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Through The Sands We Go A Post Pokemon Sun and Moon Fanfiction.

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Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 5 Assault On Aether

The trio arrive, they heard the massive explosion. Cipher peons were running everywhere.

Gladion shouted towards the two in regards to a plan. "Split up into three! Wes you handle the docks below! Rui you handle the Conservation Deck upwards! I will handle the labs below the docks!"

They saw Cipher goons attempting to sabotage the elevator, all three grab their pokeballs. "Ultima, crush them!"

Rui tossed in a gray yoga fighter with a gem on its forehead known as Medicham. "Diva, get ready!"

Gladion realized he did not give any of his pokemon a nickname save for Silvally and felt left out. "Go Lucario!"

The Lucario read the aura of the Cipher goons and prepared.

Wes and Rui brought out keystones.




The Medicham grew six ghostly arms behind its back as it was in perfect zen.

Gladion rolled his eyes. "Of course they have those." The combined effort of the three were able to push the peons away from the elevator.

The elevator was still in working condition, Rui's destination was the first among the three. Cipher peons were trying to steal all the pokemon in the area, with some of the tourist being cornered.

Wes shouted towards Rui. "I really don't want to defend this place, but make sure these scumbags leave with only Diva's footprint!"

His wife looked back and smiled as she sent out the Skarmory. As the elevator went down, to the docks, Gladion asked. "What of hers?"

Wes smiled. "Some of them are the same boat as some of mine, gave some to her a couple years after the first shadow crisis."

The elevator stopped and the duo to found peons attacking the employees. Wes walked out to get ready. "Be careful down their kid, when we clear these sections out we are to meet back at the central point. It will soon be time to fight the boss."

The man brought out his Tyranitar and Hitmontop taunting the peons. "Okay, which one of you want's some?"

At the bottom, where the labs were, Gladion found where the explosion came from as smoke filled the area. He found Wicke knocked out and tied up. With some peons holding a bag. "Crap that is the kid who ruined our base!"

Another shouted. "Does it look like we care, we have what we came for, now we wait for the boss to do the rest!" The peons hurled a smoke bomb in an successful attempt to escape.

Gladion tried to wake Wicke was in a haze as she came through. "Wha... Master Gladion?"

The teenager is glad for her safety as he asked. "Are you alright? What happened?"

Wicke remembered as she coughed. "I was busy checking the explosion while Madam Lusamine was getting ready to erase more data. Next thing I knew, I was out."

Gladion helped the woman up he stared down the hallway. "I'll check the first room down at the hall way, you check the other one."

The room Gladion checked, nothing was stolen, further down in the other room however Wicked found out that something was stolen. "Fourteen, fifthteen, I could of sworn there were thirty of those things still around, Elio still has the leftov..."

Wicke flinched as she realized. "Oh my."


Lusamine was walking back to the central facility after disposing of the last few pieces of data and viewing the now empty collection awaiting. She was about to go search the labs herself when a gray haired man with glowing red eyes, wearing purple all over save for the dark red skirt approached. "Your Foundation is rather impressive in the vast research that went into interdimensional travel. Why don't you work with us? With the knowledge you possess, this world and the next could be yours."

Lusamine shook her head at what he said. "Your the one who has been organizing all the trouble in this region, leading the very group who is assaulting my facility and you have the audacity to ask me this? I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave."

The dark looking man glared. "Do you have any idea who you are talking to?"

Lusamine lost enough patience as it is and replied back sharply. "Please leave, you are not welcome here!"

The man responded. "Very well, My name is Nascour, leader of Cipher, I will have to make an example of you and the rest of the Aether foundation for the rest of the world to see. I will destroy you."

Vs Cipher Nascour

Nascour sent out a gray, one eyed ghost known as Dusclops. It was holding a particular pink stone.

Lusamine pressed her fingers to her forehead as she prepared her Clefable. "Fine, I will play your little game. Clefable lets show him his mistake."

The Cipher boss tossed out a type of drug at the Dusclops. Clefable used cosmic power to generate bulk.

Nascour looked at the Clefairy. "Hmmm, use willo wisp to scout its ability."

Lusamine shook her head in response. "Seriously? Even that boy knows about magic guard."

Her Clefable, charged up with lunar energy from the night sky and hurled a moonblast at the Dusclops. The enhancement from the drug was no longer active as the moonblast lowered Dusclop's special attack. Dusclops used hex, it was not enough damage for the Clefable to be concerned. Clefable used the moon light to heal herself and for most of the battle was able to whittle down the Duskclops with next to no effort by using moonblast and moonlight when needed. Next pokemon Nascour sent out was a green creature with blades for elbows known as Gallade. Clefable wasted no time taking the Gallade down as it took a psycho cut and countered with moonblast.

Nascour growled as he sent out a fiery bird known as Blaziken. "Grr, Blaziken, use roar to get that Clefable out!"

The Blaziken took a moon blast and bellowed out the Clefable, Milotic was next to be sent out. The Blaziken high jump kicked the Milotic who repaid with a hydro pump.

Nascour was furious and tossed out a large red and black, metal edge creature known as Bisharp.

Lusamine ordered. "Milotic use recover to heal yourself." Milotic did just that as the Bisharp glowed in a dark aura before slashing at the Milotic for a critical hit K.O. Lusamine sent out Bewear, having great suspicions on what the Bisharp actually is due to the attack looking super effective. The Cipher head knew much about this pokemon and swapped to a large green bird known as Xatu.

The Bewear was swapped for Mismagius as Lusamine smiled smug. "I knew he wouldn't keep that thing around for long!"

The Xatu hit the Mismagius with a psychic blast as it did not expect the Bewear to switch. The Mismagius knocked Xatu out with a shadow ball. Next pokemon Nascour sent was a blue walrus known as Wailren. Lusamine swapped back to Bewear when she realized the fight was over, the Bewear was hit with a waterfall. "Dispose of this one with hammer arm, but be cautious about the Bisharp."


Wailren was k.o'd. Nascour was angry that the battle had not gone in his favor and sent out the Bisharp, snapping his fingers before pointing directly at Lusamine. The Bisharp leaped directly towards her in an attempt to slash at her with a shadow slash. The Bewear was not happy with such a tactic and sucker punched it with a hammer arm. K.O!

Nascour was defeated.

Nascour still refused to leave as he shouted readying his fists. "This is not over, come on we shall battle!"

In the distance, a voice was heard. "Enough Nascour, don't embarrass yourself more than you just did." The man turned to face the door way shivering at the approaching figure. "Sir, I beg your pardon!"

Lusamine, already thought something was wrong when the suppose head of Cipher lost rather badly. When a child had beaten her easily and even during her treatment in Kanto, her daughter Lillie was able to beat her soundly in a pokemon battle. Out of the distance, came a short stocky elderly tourist in a blue alolan shirt that was clapping rapidly. "Quite a show, you know I was surprised you of all people refused."

Lusamine did not even know what was going on and was left speechless, the little man continued with a smile. "Oh dear me ma'am. Do you fail to understand still? At times I am but a tourist wanting to see Alola and at other times I am the secret boss to Ciphers operations on this region. My name is Evice and I shall rule the world."

The man revealed a much more sinister grin as he did a back flip. "The shadow pokemon plan here is finished. But all of Alola have dared fought against us! Much like Nascour said, I will make an example of you all so the world may never again rise against me!"

Lusamine, just blinked. "Shadow pokemon plan?"

Evice's grin changed to a frown as he guessed what Lusamine was trying to figure out. "Oh? What were we planning here? HA HA HA! You should know, after all this is all thanks to you, but no matter."

Evice prepared two pokeballs and started hopping as Lusamine was preparing for another battle with revives and a heel click!

VS Cipher Head Evice.

Evice sent out a Scizor and a dragon known as Salamence.

Lusamine finished healing and switched to Clefable and Mismagius. "Mismagius use mys..."

Before the order was carried out the Scizor rushed into the Mismagius with a critcal hitting, steel gem powered bullet punch k.o! Salamence used aerial ace at the Clefable as she knocked it out with a moonblast. Both Lusamine and Clefable were annoyed before Mismagius was switched out for Altaria!

Evice sends out Machamp in place of Salamence. "Clefable's gone, Machamp make sure that Altaria follows!"

Clefable was knocked out by a bullet punch as Lusamine ordered the Altaria. "Be a dear and fire blast that Scizor!"

In an all consuming flame, the Scizor was knocked out while the Altaria was knocked out by a no guard stone edge! Lusamine was still keeping calm as she switched her Clefable and Altaria for Bewear and Liligant. Evice called back the Scizor and grinned before sending out a Slowking! Lusamine thought nothing of it and ordered the Liligant to use petal dance on the Slowing thinking she had the fight finished.

Slowking grinned as it used protect!

She blinked and shouted. "Bewear use double edge on that Machamp!"

Bewear rammed into the Machamp before being pushed back, Evice ordered with glee. "Machamp use cross chop to get rid of that weed!"

Machamp crossed its four arms and chopped the Liligant back to her trainer, Lusamine's pupils were slowly shrinking as she called the Liligant back and shouted. "Milotic get rid of that Machamp with hydro pump, Bewear you make sure that happens with hammer arm!"

The Milotic shot a hydro pump at the Machamp, it cross chopped the Bewear before being slammed to the ground. Slowking glowed and knocked the Bewear out with a psychic blast.

Evice is keeping his smile as he started draw out another ball. "I knew all about your team, that Mismagius was the only thing that could really hamper my plan, you want to know an old but good strategy used in doubles? One that is good at finishing off things like that Milotic?"

Before Lusamine answered, Evice smiled smugly and sent out a large lazy looking gorilla known as Slaking. "Go ahead, try to guess!"

Lusamine realized in horror what Evice was about to do before the little man ordered, pointing two fingers at the Slowking and the Slaking. "Slaking use frustation, Slowking use skill swap on Slaking!"

Slaking grunted deeply as it channeled all of its hatred into a massive swat at the Milotic, Slowking used its power to transfer its own tempo to the Slaking, while obtaining its truant like behavior, loafing around! Evice is clapping excitedly as he shouted. "Again!"

Slaking growled and slammed the Milotic to the ground for a k.o!

Aether President Lusamine was defeated!

Evice laughed hysterically at the beaten president that was trying to regain some composer. "This was all thanks to you anyways, so why don't you just make that final leap? Come on! You could get all the precious Beast you could want with us!"

She heard the word precious beast, gritted her teeth, grabbed the nearest rock and tossed it at the little man. "Get out!"

The rock caused Evice to fall over. He bled from the wound, he glared at the woman and pointed to the angry Slaking. "Crush her!"

The Slaking lunged at her, ready to smash her. An aura sphere knocked it off its direction and sent it flying towards the other way.

Evice looked at the blast, the disoriented Slaking and the more angry than terrified Lusamine. "What? What just happened? Why are you not a bloody pulp!"

Though fumed in anger Lusamine was still able to recognized her son, running to her with a man and woman that saw what just happened. The man looked directly at Evice, who in turn recognized the duo standing before him. "You!"

Wes signaled Gladion to get the woman away from Evice.

Lusamine was trying to protest. "Gladion what are you.."

The teenager interrupted. "No time, we got to get out of here now!"

He got her up and got her far away from the battle that was about to happen. Wes turned towards the fuming man in the alolan shirt that was preparing his team. Evice grinned in anger at the sight of the duo. "Oh yes! I remember you two! How you ruined our operations all those years ago!"

The man stomped on the ground in anger. "How you took the ultimate shadow pokemon from me! How that accursed bird ruined my escape!"

He grinned sadistically. "But today, you are too late to stop our plans! The shadow pokemon plan is back, stronger than ever!"

Wes took out two pokeballs. "Seventeen years in prison has not done you any favors, hasn't it?"

Evice stomped in frustration at such a response.

Vs Cipher head Evice

Evice sent out Scizor and Machamp. "Dawn! Gilgey! come out!"

The Espeon and Hitmontop come out. "Gilgey, use fake out on that Scizor! Dawn, take out that Machamp!"

The Hitmontop clapped in front of the Scizor to stop its bullet punch and the Espeon used its psychic powers to knock the Machamp out. Next pokemon Evice sent out was a Salamence, it intimidated the Hitmontop and Espeon.

Wes prepared to call the two back. "Dawn, Gilgey return, Dusk, Edgar your turn."

Umbreon and Ampharos arrived, the Salamence and Scizor attacked the Umbreon pokemon with x scissor and dragon claw.

Wes gave the next order. "Dusk use foul play on Salamence, Edgar follow that with thunderbolt!" The Umbreon took another dragon claw before countering with foul play. Scizor used x scissor to finish off the Umbreon as Ampharos finished off the Salamence.

Wes prepared to call Umbreon back. "Dusk, that is more than enough, Vivi we need that Scizor gone now!"

Wes sent out was his Mismagius. Evice sent out a Slowking, Wes remembering the last battle shouts towards the Ampharos "Edgar, thunderbolt on that Slowking now! Vivi use mystic fire on that Scizor!"

The Ampharos shot at the Slowking, it used protect.

The Mismagius however was able to knock out the Scizor with fire. The next pokemon Evice sent out was Slaking.

Wes smirked. "Vivi, Edgar, focus down that Slowking and we will only have that Slaking to worry about."

The Slowking was shot by the Mismagius's shadow ball, the Slaking in all its fury swiped at the Mismagius with a shadow claw. Slamming the Mismagius to the ground for a k.o before the Ampharos used thunder bolt. "Gilgey, lets finish this fight with close combat!"

The Slaking loafs around as the Hitmontop went into close combat with the Slaking, punching all over and kicking it back for a k.o!

Evice laughed. "If you have not figured it out by now. I was saving this one for last. Meet the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon, capable of laying waste to countless regions! What do you think it will do to this facility?"

Next pokemon sent out was a floating three headed hydra, the dreaded Hydreigon.

Rui glared at the Hydreigon. "Wes, he told you everything you need to know about this pokemon."

Wes grinned. "Awfully long battle, a timer ball should make this a finisher, GO SNAG..."

Wes tried to use the Snag ball, nothing happened. "Damn it, looks like I have to actually fight this thing."

Evice knew of Aethers wave preventing use of empty pokeballs as he taunted. " Too bad for you. Hydreigon, shadow cannon!"

Wes shouted. "Edgar use light screen! Gilgey cl..." Before the Hitmontop reacted, a dark beam was shot from the middle head and sent the Hitmontop flying back towards Aether Paradise. The Ampharos was able to set up the light screen.

Wes cringed. "Crap! Rui, make sure Gilgey is alright!"

The orange hair woman rushed to the facility to survey the damage.

Wes took out his ace pokemon, the one he stole from Evice long ago. "Go Ultima!"

The Tyranitar materialized, she recognized her opponent with a glare.

Wes triggered his key stone "Ultima! Mega evolve!"

The Tyranitar surged with power as it takes on a much larger form. The Tyranitar sees before her the emotionless Hydreigon. She awaited orders and roared for battle.

Wes shouted the first order! "Ultima, use stone edge!"

The Hydreigon roared to the moonlit night sky. The sky faded to a dark purple as rocks impaled the Hydreigon, Wes gave the order to his next pokemon.

"Edgar, thunder!" The Ampharos shot out a bolt of lightning toward the sky, the lightning bolt shot down at the Hydreigon. As the Hydreigon took the damage, black meteors fell from the sky. They crashed all around; the facility, mansion, garden and vast sea were bombarded by the meterors. The Ampharos was struck by a large meteor and laid in a crater unconscious.

Wes took out a great ball and called the Ampharos. "Edgar, come back! Go Dawn!" The Hydreigon aimed at the Tyranitar with its side heads and shot the same beam that fell the Hitmontop. The light screen held as the Tyranitar took the beams. Wes shouted. "Ultima use stone edge again!"

The Hydreigon took the damage and aimed at Wes with its middle head before the trainer shouted at the Espeon. "Dawn! Dazzling gleam!" The Espeon shot sparkling light at the Hydreigon, it's head instead shot at the upper levels of Aether Paradise, creating a hole showing the Conservation Deck.

The Hydreigon weakly roared towards the sky, Wes does not want another shadow meteor to happen and shouted. "Ultima, finish it with one more stone edge!"

The sharp rocks knocked the Hydreigon out of the air, sending it crashing to the ground, it glowed and purple bindings surrounded Wes, Espeon and Tyranitar to hold them down.

Evice cringed in defeat as he called the Hydreigon back. "Gaak! How? No matter, we got what we came here for anyways. We head to Orre now to initiate the next phase of our plan."

A small helicopter built for two arrived. Nascour rushed from a corner he was hiding towards his boss in an attempt to get in the helicopter. Evice laughed as he got on. "Wahahaha! We will meet again Wes! Don't think you will be so lucky next time!"

Wes glared as he saw the two escape to the distance. "Damn it!"

The shadow holds effects wore off, he rushed over back to Aether Paradise to survey the damage. While he did not care for the pulverized facility, he was looking to find Rui and his Hitmontop, the Hitmontop was in critical condition but a trip to the pokemon center would be more than enough.

Rui was already tending to a random employee that was shot in the head by a flying Hitmontop. "It is a good thing it did not land on you with its horn, then you would be dead."

The elevator risen, letting Gladion out. "I heard noise coming from above, what happened?!"

Wes looked down in shame as he explained. "Battled Evice, he let loose a shadow Hydreigon a that done some heavy damage to the facility as a whole. I could not use the snag machine, so both him and the Hydreigon got away."

Wes took a deep breath as he calmed down from the failed capture. "He is also heading back to Orre for another part in Ciphers whole plan."

Gladion's eyes widened as he knew Elio and Lillie were back on Orre. "Miss Wicke would like to see you, she talked with someone on the phone and found more about what was going on."

The trio descended into the labs. Wes and Rui were finally able to meet the woman the teenager told them about. Gladion introduced the two to the Chief Branch scientist. "Wes, Rui... this is Miss Wicke!"

Wes was not entirely trusting of her. "So, what do you have to say?"

Wicke greeted the duo as they arrived. "Ah Wes, glad to finally meet you, Nanu told me all about you on the phone."

Wicke explained to the duo why Cipher raided the facility.

Rui asked. "Beast balls? Ultra Beasts?"

Wicke frowned as she answered. "Yes, approximately fifteen beast balls were stolen by Cipher. They were a negative asset that we still have not gotten rid of and are the best method to capturing a category of pokemon known as Ultra Beasts."

Wes took a deep breath. "Okay I don't even want to know why you all have this crap in the first place; but Cosmog, Ultra Space, as well as the Ultra Beast sound like another scheme of Ciphers to catch a bunch of powerful pokemon. Mostly to turn them into a bunch of doomsday weapons."

Knowing the reason why these people do it, Gladion barely held in his anger. Wicke continued explaining. "Yes, we have two people on Orre fighting this organization, though I honestly wish they were not. We need to prepare for what is to come, for when this gets worse."

Wes barely held himself before he laughed sarcastically. "Worse? Ha, ha, ha, No! Just the shadow pokemon is not the worse that is going to happen, here is something Cipher has been replicating to boot. The XD formula, you want to know what that is?"

Wicke nodded while Gladion kept quite over the things he had already known. Wes gave her the knowledge. "No, you don't want to know, but I am telling you anyways. The XD formula originated from their experiments on the legendary bird, Lugia. While its current trainer has told me about some of the detail. I know that it was an attempt to create the ultimate shadow pokemon. One that is completely subservient to what ever Cipher wants it to do, incredibly powerful, an empty shell, one that is beyond saving."

Wes spoke more of what he knows. "From what me and Gladion have found out at Ciphers Lab. They have already done it to another pokemon and are in the process of doing it to another."

Wicke, nodded in agreement. "This XD formula might be also be implemented on the Ultra Beasts as well. We are going to need someone ready for when Cipher creates these things."

Wes asked in response. "and that is where you need me, right?"

Wicke continued in a nod. "We need more than just one out there, with the other two snag machine users fighting in Orre. We need one for when ever there is a report on a shadow Ultra Beast. We are going to need to look at your device."

Wes glared "Why?" Wicke answered. "Because we need to replicate it."

Wes shouted in refusal. "And risk another Cipher running lose? I know enough of you people to make comparisons."

Both Wicke and Gladion responded in silence. Rui glared at Wes to calm down and think more rationally. Wes took a deep breath. "If the two people over at Orre throw a big enough wrench they will attack this region out of spite. If you want to make another of these things then we are doing it on three terms."

Wicke accepted defeat as she she nodded. "Very well, what are your terms."

Wes raised three fingers. "One, you are to only make one of these things, two I pick who gets it and three I am free to do what ever I want with any of the Ultra Beasts I snag."

Gladion agreed to the terms before Wicke had a chance to answer. "Fine just keep those Ultra Beasts far away from this place."

Wes laughed. "I have to go to Orre for this anyways, for a similar reason you have with the Larvitar."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 6 Hovering In The Sands.

The duo agreed to split up. Elio went to deliver the parts for the bike. While Lillie had her team swapped around and called home.

"Hey Perr, I fought a Mecha Groudon to get this. I hope this was worth it!"

Perr realized Elio was back smiling. "Okay, I will get these to my grandfather and we will have the bike ready by tonight."

Elio felt impatient as well as the fact he has to walk towards the H.Q. He nodded his head in thanking the the mechanic anyways. "Okay, see you tonight."

At the H.Q, Lillie was busy apologizing to the Ninjask and the Shedinja. "I am sorry I had you evolve, just to use both of you for chamber. We need more pokemon to help make shadow pokemon like what you were get better."

She pet the understanding Ninjask and the Shedinja seem to have nodded upon being petted. They were given the names Zippy and Hallow before being put back into the P.C. Lillie made the decision to call home. Kukui told Lillie that a massive hurricane had hit Malie city, but otherwise not much. Burnet suspected the Kami trio to have made an appearance on Alola and was out to investigate the severely damaged Malie city. Next call was to Aether. Before Lillie started the call, she sent out some of the pokemon she have; Her Raichu, Pidgeotto, Eevee and Golett in case her brother picked up the phone.

On the screen, a blonde teenager was the one to pick up. "Hello this is... Oh hello Lillie."

The girl greeted her brother back in a cheer. "So how are things back home?"

Gladion's stoic stare sharpened to a frown. "Fine, after that last call mother has not exactly been well, she is holding on." Lillie frowned as her brother mentioned their mother, Gladion finished the subject and changed it to something else. "Also the weather on Alola has been acting strange and some people employee's operating near the ruins. I am about to head out to give them the news that they are not suppose to be there."

Gladion looked behind Lillie to see a Raichu. "I did not expect you to evolve so soon."

Lillie smiled nervously as she began to explain. "Actually Shockums got herself to evolve. Little embarrassing to say how but it involves a bag, a thunder stone and audacity." Gladion smiled as he shook his head, it was the same type of story regarding the two pokemon Lillie had during Kanto.

The teenager thought about one other pokemon Lillie was working on before she began her trip. "I also heard you wanted to raise a Pidgey and you asked Elio for more breeding tips outside of moves."

Lillie smiled as she pointed toward the perching Pidgeotto. "Swoops has been very good to me and Shockums. I was worried from all the... stories about what usually happens at the day care. That was why I asked Elio for the specifics."

Gladion sighed. "I noticed when I heard him say something about an ever stone being mandatory, I stopped worrying when I heard him say the other items were optional. That and when you two were preparing for your trip, I noticed that you were hanging around with a Pidgeotto, a Farfetch'd and a Slugma while holding an egg."

Lillie nodded back. "I found Vulca trapped under a rock when I was taking a short cut to Celadon. He would have dried out and went brittle if I didn't do anything. He had been depressed for a while."

Gladion continued to ask. "Not from what I saw when you were preparing."

Lillie answered back. "That was because I couldn't find out what was wrong until Dex translated what he wanted. Vulca wanted to make it up to me for saving him. Who knew Slugma's like seeing things hatch. Tally and Dafgers were very happy about Swoops when he hatched. He grew fast over the week and then... I saw the three get into a small argument over something. Dex translated that Swoops knew what was coming and wanted to evolve as soon as possible. His parents were shocked to how early in its life. I was about to tell Elio that we may have to wait two months."

Gladion looked over and the Pidgeotto that was looking over to Lillie. "It decided this a literally a week after it was born, most pokemon that evolve early tend to mature at a faster rate. Don't ask... I had reports of trainers that had way too much expectations for a newly hatched pokemon."

Lillie looked in shock before Gladion stopped. "Is Swoops happy about this though?"

The Pidgeotto nodded behind Lillie. She was unaware and worried. "I don't know... I never really asked him."

The Pidgeotto squawked over the answer before he nuzzled at Lillie and gave both siblings his answer. Gladion thought about the last time he heard from Lillie over the phone, how she had a complete meltdown from dealing with with the shadow pokemon. "Were you able to do something about the pokemon that Cipher hurt?"

Lillie smiled cheerful. "Yes we made a good effort on getting them back to normal and some of them are helping us out here."

An Eevee jumped on the screen, Lillie giggled. "This is Cain."

Gladion had a hard time believing that around a week ago this was the same Eevee that made Lillie snap. "Oh and the latest one I have that is going to be a big help, Elio helped me name it. Onua say hello to my brother."

The Golett walked over to the screen to wave, Gladion wondered where his rival is. "How is Elio?"

