fly back and normally at night while everyone is asleep. The instant Elio noticed and waved, Nebby turned her head around and acted a little startled that Elio noticed her.

Thinking to himself. "Going to ask Nebby what that was all about after I take care of this newcomer," He set the Charizard out to mount Lanakila, the largest mountain on Ula'ula and the largest mountain on Alola. The two guards greeted Elio like they normally would. He responded back that a new challenger was coming and that he seek to return to his throne.
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Master of Chaos!
Act 1 Chapter 4 Champ vs Champ!

Elio's personal elite four greeted him like they normally would, each of the four had battled him before he ascended to the throne. Olivia was the only one that gave him some problems, but that was due to type advantage, something his Kangaskhan had taken care, of the instant she came out. Elio would like it if the four at least gave mega evolution a try, but some of them are not comfortable with it. "That's fine, opinions are opinions."

RING RING! "Boss, a new challenger is approaching,"

Elio responded to the call. "Good I was heading towards the throne anyways," As Elio flicked the phone off he alerted his elite four. "Okay the new meat has finally arrived, don't hold back because they certainly wont,"

As Elio went into the telporter to ascend to the crystal throne, he prepared his pokemon for what was to come. He felt excitement over the next contender for his throne. Sounds of a teleporter activated, as Elio mentally prepared himself for the next line to greet this would be contender.


Elio stopped himself as he realized a green eyed blonde girl with a pony tail, around his age approached the throne. "LILLIE? You are alright and ...here to challenge me?"

Lillie said in a cheerful tone. "Surprise! You did call me about your plans to make these challenges more memorable. That was one way to greet someone coming here."

As Lillie grins nervously. Elio looked on dumbfounded. "So that phone call about the challenger's coming. That was you calling home?"

Lillie nodded "I told him to keep this a surprise,"

Elio still glanced as he asked. "How many people were in on this surprise?"

Lillie laughed nervously. "Well besides Kukui, Burnet and Hau were also in on this. I also told Wicke, my brother and my mother to try and keep this a secret. I told both my mother and Wicke to at least tell you that I am on Alola and safe."

Elio's eyes widen at that last part. "WOOPS! Thought your mother did something to you. I was searching that place to inform Gladion of some hair brained scheme I had planned. I found her instead and did not believe anything she said. She was too vague about the information and this was not the first time she hid stuff from everyone. If Wicke did not explain things better, that could have gone a lot worse."

Lillie made a nervous grin. "Yeah I got a call about that... my mother is not doing that favor again for quite a while."

Elio starred awkwardly before he regained his composure as champion. "So challenger, if you seek the throne there is one last challenge before you and that is me. Be prepared to give it your all, because I certainly am. If you are ready for this we may begin," Both trainers glared at each other with determination.

Vs Pokemon Trainer Lillie.

"GO RAFFLE, SHOW HIM WHAT YOU CAN DO!" Lillie sent out a plant like creature, a large red flower on its head and a dark blue body on the bottom known as Vileplume.

Elio shouted as he sent out his Lycanroc "GLADIATOR STONE EDGE!" Rocks impale the Vileplume with no guard accuracy.

Lillie saw the damage and shouted. "RAFFLE GIGA DRAIN!"

The Lycanroc yelped as the Vileplume drained its health, adding it to its own.

Elio was still shouting. "GLADIATOR STONE EDGE AGAIN!" Stones dug into the Vileplume for a critical hit, knocking it out.

Lillie called the Vileplume back and shouted. "Go Sunne!"

As a Volcarona came out of the ball, Elio gasp in ah before shouting outloud. "Wow you have a Volcarona yourself. OH CRAP YOU HAVE A VOLCARONA! GLADIATOR STONE ED..."

The Volcarona hymned a large buzz, Elio's Lycanroc yelped as the noise finished it off. Elio's expression of shock turned into a grin as he called the Lycanroc back. "HAH YOU THINK YOUR FLAME BURNS!? GO SOLAIRE!"

Elio sent out his own Volcarona. "Solaire..."

Lillie shouted her order. "Sunne...

Both shouted in unison. "FIREY DANCE!"

Both moths flew into the air, bathing each other in flame... both glowed bright from their own flame. Both trainers prepared a pose emulating a rising flame. Both Volcarona's charged up in energy for a "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!"

Two balls of heat erupt at the same time, the force of the two massive fire balls send both trainers back. For a brief moment the people of Alola thought it was morning already. In the mist of the explosion, the two Volcarona's fell towards the ground with smoke fuming from their bodies. Lillie glared in determination drew out the pokeball. "Sunne return," Elio was left speechless, but still grinned as he called his own Volcarona back.

Lillie took out an ultra ball and shouted "Go Nurse!" Out comes a large pink creature with an egg in its pouch.

Elio tossed out a net ball. "BUMBO IT IS TIME!" Out came Golisopod, the large insect looked at the trainer behind the Blissey and waved at her in greeting. Elio blushed in thought. "Bumbo you will play with her later, FIRST IMPRESSION!" As The Blissey was startled by such a large creature, the Golisopod proceeded to sucker punch her.

Lillie knew of a Golisopod having low speed and shouted."Nurse thunder wave," As the Bissey sent out a small electrical wave, hitting the Golisopod's nerves to where it has more trouble moving than usual. Lillie saw it and shouted in an attempt to keep the Blissey in battle. "NURSE USE SOFTBOILED!"

The Blissey nibbled on its egg, regenerating some of the wound. Elio glared and shouted. "BUMBO LIQUIDATION!" The Golisopod was able to move enough to embedded its claws with flowing water, WACK, Blissey fainted.

Lillie frowned as she called the Blissey back and took out a great ball. "GO POLEY!"

Out came a trio of metal balls with screws and magnets known as Magneton, with a purple stone in the middle.

Lillie wanted the Golisopod taken out before it caused more trouble and shouted. "POLEY USE THUNDER!" The Magneton shot a thunderbolt into the crystal ceiling to form dark clouds, the Golisopod watched as lighting fell from the sky, it hits dead in the center, scoring a critical hit. The Golisopod twitched, then fell over.

Elio smirked at such a sight. "Oh that is how it is going to be, H.P GET OUT THERE!" Out comes a Kangaskhan.

The champion boasted loud and proud. "You have fought well to make it this far. BUT NOTHING WILL PREPARE YOU FOR THIS, H.P, MEGA EVOLVE!"

The child grew and leaped out of the pouch as both her and her parent hear the order. "EARTHQUAKE THAT PILE OF METAL!"

The parent slammed the ground with such force, sending a shock wave. The Magneton barely held on due to how sturdy it was, then the child slammed the ground. Sending a smaller shock wave to finish it off.

Lillie shook her head at how over the top Elio was acting as she called the Magneton back and shouted. "GO LOLA." Out came a felinish fish creature known as Vaporeon.

Elio stared and bellowed. "H.P USE RETURN!" The Kangaskhan duo smacked the Vaporeon backwards.

Lillie knew of the Kangaskhan's damage and ordered. "LOLA USE SCALD!" The Vaporeon sent a stream of hot water and burned the Kangaskhan.

Elio is frustrated at the sight. "GRR H.P KEEP USING RETURN!" The blow was less strong than before, Lillie calmly shouted. "Lola use wish!" As the Vaporeon looked to the stars and glowed.

Elio gritted his teeth and kept shouting towards the Kangaskhan. "KEEP ATTACKING, DO NOT RELENT!" Lillie responded with her own order. "Lola use protect." Vaporeon used a protective barrier to block the blow, the wish came true and it healed most of its health. Lillie saw an opening and shouted. "LOLA SURF!" A large tidal wave of water formed and crashed at the Kangaskhan. The parent child duo were still up and refused to surrender as they threw another return.

"Lola use another Surf to finish that Kangaskhan,"

CRASH! Blurp, Blurp!

The parent child duo collapsed as the child reverted back to a smaller form.

Elio returned them to their ball. "Good work you two!"

He barked out as he tossed a quick ball. "GO LOST!" Out came his Mimikyu as Elio aimed his hand for his next order. "LOST SWORDS DANCE, BUILD UP YOUR POWER AND BREAK THAT VAPOREON!"

Lillie remembered the Mimikyu and knew she had to take out the disguise, she shouted in hope for another burn. "LOLA USE SCALD!"

The disguise plopped, otherwise nothing of note happened.



The Vaporeon was hurt from the damage. Lillie knew the Vaporeon was about to go down, but wanted to prepare. "LOLA USE WISH!"

The Vaporeon closed her eyes as a shooting star flew in the sky.


The Mimikyu leaped at the Vaporeon and beaten her up before tossing her back to her trainer for a knock out.

Elio in an adrenaline boost shouted. "Alright bring out your last pokemon. SHOW ME WHAT YOU HAVE AS A LAST STAND!"

Lillie still having determination looked Elio dead in the eyes. "Alright, Go Mele!"

Out came a reptile with a giant plant on its back, on the plant there is a band with a glowing stone known as Venusaur.

Elio glanced back at the girl standing before him, she revealed a z ring with a flower shaped mark. In the center is another glowing stone. As Elio realized what is about to happen, he grinned. "DO IT! SHOW ME WHAT POWER YOU ARE ABOUT TO UNLEASH!" As he shouted in excitement, the Venusaur glowed as her plant became larger with more vines.

In sight of the mega evolved pokemon Elio thought to himself. "Bulky little devil... lets see how well that wall can withstand against a wall breaker. LOST, SHADOW CLAW!"

The Mimikyu dealt a large amount of damage to the mega Venusaur before Lillie shouted.

"MELE SLUDGE BOMB!" As a ball of sludge pelt the Mimikyu for a critical hit it sent her flying back toward trainers feet, knockout!

The wish came true, the Venusaur's wounds have healed from the damage, leaving the champion to his last pokemon.

Elio looked at his last ball, unwavering from the challenge. "This is it Guppy, out last stand. IF WE ARE GOING DOWN, IT WILL BE IN A BLAZE OF GLORY!"

He tossed out the Incineroar.

Lillie smiled as the battle turned in her favor and shouted. "MELE SLUDGE BOMB WE GOT TO PUSH THROUGH!" Elio shouted back. "GUPPY FLARE BLITZ, TEAR DOWN THAT WALL!"

The sludge bomb hit the Incineroar, it still charged at the Venusaur in full force. The recoil sent both flying toward the wall. "GRR GUPPY AGAIN KEEP CHARING, DO NOT STOP UNTIL EITHER THAT VENUSAUR IS DONE OR YOU ARE DONE!"

Lillie saw Elio on his last leg and shouted back. "MELE SLUDGE BOMB AGAIN, FINISH THIS!" The Incineroar slammed into the Venusaurs head, dealing a critical hit, sludge hurled him a distance. In the mist, the Incineroar got up, barely able to hold on. The Venusaur tried to get up, she reverted back to her normal form and collapsed.

Both trainers looked in disbelief. Pokemon trainer Lillie was defeated.


Master of Chaos!
Act 1 Chapter 5 Beginning a New Adventure.

Elio approached Lillie with his hand raised for a shake. "Congratulations are still in order trainer, few have been able to even reach me, fewer have actually lasted. You are the first to actually back me into a corner. If you want to try again for the throne,you are free to do so. Also welcome back Lillie, I missed you,"

As she heard those words Lillie leaped at the boy to give him one of the biggest hugs he had the misfortune to have received. "I missed you too!"

The embrace lasted a while before Elio got a ring from Kahili down stairs.

"Hey champ the challenger has been up there longer than expected, you doing alright?" Elio calmed himself down as he answered. "Yes. Tell any would be challengers that I am going to be on break for a bit."

He turned to Lillie and asked. "You want to go to the Altar of the Moone, there is someone who may want to see you. If Nebby did not sneak out early to do that already,"

Lillie giggled in response. "She already did when I was clearing the last trial, but sure,"

A week later after Elio's battle with Lillie, things calmed down on Alola after Elio's scheme before hand had to come to a close. Lillie had to call Gladion, who in turn called the former Team Skull members to call off on the Snorlax plan (they did not even capture a single Snorlax for the plan anyways). Turned out it was going to take a couple more months before more new people would arrive on Alola. Elio and Lillie had no other plans besides hanging out and catching up on what the other had been doing.

Elio wanted to know about most of Lillies adventures in Kanto, he got the brief info on where Lillie caught her pokemon as well as the highlights of her team during that time. Venusaur was a starter, Vaporeon was an Eevee that she got from Bill, Blissey use to be a Chansey she caught while near the Safari zone, Magneton was caught during her adventure near a power plant to find a T.M. Vileplume was caught as an early journey pokemon that Lillie did not want to part with. Volcarona was from an egg given to her during the end of her journey in Kanto. Most of the highlights involved her team being able handle damage and dish it back and save for Volcarona and Magneton who were damage dealers. Hau, Kukui and Burnet were especially happy to have Lillie back and threw a small party in celebration.

After the party, Elio was at Kukui's house with Lillie.

He groaned as he searched some brochures. "I am bored already!"

Lillie, as she gathered notes on the pokemon that were found elsewhere in the world, asked Elio what was wrong?

The boy answered in a bored tone "It is going to take a couple more months before new challengers arrive in this region and aside from the local challengers you were the only one who was new. I am searching for new places that could give me something to do. Most sound decent but I am looking for a place that I can go visit, beat everyone and be back in the next couple months."

Lillie grabbed a random brochure to see exactly what he was looking for. "Hey Elio, you read this one yet?"

Elio looked curiously. "That old one? I haven't looked at it yet." Lillie looked at the thing and replied. "Not much detail other than the region has various Colosseum and a place called Mount Battle," Elio read more in interest. "Huh? Orre? Looks like the kind of place that can kill time," Elio looked at Lillie with a smile. "Want to come with?" Lillie stared. "I would have to ask Kukui and the others if it is okay for me to be gone for a long time again; if they say yes then of course!"

Elio smiled back. "Fine with me. I will ask some of my folks if that is okay, as well as the people at the league if I can take the time away for this."

Elio asked everyone for approval of him and Lillie going, the people at the league were okay with him going to a new region so long as he was back before the challengers start coming in. His mother agreed to such a trip as long as he kept himself and Lillie safe. Nebby approved of the trip as well but only if she stayed behind on Alola to watch over things for Elio. As for Lillie she had Kukui and Burnet agree to letting her go on a trip as long as she called home and talked to them about any new moves she may see or move combinations, due to Orre's battle system being slightly different from usual regions. Gladion agreed to letting Lillie go on her trip as long as she returns stronger than before. He was a little jealous that she came closer to beating Elio than him or anyone else who challenged Elio. Wicke agreed to letting Lillie go on her trip and gave her the general information regarding Orre, places to visit and the fact that every battle in Orre was the double format. Lusamine reluctantly agreed to let Lillie take the trip, but only if she called home once a week, in addition she gave her the small tip to avoid a place called Pyrite Town if she can. If they have to visit the place, then they were not to stay the night.

As the duo visited Hau'loi to let each other know that enough people approved of them making such a visit.

Elio thought of the journey and asked "Hey Lillie, if we go to Orre with the boys we have now, would that make things too easy?"

As Lillie thought of it, she nodded. "Yes, it would,"

Elio nodded back. "In around a couple weeks, do you want to gather two pokemon and start our trip to Orre fresh? Like pick two pokemon we never got the chance to really use on our adventures, or start a starter from square one,"

Lillie thought it over. "Yes but only if you help me with a couple ideas. I heard of how breeding pokemon works, but I don't want to make any mistakes in this,"

Elio's answered. "Oh? That is rather easy once you gather the components needed," Elio spent ten minutes talking to Lillie about the band like items, destiny knot and the ever stone.

In a distant land, in a worn out train engine doubling as a diner. A tan man wearing a blue jacket, a strange device on his left hand, a black and yellow feline on his right side was looking at brochures of various regions for him to discover.

"Huh, Alola? Hey Rui, what you think of this place?" As he pointed towards an orange haired woman who had a velvet feline behind her.

Rui read the brochure. "Alola, sounds like a pleasant place to visit,"

Wes sighed. "Heh! A lot better than this wasteland that is for sure,"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 1 Chapter 1 Welcome To Orre.

TOOT. TOOT. "We are now arriving at Gateon Port!"

In a small cabin Lillie and Elio woke up from the bunk bed's to the loud noise. The duo got up, changed and got out to see a port with a crab shaped bar, a light house and some minor buildings.

Elio grinned. "This is it, with in a few minutes our adventure in Orre will begin."

"BZZT!" Out of his back pack came a red floating screen with a face above the screen.

"BZZT! Gateon Port, a lively sea port with active trade. Loitering sailors are common sight here. BZZT!"

Elio replied back to the Dex. "Yes Rotom, we know it is a port."

Lillie turned to Elio. "So don't trust the sailors here? No matter we can always go to the pokemon center to find directions anyways."

RING RING! Lillie grabbed Rotom Dex and pressed a couple buttons to show a message from Kukui. "If you are reading this than you have made it to Orre safe and sound. The PDA download was an over all success. In case you make some friends on your travels, this can be very good in communicating with the people here, anyways be safe and let me know if you seen some good move combo's found in double battles!"

Elio signaled his ride pager to test out how long of a signal it is from Alola, nothing happened. Lillie looked at Rotom Dex's map system and aside from the forest area that was a walk away, most of Orre was pure desert. The two looked and informed each other what had they found out.

"Bad news Lillie we are going to need a ride since the usual rides are not going to be here."

Lillie nodded."Plus most of the areas of Orre are a long distance, there is no quick ride so we are going to have to find a way to get to them."

Elio shook his head at the inconvenience. "Alright so we stick with your plan?"


Out of the two balls comes a large black feline with red stripes and a strange creature with a long nose with a yellow color on top and a brown on the bottom. The Torracat yawned as the Drowzee stretched itself.

Lillie smiled as she took two pokeball's out. "Alright Swoops and Shockums time to stretch!" Out comes a large bird with a red mane and yellow/red tail feathers known as Pidgeotto and a small yellow mouse that was holding a yellow ball known as Pikachu.

Elio winked at Lillie. "I knew you were going to pick that when you asked of ways to make Pikachu good without evolving it."

Lillie smiled. "Shockums was simple because I already had a light ball and the first Pichu I found around Iki town did not seem to mind being captured. The breeding tips you gave me about the destiny knot and the ever stone worked very well. Shockums and Swoops evolved rather quickly together. I was worried when Swoops acted impatient when it hatched. Kind of like how Tally acted when I first caught her. Dafger's came from a construction worker that needed a Ratatta and..."

Elio nodded. "For a pokemon that came out of the first and only egg, Swoops is very good."

Lillie looked at the Pidgeotto in pride as she gave a false scowl toward Elio. "Why did you pick Drowzee?"

Elio smiled and responded. "Because it is an under dog among psychic types. I never got to use it during the island trials and I thought this place would be a good way to bond with it."

"Under dog? HA! That fat thing is hardly that!"

Elio put on a false smile as he turned to the voice. "Excuse me?"

A loitering sailor shouted. "Yeah you heard me! Bet that thing and the little kitty can't beat my guys!"

Elio rolled his eyes at the boasting. "I don't know, Brimmy is meant to be the offense of the duo, while Remmer fulfills the role of a bulky support who exploits shutting the opponent down. Care for a battle?"

The sailor scratched his head over the strange reaction. "Wuh? People normally get mad at that, but yeah I take you on."

VS Sailor Bluts

Bluts sent out a jellyfish with two large red bulb like orbs known as and a tiny gray canine.

Elio stared at what he got himself into before shouting. "Type advantage? BRIMMY FIRE FANG THAT POOCHYENA! REMMER USE HYPNOSIS!"

The Torracats fangs glowed in flame as it lunged at the Poochyena. The Poochyena was burned, but it still attacked, Poochyena used bite. Teeth sank into the Drowzee, it's super effective!

Tentacool used water gun on Torracat, it's super effective! The Drowzee looked at the Tentacool and waved its hands to lure the Tentacool into a deep sleep.

The sailor acted in shock. "Uh oh."


The Drowzee inhaled a puffy cloud from the Tentacool, it was super effective and its bite wounds have healed. Tentacool was still asleep as the Poochyena was knocked out. "REMMER DREAM EATER AGAIN FINISH IT!" The Drowzee knocked the Tentacool out cold with its power.

Bluts grumbled. "Grr I thought you be easy."

Elio smiled as the sailor ran. "Yeah you should not have insulted the Remmer."

The Drowzee felt thirsty from the Tentacool's dream of drifting, Elio smiled before facing his attention to the Crab shape bar. "Alright Lillie, your turn to test your duo out on. I am going to get Remmer a cool drink. HEY BRIMMY YOU WANT SOMETHING TOO?"

"Meow" (a water dish).

Elio asked Lillie. "You and your pokemon want anything?"

Lillie shook her head as Elio went towards the crab shaped bar. A less muscular sailor came rushing to where the last one walked from. "Hey little girl, you seen a larger sailor walking around here, picking on some of the locals?"

Lillie pointed where he ran off to, the sailor said thanks. "Hey you mind if we have a quick battle? I need to get these guys ready for when Bluts tries to fight back over NOT doing his job!" Lillie, nodded.

VS Sailor Pops

Pops sent out a muscular lizard known as Machop and a pile of eggs known as Exeggecute.

Lillie shouted as she signal the Pidgetto and Pikachu for battle. "Swoops, Shockums lets do this! Swoops lets start by using air cutter!"

The Pidgetto wings generate wind as it thrusts them forward. Creating wind in form of a blade, slicing into the Machop and Exeggecute.

"Shockums use thunderbolt on that Exeggecute!" The Pikachu's cheeks charged up, the light ball amplifying the electricity to large amounts, zapping the Exeggecute. The Exeggecute stiffen up as it was left paralyzed. Machop used karate chop on Pikachu, it hits.

"Swoops, air cutter again!" Once more a blade wind slices into the two pokemon, knocking them out at the same time!

The sailor cringed. "Okay that was a bad idea. Thank you for the directions anyways, going to give that Bluts a piece of my mind once I get to him." As he walked to the poke center to heal up

Elio walked out of the club during the climax of the battle, with a bottle of water in one hand, a lemonade can in another, followed by a Drowzee drinking from a soda bottle. He liked that both he and Lillie were getting to try out their starters already. "Hey Lillie, good news, while I was at the Krabby club I was able to get some information on where we can get a ride." He set out a bowl for the Torracat. "A mechanic shop on the other end of town can build us a ride, might take a while for it to happen BUT this would be a good opportunity to learn more of this region while we wait."

Lillie smiled. "Might as well since we are not leaving until we defeat all that this region has to offer." Elio nodded in agreement as the duo heads towards the Junk Shop.

The door opens; Elio and Lillie see two mechanics, an old man in a green hat and what looks like his grandson, who is wearing a beanie.

Elio asked. "Excuse me I heard you two can make a type of vehicle to use across Orre."

Both looked at them in both shock and awkwardness. The grandson walked over, introduced himself as Perr and told them. "Its rare that we have someone ask for something like that! We can do the work but we need some parts over at the Pokemon, HQ as well as this lonely lab. Then there is the cost for all of it."

Elio grinned. "Oh cost won't be a problem, if you give us the list we would be more than happy to help."

Perr shook his head. "There is also WHAT you two actually want, we can build scooters, motor bikes and boats."

Elio turned to Lillie, "What you think? Motor bike built for two?"

Lillie nodded. "Yes... but do you want side car or two seat?"

Elio thought for a moment. Side car.

Lillie thought the reasoning over. "Alright but I get to drive it first."

As she smiled, Elio agreed in a tease. "Fine but don't be startled when it roars."

Lillie blushed, puffed up her cheeks, placed her hands over her hips and made a "grr" sound. The Rotom Dex pointed out the map coordinates for both the lonely lab and the HQ.

Lillie looked at the time. "If we hurry we can be finished with the hard part by the end of the day. Lets start with the HQ! I need to call home to tell everyone we made it."

The duo left the Port in the direction to of the HQ lab, the Rotom Dex flared up. "BZZT! The Orre Region's top research lab, that studies pokemon BZZT!"

Elio asked the dex. "Hey Rotom, could you lay off explaining EVERY new place we go to?"

Rotom talked back. "BZZT I am sorry boss but the PDA download makes me say this stuff whether I want to or not. BZZT!"

As the two argued Lillie shouted back. "Knock it off you two. If this place is what Rotom Dex says it is, then we could use this place as a sort of hub to go back to if we need something. First we need to talk to who ever is in charge." Elio nodded back as they approach, to be greeted by a brown haired scientist. The man who is in charge of the place introduced himself as Professor Krane.

Lillie handed him over a list of motor bike parts. "Excuse me Mr Krane, a mechanic by the name of Perr asked if you had any of these."

The professor nodded, explaining they still have parts of an old motor bike in the lab as he invited them in. The lab itself was exactly as Lillie predicted, a hub that looked and felt convenient. Most of the areas they were allowed to explore as Lillie went with Rotom Dex towards the storage rooms for bike parts.

Elio walked into a room that had what looked a metallic glove. "Hey Krane. I know it is none of my business, but what is this weird glove?"

The professor moved his glasses nervously as he looked over. "That old device is something we have that has not been used in twelve years."

Elio's eyes widen. "For twelve years it looks like it is good condition, what was it used for?"

The professors smile turns grim as he remembered. "It was used to rescue pokemon that were abused by a group of bad people."

Elio's usual smile turned into a frown of astonishment. "Really? How does it work?"

The professor groaned. "It takes any type of ball and turns it into something called a snag ball, an item that has the power to steal pokemon."

Elio blurted out. "Steal pokemon?! What did these people DO to these pokemon to justify such a device?" He had a flash back regarding the things done to Nebby as he asked. "... on second thought don't answer." Elio then asked. "Who used this thing?"

The professor smiled again as he took an old photo; a spiky red haired boy petting a large white, bird like pokemon. "A boy named Michal who was around your age, five years after the incident he and his family moved elsewhere to find more pokemon to help. Before he left he told us to keep these devices around should they be needed. We built a second one of these things a couple months later in case we ever need more on the field."

Elio looked over at the picture of the bird. "I heard of this creature from legends, the Guardian of the Sea... Lugia. A pokemon who lived under the sea due to its wings causing large storms. It also has a pretty cry from what I heard." The boy asked in cringe. "I take it this pokemon was among those that were abused?"

Krane nodded grimly. "Yes more than all the others during that time. If it were not for a machine that we built during that crisis, it would have been beyond saving."

Elio looks at the picture in disbelief, as he tried NOT to ask himself what has happened with these pokemon.

The sound of Lillies voice was enough to snap Elio out of his trance. "Elio! I got some of the parts needed for the bike." Lillie looked curiously over the picture of Lugia that Elio was looking at and shook her head. "I made a phone call home and told them we landed in Orre and that we are getting ready to travel in a couple of weeks. Miss Wicke back at Aether mentioned about Gladion sending some people over here to study poke spots a couple months ago. Most of Orre does not have many wild pokemon save for those areas, if we are going to build are team's we are probably stuck with what they give or use a P.C if we need to actually bring our pokemon over."

Elio looked in disappointment. "Not like limited options would stop us. We brought some decent enough pokemon coming in SO we will be in for a challenge regardless."

Lillie looked at Elio teasingly. "For the remaining bike parts we are going to have to go to some guy named Kahminko. He usually has left over parts from his inventions." As Lillie cringed from being told on how faulty they were. "He is also not very friendly towards visitors and that we are going to have to deal with his assistant if we have any hope of talking to him."

Elio grinned. "So I be the muscle and you be the voice?" Lillie grinned mischievously. Yes!

The duo traveled towards what looks like a dark cloudy house. First thing that greeted them was a statue of Groudon followed by a house with two electrical rods. This was definitely not a pleasant place to visit.

As they approached the door to knock, a small lab assistant shouts from behind. "Halt burglars!"

Elio shouted back. "We were only knocking... and were about to ask!"

The little man did not listen, "Don't play dumb. Chobin knows you were after the Dr's latest invention!"

Elio rolled his eyes. "Look like this is where a battle starts."

The assistant was annoyed as he tossed out a walking sunflower.

Elio responded back. "Yep I was right. BRIMMY LETS KICK HIS BUTT!" Out comes a Torracat, "BRIMMY FIRE FANG!"

The Sunflora did not even get the chance to move as fiery fangs bite into it and tossed it aside.

"But how?"

Ding dong!

Lillie presses a door bell.

A voice said over a speaker "Who is it?"

Lillie responded. "Some travelers looking for some remaining bike parts."

The voice paused for a moment before responding. "Huh, did Makan and Perr send you? Chobin, let these two in. Point where the parts are!"

The little assistant opened the door for them. "Do not think you will get away with this. The Dr. is very busy and he does not like having thieves in his house!"

Elio glared at him. "Don't worry we will be gone before long." They found the remaining parts needed, with Elio carrying the largest most heaviest part.