Lillie replied back. "Oh fine, he is at Gateon port delivering the parts needed to travel the desert. He had to fight a robotic Groudon to get this inventor to listen. We were about to go after a group that had been terrorizing Orre for the last week. We removed one of their camps and are about to strike at the next one once the bike is upgraded."

The teenager's eyes widen at how insane it sounded before he shook his head. "Lillie, just be careful this Cipher group is much more serious in comparison to Team Skull. Anyways I got to go tell the employees at the ruins to leave, bye."

Lillie was able to return the goodbye as Gladion disconnected. As the call ended, Elio walked into the room with one of the Dodrio's heads drinking water, the other panting and the other looking at the T.V screen. "Okay, bike should be ready by tonight. How did things go with the Ninjask and Shedinja?"

Lillie, nodded. "They don't seem to not mind."

Elio replied back. "Brimmy felt a little homesick from that Robo Groudon, I think Guppy told him a couple tales regarding the Totem pokemon. How was the call home?"

Lillie looked in worry. "Kukui and Burnet said something about the weather and my brother now knows about what we are doing here."

Elio's eyes widen. "Considering Gladions signature pokemon, it would have been better if he knew about this than nearly anyone else. Shame I was busy, because I wanted to see how he pronounces my Dodrios name."

Lillie smiled as she shook her head. "He probably would have found it silly."

During the evening, Elio had a call that the bike was ready. He and Lillie wasted no time getting ready for the next raid. Lillie took the Kirlia out of the P.C, determined to help her open up more before the Rotom Dex ring news.

"BZZT! Email from Nett. BZZT! Elio, Lillie we have more information on the second camp, it is lead by Scoire, you may have been familiar with him so be careful. BZZT!"

Elio took out Herdier. Lillie knew better and asked. "Why are you bringing that thing with us?"

Elio did a horrible job at hiding the reason. "So I can make his trip into the purify chamber easier, the lower the heart gauge is, the sooner we can get him in and out."

Lillie gave him a glare over what he left out, Elio cringed before explaining the whole truth. "Alright I am also doing this to spite this guy, what better insult to injury than to using the same pokemon he sicked at me."

Lillie smiled back. "Least you were honest." The bike's changes were simple yet effective, hover wheels that would make the bike able to move across the deep sand towards the destination. Elio knew that Lillie was not going to let up about the bandages if he asked again, so he took the side car without question.

"BZZT! Cipher champ beta. A camp lead by the pillager Scoire. BZZT!"

Elio glared at the floating dex. "Be happy we are not close enough for them to hear that."

Lillie tosses the balls containing the Golett and Eevee in preparation as she see's an unfocused peon whistling. "Do, do, do hey! You are the two who took down Gough?"

Elio stepped in with a smile as he took Lillies target. "Yes we are and now we are taking you down!"

Vs Cipher Peon Marrus

Marrus sent out a Golbat and a dragon fly known as Yanma.

Elio's Aura Reader activated. "That Yanma is a shadow pokemon. GO CUMUSTRICH! GO MAKUTA!"

A Dodrio and Yamask were sent out of their balls. "CUMUSTRICH RAM THAT GOLBAT WITH BRAVE BIRD! MAKUTA, BURN THE YANMA!"

The Dodrio charged at the Golbat for a critical hit, he suffered recoil as he knocked the Golbat out. The Yanma glowed a dark aura as it prepared to shoot something. Dodrio leaped in front of Elio to block it. Next thing Elio heard was a sharp pitch, he gritted his teeth in pain as he put a net ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

A dim witted peon charged at Elio with an short looking three headed coconut tree known as Exeggutor. The Exeggutor was glaring its three heads and hurled the peon into a tent.

Elio's Aura Reader activated. "Another shadow pokemon! MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP! CUMUSTRICH USE UPROAR TO WEAKEN THAT EXEGGUTOR!"

The Exeggutor was burned and screamed at before he attempted to shadow rush Elio, the boy ran out of the way as he fed an ultra ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"


As Lillie watched , another peon approached with with a grin. He gave up on trying to find a good lie and told her in a defeated tone. "Okay little girl, we are just going to kidnap you so we can take you to headquarters, where they would possibly use you for an experiment."

The Golett mega punched the peon square in the face in response. "Ow! Okay, being honest did not work. Worth trying considering everything else we did failed!"

Vs Cipher peon Numbus

Numbus sent out a Hypno and a bouncing pig with a pearl known as Spoink.

Lillies Aura Reader activated. "That Spoink is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie signaled the two to attack. "Cain, use swift! Onua, shadow punch that Hypno!"

The Eevee hurled stars at the two. The Spoink was damaged enough, but to the Hypno it was a glace. The Spoink sent a dark aura into the sky, causing it to darken into a purple cloud. The Hypno meditated in an attempt to prepare its muscles as strange lights fell from the sky. The Golett punched the Hypno from the shadows hard enough for a knock out. Lillie and her pokemon were pelted by dark light as she took a dusk ball into the snag machine to capture the Spoink. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The peon looked at the girl who just beaten him and shouted. "You know what screw this. Smarters, I know you don't have a shadow pokemon, but do your part so we can leave!"

The peon known as Smarters looked at the situation. "It would be a better idea to just find a hole to hide in until this blows over. What ever Admin Parkas has done to Sciore after finding out he came back empty handed was enough to drive him more insane than usual. The peons here save for Numbus are morons, so go right on ahead and take what you need!"

The peon sent his team of Elegym and Magnemite out, showing that Numbus was telling the truth before calling them back. "For all you need to know I'm dead!"

The boy and girl found the negativity awkward as they watched the peons leave.

The Rotom Dex flashed an exclamation point as he flared up. "BZZT! Message from Nett, it is urgent BZZT! Elio! Lillie! we need you here its ZZZZ."

The Dex flinched as his screen went out of control, showing a video of Sciore with the background of a burning town and people running for their lives.

"People of Alola, hear me! I am Scoire! Master of hounds! All of you are cowards, lowly lickspittle's! You must be emulating those pixies you call Tapus, for you are about as useless as them! I am destroying your world, yet you do nothing and I see your precious champion running around here in Orre! I am here, face me if you dare!"

Elio tried the rationalize that the commander was either insane enough or dumb enough to have insulted him and all of Alola.

Lillie tried to calm him down as the Dex flared up with even worse news. "BZZT! Pyrite town is being attacked by Scoire. BZZT!"

Elio looked towards a data slate labeling information of shipment. "Hey Rotom, I am not mad at you but could you please check this."

The Dex heard the tone. "BZZT! Okay boss please calm down BZZT!" The slate contained information on some of the latest shadow pokemon, most being what Elio and Lillie already caught with Basculine, Torterra and Heracross not being captured yet.

Elio looked towards both of the Dex and girl in tranquility as he called his pokemon back. "He is trying to distract us. No one in their right mind would make taunts like this without a reason."

Lillie questioned what she heard as she called her pokemon back. "What are you saying? That we should ignore this man as he hurts people?"

Elio shook his head. "You know I wont let that happen. If we do not do something not only that will people be killed by this psycho but we will also prove him right. Lose/lose, but we are going to take the least horrible choice."

Lillie agreed. "We go stop this terrible person now!"

Elio nodded in agreement. "If I lose it when we fight this guy, please stop me."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 2 Chapter 7 Alola's Cowards

The duo made a fast drive towards Pyrite town, Elio barely contained his anger over the madman insulting everything he stood for regarding Alola. Pyrite town was burning all over, ONBS was the only thing not covered in flames. Everyone in town were either in a hurry to leave or put out the fire, they were being cornered by peons.

Soon as they parked, Lillie watched Elio make a dash towards the burning town shouting back. "Lets stop this mad man!"

The commander shouted over a mega phone as he saw the trainers arrive. "Ah! You finally showed your faces! Have you mastered your fear at last?"

Elio smile warped into a stoic one. "We are not afraid. But you will be!"

Lillie managed to catch up, she heard the tone. It was a tone she had not heard of since a year ago, when he confronted her mother for the first time.

Elio turned towards Lillie, his stoic anger snapped back to a genuine smile. "You ready to take this guy down? Show him who we are?"

Lillie took a deep breath. "Yes, but like you said, if you lose it I will stop you!"

Lillie spelled out the boy's own words, Elio nodded in acceptance, depending on what happened it may as well come to it.

The two made it to the path way, they confronted the horned commander. "Very impressive! You have more steel than the rest of your mewling region! Rejoice, your days as champions ends today!"

Lillie responded before Elio snapped. "The only thing ending today is your reign of terror."

The commander yelled more as he prepared the communicator. "Yes and to the void with orders and niceties. But not quite yet little trainers. First a test! Make your way to my chosen battle grounds. Alphonse bring out the Kadabra!"

A black armored peon was teleported in silence with a Kadabra before spiriting Scoire away. "Yes commander."

A peon leaped towards Lillie in an attempt to slow her down. "Why did he bring me here when he knows I use water types? What ever slows you down I guess,"

VS Cipher peon Piper.

Piper sent out a blue red eyed jellyfish known as Frillish and a tadpole with limbs known as Poliwhirl.

"Go Shockums! Go Swoops!"

As the Raichu and Pidgeotto came out, the peon sweated at the electric type. The Raichu made quick work of the Frillish as the Pidgeotto sliced through the Poliwhirl, next pokemon the peon sent out is a blue stripped bass.

Her Aura Reader activated.

"Basculine is a shadow pokemon."

The Raichu finished off the Poliwhirl with a thunderbolt as Lillie charged up a net ball to capture the Basculine.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

As the peon fled, the duo dashed forward into the town. Blocked by peons they have encountered before back in Phenac, they no longer had shadow pokemon and most were not happy to have seen them again. With the combined power of the Golett and Hitmonchan, they were quickly bested.

Lillie found Scoire at the battle square, she turned toward Elio, worried for his sanity. "Please let me handle him."

Elio closed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Alright but I am still going to step in if he becomes too dangerous!"

Lillie approached with her Golett and Kirlia in hand, the commander yelled. "Marvelous! I will remember you fondly as I burned your islands to ash!"

Both of the duo tensed up and glared at the threat to their home region.

Vs Cipher Commander Sciore

Sciore sent out a hellish hound known as Houndoom and a large orange dog known as Arcanine.

Lillie tossed her two balls and shouted. "Go Onua! Go Kirlia!"

The two canine pokemon charged and bit at Lillies pokemon.

Lillie shouted shouted. "Onua Stomping tantrum that Houndoom! Kirlia use shadow wave!"

The shadow wave deal healthy amount of damage to the two opponent, the Golett's tantrum finished the Houndoom off as Lillie prepared to switch.

"Kirlia come back! Go Swoops."

Sciore sent out a large black and gray canine known as Mightyena. The Arcanine bit into the Pidgeotto, the Gollet stomped at the ground and knocked the Arcanine out.

Next pokemon the commander sent was the Midnight Lycanroc.

Lillie shouted. "Swoops use Air cutter. Onua use mega punch on that Mightyena for a K.O"

The Mightyena and Lycanroc were pelted by air as the Lycanroc used rock tomb to knock out the Pidgeotto, Mightyena crunched the Golett before being punched in the jaw for a knock out.

Scoire shouted out. "Glorious! Alphonse, the Kadabra!" The Kadabra teleported in and out with the commander.

Elio is about to follow to the next location, Pyrite Colosseum. "Don't let this maniac get away he can't keep running from us forever!"

More peons ran in the duo's way, Elio signaled. "Lillie heal your pokemon up, I got these guys."

The combined effort of Torracat, Hypno, Yamask, Hitmonchan and Dodrio were enough to fell them all. On finishing the last peon near the bridge, the Torracat glowed as he grew larger, able to stand on his two feet and evolved into Incineroar. They were moments away to entering the Colosseum.

Lillie stopped him. " I am not letting you take on this person alone."

Elio understood why and thinks rationally. "This is the only other commander we know of at the moment, if he escapes we are never going to have a moments peace."

Lillie nodded as she thought over the plan. "I know, we fight him together."

The duo entered the Colosseum with Elio glaring at Scoire. "No more escaping, your going down!"

Scoire responded back. "Fearsome words boy! Now show me deeds!"

Vs Cipher Commander Sciore

Both trainers got their pokeballs ready in the final confrontation. Scoire sent out Houndoom and Arcanine. Elio shouted "MAC LETS FINISH THIS!"

Lillie shouted. "Onua, we got to stop this terrible person!"

The duo sent out the Hitmonchan and the Golett. Elio upper cutted the air as he gave the order. "MAC USE MAC PUNCH ON THAT HOUNDOOM!"

The Hitmonchan hit the Houndoom at high speeds and dealt a critical hit. K.O! The Arcanine repaid in kind with a flair blitz. The Golett stomped the ground and damaged the Arcanine. Next pokemon the commander sent out was the Mightyena, the intimidate from both him and the Arcanine were enough to make the Hitmonchan's damage minimal. The Hitmonchan still mach punched the Mightyena who countered by playing rough and knocking the him out. The Golett finished off the Arcanine with a shadow punch.

Elio switched the Hitmonchan out and whispered to the dusk ball. "You done good Mac. MAKUTA COME OUT!"

The commander sent out a pokemon seen in the reports, a large green turtle with a tree on its back known as Torterra.

The Aura Reader's activated. "It is a shadow pokemon."

The Torterra responded with a shadow rave and engulfed the two pokemon in a whirlpool of darkness.


Lillie responded with an order of her own. "Onua use mega punch on that Mightyena!"

The Yamask burned the Torterra while Golett knocked the Mightyena out.

Scoire walked away to order something on his communicator again. Elio took out an ultra ball, charged it up and tossed it at the Torterra.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The commander ordered again on the communicator. "Alphonse."

The sly peon responded back. "Yes?"

Scoire ordered. "Send in, the Kadabra again."

The peon thought about the order. "Hmmm No, I think not!"

The peon laughed over the communicator as Sciore heard something being smashed and static remaining. "Alphonse! You treaso..."

The commander looked at his situation as he tossed his two remaining pokemon while giving both children a death glare. "When I am done with you two, I have someone to strangle at the base!"

Out came his Lycanroc and a rhinoceros beetle known as Heracross, it had a stone on its forehead.

The duo's Aura Reader activated.

"Heracross is a shadow pokemon."

Elio saw the commander flex then bend his knees to perform a z move, he knew what was coming. "MAKUTA PROTECT!"

The Yamask surrounded himself in a barrier, it was enough to withstand some of the damage from the large mountain tossed at him.


The Heracross shadow rushed the Golett for a knock out and roared in over confidence.

Lillie in response to seeing the Z move called the Golett back and sent out her Raichu. She took a deep breath, shined her Z ring and made a pose reflecting that of a lighting bolt to charge the Raichu with energy. "SHOCKUMS, USE GIGAVOLT HAVOC!"

A large bolt of lightning shot shot at the Lycanroc, it was effectively knocked out as it was left twitching.

Scoire shined a stone on his gauntlet as he raised it up. Heracross mega evolved to have a larger horn, his back cover wings are missing and his arms have bulb's that open up to shoot out projectile attacks. With a barrage of shadow missile, the Raichu was sent flying back towards Lillie.

Elio ordered. "MAKUTA WILLO WISP!" The flame burned the Heracross.

Lillie was with fierce determination as she sent out her third pokemon. "Go Swoops!"

The Pidgeotto flew up for the next order. "Swoops, use sand attack on that Heracross!"

The Heracross was about to shoot a shadow barrage at the two trainers before the sand hits his eyes and sent his aim off.

He filled a wall in the Colosseum with holes as Lillie shouted. "Swoops use feather dance to keep that Heracross from overwhelming us!"

As the feathers pelted the Heracross, his barrage of missiles did hit the Pidgeotto at minimum damage.

Elio smiled as he ordered to the Yamask. "MAKUTA USE HEX, WEAKEN THAT HERACROSS ENOUGH FOR CAPTURE!"

The Yamask stared at the Heracross with super natural force, it was still standing, but the burn was enough to send him on his knees.

Lillies saw the chance as she fed a net ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click.

Upon the Heracross being captured, the commander fell back on the ground realizing he was done for.

Elio glared at him. "No escape this time!"

He grabbed the Cipher goon by the collar and punched him in the face, then punched him again. His hand hurt as he dented the helmet but he did not care.

Lillie shouted in anger as Elio was prepared to throw the next punch. "Elio stop!"

The boy yelled back. "He insulted and threatened home. Why should I let him of the ho..."

Lillie kept her voice firm and loud. "Because you are giving him what he wants!"

Elio heard the words and dropped the mentally broken commander on the ground. "Fair enough."

Both stayed at the the Colosseum, to make sure Scoire did not try to escape when the police finally arrive. Neither were willing to look at each other for a good hour. Lillie was rather angry at Elio for letting his anger get to the point where he had to stop him. Elio was mad at himself for actually giving Lillie a reason to be mad at him. The local ace trainers took the commander away in fear of the polices incompetence, the two children refused to look at each other as they exit the Colosseum.

Elio took a deep breath and began apologizing. "Lillie... I am sorry if I hurt you."

Lillie finally looked back at Elio in accepting it. "You have every right to be mad at these people. But don't become a monster, please."

The two have a quick hug before they faced themselves away.

Seeing that the fires have been put out courtesy of Luke, Haley and Sheryl.

Elio and Lillie planned out their next move with the Rotom Dex. "BZZT! Another camp boss BZZT! Cipher camp Alpha. The main stronghold of the Admin Parkas, expect it to be heavily guarded. BZZT!"

The duo looked at the three as they approached.

Lillie shouted. "We got some information regarding the Cipher group you might be interested in."

The duo told the employees and Sheryl about what they have done in regards to fighting back. As well as information on the name of the Admin, his location and that so long as the Admin is active, he will continue to terrorize Orre. Lillie asked if they would like to help stop them.

Haley assessed the situation and thought it through. "This sounds like a fortified stronghold rather than those two camps you two sacked. We are going to need much more people if we have any hope of entering that place least of all stopping them."

Elio responded back. "What if Lillie and I gather some strong trainers to help? Or anyone that can play a major part in taking them down?"

Haley nodded. "Yes...Otherwise going to this place would be a horrible idea."

Rotom Dex showed a location on the map. "BZZT! What about this place, boss, looks like it might have some tough guys BZZT!"

The duo read the description. "Outskirt Stand. A lonely gas station in the desert. Trainers stop by on their journeys."

The Dex winked at them. "BZZT you have been driving that bike for quite a while, think we might want to make a pit stop come tomorrow? BZZT!"

Lillie thought it over in a firm nod. "Yes."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 3 Chapter 1 Snagging an Alliance.

The duo drove to the Phenac pokemon center to rest up for the next day.

As the night ended the Rotom Dex shouted. "BZZT there are two pokemon ready to open the door to their hearts BZZT!"

The duo got up from Phenac's pokemon center and head towards the H.Q to finish up the Audino. Much like the others that came before, the Audino and Azurill have been hit with the green light.

"BZZT Audino regained a modest nature and has regained the moves dazzling gleam, heal pulse, heal bell and psychic. Azurill regained a naughty nature and has regained the moves, aqua jet, belly drum, baton pass and play rough. BZZT!"

Lillie thought a nickname for the Audino and Azurill. "Medic and Buoy."

While Lillie placed Azurill in the P.C she added the Audino to her roster. Elio swapped the Herdier for Yanma with the full intention to use the later for his team. He placed the Houndour and Heracross into the chambers. Elio jumped into the side car, knowing the routine.

The gas stand itself seemed to be built from an old worn down train engine, powering the entire place.

Elio he sized up the place as he let his Yamask out. "This looks like the kind of place that has some tough people. Makuta, you could use a small float anyways."

Lillie looked curiously at the worn out place as she sent out her Eevee. Inside the engine it looked like what one would expect for a diner/ bar, a jukebox in one corner and a bar tender in the other. As the duo found a place to make a scene, the Eevee stared at Lillies bag.

The TV blared across the bar. "ONBS NEWS REPORT! Recently a man named Scoire had attacked Pyrite Town after broadcasting his message all over Orre. Reports indicated that he also sent this to a region known as Alola in an attempt to draw out two vigilantes from hiding."

The news lady showed a picture of Elio and Lillie. "If it were not for them, this Cipher commander would have gotten away and would have continued to terrorize Orre. In other news, during the attack a trio has helped in keeping the fire from spreading while protecting the townsfolk. We shall have them over for an interview soon."

Everyone in the bar recognized Elio and Lillie from the news before staring.

Elio grinned nervously. "So any of your people strong trainers? We are gathering a group to take this Parkas guy down and free this region from his terror, who wants to join?"

The bar was filled with silence, Elio instead asked. "Okay then any moderately strong trainers? We are not asking for much."

The people in the bar were more silent as a tumble weed rolled in, Elio frowned in disappointment. "Right! Okay Lillie, we need to get something to eat. I,ll refuel the bike afterwards and then we go to plan B!"

While Lillie was ordering food and listening to the news, her Eevee leaped into the bag to find something. Lillie was staring with Elio before she placed her hand on her face. "Not this again."

Moments later, the Eevee popped his head out of the bag with a mossy stone in his mouth, nothing happened.

Elio taunted the Eevee. "HA! I knew you were going to jump in that bag for the fire stone, jokes on you. The fire stone is in my bag and it has a zipper."

Elio showed the Eevee how a zipper work's, more effort is needed to get in the bag without fingers. "You are going to have to be even more stealthy if you want to pull what Shockums did."

Lillie looked at Elio in a glare. "Don't tease him."

Elio blushed as the Eevee's face became crestfallen, Lillie took a deep breath. "Okay, Elio could you have Rotom Dex show Cain a picture of Leafeon?"

Elio remembered how well it worked with Flareon and nodded. "Alright, hey Rotom Dex, go over to the page regarding the eeveelution, Leafeon."

The floating dex smiled as it shows the picture of a cat like creature with parts of it resembling leafs. "BZZT! Leafeon, the verdant pokemon. Its cellular structure is more that of a plant than an animal. It uses photosynthesis to produce energy without the need to eat food. At a young age, this pokemon has the scent of fresh grass. As it gets older it develops the scent of fallen leaves. BZZT!"

The Eevee looked at the picture and smiled, Lillie responded with a smile. "Elio went out of the way to get that stone in hopes that if you were ready to pick this evolution, we would not have to go back to the grove."

The Eevee cheered. "Vee!"

Elio asked the Dex. "What is the little guy saying?"

The Dex grinned. "BZZT! Yay! BZZT!"

After breakfast, Elio sighed that his initial plan did not exactly work. Other than refueling the bike and motivating the Eevee to make a life choice, they made no progress in getting a group together. "Alright, Lillie, meet me back out when you are ready to get going. We might have to round up some trainers the old fashion way. Beating them in the Colosseum until they agree to join us."

The boy got the Yamask back in its ball and went out to fuel the bike. After that was done, Elio noticed two strange people approaching him with a Gloom. They have weird headphones, wearing red vests and black clothes.

One of them with awkward looking sunglasses asked. "Hey got a minute?"

Elio turned around to answer. "What's u.." The Gloom hit him with green powder, everything went black.

Lillie went out minutes later, she found the bike but no sign of Elio.

She found was a note and a knocked out Rotom Dex. "We have your partner in crime, if you want him back, come to Eclo Canyon. Come alone."

Lillie woke the Dex up in fear for Elio's safety. "What? Rotom. Rotom!" The Dex woke up and looked around before he flashed a question mark. "BZZT! Huh?"

Lillie shouted. "Rotom, whre is the location of Eclo Canyon, Elio is in trouble!"

The Dex scanned the quickest coordinates "BZZT! Northern place from here BZZT!"

Lillie's face turned to a serious frown as she tallied up the bill, and rushed back out. She buckled her Eevee in the side car as she got ready to drive towards the canyon.

Elio was coming through as he opened his eyes.
"Wha... what happened?"

He found himself tied up, on a chair that was bolted down in what looks like an office. The same weird looking man he met at the gas station spoke to a large bald, muscular man with a mustache a goatee and wicked eye brows looking down on the smaller man.

The smaller man noticed the boy stirring. "Boss he is awake."

Elio realized what just happened, these guys knocked him out and kidnapped him. "Wha... Where the hell am I and who are you?!"

The large man ordering the smaller one groaned. "Wakin, I told you to bring both of them here!"

Wakin sighed in apology. "Sorry boss, I thought if I bring one here the other would follow if I sent an invitation."

Elio glared. "You two are not answering me, Where am I and who are you?!"

The large man answered back. "You are at the hideout of Team Snagem kid, if you must know, your pokemon are right over there."

He pointed towards a belt worth on a desk far from where the boy was tied as he continued. "We heard of you and your lady friends efforts to take down these marauders that have been terrorizing this region. Fact that they are apart of Cipher makes this a more personal matter on my end."

Elio glared as he smiled. "So you lot are not with Cipher and are in fact against them? Good to know. So, new question, why am I here?"

The large man gave a wicked smile. "We have, a business proposition. We need some muscle to help us take down this rising Cipher. You and the girl are the only ones in this region that have those."

He pointed towards the snag machine on Elio's arm.

Elio relaxed, but still glared at the two. "Coincidence, me and that girl were looking for people to help us take these guys down. The fact that your goons were able to pull this off, is exactly what we need. Few problems with your plan though."

The man raised an eye brow. "I think I know, but what?"