Upon returning to the Junk Shop Lillie shouted out as Elio carried the rather large engine piece "We are back with all the parts!"

Perr looked in astonishment. "Wow that was fast, alright put them on the desk and we can get it taken care of."

Elio huffed and panted as he placed it on the desk. "Okay how much is this going to cost? Huh, 50,000 pokedollars?" Elio looked towards the engine tired. "In comparison to all that lifting this is nothing to me."

Lillie looked back towards Perr. "So when are we expected for this to get ready?" The Mechanic sized the two up, around two weeks.

Elio laughed. "Two weeks? Still give us three months tops afterwards." The boy turned toward Lillie. "So what do you want to do during this time?"

Lillie smiled, "Explore the port and help the people out at the H.Q if needed." Elio nodded. "Hey you want to go to the top of the lighthouse? Been a good first day and want to see the sun off."

Lillie said "Yes." both blushed as they realized what was asked and what was agreed to.
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 1 Chapter 2 Gotta Save Them All

For two weeks, nothing really happened save for Elio and Lillie's motorbike being built. They had made friends with nearly everyone at the H.Q lab and most of the people at Gateon port had either grown fond of these two or to a lesser extent tolerated them. Most of the information on Rotom dex regarding most of the pokemon Elio had caught in Alola was shared with the H.Q. except information on the Ultra Beasts, Type:Null and its evolution Silvally which are at best classified, Elio uses his Torracat as an visual example of a pokemon native from Alola. Lillie asked about some of the lab equipment as she help move things around and unlike with Elio the only question she asked about the Lugia was how old was that picture and where was its trainer? Lately the duo have been helping the H.Q with finishing an important project while they wait for the final touches to be made.


"Master, I have two of them in sight. Proceeding with capture?"

As Elio and Lillie were about to head back to port, a large net was shot at them. The Torracat at Elio's side did not even hesitate to bite through the approaching net with fire fang. The parts of the net sparkled electricity, the super trainer that stood before them look in shock as the plan did not work.

Elio put on smile to greet the man. "Okay why did you try using a stun net at us?"

The trainer panicked as he reveals his disguise, before them was a strange looking person wearing a helmet and a scarf. "Grr, that plan failed! Time for plan B. just knocking you two out manually."

Elio stepped forward with an angry smile as he send out his Drowzee to join the Torracat in battle. "Approaching Lillie with that mindset is just asking for trouble."

Krane walked out in curiosity. "What is going on I smelled fire an..." The professor looked in shock at seeing the scarfed man. "Lillie, there is a glove like device in my office go get it, hurry!"

Elio looked back as Lillie was heading inside the building. "No worries dealt with something like this before."

VS Scarfed Man Juglar.

Juglar sent out Zubat and Meowth.

Zubat used bite on the Drowzee. Super effective but relatively weak.

Elio shouted. "REMMER USE CONFUSION!" As the Drowzee sent out a small psychic wave, the Zubat felt dizzy as the wave hit it. It fell to the ground unimpressive. Meowth use bite on the Torracat, it returned with its own fiery version, with the burn finishing it off.

As Lillie rushed back out of the building with the glove like machine, the would be kidnapper sent out his last pokemon, a small brown fluffy creature with long cat like ears.

Elio noticed that something was off with this Eevee. They are normally cheerful creatures at worse, but this one looked emotionless and dead.

Krane turned towards Lillie. "Do you have any poke balls?"

Lillie looks confused. "Yes!"

The professor shouted. "Hurry put that snag machine on!" Elio saw the very machine he asked about two weeks ago, then glared back at the scarfed man. "What the hell did you do to that Eevee?"

Jugal scoffed."Why would you care for a simple tool?"

As the scarfed man said those words, Lillie finished putting on the machine, it was even equipped with a type of scanner. It activated, showing more of what was wrong with the Eevee, a black aura surrounded it.

The scarfed man grinned without a care. "Eh the boss only needs one of you anyways, Eevee shadow bite this brat!"

The Eevee's teeth generated a dark glow as it lunged forward, skipping both the Torracat and Drowzee as it rushed towards Elio. In reflex Lillie sent out her Pikachu to try and stop the Eevee but it was too late. It bit into the arm Elio used for both the Z bracelet and to block the Eevee. While Elio was use to simple pain just from handling a more reckless pokemon (Gladiator during training tend to hurl rocks as a result of its moves), it hurt to the point that he barely held in a scream. In panic the Drowzee used confusion to loosen the Eevee's grip and toss it off of his master.

Lillie shouted! "Shockums use thunder wave!" As the Pikachu sent out a small volt to paralyze the Eevee and slow it down, the Eevee was clearly stunned, but it acted like it did not care. The Torracat retaliated against the Eevee who bit his trainer with a bite of its own, it still did not care.

Krane looked towards Lillie and shouted. "Hurry! Get a pokeball in that machine and toss it!"

Jugal glared at both Lillie and the pokemon standing before him "Gr! I had enough of this! KILL this brat you little runt!" Pointing towards the injured Elio. The Eevee set up a shadow bite ready to lunge at Elio's throat.

Lillie tossed the ball shouting "Go Pokeball!" Before the Eevee made contact a large hand materializes from the ball to yank it in. As it fell to the ground it shook.

Shake, shake, shake, click!

Eevee was caught.

Jugal looked in anger. "What? How?"

The Torracat and Drowzee did not like the fact that this person tried to kill their trainer and set off a simple move combination called hold and capture. The Torracat lunged at the guys leg to hold him down as the Drowzee set of a hypnosis to keep the offender from escaping. Lillie rushed towards Elio, who was knocked prone from the initial bite and was bleeding. "Elio, please don't get up!"

Elio looked back at Lillie and put out a smile to hide the pain, then looked towards Krane. "These are those bad people you mentioned before. Right?"

As professor nodded, Lillie looked in confusion and shock. "Elio, please you are hurt!" Looking at the professor, she signaled him to get medical help.

Elio whispered. "Hey Lillie, I am not the only one that needs help. I think that little guy is hurt a lot worse." As he looked at the pokeball containing the vicious Eevee. Lillie puffed up her cheeks to try and make a scolding face as she picked up the ball.

In a few minutes, a medical team equipped with a Blissey arrived. In the residential area, Lillie and Elio were still looking at the ball holding Eevee. They wondered why an Eevee would attack like that and thought that something horrible had been done to it. Elio was slightly angry about how deep that bite really was, until it fully healed he was very limited on the z moves due to how precise they are and while he could still throw with it he will need to keep the wound in constant care. The professor returned with drinks and a box containing files.

Elio asked, "So Krane, can you tell us what exactly was done to that Eevee and also if this is the same group from twelve years before, what more do you know about them?"

The professor made a grim face. "It is hard to really explain, you may want to read some of the files on what we gathered about these pokemon."

Elio and Lillie read up the first file on the pile.

"Shadow Pokemon"

Pokemon who have the doors to their hearts forcibly closed. Elio was about to ask what it meant until he read the next sentence. "Turning it into a soulless fighting machine." Both Elio and Lillie's eyes widen at that sentence. "While pokemon are normally friendly, Shadow Pokemon would not hesitate to attack ANYTHING in sight, including its own trainer! Using shadow moves to achieve this. Nothing can be done about these creatures save for trying to bond with the creature, opening the door to its heart again." Or as Elio worded it, regain its sense of self back.

Next file they read. "Hyper Mode"

"Some times a shadow pokemon will have its emotions go into a fever pitch. Entering the stage known as hyper mode, the shadow pokemon is at its most dangerous. Its shadow moves having a higher chance of landing a critical hit, will ignore orders, will attack its own allies, it will attack the trainer, will attack its own trainer, it will even attack itself. They only care about attacking what ever it pleases. The only way to end hyper mode is to call it out during battle." Upon reading the notes on Hyper Mode, the duo cringed on how wrong it sound and that someone did this to a living creature knowing full well what it would do.

Last file "Opening The Door"

"As a Shadow Pokemon heart opens, it will regain it's normal moves, it will regain its nature, it will start gaining experience again, building up until the door to its heart is restored. When its heart is about to open, the one place it can go to for it to be saved is a place called Agate Forest, which is a relic dedicated to Celebi, who is a pokemon with the power to travel through time. It is said that the reason this relic works is because it allows the pokemon to finally remember what it once was, before it was turned into a weapon. A faster process was made via the Purify Chamber, a machine that surrounds the shadow pokemon with a carousel of pokemon, lining up based on its type match up. For example putting a fire type, bug type, grass type then water type, maximizing the tempo."

The duo read a small note regarding the machine. "Only by maximizing the tempo in all chambers were we able to save Lugia. What was a shadow pokemon that by any normal means would have its heart forever closed."

From gathering the information on the Lugia Krane described three weeks ago, Elio thought to himself. "Why? Why would people do this?"

Lillie, in absolute shock from what she had read, said to Krane; "So that Eevee, it is among the new shadow pokemon that these... people created, with the full intent to hurt people?"

The professor nodded. "Yes twelve years ago we thought this organization known as Cipher to had been destroyed. Most of the people responsible for this were locked up behind bars. If they are making a comeback then many, many more shadow pokemon have been created with the intent of world domination being in mind."

Lillie frowned in worry of what she gotten herself and Elio into. "Then we have to do something for them. We can't just leave these pokemon to this."

Elio heard Lillie as he looked at her snag machine, then back to the professor. "You said that you have a second one of these things made?"

Lillie looked at Elio in worry, "Please your hurt badly."

Elio looked back with a determined look. "Lillie you are not dealing with this alone and I will be damned if I am sitting around being useless!"

Lillie sighed in defeat. "Elio...just please, don't get yourself hurt."

Elio looked at the professor. "I am in, show me the machine and I will put it on." They took out the second snag machine, Lillie did not want Elio to undo the bandages and helped him put on the machine. The boy looked at the machine with a grin.
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Act 2 Arc 1 Chapter 3 One Night On The Port.

Elio asked, preparing to go out, "So professor, what do we expect from these Cipher goons other than ambushing us?"

The professor grins nervously at that question. "Nothing much save for that. If you are going for your bike, expect many more of these guys to come after you."

Elio looked at Lillie. "How many variety of pokeballs you got? Enough?"

Lillie shows the variety of great balls, ultra balls, quick balls etc.

"Enough! So do you want to go back to the Port to see if the bike is finished?"

Lillie nodded. "Yes!"

Arriving to port at night, Elio describes the plan. "We split up, I check on the bike you just focus on opening that Eevee up. If any Cipher goons try to jump you, kick their ass!"

Lillie looked back with worry. "Just don't hurt yourself."

Elio reassured her that he was more aware of what they were going up against. As Elio walked towards the Junk shop, a Cipher goon leaps from the building. "Where do you think your going all alone kid?"

Vs Cipher peon Knuck.

He sent out a Zubat and a small humanoid fighter. The Tyrouge has a stoic look in its eyes.

Elio's Aura Reader activated. "The Tyrouge is a shadow pokemon."

Elio gritted his teeth in a false smile. "I have no idea, but I know where you are going by the end of this night. GO BRIMMY! GO REMMER!"


As the Zubat tried to bite before the Torracat, it is pierced in flame before being tossed aside. The Drowzee with a simple wave lured the Tyrouge into a deep sleep, unable to attack anyone.

Elio made a genuine grin as he put in a green spotted ball. "GO SNAG BALL!" As the Tyrouge was engulfed in a hand surrounded in a dark shroud, the ball fell to the ground near the water.

Shake, shake, shake Click!

"Got ya Tyrouge is caught!"

Knuck realizing he was beaten and tried to run, Elio glared in anger. "You are not getting away! REMMER HYPNOSIS!"

The peon stared as the Drowzee sent the same hypnosis waves that fell the Tyrouge. He fell asleep as Elio looked down in anger. "All right, lets see if we cannot find who sent you?"

As Elio searched the knocked out goon, he found nothing so he had him tied up.

Lillie walked over to the Krabby Club, expecting an ambush to happen.

A peon leaped from the ally way. "Looking for someone little girl?"

Vs Cipher peon Priscy.

The peon sent out a blue fish and a purple bug that Lillie recognized from her journey in Kanto. Her reader activated to reveal the Venonat as a shadow pokemon.

"Go Shockums! Go Eevee" Out comes the Pikachu and the Eevee, while the Pikachu was excited for battle, the Eevee glared at the what was in its way.

"Shockums, thunder wave that Venonat!"

After Lillie gave the order to the Pikachu, she was hesitate to order the Eevee. "Eevee use shadow bite on that Finneon!"

The Pikachu stunned the Venonat, paralyzing it so it would not move, Eevee however, lunged at the Finneon with the same glow it used to attack Elio. The bite hurt the Finneon rather badly, knocking it out in one hit as the Eevee thrashed it aside.


Lillie tosses out a blue ball with black stripes, erupting into a hand reaching from a net to drag the Venonat in.

Shake, shake, shake, click!

Venonat is caught!

Lillie looked at the peon in anger before she could get away."What you are doing to these pokemon is wrong is so many ways... why are you doing this?"

The peon scoffs, not even caring at the question. "I don't have time to deal with this." S he leaped onto the next building for a getaway. Lillie looked towards the Eevee that glared at her and Pikachu as he was called back in his ball.

Elio walked into the Junk shop with a smile. "Sorry I am late Perr. You have that bike ready?"

The beanie wearing mechanic nodded as he showed him the blue bike, large enough to fit both people and the side car like agreed. Elio grabbed the handle as it roared.

Perr noticed the bandages. "Listen kid you are going to have to let that thing rest before handling this, hope you don't mind your lady friend trying this out for a couple weeks."

Elio had the mental image of Lillie driving the bike, like an adorable bad ass. He drooled a little bit before snapping back to reality. "No I do not mind."

Back at the center port, Lillie was walking with her Pikachu while Elio was dragging out the motor bike.

Elio shouted out. "Good news the bike is finished and you get to drive it first, bad news you are stuck driving this for a while."

Lillie smiled as she shook her head. "Did you snag any shadow pokemon?"

Elio's grin changed to a serious frown. "Yes, a Tyrouge, it does not even have a warriors spirit anymore. You?"

Lillies, smile faded. "Yes I caught a Venonat."

As the two talked, they noticed two more Cipher goons leaping for an ambush. "It's those two, don't let them escape!"

Elio and Lillie look at each other. Elio asked. "Since we had our turn taking one of these guys out already, you want to take these two on together?"

Lillie nodded, still determined to help the Eevee.

Vs Cipher peons Lock and Stock.

They sent out a small grassy goat and a gray cat with pink eyes. Both Aura Readers activated reavealing the Skiddo and Espurr as shadow pokemon Elio and Lillie cringed at the cute pokemon thought to themselves. "Why?"

Elio's look of disgust turned into fury. "REMMER LETS GET THESE TWO AWAY FROM THIS GUYS!"

Lillie just as determined shouted. "Go Eevee, we have to help these pokemon!" Out came a Drowzee and an Eevee.

Elio shouts. "REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THAT ESPURR." The Drowzee tried the same wave as before, only he slipped and missed, not quite making the Espurr fall asleep.

Lillie frustrated that it did not work, shouted at the Eevee. "Use shadow bite on that Espurr." The Eevee did the same lunge as before, not doing as much damage as towards the Finneon.

Stock looked at Elio. "Espurr SHADOWFUSION, lets see how he gives orders with his mind scrambled!"

The Drowzee felt dark psychic waves coming from the Espurr and leaped in front of Elio to take the hit. Elio looked in worry. "Remmer are you okay?" The Drowzee shook its head in getting the feeling out, then grinned smug like the attack was nothing.

Lock shouted at his partner. "Told you mind tricks would not work, Skiddo, shadow blitz that brat down!"

Lillie noticed the Skiddo glowed dark purple as it tried to ram her and leaped out of the way.

Eevee saw that and began to act up from its stoic attitude, it starts gritting its teeth in rage. It began to howl. Lillie watched in horror as to what was happening.

Eevee's emotion's have reached a fever pitch, it entered Hyper Mode.

In retaliation from the charging Skiddo, the Eevee did not even wait as it lunged at the Skiddo. It bit its back legs hard.

Elio saw an opportunity to help Lillie, shouting at the Drowzee. "REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THAT SKIDDO, KEEP THAT THING OFF LILLIE LONG ENOUGH FOR HER TO SNAG IT!" The Drowzee got its rhythm back as sent the Skiddo to sleep. Just long enough for Lillie get a nest ball on the Skiddo before the Eevee did more damage.

Shake, shake, shake click!

Furious that its target was taken lunged at the next thing it would. The Espurr that was staring down at it.


As the Espurr struggled to break free, the Eevee thrashed and refused to let go.

Elio did not like what he is saw and had a pokeball prepared. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Espurr was caught.

Even more furious the Eevee was ready to attack the next thing, the two Cipher goons that watched in horror as they have no means of protecting themselves from either Eevee or the Drowzee that Elio was about to use against them. They ran for their lives. The Eevee shrieked out of pure hate, lashing at itself as it didn't find anything to kill, lashing out at everyone for getting in its way.

Lillie formed tears as she ran to the creature and shouted. "EEVEE PLEASE CALM DOWN! PLEASE CALM DOWN!"

She hugged it as a desperate attempt to make it snap out of it. The Eevee slowly regained its senses. It barely moved from its rampage. It could not understand what Lillie was doing to it. It only made Lillie cry even more.

"Heh! Can't argue with results, Munna, shadow hypnosis that girl!"

Elio noticed the small floating pink creature that resembles the Drowzee.

"REMMER BLOCK THAT!" The Drowzee dashed in front of Lillie to block the wave. Feeling the sleep wave, but smirking due to its eating habits making it immune to such things.

Elio's Reader activated once again. Munna is a shadow pokemon.

The fact that the person tried to attack Lillie while she was having a mental break down, as well as that this was another Cipher goon was enough to have Elio feel pure fury. His face turned into one of the most twitch induced smiles; one he had not felt in over a year.

Elio shouts towards the large Cipher commander. "YOU WANT TO MESS WITH LILLIE DURING THIS?! OH THAT'S IT, BRIMMY LETS MESS THIS BASTARD UP!" As the Torracat emerged from its ball.

The commander smirked. "Big mistake kid."

Vs Cipher Commander Outsah.

He sent out a large blue bat. Golbat bit into the Drowzee, super effective.

Elio was not in a mood to hesitate. "OH YOU ARE NOT! BRIMMY FIRE FANG THAT GOLBAT!"

As the Golbat was bitten hard, it felt a lingering burn.

"REMMER CONFUSION FINSIH THAT GOLBAT!" The Drowzee was badly hurt but complied as it used a small telekinetic force to knock the Golbat on the ground for a knock out.

Munna used shadow wave, both Torracat and Drowzee were hit by a dark wave. The Drowzee was about to fall over from all the damage it took.

Elio stared at the Cipher goon with anger in his eyes as he whispered to the Torracat. "Brimmy get that fire fang ready!" He had another dusk ball ready for the Munna.


Shake, shake, shake, click!

Elio shouted as he was about to lunge at the goon. "BRIMMY LETS TEAR THIS BASTARD APA... ow!"

His arm was starting to hurt again, leaving only Brimmy to leap at the person. Outsah was scared for his life, as he ran. Elio shouted at the distance. "YOU GO NEAR HER AGAIN I WILL KICK YOUR..." He was interrupted as he heard a sobbing noise from behind him.


Elio looked behind him to see Lillie continue to cry.

Elio thought to himself. "Oh no no no I am NOT going to be the one who makes her cry!"

The boy rushed back to try and comfort the crying girl. "Its okay they are gone, they won't be bugging us again."

Lillie gave a faint whisper. "Why?"

Elio whispers back. "Shh don't worry about that we can still help these pokemon get better." The two sat in silence for what felt like an hour, enough time for Lillie to calm down and get the Eevee back in its ball.

Rotom Dex floated toward the scene and gave an update on the Eevee. "BZZT! The door to its heart is opening up BZZT!"

The duo walked towards the pokemon center, with Elio making sure Lillie did not fall. Lillie whispered. "Elio, I want to call home."

Elio set her down near the video phone. "You do that, I am going to heal Remmer up, he took a lot and he needs to be fixed up."

Elio looked towards the Torracat, a little jealous of the Drowzee getting more attention before meowing. "I am getting you patched up as well Brimmy, don't worry."

The first person Lillie called was Kukui. "Hello this is... Lillie what has happened are you alright?"

Kukui's wife Burnet rushed toward the screen to see what appeared to be Lillie after having a meltdown. Lillie explained exactly what she and Elio ran into. The professor responded in shock before asking Burnet. "Shadow pokemon, Cipher? Hey how fast can we make it to Orre?"

Lillie said in protest. "Wait stop! Please don't we can't save any of these pokemon if you try to pick us up." Both looked in regret but they still respected her wishes enough.

Burnet responded, "If you want us to come help, let us know."

Lillie smiled. "I will thank you." Call disconnects.

In the background the nurse looked at Elio's batch of pokemon and shook her head. "I don't know where you got these pokemon but the ones not your Torracat or Drowzee can only be healed physically."

Elio turns his eyes away. "Oh I wish you people would make this easy. Remmer took a beating in trying to help save these pokemon. You can mend the wounds but I am going to have to do everything else regarding the other three."

The nurse cringed in remembering the last time she had healed these types of pokemon. "Alright, I am going to need your Torracat and Drowzee in their balls though."

Elio groaned. "Sorry Brimmy, sorry Remmer I will let you out in a minute."

Lillie looked over to Elio who was more determined than shocked at all that was going on. She took a deep breath as she prepared to call the Aether line. If Wicke picked up then it would be enough of a conversation to at least have some form of back up; if her brother Gladion picked up then she would go into more detail about what she was dealing with. If her mother picked up, the one person she did not want to talk about in regards to the shadow pokemon, it would be a long and awkward call.

To Lillies misfortune, it was Lusamine who picked up. "Hello this is Ae..." She interrupted herself as she saw her daughter in such a mess. "Lillie, what happened? Are you alright?"

Lillie hesitantly told her. "No!" Putting on a fake smile, Lusamine asked if Elio was near by, she wanted to have a small word with him.

Lillie looked over, towards the boy who heard what was said. "Elio, she wants to talk to you."

Elio did not want to talk with the former mad woman and asked. "Do I have to?"

Lillie closed her eyes in regret, and nodded. Elio cursed under his breath as he went over.

Lusamine asked inquisitively. "Care to explain how you let this happen?"

Elio grumbled too himself in order to think the next words. "Lillie and I were taking care of some pokemon that have been hurt... Badly. Took one of them going absolutely nuts for Lillie to break down. To be honest it was hard to watch."

Lusamine heard those words, she tried to keep herself on top of the conversation. "What do you mean by that?"

Elio rolled his eyes in response. "Oh boy that question coming from you?" He explained the bare minimum about shadow pokemon. How a shadow pokemon were turned into something willing to attack anything in sight; including to their own trainers. Elio showed the bite wound from the Eevee Lillie captured. He also told her enough detail on what exactly happened during hyper mode.

Lusamine blinked as she heard about Hyper mode. "Please tell me you are exaggerating!"

Elio heard the question and groaned. "I knew you were going to say that."

He took out the dusk ball containing Tyrouge. "What ever happens next is on you... this is a shadow pokemon."

Elio glared at Lusamine as he sent out the Tyrouge; upon seeing someone on the screen it growled as it entered hyper mode and was about to shadow rush the screen. Elio tried to hold it back, but Tyrouge trashed like mad, trying to kick Elio back. "Tyrouge, calm down I am just trying to prove a point!"

Elio tried to keep the situation under control and once Tyrouge regained his senses he was called back into its ball.

Lusamine was trying to comprehend what she had just saw as she stared in a frown.

Elio gave her a glare before he took a deep breath and explained about another problem in an attempt to break the awkward silence. "To make matters worse we spent the majority of the night being chased by some weird ninja guys in helmets. Also known as the bastards, who made what was a Tyrouge into that lovely mess you saw. So yeah, me and Lillie are doing everything possible to help these pokemon get better."

Lusamine cringed, she put on another false smile that hid something much different from before. "Thank you for explaining things, could you get Lillie back on the phone?"

Elio turned over to Lillie who had just finished patching up her pokemon and was about to fall asleep. "Okay! I am done here!"

Elio let Lillie back on the phone.

Lusamine's smile changed to something more genuine, as she saw her daughter back on the screen. "Want me to come pick you two up?" Lillie, like in the last call, refused and explained that she cannot do anything to help the pokemon if she is not in the region.

Lusamine looked in disappointment over listening to the answer and shook her head. "Alright, but if things get worse I am coming regardless, good night and let me know about your progress next week."


Elio and Lillie looked at each other, thinking over what had just happened. On one hand, Elio saw some improvement with Lusamine, on the other hand he just showed her exactly what he and Lillie were dealing with. It was not a pleasant image for a person who claimed to care about pokemon to see. "Are you feeling better Lillie?"

She nodded. "Yes but please next time try to calm down."

Elio frowned in shame. "We gathered enough shadow pokemon, tomorrow we head towards Agate Village to get Eevee and the others back to normal."

The duo went to the rooms in the pokemon center to spend the night. They thought long and hard on how they were going to deal with these shadow pokemon.
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Act 2 Chapter 4 Agate Village

The next morning

"BZZT. Message from the H.Q. BZZT!"

Lillie being the first to read it pressed the Rotom Dex's button.

"Elio, Lillie this is Krane; I sent a message to the elder over at Agate Village, explaining what is happening, he goes by the name of Eagun. They have organized something to help you with the first few shadow pokemon and once you gather more pokemon. Purified or regular, meet me back in the HQ, we might have an old machine ready to make managing the shadow pokemon easier."

The floating screen pointed the map coordinates between Gateon port and Agate Village. "BZZT! We might want to get there as soon as possible. BZZT!"

Lillie was about to go wake Elio up when the Dex floated towards where he was sleeping and turned on the sound of trumpets.

It was more than enough noise to wake the sleepy head out of bed and ready to give orders to the Torracat that was sleeping right next to him. The Torracat leaped at Elio in shock of both trumpets and Elio shouting orders for no logical reason.


The two were suddenly laying on the ground rather embarrassed. Lillie giggled as the two realized they were suppose to wake up.

Elio and his Torracat stretched themselves. "So what is going to be our schedule today?"

Lillie explained the email she got that said they were to go to Agate Village to get some of their shadow pokemon to finally open their hearts. She shouted as she smiled. "Alright, lets get everyone breakfast then head out. I'm driving."

It went as Elio expected, Lillie was intimidated initially from the roar, but once she got use to it, the ride became like riding a bike or a Tauros.

"BZZT! Agate Village, a place elderly people go to spend there last couple decades. There is a relic that honors Celebi here. BZZT!"

Elio glared at the Rotom Dex. Upon entering the lush green town, they realize that this place really was one with nature. Most of the houses were either made of stone or apart of a tree.

The first two people they met were a rather young trainer talking with his grandpa. When he realize who was coming the two got ready to greet each other. "So you are the two trainers to seek the shrine?"

The younger one said. Elio and Lillie nodded yes. The elderly man whispered something to his grandson.

"Okay here is how this trial is going to work, you are both restricted to just these shadow pokemon as you go around fighting everyone in this village. Once both of you have a shadow pokemon ready to be opened, you are then permitted to visit the relic down past the cave. For the most part you both are doing this alone. If you two have a strategy involving working together, save it for when it is called for."

Elio looked at the elderly man whispering to his grandson. "So we are spending most of the day battling old people in order to form enough of a bond?"

The younger man answered back. "Yes you are, if you are so determined to get started than my grandfather Mato would like to challenge you; from there you are permitted to challenge everyone on the eastern side of town."

The young man turned towards Lillie. "As for you I will be your opponent."

Elio nodded towards Lillie. "I will be over that hill there. Wish you luck."

Vs Koto.

Koto sent out a small mole with a blue stripe as well as a flying purple scorpion.

Lillie took the pokeball and net ball before shouting. "Go Eevee, Go Venonat. Eevee use shadow bite!"

The Eevee lunged at the Drillbur with a dark bite, which caused it to flinch.

"Venonat use shadow wave!" The Venonat sent a dark wave on both opponents, knocking the Drillbur out. Lillie saw the Venonat shake violently as it entered Hyper Mode.

"Venonat please calm down."

The shaking stopped as the Venonat slumped down.

Koto was frustrated that his Drilbur was taken out. "Gligar use aerial ace on that Venonat!"

The Gligar zoomed towards the Venonat with blinding speed, dealing a fair amount of damage to it.

"Eevee use Shadow bite on the Gligar, end this fight."

The Eevee's fangs glowed once more as it lunged. Both Gligar and Drilbur had been KO'D. Koto looked at both Lillie and the Venonat, then nodded.

"Good, the rest of your opponents will be on the west side of this village, there should be enough opponents to get all three of those pokemon close to ready. By the way."

As he hand a cologne case to Lillie. "You are going to need that for when you have free time."

Vs Mato

Mato sent out a statue like creature with a large red nose and a orange insect like creature with a large mouth.

Elio looks curiously at the options. "Huh? Nosepass and Trapinch, GO TYROUGE, GO ESPURR!"

Elio looked at the Trapinch, a pokemon who was infamous for having ridiculous physical offense for a first stage pokemon. "TYROUGE SHADOW RUSH ON THE TRAPINCH! ESPURR HELP IT OUT WITH SHADOWFUSION!"

The Tyrouge and Espurr made quick work of the Trapinch as it was knocked off its feet and then slammed to the ground. The Tyrouge grunted in pure fury as it entered Hyper Mode. Elio looking at what is about to happen. "Oh we are not having this again. TYROUGE STAY STABLE!"

Tyrouge snapped back to its sense and grunted. Nosepass use rock slide to damage both.


The Nosepass was flung to a wall, dazed and confused. It fell over trying to set up more rocks.


The Nosepass was tackled back towards the old man for a knockout. The old man looked downward. The Tyrouge looked towards its partner, then towards its trainer.

Elio looked back at him with determination. "Don't worry soon enough you will have that fighting spirit back. Thank you for helping with this."

The old man had already walked away, leaving behind a cologne case. Elio found a joyous scent in case, as he sent the Tyrouge back in the ball, he rubbed the Espurrs head with the scent applied. The Espurr, made a small gasp of relief.

The rest of the day was Elio and Lillie fighting mostly elderly people. Some told them that this whole thing was both a way to open up some of the shadow pokemon as well as a test to see how far they would go to handle these shadow pokemon. Lillie normally cringed whenever she saw hyper mode happen. Unlike the first time however she was mentally prepared to make sure that phase never lasted as long as it did. Elio on the other hand was more aggressive in handling hyper mode as he demanded to the Tyrouge specifically that it was NOT what the fighting spirit was. Eevee had gained an adamant nature, the Tyrouge had regained a naughty nature and the Espurr regained a calm nature. Both the Eevee and Tyrouge were about ready within the next few hours, all that was left was to undo the final lock.

The duo converged on the cave after clearing most of the trial. Elio noticed Lillie was rubbing the Venonat on the cheek before leaping startled at an approaching trainer.

"So Lillie, how well are you handling these things?"

He ask with concern over the previous night.

Lillie sighed. "I feel better, it still hurts to watch."

Lillie started to form tears, but Elio comforted her."It really is. The first of these guys should be back to their old happy selves by the end of this day."

The two approached the cave to await the next batch of elderly people to defeat. They found a bunch of elderly people laying around injured. Both shocked, Elio ran to one who was still moving. "Who did this to you?"

The old man coughed. "They are after the relic."

Elio and Lillie found it vague BUT they knew enough that now was not the time to think as they bolt towards the shrine.

They rushed toward the end of the tunnel to find an elderly man with a Pikachu being harassed by what looks like two Cipher peons in a red and blue color scheme.

"Don't resist old man, we are here for the relic. Without its power the shadow pokemon project will no longer have anymore complications."

"I won't budge." said the old man

"pika." As the Pikachu held its ground.


The peons turned in astonishment. "What? Why did anyone bother to come down here? We thought this place was off limits towards visitors."

Lillie glared at the two. "We have been invited, you two certainly have not!"

The red and blue duo looked at each other, then towards the duo. "Hey Possy, you know that combo we had going for?"

The red peon suggested. "Yeah Neg."

The blue one agreed. The two peons made a dramatic pose as they got ready for battle. Elio and Lillie looked at each other in determination as they faced these two.

Vs Cipher peon's Possy and Neg

Possy sent out a small red cheeked mouse with a plus sign for a tail, Neg sent out a small blue cheeked mouse with a negative sign for a tail. Elio and Lillies Aura Readers activated.

Plusle and Minum are shadow pokemon.

Elio tossed the dusk ball barking, "GO TYROUGE WE ARE ALMOST THERE!"

Lillie shouted. "Come on Eevee!"

Out came Tyrouge and Eevee. Eevee used helping hand to boost Tyrouges next attack as Elio shouted. "Tyrouge used fake out on the Plusle!"

The Tyrouge lunged towards the Plusle to clap in front of it. Already it is down to half health. The Minum responded by spreading a dark mist, making both of the opposing pokekmon less likely to avoid attacks.

"Tyrouge return. GO ESPURR!"

Lillie charged up the next pokeball for the Plusle, "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake, shake, shake... click!

Neg shouted. "Minum use shadow wave." Minimum damage was done to both pokemon. Possy sent out a yellow butterfly.

Elio shouted out. "ESPURR USE LIGHT SCREEN!"

The Espurr sent out a golden force field. Neg shouted. "Minum, shadow shock that girly brat!"

The Eevee moved itself between Lillie and the Minum as it sent out shadow lightning.

"Eevee, swift!" Yellow stars pelted both the Beautifly and the Minium.

Elio charged up a great ball to use on the Minum. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake, shake, shake click!

Neggy sent out a purple moth with green wings, Beautifly blew a strong gust at Espurr, but minimum damage was dealt.


The Beautifly barely had time to react as it was slammed to the ground, Koing it. The Espurr shrieked as it enters hyper mode.

"EEVEE SAND ATTACK THE DUSTOX!" Lillie shouted as the Eevee threw sand in the Dustox's eyes. It was not able to hit its target with poison sting. Pos sent out a purple reptile with rabbit ears.

"Go Nidorino!"


The Dustox had even less luck as it was slammed to the ground more times, then tossed to a tree, making that a definitive critical hit knocking the Dustox out. Lillie had experience with Nidorino's at this level and swapped Eevee out for Venonat; as expected it double kicked the Venonat, doing minimal damage.

The Espurr was looking at the Nidorino with murderous intent, Elio shouted firmly, "ESPURR THAT IS ENOUGH CALM DOWN!"

The Espurr regained enough of its senses to relearn a new move. Neggy sent out a blue reptile with large ears.

"Go Nidorina."

Elio looked at Lillie. "Hey you want to help Espurr try a new move out?"

Lillie looked at Elio with a smile of determination, "Yes lets finish this! Eevee, use helping hand!"

As the Eevee got ready to support Espurr, Elio shouted. "ESPURR TAKE OUT THAT NIDORINO WITH PSYBEAM!"

The Espurr shot out a strong psychic beam, it knocked the Nidorino out of the base and into the grass. Neg looked at the two pokemon, "Crap I am out numbered!"

Elio smiled in satisfaction as he swapped the Espurr, he whispered to the ball that it had done well.


Lillie grinned at the words. "Eevee, use sand attack on that Nidorina!"

Sand pelted the Nidorina's eyes before she tried to kick the Eevee in retaliation, but she missed. Lillie shouted. "Eevee, use helping hand to empower that fake out!"

Elio grinned at the correct guess. "YOU HEARD HER USE FAKE OUT!"

The Nidorina took more damage than it expected, it is about to fall over. "Alright Eevee, finish it off with swift!"

The last of the yellow stars pelt the Nidorina, she fell over, signaling the end of the battle.

The Cipher duo look in anger. "I knew we should have planned more for this battle!"

They used a smokescreen to get away.

The elderly man approached the duo. "Thank you. I had no idea how fast they got here."

Elio grinned as he checked him out. "Don't think about it too much. I take it you are the elder of this village, Eugan?"

The duo greeted themselves. Lillie looked at the relic. "So this is the stone that can save these pokemon?"

The elderly man nodded. "You two still have a long way to go, but this is a first step. I will be back at my house if you need me. Let me know how the Tyrouge and Eevee grow afterwards."

Elio was the first to approach the stone with Tyrouge.

A pokemon is ready to open the door to its heart. The green light envelopes the Tyrouge, the dark expelled out of it, green light passed through.

"BZZT! Tyrouge opened the door to its heart. It regained the move mach punch and refresh. BZZT!"

Tyrouge eyes flare up, it glowed.

Elio delighted in seeing it. "Do it!"

Its legs stretched, its fists changed into red boxing gloves, its shoulders grew. Tyrouge has evolved into Hitmonchan. The Hitmonchan looked at himself in astonishment, as Elio patted him on his shoulder.

"Welcome to the team Mac. Alright Lillie its your tur..."

Elio realized Lillie was already approaching the stone. Much like the former Tyrouge, the Eevee's eyes flared up with life. Opening the door to its heart.

"BZZT! The Eevee regained the move heal bell, it also regained the move quick attack. BZZT!"

Lillie shed tears of relief that the Eevee was no longer hurting. Elio was about ask Lillie if she also had plans for nicknames because he thought the one she raised in Kanto had a rather pretty name. Eevee's eyes changed from life to desperation as it bolted towards the forest. The duo acted in shock for a moment before chasing it in pursuit.

Elio was calling the Eevee. Lillie was having Rotom Dex scan for tracks. They followed toward the deeper section of the forest until they found a grove.

"BZZT, the Eevee is not too far from here, this leads towards a dead end. BZZT!"

The machine finished scanning the place. Lillie took a deep breath in relief. "It should not have been acting out like this. Elio, I am worried that the Eevee may have reacted to something."

Elio nodded back. "If it is something it remembered... I don't want to think about it."

They found the Eevee in the center of the grove, in front of it is a large mossy rock.

Lillie called out. "Eevee, what are you doing? We were worried sick!"

The Eevee tried to approach the stone in a crazed, desperate look.


The Dex responded. "BZZT, It is saying something. BZZT!"

Elio directed orders. "Okay then, please translate."

The Dex responded. "BZZT! Yes boss! This is what you want right? You want me to evolve? BZZT!"

Elio and Lillie acted confused by this. Elio in a dumbfound asked. "Um what?"

The Eevee responded. "Vee!" Dex translated. "BZZT! I have to evolve right?"

Lillie acted about as confused. "No Eevee you don't have to evolve right now."

Eevee responded back. "Vee!"

Dex translated, about as puzzled. "BZZT! I have to evolve! BZZT!"

Lillie did not know what to say and shook her head in desperation to find a word to say.

Elio comprehended something as he put on a wide smile. "Not exactly true!"

Lillie looked at the dark haired champ as his tone changed.

"Technically you do not have to evolve to play a key role in a team, there is a benefit to having you stay the way you are."

Eevee responded stubbornly. "Vee."

Dex translated. "BZZT! but I have to evolve! BZZT!"

Elio placed his hand over his face as he took a Z crystal from his bag. "No you do not, with some leveling and this crystal, you can do things none of the evolved forms can do, gain incredible power and pass it around to the team."

Elio placed the Eevium Z at its feet he spoke in a firm tone. "You don't have to evolve if you don't want to."

The Eevee sniffed at it, realized what Elio was saying and slumped from a desperate look to a sad and confused look.

Lillie scooped up the Eevee and hugged it for a bit. "It's okay... we will talk about this later. Do you like the name Cain?"

The Eevee nodded and licked Lillies cheek in response before he went back into the ball. Elio picked the crystal back up and changed his smile to dread.

Lillie looked at him confused. "What was that all about?"

Elio looked back. "I will explain later. That Eevee having the mind set of "it has to evolve" does not make a whole lot of sense. Soon as he calms down a little we will talk about it. Speaking of which so this does not happen. MAC MACH PUNCH THAT ROCK!"

The Hitmonchan punched a chip off the rock.

"Here you go Lillie, if the Eevee decided to become Leafeon, this should work so we don't have to come back here."

Lillie obtained the moss stone as Elio continued.

"Again I will explain later, what he wants to become is ultimately up to you to decide."

Elio shook his head trying to change the subject. "So now that this has been done, how about we go to one of the places we came here for. If they allow Espurr and the others in, we will be able to open their hearts within the next day, plus I want to try out Mac, he finally has that fighting spirit freed. Hey Rotom, what are our options in this region?"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 1 Chapter 5 Colosseum

"BZZT! The three primary Colosseum's in Orre are Pyrite Colosseum, Phenac Statium and Realgam tower. BZZT! The bad news is that neither of your pokemon are ready for Realgam and Phenac would have much to complain about if you bring these shadow pokemon in BZZT!"

Elio asked with a raised eyebrow. "Leaving us with Pyrite Colosseum?"

Dex responded as he smirked. "BZZT! Correct, located in Pyrite town. BZZT! a noble town of thugs, and scoundrels. Generally a good place to make friends BZZT!"

Elio and Lillie rolled their eyes over the last sentence. "So the plan, tomorrow we go to Pyrite town and partake in a Colosseum match, got to say Lillie with your team comp you would most certainly make it to the top."

Elio turned to Rotom after trying to motivate Lillie. "You! Coordinate the safest route towards this place."

The duo rested at the pokemon center before leaving the next day. They left the forest area of Orre and found out what the rest of Orre was composed of. A barren wasteland. It took around an hour travel by motorbike to make it to what looked like what use to be an old mining town.

Elio smiled at the scenery. "Oh, shady. I think I see the Colosseum in the distance, let us ask what some of the more trust worthy locals have to say about this place."

Elio went toward the first person he saw. A green haired man wearing goggles.

"Excuse me, you don't happen to know more about this place?"

The green haired stranger looked at both the boy and the girl behind him before smirking. "Heh, you two are not from around these parts? Fine I will tell you, but only if you beat me in a battle."

Vs Rouge Cali

Cali send out a black dog creature wearing bones and red fur on its mouth and belly as well as what looked like a wooden creature with a leaf on its head. "Oh a Houndour and a Nuzleaf. BRIMMY! MAC! LETS SHOW THEM WHAT YOU GOT!"

Nuzleaf opened with a fake out as it made the Torracat flinch. "MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT HOUNDOUR, TAKE IT OUT!"

The Hitmonchan readied its fist's as he charged at the Houndour with blinding speed. He punched the Houndour and sent it flying back, knocking it out in one blow. Next pokemon sent out looked like a large purple bulldog known as Granbull. It glared at the Torracat and Hitmonchan, loosening their fury.

"A fairy type? Mac fall back, GO REMMER! BRIMMY FIRE FANG THAT NUZLEAF." The fangs bite, the Nuzleaf flinched, the Granbull headbutted the Drowzee as it came out on the field.

"BRIMMY AGAIN FINISH THE NUZLEAF!" The Torracat knocked the Nuzleaf out, the Granbull bit into the Drowzee before it was hit with a hypnosis. Next out was a green haired, pink horned pokemon in a dress known as Kirlia. It used light screen in preparation for what the Drowzee was about to do.

"BRIMMY AGAIN WITH THE KIRLIA! REMMER DREAM EATER!" The Torracat bit into the Kirlia, the Drowzee had its second breakfast, healing the damage dealt. Granbull was fast asleep, Kirlia used confusion on the Torracat. One more time fire fang struck, finishing off the Kirlia. The Drowzee fed off of the Grandbull's dreams, before the Torracat finished off the foe.

Rouge Cali was defeated.

Elio said in a satisfied tone. "Alright then. Tell us more about this town."

The rouge told Elio everything he needed to know about Pyrite town; how the mayor was a rather decent person despite how shady the town is, the battle square where more challengers await and the Orre's news station that is in the town. Everything in the town is powered by a windmill, including the Colosseum.

"Ah, thank you good sir." Elio walked back towards Lillie.

"Bad news, before we make it to the Colosseum we are going to have to clear battle square if we have any hope of the people here respecting us. The good news is that we can give our boys time to exercise after everything that happened yesterday."

The Battle square already had six trainers waiting for battle, two men in jackets, a cowgirl, a man in a bandanna, a man in roller skates and a street performing woman juggling, Elio took on the two women and one of the jacket men. Lillie took on three of the males. They made short work of each of the trainers, even without the shadow pokemon they had. This impressed most of the bystanders.

In the Colosseum the entrance looked like a sign up station.

Lillie approached the counter. "Excuse me mam, we would like to sign up for the Colosseum match."

The woman looked at both of the twelve year old children questioningly. "You sure about that missy?"

Lillie nodded. "Oh we are, just ask the people over at the battle square."

The receptionist looked away at realizing the two were strong enough trainers. "Alright, matches are four rounds, double format. Make it to the top."

Lillie turned toward Elio in a smile. "I can't believe we are having our first Colosseum match!"

She registered her team and walked through the door. The receptionists blocked Elio for a brief moment. "Register team please."

Elio realized that if he signs up, he and Lillie are going to have to fight each other.

"Oops!" Elio shrugged it off as he signed up.

Colosseum matches went about as well as the two expected. First trainers did not bring much in terms of strategy, but the next couple specialized in strategies normally seen in a double format. One strategy the two even used against the two Cipher peons. An Espurr used helping hand to boost a Meowths fake out and take advantage of its high speed as well as helping hand to boost moves like water pulse. Another is someone burning a pokemon in hopes to use guts boosted facade. Elio's case he had to deal with a team benefiting from the hail, Lillie dealt with a team that benefited from the sun. During these battles, the Espurr, Skiddo and Venonat had their hearts ready to be opened, while Munna regained the move energy ball.

Final round!

Elio entered the Colosseum to find a rather startled Lillie. "Sorry about this Elio, I did not realize that we were going in alone!"

Elio shrugged. "Meh, we would have done this anyways, so shall we begin?"

Lillie smiled as she drew out her two pokemon "Shockums, Cain, lets beat this boy!"

Elio grinned. "BRIMMY, MAC GET ON OUT!"

On Lillies side, the Pikachu and Eevee came out of their balls, on Elio's the Torracat and Hitmonchan come out of theirs.


The Hitmonchan punched the Pikachu, a small static volt pulses through his nerves, the Hitmonchan began to have trouble moving.

"Cain use quick attack on that Torracat!"

The Eevee dashed through the Torracat, hitting it dead center for a critical hit.

The Torracat shook as it was caught off guard by the next attack. "Shockums, use thunderbolt !"

The Pikachu's electricity is amplified by the orb before stricking the Torracat down. K.O!

Elio laughed it off. "Yep this is what a light ball does. GO MUNNA!"


The Hitmonchan pulled off the punch, knocking the Eevee out in one hit. Lillie called the Eevee back. "Its okay you did good. GO VENONAT!"

As the Venonat came out Lillie shouted, "Shockums use thunderbolt on that Hitmonchan!"

Hitmonchan was hit, but he was still up. "MAC ONE MORE TIME ON THAT PIKACHU, TAKE IT OUT BEFORE IT SWEEPS US."

Despite the nerves, the Hitmonchan was able to pull off a fast punch. The Pikachu was knocked out.

Lillie called it back. "Venonat, signal beam that Munna!"

An array of weird lights hit the Munna, it was confused it in the process. "MUNNA, ZEN HEADBUTT!"

The Munna tried, but landed on the wall by accident.

"Go Skiddo!" Lillie sent out the Skiddo, Elio shouts. "MAC AGAIN ON SKIDDO!"

The Hitmonchan tried to move, it's arm and leg refused. "Skiddo, use razor leaf!"

The Skiddo sent out an array of sharp leaves to hit the Hitmonchan and missed. The Munna however took the blunt.

"Venonat, again on the Munna!" As the colors hit the Munna, it fell to the ground for a K.O.

"Return Munna." Elio sighed in disappointment. "GO ESPURR. MAC TRY MACH PUNCH AGAIN, SAME TARGET."

The Hitmonchan was able to pull off a fast punch, it hit the Skiddo for a critical hit. K.O! Lillie called Skiddo back and sent out another pokemon,

"Go Swoops, lets finish this!" The Pidgeotto started to fly out of the ball Elio shouted.

"ESPURR PSYBEAM THAT VENONAT!" Like with the Munna, the Venonat was hit with a beam and was dazed before hurting itself in confusion.

Elio tried to get the Hitmonchan to keep punching, its nerves having reached its limit, he could not move. "Swoops use air cutter to finish that Hitmonchan and weaken the Espurr!" A gust of sharp wind sliced into the Hitmonchan and Espurr, he fell to the ground knocked out. Elio whispered as he called it back. "You did very well Mac. GO REMMER! ESPURR LIGHT SCREEN!"

The Espurr created a large yellow force field. Lillie shouted. "Venonat, signal beam that Espurr!"

This time the Venonat hit the Espurr for a critical hit, in combination with the Pidgeotto's air cutter they were able to finish off the Espurr as well as weaken the Drowzee. Elio ordered. "REMMER CONFUSION FINISH THAT VENONAT!"

With a simple psychic wave, the Venonat fell over knocked out. The Drowzee scratched his head as he faced toward Elio in a sigh. Dex translated. "BZZT! Remmer is trying to learn psybeam... what move should it forget? BZZT!"

Elio smiled at the Drowzee. "Forget about confusion... since Psybeam is essentially the better version."

Elio smiled, remembering the last time he was in a corner. "Once again we are down to the last. REMMER HYPNOSIS!"

Lillie listened and puffed her cheeks at Elio,who thought he was going to win easy. "Swoops use sand attack!"

The lashing of the sand was enough to set the Drowzee's aim off. Elio saw what happened. "GRR LOOKS LIKE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO WORK FOR THIS ONE. REMMER PSYBEAM!"

Lillie shouted back. "Swoops, air cutter, keep it up until that Drowzee is down!"

The beam and air kept colliding. Elio thought how he could win this. "Both pokemon have the advantage. Remmer having same type attack bonus, good special defense and the light scree..."

The light screen faded away before Elio finished that thought. "AND NOW THAT BIRD HAS EVERYTHING ELSE! NO MATTER, REMMER KEEP SHOOTING THAT PIDGEOTTO."

Lillie saw the opening she needed and shouted. "Keep it up Swoops, finish this!"

A psybeam was shot at the Pidgeotto, it was a critical hit as it sent him to the ceiling. Elio still glared and waited for the mist to clear. The Pidgetto was able to battle and shot at the Drowzee, it was about to fall over. Both pokemon and trainer watched as they saw another about to hit. The word that came out of Elio during the moment was.

"WHAT!" The Drowzee tied everything possible to dodge, it was agile but not enough as the last hit made contact and ended the fight.

Trainer Elio defeated

The boy witnessed a narrow defeat he fell on the ground laughing.

Lillie rushed up to see if he was okay. "Elio?"

Elio looked up to see her and put on the similar face when she last fought him. "Congratulations are in order for defeating me, here is your reward!"

Before Lillie asked what he was talking about, he rose up to her face and kissed her. Lillie was in shock before she closed her eyes and returned it. The audience stared at the two as they tried to figure out what was going on before Lillie broke the kiss in a blush. Elio called back the Drowzee before he and Lillie left the Colosseum holding hands. Back at the sign up post, the receptionist congratulated Lillie on beating the Colosseum match, her actual prize was a relatively small sum of money and a clear stone with a thunder bolt on it.

Lillie was still shocked of what Elio did, smiled and shook her head. "Other than Munna the others should be ready, lets get back to the relic!"


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 1 Chapter 6 Assault On The H.Q

Elio and Lillie went over to Agate, dusk was starting to set. Much like the Tyrouge and Eevee before, they brought the Espurr, Skiddo and Venonat to the relic. Much like before, a green light enveloped them as their hearts open. Espurr glowed as it became larger, its tail fluffier and its ears opened up. Becoming a large blue cat. Elio grinned at the Meowstic. "Welcome back Dib."

Dex flared up to explain what the three pokemon regained. "BZZT! Dib regained the move follow me. Venonat regained the move baton pass and Skiddo regained the move heal bell BZZT!"

Lillie thought up names for the Venonat and Skiddo; "Skitters and Nanny!"

Both trainers took a sigh of relief as more pokemon were being restored.

Elio turned to Lillie with a smile. "So now that we got some more pokemon, do we want to go back to the H.Q and end this day on a high note?"

Lillie was still energetic and nodded.

Elio shouted as he and Lillie returned to the H.Q. "Hey Krane, We got some more shadow pokemon fixed up. Is that machine ready?"

They spotted some of the assistants making the final touches on the Purify Chamber. They saw the professor turning back to greet them, Lillie properly greeted the people. "We only got two pokemon to get it started, but is it going to be enough?"

The professor took a deep breath as he remembered the same question asked twelve years ago. "Yes, but it will take time. To activate the machine step on the green pad and you should know the rest."

In the virtual machine there are nine chambers total. Elio looked towards Lillie. "So you decided on what to bring into the first chamber?"

Lillie was hesitate about putting the net ball containing Venonat into the machine and nodded.

Elio saw it and nodded back. "Don't worry about having too many pokemon, I have a hair brained scheme on what to do with some of these pokemon once all of this nonsense is done. If this becomes too much like... meh we will know when it becomes too much."

He put the ball containing Meowstic into the machine. Psychic beat poison, bug beat psychic, a circle was formed at low tempo. Elio tossed in the dusk ball containing Munna into the center of the first chamber.

Out of the chamber, Lillie asked the professor. "So all we have to do at this point is wait for the machine to do the rest?"

The professor nodded then.


Power went out save for the chamber. An explosion was heard from the outside. The two trainers rushed outside the room to see the ruckus, out of the elevator were two Cipher goons.

"Scouts you flank the one on the right, I get the one on the right! The boss wants this chamber shut down now!"

Vs Cipher peon Scouts.

Scouts sent out a yellow creature with a spoon known as Kadabra and a flightless two headed bird known as Doduo. Elio's Aura Reader activated. "That Doduo is a shadow pokemon!"


Doduo glowed purple as it tried to ram Elio. He dodged and in retaliation the Drowzee used hypnotic waves to make the Doduo fall asleep. The Torracat leaped at the Kadabra with a regular bite, knocking it out in one hit. Elio put in a great ball into the machine.


Shake...shake...shake... click!


Vs Cipher Peon Marina.

Marina sent out a tiny purple creature resembling a little girl and a small camel with a hole in its back known as Numel.

Lillies Aura Reader activated. "That Smoochum is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie shouted out. "Cain, Swoops we got to defend this place. Cain use quick on Numel, Swoops join in the with an air cutter!"

The combined quick attack and air cutter was able to knock the Numel out, leaving the Smoochum by herself and weakened. She unleashed a dark veil similar to that of the Aura veil move, a combination of reflect and light screen that is only usable in the hail.

"Swoops come back, go Shockums, Cain use sand attack to keep that Smoochum busy."

Smoochum shot dark looking snow at the Eevee, causing icy pain.

"Shockums use thunder wave."

The electric wave stunned the Shoomchum.

Lillie prepared a dusk ball. "Go snag ball!"

Shake... pop!

Smoochum was paralyzed and couldn't move as Lillie shouted. "Shockums use thunderbolt on the Smoochum, Cain keep tossing sand!"

The Smoochum was pelted by thunderbolt and sand as she aimed a sleet of shadow snow at Lillie. She missed her target so bad that she hit Scouts instead. Sending him into a hypo-thermal shock.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Elio glared at the peon and tossed an electric blanket. "Don't think I am doing this out of kindness. You deserve worse and jail is much colder."

Next group of peons leaped from the ceiling. Much like the ones they met at Agate, they have a blue and red color scheme. Elio confronted the blue one as Lillie confronted the red one.

Both talked in a robotic tone. "You will not be standing any longer fools!"

VS Cipher peon Gahdor.

Gahdor sent out a black starling known as Staravia and a ghost wearing a floating mask. Aura reader activated.

"That Yamask is a shadow pokemon."

Elio signaled his two pokemon to get ready. The Staravia dashed toward the Drowzee, under command the Drowzee hypnotized the Yamask. The Torracat bit the Staravia in flames, leaving a nasty burn.

Elio took a dusk ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Staravia dashed towards the Drowzee again, doing less damage. In a psychic beam the fight ended.


VS Cipher peon Cahdor

Cahdor sent out a stinky weed creature known as Gloom and a small blue robot.

Aura reader activated. "That Golett is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie swapped Pikachu and Eevee for Pidgeotto and Skiddo.

"Nanny Razor leaf, Swoops take that Gloom out and weaken the Golett with air cutter!"

The Gloom took a scratch from the leafs and was finished off by the wind. The Golett took major damage from the leafs and minor damage from the wind. The Golett rushed to the Skiddo with a dark aura before Lillie sent in a dusk ball.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The two peons fled shouting. "We must alert Frankas, you two, keep them off us!"

Next was a third wave of peons, both came rolling in from the hole. Lillie and Elio looked at each other ready to take them on together.

Vs Cipher Peons Estus and Chuck

Estus sent a tiny fairy on a flower, Chuck sent a yellow Aura Readers activated Elio and Lillie were not amused as they saw the Flabebe and Scraggy glowing a black aura. With a dead look in their eyes, Elio called back his Torracat, while Lillie called back her Pidgeotto. In an instinct, the Pikachu stunned the Scraggy while the Drowzee sent the Flabebe into a deep sleep. Lillie and Elio used great balls as they snagged the two pokemon.