Elio laughed as he was assured the man understands. "One, you only have me. Two, does that girl even know the where we are? Because I sure as hell don't! Third and this is the most important. I doubt she would be in the mood to really talk to you at all!"

Wakin started explaining to his boss. "I put in the coordinates and name of the bases location. That floating PDA would not shut up other wise so I had him knocked out as well."

Elio slumped his head forward upon hearing the answer. "This could have been a lot easier if you decided to just ask us, it would have been a little rocky the instant we find out who you are... but we would have managed something. Instead it is going to take longer for that girl to get here, kick your asses and maybe calm down enough to listen. But, since you went out of the way for this kidnapping, care to keep up the act?"

The large man laughed loudly. "Kid, I don't even want to pretend I am working with Cipher. But you do have an idea, want to say more?"

Elio laughed with him. "Just send your goon's to their post. If this base is not too far from the gas station, than she should be arriving at the base at any moment. You may want to bring medics afterwards."

The man glared back. "Okay now you are just being a smart ass."

On the mouth of Eclo canyon.

Lillie had parked the bike over to the side. As she carried her bag over her back, Eevee picked up the moss stone, asking for Lillie to tie it somewhere. "Cain, are you sure you want this?"

"Vee!" The Eevee replied back "BZZT Yes BZZT!"

She looked at what was an old hideout undergoing some repairs in determination. "Hang on Elio, I am coming for you!"

A man stood in the front door of the old Snagem base. "Man, I knew kidnapping that kid was a dumb idea. If that lady friend is as powerful as he say she is, we are in trouble!"

The door opened to a green eyed blonde girl, with an Eevee at her side.

"Crap she is here, better get into character, Halt intruder!"

Vs Snagem grunt, Jinok.

The grunt sent out a monkey with a hand on its tail known as Aipom and a Kecleon.

Lillie shouted towards the Eevee as she prepared a ball. "Cain! Onua! Let's do this!"

The Golett emerged on the field with the Eevee. "Cain bite that Kecleon! Onua, follow with a shadow punch!"

The Eevee opened up with a lunge at the Kecleon for a flinch and changing it to a dark type. The Golett punched the Kecleon square in the jaw with a fist from the shadows and changed it to a ghost type. The Aipom fury swiped at the Eevee two times with its hand.

"Cain finish that Kecleon with a bite! Onua use mega punch on that Aipom!"

The Eevee finished off the Kecleon, the Golett punched the Aipom in the face, earning a critical hit and knocking it out. The grunt sent out a Yanma and a red firefly known as Volbeat.

Lillie prepared the dusk ball and a pokeball. "Cain, bite that Volbeat, Onua return. Shockums it is on you!"

As the Eevee bit into the Volbeat, Lillie swapped the Golett for the Raichu. Volbeat flinched, Yanma shot at Eevee with a multi colored signal beam. Lillie pointed at the opponents in a determined smile.

"Shockums, thunder bolt that Yanma! Cain use quick attack on that Volbeat!"

The Eevee rushed the Volbeat as the Raichu made quick work on the Yanma. Lillie looked angry as she posed in a thunderbolt pattern "Shockums. GIGAVOLT HAVOC!"

The Raichu glowed in an aura and shot out a large thunderbolt towards the wounded Volbeat. It sent the grunt flying at the impact as he tried to call back the remaining pokemon and run away. The tiny thug whimpered in the corner, out of Lillies way.

The Eevee started to glow. He grew larger, his fur changed to a light yellow, his tail becoming that of a leaf and some of his fur looking like that of plant material.

Lillie looked and nodded. "Is this want you wanted?"

The Eevee finished evolving, it presented itself as a Leafeon. "Leaf!"

The Rotom Dex translated "BZZT! Yes, now we have to keep going. BZZT! Also Cain has forgotten helping hand and swift. He learned swords dance and razor leaf BZZT!"

With newfound determination, Lillie and her Leafeon progressed into the hideout.

Zap! Boom!

Elio took a deep breath. "Lillie is here and it is now too late to have any regrets!"

He heard a scream from the distance. "Looked like her Kirlia has the move Hyper Voice. You better get yourself ready eh... what is your name?"

Elio questioned the larger man who answered in annoyance. "Gonzap, and if you don't shut up you are getting your mouth tapped shut."


A Snagem grunt was sent flying into the office with a Crobat. A familiar voice shouted Elio's name, he sighed in relief as he saw Lillie . The girl found him tied up,

Gonzap focused his glare towards toward his right hand man. "Wakin, you caused this so go fix it."

The grunt ran toward Lillie as he prepared to defend his boss.

VS Snagem grunt Wakin

Wakin sent out a Gloom and a Vileplume.

Lillie prepared a pokeball and great ball. "Go Swoops! Go Kirlia!"

The Pidgeotto and Kirlia were sent out to battle as Lillie started to shout orders. "Swoops use air cutter! Kirlia use shadow wave!"

The combined effort of the Pidgeotto and Kirlia were enough to knock out the Gloom while weakening the Vileplume, the Vileplume retaliated with a sleep powder and missed. Kirlia shaked violently as she entered Hyper Mode. Next pokemon sent out was a large manta ray known as Mantine.

Lillie didn't like seeing Hyper Mode and shouted. "Kirlia, please don't! Swoops, finish off that Vileplume."

As the Kirlia stopped shaking, the Pidgeotto finished off the Vileplume and done chip damage to Mantine. The Mantine surrounded itself in a watery veil as Wakin sent out a Foretress.

Lillie prepared the great ball and another pokeball in a switch. "Kirlia, comeback. Go Shockums! Swoops again!"

The Pidgeotto slashed at the Forretress and Mantine with average damage, in return the Forretress sent out spikes.

Lillie prepared another switch. "Shockums use thunderbolt on that Mantine! Swoops come back, go Onua!"

The Raichu made quick work of the Mantine, the Golett landed on spikes. Wakin sent out a purple pig known as Grumpig. Lillie performed her pose yet again to have Raichu wipe the Foretress out of the battle, Golett punched the Grumpig with a fist from the shadows until he and the Raichu knocked out the Grumpig.

Gonzap laughed at the battle as he watched. "Gwahahaha, you were right kid. She is a tough one."

Lillie looked confused as she approached the laughing man.

Gonzap focused on the girl. "You can have him back, but only if you beat me!"

VS Snagem head Gonzap

Gonzap sent out an upside down pokeball known as Electrode and a Nuzleaf.

Lillie switched her Raichu for the Audino. "Good work Shockums, Go Medic."

The Audinite reacted to Lillies bracelet. "Medic, mega evolve!" The Audino glowed as it took the form of a red eyed benevolent creature. Before the Audino cast a dazzling gleam, the Nuzleaf faked him out. The Electrode shot with a thunderbolt at the Audino. Golett dispatched the Electrode with a critical stomping tantrum. Gozap sent out a Vileplume, it drained Golett to where it was on its knees.

Nuzleaf charged at Audino leaving a giga impact. "Medic, use psychic on that Vileplume, Onua mega punch that Nuzleaf!"

Audino hurt the Vileplume with a psychic blast, the Golett punched the Nuzleaf in the face for a critical K.O. Next pokemon Gonzap sent was a catfish known as Whiscash. Lillie prepared the dusk ball and pokeball for a switch. "Onua, return. Go Cain, use razor leaf. Medic finish that Vileplume off!"

The Leafeon was hit with a waterfall on entering before he made quick work of the Whiscash. Audino was able to finish off the Vileplume. Gonzap sent out his last pokemon, a Skarmory.

Lillie smiled as she prepared one more switch. "Medic you done wonderful, Cain bite that Skarmory, Shockums let's finish this!"

The Audino is swapped for the Raichu, and the Leafeon bit into the Skarmory, it used Giga Impact on Raichu.

Lillie prepared her finisher. "Gigavolt Havoc!"

Gonzap realized he was about to lose he shouted. "Nwoooh!"


Lillie glared at the man that was knocked across the wall from the force of the Z move. "Now let Elio go!"

The man was trying to get himself back up as he laughed. "Wa ha ha ha! A promise is a promise, Wakin untie the kid!"

Elio was freed as he checked to see if all of his pokemon are accounted for. They were and Lillie rushed to hug the boy. "Now could you explain what is going on?"

Elio grinned. "I think I found some people who are going to help us take down Parkas."

Lillie looked at Elio in confusion. "What are you talking about?"

Elio smiled back "Kid you not, we have a common enemy with these guys and they want to take down Cipher. They heard of how we took down Scoire and wanted to talk to us about a team up. Instant they kidnapped me, all hope of an actual talk had went out of what use to be a window around here. So the next best thing is for these guys to see what you could do first hand, told them to play along as you fight your way to this office."

Lillie glared at Elio "These people kidnapped you, lured me into an obvious trap and the first thing you did was you tried to talk to them?!"

Elio realized Lillie was angry and responded back with the same frown. "These guys made me angry as well. They are the second shadiest group of people I have came across in this region."

Lillie was about to shout. "Then why are you suggesting we team up with these terrible people?"

Elio continued. "But, the people at the gas station were too chicken to fight back against these Cipher punks. Those employees and Sheryl will only go with our plan if we have more viable people. These Snagem guys proved themselves viable."

Lillie continued to glare. "These are still criminal's, what is going to happen when Cipher is gone and we leave Orre to these people?"

Elio smiled back. "I was planning on getting to that part of negotiation's for when you get here and showed Gonzap over there why crossing us would be a bad idea. If anything I am about to say sound in anyway wrong to you, then please feel free to dump me in these sands."

Lillie growled. "Fine, you better make your words count."

Elio grinned nervously in that he was going to allow himself to get dumped if he messed up negotiations with Gonzap. "So you help us, promised to leave us and the rest of Orre alone after Cipher is taken down. In return we will leave you to your devices on Orre uninterrupted. Are we in agreement?"

The Snagem boss thought it over; on one hand, he would be able take Cipher down, so Team Snagem can rise back in full glory. On the other hand he was going to have to limit his operations in Orre to more subtle less destructive means, if only to keep these two from actually bothering him, he smiled and laughed. "Gwahahaha! You got yourself a deal kid!"

Elio smiled. "Sweet, you and your goons are to meet at Outskirt Stand within the next three days. Me and Lillie know the location of the strong hold. It is heavily guarded so make sure they are ready."

Gozap nodded. "Don't tell me about how I handle them, just be sure your lot are battle ready."

Elio's grin became a serious stare. "So the deal had been struck, see you in three days."

Lillie listened to the agreement, her glare lightened as the boy walked back towards her. "Shall we go prepare ourselves?"

Lillie nodded. "Yes, but if you think you are going to drive the bike after your bite wounds heals. You have another thing coming!"

Elio sighed in defeat as they exit the Snagem base.

As they got on the bike, Lillie asked. "Did you really mean the things you said back there?"

Elio nodded. "I did. We need more people to take Parkas down. These guys seem competent enough to at least knock some important peons out!"

Lillie's glare returned. "If you were able talk them into playing along, then why did you not talk your way out of them letting you go? You had me worried sick."

Elio replied in afrown. "Because if I did that, the first thing I would have done is get my pokemon back and kick their asses to the point that they would never want anything to do with us again. Then we be back to problem one, with limited amount of time to stop Cipher as it is before they try something again. Thank you for coming for me though."

Lillie understood the reasoning, but still puffed up her cheeks and placed her hands on her hips. "Be happy that the rooms in the pokemon center don't have couches. Because that is where you would have been gone to tonight!"

Elio wanted to change the subject as he remembered the Leafeon that was at Lillies side during the battle. "I see that Cain has evolved. How did it go?"

Lillie was finished with scolding Elio when she answered. "Fine, he took the moss stone wanting to help save you. He seemed happy about his choice."

Elio joked about what it took to make the Eevee want to evolve. "All it took for Cain to actually want this was for Shockums to do the one thing Nebby refused to do. Go into the ba.."

Elio was about to finish the bag joke as Lillie gasped and puffed up her cheeks. She emptied most of the items that were in her bag and placed them in the side car Elio was in. As Elio looked into the empty bag, Lillie approached with the opening. "I just said the b word again did I?"

Lillie nodded and put the empty bag over his head. "You stay in that bag until we get back to the Aether station, we are to tell the others the good news. Once we get there, would you please put my stuff back in the bag."

Elio nodded in a muffled voice. "Yeah, this was going to happen."

Lillie calmly focused on the road before starting the engine. "I forgive you."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 3 Chapter 2 Stranded

Lillie parked the bike near the Aether Station and spoke to Elio. "Alright, you can get out of the bag."

He took the bag off and was busy putting the contents back in the bag. Lillie walked inside to have found the the two employees and their assistant checking on a Gligar. "Good news, Elio found some people to help us."

Elio walked in to let Lillie know the job was done, he overheard and helped finish. "People are shady but they are honest enough to help us out. They also want Cipher gone as the rest of us."

Hayley raised an eyebrow in questioning what Elio was talking about before he continued. "They heard of Lillie and I's exploits around Orre and came to us for help. Smart enough to knock people out with sleep powder and have enough numbers to pull it off. Just wished they actually talked to us instead of what they actually did."

Hayley nodded. "Long as this does not come back to bite us later and we can get back to work."

Lillie joined in. "We are to be ready in three days to take these guys down. Meet us in Outskirt Stand when it is time."

The employee smiled. "Sounds like you two have thought some of this through. We will talk about this more later."

As the duo left the station, they drove over to Phenac City to call Kukui and Burnet. Lillie planned to talk first, then have Elio handle the phone while she handled family maters. The professor appeared on the video screen with his wife, they talked with Lillie about what was going on.

Kukui and Burnet took a deep breath as Lillie mentioned a commander. The professor asked. "Did one of these people broad cast a message all over the region?"

Lillie's smile faded. "Yes, did that man actually send his insult to Alola?"

The professor nodded as Elio listened in trying to hold laughing. "Scoire actually did it and the news over here was not exaggerating?"

Lillie wanted to changed the subject. "So how was the weather back home?"

Burnet answered in a smile. "Good news, someone did something regarding the Kami trio's rampage across this region. It seemed Cipher let all three loose to cause havoc before this outlaw rounded them up, the damage is pretty bad on Ula'Ula and Poni Island."

Kukui blushed. "Hopefully he would be returning back to Orre soon to see them taken care of."

The professor hid his embarrassment over the outlaw. Lillie wondered what was going on with the professor before she finished her conversation. "I'm oing to hand Elio the phone, he has much more to talk about in regards to what is happening I will talk to you later."

Lillie left to make a more private call as Elio took over.

Lillie left the center as she overheard the question "Please tell me the Tapu's didn't go nuts over this?!"

It was followed by Elio laughing loudly. "Okay changing the subject since he came from Alola himself. Me and Lillie have been gathering some people to fight these guys."

Lillie continued walking towards the bike, smiled a bit as Elio was about to give the professor a better explanation of what they have been doing.

At the station, Lillie was left alone to call called home while the trio at the station were outside. Lillie dialed the line and was prepared to check on what was going on at Aether Paradise.

On the screen Lusamine had picked up the looked worse for wear after the last call during the start of Lillies trip in Orre, she tried to gain some composure before talking. "You, look much better today Lillie, how are you doing?"

Lillie still wanted to keep the information vague and answered. "Things have been good, mother. Me and Elio have more pokemon under our care. We gathered enough of a team to fight back."

Lusamine nodded at the progress, then frowned at the fact that Lillie would refused to come back home where it is safer until the shadow pokemon crisis was over.

Lillie continued. "So how have things been? Did something happened?"

Lusamine took a deep breath in remembering something. "Not good. This crime organization you and Elio have been fighting have raided Aether Paradise in search of something. Lillie, these people are much more dangerous than I initially thought, is there anything I can do?"

Lillie looked in shock as she asked her mother. "They did what? Why?"

Lusamine placed tapped her forehead trying to think of the reason. "I wish I knew, Gladion and Wicke have been keeping me in the dark about the details."

Lillie knew this was half of the truth as and glared. "Mother, you do know. Remember what you done last year?"

Lusamines eyes flared up when Lillie mentioned the Ultra Beast crisis. "But, I thought most of that information was scrubbed from the data banks. What could these people wa... beast balls?! I thought those things were all gone."

Lillie seen the worry in her mothers eyes as she continued. "Lillie, please let me help you, there has to be something I can do!"

As much as Lillie wanted to say yes, Elio has told her the reason why Cipher have been pursuing them. This would mean that if Lusamine were to be in Orre, Cipher would waste no time hunting her down, it was already difficult for Lillie and Elio to guard each other and push back without a third one in the way.

Lillie gave a firm frown and answered. "I am sorry mother, it is not safe for you out here."

Lusamine's left eye twitched from stress. "Safe? Last call we had, these people have been going after you and even attacked that boy who was protecting you. You both came with the idea to only bring two pokemon each, none of them were at their full strength. This has been going on for a week and I doubt you two have had much time to really catch a break, how is it not safe for me!?"

Lillie responded firmly. "Because it isn't mother!"

Lusamine took a deep breath in an attempt to calm down. "Lillie, when they attacked the facility I saw first hand what their leaders are capable of please let me..."

As the woman on the screen started to beg, the screen went blank. Lillie tried to call back, no connection. Lillie tried to call a back up line, no connection.

Before the Soap Opera began.

When Lillie left the pokemon center to call home, Elio continued his conversation. "Me and Lillie were able to organize a small group to take on Parkas and his stronghold. A handful of powerful trainers and a group of thieves that want Cipher dead as much as everyone else. With him gone, Orre might have a breath."

Kukui responded back. "A group of thieves? You had better options?"

Elio shook his head. "No, we did not everyone at the bar were too chicken to take these guys on and this were the only people brave enough to step forward. Me and Lillie already had a fight over. These thieves be trusted enough to keep their word regarding after Cipher is destroyed and they are competent enough that it will do more good than harm."

Kukui nodded. "How is it going with all those pokemon you two have been gathering?"

Elio smiled. "Better progress, once we have more chambers in this machine filled, getting these shadow pokemon back to normal would be reduced to a much more simple task. Of course there is the matter of what to do with them afterwards, something I want to talk to Lillie over since this is a lot of pokemon, most of them are legally hers and I have some ideas to make that manageable."

Elio said the last sentence, he thought that Guzma back home would love to be in the Orre region. Ever since the incident with Volcarona, Elio wanted to make it up to the former gang boss in some way or form.

Kukui thought over the things that have been happening on Alola. With the discovery that Cipher have tried to use the former Skull Grunts as a distraction for their operations. Leading up to an outlaw having to step in to do something about it. The corrupted Kami trio that caused havoc on two islands. Cipher's attempt to capture and corrupt Tapu Bulu at Ula'Ula and Scoire hacking the TV broad cast all over Alola to insult everything about the region and everyone who ever lived on those islands. "Just be careful in dealing with Cipher. These people are actual terrorist in comparison to what Guzma and his goons have even thou..."

Elio was startled as the screen blacked out. "I hope it was just that Lycanroc who tripped a wire, I give it a couple minutes and try again."

The boy tried calling again after five minutes. No response!

He tried calling Hau's number to see if he saw Scoires terrorist message. No response.

Elio walked back to the front of the town to find a frightened Lillie.

The boy ran up to the girl in worry. "Lillie, you had a disconnection in the middle of a call as well?"

Lillie nodded and mentioned that she had a talk with her mother. Elio responded in concern. "What did she say to you this time?!"

Lillie, looked Elio in the eyes. "Nothing, something bad has happened at home and she was trying to ask me to let her do something to help us. Despite that I tried to tell her that it was a bad idea."

Elio shook his head "Okay. What happened did Cipher att... crap. They attacked that place, did they?"

Lillie nodded. "I do not know much other than mother saying something about the beast balls. She panicked afterwards."

Elio nodded. "And because of her being a you know what, you did not tell her why her coming here is a bad idea."

Lillie cried as she nodded.

Elio's frowned sharply. "I am worried about home as well, Scoire sent that insult to every screen in the Alola region and I am worried that Hau, Hala and a T.V screen were in the same room when that happened. Tapu Koko and the others deities are stirred up worse than a Beedrill nest and nearly everyone I knew back in Alola is probably as angry as I was. Now for all we know we are stranded on this region."

Elio gave Lillie a hug. "For now, we need to focus on taking Parkas down and hope it does something. You want to begin training tomorrow with a fresh mind?"

Lillie pushed away to glare. "You still owed me that battle. Do not think that your little trick back at Pyrite Colosseum would work again."

Elio blushed as the two got ready for their showdown on Outskirt Stand the next day.

On a dusty afternoon in the Outskirt Stand. The duo prepared for the last battle they will have for the day. They looked each other in the eyes as Elio spoke. "So, the majority of our teams have changed since our showdown at Pyrite. I cut down down most of my psychic types for some actual variety. You developed a team that once Onua evolves will compliment how battles in this region works. Your ready for this?"

Elio summed up the teams both have as Lillie nodded. "Don't forget, I have a pokemon for mega evolution before you do. I won't use Z moves on you just yet, untill those bandages are healed up in the next week it would not be fair. If you want to use the Heracross after it is done in the chamber, you can."

Elio smiled. "Thank you, if you end up beating me again I will remember that."

Vs Trainer Lillie

Lillie sent her pokemon out first. "Go Shockums, Go Swoops!"

Raichu and Pidgeotto emerged from the balls, ready for battle.

"BRIMMY, REMMER COME OUT!" Elio sent out the Incineroar and Hypno as Lillie gave the first order.

"Shockums, thunderbolt on that Incineroar. Swoops air cutter."

Lillies pokemon struck first, Elio's retaliated. "BRIMMY DARKEST LAIRAT THAT RAICHU, REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THE PIDGEOTTO!"

The Incineroar spun toward the Raichu and landed a critical hit for a K.O. The Hypno's hypnotic waves failed to hit the Pidgeotto.

Lillie puffed up her cheeks as she switched out the Raichu. "You are doing that old hypnosis trick again? Medic come out! Swoops, use sand attack on that Hypno!"

As she sent out the Audino, the Pidgeotto tossed sand at the Hypno's eyes.

Lillie raised her bracelet as she activated her mega stone "Medic, mega evolve!"

Elio knew the battle had gone south but was still determined to win. "BRIMMY SAME ATTACK ON THAT PIDGEOTTO! REMMER PSYBEAM THAT AUDINO!"

The Hypno's psychic beam was able to hit the Audino, doing minimal damage. Incineroar however was able to take the Pidgeotto down with a spin. Audino shined a dazzling light and hit the Incineroar in the eyes, causing it to fall over from a critical hit.

Elio shouted as he called the Incineroar back and sent the next pokemon. "GO CUMUSTRICH! BRAVE BIRD THAT AUDINO, REMMER FOLLOW UP WITH PSYBEAM INCASE IT DOESN'T WORK!"

Lillie sent out her Leafeon. The damage from the Dodrio was enough to knock the Audino out, it left the Leafeon to bite into the Hypno. Knocking it out with a critical hit.

Elio switched. "GO MAC!"

Lillie switched. "Go Kirlia!"

Elio had his Hitmonchan use fake out on the Kirlia as the Dodrio rammed into the Leafeon. Both the Dodrio and Leafeon were knocked out, former due to recoil damage.

Elio and Lillie sent out their last pokemon.

Elio shouted "GO MAKUTA!"

Lillie shouted. "Go Onua!"

Elio whispered to the Hitmonchan. "You are at a type disadvantage BUT! I do have a plan, just focus on punching the Kirlia."

Lillie smiled as she shouted. "Kirlia! Use hyper voice! Onua use shadow punch on the Yamask!"

The Hitmonchan and Yamask were hit by large amounts of noise; Yamask was punched rather hard by the fist in the punching the Yamask, the Golett's fist looked less like iron.

Lillie glared at what happened. "Mummy!"

"MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP!" The Yamask burned the Golett, the Hitmonchan punched the Kirlia.


With a simple glare, the Golett was knocked out. The Hitmonchan kept punching as the Kirlia kept screaming, the Yamask held on by a sliver. Elio was about to issue the next willo hex combination, the Yamask turned and talked. "Yamask?"

Elio asked. "Huh? What is it?"

Rotom dex interfered with the battle. "BZZT! Translating, BZZT! Master, if you would, I have a new move that might make willo wisp unnecessary for this one. BZZT!"

Elio looked up to the sky in thought. "Huh? It is very rare I have a pokemon request something like that mid battle. Go ahead."

"BZZT! Makuta forgot how to use hex and has learned shadow ball BZZZT!" The Yamask hurled a dark blob at the Kirlia, ending the fight.

The Yamask laughed as it glowed. The ghostly body is absorbed into the mask, as it hovered. Tendrils of blue and gold erupt from the mask, forming into a sarcophagus. As the glowing stopped, only a coffin was left standing in place.

With the mask as the crown piece, Elio stared. "Makuta?"

The Cofagrigus laughed hauntingly; four black tendrils emerge from the sarcophagus as it sprang to life. It revealed a menacing smile.

The Cofagrigus tried apologizing for something, the Rotom Dex translated. "BZZT! Yes it is I, my apologies for that scene. I got rather exited, I held off evolving just so I could learn shadow ball BZZT!"

Elio noticed. "I lost track of level's after most of what has happened. Now all we need is to get Yanma and Kirlia to open up."

The boy turned over to Lillie. "Then we will both have a group of fully evol..."

Elio saw Lillie sitting on the ground laughing tears. "What is wrong?"