Shake...shake...shake...click! Both peons ran back to the hole. The Drowzee glowed. He grew larger in a straight up position, he grew fur around his neck, his long nose turned into a big nose, its lower body slimmed down, it generated a pendulum as it finished its evolution into Hypno.

Elio grinned nervously at the startled Hypno. "Sorry I could not get you to evolve back at the Colosseum."

Hypno nod it off as he focused on the elevator. A strange elderly doctor in a purple lab coat arrived.

The doctor looked at the two who had been getting in Ciphers way for the past couple days. He gave a small smile as he approached them. "I suppose congratulations are in order. You two have done an amazing job in helping us get rid of those failures. I was trying to make shadow pokemon that were capable of evolving and well, not a single one of those runt's were able to evolve!"

Elio and Lillie reacted in shock as he casually blurted out his deed.

Before the two called him out. He continued. "Not wanting such research to go to waste, yes they have been distributed among the low ranking mook's just so they can still be a use at best or disposed of at worse! However Agate Relic is one thing that would undo all our work and that accursed machine your guarding is another, so I was organizing an operation to remove them from the picture. I did become aware of you two making a presence in Orre and it turns out you two are needed for a rather big project coming up. I personally came to this operation to capture you two."

Elio heard everything and moved over to try and defend Lillie.

Lillie stepped in to try and defend him. "No I am not letting you go after him alone."

The scientist looked at the two and smirked. "Cute."

Vs Cipher Admin Frankas

Frankas sent out a blue puffer fish and a blue scorpion. The two trainers Aura Readers activated.

"Qwilfish is a shadow pokemon."

Elio and Lillie nodded to each other in cooperation.


Lillie shouted. "Shockums, thunder wave on that Qwilfish!"

The Hypno, with his new found power, made short work of the Scorupi; the Pikachu got to work in stunning the Qwilfish. It was not enough to stop the next shadow move, as dark spikes were launched into the air and pinned themselves to the ground. The Hypno and Pikachu were hit by the spikes and began to feel woozy, with the rest of the spikes blocking the exits.

Frankas nodded and bragged. "That is shadow needle, it works akin to the move toxic spikes except it automatically applies poison to boot."

Frankas sent out a familiar looking blue star fish that known as Mareanie that was holding a claw nail. Elio charges up a net ball at the Qwilfish.


Shake...shake...shake... click!

Before Lillie had the Pikachu attack, the Mareanie's claw glowed as it shot a purple liquid all over the Pikachu, mercilessly doing double and critical damage.

Lillie shouted. "Shockums use thunder bolt!"

The Pikachu made quick work of the Mareanie.

Frankas looked at the battle field and found himself outnumbered but keeping his smile, he said.

"Look's like I really am going to do my little weapon test after all. You know after the project proved to be a bust, I decided to do some research on another group of pokemon. Contrary to what they said about the bond between trainer and pokemon, it's not really needed."

Frankas sent out a large pink, blue eyed creature, holding a particular stone.

Aura Reader activated. "Audino is a shadow pokemon."

The two trainers looked in horror as they realize what the admin was about to do. The Audinite reacted to a dark stone on Frankas' cane. It glowed turning into a more angelic appearance though its face looked more emotionless than caring.

Lillie was the first to shout the order. "Shockums, thunderbolt that Audino now!"

Despite how damaging the shot looked, it barely hurt.

Frankas looked relaxed as he continued to talk "There is a particular shadow move that I implemented on this thing."

He proceeded to snap his fingers as the Audino looked like it was praying, before generating a black pulse. The wave slammed into everyone; Elio, Lillie and the Pikachu were sent barreling towards a wall. The Pikachu was knocked out, the Hypno was hurt by this but still stood. "Shadow pulse, heals all shadow pokemon, damages everyone else not its master, have fun!"

Elio regained his breath. "Remmer use hypnosis."

The Hypno swung it's pendulum, the Audino was sent into a deep sleep. Lillie called the Pikachu back and shouted. "Go Cain!"

Out of the ball the Eevee growled as he saw the scientist, who in turn recognized him

Frankas looked at the Eevee in contempt. "Oh... that thing. After the failed attempt at getting the Tyrouge to evolve, I already came to the conclusion that shadow pokemon evolving was not going to happen. But that stubborn fool Ein insisted I try on the Eevee."

Frankas said in a mocking tone as he finished. "If we don't try this on a pokemon that has a massive evolutionary branch we would never know bah!"

Lillie shook her head in a mixture of shock and anger as she shouted. "Cain use swift!"

Elio pointed toward the Hypno to use psybeam. The swift did what was hardly scratch damage but the beam did more damage. It was not enough as the Audino glowed a dark aura to shock itself awake. The two pokemon tried the same move again; the Audino prepared another pulse.

"REMMER BLOCK LILLIE!" The Hypno bolted into action, the wave slammed Elio and the Eevee into the wall again. Both looked hurt, the Hypno still stood, more worried about his trainer than he was about himself.

Lillie closed her eyes as she switched pokemon. "Cain return. Go Golett!"

Elio was keeping his breath as he ordered. "Remmer... huff... hit that Audino with another psybeam!"

Looking wounded, Audino pulsed again. This time Lillie yanked Elio behind the Golett and got herself hit in the process.


Hurt, but still moving, the Hypno swung his hand and shot at his trainers order.

Lillie caught her breath after the beating as she shouted. "Golett, shadow rush!"

Insignificant damage as the Golett rushed but more than enough to have the Audino fall over on its knees.

Lillie put in a white ball with a red stripe on it. "Go snag ball!"

A hand reached out from a series of clocks to yank the Audino in.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Audino was caught.

Frankas looked at the aftermath of the battle and claps his hands. "So that is the power of mega shadow pokemon? Excellent, soon we will be able to create stronger more powerful pokemon with this new discovery."

Frankas pressed a button on his ear phone as he dismissed the two. "You two can keep this machine, I gotten what I came for. We will meet again very soon!"

Frankas teleported out of the room, leaving his shivering and injured peon behind. The peon looked at where the admin use to be, upset that he actually left him behind to the sound of people shouting a take down.

Ace trainers and fire men arrived at at the scene to arrest the one peon and to put out the fire from the explosion. The H.Q was severely damaged, but the machine was still functioning even after all the chaos. The assistants at the H.Q rushed in towards where Elio and Lillie are. Both are battered, bruised and in need of medical assistance despite them prioritizing the pokemon that were knocked out.

For the next couple hours the two were being put in a room in the residential wing. It had two beds, one at each side to use as an emergency room. Even though the Blissey was enough to get the two healed they were to stay and rest untill the next day. One of the nurses from Gateon port came over to do a full heal on the pokemon the duo had with them. While most of the pokemon they sent out were happy to see that their trainers were safe, it was the Hitmonchan and Eevee who wanted to stay with them the longest. They knew that their trainers just confronted the very person who turned them into shadow pokemon as well as what their trainers were feeling. Elio and Lillie were still shocked how this person did not even care about his peons, least of all the pokemon he had hurt.

Elio was the first to break the silence. "So Lillie, good job out there today."

Lillie looked back to give the same compliment, petting the Eevee as he felt depressed on how little he did against the Audino.

Elio attempted to make the Eevee feel better. "Don't worry about it Cain. Bad match ups happen from time to time, I mean look at Mac. He was not even sent out during that attack period, due to a major type disadvantage both defensively and offensively. Not making him feel down about it."

The Hitmonchan nodded his head in embarrassment, nothing worse for a fighting type than being sent to the side lines due to technicalities.

Lillie looked Elio in the eyes with a glare. "You are not helping."

Elio remembered the Eevee incident yesterday and how he made a mad dash trying to evolve. He saw the Eevee perk up a little bit, but now both are feeling depressed.

Elio got up to open the door. "Hey Mac and Cain, could you two go play outside for a couple minutes, there is something I want to talk to Lillie about."

The Eevee perked up in confusion as the Hitmonchan signaled that he knew a good place they could play.

Lillie asked. "What was that about?"

Elio grinned. "Just something I don't want Cain to hear. Remember that little thing I did to snap him out of his evolution craze, why would a type of trainer that would normally evolve a pokemon on the spot if there wasn't any moves he needed them to learn in advance, try and stop that?"

Lillie looked questioningly. "Yes that was rather weird how you stopped him."

Elio looked Lillie back the eyes. "Well I was playing devils advocate. The best thing to do in regards to an Eevee, or any pokemon that evolves through artificial means, is to let them decide what they want to evolve into. After all that is generally how it works with Espeon and Umbreon. I am a firm believer of the middle road. Trying to encourage the Eevee to pick a specific evolution, especially in a competitive scene where their personalities are a key factor to which Eeveelution is best for it. In other words, the trainer is normally the one with the mindset that it has to evolve to be any good on the competitive scene... or not if that Z crystal is anything to go by. Cain's personality specifically benefits the more physically offensive of its evolutions better than others."

Lillie raised an eyebrow over that statement. "If that's true, why did you do something to stop it from evolving?"

Elio's smile turned grim as the thought about it. "Because Lillie, after the little guy was turned into a weapon, they tried to force him to evolve in those conditions. When it did not work it was sent out to be cannon fodder. Seriously there was not even a point to doing it. That brainwashed mindset is not healthy for an Eevee, period. I got a question though. Did you actually force Rammas to evolve?"

Lillie's cheeks puffed up at such a question. "No, all I did was ask Rammas if she wanted to evolve and if so which! She simply walked towards the leaf stone!"

Elio laughed. "Funny when a pokemon chooses to take the stone. What about Lola? She was an Eevee as well, how did she come across a water stone?"

Lillie stopped to think about the question. "I honestly I do not know, I wanted Lola to evolve but I was going to let her pick on her own terms."

Elio smiled. " Yep... Where did you raise it?"

Lillie had to think over as she explained some of her adventures in Kanto, she was heading down the long bridge. Throughout the entire trip, she had her Eevee out with her for company since her Ivysaur at the time spent most of his time sleeping. Then a festival involving Dragonair happened when she went to Fuchsia city, it involved people playing around a lake at the safari zone. Lillie had some of the elemental stones in her bag at that point. When she went to change for the festival, the bag was opened and in place of a cute fluffy Eevee was a cute wet Vaporeon.

Elio nodded as he continues to support his argument. "That is how you encourage them to make a choice most of the time. You raised Lola around the sea side, she liked the sight. When you went to this festival, Lola knew she would not be able to stay in the water for long SO she took the water stone in an attempt to spend the entire day with you."

Elio smiled at the mental image before Lillie blushes and glares.

Elio noticed the glaring Lillie and continued. "Similar thing is happening with Cain, in bringing him through these tough battles, you are kind of keeping that mindset, I have to evolve in his head as he see's that as the only way to be of any use. You have to do something to make its mindset go from that mess to I want to evolve."

Lillie thought it over until she smiles at an idea. "What if I try telling Cain about my adventures with Lola and how that worked out in the end?"

Elio shrugged. "A much better plan that what I thought of. Letting Cain think this through by himself."

Lillie nodded then changed to a sadder look. "I know you are trying to protect me. But could you please stop rushing into danger like that, especially if you get yourself hurt in situations that could be avoided."

She started forming tears at the thought of the worse happening. Elio had nothing to say as he thought some of his actions over.

The door opened with the Eevee and Hitmonchan acting much more cheerful then they were when they left. They heard the end of the two bickering. The Eevee leaped on to Lillie wanting to be petted while the Hitmonchan looked at Elio making him proud. The two trainers looked at each other the rest of the day, as they thought about the argument.

Author Note!
I am perfectly aware the Police on Orre are incompetent. So head cannon on what changed after twelve years, a handful of people on Orre took the law in their hands and are able to make a smaller equivalent that are competent enough to at least arrest and detain people. Least able to do that to neutralized criminals after someone takes them down!
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Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 1 Snagging Alola

"Three Weeks after Elio and Lillie left for Orre!"

TOOT! TOOT! "We are arriving on Haehae in 1 hour. Get your sun hats ready!"

A man with a blue jacket, a strange device on his left arm and an orange haired woman at his side viewed the Island they were heading to. An Espeon was at the woman's side to help greet the morning.

"So Wes, I heard of one pokemon I want to catch is on this island, afterwards we can go try these island trials in an attempt to gather these Z crystals you keep hearing about."

Wes smirked. "I can always do that in my own time. From what I heard the champion is rather fickle with his time. Shame that he is not available, I heard he went to another region in an attempt to find a new challenge. I am going to have to settle for finding someone else to beat."

Rui looked at him. "Wes we are on vacation. Just be ready to enjoy yourself."

Wes calmed down a bit. "You are right."

The duo arrived at the port, the worse part of the arrival was security where Wes had to let them see some of his possessions. More specifically the device he had over his left arm. "Sir could you please explain what this is?"

Wes smiled arrogantly. "Oh this? Just an old trinket I had with me for quite a while."

The guard inspected it closer, backing away when they saw the strange shiny stone implemented into it before shouting to his partner. "Alright, this person is clean."

Wes had finally arrived at the city, as he took a deep breath of Alola it felt less dusty in comparison to Orre. He tossed out a pokeball. "Alright Dusk say hello to Alola."

Out came an Umbreon, rushing it's side was the Espeon.

Wes shouted. " Hey Rui I am going to look at the map of the place!"

As he went over to download the information on his PDA he bumped into what looked like a trio of thugs.

A tan gangster shouted. "Hey Yorks what did that old man give you?"

The dark skin gangster shrugged. "Eh not much, got this here Koffing, apparently it is a gas pokemon that explodes when near flames. Using it for the fire trial is a bad idea, other wise this one is a lot less jolly than I pictured it."

Bulmer shook his head. "They gave me another bat. It's suppose to be a type of fruit bat from Kalos. I heard this thing focus's mainly on noise and evolves into a type of dragon. Jeffrey what did they give you?"

The skull grunt felt slightly off. "Some type of Skunky. I heard these things smell foul, but for some reason this thing has a foul temper to boot."

Yorks, went to his next cigarette posing like he was still part of the gang. "No matter. We got passed the first island with no problems before we got these pokemon, all we got to do is train these guys over at the Battle Royal then tackle one of this island trials. Champ is not coming back for a couple months so we can still catch up and nail him by surprise. Think about it! We will be be joining the boss and big sis among what the champ keeps calling contenders."

Jeffery, posing as well said. "No idea what the champ means by contenders but he keeps saying it like it is a good thing."

Bulmer posed back. "Yeah all we have to do is take these new pokemon out for training, they should be able to listen."

Bulmer acted in surprise as he spotted a trainer approaching them. The other two turned to see a foreigner making out what he is seeing.

"Uh, guys?" Bulmer said as he tried to figure out whether the stranger was friendly or not.

"Uh? Alola!"

Wes finally responded to the three."So you three are doing these island challenges I heard about?"

Bulmer answered nervously. "Y..Y..Y..eah?"

Wes smiled back. "Good to hear, might want to try this myself."

All four looked at each other awkwardly, as the Skull group decided to walk away.

Rui approached Wes, having finished getting her stuff off the boat. As the two checked the surrounding area, a pink haired woman whispered towards them. The duo looked to find her in a corner, having just listened in to what the three had been talking about.

"I know you two are new around here, but those three have let themselves get taken advantaged of five years back and its part of the reason they ended up with nothing and joined a gang."

Wes looked at her in response. "I seen that happen to people enough times myself, some times they don't know what they are getting into until it is too late."

The woman shook her head. "Yeah, I think those three numb skulls are doing just that again. If you find some shady people distributing things to more dummies; please do something about it."

As the tough lady walked away, Rui had no idea what she meant and whispered. "What was that about?"

Wes hands Rui over his PDA. "If you want a specific pokemon from this region let me know. I am going to go find someone to battle."

As Rui browsed through a nearby option, Wes searched the city in an attempt to size up potential opponents. It took him a ten minutes before he found a white haired man with sun glasses on his head, he looked bored out of his skull and was searching for someone to fight.

As Wes approached, the man sized him up as well. "Take your not from around these parts, huh?"

Wes spotted a key stone and nodded. "My wife and I came here on a vacation trip to explore the world a bit. She wants to go catch some pokemon and explore this places customs. I just want to find more people to battle."

That last sentence was enough to make the man grin. "Want to find people to battle eh? Well ain't that a surprise. Since a small job I was suppose to do was called out, I been looking for someone to take this boredom out on."

Wes signaled his Espeon and Umbreon to approach. "Double battle then?"

The man grinned even wider as he thought of something to say. "Want to see what destruction looks like? Here it is in human form, its your boy Guzma!"

Pokemon trainer Guzma would like to battle.

The first two pokemon he sent out was a Golisopod and what looked like a large spiky starfish, known as Toxapex.

Wes signaled the Espeon to stay back as he draw out a pokeball. "Go Dusk, Go Vivi!"

As the Mismagius came out of the ball and the Umbreon approached, the Goliosopod startled the Umbreon with its immense size before sucker punching it. The Toxapex set up a toxic barrier in anticipation of the Umbreons move.

Wes shouted. "Dusk use moon light!" As the Umbreon enveloped itself in moonlight, healing up the wounds from the first impression, Wes continued his order.

"Vivi use shadow ball on that giant bug!" The Mismagius sent out a dark blob at the Golisopod to cause an emergency exit.

The former gang leader laughed at the challenge. "Honchkrow! Mess em up!"

As a large crow emerged from the dusk ball, Wes shouted, "Dusk, taunt that Toxapex, Vivi use will-o-wisp!"

The Umbreon taunted the Toxapex into wanting to attack instead, its appendage enveloped in water as it slapped the Umbreon, reducing its defenses. As the Mismagius summoned dark flames to burn the Honchkrow, it dodged. Guzma gritted his teeth over that. "Oh that is it, Honchkrow use night slash!"

As the Honchkrow slashed its wing in dark energy, it knocked the Mismagius towards the ground, delivering a knockout.

"Vivi return, go Edgar!" Out came a yellow wool less sheep known as Ampharos, Wes shouted.

"Dusk, confuse ray on that Toxapex!" Glowing light dazed the Toxapex, becoming confused.

Guzma shouted. "Honchkrow, drill peck that Umbreon!"

The Honchkrow drilled into the feline dead center, gaining a critical hit.

Wes shouted back. " Edgar, thunderbolt that Honchkrow!"

The Ampharos charged electricity at the Honchkrow, taking it out in one hit.

Guzma called the Honchkrow back and shouted. "Ariados, get that fell stinger ready!" Guzma sent out a red stripped spider.

Wes prepared a pokeball and a great ball. "Dusk switch out, go Gilgey." A horned creature spun in.

Guzma grinned as he swapped the Toxapex for a Pinsir. Hyper cutter ignore intimidate from the Hitmontop, Ariados's attack was cut.

Wes shouted. "Gilgey use fake out to startle the Pinsir, Edgar power gem that Ariados," It dealt significant damage to the Ariados as it retaliated with a fell stinger.

Guzma shouted. "Pinsir, close combat that Ampharos!" As the Pinsir beat the Ampharos, he still stood.

Wes shouted back as he pointed to the weakened Ariados. "Gilgey Close combat that Ariados, do not let it attack!"

The Hitmontop kicked the Ariados back towards its trainer, as Guzma prepaired to switch.

"Come out Toxapex, wall them!" The Toxapex looked healthier than before, Ampharos used rock gem to knock out the Pinsir in one hit.

Goliosopod was sent back in and made a comeback as it made a first impression attack on Ampharos, knocking it out.

Hitmontop was swapped out as Wes signaled the Espeon to join. "Dawn, Dusk lets go."

The Espeon stared at the Toxapex as it emitted a strong psychic blast, knocking it out. The Umbreon, rammed into the Goliosopod's legs in foul play and caused it to fall under its own weight. The Golisopod bit into the Umbreon and knocked it out as it leeched its health. Hitmontop was sent back out.

Guzma thought to himself. "Lets see if that kid had a point in swapping teams."

As he sent out a large red insect with pincers. Wes saw the stone on its wrists and it reacted to the stone on the gangsters chain, turning into a much larger form.

Wes shouted. "Gilgey, fake out that Scizor. Give Dawn enough time to take out that Goliosopod!"

As the Scizor flinched, the Espeon used psychic to finish off the Golisopod. The man screamed as he had the Scizor use bullet punch on the Hitmontop, scoring a K.O critical hit. Wes took called Hitmontop back and sent out an ultra ball,

"Go Ultima!" Out came a large green stone lizard, who had scars all over its body. On its chest was a stone matching the one on Wes's device.

Guzma looked at the old Tyranitar and smiled. "Heh, what is the story on that one?"

Wes answered like he heard the question before. "Oh, Ultima? All the pokemon I had, barring Dusk and Dawn, were rescued from a group of evil people. Those two, were with me even longer before the others."

Guzma wanted to ask. "Huh? What did they do to them?"

Wes rolled his eyes as he thought of the proper words. "Hurt them, exploited them. But enough about the past, time to show you where they are now!"

The Tyranitar's tyranitarite reacted to the key stone on Wes's machine. Growing into a much larger form, with its belly markings resembling a face, Wes shouted.

"Dawn, fall back. Let Ultima have her turn."

Guzma looked over at the Espeon falling back to the orange haired woman and didn't care. "Scizor, iron head! Bash that Tyranitar till it does not get up!"

Wes shouted back. "Ultima, fire fang!"

The Scizor head butted the Tyranitar hard, the impact pushed it back into the road. The Tyranitar's fangs flared up as it bit down into the Scizor making it it struggle for a brief moment before being tossed aside. A mark was left on the road during the brief trade of blows. The Scizor reverted back as it could not take the damage. Guzma was defeated

As the man shouted to himself. "Guzma, what is wrong with you!?"

Wes smiled at what he considered to be a good first impression of Alola. "If the majority of Alola's trainers are this strong, then you have done a good job in the introduction. I hope we fight again in say two months?"

Guzma froze up after hearing a compliment from another grown up. He was not sure if the stranger really meant that. He remembered the last person who gave him praise played him for a fool. As Rui went to congratulate Wes, she has made a decision on what pokemon she wanted to catch from this region; a strange creature named Comfey that lived in the Jungle to the far north.

Rui read out the route they were about to take. "So, walk south and take the loop. Should take a day at most to make it to the jug...?"

The verbal plan was interrupted as Wes and Rui heard violence in a distance. "Wait what?"


As they rushed toward the noise, they saw a trainer that looked like it was slammed into a tree. With a gangster dropping his cigarette in an attempt to hold the purple gas ball in place.

"No Koffing, you are suppose to hit the Herdier, not the Trainer!"

The Koffing knocked him aside.

Rui gasp in shock. "Wes... that Koffing, I have not seen that aura in some time!"

The Koffing rammed towards Wes the instant it saw a new target.

Wes dodged before he asked. "Shadow pokemon Rui?"

Rui nodded as Wes tossed a great ball. "Alright, Edgar come out. Thunder wave that Koffing!"

Koffing was paralyzed!

Wes took out an Ultra ball and placed it into the old machine.


A hand materialized from the ball to drag the Koffing in.

Shake... Shake... Shake... click!

The skull grunt got himself back up, he saw the same man as back at Haehae. Wes looked down at Yorks with one of the most unimpressed stares the gangster had not seen since his parents tossed him out.

"Look I did not order that Koffing to tackle that trainer, I ordered it to tackle his pokemon!"

The Skull Grunt continued to panic as the man still approached with a glare.

"Where did you get that thing?"

The Skull Grunt was able blurted. "Uh, some people at a port?"

Wes thought in anger before he responded. "Yeah, it is this crap again. Looks like you got played for a bum deal."

Yorks shouted. "WHAT?"

Wes stared in realizing just how little the gangster knew and explained.

"That Koffing; those people did things to it to make it act this aggressive. So aggressive, I might add, that they would attack anything and anyone, straight down to their own trainers. You had two companions with you! Where are they?"

The former skull grunt panicked even more. "Oh crap, Bulmer and Jeff! South of here is a place called the Royal Avenue. I have to tell them that those two pokemon are not any good!"

Wes tripped his attempt to escape. "No, what YOU have to do is go back to Haehae and wait for someone to pick you up! A pink haired woman told me you three might have gotten yourselves in this mess. I will see to your friends; just hope they have not used those shadow pokemon in public."

The Skull Grunt's expression of fear did not fade as he heard the description. "Big Sis was watching?"

The gangster slumped forward in defeat. "Just don't chew them out."

"Nah I will let her do that instead." Wes joked.

As the two entered what looked like the parking lot to a stadium, they saw the two arguing with a strange looking person in a wrestling mask. As Wes approached the masked man noticed.

"Oh another trainer, perfect. I have been needing one more person so I can show these two how a Battle Royal works. Since it was off season we would be able use pokemon that are not fully trained yet and we can still have a crowd."

Wes sized the three up, looked at the Stadium that reminded him of home, then toward the pokemon center. "I'll be right back."

He walked towards the pokemon center to pick something up. Rui looked at the masked man, trying to hide her sense of urgency of what the two numb skulls actually had. "So how does the Battle Royal work?"

The masked man answered, "Ah glad you asked, four trainers picked three pokemon or in this case just one, for one large, free for all pokemon battle. When a trainer runs out of pokemon, the battle is over and who ever has knocked out the most pokemon as well as have the most pokemon standing, wins!"

Wes returned as he heard the last part. "Yeah I am in, since most of you are starting out I thought I'd bring something to even the playing field. I don't use Moog Moog much; but he is useful in dealing with rookies! I take these two are Jeff and Bulmer; you?"

The Masked man answered "They call me... The Masked Royal!"

Wes shrugged. "Hmph! Just call me Wes. This is Rui."

Wes looked over to the Rui to whisper. "Hey could you go wait in the audience. Just be sure to shout when you see the pokemon sent out."

As he winked towards her.

Within the Stadium is a ring, each corner composed of the following colors. Yellow, red, blue and green. Wes approached from the green corner as he eyes set on the two skull grunts; he tossed a great ball.

"Moog Moog, time for a show."

Out came a Dunsparce, with its eyes constantly closed, its snake like body and its wings on its back.

The masked Royal sent out a tiny rock wolf pup, Bulmer sent out a small purple bat, while Jeffery sent out a tiny skunk.

Rui cheered in excitement from the audience. "Wooh! Wes get that Noibat and Stunky!"

Wes took the hint that the two were shadow pokemon and shouted. "Moog moog, glare at the Noibat."

As the Noibat stiffened up a bit, it struggled to fly.

The Masked Royal told the Rockruff to use rock throw on the Noibat.

Jeffrey looked at the Dunsparce. "Stunky use slash on that weird thing!"

The Stunky ignored orders and went after the Rockruff.

Jeffery shouted out. "No Stunky that one, get that one!"

Wes saw his chance and put a poke ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

The hand materialized to capture the Noibat.

Shake... shake...shake...click!

Everyone but Rui gasped in shock. Wes saw this as an opportunity for a free swing put in a great ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

A hand reached for the Stunky to yank into the ball.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Wes turned towards the two grunts, who were dumbfounded at what they saw. "Sis wants to see you back at Haehae."

As the Skull Grunts flinched at hearing that, the audience started booing Wes for his actions.

Wes shouted back to the audience. "Yeah, yeah. I know you all hate me!"

He raised his arms and moved his hands towards himself, the audience booing at him reminded him of the Colosseum match's back in Orre.

The Masked Royal tried to hide his shock and anger he shouted. "Wes, what did you just do?"

Wes blew into the air in response. "Pfft, if you had any idea what those two numb skulls were using you all would be thanking me. If you think what I am doing is wrong, why don't you do something about it?"

Wes taunted the Masked Royal.

The Royal nodded as he ordered the Rockruff to howl, increasing its adrenaline for the next attack. Dunsparce glared at the Rockruff to stiffen it nerves.

"Nice try at getting a damage boost. You want to hear the one thing a Dunsparce is really good at?"

The Royal heard of Dunsparces and played along. "A move combination involving its ability to trigger secondary effects more often."

Wes barely held a laugh as he helped him finish his explanation. "Yes, as you know the main formula involves paralyzing the enemy so it has a chance of not moving; add it with a move with a secondary effect like say headbutt."

The Dunsparce rammed its head at the Rockruff on hearing the word. The Rockruff did not not flinch, but its nerves would not let it move.

"Then laugh as they couldn't do much against what is considered the most silly looking pokemon imaginable. Good that you figured it out."

The Dunsparce stuck out his tongue, not even aware of what his master was talking about. The rest of the match was the Dunsparce carrying out the infamous move combination known as para flinch. With the Rockruff barely being able to move as the Dunsparce kept head butting it for a knock out.

The audience continued to boo at Wes as he defeated the Royal with one of the cheapest strategies imaginable. Did not help that afterwards Wes had the thing leaping into his arms. He raised it up to the audience to boast more before he whispered to it.