He walked toward Lillie and reached out his hand to help her up. "Your team is going to be great by the time this is over."

Elio tried to figure out what was wrong, Lillie looked up with tears in her eyes.

"Elio, you remembered what happened back at the Colosseum?" Elio remembered. "You beaten me. Was a fun battle tho..."

Lillie pulled him down and kissed him; he was on his knee's, his eyes widened shock before he closed them and returned the kiss. The kiss lasted until the Rotom Dex let the two know that people were watching.

Elio broke the kiss and asked. "What was that for?"

Lillie smiled and blushed. "A thank you, I was not feeling well after communications back home were blocked out. We will get to to the bottom of this."

The two left to Phenac City to enjoy the sights together.

Next day.

"BZZT! RING RING RING, THERE ARE POKEMON AT THE POKESPOTS BZZT!" As the Rotom Dex woke the two up to greet the morning, Elio and Lillie got ready and rushed out on the bike.

"Alright, Elio since we went to the other two already lets try the cave first." Lillie tried to keep the sleepy boy awake as they drove to the cave.

At the cave, a Zubat was munching at the cake. Lillie was disappointed that among the pokemon that could have been at the spot, it was one of the most common pokemon. Both however were appreciative that because of Zubat's type combination of poison and flying, it would be useful in getting a tempo at the chambers and will be released on Alola worse case scenario.

Elio, still groggy from being forced awake, tossed a quick ball at the Zubat for an easy capture. "Alright, where next zzz."

Lillie shook Elio back awake up and shouted. "The rock ground area and stay awake, we have two more days to prepare for Parkas."

Lillie took her turn to approach, she saw a Trapinch quickly scarfing the cake. "That one is rather rare."

She tossed a nest ball at it for a quick capture.

The last spot for the day was the oasis and it had a rather unusual pokemon. A pink creature that used the plants on its head to fly known as Hoppid.

Elio actually woke up when he saw it. "Huh, never seen that one before, Remmer we might want to make this capture count."

Elio sent out the Hypno and ordered it to use hypnosis on the Hoppid. Elio picked up a luxury ball as he chucked it at the Hoppid.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The two summed up the three pokemon; Trapinch was another mono ground type that can evolve into a dragon/ground later when they have it evolve as well as the rarest thing in the rock ground spot. The other two are common but have a type coverage that would work in rhythm, Hoppid was also a pokemon new to Elio.

"BZZT! Another batch of pokemon are ready to open the door to their hearts BZZT!"

Elio groaned at the Rotom. "I am already awake. I think we have enough to make another circle."

At the H.Q they finished up with Houndour and Heracross. "BZZT! Houndour regained a timid nature. It learned the moves; Nasty plot, Baton Pass, Dark Pulse and Flamethrower. Heracross regained a naive nature. It learned the moves; Helping hand, Pin Missle, Rock Blast and Close combat BZZT!"

Elio rearranged the second chamber that had just Meowstic and Venonat. He placed the Venonat back into the PC and added Moe the Houndour, the Shedinja and Punctchy the Heracross; he make the order as Meowstic, Heracross, Houndour and Shedinja. He placed the Qwillfish into the center of the first chamber and a Natu in the rearranged one. Lillie took the Plusle and added it to the third circle with in the order of it, Zubat, Hoppid and Trapinch; she placed the Smoochum into the new chamber.

Both smiled at each other before Elio see's the group of three. "Now that we are gathering more pokemon, this method is going to become more convenient."

Lillie stared into the active chambers, she knew she had to be ready for what was to come. "Elio, before we finish up for the day, there is one place I want to go visit."

The boy asked in a grin. "Mount Battle?"

Lillies smile turned more serious. "Yes, it is the one place I can train Swoop's and get Kirlia to open up more, from what I read only one trainer goes in at a time though."

Elio rolled his eyes around. "Not a bad thing, I got some minor things to do that would kill time."

Lillie smiled as she shook her head. "You are still coming with me."

They drove to the foot of the volcano, there was a main hub. "Okay Elio, with all those vivid scents you bought back at Agate Village, it should be enough for that Yanma. If the screen still works, cheer me on okay."

Elio felt bored already. "Just be sure to have a good time."

Lillie signed up for the battle system and Elio sent out the twitching Yanma, he got ready to watch.

The platforms themselves were rather interesting in machinery, each were propelled by a large fan as either a way of keeping each platform cool during battle or as a means to keep the platforms floating. Because most of Lillies team were powerful enough, the first dozen or so battles were not difficult. However as she took out more, the trainers became much stronger.

Elio watched from the screen and tend to the Yanma "BZZT! Yanma has relearned the move, signal beam BZZT!"

Elio glared at the Rotom Dex. "Least I know progress is being made."

He experimented with his phone to see if he could not call Hau or Gladion to check on what was going on at home.

He had no response from Hau, Elio frowned and thought. "Okay that is weird, I know he is often busy, but if I call him regarding something, he normally answers."

He tried again with Gladion and had no response , Elio frowned more. "I normally expect him to not stick around for conversation's but with what is going on, he would want to let me or Lillie know about important things."

Elio stared at the floating Dex. "Excuse me, I would like to try something out, stand still please."

Elio attempted to send an e-mail to Kukui back home. "Every attempt to regain contact with you beside this one has failed. Please respond if you get a message."

Elio attempted to send the email, the email has failed to send.

Elio's frown has turned into worry. "So, all attempt at contact, I could think about has failed. We have no idea what is going back home and we have no way of finding out. This sucks." He turned off the email function as the dex flared up. "BZZT! Least you asked BZZT!"

The Yanma was about to screech as Elio went back to massaging it. By the time he got back to the screen, Lillie had already beaten thirty trainers and is on to area 4 a cavern with lava far below. "This should be at her level."

Most of the trainers Lillie had fought on her way to the fourth area have been uneventful. In the break room, She had her Leafeon learn the move Return in place of bite, otherwise her Pidgeotto was getting closer to evolution evolve and the shadow Kirlia has relearned the moves psychic and calm mind. Area four, if the trainers were easy to beat they were at appropriate strength for her team to benefit from. At the end of the area, she had a show down with the battle master.

Vs Battle Master Rolly

Rolly sent out a large four armed boulder known as Graveler and a tire like elephant known as Donphan.

Lillie shouted "Cain, Kirlia. Let's end this challenge with another victory!" The Leafeon and Kirlia exit their balls, the battle starts. The Graveler and Donphan prepared a defense curl, roll out combo. "Cain use razor leaf, Kirlia use hyper voice to break the sturdy."

As the combined leaves and voice made quick work of the Graveler, the Donphan still stood.

Next pokemon sent out was a Ferrothorn. "Cain come back, Swoops get ready, Kirlia use psychic to finish that Donphan."

As the Leafeon was swapped for the Pidgeotto, Kirlia made quick work on the rolling Donphan. The Ferrothorn rammed into Kirlia with its iron body, dealing super effective damage. Rolly sent out a fiery pig known as Pignite as Lillie swapped Kirlia for Raichu. "Swoops use air cutter. Shockums use nasty plot."

The Pidgeotto slashed the for critical damage on the Pignite, the Raichu thought of a devious plan to quickly take out the Ferrorthorn. The Ferrothorn rammed into the Pidgeotto in an attempt to take it out; the Raichu's next thunderbolt took the Ferrothorn out before it done much.

The Pidgeotto begins to glow, he grew bigger and its mane has gotten larger, becoming Pidgeot.

At the hub Elio finished massaging the Yanma "BZZT! Yanma has regained a hasty nature, and relearned the move uproar BZZT!"

Lillie teleported back to the main lobby as Dex continued with good news. "BZZT! Two pokemon are ready to open the door to their hearts, I think you know which BZZT!"

Elio embraced Lillie. "You did great, winning forty battles in a row, Swoops evolved and Kirlia looked around ready. How was it overall?"

Lillie returned the hug. "Took a while to get interesting, but it looks like this place would be a good place to spend the day training in if we do not have anything else better to do. There is even something we can get here if we beat all one hundred trainers. Next time you will get your turn."

The two leave for Agate, the Rotom Dex confirmed to Lillie what Elio was doing while she was busy.

Lillie frowned. "So the email would not work either?"

Elio shook his head before they left.

At Agate, the Kirlia was the first to be presented to the stone. Like the others, the dark is dispelled in green light.

"BZZT! Kirlia regained the move baton pass BZZT!"

The Kirlia glowed as she became larger, her dress becoming bigger, her horns faded from its head and into her chest.

Lillie hugged the Gardevoir. "Welcome to the family Maiden."

The Yanma was placed toward the relic as it to opened the door to its heart. "BZZT! Yanma regained the move Baton pass BZZZT!"

Elio frowned. "Since you have not seen much battle, it will only take a short while before you learn ancient power Odon. Welcome to the team."

Lillie turned toward Elio. "So back to the H.Q? The other pokemon should be ready themselves any moment."

The duo returned to the H.Q to finish the shadow pokemon placed in the chambers.

"BZZT! Natu regained modest nature; he regained simple beam, psychic, baton pass and wish. Qwilfish regained a timid nature, it regained the moves; waterfall, stockpile, baton pass and toxic spikes. Smoochum regained a naive nature, it regained the moves; wish, ice beam, psychic and fake tears. BZZT!"

The duo focused on rearranging the chambers, Elio placed Tetra the Qwilfish in place of the Heracross for the order of Qwilfish, Houndour, Shedinja and Meowstic. Lillie placed in the Flabebe after checking what should go into the next chamber.

Elio looked at Lillie and asked. "Tomorrow is the last day, ready to drive this Parkas guy out?"

Lillie looked back with determination. "Yes!"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 3 Chapter 3 Battle At The Crag.

The next morning, before the duo left the H.Q

Elio used the T.M for Return to teach Dodrio the new move in place of drill peck. As the T.M showed the video, the three heads argued over what they were looking at.

Elio shouted to get the three heads to stop bickering. "You three knock it off, this is for all of you. Pay attention!"

Lillie planned the schedule for the day. "We arrive at the Stand at around 4 P.M, if any of them ask for more detail about Parkas we should tell them."

The Rotom Dex flared up. "BZZT! An email from Nett looks like getting messages across Orre is still a go BZZT! Elio, Lillie, we have more information about the shadow pokemon at Parkas's stronghold. Swampert, Kingler and Kingdra all belong to the Admin; while a Honchkrow, Carnivine, Absol and Toxicroak belong to the peons. BZZT!"

Elio felt disappointment as he let his Incineroar out to apologize "Sorry to tell you this, But it seemed that this Parkas guy is going to focus mainly on a water team, you might have to sit in the back for the main boss. If you are let out it is either as a last man standing or it is against a mook."

The Incineroar nodded as it understood. Elio asked Lillie. "Think your team for this region is complete?"

Lillie looked back and remembered. "With how things are going with the machine and how we both have finally have a full team of six. All you need is a pokemon capable of mega evolution and we should be good."

Elio rolled his eyes. "I might have to swap Odon for a brief moment after this, but I need a fast special attacker over a strong physical hitter."

At the Stand, they met Haley and Sheryl standing out of the bar, waiting for Luke to finish business inside. Haley was in casual clothes waving at the approaching.

Elio asked in surprise. "You were here early."

Haley groaned. "We had enough information regarding what the wild pokemon do at the spots and we were going to send a report back to Miss Wicke after Miss Lillie made her call. Then connections went dead and we have not gotten back sense."

Elio frowned sharply and explained that they were not the only ones with the issue.

Sheryl posed while trying to motivate. "Hey long as this Cipher group is taken down with beating Parkas, my girl can get back to work."

Lillie frowned back as Luke came out with the same casual clothes as before. "The terrible people we are going after is but a part of Cipher. While stopping them would give the Orre region some peace, Parkas is but an Admin."

Haley's eyes widened "Wait, he is not our big bad? Are you serious?"

Lillie nodded. "I wish he was, but we would still have much more to do. Scoire and Gough serves under Parkas, who in turn is working with Frankas and I do not want to know how many other horrible people."

Haley thought over how big of a mess they are in and how deeper they are going. "We already made one theory, this Cipher activity and the communications being cut out are no coincidence. If we take out Parkas we might be able to reestablish connections back to Alola."

Elio and Lillie looked at each other before they heard a rough sounding voice. "So these are the others of your group? No wonder you were looking for more people."

Elio took a deep breath as he saw the the head of Team Snagem approach with his right hand man. "Haley, Luke, Sheryl. This is Gonzap, the man next to him with the glasses is Wakin. They agreed to help us in taking down Cipher."

The three looked at the group with Haley speaking out. "No wonder Lillie was so crossed with you the other day."

Elio sighed. "They are trust worthy enough to keep their end. Other than the most subtle of actions, they won't be much of a problem when this is all over. Now that everyone is gathered, lets talk about a plan."

Elio drew a below average make shift map on the ground regarding how each of the groups are going to operate. "Gonzap, what your goons lack in strength you make up for in using sleep powder. If it looks like they are guarding something important, like an alarm, I want those guards snoozing. We already have an idea of what kinds of shadow pokemon are in there but if your goons encounter any of them, you are to alert me and Lillie. Should they experience more difficulty than usual, have them fall back from the place then come back when they try to focus on our heavy weights."

Gonzap nodded at the plan. "I have Wakin do most of the delicate work, still you at least have the idea."

Elio nodded as he talked to the employees and their assistant. "Luke, Haley and Sheryl. You three are the heavy weight's of our team, you are to accompany Lillie and me as we fight our way to the main building. Keep any Cipher goons off of us and if you find any suspicious looking pokemon, you are to alert us."

Lillie nodded at Elio's plan and joined in. "Once we get into the building, Elio and I are going in alone. Before you ask, Parkas has two commanders to worry about. Baring the boss, these two are the most dangerous we would face. Gough is a very brutal trainer in himself but if Alphonse is as bad as his commander."

Lillie was worried about what Alphonse would try to do to them. "Just let us handle these two. If they have any shadow pokemon they will aim them at you!"

Sheryl posed in defense. "Hey, kid, I got my main bug ready since that match in the Colosseum. This Venomoth I have will do miles better than a Wormadam would."

The Skull girl glared at Elio, knowing of his Volcarona.

Elio took out Rotom dex to show the stronghold's location. "We will gather around the outer edge here with the cover of night, so bring a pokemon that is good at seeing in the dark. We have a ghost type that is good at that but more eyes are needed. We walk the rest of the way until we reach the area. Afterwards we execute the plan. Any suggestions that might improve this?"

Nearly everyone agreed though the employee's speak out that the tactical talk seemed unnecessary.

At the dusk of night, the group converged near the stronghold, a large crag like camp with a brown looking dome resembling a small mountain. It took much longer walk towards the camp area, but because of the moon and stars the pathway is mostly lit. The entrance way was blocked by three thuggish guards, one standing furthest away. Gonzap's Vileplume and Shiftry made quick work of the thug's pokemon while the grunts used sleep powder to put the three thugs to sleep. Everyone else sneaked in. Cipher peons were seen in an inconvenient location for the powder so Lillie and Elio walked in.

"Intruders!" The peons duo sent a Croagunk and Noctowl, the boy and girl made quick work with the Hypno and Raichu. The former stopped the grunts before they ran with a couple swipes of its pendulum, the peons were fast asleep.

Lillie spotted more guards coming en mass "Two peons to the left, five to the right. You three, handle the larger bunch!"

The employee's and their assistant sent out the combination of Venomoth, Oricorio and Snorlax to dispatch five. The main duo sent out a combination of Yanma and Gardevoir. The Gardevoir did the most damage of the two with hyper voice and psychic. Most of the sections of the stronghold was a rinse and repeat save for Gonzap making the entrance and instead was commanding his underlings where to go. The group made their way to the main dome.

Elio said toward the group. "Well done everyone, spread out around the building. Make sure no one tries to surprise us."

Elio turned toward Lillie and asked. "Are you ready for this?"

Lillie gave the boy a kiss on the cheek. "Yes, lets finish this!"

In the center room, two familiar faces awaited them. A red armored commander shouted. "So you two have finally arrived. Olaf, warn master Parkas. I will hold them off!"

Gough prepared for battle as his right hand man protested. "But Gough, if you face them alone, you will most certainly fall. This is our last chance to redeem ourselves to Parkas, I will hold the line."

The commander looked at his underling in concern. "If I have lost to this Lillie, what chance do you have against both. No, we will face them together." Commander and peon shout in unison. "In Parkas's name. You shall not pass!"

Vs Cipher Commander Gough and Cipher Peon Olaf

Gough sent out a large mole with metallic claws known as Excadrill, Olaf sent out Meinfoo.


"Go Swoops!"

As Elio and Lillie sent out their pokemon.

Olaf shouted "Meinfoo, use fake out on that Hitmonchan! Keep it away from Excadrill!"

The Meinfoo clapped in front of the Hitmonchan before it got to punch, the Excadrill rammed its iron head at the Pidgeot. The Pidgeot used Air cutter knocking out the Meinfoo.

Olaf sent out a large two headed gas creature. "Go Weezing."


Lillie joined in "Swoops, help finish off that Excadrill with air cutter!"

As the Hitmonchan and and Pidgeot finished the Excadrill, the Weezing huffed an odd flame into the Hitmonchan, burning him.

Gough sent out his Machamp.

Elio anticipated the Machamp to go finish the Hitmonchan off. "MAC COME BACK, GO MAKUTA!"

As the Cofagrigus arrived on the battle, the commander glared and shouted. "I was not aiming for you, Machamp, dynamic punch!"

Lillie shouted back. "Swoops, use air cutter one more time!" The Pidgeot slashed to injure the Machamp and Weezing; the punch sent the Pidgeot flying across the room for a knock out.

Lillie called back the Pidgeot and prepared to toss a dusk ball. "Onua! Take out that Machamp!"

Olaf looked at the Cofagrigus. "Hahaha! Weezing, use toxic on that Cofagrigus. Whittle it away!" The Weezing spit out toxic sludge on the Cofagrigus badly poisoning him.

The commander shouted. "Machamp! Use stone edge on that Cofagrigus. Every wall must break!"

The Machamp impaled the Cofagrigus with no guarded rocks. Elio shouted back. "MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL ON THAT MACHAMP!"

Lillie followed. "Onua, follow with a shadow punch!"

Both ghost types were able to knocked out the Machamp.

Olaf gritted his teeth "Weezing, leave a memento on that Golett. Let us see how well she can swap for what is to come!"

The Weezing fainted, the Golett felt uncontrollable dread.

Olaf looked to his commander. "I regret using these things, but we must hold!"

The commander looked back. "Indeed" The Cipher duo sent out a floating venus fly trap known as Carnivine and a poison dart frog with a spike in each hand known as Toxicroak.

Both Elio and Lillies Aura Readers activated. "That Carnivine and Toxicroak are shadow pokemon."

Lillie swapped her Golett. "Shockums, let's finish this!"

Elio looked at his Cofagrigus. "USE REFRESH, GET THAT POISON OUT!"

The Carnivine used shadow bite on the Cofagrigus; it missed as the Cofagrigus lowered itself in a crawl and refreshed itself of the toxins. The Toxicroak shadow rushed the Raichu.

Lillie pointed in fierce determination. "Shockums, use thunder wave on that Toxicroak!"

Elio shouted at his Cofagrigus. "USE WILLO WISP ON THAT CARNIVINE!"

The Cofagrigus, burned the Carnivine.

Elio placed the dusk ball into the machine to use on the Carnivine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click.

Olaf slumped down. "I have failed you Gough."

The commander patted his peon at the shoulder. "No worry, we will fight to the bitter end. Now Lillie, use that snag ball to end this fight."

Lillie looked at the two trainers as she placed another dusk ball into the machine to use on the Toxicroak. "If this is what you actually want. Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Cipher commander slumped at the defeat. "We have failed to hold."

A Cipher commander in a red uniform approached, with a bola gun aimed at Lillie. "Of course you have, your bull headed tactics would only lead you this far."

Lillie noticed the bola that was shot at her, it wrapped itself around her.


The girl fell down twitching. Raichu was in panic as it removed the bola and was pressing herself on Lillies chest. Elio was in fear and glared at Alphonse with teeth gritting.

Alphonse wondered. "Why haven't we thought of just shooting you before hand?"

The commander prepared the bola launcher again.

Gough shouted. "Alphonse, what are you doing they earned the right to..." Before Gough finished, the crimson armored commander shot at him and his right hand man. Both of the Cipher goons took the shock just as well as Lillie.

Alphonse aimed the last shot at Elio before a rough voice was heard.

"Shiftry use fake out!" A large wooden creature slapped the gun off target and hit nothing, with the Snagem head running in.

Alphonse cringed under his helmet. "Gah! No matter, even as we speak, Parkas is on his way here. You have no hope."

Gonzap saw what happened in the dome and recognized the weapon. "A stun bola launcher, I have no idea how high that was set. Listen kid you have to hurry and beat this guy. I will go ahead and hold off the Admin."

Gonzap rushed ahead of everyone, Alphonse sneered and laughed. "Hahahaha! You fool, you only run to your doom!"

Elio got up and prepared the balls containing his Incineroar and Hypno. "Makuta, guard Lillie."

Alphonse looked at Elio and replied. "What is the matter boy, no violent outburst? That is what you normally do when something you care about is hurt. Matters not, I will end you all the same."

Vs Cipher Commander Alphonse

Elio hurled the two balls out. "BRIMMY, REMMER LETS MESS THIS BASTARD UP!"

Alphonse sent out Magneton and a white feline with a scythe like growth known as Absol.

Aura Reader activated. "That Absol is a shadow pokemon."

The Incineroar saw what happened and was fuming flames in his mouth.


The Incineroar leaped at the Magneton that tried to hit him with a thunderbolt, it missed. The Absol rushed into the Incineroar in an attempt to end him. The Incineroar took the intense blow and took the Magneton to the ground with Hypno finishing it off.

Alphonse sent out a Venusaur, Elio shouted toward his pokemon. "REMMER HYPNOSIS THAT VENUSAUR! BRIMMY SAME MOVE INTO THAT ABSOL!"

The Absol glowed as it attempted use shadow end on the Incineroar a second time, it missed. The Venusaur fell into a deep sleep from the Hypno's pendulum. The Absol was bit into with flames by the Incineroar before being tossed aside.

Elio put the dusk ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click.

The Hypno feasted on the Venusaur's dreams of a better life. Alphonse sent out a Honchkrow.

Aura Reader activated. "That Honchkrow is a shadow pokemon."


Elio placed a dusk into the machine without really thinking.

Alphonse taunted. "You honestly think using that now will save you?"

Elio ignored the taunt. "GO SNAG BALL!"

A whistle was heard from the throw.

Shake... click!

The commander gasp in shock as the Honchcrow was caught and the Incineroar finished off the Venusaur.

Not even caring about Alphonse, Elio rushed over to Lillie. "Shockum's good work, let me try!"

He pushed the Raichu aside and rapidly pressed on Lillies chest. He checked for breath as Lillie came through, she saw Elio placing his head over her chest and blushed. "Wha... what are you."

Elio embraced Lillie with tears flowing as he heard her voice. "Lillie are you alright?!"

Lillie spent the rest of the moment trying to catch her breath, she returned the hug. "Yes, I am."


Gonzap was hurled across the room by what look like an even larger armored man. The helmet having a face that looks that of an angry Tauros. The Admin glared at the two holding each other, then back at the commander who was surrounded by two angry pokemon.

Alphonse pleaded. "They continue to resist my lord, the pokemon I have are not strong enough."

Parkas bellowed not wanting to hear the excuse. "It is a poor shepherd who blames his flock, commander! This failure is yours and yours alone!"

He prepared a sinister looking orange crab; the Kingler glowed a shadow hold for Alphonse as he struggled to move. "No, no! I will not go back to Citadark!"

The watching duo healed their pokemon as they heard the word. "Citadark?"

The Kingler glowed a black aura and prepared its large pincer as Parkas continued. "Fear not! Citadark is reserved for those who may redeem themselves!"

The Kingler was about to swing its pincer, Alphonse was terrified. "No... no!"

Parkas finished his dismissal as the Kinglers pincer swung. "You will have no such chance!"

Alphonse was slammed through a wall, leaving behind a large hole.

Elio whispered as he tried to help Lillie up. "Hey Lillie, can you still stand up?"

Lillie was breathing normally. "I think so, no I know so."

The Admin focused his glare at the unconscious Gough and his lackey. "You at least had enough dignity to admit your failings, I will deal with you last. As for you two!"

Parkas turned toward the duo and yelled in unimaginable fury. "You dared to raid my camps, dispatched my generals and now go up against me?!"

The warlord laughed at himself. "I have been terrorizing this region for some time and forged this army from the ground up. We were to make the people of this region submit to Cipher. Blocking all outside contact was a start... but presenting the people with your broken bodies would cement our rule!"

He drew out a pokeball as the the duo prepared.

Vs Cipher Admin Parkas

Parkas sent out a Gyarados to accompany the approaching shadow Kingler. Elio tossed a dusk ball as Lillie shouted at her Raichu.

"GO Mac!"

"Go Shockums!"

Elio shouted in a much more calm manner. "Mac, fake out that Kingler!"

As the Hitmonchan startled the Kingler, Lillie posed for the Raichu to do her Z move. "Shockums. Gigavolt havoc on that Gyarados!"