"Some one is getting a treat for this." As the audience was joining the Royal in comprehending who was this person, police sirens blared up. Rui shook her head at the sound.

"Oh Wes, you got to stop taunting the audience like that." She was the few among the audience still there as the rest got up to leave.

Wes realized that he has been caught, raised his hands in preparation. Toward the Arena was a bored looking cop. "Alright what do I hear about..."

As he took out a piece of paper describing the scene. "A jackass who came in, stole some pokemon then proceeded to humiliate a bystander?"
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Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 2 Wes On Parole

Rui rushed in trying to defend her partner in crime. "WES!"

Wes signaled Rui that now wasn't the time for her to try to defend him.

Rui tried to explain to the police officer exactly what had happened. It regarded some gang members that were given violent pokemon and that Wes went in to do something about it before anyone got hurt. She added the detail that the pokemon had a black aura around them.

"Black aura?" The police man looked over to Wes as he figured out who he was talking to; then towards the Masked Royal.

"I think I got a record on these two, they made a name for themselves in the Orre region around seventeen years ago."

The officer looked towards the two Skull Grunts who shivered that they might get arrested for something they did.

"All right, you five come with me."

At the Police station.

The Masked Royal reacted in surprise over hearing what he has heard. "Shadow pokemon?!"

Nanu looked back in response, "Yeah, I read some reports a long time ago regarding an incident that happened in the Orre region. Some crime organization by the name of Cipher attempted to weaponize pokemon for the purpose of world conquest."

The Masked Royal responded in shock. "What?! Then how does this involve this person?"

Nanu stared back. "During this crisis a duo, a young man partnered by a woman with the ability to see the signs of shadow pokemon went in to put an end to this groups exploits. Together they defeated this organization, rounded up all of those pokemon and saw that they regain there senses. This young man use to work for a minor group of thieves that helped these people before he stole a key device called the snag machine."

Nanu pointed towards the device on Wes's arm, the man cringed in guilt before being asked, "Is this correct?"

Wes leaned on a wall and nodded. "Judging by the reappearance of these shadow pokemon it looked like Cipher is attempting to revive itself yet again and moved their operations to Alola."

All four were questioned what would Cipher want with an otherwise peaceful tropical region. Nanu moved his gaze towards the two Skull Grunts who were comprehending what they gotten themselves into.

"I take Cipher tried distributing these shadow pokemon towards the desperate or ignorant as a means for something."

Wes responded. "Cipher did this before so yes! Unlike some of the people they normally worked with, I know that these two numb skulls were never even told about what they were given."

Nanu looking stoic as ever and sighed. "They are still involved with illegal activities again."

Wes talked back. "Yeah but I know of one way they can make up for this. Someone who was keeping an eye on them during this clued me in and I believe she would like a word or two with them. Personally I know exactly what they can do with the limited power they have."

Nanu looked over as he asked. "Yeah, if so what?"

Wes smirked. "They could spread the word along about any shady dealings regarding pokemon. All these skull guys have to do is tell the rest of their gang and in turn they spread word towards everyone else. You going to report some of this to the news? The faster this information is spread the less shadow pokemon let loose among the gullible!"

Nanu asked Wes. "and you?"

Wes grinned. "Since Cipher is acting up, I might as well try and do something about this. This is one of two remaining snag machines I know of that are left, this device is the only thing that can take these pokemon away from Cipher's hands. Unless we still have problems officer?"

Nanu kept a stoic stare. "No! But here is some ground rules. Don't use that snag machine in public, I don't want to be called regarding active theft over this. Technically speaking, you are a criminal being on parole. Expect the people of Alola to know about the fact you went in; stole some pokemon and then taunted the audience when they protested. If the people of Alola were welcoming towards you when you arrived, most of them won't be now. Otherwise you five are free to go."

Wes looked back at Rui in concern. "And her?"

Nanu turned back. "Most of Alola would want a word with you. She is fine as long as she does not blurt anything out."

Wes handed Rui the great ball containing the Dunsparce. "Could you do me a favor? I promised Moog Moog he would get a treat and I have no idea where to get some.

At Haehae.

The Skull Trio went to confront a rather angry woman wearing a bandanna. They were being scolded over how they let themselves get taken advantage of again. Wes got the call to meet up at Haehae port, the woman he talked to, known as Plumeria, had spotted unusual activity at the port. Some shady people had gotten on boats heading towards a small island south of Akala island.

Plumeria ordered the three numb skulls to tell the others what they saw. As she saw Wes and Rui approach she reported. "Alright looks like who ever these Cipher goons are might be operating their trade over on a small island south of here."

She got her pager ready to call in a Lapras. "You two need one of these to get to the island and I want to give these bastards a piece of my mind for trying to wrap up my little brothers in whatever they were planning."

Rui approached with the Dunsparce munching on a sour masalada. "Alright! But stay close to us, Cipher is incredibly dangerous and they would not hesitate to aim at something other than your pokemon."

Plumeria let out a poisonous smile on agreement.

The Lapras carried them over to the island, where they found what looked like a well hidden ware house. Guarded by three strange looking people in helmets and scarfs.

As they land, one of the three shout out. "Hey! You are not suppose to be here!"

Wes signaled the two ladies. "Alright I take what ever shadow pokemon they have on them. You two back me up. Once that is done we search this place for any evidence to get the word out."

All three got their pokeballs ready for the approaching guards.

Vs Cipher peons, Huey, Duey and Louie

Out came three monkeys of various colors. One that was blue, one that was red and one that was green. Wes sent out his Ampharos, Rui sent out a large pink creature with long rabbit ears known as Wigglytuff, Plumeria sent out a large purple lizard known as Salazzle. The Ampharos shot thunder bolts the Simipour, knocking it out effectively.

Rui shouted. "Moogle, use sing on that Simisear!"

The Wigglytuff lured the Simisear to sleep.

Salazzle hurled a ball of sludge at the Simisage, knocking it out rather quickly.

Duey and Louie sent out an orange electric mouse known as Raichu and a firey ant eater.

Rui saw the dark aura on both of them. "Those two are shadow pokemon!"

The Ampharos sent out an electric wave to stun the Heatmor, it could not move.

The Raichu shot a shadow bolt at the Ampharos before falling asleep.

The Salazzle made quick work of the Simisear with its sludge bomb.

Wes sent out a dusk ball.


Shake...shake...shake... click!

Heatmor was caught.

Both of the other opposing pokemon were still asleep.


Another dusk ball was sent out at the Raichu for an easy capture.

Wes signaled the two ladies that he had the one.

Huey sent out a small metal ant.

"That is another shadow pokemon!"

The Durant shadow rushed the Ampharos before it was stunned like the Heatmor before.

Wes sent in a net ball. "GO SNAG BALL."

As the Durant was caught, the Cipher peons tried to make a dash towards the ware house and was stopped by the Ampharos electricity and Salazzles fire, left cowering.

As the trio searched the warehouse, they were able to take pictures on the various cages, as well find reports on the shadow pokemon sent in and lately out of Alola.

All Wes found that was of any significant evidence was an old file regarding a certain Admin he thought would have never heard from again, Ein.

The file had reports on how Ein spent a long time in prison and what was changed with the Shadow Formula while he was imprisoned. Further reports indicated that a certain batch of shadow pokemon were meant to be used as a distraction while Cipher underwent the operation's on Alola, by using the gullible to spread chaos. Complications were made!

Wes moved toward the two ladies who were finished getting some photos of anything important. "So you got enough information to pass along? The sooner we get word out on these guys the sooner we can slow down this mess."

The two nodded as they fell back from the sacked warehouse.

While the reporters were skeptical at first toward Plumeria, the two ladies were able to provide enough information for a report. Within two hours; news about illegal activity spread across Alola. Within days, no reports of pokemon attacking trainers had been filed.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 1 Phenac City

The next day Elio was the first to wake up and check if the Munna in the chamber was ready. Rotom Dex beeped loudly.

"BZZT! There is a pokemon ready to open the door to its heart. BZZT!"

Elio pressed a button on Rotom and whispered. "Do not shout while she is asleep!"

Much to Elio's misfortune, Lillie woke up to the noise. He turned over to greet the waking girl. "So my lady how are you feeling?"

Lillie blushed as she responded. "Fine. A little sore but nothing major."

They stepped into the chamber, the Munna felt something stirring inside. The ceiling glowed as a green light descended, much like the other pokemon that were taken to Agate. The blackness erupted as the green light opens its heart. "BZZT! Munna relearned the moves, refresh, psybeam and hypnosis. BZZT!"

Elio grinned. "I will call you Nermus!"

Elio prepared one of the two electric types he and Lillie have. "So which one you want next? Plusle or Minum? We need an electric type to help fill in more circles. We already have pokemon capable of inflicting status aliments and Shockums does what these two do except FAR better."

Lillie nodded knowing this fact as she took a coin. "Heads or tails?"

Elio called tails. Lillie flipped the coin and it landed on heads. "Plusle it is." Lillie placed the Plusle into the chamber, Elio shrugged at the low tempo. "Soon as we get more pokemon this will become much faster."

Once the two finished in the chamber, they went to the P.C to switch some pokemon around. Elio placed the Minum into the P.C. Lillie swapped the Smoochum for the Audino. Elio thought about long term preparation's and asked Lillie.

"Any ideas for a potential mega evolution if you have more options?"

Lillie stopped to think. "Audino is a pokemon well suited for doubles, as a mega evolved pokemon it is kind of weak on the offenses but makes up for it in pure support."

She nodded as she saw hidden potential in Audino. Elio took the Rotom Dex to press a couple buttons. As it protested Elio found the place he wanted to find. "So since we visited Pyrite town, want to try Phenac city? I heard this is the only place in Orre than has a type of Gym. Could be useful for getting the pokemon we caught yesterday ready for the relic."

Lillie read the description of the city out loud. "A gorgeous city in the desert that overflows with bounteous water. Could be another pretty place to visit."

Rotom Dex began to protest the two doing his job while the duo got themselves ready for the long trip, Elio waved back to the group in the H.Q. "See you when we get more pokemon!"

Lillie being bold as ever took the driver seat of the Motorbike, having Elio take the side car yet again.

As they make it to Phenac city, it was about as pleasant of an image as the description says. To Elio, it looked like the city was built around an oasis. Knowing that the region was nothing but desert otherwise he thought. "The people taken good care of it and made the technology needed to keep the water ever flowing."

Lillie have been to Pokemon Gyms in Kanto, most are stuck with certain types. Since this is the only Gym in Orre, there was doubt that this Gym would actually award any badges. Elio had only ever done the Trials and would have never been into one period. On the positive side, the Gym would have SOMETHING fo trainers native to this region to train in. Or for explorers like these two, something to do.

Gym itself has a central arena as well a class room. They see a young man who looked like to be in charge of this place talking over the phone as he see's the two came in.

"Speaking of those two Krane, looks like they arrived. Hello I'm Justy, I am in charge of the Pre Gym. The professor over at H.Q told me that you two were coming here to train your pokemon to get stronger. Do you feel like having a battle?"

Both trainers nodded in agreement. "Alright then, you two decide on who goes into the arena first. Once there we do this one at a time."

Elio turned over to Lillie. "Hey, since you were the one driving towards here, mind if I plunge in?"

Lillie nodded back. "Go ahead, I'll wait for my turn."

Elio stepped forward. The Gym leader nodded. "Okay then let me introduce you to the trainers of the Pre Gym, when you are ready step into the arena and go towards the left side."

The first of Elio's opponents was a kid in Roller blades. "You think you can win by speed alone, I will show you this one trick I have up my sleeves."

Vs Roller boy Joseph

He sent out a spiked seed known as Ferroseed and a dopey pink creature with a long tail known as Slowpoke. "BRIMMY YAMASK SHOW THEM WHAT YOU CAN DO!"

The first thing the Torracat did was lunge at the Ferroseed with its fiery fangs, getting prickled in the process from the iron barbs. "YAMASK USE SHADOW WAVE!"

Reasonable damage was dealt to the Slowpoke as it sent out a psychic wave, altering the dimensions to where the slowest go before the fastest. Slowpoke sent out a watery pulse on the Torracat, it still stood. Gloom use sleep powder to make the Torracat fall asleep. Yamask sent out a wave to keep dealing damage. Elio swapped the Torracat for the Hypno. The damage done to the Hypno from the Slowpoke was minimal and the Gloom missed from the powder. The Yamask send out a wave finishing off the Slowpoke. It made a ghostly howl of pure rage as it entered hyper mode.


The Hypno finished off the Gloom as the Yamask came back to its senses. Dex sensed something in his scanners. "BZZT! Yamask regained the move Willo wisp! BZZT!" Next pokemon was a creature that looks like it is made of knifes known as Pawniard.

"REMMER SWAP! MAC LETS END THIS." The Pawniard pursued the Hypno before it was called back, the Hitmonchan arrived to end fight with a high priority mach punch. Elio walked out of the arena for Lillies go, both were rather impressed in the fact that the first of the early trainers actually used the strategy of using a trick room team. Lillies opponent was a young lass.

"Normal types are rather diverse yes? Here let me show you."

Vs Lass Bethany

Bethany sent out a Dunsparce and a painter like creature known as Smeargle. Lillie sent out the Eevee and Golett. The Eevee used swift to pelt the two pokemon, while Golett got a shadow rush in. The Smeargle was taken out before it really did anything. Dunsparce however glared at the Golett, paralyzing it.

Lillie shouted "Cain use bite on that Dunsparce!"

The Eevee bit into the Dunsparce it flinched. Golett glowed a shadow rush to finish the Dunsparce off. Next pokemon was a Kecleon and an Eevee. The opposing Eevee bit into the Golett, causing it to flinch. The Kecleon screeched into the Golett. Knowing it cannot wit stand another hit, Lillie swapped the Golett for Audino. The Eevee used swift to get a critical hit on the Kecleon. The opposing Eevee was not so phased. Audino used shadow mist as it started to twitch into Hyper Mode.

Lillie shed tears as she shouts. "AUDINO PLEASE!"

It stopped twitching as the ally Eevee bit into the Kecleon, finishing it off. Lillies Eevee signaled to his trainer to call back Audino, it wanted a one on one fight. Bethany knew how Eevees can be determined and allowed it. The rest of the fight was the two Eevee's pelting each other it stars till one had enough, with Lillies Eevee being the winner. Next round Elio returned to the ring, passing Lillie a small hug after seeing her handle the Audino. Next opponent is an ace trainer named Pec. He did not say any hints towards his strategy as he drew out a pokeball.

Vs Cool trainer Pec.

Pec sent out a long legged creature known as Hitmonlee and a meditating humanoid known as Meditite. "Heh a Hitmonlee? MAC, YAMASK GET OUT THERE!"

The Hitmonchan is greeted by its kicking counter part. Both nod as the battle began. "MAC FAKE OUT!"

The Hitmonchan jumped towards the Hitmonlee and clapped its fist in front of it to startle its concentration. Yamask sent out a dark wave to hurt both the Hitmonlee and Meditite. "MAC MACH PUNCH THE HITMONLEE!"

As the Hitmonchan punched the Hitmonlee, the Meditite jumped up in the air and landed a strong kick on the Hitmonchan. It is hurt but it was not out. Yamask kept using the wave as the Hitmonlee uses mind reader.

"MAC STOP THAT HITMON LEE WITH MACH PUNCH, YAMASK FINISH THE MEDITITE WITH ANOTHER SHADOW WAVE!" Both the Hitmonlee and Meditite were knocked out. Pec sends out his last pokemon, the middle ground between Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, Hitmontop. Hitmonchan asked over to Elio. "Chan?"

Elio shrugs at the request. "Eh alright."

Elio recalled the Yamask before asking. "Hey Pec, mind if Mac challenges your guy one on one?"

The opponent tilted in question."Excuse me trainer, why?"

Elio explains the reason he asked. "Because Mac has too much pride in him. It would not be fair if he ganged up on one of his own."

The opposing train shrugs. "Understandable with most fighting types, carry on."

The Hitmonchan opens up with a mach punch as Hitmontop prepared a jump kick.

Next mach punch.


The Hitmontop in an attempt to take the Hitmonchan down rammed into it with a quick attack. It was not enough damage as the last punch was enough to knock out the Hitmontop. Elio rushed in to the Hitmonchan and lifted his fist up in the air.

Lillies next opponent is another cool trainer. "Some times you got to take the pain to win the game kid."

Vs Cool trainer Cally

Cally sent out a large yellow creature known as Makuhita and a Machop.

"Go Golett, Go Shockums!" The Golett and Pikachu come out, Lillie shouts. "Shockums use thunderbolt, Golett use shadow rush."

Both Machop and Makuhita use protect to keep the attacks off. Makuhita was burned from its orb, Machop is poisoned from its orb. "Oh no the facade strategy. Shockums use thunderbolt on that Machop again, Golett finish it off with shadow rush!"

The Pikachu knocked out the Machop in a thunderbolt and the Golett rammed into the Makuhita. In retaliation it knocked the Pikachu out in one hit with facade, exactly as Lillie predicted.

"Go Swoops, lets finish this!" The Pidgeotto used air cutter to knock the Makuhita out.

Justy clapped on seeing the battles. "I heard of you two having a deep care for your pokemon. Elio, that Hitmonchan, that was the first of the shadow pokemon you saved correct?"

Elio nods in pride.

"Lillie, that Eevee?"

Lillie nodded and explained that there was a small issue in its evolutionary mindset she wants to take care of, but other wise it was the first of the shadow pokemon she saved.

Justy smiled at the two. "Excellent, one final challenge before I give you two something. I would like you both to face me, Elio you are to only use Hitmonchan, Lillie you are to only use Eevee. Lets see how well you two cooperate!"

Vs Pregym Leader Justy

Justy sent out a Hitmonchan, and a large creature that resembled Eevee. Except it had red and yellow fur.



Elio got ready for the first move. "First order of business, MAC MACH PUNCH THAT HITMONCHAN, SHOW THEM THAT YOU ARE THE BEST."

As the two trade punches, the Flareon leaped at the Hitmonchan with a charged up flame. Lillie knowing the flame charge strategy, shouts. "Cain use sand attack! Keep that Flareon from getting faster."

Sand hit the Flareons eyes. The Hitmonchan's traded punches, blow after blow until Elio's hit the other for a critical hit, sending it falling to the ground. K.O! The Flareons teeth ignited as it bit into the Hitmonchan.

Lillie pointed on wards at her Eevee "Cain use sand attack!" More sand blinds the Flareon as Elio shouted to his Hitmonchan.

"MAC MACH PUNCH THAT FLAREON!" The punch sent the Flareon flying, it was left over for Eevee to attack.

"Cain finish this fight with swift!" A barrage of yellow stars shot at the Flareon, knocking it out before it hit the floor!

Justy shouted. "Alright that is enough."

The Eevee went over to sniff the Flareon, acted like it is the first time it has met an eeveelution.

The Flareon sniffed back, looking at the thing odd. The gym leader called back the Flareon before he spoke. "Krane told me about you two, he heard you two argue quite a bit over the Eevee wanting to decide itself. While that Hitmonchan has the case of its desire to fight being turned into some kind of honor code?"

Elio made no attempt to hide that this was his intention as Justy explained why he organized the series of battles, least of all challenged the two. "I thought that if the Eevee see's more of its possible evolution's it would help in you two encouraging it. If you two want to fight me again, I expect you both to get stronger. Good news you don't have to fight the gauntlet again if you do not want to."

The gym leader handed the two over a TM containing the move "Skill Swap" a move that allowed the pokemon to swap abilities with one another.

Lillie thought over what she an Elio are going to do in the city for the rest of the day. The door opened letting in a duo that looked almost identical to them. Lillie stared in confusion while Elio placed his hand over his face. "Let me guess, Cipher goons trying to disguise themselves as us?"

The doppelgangers looked at each other with how they awkwardly failed their infiltration. The Elio doppelganger glared at the other. "Told you we should have actually looked before sneaking in."

They revealed themselves as Cipher peons once Elio started laughing at them. The Elio doppelganger being a male peon, the Lillie doppelganger being a female peon.

Elio kept making fun of them as he asked Lillie. "Mind if I take Derpah, she was the one who ticked me off." Lillie shrugged as to why. "Just another batch of goons, but sure I will take the other one of the two!" One of the peons spoke in protest. "But that's not her name!"

Vs Cipher Peon Derpah

Derpah sent out a large beaver and a small gray insect.

Elio's reader activated for both of them. "Yep Bibarel and Nincada are shadow pokemon, REMMER, DODUO YOUR TURN!"

The Hypno swung its pendulum as he sent the Bibarel in a deep sleep, the Doduo glowed with purple darkness as it lets loose a hellish screech. The Nincada lunged at the Hypno, hitting it with shadow rush. Elio charged up a yellow stripped ball.



The Hypno sent the Nincada into a deep sleep as Elio charged up a net ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!


Vs Cipher Peon Lazlo

Lazlo sent out a Dunsparce and a small green bird. Lillie's Aura Reader activated for both of them. "Dunsparce and Natu are both shadow pokemon," Lillie shouted. "Go Shockums, go Audino!" Not wanting any time for the nonsense, Lillie charged up a blue ball with yellow strips. "GO SNAG BALL!" Shake...shake...shake... click. The Pikachu stunned the Dunsparce with a thunder wave. Taking a deep breath, she charged up a great ball. "GO SNAG BALL!" Shake... shake... shake... click.

Elio still laughed at the fleeing peons as Lillie went stoic. "I think these two were suppose to be scouts. Expect more to come."

Elio smiled nervously. "The one place in all of Orre I would call a pleasant place for this vacation and these guys are trying to sac it. If they want a battle they are getting it."

Upon exiting the Pre Gym they saw more goons approach from all sides. The duo nodded in agreement. Elio took the one flanking from the left side, Lillie took the one to the right.

A Cipher peon is charging at Elio with a Houndour. "Oh crap! GO DODUO!"

The Doduo braced the charge. The Reader picked up the Houndour as another shadow pokemon. "GO YAMASK! DODUO, SHADOW SCREECH!"

The peon realized his charge failed, he sent out a Poochyena. "Yamask willo wisp, keep that dark type busy till we get to it. YAMASK, WILLO WISP, KEEP THAT DARK TYPE BUSY TILL WE GET TO IT!" "DODUO SHADOW RUSH THAT HOUNDOUR!" The peon gritted at how fast the boy is issuing orders.


Elio noticed the dark flame and ducked, he was not fast enough to avoid complete damage as the flames burned the hat he had since his adventures on Alola, Elio expressed his "gratitude" in a smile.

"Okay then, my turn."

He sent in a black ball with red stripes. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click.

Elio's smile loosened to a more genuine smile. "Now that that Houndour is ours, DODUO SHADOW RUSH, GO STRAIGHT FOrWARD!" The Doduo entered Hyper Mode as it shrieked. It knocked the Poochyena out and kept charging, Elio did nothing as he let the Doduo trample the peon.

"All right Doduo that is enough." Doduo snapped out of it, taking his talons off the peon and ready to be called back.

He called back the two pokemon. "Now I have to go get a new hat, or maybe get a bandanna."

He went back toward the center town and left an injured people to hate his life.


Lillie was approached by what looked like a peon with a purple snake. The Reader revealed the Ekans as a shadow pokemon. Lillie sent out Golett to mega punch the Ekans. It puffed in smoke as it revealed to be a small black fox known as Zorua. The peon was startled in how quickly the backfire as he sends out the actual Ekans. Lillie tossed a pokeball in preparations.

"Go Swoops."

Lillie charged up another great ball on the Zorua.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Pidgeotto used air cutter slice at the Ekans that began to wrap itself around it. In response the Golett flared up into Hyper Mode and punched both the Ekans and Pidgeotto into the water before Lillie was able to shout.

"Golett, stop it!"

Lillie rushed in to hold back its punches, Golett calmed down before it was called back. She pulled the Pidgeotto out and began to pet it on a job well done before heading back to the Pre Gym.

She noticed Elio holding what was now a burned hat. "Are you alright, what happened?!"

The boy dropped the ashes and smiled. "Nothing too important, I can always get a new hat. As for these goons, they are going to have to get a new set of teeth when I am done with them."

Lillie was initially worried about what he meant until she saw the trampled peon. After everything they have done to these pokemon, she nodded satisfied that justice was being done. Two peons approached from the front, getting there pokeballs ready. Elio and Lillie were ready to take these two on together.

VS Cipher peon's Leats and Proers


"Go Golett!"

The peons sent out a Clefairy with a small pink stone on its chest and a small yellow lizard known as Helioptile. The Aura Readers activated to reveal the Clefairy and Helioptile up as shadow pokemon. Both looked at the Clefairy before Elio signaled Lillie that if she wanted the Clefairy, she was more than free to capture it as he shouted to his Doduo.

Rotom Dex has good news. "BZZT! Doduo regained the move Drill Peck after that last fight! BZZT!"

Elio grinned as he shouted. "DRILL PECK THAT CLEFAIRY!"

The drill dealt critical damage to the Clefairy.

Lillie, thought that the Clefairy should be put in something more special. She charged up a black marked ball with a crescent moon. "GO SNAG BALL!"

A hand emerged from a small glistening cloud of moons to drag the Clefairy in.

Shake... shake... shake... click.

The peon looked in shock before shouting. "What!? Shadow shock that girl!"

The Helioptile aimed for Lillie while she she ducked behind the Golett. Her hair was standing up, her pony tail was ruined, but otherwise she was unharmed as she shouted. "Golett mega punch that Helioptile!"

The Golett sent the Helioptile flying as Elio charged up a pokeball to catch it mid fall. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click.

Elio balked as the two peons were forced to retreat. "Ha! Get out of here before we run you over scrubs!"

His arrogance stopped when he noticed another figure approach. A man that looked like one commanding the group of peons, larger, in a standard Cipher uniform except for the black color and the helmet has what looks like horns.

"I see Frankas was correct. You two are persistent!"

Elio sized the approaching man. "I don't care about your reasons for coming after us but who are you?"

The man shouted. "I am Scoire. I will see that my masters plans for the Shadow Pokemon come to fruition when I deliver your carcasses to them."

Elio had memories of Kukui's time with Rockruff, Guzma's antics and his showdown with Lusamine in Ultra Space as he shouts back. "I have fought back crazier things. You won't be any better!"

Scoire shouted back louder. " Empty bravado will not save you, stripling!"

Elio's glare turned into an empty smile. "Oh look another one about to learn why I am the Alolan Champ." Elio handed Lillie over some money. "Excuse me, but could you go to one of the stores and buy me a new hat? This won't take long."

Lillie gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, she ran towards the shopping center of Phenac before shouting back. "Take what he has and mess him up!"

Vs Cipher commander Scoire.

Scoire sent out two pokemon Elio recognized from his adventures in Alola. A terrier and a pig monkey that go by the name of Herdier and Mankey. The Reader confirmed that these two are shadow pokemon.

"GO DODUO, GO BRIMMY! DODUO DRILL PECK THAT HERDIER, BRIMMY FIRE FANG THAT MANKEY!" The Doduo drill pecked into the Herdier, knocking it to the ground and left it vulnerable for capture. The Mankey tried to rush at Elio, he dodged as the Herdier lunged at Elio with a shadow bite. His Torracat blocked the bite, then bit into the Mankey on Elio's order.

Elio charged up a pokeball to use on the persistent Mankey. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Scoire looked down on the battle field sent out another pokemon, one Elio did not expect him of all people to have. The moon variant of Lycanroc. He took a great ball into the snag machine to capture the Herdier.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

He watched as the Lycanroc knocked the Torracat out of the fight with rock tomb. Scoire boast as he sent out the next pokemon, a rocky rhino known as Rhyhorn.

"Hah! You may have captured those shadow pokemon, but I do not need those things to best you!"

Elio gritted his teeth at the situation, switched the Torracat and Doduo out for Yamask and Hitmonchan.


Both took damage on entering the field from a horn attack and bite. The Hitmonchan punched the Lycanroc in the jaw for a critical hit, knocking it on the ground for a K.O. The Rhyhorn blasted out three rocks towards the Hitmonchan. The next pokemon Sciore sent was a Growlithe, it growled at the Hitmonchan and Yamask lowering their attack.


The Hitmonchan and Yamask made quick work of the Rhyhorn with punches and dark waves, the commander sent out another canine, this time it was an electrical green wolf known as Electrike. The Yamask lost control over itself as it entered Hyper Mode.


The Growlithe upon seeing an opening leaps at the Hitmonchan while Yamask was regaining its senses; clawing, biting and punting with its nose in close combat. The Hitmonchan was knocked out. "MAC, COME BACK. REMMER LETS END THIS FIGHT!" Yamask and Hypno were able to finish off the two pokemon with the shadow wave and Hypno picking off which ever looked more hurt with psybeam. Defeated but unfazed Scoire made a dash towards the exploding shopping center, Elio pursued knowing Lillie was there.