The Raichu hurled the large bolt of electricity at the Gyarados; knocking it out despite Gyrarados eating a lightbulb like berry.

The admin sent out Politoed, he gritted his teeth that his turn backfired save for setting up rain.


Lillie shouted with him as the Kingler was pushed back. "Shockums, use thunder wave on that Kingler!"

The Kingler was paralyzed, it cannot move. Politoed shot out hot water at the Hitmonchan, nothing of note happened save for damage.

Lillie placed in a net ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

The Kingler was yanked in.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Parkas growled as he sent out his Kingdra.

Aura Reader activated again. "Kingdra is a shadow pokemon."

Kingdra used shadow end to knock the Raichu out. The Kingdra was paralyzed from the static.

The Hitmonchan muttered something. "Hit!"

The Dex translated "BZZT! Boss, I might learn a move that could turn this battle. BZZT!"

Elio smiled at the Hitmonchan. "If it is the elemental punches then learn thunder punch."

The Hitmonchan nodded. "Hit!"

Dex translated. "BZZT! Not like I ever used refresh anyways. BZZT!"

The Hitmonchan charged his iron fist in electricity and critically punched the Politoed out. The admin sent out his next pokemon, a Pelipper.

Lillie switched and shouted. "Maiden, we got to keep pushing!"

Lillie sent out Gardevoir, Elio smiled at them determination. "Me and Mac will have the Pelipper handled, that Kingdra is all yours."

Lillie charged up the net ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!


The Hitmonchan charged up its fist, dodged a hydro pump,


The Pelipper was k.o'd

Parkas hurled out his last pokemon. A Swampert that wore a crown with a stone in the middle. Elio and Lillie stared in horror as their Aura Reader activated to reveal the shadow pokemon.

Parkas bellowed as he activated his gauntlet. "Swampert, Mega evolve! Use shadow quake to annihilate them all!"

Gardevoir used her psychic powers to lift Lillie, Elio, Gonzap and even the two Cipher goons off the ground as the Swampert roared; its upper body swelled, its back fins transformed into jets. The Swampert in a fit of fueled rage, slammed its fists to the ground. Everything around it erupted in a seismic blast. Gardevoir and Hitmonchan were knocked out from the devastating attack. Parkas's armor took the blunt as he stood his ground.

Lillie sent out Leafeon after she and Elio landed. "Cain lets finish this!"


Parkas shouted. "Shadow guard! Lets see how easy this is for your grass type!"

The Swampert set out a dark barrier to reduce the damage of signal beam to but a scratch.

Lillie still ordered. "Cain use razor leaf!" The leaves tore into the Swamper with a critical hit. It fell on its knee's.

Parkas barked out. "Swampert shadow end that Yanma!"

The Swampert was about to lunge at the Yanma, Elio placed another net ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Admin glared at the two in pure hate. He roared ready to charge in himself when a two spooned creature appeared behind him to put him in a psychic hold and teleport him away. The duo entered the room past a sturdy hall way, in it was a rather simple office save for a device and the signs that Gonzap tried to fight this madman. On the table is a strange device with a button. On a computer screen was a satellite.

Lillie looked at the device and asked. "Rotom, could you check what this thing is?"

The floating Dex looked at the button in dumbfound curiosity. "BZZT! Ooooh what does this button do? BZZT!" He pressed a button and the satellite self destructed. Elio was about to yell at the Dex until he saw what happened.

Elio sighed. "Excuse me, I would like to check on something!"

He tried to call someone.

A bored yet cheerful sound came from the phone.

Yawn! "Hey, Elio how is your trip?"

Elio answered. "Had a bad beginning but it looked like things are starting to improve. How are things back home Hau?"

The voice on the phone laughed. "Other than grand father getting upset over a man insulting Alola, not so much."

Elio's eyes widened. "What did Hala do?"

Hau answered. "No idea, he asked me to go get myself something to snack on. When I left the house, I heard something smashed. I came back afterwards to find the T.V missing."

Elio sighed in relief. "I see, I have been trying to call you yesterday over something important but did not get a good signal. I forgotten what it was now."

Hau laughed over the phone. "Couldn't be that important if you forgot."

Elio laughed with him. "True, talk to you later Hau, bye click."

Elio turned over to Lillie with a smile. "Good news, looks like we are able to make some contact back home. You want to call home after we are done checking on everyone else?"

Lillie nodded as they exited the room. They found their "group" and some Snagem grunts back in the main room checking on their boss.

The Snagem boss looked beaten up but got up boisterous and proud. "Gwahahaha! we showed Cipher out!"

Lillie was the first to ask the grunts. "Any of you hurt?"

One of the grunts answered to the Lillie. "We did exactly as Gonzap ordered, soon as we felt the quake we ran out before this base erupted, nearly caught a straggler but otherwise no one was hurt on our end."

Elio asked the three heavy weights. "Report on the damage?"

Luke started. "If it makes you stop talking like that. I do not want to know what happened in this building, but the force was enough to knock several of us off our feet. Everything around the camp was shattered, those two goons near the exit are trapped in, since we have an active volcano nearby we expect the thing to have erupted. The quake will cause trouble for anyone wanting a boat to Orre, due to this being enough of a magnitude to trigger a tsunami. We called the closest thing to law enforcement to help clean up the remaining mess as well as pick up those two over there."

The employee pointed toward Gough and Olaf.

Elio smiled. "Good news, we took out the main source of our communication blockage. We should be able to have full contact with the outside world with in a week. Tested it out not to long ago and we might be able to call back home. Everything else you said beside the law enforcement is nothing but bad news but still good to know. Lillie and I dealt with mega evolved shadow pokemon before, but that was an Audino and a Heracross. This time around it was a Mega Swampert."

The employee backed away. "Wait, these guys have mega versions of these things now? No wonder that quake was strong."

Elio turned toward the group in a grin. "If we did not lose anyone, I call this raid an overall success. So when we get these two hauled away to jail, who wants to go to the Outskirt Stand for drinks on me?"

Everyone cheered as Lillie approached. "Elio, now that this group has disbanded. What is our next move?"

The Snagem boss overheard and answered. "If Cipher is acting up again, then there is this old lab between Agate and Pyrite town. This was where they started making those shadow pokemon a long time ago. There might still be something to find, like more of Cipher to mess up."

Lillie giggled nervously. "Thank you Mr Gonzap for that info."

She whispered to the Elio. "I would like to see, if I can call home again after we are done celebrating."

After the remaining Cipher goons were taken away, the group went to Outskirt Stand. The news reported of a bunch of disasters that have happened; Gateon port had to evacuate due to signs of a tsunami and everyone who was on Mount Battle had to get out because the volcano was erupting. Most of the bar either cheered that the group finally done something about the terrorist attacks; others were angry at them for the inconvenience they gave to the people they knew near those areas and left. Minus some of the Snagem grunts, it was not much of a celebration save for everyone mentally preparing themselves for the next day as well as the two kids holding onto each other.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 4 Chapter 1 Going Down At The Labs.

Elio and Lillie returned to Phenac to end the day; Lillie tried to call Kukui and Burnet while Elio saw to his pokemon being healed. The pokemon centers screen phones were already occupied, so Lillie used her back up cellphone.

A familiar voice responded. "Lillie? Is that you?"

Lillie sighed. "Yes, Elio told me about how communications disconnected during his chat. Are you alright?"

Kukui answered in relief. "Yes, after the cut out we were worried about you two. To make matters worse there are no boats going into Orre."

Lillie sighed. "You have Elio and me to thank for reestablishing a link. We took down the group responsible for that. Because of that battle, you are still going to have to wait a little longer for boats to start being available."

The professor asked over the phone. "Huh, why?"

Lillie responded rather terrified. "Because Parkas used a shadow Mega Swampert to create a massive earthquake. He is only an Admin so Elio and me are not done with this region yet."

After a minute of silence Lillie heard an urgent discussion between Kukui and Burnet before the professor went back to the phone. "What we just heard was rather extreme. Soon as me and Burnet find a way to fly over we are coming to get you two out of there."

Lillie responded in even more fear. "Please don't, you only know the bare minimum of how far these people are willing to go. If you are over here they will target you to target me."

A combined sigh was heard from over the phone. "You are saying that instead, we should stay here and be the support where its safe?"

Lillie confirmed the suggestion, the married couple were more worried. "When you feel like it is safe to come over, would you let us know?"

Lillie smiled. "Yes, thank you for listening. Call you next week."

The professor and his wife said their goodbyes as the call ended.

Next phone call Lillie made is to her brother Gladion, she saw her mother in the process of a mental break down and needed to get an update on what has happened after the cut.


"Lillie? I expected you to have tried calling on the main phone. What has happened?"

Lillie explained to her brother that she and Elio took down another Cipher Admin.

Gladion asked rather calmly. "You and Elio managed to pull it off? I got a report from some employee's working in Orre about the details. Dragging Team Snagem into this mess was Elio's idea?"

Lillie sighed. "He trust the leader to not cause any further trouble in Orre after helping us. Aside from Gonzap being hurled by Parkas, no one got hurt. How is mother doing, the disconnect happened during the last call and she ..."

Gladion helped her finish. "Got worse after the first call. Me and Wicke were able to keep her under control after the disconnect. When she could not get a boat, she tried to find a helicopter. The last one we had with us at Orre. Now she is trying something involving the Altaria she got during her treatment. Other than outburst's regarding the first two, she seemed to have calmed down... once I talked some sense into her and connections were back on. But that was partially because the Altaria joined in protest."

Lillie took a sighed in relief that things back home had not escalated drastically. "So how is Miss Wicke?"

Gladion answered. "Fine, she has found out more about what Cipher was doing on Alola and is working on a way to keep some form of defense against these people should they try attacking Alola again. A man named Wes, reluctantly volunteered on certain conditions."

Lillie asked curiously. "How is he going to volunteer and what were those conditions?"

A long silence was heard from the phone. "He let Wicke study a device he has. Identical to the ones you and Elio have been using save for visual. The conditions are confidential, Elio would have already guessed on some of the reasons; but Wes demanded that only one of these things are to be made, that he picks who uses this machine he gets to keep what ever he steal's from Cipher."

Lillie was very interested in Wes. "Sounds like he has experience with these people, any more you know about him?"

Gladion took a deep breath in curiosity himself. "Not much other than most of the pokemon he has use to be shadow pokemon themselves. Wes has already made it clear that he is not happy to work with Wicke or anyone else at Aether, I can see why. He was also to thank for driving Cipher out of Alola before things have gotten worse."

Lillie was in dread, with how Cipher had control over forces of nature and how they attacked home; she shivered and asked. "Worse?!"

Silence passed before Gladion answered. "These people tried to use members of Team Skull as a distraction by distributing these shadow pokemon to these numb skulls, not even telling them what they were getting into. They tried to capture one of the island deities with the intention to turn into a shadow pokemon! When they raided Aether, they tried to hurt people and steal some pokemon we had. Two of their leaders even tried to kill mother when she resisted against them."

Lillie took a deep breath and asked. "And these people?"

Gladion said bluntly. "They got away. It was part of the reason why mother panicked the last time you called home."

Lillies dread turned into determination. "That is also the reason me and Elio have to get stronger. If we do more to fight back against these terrible people here on Orre, by the time those two arrive we can take the battle to them. Brother, please be careful."

Gladion joked back. "I was suppose to say that. In a couple of weeks you would not have to worry about home."

Lillie regained a smile. "Alright brother, Elio and I are about to investigate some old labs for any clues. Goodbye."

The phone was turned off when Gladion replied in kind. Elio came out of the pokemon center. "Lillie, if you want to go get your pokemon healed up, now is the time. Most of the line is focused toward the video phone than they are toward the nurse."

He saw Lillie with a mellowed smile. "How did the call home went, anything specific we have to worry a.."

Elio was interrupted as Lillie rushed over to hug him. "We have nothing to worry about, Elio. We just need to keep pushing starting tomorrow."

Elio had little understanding what she meant, but returned the hug anyways.

The next day.

Elio awoke to a familiar feeling of Lillie being right behind him. With her Leafeon and Raichu being on the foot of the bed and his Yanma perching on the top bunk, it was much easier for him to do his business and go back to bed without waking everyone up. After nearly seeing Lillie die the previous day, he wanted the moment to last longer before going back to duty.

"BZZT! RING RING, Three more pokemon are ready to open the door to their..."

Before the Dex finished, Elio got up. "Yeah, yeah. When I thought this would last a little longer. Least with this batch we get a fourth chamber."

Elio tried to nudge Lillie up; she greeted him with a kiss on the cheek as she nuzzled at him wide awake. "Morning."

When they returned the H.Q, Flabebe was the first of the three to have their hearts opened. "BZZT!, Flabebe has regained a sassy nature, it learned the moves; heal bell, dazzling gleam, synthesis and psychic. BZZT!"

Second was Zorua. "BZZT! Zorua regained a hasty nature, it relearned the moves; foul play, flame thrower, baton pass and nasty plot."

Final one was Herdier. "BZZT! Herdier regained a jolly nature; it relearned the moves; Wish, psychic fang, return and agility. BZZT!"

Elio checked the chamber that had Heracross in the circle. "Hey Lillie, mind if I take your Heracross out and put Odon in the P.C for a little bit? I want to try Punctchy out."

Lillie answered with an assertive smile. "Only if you make it all the way to Area 5 at Mount battle with Odon afterwards."

Elio smiled back. "Was planning on it anyways."

He made a circle composing of Tinkey the Flabebe, Spy the Zorua, the Munna and Venonat into chamber number 4; with the Kingdra being the next to go in. Lillie placed in Bibarel, Dunsparce and Axew into the other chambers.

Elio thought about the other chambers. "Four chambers filled and five empty ones left. I wonder what would happen if we get all nine filled?"

Elio shrugged before Lillie gave him the net ball containing the Heracross. Elio let the Heracross out to ask it a very important question regarding mega evolution. The Heracross was smiling at Elio and gurgled a question.

Rotom Dex Translated. "BZZT! Hello nice people! Where are you taking me? BZZT!"

Elio answered in regret. "Some old lab you may be familiar with... before I have you come with us to this place and be put under this kind of power." He said as he flashed the keystone. "Do you need a moment to think about it?"

Heracross stared at both and answered. "Cross!"

"BZZT! After what you two done for me, I'll follow you anywhere! BZZT!"

Elio smiled as he pet the Heracross. "Then mega evolution at this point shouldn't be too bad."

As he called the Heracross back, Lillie asked. "Shall we go to that old lab and see what we can find?"

Elio nodded a yes as he went to the side cart!

The lab itself looked grey, metallic and dusty on the outside but otherwise looked like someone was occupying it. Lillie glared at the lab, Elio held her hand. "So, this is the place this nightmare began?"

Elio glared at the lab with her. ""Be ready, if Cipher has been here recently then this is where Cain and the others were..." He stopped himself and thought out loud. "I swear when we are done with this region I am having this lab destroyed. I have one pokemon that would be good at doing just that."

Lillie looked back as she tried to figure out what he meant by the last part. Otherwise she would have approved fully. First door they tried was locked and required a card key; They tried a second door and found a Cipher peon picking up a key card in a metallic inner structure. "Finally found this, the boss won't chew me out for... Oh come on!"

The Peon noticed the two intruders. Elio stepped in getting his Hypno and Hitmonchan ready.

Vs Cipher Peon Huntington

Huntington sent out a Muk and an Electric Zebra known as Zebrastrika. Aura Reader activated. "It is a shadow pokemon."

Elio shouted "REMMER, MAC GET OUT THERE! MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT ZEBRASTRIKA, REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THE MUK!" The Hitmonchan charged his fist as the Zebrastrika charged up a shadow bolt to aim at the Hypno. The Muk fell asleep from the pendulum.

As the Zebrastrika was punched again, Elio placed an ultra ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click.

Elio shouted as the Muk stayed asleep. "REMMER USE DREAM EATER!"

As the Hypno feasted on dreams of stewing, the Hitmonchan kept punching with electrical fists at the Muk for a knock out.

Elio made a smile as he was about to order his Hypno to put the peon to sleep; The peon raised his hands in surrender. "Okay, you can have the key card. Just don't make that face, I am having a bad enough day as it is."

The peon tossed over the card and ran.

Elio spoke in a stoic tone. "Cipher is here Lillie. Shall we proceed to the other door?"

Lillie took a deep breath in preparations for what she might see. "Yes, we shall!"

They proceed in the main entrance, a room with a sliding door and an elevator.

As they walked past the elevator a female peon fell from the ceiling in ambush. "Huntington could not even keep a simple key? Whatever, I will have to keep you from getting in." Lillie prepared as she backed away.

Vs Cipher Peon Gwen

Gwen sent out a large purple bag known as Swalot and a two armed metallic pokemon known as Metang.

Aura Reader activated. "That Swalot is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie shouted. "Shockums, Onua lets make our entry!"

The Raichu and Golett emerge from their balls. "Shockums, use thunder wave on that Swalot, Onua shadow punch the Metang."

As the Raichu stunned the Swalot, the Metang rammed at the Golett with a zen headbutt before it was punched from the shadows. The Swalot coughed dark sludge at Lillie, who dodged the shot with a roll.

Lillie placed an ultra ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click.

The Golett was slashed with metal claws before finishing the Metang off with a stomping tantrum.

The peon cringed "What? I cannot even keep my own shadow pokemon from being lost?"

She leaped back into the shadows to escape.

As the two approached the elevator door, Lillie remembered the last time something like this happened. When she tried to hide Nebby, she was unable to do much to stop Team Skull from finding out and kidnapping her. How Elio, Hau and Gladion had to storm Aether Paradise to try and rescue her from her mother. How because of Lillies insecurities she was unable to stop her mother from opening up Wormholes to escape into Ultra Space and letting loose Ultra Beast. How it took Elio to give Lillie that push needed to finally do something to stop the madness. Now she has the determination to press forward into the old Cipher lab. Regardless of what she may find, they would be one step closer to stop Cipher from hurting more people and pokemon.

They descend into the labs, more peons fell from the ceiling to stop Elio and Lillie.

The boy stepped forward with a net ball containing the Heracross and shouted. "This is your last chance, give up your shadow pokemon to us and I won't have to test this Heracross out on you all." The peons approached with balls ready.

Elio turned over to Lillie in a shrug. "Least I tried. PUNCTCHY, CUMUSTRICH! LET'S MESS THEM UP!"

Elio let loose the Heracross and the Dodrio, he flashed his key stone to react with Heracronite. "PUNCTCHY, MEGA EVOLVE!"

The peon's panicked as they toss out their pokemon en mass to stop the mega evolved Heracross. Most of the opposing pokemon are at a neutral advantage against the Dodrio and Heracross, none are shadow pokemon. "CUMUSTRICH, USE RETURN ON THAT GRANBULL! PUNCTCHY, PIN MISSILE EVERYTHING THAT COMES YOUR WAY!"

The Dodrio slammed into the Granbull, taking it out with a critical hit, Heracross shot rapid fired Pin missile at the mass horde with a skill link. With only a simple Machoke left, it punched the Dodrio with all its strength. The Dodrio rammed at the Machoke like the brave bird it was for a knock out.

The Heracross reverted back to its normal form as Elio petted him. "Keep up the good work and I might introduce you to someone if Lillie would allow me."

Lillie questioned who Elio was talking about.

Some of the rooms are locked with a special scanner. No slot for the key card to open the doors up. Lillie sent out her Leafeon with the intention for him to keep guard. The door recognized him and opened, in the room was a scientist organizing samples to place in a box, the Leafeon recognized the person as he growled.

The black haired scientist turned around. "What! I thought only shadow pokemon are allowed to com... oh Frankas's little project."

Both Lillie and the Leafeon glared at the scientist in response.

The man grinned comfortably. "No matter, you two cannot transverse the lab without DNA samples of the pokemon we experimented on, So I'll just..."

The Hitmonchan slammed his fist toward where the scientist was about to reach, he responded in sarcasm. "You certainly grown last time I saw you, shame you as useless now as you were then!"

Elio had enough of the scientist and was about to send out his Incineroar when Lillie stopped him. "Keep him from escaping, I would like a word with him; Cain be ready for when I call."

Vs Cipher R&D Cott

Cott sent out a Magneton and a double geared creature known as Klang.

Lillie shouted "Shockums, Onua, lets go!" Out of the balls came the Raichu and a rather nervous Golett that recognized the scientist. "Onua, use stomping tantrum on that Magneton! Shockums use thunderbolt on that Klang!"

The Raichu dealt significant damage to the Klang with a thunderbolt; the Klang grinded its gears at the Golett. The Magneton shot a tri attack at the Raichu before it was knocked out by the Golett's stomping tantrum. Cott sent out a slick virtual bird with a mostly red body, a blue beak, blue limbs and a blue tail; known as Porygon 2.

The Aura Reader activated. "That Porygon 2 is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie ordered "Shockums, use thunder wave on that Porygon 2. Onua finish that Klang with the same move!"

The Porygon 2 was paralyzed, it glowed a dark aura as it took a rather odd color. White where the blue should be and black where the red should be, its white virtual eyes are pure red.

The scientist laughed. "Ha! I knew we could make shadow conversion work, now it is the Shadow Type; resists every known type in addition to doing more damage."

Lillie was disgusted as she put a dusk ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... pop!

The shadow Porygon2 was barely caught, it generated three dark beams as it hit the Golett and Raichu.

Lillie took the Raichu's ball in preparation for a switch. "Shockums come back! Cain get in to this fight!"

Lillie looked at the Porygon 2 that was struggling to move and shouted with determination to save it. "Cain, use razor leaf! Onua, mega punch!"

The combined attacks did little against the Porygon 2.

The scientist glared at the two pokemon and smirked maliciously at Lillie. "They are certainly as useful now as they were then. Good job raising them and showing how far tender loving care actually gets them!"

Lillie gave Cott a cold stare as she prepared the next dusk ball.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

She petted her Leafeon and Golett on a job well done; Elio and the Hitmonchan had Cott cornered. "So, how you want this done Mac? Electrical or just blunt?"

The Hitmonchan raised his fists, Lillie signaled Elio with a thumbs down.

Elio responded on both accounts. "It's your lucky day, you get the double fist. Ready Mac? One, two..."

The scientist tried to figure out what the kid was talking about he heard.


Elio punched scientist square in the jaw while the Hitmonchan starred in hesitation. The punch from Elio sent he scientist across a desk, laying on his back against a wall for a K.O.

Elio's was startled that his pokemon didn't go through with it. "Mac... why didn't you follow my lead?"

The Hitmonchan folded his arms and argued; The Dex translated. "BZZT! If I did, his head would have went splat! BZZT!"

The Hitmonchan sighed trying to think of something better. "BZZT! He deserve much worse... but I am sure you will figure something out boss. BZZT!"

Elio found one answer. "Leaving him to rot in a cell with a busted jaw?"

Hitmonchan nodded. "BZZT! He might have difficulty talking but that would be more than enough. BZZT!"

Lillie obtained DNA samples.

Rotom Dex scanned the case. "BZZT! These samples contain DNA of the following; Eevee, Espurr, Tyrouge and Larvitar. We could use them to traverse the rooms if they are needed. BZZT!"

Lillie continued to comfort her Leafeon and Golett. "There there. He won't any of you ever again. Elio, did you even know what that thumbs down was?"

Elio was worried that he crossed the line. "Either you were not approving of me punching this guy in the face OR you were wanting me to do it. I picked the later."

Lillie took a deep breath as she realized what she just did. "You are correct, these horrible people deserve exactly what is coming to them. Why does this still make me feel uneasy?"

Elio answered. "Because you are a much more forgiving person than I am. One question still remains. Judgment?"

Lillie was confusion. "What?"

Elio smiled as he explained. "Just said it!"

Lillie was hesitate to answer, then nodded. "If they are anywhere close to as terrible as this person, do as you will."

Elio joked. "So go over the top in how we kick their butts?"

Lillie sighed. "Go over the top!"

Elio and Lillie progress to the next room; it had strange coffins that they did not want to touch and tubes filled with liquid. More Cipher Peons rush in with a horde of pokemon. Elio sent out the Heracross to do a repeat of last time. "MEGA EVOLVE THEN PIN MISSILE! WIPE OUT THAT HORDE!"

Lillie sighed at Elio's shouting. With one man remaining over the peons that escaped for their lives, a bald scientist that the duo hope was not like the last one.

Elio took a deep breath as he approached. "So, explain your part in this."

The R&D pressed the glasses back to his forehead. "I was part of the group that tried to improve the shadow formula to see if we could create shadow pokemon capable of evolving. It stopped being science when we got through at least seven of them, we were done with the research at that point but Admin Ein and Frankas wanted to cont..."

Elio interrupted. "Yeah, yeah I know already. I am still going to kick your butt."

Vs Cipher R&D Rowf

Rowf sent out a closed purple flower known as Cherrim and a red turtle with a coal like shell that emitted drought.

Elio sent his Incineroar to join the Heracross as he saw the Cherrim open up its petals, revealing a yellow happy face and pink petals. "BRIMMY USE FIRE FANG ON THAT CHERRIM! PUNCTCHY ROCK BLAST THE TORKOAL!" The Incineroar bit into the Cherrim before tossing it out of the fight, the mega Heracross kept shooting rocks at the Torkoal until it was knocked out. The scientist sighed in defeat as he called the two knocked out pokemon back and sent out a cloud like creature known as Castform.