Lillie is busy picking out a good replacement hat for Elio, until she found one that seemed suitable. One that pictured a knight stretching his arms in praise to the the sun. As she went to pay for it, the store owner had done nothing but stared at her. Lillie was suspicious as she had her Pikachu and Eevee ready. The store owner revealed himself as another peon when he realizes he was found out. Much like Scoire he was in a black uniform.

Vs Cipher peon Alphonse

Alphonse sent out a small blue shrimp known as Clauncher and a purple sea horse known as Skrelp. Both her Aura Reader revealing the two as shadow pokemon and the peon confirmed her suspicions, Lillie tossed out the two balls she has. Her Eevee tossed sand at the Clauncher as her Pikachu stunned the Skrelp with thunder wave. The Skrelp did nothing as it was paralyzed, the Clauncher tries to shoot the Eevee with a bullet of dark energy before missing. Lillie fed a net ball to the snag machine and aimed towards the Skrelp.


Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Skrelp was caught from the hand in net. The Pikachu stunned the Clauncher with thunder wave before it got to do anything. Alphonse gritted his teeth and found the capture strategy annoying before he sent out a Magnemite. The Eevee tossed sand at the Magnemite, Lillie tossed another net ball on the Clauncher.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Magnetmite was unfazed from the sand and sent out a shock wave, hitting the Eevee no matter where he ran.

Alphonse's smiled maliciously and laughed like a lunatic as he sent out another pokemon a large oyster. "Ah skill link. I wonder little girl... how long can you dodge and run. Hahahahaha!" Lillie's Aura Reader revealed the black aura as the Cloyster aimed its spikes at her.

Cloyster used shadow missile.

Lillie ran towards the upper stairs in an attempt to avoid the barrage of black spikes. The Pikachu stunned the Cloyster with thunder wave upon seeing the madness and damage, the Eevee followed the attack with swift. Lillie charged a net ball at the Cloyster as the Pikachu focused on using thunderbolt on Magnemite.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Magnemite sent out another shock wave at the Eevee, nearly knocking it out. Alphonse sent out a small reptile with a growing plant on its back known as Ivysaur. Lillie shouted as she prepared to switch pokemon.

"Shockums finish that Magnemite, Cain fall back. Go Swoops!"

The Magnemite fell to the ground and the Pidgeotto flew, the Ivysaur tossed a sleep powder at Lillie. The Pidgeotto was not amused by the under handed tactic as it blew it away.

Alphones smiled at the sight. "Impressive that you made you pokemon quick to react. Shame that we have... less savory plans for you and your... friend!"

The Pidgeotto and Pikachu's combined projectile was enough to send the Ivysaur barreling back.


The peon tried to toss a bomb at Lillie, the Pikachu immediately shot a thunderbolt on the scumbag. Not only electrocuting him but setting the bomb off in a green powder. Alphonse fell asleep as Scoire rushed in.

"Alphonse we got to..." He realized his minion was in no condition to run, grabbed the knocked out peon and dashed out of the city.

As the commander dashed pass the rushing boy, Elio barged into the store. He saw what looked like a shooting. "Lillie, you alright?"

Lillie breathed heavily. "Yes I am fine, that Cloyster had skill link!"

She spotted a USB port on the floor, labeled. "Admin orders?"

Rotom Dex was sent out, still angry over earlier, Lillie went over to Rotom to ask. "Excuse me, could you check what this is please?"

Rotom looking at the thing. "BZZT! Thanks for saying please BZZT!"

It plugged in and a recorded message is played by a distorted voice.

"BZZT! Frankas has failed to capture the Fallers. Go! Track them down! Bring them to me! They do not have to be in perfect condition for the XD plan so use any means of force necessary and do not fail. BZZT!"

Lillie looked at the message confused. Elio however, knew what a Faller is and was filled with guilt. He cannot keep the information hidden from Lillie any longer now she heard of the word. "Lillie, a Faller is a category used to describe people who have gone through an Ultra Wormhole. Exposing them to all the energy transmitted from these things. For example when Nebby helped us confront your mother in Ultra Space. Most who fall in an ultra wormhole end up with their memories missing. Thankfully we were able to go in and out with no one forgetting anything."

Lillie looked at Elio with a frown. "Why did you not tell me about that sooner?"

Elio hanged his head in shame. "Because this is classified information. I been told about this back when I rounded up all the Ultra Beast's that were still loose on Alola when you left. The question though, where did Cipher get that information from?"

Both thought about it for a brief second, not wanting to keep the feelings of fear to linger, they shrugged it off

The towns people left their houses on realizing the attack was over and they all went to thank the two."This has been the first time in twelve years that Phenac has been attacked like this."

The two asked what happened, they were told that Cipher invaded the town, locked everyone up at the Pre Gym then disguised themselves as the towns people. They were also told that five years prior to that, the major of the city was in fact the leader of Ciphers entire operations in Orre during the first shadow crisis.

Elio responded in shock. "For such a pretty town it has about as much of a backstory to tell as Pyrite town."

Lillie forgotten something important she had to do. "I got to go back and pay for something! I will be right back." She walked back to the now ruined store.

She found the actual shop owner, who was crawling his way up to try and undo the rope.

Lillie helped the man up and undid the rope. "Sorry about that, the person who tied you up was aiming his attacks at me and I had to keep running."

Store owner looked at all of the damage, holes everywhere. "What the... Look, I have no reason to be mad at you. If that conniving bastard had not got the jump on me this would not have happened! I just want you out of my store so I can clean up, please!"

Lillie shook her head. "But Mr, I forgot to pay for a hat I wanted to buy."

The store owner waved his hands at refusal. "Take it as a thanks for driving that Alphonse guy out."

The dust settled down, Elio and Lillie realized that it was starting to get late. Having little choice the two decided to go to the pokemon center for a heal and rest. They let the Torracat and Eevee out to settle in the room with. It is another room with a double bunk bed, but it is generally nicer to look at.

"So Lillie, we have recently fought a mad doctor and now we have another Admin after us. What are out options?" Elio pondered, on the bottom bunk.

Lillie looked down on the boy with determined emerald eyes. "Our only option at this point is to get our pokemon strong enough to take this Admin on."

Lillie thought back at how many times Audino and Golett have gone into Hyper mode. "Elio, do you still find it hard to watch?"

Elio looked up. "Huh?"

Lillies voice lowered. "To see these pokemon... snap."

Elio understood that she was referring to Hyper Mode. "Yes it is, the fact these monsters knew what they were putting in among everything else wrong with the shadow pokemon is hard to stomach. But knowing that this can be undone is yet another reason to keep going."

The two looked at each other for a bit before they said their good nights, in preparation for the next day.
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Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 2 Aether In The Sands

The next day Elio awoke to an awkward feeling. The Eevee was right next to his neck, the Torracat was under his feet leaving a toasty feeling and Lillie was hugging him from behind while he was sleeping. Elio had to get up to prepare for the day ahead, so now his next objective was to get out of bed without waking anyone up. First thing he did was move the Eevee to what was considered a better position, next to Lillie. Then he tried exiting the bed by crawling through the head piece and avoided waking up the Torracat. He nearly knocked a plant over falling down. Slowly and quietly he opened the door, the first two noises he heard was the Torracat snoring and the Eevee making a small yip as he heard the door open, other wise no one woke up.

Upon finishing his business he walked back, slowly closed the door with another small squeak from the Eevee. No one woke up.

"Phew that was a stressful way to get up." Elio spoke out loud, Lillie started opening her eyes to the noise.


The boy placed his hand over his face as he realized he just woke Lillie up. She slowly went back to sleep and mumbled to the boy. "Thirty more minutes. Zzz."

The Dex lit up and shouted. "BZZT! A pokemon is ready to open the door to its heart! BZZT!"

The noise was more than enough to wake Lillie and the two pokemon rather abruptly. The two trainers discussed their plan for the day.

Lillie looked at everything in regard to Phenac stadium. "So it is agreed. Since we each have three pokemon that are not shadow pokemon we should try the multi format and see how far we go. Once we are done we go finish up Plusle and put Minum into the machine."

Elio agreed with the schedule. Long as Cipher does not do anything to ruin their day, maybe now they would finally relax. The first couple rounds were nothing special, standard double format both have seen countless times.

Final round was against a tan, dark haired woman in a white uniform who is accompanied by a pink haired punk like lady. "Elio? Miss Lillie?"

Elio recognized who they are about to fight. "Hello Haley, fancy seeing you here."

Lillie looked at Elio. "You know this woman?"

Elio was unaware of what Lillie meant by the question and responded. "Yes I fought her a couple times in the battle tree."

He turned back towards the opposing duo and asked. "Please tell me you did not bring the pokemon from the battle tree with you. We decided to start fresh on our trip to Orre and have some pokemon still leveling up."

Haley laughed at the remark. "No, those are to be used for emergencies or at the battle tree. These I bring with me to work."

Haley introduced the duo to her partner Sheryl, who recognized Elio from when she was a part of Team Skull. Elio warned Lillie regarding the two trainers. "Since one is from the battle tree and the other is probably studying under her, I expect a challenge ahead of us. Get ready and fight on like we normally do!"

Lillie blushed knowing Elio is taking the fight more seriously.

Vs Haley and Sheryl

Haley sent out a red dancing bird known as Oricorio. Sheryl sent out a bag worm covered in pink material known as Wormadam.

Elio shouted. "GO REMMER!"

Lillie shouted. "Go Shockums!"

Oricorio use protect to block the Pikachu's thunderbolt. The Hypno tried to send the Wormadam into a deep sleep and failed. The Wormadam did a small elegant dance, with the Oricorio copying the dance.

Elio knew of this strategy. "Lillie they are trying the double quiver dance strat!"

Oricorio danced as it sent a slash of energy at the Pikachu for a knock out. Hypno was able to set the Wormadam into a deep sleep.

"Go Swoops!" Pidgeotto flew in and was quickly knocked out by revelation dance, Elio see's a battle going south and shouted.


Hypno swung the pendulum, Oricorio is fast asleep.

Lillie closed her eyes as she sent out her last pokemon. "Cain, we need your support!"

Eevee was sent out. "Cain, use helping hand to power Remmer up!"

Eevee was ready to help out as the two pokemon were asleep, ready for Hypno.

"REMMER USE DREAM EATER ON THAT ORICORIO AND KEEP AT IT UNTIL IT WAKES UP!" The Hypno inhaled the Oricorio's dreams of dancing, by the second inhale both it and Wormadam began to stir!

Lillie saw her chance and shouted. "Cain finish that Oricorio with quick attack before it wakes up!"

Eevee dashed ahead of the Hypno and knocked the Oricorio out as the Wormadam woke up and began to bug buzz at the Hypno!


Not very effective and no confusion was caused! Haley sent out an Alolan variant of Meowth. Eevee prepared a helping hand as Haley put a stop to the Hypno.

"Stop that Hypno with a fake out!"

Meowth rushed in front of the Hypno to cause a flinch as the Wormadam got the opening it needed to knock the Hypno out! Elio sighed as he called the Hypno back.

"You done good at turning this around. BRIMMY WE NEED YOU TO KEEP PUSHING!"

Torracat out sent out ready for the next order. "FIRE FANG THAT WORMADAM!"

The Torracat lunged with fiery fangs before sinking its teeth into the trash cloak Wormadam. K.O! Sheryl called it back and sent out a small black lizard known as Salandit. The Eevee used helping hand to power the Torracats bite. Salandit flinched as it felt the sharp fangs bite into it, Meowth used dark pulse on Eevee!

"Cain use quick attack on that Salandit, we need to give Brimmy more time to take that Meowth out!"

Eevee dashed and knocked out the Salandit, as the Meowth directed a dark pulse back at the Eevee again for a K.O. The skull girl growled as she sent out her last pokemon, a large bee, known as Beedrill.

She shouts at the top of her lungs. "Soon as I get one of those key stones, you are history boy!"

Elio knew he was cornered, with Lillie out of pokemon. "Brimmy use fire fang on that Beedrill, we need that thing down if we have any chance of winning!"

Meowth use dark pulse and Beedrill joined in with a poison jab, Torracat lunged back at the Beedrill for a fire fang K.O! Meowth in retaliation knocked the Torracat out with dark pulse.

Elio called it back in preparation for the dusk ball. "MAC, WE NEED TO FINISH THIS FIGHT, USE MACH PUNCH!"

Hitmonchan entered the stadium punching his fists together before rushing across the battlefield to knock the Meowth out in one punch!

Haley sighed keeping a smug smile. "Looks like you got us in a corner as well."

Sheryl heard and started posing like she did back in Team Skull. "Don't go talking like that, you got to give it you all like how the champ does it all the time!"

Haley sent out her last pokemon, a Scraggy that intimidated the Hitmonchan! Elio shouted. "MAC, AGAIN!"

Hitmonchan readied a mach punch before the Scraggy leaped in front of him and faked him out! Frustrated Hitmonchan used another mach punch, sending the Scraggy across the battle field. Haley kept calm and shouted.

"Use high jump kick, we can end this fight now if we hit him hard enough!"

Scraggy glared, leaped up and prepared to kick down on the Hitmonchan that braced himself. Scraggy missed its target, kept going and crashed into the ground for a knock out! The four trainers stared at how awkward the match ended.

Haley and Sheryl were defeated!

Elio and Lillie congratulated the two girls anyways after the fight. Elio complimented. "Got to hand it to you two, that was a pretty intense fight. If the quiver dancer wasn't a slow pokemon... this could have gone the other way."

Sheryl blushed. "Look kid, I was actually working on that, I am raising something that would be a better dancer but had to make due."

The four left the Colosseum trying to piece together what each other were doing on Orre.

Elio and Lillie were given a small amount of prize money and a orange stone with a flame.

Elio noticed. "Sweet a fire stone!"

Lillie asked Haley out of curiosity. "So what are you doing on Orre?"

Haley said in boredom. "Business. Me and one other were sent to here study the wild pokemon that inhabit this region. We have a small station not to far from here if you would like to visit, we have more than enough space considering there is only three spots wild pokemon tend to go to in this region."

Elio checked out the former skull member, wondering where she comes in asked "And her?"

Haley responded casually. "Oh we have been friends for quite a while, when I was assign to this place Sheryl refused to leave my side. She has been studying under me in an attempt to be a stronger trainer, in return she helped handle some of the research."

Elio's smile grew wider. "Considering where I normally find you and the progress shown, I say she has a good teacher."

Elio smiled to Lillie. "So you want to check it out? Might give us something to do since we have nothing else planned."

Lillie still looked a little jealous over how well Elio interacted with the two women. "Sure."

Elio smiled as he asked the Rotom Dex. "Okay then Dex, could you please get the coordinates towards the Aether station here in Orre?"

The Rotom Dex prepared the map. "BZZT... Okay it is done, thanks for saying please BZZT!"

Elio asked Lillie if he can drive the motorcycle, she smiled before she shook her head "No. Those bandages need to be changed before we leave. We have to wait for another week otherwise. Once that is done, then we can talk about if you can drive this."

The station was almost exactly like the ones back on Alola, except most of supplies in the building are all about how pokespots work and the wild pokemon caught in those spots. With one shelf containing a single ball, labeled as a problem.

Haley and Sheryl arrived after the duo have. "So what brings you two to Orre of all places?"

Elio responded in a smirk. "The initial reason was to find a new challenge for us to do. But the other reason we might be here longer is because of some pokemon here that need help. As well as a crime organization that is doing some messed up things to these pokemon."

Haley cringed as she remembered the frozen pokemon. "Relax, we are not doing anything like that. Just research at worse."

Lillie, looked curiously at the pokeballs. "What is in them?"

Haley turned around to answer. "Oh just the pokemon we caught to study on. Most we plan to release back, others we plan to take back to Aether Paradise."

Sheryl cooed over the other reason. "Some of them you just want to take home with you!"

Lillie looked at the pokeball labeled a problem. "What of that one?"

Haley's smile turned into a frown. "Not that one, we found it after fighting off an ambush from some weird guys in helmets and scarfs. They were lead by a sly talking scumbag in black armor."

Lillies eyes widen at the explanation, she imediately thought of Alphonse.

Haley continued. "This pokeball contained an Azurril that never responded when called and when we got close, proved to have a foul temper. Honestly I don't know what to do with this since we cannot release it back into the wild and I do not want Gladion to see this."

Lillie shook her head. "Miss Haley I think that is one of the pokemon Elio was talking about, we have to take it off your hands in order to make help it."

Haley made an apologetic smile in authority. "I am sorry, but you need to be authorized to even touch that ball."

Elio heard those words and sighed. "Okay then would this give us authorization?"

He took the ball containing Yamask and revealed to Haley the same problem the Azurril has. The same soulless stare, it looked like it was about to attack. Sheryl tried to take a closer look when it started to make an angry wail, ready to let loose a shadow wave.

Elio called it back in the ball and began to frown. "Sorry about that. Is this exactly what was wrong with the Azurril?"

Haley had no idea how to respond to seeing a repeated case and shrugged. "Eh. If you two know more about what is wrong with this Azurill, then why don't you check it out. Not guaranteeing anyone's safety by letting this thing out."

Elio nodded at the concern but continued his argument. "Haley,we have something that will determine what exactly you have. If it is what I think it is then we are more than authorized to take it off your hands."

Haley nodded in defeat. "Okay then, I'm no longer responsible if you get hurt." She let out the tiny blue mouse the Aura Reader activated showing a black aura.

"Yep a shadow pokemon." The Azurill glowed in black as it tried to blitz Elio.

The boy dodged as Haley got it back in its ball. "Definitely a shadow pokemon!"

Lillie turned towards the woman in the white uniform. "Would you please let us take it?"

Haley's worry turned into a glare at the ground. "That group we fought had done this, have they?"

Elio nodded, as he answered. "Yes. An admin by the name of Frankas was responsible for the creation of all the unevolved shadow pokemon me and Lillie have, in addition to any we are going to have to fight. Fact that this, Smoochum and Tyrouge are baby pokemon is...scary."

Haley still shook her head on hearing the details. "You have authorization. On one condition, you show me and Sheryl exactly how you are going to actually fix this."

Elio nodded. "Alright, the terms are set. But first could you explain how these poke spots exactly work, because we are going to need some wild ones for a better demonstration."

Haley opened her mouth to ask about what they are doing. "Wha... on second thought, I will ask those questions when I actually see it. All we know about these spots is they are where the wild pokemon go to, most of the time you place in bait, leave it alone for a bit and a pokemon is caught eating the bait. There is a man in Pyrite town by the name of Duking, who has done a better job at explaining some of the details, like where exactly are these spots."

The duo looked at each other as she mentioned Pyrite town. "For such a shady town it sure is a convenient place. Meet you two at the pokemon H.Q when ever, it is where the shadow pokemon are going to for treatment."

Elio escorted both Lillie and himself out of the building.

The two made it back to Pyrite town. It was still shady as before. Only real difference between last time and the latest visit was the town's folk greeting the two like they are the new tough guys, rather than just a couple of kids that should not be in the town.

Upon entering the majors office Lillie asked. "Um excuse me Mr Duking, we would like to ask about these poke spots we been hearing about."

The man himself looked rather aged, but for his age he was rather muscular. "Ah of course, I been a rather huge fan of the wild pokemon that have been spotted around Orre. Once upon a time everyone thought there were none in this wasteland."

Most of the information Elio and Lillie have already gotten from Haley about the bare minimum of poke spots were mentioned in the office. Though they have more specific details about the spots location, what type of pokemon are found, how he patent the pokesnacks and how it is still a big mystery where these wild pokemon came from. Lillie asked if Duking would mark the locations on the Rotomdex, who did not like being man handled.

Elio rolled his eyes as Duking pressed some of the Rotom Dex's buttons. "There it is done, hope you have good luck regarding what you catch, before you go here are some pokesnacks for you to use."

Elio and Lillie obtained ten pokesnacks each!

Lillie smiled and nodded as she and Elio proceeded to go to the door. "Thank you mister Duking."

Before the two left the building. A television started to reveal the news. "Recently Phenac city has been attacked by a band of marauders. No one knows where they have came from or what their objectives are. They have been driven off my a courageous duo of vigilantes and any reports on either whereabouts are appreciated."

The two proceeded to go outside to talk things over. "The new's station is around the corner Elio, you think we should tell them about this before we leave?"

Elio shook his head. "My main plan is to sneak out of town and deal with this later."

Lillie tilted her head. "But why? Wouldn't it be a good idea to let them know about Cipher?"

Elio nodded in agreement. "Good point but we are behind schedule as it is regarding Plusle and the chamber. Also if they start asking questions about why Cipher is after us in the first place, we are going to have to think of some lie because the you know what is confidential."

Lillie thought long and hard about the information Elio gave to her about her being a Faller. She frowned in acceptance of how it is.

Elio frowned back in what he suggested. "For now let's keep this information to ourselves just a little longer. Once we are done with Plusle we will go back. We are to tell them about the shadow pokemon, Cipher and nothing else."

The duo changed the subject and began to argue which poke spot they want to go to.

Elio looked at the first of the spots he saw. "We could go for the RockGround spot, ground types are always useful in a small circle."

Lillie pointed toward the other. "But the Oasis spot is pretty and could have some variety of pokemon that thrive at it."

Rotomdex was pinned down by the two and began to protest. "BZZT! Why not you try going to both instead of holding me down BZZT!"

Elio grabbed a six sided dice. "Odds or evens?"

Lillie said as she realized they were going to have to decide which to go first one way or another. "Evens."

Elio rolled the dice and it landed on. "A three, alright rocky area it is!"

Upon entering the RockGround spot, they found a tan man wearing a white uniform looking from the distance in binoculars, writing down what he seen. As the two approach he was startled by random people.

"EEK GO SALA... Oh its you two. Haley did call me about you two roaming around Alola, name is Luke."

He greeted Lillie and addressed Elio. "Long time no see, how is your team handling."

Elio smiled. "Eh, could be better. Anyways we are here mainly to set up bait. You are not busy with this are you?"

The man shook his head. "No not really, just finished recording how much of this cake a pokemon could eat before leaving. Turn out they will eat the entire thing. Well going back to the station, see ya."

Elio said his farewell, he went to the center. He hoped he would lure not a mono ground type. Type combinations in Elio's mind would be more useful for the machine in comparison. The Oasis spot they left just as much bait. They left to find a pleasant place to have a picnic.

He had the scent case ready as he grinned. "Lillie, you ready for this? Got to get these pokemon to open up sooner or later. Once all six of them are relaxed we can spend the rest of the hour having a nice picnic."

Elio laughed nervously before he finished the sentence. "In the middle of the desert."

Lillie smiled and giggled over how silly it sounded as she got hers ready. Golett started to regain a more courageous personality, Yamask was more relaxed about its surroundings, Doduo was more naive about the fact it was getting a massage in the middle of nowhere.

"BZZT Audino regained the move Dazzling gleam. BZZT!"

With the Doduo acting naive over the fact that it was getting a massage in the middle of nowhere.

Some time later. "BZZT! A pokemon is at the Rock ground poke spot. Go before it gets away! BZZT!"

The Dex sounded military trumpet's as the duo understood they needed to get going.

Back at the rocky ground. Elio sighed in disappointment. A brown mouse known as Sandshrew was eating the cake.

"Come out Remmer."

The Hypno looked back at his trainers unusual tone as it hypnotized the Sandshrew. Elio tossed the pokeball for a successful capture. "At least we have more for the chamber. Off to the oasis."

Lillie had much better luck as a water strider known as Surskit was nibbling the cake. Lillie in all her excitement tossed a net ball before sending a pokemon out and captured the Surskit in one swing.

Elio groaned in jealousy, Lillie asked. "What is wrong? Water bug is a good combination for type advantages and disadvantages."

Elio smiled back. "I know, just wished I got something a little more than a mono type."

Lillie reassured the boy over the next one as she summed up what they have. "Speaking of which, with the Plusle, Nanny and these two we should be able to get a chamber at max tempo, as well as get a second chamber started."

Both smiled at the sign of progress as they head towards the H.Q to give a demonstration.

The duo returned to the H.Q, they spot Haley and Luke in more casual clothes. Haley was in a mostly green attire; Luke was in a red shirt with blue pants. Sheryl wearing around the same as when she was back on Alola, mostly black and white. Elio shouted. "Hey, sorry we were late!"

Haley smiled back nervously. "It's fine, the pokemon in those spots either show up the first five minutes or take about as long as two days. So would you mind showing us exactly this is about."

Elio shouted in the building. "Hey Krane, I brought in some people to see the machine! Don't worry, they can be trusted enough to keep their mouths shut!" Elio's smile turned more serious as he explained to the trio. "Seriously though, unless Gladion specifically asks about this. You three keep this among yourselves. Cipher already raided this place to shut it down once and they will try something similar again."

During the explanation, he and Lillie demonstrated how the Purify Chamber worked as they guided the three into the machine on vow of silence.

"Take two to four pokemon in a type advantage rotation, starting clock wise. Place a shadow pokemon into the middle when it has a maxed tempo then wait."

Elio finished the brief explanation he pressed the button to finish opening the door to Plusles heart.

"BZZT! It regained the moves; thunderbolt, refresh, helping hand and fake tears. BZZT!"

Lillie got through rearranging the first chamber to be more suited, placing the Plusle, the Surskit, Skiddo and Sandshrew in order. Next pokemon she placed in the middle was the Minum. Elio moved the Meowstic and Venonat into the second chamber, he placed the Nincada in. Haley looked in slight awe as they left the virtual storage.

"Impressive machine, mind if we help fill the other chambers?" Before Elio answered, Krane had to explain how this machine was able to be hooked into two P.C accounts if barely, with the account being used primarily for storing the shadow pokemon, having limited space as it is. Unless they are dropping shadow pokemon into the P.C accounts it is better to limit the wild pokemon to a handful.

Elio took a deep breath. "Wished it were that easy. So now for your end."

Haley nodded as she handed Lillie the ball containing Azurill, she wanted a small report on its status afterwards when she gets the chance. "You know, if you want, you could drop by at our station if you want to call home and are near the area."

Lillie nodded in thanks. "We will keep that in mind."

Krane got a a message from his PDA, it was one from ONBS asking if he knew anything about the vigilantes who fought Scoire and his group. The professor asked for anything specific regarding them.

He saw a photo of Elio and Lillie fighting a group of peons. "Excuse me, you two are invited to the news station regarding some of the things you did in Phenac."

Elio sighed. "Crap, we have to actually talk to these people."

He turned to the small group in a smile before seeing them out. "Alright we got somewhere to be if we need you three for anything, we will let you know ahead of time. Take care."

Lillie went over towards Elio to give a small look that translated into. "You knew we had to go to ONBS to tell them about this eventually."

Elio slumped his head forward, he knew he would delay the inevitable by sneaking out of Pyrite.

Lillie smiled to the boy. "Ready to go back to Pyrite town for the last time today?"

Elio shrugged."Alright, not like we would get away with this for long anyways."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 3 ONBS Station.

Upon returning to Pyrite town for the third time. Elio and Lillie were greeted by the townsfolk whispering about these two's exploits. Most of it being that the two had the guts to actively go up against the roaming maniac, instead of running. Upon entering the news station, they were greeted by a secretary that called herself Meg. Lillie approached the woman. "Excuse me but we are here because of the news."

Meg took a closer look at these two and realized that they are the same vigilantes they were looking for. "Ah! go to the top floor, you should be able to find Nett."

Lillie thanked the woman as the two went in.

Aside from the usual greetings the two have received in one of the most friendlier places of Orre. The news reporter started asking the two about the marauders.

Lillie wanted to get the information out of her system and answered. "What we know about these marauders is that they attacked Phenac while we were busy and one of them burned Elio's hat. When I went to get a new one, the commanders second in command tried to ambush me using the shadow pokemon he has."

Nett's responsed in astonishment. "Shadow pokemon!? I thought Cipher was dead! It has been dead for twelve years!"

Elio interrupted. "Well they are back now. Most if of the shadow pokemon we faced up till now has been created by this Frankas guy. He also mentioned a person named Ein."

Nett's eyes widen up on hearing the name. "What?! The man responsible for the initial creation of the shadow pokemon? He was suppose to be in jail after his actions seventeen years ago. Back when Cipher had control over this entire region."

Elio felt dread and responded. "Now the bastard escaped or some power hungry monster let this monster out. Lovely!"

Lillie shook her head at some of the sarcasm and continued. "If these marauders are a part of Cipher then they are being run under another type of Admin. Scoire is just a commander under his thumb."

The man was about to respond as he saw the floating Rotom Dex behind them. "Could I see that thing you have right there, I could download a record for any shadow pokemon you encountered as well as any information regarding shadow pokemon you might come across."

Elio looked at Rotom Dex. "Take him, not like this is the first time someone downloaded things into him!"