Elio's Aura Reader activated. "That Castform is a shadow pokemon."

Elio called the two pokemon back for Cofagrigus and Hypno. The Castform shot a dark beam toward the ceiling; as the ceiling turned to a shadow sky, it took the form of a purple shroud with a dark face around yellow eyes.


The Cofagrigus prepared its flames, the Hypno was able to hypnotize the Castform before the willo wisp was needed. Elio placed another dusk ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The scientist oddly enough sat down and let himself get tied up. "We still have some left over equipment and notes used in the latest experiment we did. One file is in this room. If you want you can have them."

Elio was still giving him a scowl. "Stay here. You still played a major part in this, so we cannot afford to go any easier on you in comparison to the stock goons."

Rowft signed in defeat at the words. "I understand..."

Lillie searched for the file. Ein File UWH.

Lillie's eyes widened as she asked Elio to read the file with her.

"The energy radiating from the ultra wormholes tend to give pokemon an increase in power and intelligence. If this is applied to the shadow pokemon we have, It would be most useful in figuring out if the shadow project has no limit. To create as the locals of Alola would call them, shadow Totem Pokemon."

Elio sighed. "Crap, these Cipher bastards are messing with Ultra Space. If they are trying to add Totem boost to these shadow pokemon, We got big problems coming up ahead!" As both are focused on the file, a Peon sneaked up on Lillie.

Vs Cipher Peon Poppy

Poppy sent out a purple ghost with disembodied hands known as Haunter and a possessed stump known as Phantump.

Lillie sent out her two pokemon. "Go Onua, Go Swoops! Swoops use air cutter! Onua shadow punch that Haunter."

The Haunter shined a confusing light at the Golett, the Pidgeot critically sliced through the Phantump with wind and dealt considerable damage to the Haunter. The Golett punched the Haunter in the face with its ghostly fists for a K.O.

Next pokemon Poppy sent out was a black pink eyed doll with a zipper over its mouth.

Aura Reader activated. "That Banette is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie called back her Golett for her Leafeon and shouted. "Swoops, hit that Banette with a sand attack!"

The Pidgeot slapped sand into the Banette, it still glowed a dark aura in an attempt to shadow break the Pidgeot; it hit but the Pidgeot was still able to fly back in the air and toss more sand at the Banette.

Lillie shouted at her Leafeon. "Cain use razor leaf!" The leafs sliced through Banette as it tried to shadow break Lillie. In a purple glow it rammed at a wall instead as Lillie dodged; a purple shock wave was seen leaving a crack in the wall.

Lillie's heart was racing as she placed another dusk ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Peon looked at the relaxing Lillie. "I thought getting a jump scare would work. Guess not."

She willingly joined the scientist among the tied up. The two progressed deeper into the labs, they are blocked by another door, one that has a similar golden face on its main panel, Elio recognized the mask. "Makuta's mask?"

Elio sent out the Cofagrigus; the door recognized the Cofagrigus mask.

In the room is another scientist, moving some old files along and reading the next. "Least the shadow pokemon project improved with all the pokemon that were discovered, one of them use to be a human in life. A major improvement in comparison to the pokemon normally found in Kanto, Johto and Hoenn."

Elio signaled his Cofagrigus to sneak up on him. The Cofagrigus used his tendrils to lower himself down and crawled his way to the busy R&D.

Lillie signaled a thumbs down on the person. "You two can do what you want with him afterwards but I am joining this battle." The scientist heard a voice and turned around, he saw a large sarcophagus spring to life. "HOLY SHI..."

Vs Cipher R&D Mesak

Mesak sent out a large ancient insect known as Armaldo and a green barnacle known as Cradily in reflex.

Both Aura Readers activated. "That Armaldo and Cradily are shadow pokemon."

Lillie joined the fight. "Go Shockums!"

Elio ordered now he had the chance. "Makuta use willo wisp that Cradily."

Lillie shouted at her Raichu "Shockums use thunder wave on that Armaldo!" The Armaldo was paralyzed, the Cradily was burned by the strange flames. The Cradily glowed a dark aura as it unleashed a shadow rave on both pokemon, pushing the Cofagrigus back; the Armaldo would not move.

Elio smiled with his vengeful Cofagrigus. "MAKUTA SHADOW BALL THAT CRADILY!"

Lillie shouted at the Raichu. "Shockums use thunderbolt on that Armaldo!" The Cradily continued raving, as the Armaldo was still paralyzed.

Elio charged up a net ball into the machine to use on the Armaldo. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Lillie placed another dusk ball in the snag machine to toss at the Cradily at the same time as Elio's throw. Both shouted in unison


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The scientist sent out two more pokemon, A Gyarados and a large blue seal known as Sealeo.

Aura Reader activated again. "That Sealeo is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie glared in determination toward Elio. "Focus on saving that one, me and Shockums will handle the Gyarados!"

Elio responded by ordering the Cofagrigus to use a will-o-wisp on the Sealeo, it was burned. The Sealeo glowed a dark energy and tried to use shadow break on Lillie, the Cofagrigus stood in the way to take the hit, mummifying its thick fat in laughter. The Raichu made quick work of the Gyrarados as Elio charged up another net ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The angry Cofagrigus started to say something to the terrified scientist, giving a sharp glowing red eyed frown. Dex was very unerved as he began translating. "BZZZT! Boss, you might want to hear this. BZZT! Do you remember me? How you took me from my pleasant home in the tombs? I remember you though! BZZZT!"

As the Dex finished translating, the Cofagrigus erupted the contents of its body; mummy bandages engulfed the scientist as as he was being wrapped up.

The Cofagrigus proceeded to drag the victim into its body, Elio saw enough and got between the Cofagrigus and the scientist. "Okay, Makuta that is enough!"

The Cofagrigus halted for a moment. "BZZZT! Translating! Master, why do you not let me have my vengeance? BZZT!"

Elio smiled and responded. "Because it is funnier to see this guy deal with soiled pants before he gets hauled away to a very funny place. That place in question is jail which while nowhere near as dramatic as being mummified alive. I heard it is much worse."

The Cofagrigus rolled his eyes as it relied on the Rotom Dex to translate and loosened the bandages. "BZZT! Ah cruel mercy. Fine. BZZT!"

Lillie tied up the gibbering scientist as Elio gathered what looked interesting in the room, they found two things; another Elevator key and a file.

Frankas File M.E?

Lillie read it out loud. "Since that fiasco with making the shadow pokemon evolve was not going anywhere. What of mega evolution? Where the pokemon is forced to take a drastic change. The "bond" between trainer and pokemon is not exactly mandatory for such a change. Going to work on what is considered by many to be the worse of the Mega evolved pokemon and see where that leads."

The duo sighed in anger as Lillie found the last batch of DNA samples; Scraggy, Zorua, Golette and Venonat. A Peon fell from the ceiling. "I have been holding this position for twenty minutes and you people HAD to start reading."

Vs Cipher Peon Marco

Elio stepped in to defend Lillie as she was lost in a train of thought.

The peon sent out a Magneton and a Machoke. "BRIMMY! REMMER! LETS SWAT HIM OUT!"


Magneton used thunder bolt on the Incineroar before being bit by fiery fangs. The Hypno not only hit the Machoke with a psybeam, but he left it dazed and confused. The Machoke tried to use dynamic punch on the Incineroar and slammed its head on the floor in confusion. The Incineoar was hit by thunder bolt again as he finished off the Magneton in a darkest lairate, the Hypno shot another psychic beam at the Machoke; making sure it did not get back up. K.O!

The peon gritted his teeth. "Okay you like doing that then?"

He sent out a Shiftry.

Aura Reader activated. "That Shiftry is a shadow pokemon."

Elio swapped Hypno for Heracross, the Shiftry let loose a dark haunting song, dazing both the Heracross and Incineroar as they panicked. The Incineroar tried to lunge at the Shiftry with fiery fangs, he hit a desk instead. Hypno tried to use hypnosis and hit himself in the head with the pendulum. The Shiftry gust a shadow rave at the opposing pokemon for significant damage. The Incineroar lunged at the Shiftry again; tossing the Shiftry aside with fangs aflame.

Elio saw the opportunity and charge up another dusk ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click.

The peon laughed bitterly at the two. "You know what, you can go in that death zone for all I care."

The peon hurled a smoke bomb in an effort to get away. As the duo descended into the third and final floor, they took a deep breath in preparation for what they may find.

The first thing they found on the third floor was a well kept lab room with a case of DNA samples of the pokemon; Audino, Heracross, Swampert, Lopunny, Garchomp, Steelix, Banette, Blazikin, Sceptile and Ampharos. Elio and Lillie were startled with when they discovered who's lab room it was.

Elio spoke his mind. "Okay Frankas was not kidding when he said this was his next project. Some of these shadow pokemon we fought already!"

Lillie checked a cache containing a particular stone. Lillie obtained a Banetite.

Elio smiled at Lillies prize. "Sweet, another mega stone!"

Lillie smiled back teasingly. "Medic has everything needed for this region anyways. All he needs is a bulky partner to work with."

Elio nodded. "I know, Medic is good for doubles in both offense and support."

Lillie's smile faded in thought as she regarded all the shadow pokemon they accumulated. "Elio, I got a question to ask. When this is over, what are we going to do with all these pokemon?"

Elio answered nervously. "They are ours to do what ever we want. But there is no way we would keep every last one of them. Our options are; Give them back to the trainers they were stolen from if they were stolen, release them back into the wild or find good homes for them."

Lillie asked. "Like what you had planned for Punctchy? Why?"

Elio continued. "Because with the stolen pokemon, it would be the right thing to do unless we want to horde them, or with the wild pokemon it is going to be more complicated. In regards to Punctchy specifically, I did something rather mean to someone back home; I am testing Punctchy out because he loves bug types and I want to see Heracross's power for myself."

Lillie's eyes widened knowing who Elio is talking about. "Mr Guzma? You told me he has improved himself as a person and as a trainer why him though?"

Elio answered Lillies question. "When I said mean, I meant I did a combo. There was a festival a couple months ago that had a pokemon egg as a first place prize. It was the only prize in question and he got second place yet again. To make matters worse, it hatched into a bug type that is very special."

Lillie's eyes widened as she guessed the pokemon. "The same species as Solaire and Sunne; Volcarona?"

Elio laughed. "Yes, the guy is normally fine about it as long as I don't show off Soliare to him. Some of the grunts have not let the flame die down, especially when Solaire evolved... right in front of Guzma."

Lillie wanted to finish the conversation as she did find the circumstances to be terrible. "What of Cain and the ones who don't want to leave? What of the ones we cannot find good homes for?"

Elio took a deep breath and answered the last question Lillie wanted to ask. "For Cain and the others in our teams, we are stuck with them. For the others we cannot find a good place for, we are also stuck with them. This includes Punctchy if things do not go according to plan."

He looked in the hall over, Lillie gave him a proud hug. "I think this would lead towards something."
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Act 2 Arc 4 Chapter 2 Panicking Revelations.

Elio and Lillie entered the final room; they found what looked like a containment cage, a desk filled with notes and a strange machine meant to hold things in place.

Rotom Dex flared nervously. "BZZT! Boss... something is here. BZZT!"

Elio felt his back tingling."Is here? It also looked like something was here!"

Lillie spot a faint spark zooming across the room, her Aura Reader picked something up. A faint familiar sounding static cry was heard from the machine.

The central machine turned into an orange color as it animated, blue eyes stared where the central point of the machine is, it grew a horn on its head and floated revealing an evil smile as its coils glowed blue; the Reader confirmed the foe. "That Rotom is a shadow pokemon!"

Dex responded in shock. "BZZT! Brother? What they done to you?! BZZT!"

Elio looked back in shock. "Do you actually know this Rotom?"

The Dex grinned nervously. "BZZZT! No not really. Thought it build dra..."

The Rotom Dex was shot by a black lightning bolt, crashing at a wall turned off; the shadow Rotom roared a mechanical bellow. Tendrils from the containment cage dragged Elio in it. He punched and bit the mechanical tendrils to no avail as it hurled him in and raised the glass holed wall up. Lillie looked in shock as she realized she was going to have to fight the approaching creature alone, she took a deep breath as she prepared for battle.

VS Shadow Rotom

"Shockums! Onua! Come out!" Lillie sent out the Raichu and Golett. The Rotom aimed a lightning coil at the Raichu. As it shot a dark lightning bolt; the Raichu was knocked off her feet and sitting on the ground.

Lillie posed for the Z move " Shockums, use GIGAVOLT HAVOC! Onua use shadow punch on that Rotom."

The large lightning bolt hit Rotom, it still stood but significant damage was seen as its mechanical limbs started to twitch, the punch from the shadows dealt more. The Rotom roared as it aimed another shadow bolt at the the Raichu, she dodged with a role as Lillie smiled in determination as she saw the machine breaking down. "Shockums! Onua! Keep attacking!"

The Raichu shot at the Rotom as it pressed forward and short circuited. It was the Goletts shadow punch that fell the creature, the Rotom faded from the machine.

Lillie sighed in relief as she turned towards Elio. "Don't worry, I will get you out as soon as this Rotom is captur..."

Elio saw the machine moved again, he looked in horror. "Lillie... that Rotom is still active!"

The Rotom returned back into the machine in a faster pace, it roared as it sent wires across the room. It tore apart nearby machinery as it built itself a much larger and more menacing form.

The form had crab like legs, its mechanical limbs look like that of large pincer like claws. Its central body was much bulkier from added plating. The Rotom lunged forward ready to crush Lillie with its new claws. Lillie flinched, before the Golett tried to block the blow, the Rotom kept pushing with his claws against the tiny pokemon. The Golett looked back at its trainer and it glowed, growing in size considerably, its body becoming as bulky as the Rotom before it. The newly evolved Golurk put all its weight into tossing the Rotom back. The Rotom roared even louder as it flared up a familiar looking aura.

Both trainers recognized it. "Totem Aura!"

VS Totem Rotom Engine

Lillie sent back her Raichu for something that can help her Golurk take the monstrosity on. "Go Medic! Mega evolve!"

The Audino transformed into its mega form as the Rotom aimed its coils at the Golurk to gun it down. The Golurk took the black lighting with only a significant scratch as it prepared its next move.

Lillie ordered the two pokemon. "Onua use shadow punch! Medic use heal pulse on Onua to keep him up!"

The Golurk complied as it punched the Rotom in the face with a fist from the shadows, the Audino prayed and sent out a heal pulse to mend the damage from the shadow lightning.

The Rotom lunged both its claws at the Golurk in an attempt to crush it. It was a struggle but the Golurk shook it of as it punched yet again. Audino kept healing. The Rotom laughed maniacally as it caused a shadow panic, confusing both the Golurk and Audino. As the Audino tried to heal, he tripped and caused the Golurk's vision to clear. Rotom lunged at the Golurk yet again, pinning it down as it prepared its next shot, Audino was able to heal Golurk. Rotom glared as it shot two shadow lightning bolts at the Golurk, then dashed toward Lillie to try and crush her again. The Audino used his psychic abilities to try holding the Rotom in place. The Rotom roared as it slowly kept going. The Golurk got up and saw what was happening, grabbed the Rotom from behind and tossed it with all its weight. Sending itself crashing with the Rotom.

In the mist of the battle, Lillie saw the Rotom still active; battered, its legs have been torn off from the toss, trying to levitate but to no avail. "Onua, it's no longer levitating, finish it with stomping tantrum!"

The Golurk stomped toward the Rotom, it was shattered into countless pieces. The Rotom waddled its way out of the wreckage, showing its true form, a tiny orange piece of plasma with blue eyes. It was weakly trying to to use shadow bolt again as Lillie charged up a timer ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Lillie sighed in relief. "Got ya!"

As she petted her Audino, she found the control panel for the glass cage. "Onua, if I pressed the wrong button, break that cage open to get Elio out."

The Golurk walked toward Elio to see what was about to happened. The glass cage slid down as Lillie found what she was looking for.

Elio rushed to give Lillie a congratulating hug. "That fight was awesome. I knew you would beat it!"

The duo embraced for a moment until they found some files in what remained of a desk.

The Rotom Dex came through from the initial shock."BZZT! What happened? That Rotom is he.."

Lillie answered in concern. "Captured, yes. Are you okay?"

The Dex smirked. "BZZT! If this were any other dex it would have been fried. BZZT!"

Elio breathed in panic as he read the file.

Ein File. Cm

"With the Cosmog having evolved into a Cosmoem. We are one step closer to obtaining the candidates needed for XD-005 through XD-011. Once this creature evolves into one of the two pokemon of legends we will have it turned into another of the XD shadow pokemon Code named XD-004. Shadow pokemon that are completely subservient and should be immune to effects of the Purify Chamber. From there we will have it go into Ultra Space to retrieve the candidates."

Elio yelled out. "XD-005 through... You got to be kidding me! Of course they would do this!"

He was having a mental break down as Lillie found a USB port containing something. "Hey Rotom, could you see what this is for us?"

The Dex plugged the port in. "BZZT! Coordinates towards some important places around the world BZZT! This would take a while to download. BZZT!"

Lillie confronted Elio who was staring at the files breathing heavily. "What did you find?"

Elio looked at Lillie in absolute fear. "Bad news, very bad news! We got to get out of this lab and prepare. I will explain on the way back to the H.Q."

As Lillie told Elio to calm down, the two found an elevator to take them back to where they came from.

On exiting the lab, they found a large high tech black pick up truck. Coming out of it is was a mechanic with a red beard and yellow eyes. "Huh? What are kids doing here? Listen this lab is off limits have dangerous equipment laying around and you will get hurt."

The peon whispered to the man. "Huh? These have been the two messing around with our plans? You sure?"

The peon handed over a screen to the Admin, his concern turned to caution. "Oh. I see now."

He looked at the Rotom Dex downloading something. "Phew, this would make things simple. If you two don't want to get hurt, hand over that Rotom."

Elio was about to snap from stress before he took a deep breath and answered in a stoic smile. "As annoying as Dex is, I am afraid we cannot do that, he has been with us for quite a while."

The Admin shook his head. "I don't want to do this to a couple of kids but what ever happens now is on you."

Vs Cipher Admin Mal

Mal sent out a large bell known as Bronzong and a Claydol. Aura Readers activated. "That Bronzong and Claydol are shadow pokemon."

Lillie rushed to Elio's side and tossed a healed Raichu out of her ball. "Shockums! Lets finish this day in a victory!"

Elio rushed to get the Incineroar out "BRIMMY GET OUT THERE!"

Lillie ordered her Raichu paralyze the Bronzong with a thunder wave as Elio ordered his Incineroar bite into the Claydol; leaving a burn. The Bronzong tried to so something, but could not move, the Claydol sent out a white beam into the sky. "BRIMMY! FIRE FANG THE BRONZONG!"

Lillie prepared another dusk ball for the Claydol as she saw the shadow sky.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... Shake... Shake... click!

The Bronzong, was still paralyzed as the Admin sent out another pokemon; an odd looking deer that intimidated the opposing pokemon. Aura Readers activated. "That Stantler is a shadow pokemon."

As the Raichu paralyzed the Stantler, Elio prepared an ultra ball for the Bronzong.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Stantler rushed at the Raichu in a dark Aura, doing significant damage with shadow end. Elio shouted at his Incineroar. "USE DARKEST LAIRATE ON THAT STANTLER!"

The spinning Incineroar did significant damage. Mal sent out his next pokemon, a Garbador.

Lillie posed for her Z move "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" Raichu shot at the Garbador, it still stood as it hurled a large chunk of gunk into the Incineroar for a knock out.

Elio growled as he called the Incineroar back. "GRR. REMMER LETS SHOW THEM HOW IT IS DONE." The Hypno was ready for battle. The Admin sent out a large yellow sandy hippo known as Hippowdon that let loose a stream of sand.

Lillie placed a great ball into the machine for the Stantler.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Elio barked at the Hypno. "SHUT THAT HIPPOWDON DOWN WITH HYPNOSIS!" The Hypno sent the Hippowdon into a deep sleep as Lillie swapped the Raichu to Golurk in preparation for what is coming. The Hypno ate the Hippowdons dreams of sand bathing, knocking him out with a critical hit.

The Admin shook his head. "I was hoping to just knock you two out. But that is not happening."

He sent out a Steelix with a stone wedged on its a forehead.

The Aura Readers activated. "That Steelix is a shadow pokemon!"


Mal lifted a key stone for mega evolution, the Steelix transformed into a much more rigged creature, its edges look like diamonds as metal scales circle around its body, letting loose a loud high pitch roar. The Hypno send the Steelix into a deep sleep as Elio prepared to switch to Heracross.

Lillie shouted. "Onua, use stomping tantrum to weaken that Steelix!" As the ground shook, the Steelix was barely scratched.

In a dark aura the Steelix shocked itself to a Heracross mega evolving. It roared as it continued glowing and leaped at the trainers for a shadow crash; the Golurk and Heracross blocked the slam, took the full damage, lifted the heavy creature and tossed it back to the truck. Elio and Lillie saw the opening as they had the Golurk continued stomping and the Heracross fighting the Steelix in close combat. As the Heracross hurled it back even further, the Steelix roared again.

Elio shouted loudly. "Lillie, now this is our chance, take as many timer balls into the snag machine and toss as many as you can!"

Elio tossed the first one.


Shake... shake... pop!

The Steelix charged. Lillie tossed hers.


Shake... shake... shake... POP!"

Steelex got closer. Elio tossed the next one.


Shake... Shake... pop!

The Steelix lunged at the Golurk and Heracross, Lillie took one more timer ball. "GO SNAG BALL!"

The ball whistled.

Shake... click!

The Admin was impressed at what just happened, his eyes widened and he gave a friendly smile. "Huh? You might be able to make it to Citadark after all."

Lillie tilted her head in confusion, in comparison to the last two admins, he is acting way too friendly. "Aren't you mad at us or something?"

Mal shook his head. "Not really, though you are getting in the way of our plans and that will cause more problems for you if you keep it up. The machine you fought in the labs was needed to keep these scamps from getting away once we are able to make more of the XD's. I personally built that machine with the Shadow Rotom serving as the machines brain. Now we are going to have to do things much more manually."

As Elio glared at the man, an Alakazam teleported behind the Admin.

"Huh? The Grand Master wants me for something?"

Both Mal and Alakazam disappeared, with a peon hiding behind a box not thrilled."The Grand Master picked him up and left me behind? You know what, I'm sure someone else will pick me up instead?"

As he let himself get tied up, Lillie asked the Rotom Dex where is Citadark?

"BZZT! Citadark island use to be the stronghold of Cipher twelve years ago BZZZT! The only way to this island is from a very speedy boat able to transverse the whirlpools surrounding it. It is going to take a couple days to find someone to make us a boat. Least of all a month for us to even get a boat. BZZT!"

Before Elio snapped in panic the Dex continued in a wink. "BZZT! Thankfully our old friends at Gateon Port have the kind of boat to take us there. We just need to ask and fetch parts. BZZT!"

Lillie looked at Elio, who still has not truly calmed down.

She asked in concern. "Elio? Could you explain what you read in those files."

Elio's face turned to fear as he tried to think of the words. "These people have gotten there hands on a Cosmog and have every intent to evolve it. Turn it into a shadow pokemon and then use it to round up some of the Ultra Beast to turn them into shadow pokemon. Specifically this XD what ever!"

Lillies eyes widened on hearing the information. "Then this means we have to get to Citadark now!"

Elio agreed. "I think this XD class is the same category as what they done to this one pokemon I heard about. Lugia!"

He handed Lillie the page that talked about the XD formula.

Lillie was left speechless. "How could they... Elio, do you still have the Moon flute?"

Elio's fear changed to relief as he pulled out the old relic. "Do you still have the Sun flute?"

Lillie brought out the identical relic save for colors and symbols.

Elio took a deep breath. "Then we still have time, if Cosmog has evolved into its second stage, then the only way they can make this go fast is if they have both flutes. Lillie, in case they turned the Cosmog into an XD shadow pokemon and use it to capture the Ultra Beasts. We are going to need these!"

Elio opened the bag containing thirty unused Beast Balls, Lillie cringed as she saw the things then glared in questioning. "What are we going to do with these Ultra Beast afterwar..."

Elio interrupted. "Funny enough, as much destruction those pokemon can cause. They rather be home. These Cipher guys are going to stoop to a new low if they do this XD crap on them. With Nebby's power we can send these Ultra Beast home after saving them. If we run into any Shadow Ultra Beast as we storm Citadark. These are our only reliable way of capturing them."

Lillie continued to glare. "Where did you find this information?"

Elio's still kept a determined frown. "When I was helping Interpol clean up the Ultra Beast mess that was left over. Wicke went out of the way to give the Interpol members some Beast Balls which in turn they gave them to me. I did a good job at containing these creatures that I had plenty left over. I kept them around in case I have to deal with this Ultra Beast crap ever again."

Lillie thought over all the Ultra Beast Elio has hidden behind everyone's back. "If you want to send these home afterward, why did you not already do it with the ones you caught back then?"

Elio looked Lillie in the eyes in apology. "I already tried that, they rather stay with me. The ones Cipher are going to turn weapons... they would have been given a bad first impression of this world and would want nothing to do with it."

Lillie's glare turned into tears of fear. "If these people are after the Ultra Beasts, then what do they really want with us?"

Elio did not want to think about the reason but continued anyways. "There is a reason for an Ultra Beast to go after Fallers like you and me. They mistake the wormhole energy we give off as a way home, thus they try to go home. Problem is since we are not a doorway well... you get the idea. With what shadow pokemon are and how these Ultra Beast can be captured like any other pokemon..."

Elio gritted his teeth in fear just imagining why. "Please Lillie, don't make me think about this."

Lillie embraced him in an attempt to calm him down. "Then don't, let us focus on doing something about this. Then we can send them back home when it is all over."

Elio returned the hug. "Our next plan; we go back to the H.Q, get what we need gathered then talk to the two mechanics if they are still willing to talk to us again?"
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Act 2 Arc 5 Chapter 1 Getting a Boat.

Elio and Lillie return to the H.Q, they prepare the next batch of shadow pokemon.

"BZZZT! Dunsparce has regained a careful nature and he has regained the moves Baton Pass, Glare, headbutt and coil BZZZT!"

Elio rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Hey Rotom, got a small favor to ask. Since we are starting to get full on shadow pokemon going into the chambers. Think that announcing what every single Pokemon regains would get... repetitive once we start having large numbers?"

The Rotom Dex smirked as he listened. "BZZT! Fine. BZZT!"

Bibarel, Kingdra and Axew had opened the door to their hearts opened. Lillie prepared to place the Steelix, Porygon-2, Castform and Stantler into the machine as Elio took the healed ones out.

Lillie sent a message to the mechanic shop regarding a way to get to Citadark as Elio swapped the Heracross for the Yanma before being sent one back.

"If you want to talk about that, you may want to come here in person."

Elio and Lillie head toward the Junk Shop to explain to Perr what they were asking of him. The mechanic showed the two an old but still very usable boat.

Elio saw the blue fined like design and asked. "Is this boat based off of Kyogre?"

The mechanic nodded. "Yes, an old friend of ours was able to convince that inventor to let us have it. With all that has happened as well as the storms around the island being stronger than last time, we need a few more parts to make Robo-Kyogre up to date."

Elio grinned. "So we go bug the inventor one more time and get into another fight with Chobin. Maybe now I get to see Robo Groudon's Primal Reversion before we delve into another hell hole."

Elio smiled to Lillie and asked. "I gave up on asking to drive the bike, but you think I can finally use Z moves again? It has been over a week."

Lillie smiled back . "Let us see how your arm healed first." As she undid the bandages, she saw that bite wound was mostly healed, they just need to get the stitches removed and keep it clean. "Once we go back to the H.Q first, we just need to remove the stitches."

Once the duo went back to the H.Q for medical reasons, they head to Kaminko's house for what was hoped to be the final time.

Elio knocked this time in anticipation for Chobin to come out. "You two here to steal things again?"

Elio stopped caring to reason with him as the circumstances were dire enough. "Yes I am hear to steal glory. Bring out that Robo- Groudon and show me its full power!"

The assistant was confused as he adjusted his glasses. "This is normally the time where you make fun of me... very well." The assistant walked in the house, the statue moved again in preparation for the Robo-Groudon.

Elio sent out the balls containing Hitmonchan and Cofagrigus before smiling in excitement.

Vs Robo groudon MKII

The machines plates shifted as it generated large amounts of heat as Chobin pressed several buttons and pulled the lever. "Begin Primal reversion!"

The sky itself brightened with harsh sunlight. Elio shouted. "MAC, MAKUTA LETS SHOW HIM HOW FAR WE CAME!"


The Hitmonchan made a dent into the machine before it stomped it foot and countered the punch with precipice blades; knocking the Hitmonchan out. Cofagrigus hurled a dark blob at the machine. "MAC! RETURN, GO BRIMMY!" Coming out of the ball was an Incineroar that sized up its opponent. Elio crouched and roared in preparation for the Z Move. "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" The Incineroar glowed in energy, then leaped at a lamp post.

Elio raised two fingers in the air shouting. "End this fight!" The Incineroar grinned before he jumped over precipice blades destroying the lamp post and flipped in the air before body slamming the Robo Groudon. The machine began to deactivate from too much damage, Chobin climbed out with his glasses uneven. Elio sighed in relief at the victory. "Phew... okay that was a battle, thank you."

Chobin was adjusting his glasses before smirking. "Your an odd person, but thanks for letting Chobin test this at full power."

Lillie walked to the door as Elio was congratulating his Incineroar. "Excuse me doctor, we are looking for some more parts."

The voice behind the speaker asked. "Again, what are they this time?"

Lillie took a deep breath as she said the more generic parts in addition to thrusts, a damp rock and a water stone.

The voice crackled. "They are trying to modify Robo-Kyogre? Go right on in."

The duo obtained the the parts needed before delivered them to Matt and Perr. They were told it would take three days maximum to upgrade the boat.

Elio asked Lillie. "So, while we wait for this. I would like to give Mount Battle a try myself tomorrow, we need Odon to evolve very soon and if Citadark is as bad as it sounds... we need to prepare."

Lillie held Elios hand as they walk toward the bike for a drive back to the H.Q.

As Elio and Lillie present themselves to the base of Mount Battle, they reach the receptionist desk. "Since we gotten tougher since the last time, I am going to reach Area Five. Wish me luck."

Lillie found a good seat and watched Elio begin, she was thinking about some of the things Elio has mentioned. Specifically the question. "As hurt as these shadow pokemon are... how bad is the XD ones in comparison?" No matter how horrible it was to think about, Lillie knew that this was just another reason to stop Cipher.

Like Lillie's trip before, Area 1-3 were easy to Elio. It was during Area 4's that his Yanma finally learned the move ancient power. A mandatory component to evolving, the Yanma glowed grew bigger became more slick as it became Yanmega. After defeating the battle master of Area 4, it was time for Elio to tackle Area 5. For what was the half way marker, Area 5 was rather tough in terms of some of the opposing trainers having pokemon close to his in training. Not that Elio mind the challenge, as he approached Battle Master number 5.

Vs Battle Master Sunny

Sunny sent out a Liligant and a familiar looking monkey from back in Alola known as Passimian "Two Priority threats? BRIMMY! MAC! LETS TAKE THEM OUT!"

The Lilligant summoned strong light with sunny day. The Passimian detected the mach punch and dodged. "BRIMMY USE FIRE FANG TO TAKE THAT LILIGANT OUT! WE WILL DEAL WITH THE PASSIMIAN LATER."

Liligant was knocked out in one hit by the fire fang, the Passimian received Lilligants chlorophyll ability to become faster in the sun.

Elio smiled nervously at what he allowed to happen and prepared to call back the Incineroar. "Yep, now it is even faster. BRIMMY, SWAP OUT! MAKUTA TAKE THE NEXT HIT!"

The Pasimian engaged the Cofagrigus in close combat, its blows done nothing to the Cofagrigus as Elio ordered the Hitmonchan. "MAC USE MACH PUNCH AGAIN!"The Hitmonchan punched into the Passimian for moderate damage. Sunny sent out another pokemon; a large pitcher plant known as Victreebel.

Elio noticed a pokemon new to him. "Huh? Lillie told me about this thing. Nasty thing in the sun BUT I am busy already with the faster Passimian. MAC USE THUNDER PUNCH ON THAT PASSIMIAN! MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL THE PASIMIAN!"

The Passimian engaged the Hitmonchan in close combat before being punched away by electricity; the Cofagrigus finished off the Passimian with a shadow ball as the Victreebel grew under the sun. Next pokemon sent out was a Charizard. "MAC USE THUNDER PUNCH, MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL!"

The Victreebel shot a solar beam at the Hitmonchan for a K.O, the Charizard shot a flame thrower at the Cofagrigus for significant solar powered, heat boosted damage. "BRIMMY WE GOT TO PUSH THROUGH, FIRE FANG THAT VICTREEBEL. MAKUTA USE PROTECT!" The Cofagrigus protected itself from the Charizards flame thrower as the Incineroar flared its fangs; the Victreebel shot a sludge bomb at the Incineroar before being knocked out by the sun boosted fire fang. The Charizard finished off the Cofagrigus with another flamethrower as Elio posed for "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" The Incineroar leaped into the air and slammed down on the Charizard, ending the fight.

Elio sweated with his Incineroar as he saw the victory. "Phew, she was not kidding; once you get to the higher ranks these fights get a little nuts."

As Lillie watched Elio's Yanma evolve she heard noise from behind.

Three Cipher peons in red, blue and green barge in. "You think that is her Huey?" The blue one questioned.

"Yeah, this is our last chance to appease to the Grand Master after that embarrassment at the warehouse Dewey." The red one answered.

"Alright, with the modifications made to the last of our pokemon. We should be able to capture this Faller." Lillie took a deep breath as she took out the balls containing her Pidgeot, Raichu and Gardevoir and tossed them out for a triple battle.

Vs Cipher Peons; Huey, Dewey and Louie

The Cipher trio sent out a Simisear, a Simisage and a Simipour. Aura Reader activated much to Lillie's shock. "They are shadow pokemon."

Lillie look of determination turned into a cold glare of disgust. "You did not turn your own pokemon into..."

Trio were not even intimidated by Lillie as the green peon answered. "Yeah, so?"

Lillie spoke to her three pokemon in a cold tone. "Shockums, use thunderbolt on the Simipour. Swoops use air cutter and Maiden use Psychic on the Simisear."

The three shadow pokemon were brought to their knees from the attacks; they tried to use a shadow burn, a shadow pump and a shadow seed at Lillie. The Gardeviors psychic power prevented all the shots from even going over her. Lillie placed a net ball into the machine to use on the Simipour, she did not even shout as she tossed the ball.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Simisear shot a shadow burn at the Raichu, it was not enough damage. The Simisage shot a shadow seed at Gardevoir, it was not enough damage. An Ultra ball is placed into the snag machine to use on the Simisage.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Lillie asked her Raichu. "Shockums, could you please thunder wave the last one?"

The Raichu realized her trainer was about to have a mental break down and stunned the Simisear. Lillie took a deep breath as she placed a dusk ball into the snag machine to use on the final pokemon.

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The peons attempted to escape as a bystander blocked the way with a Venomoth. "Stop these goons with a sleep powder!"

The Venomoth tossed a green powder to knock out the three peons. The vigilante excused herself with the captured peons as Elio teleported back in the hub with an Abra's assistance. "Back from achieving some glo... Lillie? What happened?"

Elio saw Lillie in tears, she rushed at him to hug him for comfort. As Elio returned the hug he asked the Rotom Dex what has happened; the Rotom Dex didn't want to answer before Lillied asked. "I want to go back to the H.Q."

As they returned to the H.Q; Steelix, Stantler, Casform and Porygon 2 had the door to their hearts open. Elio wass busy organizing who goes into the fifth chamber as Lillie prepared the next shadow pokemon in silence. "Okay, Dirge and the Castform goes into the box. Wonder what would happen if all normal types are in the chamber?"

Elio gave the Herdier, Porygon 2, Steelix and Stantler the names; Terry, Sony, Dirge and Buck. He experimented with the tempo. "Since Normal types are not super effective against anything this probably won't get anywhere." Chamber 5 was raised at max tempo from the four normal types, leaving Elio a bit startled before checking on Lillie.

Lillie placed in three pokemon Elio did not recall even seeing as well as the Swampert and Banette into the box. "Hey Lillie? When did we catch these three?"

Elio was about to finish questioning the three identical pokemon, Simisage, Simisear and Simipour when Lillie's eyes start formed tears that asked Elio to not ask. "Never mind."

Lillie let her Leafeon out of his ball as she assured Elio. "Nothing you need to worry about, I just want to be alone. Don't worry you done nothing wrong." As much as Elio wanted to ask what happened, he knew that something happened while he was away. Lillie did not like what she saw and want to have to be alone.

Elio sighed as he asked her. "Let me know when you feel better, okay?"

Lillie went into one of the rooms she and Elio were using when they visit the H.Q and spent the whole day crying. Cried that these people have stooped low enough to turn their own pokemon into soulless weapons. Her Leafeon understood something wrong in an attempt make the crying stop. Lillie spent half an hour petting the Leafeon as a thank you for the comfort.

Elio knocked on the door after the hour to ask if he could come in.

Lillie calmed down enough and shouted. "Go ahead, no one is stopping you."

As the Elio saw what looked like a stream of tears just rushed, he rubbed her shoulder in an attempt to make her feel better. Lillie turned around and gave him a hug in reflex. "Thank you for helping me."

Elio knew that she was talking about the entire shadow pokemon problem they were dealing with, trainer or not she would not stand seeing pokemon hurt on these levels.

The Dex flared and ruined the mood. "BZZZT! Another batch of shadow pokemon are ready! BZZZT!"

The duo got themselves ready as they see to the Simipour, Simisear, Simisage, Swampert and Banette opened up. Elio organized the sixth chamber for Ninjask, Simisage, Simipour and Simisear. Lillie placed in the Scraggy, Torterra, Honchkrow, Kingler, Bronzong and Seviper.

Elio asked. "Hey Lillie, I want to try something with some of the pokemon stuck in the P.C."

Lillie thought it over. "If it can get them out of storage and let them socialize more... go ahead."

Elio shouted toward the staff. "Hey Krane! Mind if we take a pokemon out and leave them to wander this place?" The professor let them try it depending on what they were bringing out. Elio took out the dusk ball containing Pete the Banette.

Dex asked. "BZZT! Why you bring that one out boss? BZZT!"

Elio answered. "Because it would have been lonely without anyone to interact with."

Dex giggled at his master. "BZZZT! You are saying that because of its nature. BZZZT!"

Elio blushed as the Banette sniffed at Lillie. After a moment of staring, he cheered and hugged her. The Banette initiation into being a sort of pet category pokemon has went very well. It got along with nearly every worker in the H.Q. Nearly everyone stopped feeling sad, scared or angry when ever he was around them.

Lillie looked at Elio in a teasing manner. "You suggested this because you missed having Lost around. Don't you?"

Elio nodded. "Yes because of my overall plan for these pokemon after this nightmare is over, we might as well give some of them a testing run. I want to keep this one around even in times where adding Pete to the team is not the best option. He gets along with Cain and the others very well."

The Banette acted affectionate toward the two trainers as the Rotom Dex joked. "BZZT! Because you two have been a buffet to this guy as of late BZZZT!"

The Banette, did not deny it as the Dex is enjoying himself "BZZT! Oh I am translating this BZZZT! Besides, I know what you did Lillie. BZZZT!"

The Banette looked at her with a creepy smile for a moment before cheering. "BZZZT! You got me away from those people and gave me a place to crash for a bit BZZZT!"

Lillie looked at Elio funny; if he still had that pokedoll she gave him then this should not be much of an issue.

Later in the evening as the duo get ready for the night, they argued over the Banette.

Elio was laying on his bed speaking his point. "Relax Lillie; I still have that Clefairy doll from last year and I have taken enough care of it. Unless Pete has that much of an grudge against those who give away their toys to those who are careful instead of tossing them away. We should be fine."

Lillie puffed up her cheeks as she laid on her bed. "Then you keep an eye out fo..." The puffed up cheeks turn into fright as she noticed who was right behind Elio as he was getting ready for the joke. Elio realized that someone listened as he turned around. The Banette sneaked behind his head as he turned.

Then sneaked into Elio's bag when he turned back. "Usually when you start talking about this you fi... Pete is messing with us is he?"

Lillie looked at the back pack as the Banette was nosing around. "Pete, how much of that did you hear?"

The Dex translated what the Banette was saying as it continued to rummage through. "BZZZT! More than enou..."

Banette crawled out of the bag with what looked like a slightly dusty Clefairy doll. "BZZZT! This the thing you were talking about? BZZZT!"

The duo nodded in preparation for the Banette to start acting spooky.

Banette frowned "BZZT! Why are you talking about this keep sake when you have me? BZZT!"

Lillie puffed up her cheeks. "We were thought you had a grudge against us!"

The Banette waved his arms in argument. "BZZT! Not really, all I remember is a cage some zappy zap noises and pain. Then a whole lot of nothing save for wanting to hurt things. Next thing know I saw you two taking me out to greet some swell people. Thought I return the favor more by messing with you two a little. BZZT!"

Elio frowned in questioning. "A little?"

Lillie's cheeks were still puffed up. "If you are going to be a caretaker while we are away doing things, you need to learn that those types of pranks are not funny. Do it again and you are going back into the ball!"

The Banette whined. "BZZT! But I hate being in that thing, it gets lonely. Fine, I will tone down the pranks to be less scary. BZZT!"

Lillie nodded as the Banette took the lecture well. "That is better, if you want you can stay with us for the night. But no pranks."

The Banette smiled as it leaped toward his care taker in affection, Lillie return that affection back and frowned at Elio in guilt. "Sorry but I got Pete tonight. See you in the morning."

Elio frowned in disappointment as he awaited the morning. "I wanted to have Pete..." He had to settled for the Yanmega and the old dusty Clefairy doll.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 5 Chapter 2 Enter Citadark!

The next day was uneventful save for Honchkrow, Kingler, Bronzong, Seviper, Scraggy and Torterra having the door to their hearts opened by the machine. Elio placed the healed pokemon back into the P.C as Lillie placed in Krokorok, Exeggutor, Cloyster, Armaldo, Cradily and Swalot into the chambers. The duo mentally prepared themselves for Citadark, what ever they may find on the island is something neither wants to see; but to stop Cipher they must storm the island to rescue the Cosmoem.

While enjoying the rest of the day. Lillie prepared a T.M for return and asked the Leafeon. "Cain, do you want to learn the move return? It is a move that is very strong depending on how much the pokemon likes its trainer!"

The Leafeon nuzzled at Lillie and yipped a yes! Lillie had an idea what Leafeon is trying to forget. "Bite has been good, but if you want to forget that go ahead." Leafeon nodded as he learned the move Return.

As the duo helped around at the H.Q for most of the day; the Cloyster, Cradily, Krokorok, Swalot, Exeggutor and Armaldo had the door to their hearts opened. Elio had the Cloyster, Cradily, Krokorok and Exeggutor arranged in chamber seven. Lillie placed in Basculin, Spoink, Mankey, Skrelp, Clauncher, Sealeo, and Carnivine into the now seven chambers. Dex noticed and shouted. "BZZT! Hey boss, we are running out of shadow pokemon. BZZT!" Elio was smiling at the numbers dwindling, Lillie took a deep breath of relief. "By tomorrow we will have more pokemon to save."

By the start of the third day an Email was received. "RING RING. Alright kids, we have Robo Kyogre ready. If you want to head to Citadark, now is a good time."

Lillie and Elio finished reading the message, both patted each other in the back as they began to leave; Elio waved back at the Banette. "Hey Pete, we are going out for a while. Man the fort!" Lillie gave the Banette a hug before following Elio out, leaving the Banette to sit idly with only the Clefairy doll to keep him company.

The boat looked about as up to date as its land counter part.

Lillie turned to ask the mechanics. "Anything we are to expect on getting to the Island save for more shadow pokemon?"

Perr looked over to the ocean. "Other than the whirlpools being much stronger, if it feel's like the boat is about to give way press the glowing yellow button. Should do the rest."

Elio looked at the slick machine and asked Lillie. "May I drive this?"

Lillie shook her head. "This boat looks more complicated than the bike, you can however press the yellow button if you wish."

Elio grinned that he FINALLY got to operate one of the new rides, Lillie gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Lets get going."

The boat functioned exactly like a speed boat, zooming across the water to a black volcanic island. A whirlpool began to drag the Robo-Kyogre in, which gave Elio all the reason to press his hand on the button. The Robo-Kyogre roared as its additional thrusts pushed out more power, its shape taking a yellow glow to it as it zoomed past the whirlpools and at the docks of Citadark. As they exit the boat, Lillie saw two bulky peons approaching them in the docks. The Yellow one shouted.

"These docks are private property and we are going to have to ask you to leave."

The Red one turned around and smirked. "Ask them? We will make them leave!" Elio and Lillie prepared their pokemon to face the welcoming party.

Vs Cipher Peons Shorty and Fuser

Shorty sent out a large yellow creature with electrical wires for tails known as Electivire. Fuser sent out a large red creature with arm cannons known as Magmortar.

The Aura Readers activated. "Electivire and Magmortar are both shadow pokemon."

Lillie and Elio sent out the Raichu and Hypno.

Lillie shouted. "Shockums use thunder wave on that Magmortar!"

Elio shouted. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS ON THAT ELECTIVIRE!" The Raichu paralyzed the Magmortar, the Electrivire shot a dark lightning bolt on the Hypno. Magmortar could not move.

The Hypno hypnotized the Electrivire into a deep sleep as Elio prepared the next order. "REMMER HEAL UP WITH DREAM EATER." The Hypno feed on the rather disturbing dreams of violence from the Electrivire.

Lillie swapped her Raichu for her Golurk. "Onua use stomping tantrum on that Magmortar!"

The Magmortar felt the damange from the seismic wave and fell on its knees, it still cannot move its arms from paralysis.

Lillie fed an ultra ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Elio seeing a good opportunity fed a dusk ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click" Shorty and Fuser sent out a Liepard and a stone that had a purple entity emerge with a green spirits forming a face known as Spiritomb.

The Aura Readers activated. "The Liepard and Spiritomb are shadow pokemon."

Elio and Lillie felt impatient as they charged up their dusk balls in unison.

"GO SNAG BALL!" The dusk balls made a whistle.

Shake... click!

The Hypno knocked the two guards with hypnosis before they fled. As Lillie locked the boat up, both looked at the base of the volcanic island. The rocks are black all over save for the lava flowing into the water. A high tech elevator was seen at the side, but it was locked.

Lillie sighed in defeat. "Look like we are going through the front door."

Neither said anything as they pressed forward into the doorway leading into what looked like a maze. Most of the people they encountered are Cipher peons not in uniform, none had shadow pokemon as the duo cleared them all out. One peon was guarding the door way to the elevator a large bulky man named Krunk.

Elio stepped in to take the peon on. "I got this meat head."

The peon placed his hand over his face at the intruders. "They don't even pay me for this. I know you want to go through, but I got strict orders to keep you out."

Vs Cipher Peon Krunk

Krunk sent out an insect carrying a large chunk of stone known as Crustle and a large black bird with a white plume known as Staraptor. Aura Reader activated. "That Crustle and Staraptor are shadow pokemon."

Elio tossed a pokeball and dusk ball. "REMMER! MAKUTA! LETS PUSH THROUGH!" Out of the balls came the Hypno and Cofagrigus. Staraptor glowed a dark aura as it beat down on the Hypno in shadow combat, the Hypno dragged himself up prepared to fight as his trainer shouted. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS ON THAT STARAPTOR! MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP ON THAT CRUSTLE!"

As the Staraptor fell to swipes from the pendulum, spectral flames from the Cofagrigus burned the Crustle. The Crustle used shadow hold to prevent the two pokemon from escaping. Elio fed a net ball into the machine as he saw a opening for the Crustle. "REMMER NOW IS THE TIME FOR DREAM EATER ON THE STARAPTOR! GO SNAG BALL!"


Krunk sent out his next pokemon, a large fiery lion known as Pyroar. The Aura Reader activated. "That Pyroar is a shadow pokemon."

Elio wanted to focus the Hypno efforts on the Pyroar ordered him. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS ON THAT PYROAR AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WHILE I HANDLE THIS STARAPTOR. GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Pyroar glowed a dark aura as it tried to leap at Elio for a shadow break only to be stopped by the Hypno blocking the way. The Hypno was breathing heavily as it swung the pendulum at the Pyroar at point black range, sending it to sleep.

Elio smiled as he grabbed another dusk ball. "Remmer, use dream eater on that Pyroar... then it is all ours!"

Elio fed the dusk ball into the machine as the Hypno weakened the Pyroar. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The peon walked toward and empty room with some green powder. "Oh I quit, if you need me I'll be knocked out in the other room while you destroy everything on the island."

Lillie was impressed by Elio as he healed up his pokemon. "Lets keep going, this elevator should take us further in.

They duo approached the elevator and found a passenger was already using it.

A pink haired female scientist with two long pony tails ran out out to see what was going on, looking dumbfounded at a couple children intruding. "So you are the intruders here for XD-004? I am so going to have to stop you."

Lillie looked in shock and confusion as the pink haired woman. "What did you do to the Cosmoem? Who are you?"

The stranger looked at her in annoyance. "I have so personally done nothing. Some of the big boys at Cipher took me from parole and so wanted me to overlook some of the minor things with this pokemon." The lady pouted as she explained more. "I would would rather so NOT waste my parole on this since last time they so sent me to a maximum security prison. They like so already created XD-002 and XD-003 with the threat of sending these meanies at me if I didn't agree. They were so an improvement to XD-001 though."

Elio glared at the woman. "XD-001? Are you talking about a Lugia I heard about."

The woman smiled cheerfully. "So you have actually heard of that one little boy. It was like so one of my most wonderful creations ye.."

Lillie stepped forward after both her and the boy have heard enough. Elio walked to the corner and started asking the stranger a question, before Lillie began to have her own words with her. "What is your name by the way? Because I am about to call you Terrible! As in your terrible."

Lillie looked at Elio and smiled at the choice of words. The pink haired stranger gasped asking that he so did not call her that. "Have you so not heard of the Lovrina fan club? Well you two are out. You want to know why?"