The Dex protested. "BZZT! What BZZT!"

Elio smiled. "Oh come on, it is better than what happened last time we were here today."

Nett looked back at the two. "Okay since this is going to take a while, how about you two crash somewhere in the station till we get this downloaded."

The duo agreed as they head toward a lounge.

Elio smiled at Lillie. "That went better than expected, thought they would ask a lot more questions."

Lillie smiled back. "Since we have some free time you want to let some of our pokemon out? Aside from Remmer they have not been out most of the day save for that Colosseum match."

Elio nodded upon agreement. "Alright, come on out boys you earned a break!"

Elio shouted as he lets the three out. Lillie sent out her trio of Eevee, Pikachu and Pidgeotto. "Cain, Shockums, Swoops you earned some time out of those calls!" The Torracat simply found a place to sit and stretch, the Hypno watched T.V and the Hitmonchan was looking for something to train with. Elio took his leave. "I will be right back with something."

The Pidgeotto found a place to perch, while the Pikachu and Eevee started playing with each other. Elio brought in training equipment moments later. "Alright I am back. Could not find anything specific but a Machoke punching bag should be good enough for you Mac."

Elio thought about some of the shadow pokemon they have with them and wanted to talk about how he and Lillie are going to build a team around them. "Hey Lillie, any plans regarding the others under our care. Any you want to add to the team after they been healed?"

Lillie nodded. "Of course Elio, I planned to add Golett to the team, I need a physical hitter able to take the damage and dish it out."

Elio blinked at Lillie. "Any nicknames you have planned?"

Lillie put some thought into it, Elio continued. "Well I already have plans for both the Yamask and Doduo I got. If the Doduo evolves during our trip to Agate I got a rather creative name to give it. As for Yamask, I am going to see if he likes the name Makuta."

Lillie raised an eyebrow at the name. "Makuta?"

The boy made a nerdy grin. "Yes, something from a toy line."

As the two discussed potential nicknames, the Pikachu and Eevee were busy discussing something of their own. The Pikachu looked slightly worried as the Eevee eyed the bag.

The Eevee mentioned something towards the Pikachu about its problems. "Eevee!"

Pikachu was confused. "Pika?"

The Eevee pointed towards the bag again, he knew his trainer has something of great importance in the bag. The Pikachu, knew full well what was in the bag and waved its arms about something as she approached the bag. Elio finished talking about an ground type related robot, unaware.

Lillie looked in astonishment as the Pikachu leaped into her bag.

Shecringed as she remembered what happened when Nebby was but a little Cosmog. "Shockums get out of the bag, Elio is the one who has the food!"

The two realized it has been a long day and checked their watches for the time. They might have forgotten to get their pokemon their dinner.

Elio realized that his watch was still at AST (Alolan specific time). "Crap I forgot to set the clock! I'll go get the food."

The Pikachu found what she was looking for as she brought out the thunder stone. Both her and stone glowed, the Pikachu grew as she became orange and developed a slimmer tail with a thunderbolt at the end, becoming a Raichu. Both trainers stared at what just happened, the Raichu took the light ball it had been carrying with her and put it back in the bag.

The Raichu walked back towards the Eevee she acting proud over what she did. Continuing to talk to the Eevee about something else in the bag. Both trainers laughed as they realize what exactly the two were talking about.

Elio teased Lillie. "This is a repeat of Lola, isn't it?"

The girl blushed and rolled her eyes. "Yes, the only real difference is that Lola did it while I was getting ready and while my back was turned. Shockums did it right in front of me. I think she is trying to help Cain."

Elio shrugged. "Cain will decide when he is good and ready to evolve. Got plans myself now regarding this."

Lillie looked back. "What?" Elio replied. "So we do not get a repeat of this. Lillie... may I borrow the other stone we won?"

An ONBS worker named Bitt came in to tell the two that Nett has finished downloading the list of shadow pokemon into the Rotomdex. Only to find the two staring at a Raichu. Since ONBS did not have any rooms to sleep in, the duo's options for the night were; stay in Pyrite town for the night, go back to Phenac a place that was invaded or drive a long mile back to the H.Q. Considering their options, Phenac was the closest, the Pokemon Center was about as welcoming of the two as before. Elio knew the last time they were separated in the town, someone tried to kidnap Lillie again. He sent his Hypno out to help him keep watch. The Hypno realized that his trainer needed to sleep as well and used hypnosis on the boy when it was clear he was willing to stay up the entire night. The Hypno's midnight snack was bland but filling.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 4 Battle At The Camp!

The next morning.

Lillie slept peacefully and Elio was knocked out.

The Rotomdex started to buzz. "BZZT! Email from Nett, It's very urgent! BZZT!"

Elio forced himself up before he read the message out loud. "Uggh what happened last night? Huh! We found information about a camp not too far from Phenac, it is run by neither the admin nor Scoire, it is however run by a powerful individual name Gough. If you want to take the fight to them, this would be a good place to start before you two get attacked again."

As Lillie was getting herself ready for the day, Elio told her what had been found. "Going to prepare the group for what is to come, let me know when you are ready and we can start fighting back."

During the early morning, Elio is shouting towards the three pokemon present. "Okay, you three. Today we are finally taking the battle to the enemy! When we get to that camp, you are to fight as we have never fought before!"

The Torrocat, Hitmonchan, and Hypno grunted as they understood what was asked of them. "Get ready!"

They stiffen up. "Get mad!"

The three put on their angry faces. "Let us kick their butts into the sand!"

All three cheer as they heard the words of their trainer. Lillie on the other hand was busy brushing her three, she just finished her Pidgeotto and Eevee as she focuses on the matted Raichu. "Shockums, what you did yesterday was rude, completely random and was setting a bad example towards Cain. I know you are trying to help him but please, next time you want to encourage Cain to evolve you come tell me, okay?"

The Raichu was a little embarrassed but still wanted to be brushed.

Lillie continued to listen to Elio's speech as she was brushing. "When we get to the camp, make sure the goons do not alert anyone. There we will be able to sac their entire camp, take any shadow pokemon they have, then humiliate the camps leader. This should teach these guys a lesson about sacing towns!"

Lillie shook her head. "Just don't hurt yourself, okay!"

Elio sighed before getting himself ready for the side car.

"BZZT! Cipher Camp Delta! A camp that has been raiding the south eastern section of Orre, it is lead by the dreaded Gough the Bloodied One! BZZT!"

The duo wonder what Rotom meant by the title when they arrive near the outskirts. Sneaking around they have been spotted by one of the patrolling guards.

"Hey your not suppose to be here."

VS Cipher peon Foddey.

Lillie took the extra initiative and sent out the Raichu and Golett. The peon realized they mean business sent out a large brown bird and a red bird that that has a green cress resembling a wrestler. Lillie saw it wearing a black belt as her Aura Reader activated.

"That Hawlucha is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie shouted "Shockums thunderbolt that Fearow. Golett use mega punch on that Hawlucha!"

The Raichu made quick work of the Fearow. The Hawlucha glowed as it performed a dark leap, it tried to land on Lillie using a shadow press. Lillie stepped aside as the Hawlucha did very well to telegraph it attack. The Raichu sent a thunder wave to stun the Hawlucha, giving Lillie a good opening to snag it with an ultra ball.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Foddey was defeated and ran for his life, another peon rushes over to see what is happening. Swearing to himself that he has to alert Gough.

Elio charged in with the pokeball and great ball in hand. "BRIMMY, DODUO STOP HIM!"

VS Cipher peon Olaf.

The peon realized that running was no longer an option and sent out a large snake with a bladed tail known as Seviper and a muscular humanoid carrying a large metal beam known as Gurdurr.

The Aura Reader activated. "That Seviper is a shadow pokemon!"

With a simple drill peck the Doduo was able to make quick work of the Gurdurr, the Torracat was able to bite the Seviper with fiery fangs. The Seviper flinched and was left with a nasty burn. The Seviper shed the burn mark away as Elio fed an ultra ball into the machine.


The ball made a whistle as a hand emerged to less dragged the Seviper in and more yanked it in!

Shake... click!

"Brimmy, hold Olaf in place while I get Remmer!" Elio swapped the Doduo for the Hypno.

"Remmer, you know what to do with this one!"

The pendulum swings and Olaf fell over. "Must... warn... zzzz." Another peon tried to leap at Elio with a Axew ready to use a shadow slash.

Elio's reader confirmed the shadow pokemon as fast as he was getting a quick ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The peon fell over his face upon realizing his attacked failed and seeing a Hypno ready to hypnotize.

A peon watching the metaphorical slaughter tried to flee. "Grr, I don't have time for this!"

Lillie was not amused as she blocked his escape.

VS Cipher peon Sabu.

He sends out a Kadabra and a Kirlia. "Gaah, Meddlesome child, you will not win this day!"

Lillie's Aura Reader activated. "That Kirlia is a shadow pokemon." "Swoops, Golett come out!" The Kadabra shot at the Pidgeotto with a psybeam, the Golett charged the Kadabra with a shadow rush, knocking through the Kadabra.

K.O! The Pidgeotto slashes at the Kirlia with air cutter, the Kirlia repays with a wave of shadows. Pidgeotto was rather hurt, Golett stared coldly at the Kirlia, ready to attack as it entered Hyper Mode. Lillie realized what Golett was about to do as she fed a great ball into the machine and shouted. "Golett, please calm down! GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click! Kirlia was caught.

Another peon approached Lillie, ready for ambush. "Heh, easy pickings."

Elio saw this and stood in his way, holding back his anger with a smile.

Vs Cipher peon Kraag.

Kraag sent out a brown crocodile known as Krokorok and a Pawniard. Elio's Aura Reader activated. "That Krokorok is a shadow pokemon."


The Hitmonchan did not need the order as it mach punched the Pawniard clean out. The Krokorok used shadow bite one the Hitmonchan in retaliation.

Elio shouted "YAMASK, WILLO WISP!"

The Krokorok suffered a burn as Elio used the opportunity to fed a great ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click! Nearly everyone of Gough's men have either ran upon facing the duo, or have been knocked out trying to warn their boss. In the center of the camp, a man in a dark red Cipher uniform, wearing a horned helmet stood. He glared at the two as he realized they just sacked his forces before he even got a warning.

Lillie healed her pokemon in preparation for the next battle, the man shouted. "Who among you is the leader!? Step forward!"

Elio walked towards him when a tiny yellow ferret known as Meinfoo rushed in to fake him out.

Gough glared at him and shouts. "I know it's not you! You showed enough courage to defend those close to you with your life. But what of the girl? Does she have the courage to face me one on one?"

The commander taunted as he pressed a button to create a massive electrical dome and blocked Elio from interfering. Lillie saw that she has been called out and stepped forward.

VS Cipher Commander Gough.

The commander sent out a white, red stripped cat known as Zangoose and a Rhyhorn.

Aura Reader activated. "That Zangoose is a shadow pokemon."

"Go Shockums! Go Golett!" The Raichu stunned the Zangoose with a thunder wave and the Golett rushed the Rhyhorn with dark energy. The Rhyhorn drilled into the Raichu for a k.o.

"Shockums, come back! Go Audino pivot some of the damage!"

The Audino came out, the Zangoose responded in rage as it swiped at the Audino with a facade of dark energy, despite it being crippled it dealt much more damage than expected. Golett punched the Zangoose in retaliation, leaving it about to fall over. Knowing the Audino's job was done, Lillie swapped it over for her Pidgeotto.

She charged up an ultra ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Gough laughed. "Ha! I did not need that thing anyways save for appeasing master Parkas. What is strength if it is not earned! Go Machamp, show her why you are to be feared!"

The Rhyhorn expected the Audino to stay and did not stop itself when the Pidgeotto flew in."SWOOPS AIR CUTTER!"

The Pidgeotto slashes at the Machamp and Rhyhorn.

Gough barked his the pokemon. "Machamp, dynamic punch! Make sure that Pidgeotto would no longer threaten us!"

The Machamp hit the Pidgeotto's with no guard. The Pidgeotto got back up, dazed and confused. Golett rushed the Rhyhorn for a knock out. Seeing that the Pidgeotto would not take another blow, Lillie swapped over to Kirlia. The Golett rammed into the Machamp in pure aggression as it entered Hyper Mode.

Machamp punched the Kirlia, with the same blow as before, only a much more critical blow. K.O.

"Swoops, get back in! Golett calm down, we are almost done!" The Pidgeotto returned beaten but focused and the Golett looked back, as it remembered something. Dex knew the move. "BZZT! Gollet learned the move Stomping Tantrum! BZZT!"

Lillie shouted. "Swoops, finish that Machamp with an air cutter!"


The Machamp fell over to the sharp wind. K.O!

Commander Gough was defeated.

"What!? How?!"

The commander slumped his head in shame for a brief moment. "I have seen enough, soon you two will be ready to fight Parkas. To be worthy of him crushing you."

The commander turned off the dome as he looked over at the two. "You have earned this victory, take what you need from this camp and begone!"

The commander walks off into the distance, ready to face his masters wrath.

Elio smiled as he saw such a fight and proceeded to embrace Lillie. "That was awesome!"

Lillie kissed him on the forehead before the two searched the now ruined camp, they found few things of note, more importantly a UBS drive with the words. "Camps" Lillie ask the floating Dex. "Rotom, could you please check this?"

The Dex flared. "BZZT! Sure thing This could take a while. BZZT! Also there is four pokemon ready to open the door to their hearts BZZT!"

Lillie asked. "You want to drop by at the H.Q for a bit? I want to pick up a pokemon that could be used for the machine should it evolve."

The duo returned to the H.Q and the purify chamber, Minum and Nincada had opened the door to their hearts. Minum regained similar moves to the Plusle before. Nincada regained an Adamant nature and relearned fury swipes, dig, heal bell and leech life. Lillies face saddened as she place Audino into the first chamber, Kirlia into the P.C and Nincada into her party.

Elio placed the Azurril into the second chamber. "Now then off to the relic for the ones in our teams!"

Lillie let the Eevee out of his ball as they returned to the forest, she gave him a scolding look as she explained. "Alright you can watch the others get better but no running away this time."

The first of the three pokemon to approach the relic was Doduo. Much like the other pokemon before him, the darkness was dispelled. Upon opening the door, it glowed, grew larger, gained tail feathers and one of its two heads spit into a third one.

"BZZT! Dodrio regained the move brave bird BZZT!"

The three heads started arguing with each other over how they are going to thank Elio as he tried to stop the fighting and said. "Alright Cumustrich calm down, you three are safe."

Next to approach was Yamask, as its heart opened it stared back at its mask as it remembered what it was in life. "BZZT! Yamask learned the move refresh and hex. BZZT"

Elio grinned. "Welcome to the team Makuta."

The last of the three was Golett, upon the dark being dispelled it looked back at Lillie to give her a combination of a salute and a robot equivalent of a smile

"BZZT! Golett relearned the moves shadow punch and refresh BZZT!"

Lillie approached the Golett and reached out her hand. "Good that you are alright now Onua."

The three pokemon felt alive once more as the Eevee looked at the Doduo who was now a Dodrio. It has evolved from a much more natural way, unlike with the Raichu and it did not seem to mind.

Elio's tone changed from legitimately cheerful to more serious. "So shall we go sac the other camp Lillie? With our boys getting restored and strong they will stand no chance."

Lillie nodded as they got on the bike and drove into the desert yet again, there was however a complication. The bike was caught in the sand. Elio watched the wheels hurl sand but not move. "Crap, don't worry I got this."

Lillie did not want Elio to strain himself and joined in pushing the bike out.

Elio looked at the situation and asked. "So you want to head back to Gateon Port? We need better wheels in order to get past all this sand."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 5 Of Bikes and Mecha's

Elio and Lillie entered the junk shop at Gateon Port, the boy shouted. "Hey, Maken! Perr! The bike is having some problems deep in the desert and we are wondering if you two can make some upgrades?!"

Perr responded upon seeing the two. "I know you two are fighting against Cipher. Go to Dr. Kaminko's place, he should have some parts needed for us to modify the wheels, just watch out for security."

Perr handed over a list of parts needed.

The duo drove towards the doctors house, it is as gloomy as ever. Lillie wanted to get Nincada to evolve as soon as possible and volunteered to battle Chobin should he try to fight them again. Elio approached the door to knock.

Out a corner came the strange little man. "Halt burglars!"

Lillie tried to explain why she and Elio came. "Calm down Mr Chobin. We are not here to steal anything, we just want to ask for some parts and we will be on our way."

The man was not even listening. "Chobin doesn't believe you, the two of you tried to steal from the Doctor once before and Chobin won't allow it to happen again." Lillie took a deep breath as she drew out the Raichu's and the Nincada's ball.

Vs Assistant Chobin.

The little man sent out the Sunflora from before and a giant angry sea serpent known as Gyrarados.

"Go Shockums! Go Nincada!" The Raichu and Nincada came out of their balls to an intimidating Gyarados.

Lillie ordered. "Shockums, thunderbolt that Gyarados! Nincada use leech life on the Sunflora!"

The Raichu made quick work of the Gyarados as it knocked it out in one bolt. The Nincada latched on to the Sunflora as it brought forth strong sun light. The Raichu stunned the Sunflora with thunder wave as the Nincada finished it off with a leech life to end the fight. The little man stood in disbelief and dropped his glasses in the process. Lillie surveyed the battle field, Nincada glowed as wings erupted from its back, shedding its skin to become Ninjask. Lillie looked under the Ninjask, she noticed a faint shadow sneaked into an empty pokeball she had and was not proud. "I am sorry that I had to do this to you..."

Elio wondered why would Lillie be upset about this pokemon as the doctor himself emerged from his house. He had gray hair that stood out like a tower with the glasses being the same as the assistant. "Chobin, what is going on here!"

The little man explained about the burglars, the doctor ignored the kids pleas of reason and asked the assistant. "You been keeping Robo Groudon up to date or did you let it rust?"

The assistant replied. "No sir Chobin has been taking really good care of it, Chobin even had it modified."

The doctor responded. "Good. Show these burglars what for."

Elio's eyes widen. "So a robotic version of a legendary that is known for expanding the land? It would be a massive disappointment if we end up fighting this guy's pokemon instead of the machine."

Chobin looked offended as he went back in the house. The Groudon statue was moved aside a large red metallic monstrosity was seen emerging from the hole. The dark haired boy stepped forward as Lillie was intimidated. "I got this just watch the show!"


The machine caused the sun light to intensify!

Elio remembered the battle he had with Lusamine in Ultra Space where despite her being fused toonto an creature, she still decided to use her pokemon instead of going in to attack by herself in battle.

Elio took two pokemons and sneered at the machine. "I would be disappointed if I was right. MAKUTA, MAC GET OUT THERE!"

The Yamask and Torracat waited as they prepared for the machine's next move. Chobin pushed a couple buttons and the behemoth shot out a fire blast. It missed the Yamask and nearly hit Elio.

Knocked off his feet at the initial shock and dodging, Elio smiled. "Sweet I am fighting this thing."

His face turned into horror as he realized. "Oh crap I am actually fighting this thing."

The little man in the machine struggled to reach a talking position. "Sorry about that, Chobin was aiming for the Yamask. Wait a minute why is Chobin apologizing?"


The Hitmonchan punched a dent into the machine, the Yamask sent ghostly fire into the machines joints. The joints were over heating. Chobin responded in anger. "Oh is this how its going to be?"

The machine slashed at the Hitmonchan with its metal claws.

The heat in the joints caused the damage to be minimal. "MAKUTA USE HEX ON THOSE JOINTS, HEAT IT UP SOME MORE." The Yamask focused its power on the joints, they glowed even more red.



The punches kept coming. The robot breathed a fire blast into the Hitmonchan for a burn, it tossed out a pokeball from one of its claws revealing a dandelion floating in the air known as Jumpluff.

Elio sighed. "Reminds me of the Totem pokemon back home. Mac you can stop, GO BRIMMY!" The Jumpluff tossed toxic spores onto the Yamask, as the Hitmonchan was switched for a Torracat.


As the Jumpluff was thrown aside, the heat worsened on the joints. The behemoth breathed a fire blast on to the Torracat, doing significant damage despite type disadvantage. Elio shouted. "BRIMMY FIRE FANG ROBO GROUDON, MAKUTA END THIS WITH A HEX!" The Torracat tore a hole into the machines lower belly, the Yamask focused its power on the wires of the machine.

In the smoke, the machine was still active. Damaged considerably but still up.

"This is not over!" The little man was still pressing buttons and pulled the lever.

"I still have one more surprise for you. Begin Primal Reversion!"

The machine shifted its plates, in an attempt to transform, but smoke spewed from it.

It began to overheat. "On no!" The little man struggled to press the buttons and levers to shut the machine down before it exploded.

Lillie shouted one more time towards the doctor. "For the last time, we are not here to steal things! We are only here for these parts."

She handed over the small list. The inventor looked at the paper. "Oh? Chobin, we still have the parts from the scrapped Robo Rayquaza?"

Chobin was dusting himself as he answered "Yes sir."

The doctor responded. "Good, give it to them I still wanted it gone anyways."

The duo got the parts needed for what looks like a hover system, Elio whispered to the little man in a genuine grin. "Hey Chobs, next time I want to actually see that surprise. I think the combination of Mac's punches, Makuta's curses and Brimmy literally tearing a hole in its chest did not help its transformation." That left the man pleased. "You will get that next time, Chobin swears!"


Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 3 Wes Gets Famous.

At Aether. things had went about the same as it was when Gladion was acting president. Even if Lusamine was back, the first thing she was given upon settling in was a notice from Interpol. She is to get rid of any remaining data files regarding Ultra Space that Interpol was not able to remove from Aethers Data Banks, baring the creation of the Beast Balls. If she did not comply by the next few months, Interpol would come, do it themselves and haul her away to prison for among other things, mass endangerment. In addition to the notice she was not to come anywhere close to the ruins and that until she is proven to no longer be a threat to society... her power in Aether is VERY limited. First among the files to go were the ones about the Ultra Beast Nihilego, the very creature she was willing to give everything up just to spend the rest of her life with.

As part of the weekly schedule; Her, Gladion and Wicke normally expect Lillie to call back home regarding her progress in Orre. While the first two week's were simply Lillie talking about getting transport. The third week however was rather different. Gladion stood and heard everything, from the sound that Lillie had a mental breakdown. Straight to Elio spelling out what has happened regarding the shadow pokemon. Gladion dread as Elio described that Lillie did not handle seeing a pokemon go into Hyper Mode for the first time and that Elio used a Tyrouge to show what he was talking about.

After the call has ended, Lusamine asked her son if he has heard all of that, then laughed bitterly at herself. "Please tell me she is not dealing with this again...".

The long silence was broken when Gladion received a call from someone he used to work with back when he was Team Skulls enforcer.



"What is it?"

"Hey Gladion. Have you seen the news lately?"

Gladion answered. "No, why you ask?"

Plumeria responded. "You might want to look at it in the next five minutes."

Gladion sighed. "Fine, talk to you later."

Beep. Gladion signaled Wicke to monitor Lusamine as he checked the news.

First thing he saw was news about an outlaw that was recently caught in the Battle Royal stealing two pokemon with a strange device. The reporter showed the image of a man wearing a blue jacket and the image of him using a pokeball that generated a hand yanking a Stunky in.

"Police has apprehended this criminal and let him out on parole despite the audacity this villain had shown during this event. In other news, report of a crime organization known as Cipher has be distributing something known as shadow pokemon. Be warned as they are known to attack anything without warning. All of Alola are advised to take a curfew and stay off the streets during night time."

Upon hearing the words shadow pokemon yet again, Gladion made a sharper scowl. Upon returning to monitor Lusamine, Gladion asked Wicke if she has seen the news lately.

The chief branch scientist answered yes before she received a call from an old contact of hers, Nanu. "Hello? Yes I seen it too. A problem, with what?"


Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 4 Shadows On Ula'ula

The week on Alola.

Wes and Rui were unable to find any whereabouts of Cipher on Akala island. Reports from Plumeria and the rest of the former Team Skull have confirmed that there were no Cipher activity on Melemele island. Next Island the two decided to investigate is Ula'Ula. Other than security being more hostile towards Wes, they let the two on a boat toward the next island. They arrived at Malie city, a city known on Alola for having a them akin to most cities in the Johto region. While festivals were not uncommon on these islands there was one specific regarding a trainer taking his pokemon out for a walk and using it to battle other trainers.

Wes and Rui happened to arrive during this festival. Most were too drunk to really recognize Wes for his actions back at Akala and let the two in.

Wes sent out the ultra ball and shouted. "Alright Ultima, let's show them who is the best."

Rui shouted as she let out a large badger like creature with red markings around its neck, known as Typholsion. "Come on Rube, no sense in letting Wes feel lonely." The Typholsion's neck erupts in flames as it saw what was going on.

Most of the festival ended in participants trying to pick a fight with Wes's Tyranitar, it did not even needed to mega evolve to show them why it was a bad idea.

Among the party goers there was one particular who the loudest and was previously the strongest in the festival. A reasonably attractive for her age, brown haired woman in an Alolan dress with a Vileplume at her side. She recognized the man looking around and pretended to be among the roaring drunks, dancing around like she was the crown diva. When she recognized the woman following Wes however she spoke in a pout.

"Oh no you are that girl from before!"

Rui blinked. "What?"

The woman remembered out loud. "Oh how I remember you two, you ruined my fame down in the Under, well you will NOT ruin my show here."

Wes recognized the woman as she mentioned the old underground city. "Venus?"

The lady had her hands over her mouth as she realized she said too much. She performed a small dance as she prepared for battle.

Vs Cipher Admin Venus

She sent out Vileplume and a large metal snake known as Steelix into battle

Wes remembered the last battle with the Admin and shouted. "Go Dawn, go Vivi."

The Espeon and Mismagius came out to confront the old foe. Espeon hit the Vileplume with a psychic blast, the Mismagius aimed well with its mystic flame as it took down the Steelix in a critical hit. Venus called back the Steelix and sent out a purple leopard known as Liapard. The Vileplume used its attractive charms to make the Espeon infatuated, the Liapard sent out a thunder wave before the others, stunning the Mismagius. The Espeon was able to fight his infatuation and finish off the VIleplume. Mismagius did not move due to paralysis. Venus sent out a pumpkin like creature known as Gourgiest. Wes called his Espeon back and sent out his Umbreon. Mismagius, despite his nerves was able to knock out the Gourgiest with a shadow ball. The Liepard used her attractive charms to try and keep the Mismagius occupied.

Venus, furious about how the battle was going sent out another pokemon. A green humanoid creature with a cloud for a lower body and a long tail. The member of the legendary Kami Trio, Tornadus! Rui sees the creature for what it was, another shadow pokemon. In the background a small purple haired girl was busy guiding the party goers out of the garden and far away from the city.

Venus laughed like a diva. "Master Nascour would be angry if I let you two on this island any longer. Looks like I am going to have to blow you all away."

The Tornadus generated a swirling dark cloud as it created a dark hurricane. Everything in Malie City was torn asunder by the wind, tree's were torn, buildings were damaged. Tourist's watching from the Hokulani Observatory see only chaos. The Umbreon and Mismagius were hit hard by the shadow Hurricane, with the Mismagius and the Liepard taking the worse of the storm. Both were knocked out by the shadow hurricane

Wes called the Mismagius back and shouted. "Gilgey, keep that Tornadus busy while I get Ultima ready!"

The Hitmontop clapped in front of the Tornadus as Wes took out an old pokeball. "Dusk fall back. Go Ultima, MEGA EVOLVE!"

On exiting the ultra ball, the Tyranitar mega evolved and crunched down on the Tornadus with its jaws, it dealt significant damage. Wes swapped again. "Gilgey, swap. Go Edgar."

The Tornadus saw itself corned by the Ampharos and Tyranitar as it prepared a dark mist to make its next shadow hurricane more accurate. He continued the devastating hurricane, Ampharos stunned the Tornadus with a thunder wave while the Tyranitar followed with a crunch.

Wes prepared a timer ball.


Shake... shake... shake... pop!

The Tornadus broke free but its refuse to let it move.

Wes tossed another ball at it.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Venus panicked as she saw the hurricane die and saw her defeat. "Eek! How dare you! How dare you! Don't think you are getting any information out of me boy. Our operations on this region will go according to plan regardless!"

Venus dashed towards the exit, trying to hold onto something. News reporters swarmed like flies over the freak hurricane and the hint at a Tornadus, Venus did not see where she was going and ran straight into a Reporter and Camera Man as they were filming live. She tripped, then continued to dash, sending some Cipher goons to slow Wes down. The Tyranitar, still in her mega form showed the peons why she was called Ultima and had them running scared. By the time Wes and Rui got the edge of town, Venus had ran too far ahead to follow. Rui picked up a USB drive containing more information and placed it in the PDA. It was a report on how the distractions were coming, the shadow pokemon bust was a minor set back and that Venus was to put on a show. Wanting to make as much noise as possible that Alola would be occupied long enough for Dakim and the others to get into position.

Wes and Rui were figuring out what does this mean. A small girl riding a large muddy horse known as Mudsdale came barreling down. The girl introduced herself as Hapu as she explained that she came here due to the Kahuna of Ula'Ula island, Nanu was reported missing in action for the past day. She asked the two what was going on as most of Malie has been damaged by the hurricane.

Wes smirked. "Listen even if I tell you would not believe me and would assume that I caused most of this."

Wes's smirk immediately faded as Hapu gave him one of the most intimidating stares he had seen.

Wes gave in and answered.

He explained to Hapu everything that has happened, in regards to Cipher making a presence on Alola and how some of their activities were taking place on the island they stand on.

In exchange, Hapu explained about the Island guardians, pokemon that are also called the Tapu's and how they assign a person to be a Kahuna of the island. Rui pointed out that if these guardians are indeed pokemon than Cipher might be going after the diety of Ula'Ula as a major distraction. One that cannot be ignored, if Tapu Bulu was captured by these guys they will turn him into a shadow pokemon. Something that Hapu knows will happen if they don't do something. She gave Wes a pager for Mudsdale, as a sign of appreciation for handling the former Team Skull members in their brief involvement with Cipher. She barked at the two to hurry.

The duo barreled through the hills, they made it to what looked like a trailer park. Already a Cipher peon with an odd looking uniform and a blue scarf harassing the locals.

The scarfed goon noticed more people approaching from behind. "WHA... YOU! I remembered you from Orre all those years ago. No matter, I have been training under Master Dakim for quite some time. This time I am ready for you Wes."

Vs Cipher peon, Skrub.

Skrub sent out a Wigglytuff and a large rock creature known as Golem.

Rui shouted. "Wigglytuff is a shadow pokemon!" Wes send out his Espeon and Umbreon, the combined assault of psychic and foul play was enough to take out the Golem. Wigglytuff erupted in dark lasers, hitting the Umbreon and halved its vitality. Skrub sent out Machamp, the Umbreon spit a toxic liquid at the Wigglytuff, it was badly poisoned. The Espeon made quick work of the Machamp with a simple psychic blast.

"GRR alright, time to use one of the new shadow pokemon Ein cooked up."

Out came a large purple cat, the Alolan variant of Persian. Rui placed her hand over her face and groaned in frustration. "Why did you have to say it is a shadow pokemon when I am right here!" The Wigglytuff had to recharge as Espeon shot a shadow ball and Umbreon dodged a shadow end from Persian. Wes charged up an ultra ball with the snag machine.


Shake... shake...shake... click!

The Persian used a shadow wave to hit both the Umbreon and Espeon. The Umbreon was about to fall and Espeon would not do much against the Persian. Wes called them back for the Hitmontop and Tyranitar to bring the Persian to the ground with fake out and crunch!

"GO SNAG BALL!" The Persian was yanked into the timer ball.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Skrub flinched in response. "What... how? Can't believe after all that training I still lost."

Skrub dramatically posed as he flipped on top of a trailer to escape.

Wes expected the locals to not be so grateful due to that his image was marked all over the news as a criminal, to his surprise though they thanked him for getting the goon to go away and gave both the pager for Charizard. Some of people living in the trailer park also recognized Wes and Rui from the description Plumeria gave them. Wes appealed to his fan's, Rui asked about the desert north leading to the Shrine of Abundance, Haina Desert.

The locals speak of the desert being like a labyrinth, the way to is marked depending on the amount of rocks in the way, first one is marked by two rocks, second one is one, third one is four and the last is three. "So follow the rocks and we make it to the shrine. This might take a while."

Wes laughed. "Bet Dakim was having quite the trouble with this puzzle."

It took an hour to travel the desert, they made it to a long path way leading to an old temple. At the entrance they find a large red haired, muscular man trying to intimidate Nanu, who was not even fazed by what he is seeing. The Cipher goons tried to stop the duo, half of them who were not defeated by the Tyranitar's rocks or the Hitmontop's punches were defeated by Rui's duo of Typhlosion and a metallic bird known as Skarmory. As each peon were defeated, most were kicked out by a swat courtesy of large cacti. Either as a way by the Tapu to let Wes and Rui pass or to get Cipher off his land.

The muscular man was prepared to attack. "Alright, stand aside old man. We want the Tapu inside!"

Nanu didn't even care about the threat as he started to bring out a pokeball, the brute leaped at him to punch him the stomach and knocked him out flat. The man turned around to find a man in a blue jacket. "Wha.. YOU! I remember you Wes, you foiled our plans for world conquest years back. But now we are getting stronger than ever."

The man stomped on the ground. "Prepare to be crushed."

Vs Cipher Admin Dakim

Dakim sent out a floating clay figure known as Claydol and a large ant lion adult known as Flygon.

Wes sends out his Mismagius and Hitmontop. "Gilgey use fake out to slow the Flygon, Vivi use shadow ball to break down Claydol."

Only Hitmontop got hit by the retaliating earthquake from Claydol and Flygon before using close combat to make quick work of the Flygon. Mismagius finished off the Claydol with a second shadow ball. The next two pokemon Dakim sent out was a weird bag worm in a metallic shell known as Foretress and a large mudfish pokemon known as Swampert.

Wes shouted. "Gilgey come back. Go Dusk, Vivi willo wisp the Swampet" The Foretress protected itself as the Swampert dodged the willo wisp and earthquake. It only dealt damage to the Umbreon.

Wes shouted. "Vivi mystic fire on the Foretress, Dusk foul play on the same target."

The combination was able to finish the Forretress off as Swampert protected itself. Dakim stomped his feet over how quickly he was getting beaten, sent out a similar looking creature to Tornadus, except it was brown. The legendary member of the Kami Trio, Landarous.

Rui looked at the menacing pokemon. "That Landarous is a shadow pokemon."

The Mismagius and Umbreon were able to take out the Swampert with there combined fire. Leaving the Landarous to use its move, he roared in a dark aura and caused the ground to darken. What ever was not hit by the initial shock wave was hit by the dark fumes erupting from the ground. Everywhere in the desert and around the desert felt the tremors. The environment itself was not severely damaged due to the lack of anything around besides ocean, a geothermal power plant, a mountain and a trailer park

The Mismagius used small dark fires to burn the Landarous. Wes swapped his Umbreon for his Hitmontop. Less damage is dealt from the next shadow quake. The combined effort of the Hitmontop making Landarous flinch and Mismagius using dark pulse to make the legendary fall over.

Seeing it as his chance, he placed a timer ball in the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Dakim stomped in anger "GWAAH! YOU MEDDLESOME PEST. This isn't over, even now Ein should have his hands on that pokemon we came to this region for. Next time we meet I WILL CRUSH YOU."

Dakim leaped towards a cliff edge in escape. The duo rush to Nanu to see if he was alright. He was battered, coughing up his lunch, but nothing major as he came through. "Huh? Expected you two to be here as soon as these guys started making trouble."

Both look at each other as they realize that the Cipher problem was more serious than they realize.

"But why." Each other were thinking?

The duo helped Nanu up, they talked about a couple things Cipher has been doing. First and most important, they have been setting up distractions all over the islands. From using the Skull Grunts as a means to cause chaos, Venus keeping a party going long enough for Dakim to get into position and Dakim threatening Ula Ula's deity. Wes remembered one more admin that has not yet revealed himself and asked Nanu. "Do you know of someone named Ein?"

Nanu's stare turned to a stoic glare. "The scientist responsible for the initial creation of the shadow pokemon. Yeah I heard of him." Wes remembered of Ein like a nightmare, one of Ciphers top scientist's and vile even among them.

The cop thought for a brief second and came to the conclusion of what Cipher really wanted off Alola. "I got one theory, but this does mean you two have to hurry if you want to stop him. The Lake of the Sunne, one of the areas in Alola that is known to connect into two dimensions. There a pokemon that is able to open holes into those dimensions that can be found on rare occasions. The reason I came out in the first place was because one of these goons stole one of my Persians. But if Cipher is after the pokemon known as Cosmog then this could mean bad things for the rest of Alola."

Wes cringed and patted the back of his head nervously at the mention of the Persian. "I think I snagged that Persian, they turned it into a shadow pokemon already."

Nanu felt angry and glared back. Wes understood why the cop might have been upset. "If you want I can give you the Persian back after I open the door to its heart."

Nanu shook his head in response. "Nah, don't, I know it be in good care with you anyways."

Ring Ring!

The cop started talking to someone on the phone. "Yeah. So you found out too? I heard of this guy in reports, he has the means to stop them. Send him over? You sure? Why that thi... not sure if he will listen but okay?"

Rui looked in confusion. "Who was that?"

Nanu sighed loudly. "Someone who worked with the International Police. She asked if I knew of Ciphers activities and is sending someone over to meet with you near Po town. You should be able to find him if you hurry to the Meadow!"

Wes and Rui obtained the pager for Sharpedo's.

Back at Aether Paradise.

Gladion was given some reports from the locals about the latest Aether activity in Alola. Latest one was some employees being spotted near the Lake of the Sunne, one of the few areas no one was permitted to go into. No one authorized it, Gladion and Wicke had made sure Lusamine did not go anywhere NEAR the ruins and Faba was busy in the background.

Gladion started ordering an employee to find one of the individuals who worked at the battle tree. "Send Heidi over here, I need someone to break the news that the ruins are off limits."

Wicke kept reading about the news in Alola as she provided information for him. "Excuse me Master Gladion, I have further reports regarding the current crisis on Alola. I have word from a friend that he is sending two people to Ula'ula Meadow. They have the means and information needed to stop this shadow pokemon incident from getting worse."

Gladion raised his eyebrow. "I am already sending someone down there to clear out, so why not have Heidi pick them up?"

Wicke answered back. "Because one of these two individuals will not listen to her. He should be more cooperative if it were someone else who has had past experience in dealing with a similar pokemon."

Gladion looked away and posed in thought, with his left hand moved towards his face and his right hand towards his side, he knew that Wicke meant Type:Null before it evolved into Silvally. "So you are saying I should go down there myself to clear out and pick these two up?"

Wicke frowned and nodded. "That is the idea, just be careful down there, something doesn't seem right as it is."

Gladion nodded in agreement. "Alright, keep an eye on the president while I am away. If I am gone for more than an hour it means something is going on."

Gladion took a flight on Charizard to the crimson meadow of Ula'Ula near Po Town, he saw some employees transporting equipment from the ruins. "Hey who allowed you all to come here?!"

One of the employees answered. "Someone at the higher ups."

Gladion glared and spoke coldly. "I am the higher up and I did not authorized this, I made sure no one else near that position authorized this. So now I ask, what are you all doing here?"

The employee looked towards the others in panic as they revealed themselves as a bunch of goons wearing a scarfs and helmets before he, himself done the same. "You should not have asked questions kid, now we have to hurt you."

They drew out pokeballs as Gladion posed to prepare his. His left hand moved towards his face and his right hand towards his side. He recognized them as the very people Elio had mentioned as well as being the very people who made his sister cry. "Silvally, lets send them out!"

An hour later, Wes and Rui rushed towards Ula'Ula meadow.

They found a rare sight, battered Cipher grunts everywhere. Rui teased Wes. "Looks like someone beat you to this."

Wes shrugged. "No matter, follow the bodies, we will find something."

Wes surveyed the landscape. Searching near Po town, they found what looked like a great battle took place, more Cipher peons laid unconscious, claw marks everywhere. A trail lead towards what looked like a large white station. The duo walked in to see three things, a scientist knocked across the room, some files and a teleportation device.

Rui picked up the files.


She handed it over to Wes as he read.

"Frankas's experiments on evolving shadow pokemon have proven negative. Even with the Eevee the results have all proven negative. So the new plan is to find the Cosmog, evolve it manually then turn it into a shadow pokemon. As one of the creatures of legends, it is able to transverse the realm known as Ultra Space without any worry of exhausting its power."

The duo having no idea what this meant other than the Cosmog, continued to read the next file.


"With the replicated XD formula we were able to apply this formula on another creature of myths. We will label it as XD-003, with its power to incapacitate many naturally, it will be very useful in wiping out key targets once we eventually break it. How the formula varies from legends and myths remains a mystery, but with XD-002's common traits of all pokemon, we will be able to trace it in due time. Now for the biggest mystery, applying the XD formula to pokemon not of this world. Pokemon that seem to have next to no connection to XD-002."

Wes smiled as he made the connections. "Who got here first must have a beef with these guys as well. Ready to see where this teleportation device leads to?"

Rui nodded yes as they entered. To their "surprise" they walked into a large lab. Wes recognized Ciphers handy work. "Look's like a newer version of Ein's old base."

More Cipher peons are lay battered. Most of the locked doors have been opened, most of the peons that fought the intruder were fleeing from the Tyranitar. Most of the Ein files found all date back to Orre, in depth information regarding the shadow pokemon.

"I thought I heard something, over here!"

Wes heard as he found Cipher goons rushing towards him. "Ultima! Vivi! Let's crush them!"

The man got his pokemon ready to demolish the guards, the combined effort of his Mismagius super natural powers and Tyranitar's mega form was enough to send these peons either running or battered as the rest.

Upon going down an elevator, they heard the most "lovely" sound they have not heard in years.

An alarm.

Rui recognized the sound. "Not Ein if he did not have a mook use one of these things."

An explosion being heard from the distance, followed by foot steps.

Wes shouted. "Looks like we are catching up with who ever we were suppose to meet, come on Rui lets go."

As they dashed through the halls, he spotted another peon following in pursuit. "Oh crap! More intruders... Oh, its you. I will let the others deal with the kid, I am taking you down!"

Vs Cipher Peon Jake

Jake sent out a large grass snake known as Serperior and a pink mantis known as Lurantis. The later Wes had never seen before. "Vivi! Gilgey! Take them down!"

The Mismagius and Hitmontop arrived from their balls. "Gilgey use fake out on that Serperior, if it has what I think it has we really do not want this thing to be using leaf storm, Vivi mystic fire that weird mantis."

The Hitmontop caused the Seperior to flinch, the Mismagius sent out mystic fire to critically hit the Lurantis, knocking it out of the battle. Next pokemon Jake sent out was a large squid creature with a sinister look.

Rui stared at the squid. "That Malamar is a shadow pokemon."

The Mismagius burned the Serperior as the Hitmontop mach punched the Malamar. The Malamar glowed in a dark aura as it slammed its limbs at the Hitmontop, hurting it rather badly. Its defenses and physical structure looked to have improved contrary to the nature of the slam. Wes swapped the Hitmontop for his Umbreon as he ordered his Mismagius to willo wisp the Malamar, burning it. The Malamar used Shadow Power again as it slammed its limbs into the Umbreon.

Wes sends in a dusk ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click.

The peon flinched. "Crap I got to warn..." He tripped on one of the bodies, falling unconscious himself.

The duo went the direction Jake was going to run to as the progress forward. In the next room, they found something rather unusual. A blonde green eye teenager in black clothes fighting a Cipher peon that was using with a type of Tyrannosaurus known as Tyrantram. In front of the kid is a strange dog creature with a brown hue. The Tyrantram looked beaten as it is glowed a dark aura, about to smash its head into the teenager with the dog blocking the way.

Wes put another dusk ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL! Yonk!"

The teenager looked in shock as a hand reached out from the dark swirl, dragging the shadow pokemon into the ball.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

"What the"


The dog swatted the peon across the room. The boy recognized the man from the news; blue jacket, a strange device that allows one to steal pokemon.

He continued to make a frown as he posed. "Thanks, I had it under control."

Wes, looked at the battered peon and asked. "I take that trail of bodies was your doing?"

The teenager still frowned. "Yes."

Wes said back."A buddy of mine told me someone would be sent here to help us investigate what is going on, take its you?"

Still glaring the teenager nodded.

The man in the blue jacket smiled at an opportunity. "Since we both want Cipher gone from these islands, how about we work together?" T

He black jacket teenager agreed. "Might as well."

Rui asked the teenager as they journeyed. "You read through all those files?"

The teenager glared back towards the woman. "Yes, some of the sickest things I read yet, what is worse is what they have planned for the Cosmog." Wes talked back. "While me and Rui were not in Orre during the second time Cipher has already done this, we have heard of something they did to a pokemon named Lugia. An attempt to create a shadow pokemon beyond saving."

The teenager shook his head in disgust. "Of course they would do something like that, what is their excuse?"

Wes laughed loudly."Isn't it obvious? World domination!" The teenager looked down in anger upon hearing the reason.

Soon as the trio were done talking, they met a forked path. One lead to holding pens, the other to a computer room.

Wes turned towards the teenager. "Here is the plan, you go that way towards the storage and see if you cannot find anything. Me and a couple people have busted their plans to distribute these shadow pokemon so they are probably taking their things and running. What ever you find that is of interest is yours."

The teenager looked back and asked. "And you two?"

Wes shrugged "Me and Rui are going towards the computer room to confront Ein. The very bastard responsible for the creation of the shadow pokemon."

The teenager yelled back. "No way! I want to give this guy a piece of my mind!"

Wes gestured toward the teenager. "Easy kid, while you are a strong enough trainer, you do not have one of these."

Wes pointeds towards the snag machine. "Or a means to detect shadow pokemon."

He pointed towards Rui. "You are just going to make yourself a big target for when a shadow pokemon does get the jump on you, as it was seen with the Tyrantrum. Further more this is an Admin, the previous two had in their possession the Kami trio, forces of nature told in legends. By process of elimination, Ein will have Thundurus, a legendary pokemon capable of controlling storms."

Wes smiled at the teenager as he continued. "Besides if you run into a shadow pokemon at the pens, it would mean you would be able to do something about these shadow pokemon. A good reason to take a trip to Orre once it is good and ready."

The teenager nodded as he thought about someone currently in the region. "Alright, I'll meet you when I am finished, I would want to watch what you actually do anyways."

Wes shrugged. "Just don't get caught in the splash zone and watch the show."

Gladion left the two adults and walked towards the holding pens.

He found a Cipher peon, looking over for anything he is missing. "I know the boss skipped one more pokemon, just don't know where."

Gladion, being angry over all the things he has been told shouted. "Get out!" The peon realized the intruder and tossed two pokeball's in reflex.

VS Cipher Peon Frank

Frank sent out a large pile of garbage known as Garbador and a pile of sludge, the regional variant of Muk.

"Silvally, Porygon-Z attack!" Silvally leaped forward out of the ball, with a twitching virtual bird following.

"Silvally, use multi attack on that Muk!" The Silvally claws glowed like that of the ground, it slashed at the Muk, taking it down rather easy. "Porygon-Z use tri attack on the Garbador!"

The Porygon twitched and shot out three energy balls; one blue, one yellow and one red. The Garbador stiffened up as it is paralyzed, before the Silvally's claws glowed again for a knock out.

The peon ran for his life and dropped his keys. "That runt is not worth getting killed over!"

Gladion obtained cage keys.

He searched for any sign of life until he found one cage still holding something. A small green lizard known as Larvitar, sitting almost lifeless. He opened the cage to check it out, the Larvitar tried to rush at him. On reflex the teenager tossed a pokeball at the Larvitar.

Shake...shake...shake. Click!

Looking at the ball, Gladion felt disgust.

Within the computer room.

Wes and Rui found it to be a wide open space, complete with an open ceiling. There they found a familiar face. A scientist with glasses, a white lab coat and a long strand of black hair. "Ah so you two have finally came, no matter... we already got the pokemon we came for. All master Nascour asked of me is to buy him all the time needed to initiate the final phase of our plan here on Alola. We have already created countless shadow pokemon before hand and many, many more are now underway, including the recreation of the XD formula. Soon the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon will finally be made into a reality."

Wes talked back to the mad scientist. "Save the speech Ein. You know we are just going to beat you."

The scientist smirked as he adjusted his glasses. "Very well I will make sure you two do not interfere with our plans any longer."

Vs Cipher Admin Ein

Ein sent out an electric wolf known as Manetric and a pelican known as Pelipper. The Pelipper drizzled rain into the lab.

"Crap he has the rain set up! Vivi! Edgar! Your up!" The Ampharos and Mismagius emerged from their balls, very familiar with the strategy as Wes shouted. "Vivi, shadow ball Manetric. Edgar, follow up with rock gem!"

Both Manectric and Pelipper focused on the Mismagius with thunder and hurricane, he still floated. The Manetric however was not so lucky as it was knocked out by rock gem and shadow ball. Ein sent out a large rocky dinosaur with a drill on its nose known as Rhyperior.

Wes shouted "Vivi, shadow ball that Rhyperior!"

The Mismagius landed a critical blow, knocking it out.

Wes grinned. "Edgar, thunderbolt the Pelipper, take it out!"

The Ampharos knocked out the Pelipper as it knocked out the Mismagius with a hurricane. Wes called the Mismagius back and whispered. "Well done Vivi, Dusk come on out!"

The Umbreon leaped from the ball, Ein sent out a purple starfish with a gem known as Starmie and a green toad known as Politoed. Wes shouted "Edgar, thunderbolt that Politoed! Dusk. foul play that Starmie!"

The Starmie was the first to attack, with a thunder to the Umbreon, the Politoed responded with surf. Hitting everyone, but only scratching the Starmie. In return the Ampharos aimed the thunder bolt at the Politoed, doing critical damage for a knock out. Umbreon charged at the Starmie using its own strength against it.

Ein smirked. "I take you found out the shadow pokemon I have, so I won't keep you waiting."

Ein sent out a blue humanoid with a cloud for a lower body, the member of the legendary Kami trio, Thundurus. Rui nodded, and shouted at Wes. "We know about this one already, so I won't say it!" The Starmie used hydro pump on the Umbreon, it missed, the Thundurus glowed a dark aura as it shot a black thunder bolt into the sky. The clouds turned purple and shadowy thunder bolts crashed towards the surrounding's as well as crashing outside the lab. It hit the Umbreon, knocking him out. The Ampharos finished off the Starmie with a thunder bolt.

Wes called back the twitching Umbreon before he took out the ultra ball containing the Tyranitar. "Go Ultima, mega evolve!"

The Tyranitar became a larger monstrosity, sand streamed across the field removing the rains effects. "Ultima use crunch!"

The Tyranitar bit into the Thundurus, the shadow pokemon called down more thunder, he missed everyone. "Edgar use light screen! Give Ultima the time we need to snag this legendary!"

The Ampharos sent out a yellow force field. The Thundurus dispelled the barrier with shadow shed. The Tyranitar crunched again, having the Thundurus look weakened.

Wes saw the opportunity and placed in in a timer ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... pop!

First one failed and more lighting struck from the sky. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... pop!

Thunderous tried one more time and missed, he cannot last longer in the sand storm.


Shake... shake... shake... click.

Wes smiled. "Got ya!"

The scientist stared a before running to a teleportation device. Wes was prepared to chase him. "You are not getting away this time Ein!"

He and Rui pursued until they saw Ein made it to the device. Upon getting closer the device short circuited and self destructed. "Damn it!"

Wes seen the wreckage, he turned towards the door and smiled at the teenager watching. "So, you see what we are dealing with now?"

The teenager responded in intimidation by how the battle went, as well as the fact some of the lightning struck at his direction."Yeah, I think I seen enough."

Wes asked. "You found anything specific?"

The teenager answered. "Other than a grunt I had to ask to leave, yes."

The teenager opens up the pokeball containing the Larvitar, the Tyranitar reverted back to her regular form. She glared and growled, Wes gave the same glare. "She is not amused that this has happened to her kin."

Wes stared at the teenager "Your here to pick us up?"

The teenager nodded. "Yes."

Rui scolded Wes for his anti social behavior. "Wes, could you please introduce yourself, you two are getting along yet you haven't even said your name."

Wes rolled his eyes in response. "Fine."

The man walked over to greet himself. "Names Wes and this is my wife Rui."

The teenager trusted him enough to tell more. "Gladion."

Rui looked curiously as to who sent the teenager. "So where are you taking us to exactly?"

Gladion looked toward the hallway. "To a lady named Wicke, she along with another are putting together what Cipher is doing on this region, she is on a floating artificial island near Alola."

The teenager glared back at the Tyranitar. "It is none of my business but where did you get that pokemon?"

Wes smiled at the nostalgia "Oh, Ultima and the others? Let us start back further."

Wes healed up the Umbreon and sent out the Espeon. "Dusk and Dawn have been with me for a long time, longer than I could remember. They were with me back when I worked for a group known as Team Snagem, a group of thieves that worked with Cipher in gathering pokemon to experiment on."

Gladion glared at him. "So what happened?"

Still smiling Wes continued "When I found out what Cipher was doing with the pokemon I helped stole, I blew up Snagem's base, and destroyed nearly every snag machine they had. Except for the one I am carrying obviously."

The man pointed at the machine on his arm. The teenager's glare lightened. "Stole a machine needed for Cipher's plans and ran?"

Wes laughed. "Yep, drove all the way to an old gas station where I met a bunch of thugs that kidnapped a girl."

Wes pointed to Rui. "She has the ability to see the aura given off by the shadow pokemon, while I found it as an opportunity to steal some of these shadow pokemon for myself. Rui told me of a way to fix what was done."

Gladion answered. "Opening the door to its heart?"

Wes grinned. "Correct kid, together we stole back all the pokemon Cipher experimented on and brought these bastards down; Vivi, Edgar, Gilgey, Ultima? They were just four of the shadow pokemon I stole back in the day. Now what say of yours? That dog of yours does not look natural."

Gladion's frown returned, not wanting to think back. "Fine, Silvally was among three, pokemon created from those of various types, to be a weapon. It was given the name Type:Full and the people who created it were not nice to it. When they did not reach my mothers expectations; she had labeled them as failures, put a helmet on them and froze them away in storage"

Wes's usual smirk turned into a glare. "So what did you do about it?"

Gladion answered. "I took one of the Type:Nulls and ran. Lusamine got worse during those two years and started to exploit more pokemon she was suppose to protect, to the point of freezing them for a collection. When my sister saw what she was doing to a pokemon named Cosmog she took the it and ran as well."

Wes, still glared. "Please tell me she is in jail for this!"

The man realized it was not the case and asked. "Okay then why is she not in jail for this?"

Gladion looked away and refused to answer. Wes noticed the response. "That was a little personal. Any reason why these things were created, other than a weapon?"

The teenager looked down not answering. "Cannot find that answer either, okay then."

Wes wanted to get back to the subject. "What happened during those two years?"

Gladion still frowned. "Became an enforcer for a gang named Team Skull, turned out they were working with the same people who created Type:Null. When they helped Aether kidnap my sister for the Cosmog, me and some friends of mine stormed the facility to rescue her. A boy named Elio was the push needed for us to fight back against Lusamine."

Wes smirk returned a little. "I take this Elio kid also became champion of Alola?"

Gladion blushed in embarrassment, the fact that Lillie came closer to beating him still rang in his head. "During their adventure in Poni Island, I had Type:Null evolve into Silvally, being free from the helmet and being able to use the RKS system with no problems."

Wes grinned wider. "Quite a story."

He then thought about Team Skull. "So what happened with the gang? I think I met some of them recently."

Gladion glared back. "After Lusamine escaped into another dimension, she brought with her a man named Guzma along. I have no idea what Elio and Lillie did to get them both out, but what ever they did was enough to drag her out and get treatment for her insanity."

Wes frowned. "Your sister is a much better person than most... and what happened to Guzma?"

The teenager looked away in a sigh. "He disbanded Team Skull, according to Elio he has improved himself as a battler as well as improving some of his life choices."

Wes remembered some of Team Skull's members, they reminded him of a relationship Cipher had with Team Snagem. Wes turned back as he sighed. "Looks like Guzma got off lucky in comparison to ol Gonzap. After the incident they had of an exploding base, Cipher cut all ties with him. Leaving the bulky fool with only a handful of grunts and a destroyed base."

Wes grinned as he mentioned his handy work, then frowned for the next question. "and the mad woman? Since she is not in jail for any of this oddly enough."

Gladion frowned back. "She got physically after my sister brought her to Kanto to treat what ever she brought on herself. Me and Miss Wicke have to keep her on a leash so she does not become out of control again."

Wes shrugged. "I hope you do, because someone most certainly will take her down again if she tries any of that again."

Gladion glared back, having hopes it would never have to come to it again. The trio exited the labs and used the pager the pager to call in the Charizards. Wes requested that the trip to Aether Paradise be a short one, afterwards Gladion owes him a battle.

At Aether, more reports came.

A freak thunderstorm has struck multiple locations on Poni island. Some of the employees complained that they are going to have to send people to Poni Island in addition to the mess around Ula'Ula.

As they were preparing for another day at work.