Lillie answered. "Because we are not interested?"

Lovrina stomped her feet as the two mocked her. "No! Because I am like so going to defeat you little girl."

Elio laughed at Lovrina. "Ha! Lillie be sure to kick her ass hard." Lillie took two pokeballs out, ready for battle.

Vs Lovrina

Lovrina sent out a rose like creature known as Roserade and a ghostly ice creature known as Froslass.

Lillie's Aura Reader activated. "That Roserade and Froslass are shadow pokemon."

Lillie sent out her two pokemon. "Go Shockums! Go Swoops!"

The Froslass use shadow veil to generate a barrier.

Lillie began her first order. "Shockums, use thunder wave on the Froslass. Swoops air cutter!" The Froslass was paralyzed by the thunder wave as both her and Roserade were hit by air cutter.

The Roserade glowed a dark aura as she tried to use a thorny shadow whip on Hypno shot the whip back with a psybeam; Elio glared at Lovrina. "For a scientist you are not smart. You might want to focus on the girl that would be happy to place her foot somewhere in you."

As Elio taunted Lovrina, Lillie she charged up an ultra ball into the machine to capture the Roserade.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

With the Roserade out of the way, Lillie shouted. "Shockums, use thunderbolt on that Froslass!"

The Froslass generated a dark tornado and blew at the opposing pokemon in a shadow storm, the Raichu countered with a thunder bolt. Lovrina sent out a grey chinchilla like pokemon known as Cinccino.

Lillie's Aura Reader activated again. "That Cinccino is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie had her Raichu paralyze the Cinccino with a thunder wave as she prepared a dusk ball for the Frosslass.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Cinccino finished Raichu off with repeated slaps of its dark glowing tails. Lillie sent out her Audino as Lovrina sent out a cotton ball known as Whimscott. The Aura Reader activated revealing the Whimscott to be another shadow pokemon.

Lillie was rather sick of seeing the corrupted pokemon asked in a scowl not unlike her one her brother Gladion has worn. "What is with all the shadow pokemon?!"

Lovrina frowned back. "Something they like so gave me as a means to be hush hush when I checked on XD-004." Elio groaned at what he heard.

Lillie shook her head whispered to the Audino. "Medic... I need your help. Swoops keep doing what you are doing."

Lillie raised her bracelet for the Audino to mega evolve. She had her Pidgeot swat an air cutter, Whimscott used shadow hold as a prank; The Audino shot a dazzling gleam at both Whimscott and Cinccino.

Lillie placed a timer ball into the snag machine to capture the weakened Cinccino.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Lovrina pouted as the battle was not going her way. She sent out her last pokemon, a pretty rabbit know as Lopunny, she had a pink tiara with a particular stone on the center. Once again the reader picked up the Lopunny as a shadow pokemon. Lillie tossed another timer ball at the Whimscott before it let loose a shadow panic.


Lovrina raised a pink bracelet to trigger a mega evolution. "Lopunny, mega evolve and so wipe the floor with this girl's pokemon!" Lopunny glowed, shed some of her fur to have more muscular legs, her ears grew longer and her arms are covered in yellow fluff. The Lopunny glowed a dark aura and rammed her foot into the Audino to shadow end it; sending the Audino crashing to a wall.

The Audino was still able to fight as Lillie prepared to switch the Pidgeot. "Swoops good work. Go Cain!"

As the Leafeon leaped from the ball, the Audino shot dazzling light at the Lopunny; she tried to shadow end the Leafeon and missed.

Lillie prepared something from her bag as she kept giving orders. "Cain use return! Medic take this!" Lillie squirted a hyper potion spray at the Audino. The Lopunny kicked into the Leafeon with a shadow end, sending the Leafeon to the ground before he channeled his affection for his trainer into a strong tackle!

The Lopunny was sent on her back as Lillie put in pink ball with a heart shaped marker into the snag machine.

"Go snag ball!" The Lopunny was dragged in by a hand surrounded in a pink cloud of hearts.

"Shake... shake... shake... click!"

Lovrina stared with eyes widened at the fact she lost and whined. "Oh boo! Now lo..."

Before she finished, Elio had his Hypno use hypnosis on her. "What... are...you... zzz."

The duo had her tied up, her mouth tapped shut and placed at a corner in the room Elio thought. "No need having this person get away. Now we can progress through this hell hole."

Elio dusted his hands in accomplishment as Lillie continued to glare at the knocked out scientist. "What are we going to do with her?"

Elio smiled mischievously at the thought. "When we are done with this island, we are coming back for her. Hold her prisoner at the H.Q until I get two people I know from Interpol to come pick her up. Why did they give her parole, I will never know."

Lillie took her focus away from Lovrina, satisfied that she would no longer be a threat. "Lets go."

The Rotom Dex flared up at news as Lillie began calling the Audino and Leafeon back. The Leafeon smiled at Lillie, asking for something. "Leaf!"

Dex smiled at the Leafeon and translated. "BZZT! Sure thing buddy! BZZT! Cain wants to learn a leaf blade, should a move be forgotten? BZZT!"

Lillie nodded. "Forget about razor leaf, leaf blade is a stronger move."

Leafeon wanted some attention from Lillie before his trainer petted him. "We need to keep going Cain, please be in the ball for now!"

Leafeon cheered before being called back! Elio had the elevator door opened and was willing to let Lillie go in first!

The duo descend down the elevator and left the incapacitated Lovrina behind. For what was considered an old Cipher stronghold, there were an awful lot of scientists still in the area. These people were responsible for the storms and whirlpools keeping everyone off of Citadark.

To the duo's fortune most of them mistook them for some of the workers kids, as much as Elio wanted to bring vengeance on them, Lillie stopped him. "They don't seem to recognize us. So we might as well use this to get through."

Elio grinned deviously. "Or we could tell some buddies of mine about them after we are done with this place."

The only few people that recognized the duo as actual intruders are peons that leaped from the ceiling; none of them had any shadow pokemon to snag and with the combined might of Yanmega and Golurk, a wave of peons were quickly dispatched.

At the elevator, two female peons recognized Elio and Lillie as a top priority threat. The blue uniformed peon flinched as she saw the two approach. "Oh crap they are here? Possy, do we have that double strategy worked out now?"

The red uniformed peon smirked as she leaned at the elevator with her arms folded "Yeah, we should be able to hold the line if we make this combo work."

Elio and Lillie recognized these two back from Agate Relic and prepared for battle.

Vs Cipher Peons, Possy and Neg

Pos sent out a Lilligant and Neg sent out a Torkoal who created drought in the lab.

Elio shouted as he tossed a dusk ball. "MAC STOP THAT LILIGANT OUT WITH FAKE OUT!"

Lillie shouted as she tossed a pokeball. "Shockums, clear out the way!"

Out of the balls came Hitmonchan and Raichu. The Liligant was about to make the Torkoal go before everyone with after you. The Hitmonchan faked her out, giving Lillie the opening to use the Z move. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" Knocking the Torkoal out.

Neg frowned as the strategy she and her partner planned had failed; she called the Torkoal back. "Sheesh, we were going to have Torkoal use eruption! Meowstic, lets slow these kids down!"

As a blue Meowstic entered the battle, Elio called his Hitmonchan back and prepared a great ball. "CUMUSTRICH NOW IT IS OUR OPENING!"

As the three headed Dodrio prepared himself, the Raichu was faked out attacking. The Liligant tossed a sleep powder on the Dodrio.

Elio shouted. "CUMUSTRICH USE BRAVE BIRD TO TAKE OUT THAT LILIGANT!" Dodrio woke up like an early bird early and rammed at the Liligant.

The Raichu regained her focus as Lillie ordered. "Shockums, use thunder wave on the Meowstic!"

The Meowstic attempted to use reflect before being shot by a thunder wave, leaving him paralyzed. Next pokemon Possy sent out was a leafy insect known as Leavanny.

The Aura Readers activated. "That Leavanny is a shadow pokemon."


The Dodrio channeled his affection for his trainer into a powerful kick, crushing the Meowstic on the floor for a k.o.

Lillie calmed down as she ordered. "Shockums, use thunder bolt on that Leavanny; then we can snag it with a net ball!" The Raichu shot a thunder bolt at the Leavanny, dealing insignificant damage but leaving it paralyzed.

Neg was complaining that the strategy was failing as Elio prepared a net ball for the Leavanny.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Both peons nodded as they sent out their last pokemon a pink headed snail without its shell and a blue beetle in knights armor.

Both Aura Readers activated. "That Accelgor and Excalvier are shadow pokemon."

Elio was calming down as he ordered the Dodrio. "Cumustrich use brave bird on that Excalvier!"

The Accelgor glowed a black aura and used shadow down to lower the Dodrio and Raichu's defenses; the Dodrio rammed into the Excalvier, having it land on its back and exposed for Lillie to order. "Shockums, use thunder wave to paralyze that Excalvier!"

The Raichu paralyzed the Excalvier as it glowed a black aura, it struggled to move as it grunted wildly.

Lillie put a net ball into the snag machine.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!"

Alone in a corner, rhe Accelgor let loose a shadow rave to knock both the Dodrio and Raichu out. Elio sent out the Yanmega as Lillie sent out the Audino.

As Accelgor used shadow rave again to damage the two pokemon, Elio shouted. "Odon use signal beam on that Accelgor."

The multi colored beam left the Accelgor confused as Lillie ordered the Audino. "Medic use heal pulse on Odon."

As the injured Yanmega felt healed, Elio prepared a net call.


Shake...shake...shake... click!

Possy stomped on the ground, gritted her teeth and shouted. "Oh come on we had that strategy!"

Neg sighed. "What ever, lets get off this island before the Grand Master finds out we failed."

The peons dashed past the duo, Elio and Lillie went into the elevator.

Lillie asked. "Any ideas what is ahead in this place?"

Elio answered. "Other than expecting much more shadow pokemon. I been to Wela enough times to know we are going into the most heated area of this island. If we are to find anything important it will be at the top of this volcano."

The Elevator opened as it reached its destination, the boy's heat related pun was proven right as intense heat filled the air.
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 5 Chapter 3 Climbing Citadark!

Lillie sweated as she felt the intense heat of the next room. The chamber they walked into had lava flowing in the crevices all around. "You and your puns sometimes."

Lillie tried to cool herself down as Elio found a couple blocks in the way. "I wonder?"

He pushed at a block and knocked it over the lava flow. It blocked the flow but the molten rock was still in way. "Hey Lillie, how good is Maiden at in carrying you?"

Lillie sent out the Gardevoir to explain the situation, the Gardevoir agreed and used her psychic power to carry Lillie across the lava leading to a walk way as Elio healed his pokemon. On top of the door way to the next room is a ledge with another block.

She pushed it with all her strength into the lava; creating a walk way before she and Gardevoir floated back towards Elio; He panted in the heat. "For when logic ensues, now lets keep go..."

As the two go toward the opening, a peon leaped from the ceiling to challenge Elio. "What took you this long, this heat is killing me."

Vs Cipher peon Lunk.

Lunk sent out a large sumo wrestler known as Hariyama and a large muscular tadpole known as Poliwrath.

Elio sighed at the sight of the Poliwrath "Moisture at last. REMMER! CUMUSTRICH! LETS KNOCK THIS FOOL OUT OF OUR WAY!"

The Dodrio and Hypno leap onto the field; the Hariyama used fake out on the Dodrio as the Poliwrath joined in and shot scalding hot water.

Elio frowned in disappointment. "Right when I thought I would get some relief from this heat, REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THAT POLIWRATH!"

The Poliwrath was hypnotized asleep. "REMMER DREAM EATER, CUMUSTRICH USE BRAVE BIRD!"

The Hypno felt refreshed from dreams of water as the Dodrio rammed the Hariyama like the brave bird it is for a k.o.

Next pokemon Lunk sent out was a Breloom, Elio shouted. "CUMUSTRICH, REMMER, AGAIN!" Breloom used mach punch before being knocked out by the Dodrio; the Dodrio passed out form recoil damage. The Hypno finished off its feast of dreams and knocked the Poliwrath out. Next pokemon the peon sent out was a Meinfoo and a large purple centipede known as Scolipede.

Aura Reader activated. "That Scolipede is a shadow pokemon."

Elio prepared the great ball and was ready to switch "CUMUSTRICH YOU DONE A GOOD JOB! GO MAKUTA!"

As the Cofagrigus entered the heated battle, the Scolipede halved the Hypno's health with dark beams as the Meinfoo followed with payback!

Elio shouted towards his pokemon, knowing his Hypno isn't going to last longer in battle. "REMMER HYPNOSIS ON THAT SCOLIPEDE! MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL ON THE MEINFOO!" The Meinfoo did a high jump kick on the Hypno and missed; crashing into the floor before being knocked out by a shadow ball. Lunk sent out his final pokemon, a Foretress.

The Aura Reader activated. "That Forretress is a shadow pokemon. Why here? REMMER USE DREAM EATER!"

As the Hypno healed itself from the Scolipedes violent dreams, the Foretress was not happy to be in the volcano as it was about to ram the peon into the lava.

Elio shook his head as he prepared a net ball for the Scolipede. "Am I seriously going to save him? REMMER HYPNOSIS THAT FORETRESS! GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The Forretress was about to fall asleep, leaving the startled peon to try and make an escape to the elevator the duo came in; the Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball at the Foretress as Elio prepared another net ball, no longer caring for the peon! "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

As the duo progressed, they found a cat walk that led to a lava fall. In the walkway leading behind it is a door way to the next room. The room was cool enough that the two are able to drink up some water and cool down.

Lillie looked at the Rotom dex, who has been silent through most of the trip. "Rotom, why haven't you said anything recently? Are you still bothered by the shadow Rotom?"

The Dex frowned devoid of humor. "BZZT! It is that and that you two have summed up most of this island. I would save the humor for when we are not in extreme heat or in a place too gloomy for my taste. BZZT!"

As the two progressed up the elevator they find another lava filled chamber. They encountered more peons, none of them had shadow pokemon so the combined might of Golurk and Hitmonchan were able to punch through.

They made it to another room with an elevator, guarding it was a large muscular peon. Wearing a black uniform and not wearing a helmet, revealing a bald yellow eyed person. "You who organized Parkas's fall. Step forward!"

Elio stepped forward toward the man. "One of Parkas's boys?" The man greeted himself as Crom. "If you wish to ascend you must defeat me!" Elio shrugged as he gets his two pokemon out.

Vs Cipher Peon Crom

Crom sent out a strange plant like dinosaur with wings and a Rhyperior.

The Aura Reader activated. "That Tropius and Rhyperior are shadow pokemon."


The Cofagrigus and Hypno are greeted by the heat as Elio ordered. "MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP ON THE RHYPERIOR! REMMER FOLLOW IT WITH A PSYBEAM!"

The Rhyperior attempted to ram at Elio with a shadow end, the Cofagrigus blocked the blow and mummified its solid rock form. Cofagrigus countered with a willo wisp as the Hypno shot the Rhyperior into the lava with a psybeam. The Rhyperior was dazed as it tried to crawl back out.

Elio charged up a dusk ball sigh in relief for the Rhyperior. "Oak did say something about its pre evolution Rhydon was able to survive that. GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Smiling that the danger had mostly past, Elio ordered. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS ON THAT TROPIUS!" The Tropius use shadow sky before being hypnotized.

Crom sent out his next pokemon, a fiery monkey known as Infernape. The activated, revealing the Infernape to be another shadow pokemon.

Elio, wanting the Tropius out of the way, charged up another dusk ball.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Infernape knocked the Hypno out with shadow end; Elio switched the knock out Hypno for his Incineroar as Crom sent out Clawitser.

Elio posed for the Incineroar to use the Z move "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!"

As the Incineroar made quick work of the Clawitser, the Cofarigus hurled a shadow ball at the Infernape. It tried to shadow end the Incineroar and missed.

Elio took another dusk ball into the snag machine and shouted. "GO SNAG BALL!"


As the last shadow pokemon was captured the peon walked away in shame. "Parkas... forgive me."

Lillie joined up with Elio toward the elevator leading upward.

Lillie guzzled down another bottle of water with intent to share. "Hopefully we can get away from this heat."

Elio and Lillie ascend to a cavern with moving platforms, they talked things over. "I have not seen any Shadow Ultra Beasts yet."

Lillie teased Elio as she tried to cool him down with a water bottle.

Elio rolled his eyes. "Most of them are pretty easy to spot."

Lillie tilted her head in question. "Most of them?"

Elio looked back at her as they stepped on the next platform leading to an elevator. " The only two Ultra Beast you personally know of is Nebby and Nihilego. The others have a variety of shapes, sizes and types. One particular Ultra Beast is rather small, like it is the size of your waist kind of small. A paper like creature known as Kartana."

Lillie regretted asking but continued as they went in the elevator. "Since you know an awful lot about the Ultra Beasts, what makes that one dangerous."

Elio gave a straight question a straight answer. "Little guy has a ridiculously sharp body. Can slice a sky scrapper in two or give you the worse and last paper cut in your life. Most of its actions seem to be that of where the wind pushes it, other wise it usually does not attack on its own."

Lillie replied back to Elio. "Unless you order it to or provoked?"

Elio nodded back. "Or if we have a scenario like what Cipher is doing. Where it would attack you regardless. Which is even more sickening since Kartana is other wise fun to be around... if you are careful with it."

They reach a cliff overlooking where they parked Robo-Kyogre. They came far on the island and had a long ways to go.

Lillie took some of the information Elio has said to heart as they ascend to a room filled with cranes before she asked. "If we rescue Cosmoem we would be able to stop Cipher from hurting these Ultra Beasts?"

As the two moved from crane to crane, Elio agreed with her. "They are dangerous enough as it is and we both seen what at least one species is capable of doing. In taking Cipher's only means of getting more Ultra Beasts we would put an end to their entire plan; including the whole two weeks then spent on Alola and those same two weeks they been hunting us down. If we nip this fast enough we might only have to deal with at worse seven of them outside of Cosmog's evolutionary line."

Lillie asked around as they are at the end of the room. "Seven?"

Elio nodded. "Nihilego, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, Kartana, Celesteela, Xurkitree and Guzzlord. All seven being its own flavor of dangerous, if we meet any of the seven I will let you know."

As the duo ascend to the next floor, a Cipher peon leaped from the ceiling to ambush. Elio sighed. "I had the last couple down at the lava floor. You can have these next couple Lillie."

Vs Cipher peon Gaston.

Gaston sent out an angler fish known as Lanturn and a Magneton. Lillie sent her Leafeon and Golurk out for battle. "Cain use leaf blade! Onua, you know what to do on the Magneton."

The Leafeon landed a critical hit on the Lanturn for a k.o, Golurk made quick work of the Magneton as it used temper tantrum. The peon sent out a large pink creature with a long tongue sticking out and another fiery red monkey.

The Aura Reader activated. "The Lickilicky and Darmanitan are shadow pokemon."

Lillie knew her Leafeon would not be effective against Darmanitan and swithced him for her Gardevoir. "Onua keep using stomping tantrum on the Darmanitan. Maiden use psychic on that Lickilicky."

The Darmanitan tried to end the Golurk and missed before being knocked on his back, Lickilicky caused the two opposing pokemon to go in a shadow panic. Lillie fed a great ball into the machine to capture the Darmanitan. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click! The Gardevoir used her psychic powers on the Lickilicky. When she tried again she hurt herself in confusion. The Lickilicky let lose a shadow rave on both pokemon; the Golurk retaliated with a mega punch to the Lickilicky's face.

Lillie placed an ultra ball into the machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

After Lillie chased the peon off, they explored the room, they found strange screens on certain patches of the room. Elio asked. "Hey Dex, could you check some of these out?"

The Dex answered. "BZZT! Since we don't have time to waste, sure thing boss. BZZT!"

The Dex checked the patches, hovered over one and then pressed on it, it vanished.

"BZZT! Fading platform trap. Guarantee to make us do that crane puzzle all over again. BZZT!"

The duo ignored the strange glowing platforms.

"That trap is too obvious." As Lillie pondered, another Peon leaped from the ceiling to try and ambush her.

Cipher Peon Lara

Lara sent out a Stantler and an Exploud. "Go Shockums! Go Medic!"

Lillie sent out the Raichu and the Audino; she mega evolved the Audino before posing for the Raichu to use "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" as an opener. Exploud is was still standing as both it and the Stantler stomped on the Raichu.

Lillie shouted at the Audino. "Medic use dazzling gleam!" The shining light finished off the Exploud and dealt damage to the Stantler, the peon drew out her next pokemon. A large vine creature known as Tangrowth.

The Aura Reader activated. "That Tangrowth is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie switched her Raichu for her Pidgeot, knowing the Raichu would have to wait for the Audino's healing otherwise. "Medic, use psychic on that Stantler!"

As the Stantler was knocked out by a critical blow from the mind, the Tangrowth used another shadow rave on the opposing pokemon. Lara sent out another pokemon, a Lapras. The reader activated in as the Lapras landed on the field.

Lillie was not even surprised anymore by the type of pokemon Cipher had hurt as she ordered in a sharp frown. "Swoops use sand attack on the Tangrowth. Medic use Dazzling gleam to weaken both of them."

The Tangrowth raved and missed as sand pelted its eyes. The Lapras used shadow sky.

Lillie placed a dusk ball into the snag machine to use on the Tangrowth. "GO SNAG BALL!" "Shake... shake... shake... click!"

The Lapras used shadow storm on the Pidgeot and Audino. "Swoops use air cutter! Medic use heal pulse on Swoops!"

The Lapras was cut by air as the Pidgeot felt the heal.

The Lapras blew another shadow storm as Lillie placed a net ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

As the peon fled, Lillie took a deep breath. "How much more pokemon do we have to save from these terrible people?"

The Dex calculated. "BZZT! Over fifty percent of the shadow pokemon are rescued and more are being healed in the chambers faster than we are catching them. BZZT!"

Elio tried to smile and assure what is known. "We have snagged every shadow pokemon we encountered and are about to throw a wrench into Ciphers big plan. We just need to keep going at this point until there is nothing left of them."

The two enter the next elevator and hugged in preparations for the next trial.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 5 Chapter 4 The Sunne Sets.

Elio and Lillie exit the elevator, as they found themselves at the summit of Citadark. Ahead of them is a metal bridge leading to a large dome, built above the mouth of the volcano. As the two found the elevator leading to the docks bellow, Elio grinned to lighten the mood. "If we unlock the elevator from this side we wont have to take the long way back. Not that we would want to come back here."

Lillie stared at the dome, she knew that the Cosmoem was there. "We will get you out of there. Just hold on a little longer."

Emerging from the elevator leading to the port was a man in blue and golden robes; he was wearing a golden helmet.

He looked at the two, then looked at the dome. "You two are the ones trying to foil our plans?"

The man stood with a staff at hand, Elio approached the Admin and shouted. "We are not trying to foil your plans. We are going to foil them."

The man tilted his head at what was either foolishness or courage. "Very well my name is Setesh, by the Grand Masters orders I am here to stop you dead in your tracks."

Vs Cipher Admin Setesh

Setesh sent out a Slowking and a haunted chandelier known as Chandelure. Aura reader activated as Lillie recognized the Chandelure in fear. "Slowking and Chandelure are shadow pokemon."

Lillie yelled. "Elio watch out for that Chandelure it is dangerous even when it isn't a shadow pokemon!"

Elio tossed a pokeball and dusk ball to shout. "BRIMMY, MAKUTA; GET ON OUT AND SHOW THEM HOW IT IS DONE!"

The Inciniroar and the Cofagrigus emerged from the balls as Elio shouted. "BRIMMY USE DARKEST LAIRAT ON THE SLOWKING! MAKUTA SHADOW BALL THE CHANDELURE!"

As the Slowking was hit, the Chandelure was going to aim at Elio for ordering the attack. It found that the two pokemon standing before it would never let it get the shot off, it instead aimed its shadow flame at the Cofagrigus. Slowking used shadow sky on being slammed across a rock by the Incineroar.

Elio fed a net ball into the machine to capture the Slowking.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Setesh sent out a large metallic penguin, the Aura Reader activated. "That Empoleon is a shadow pokemon."

Elio shouted. "Makuta, expect that Chandelure to get another pot shot at us."

The Cofagrigus knew that meant use protect. As the Chandelure tried to burn the Cofagrigus once again, the barrier held.

Elio charged a dusk ball for the Chandelure. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... Shake... Shake... click!

The Emploleon used a shadow pump on the Incineroar, nearly knocking him out. Setesh sent his next pokemon, a green gelatinous Pokemon.

The Aura Reader activated again. "That Reuniclus is a shadow pokemon."

Elio prepared two pokeballs, one ready to call the Incineroar back, the other. "BRIMMY FALL BACK! GO REMMER!" To send the Hypno out; Elio ordered the Cofagrigus to use shadow ball on the Reuiniclus for super effective damage. The Emploleon shot another shadow pump at the Cofagrigus and missed before using a shadow cannon in its place. Elio prepared a dusk ball for the Reuniclus, it tried to use shadow hypnosis on him; the Hypno got in the way and blocked the hypnotic waves.

Elio still felt himself getting dizzy. "Thanks Remmer. GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Admin took a deep breath. "Well this is going to suck for one of us in the next ten minutes."

He sent out his next pokemon, a brown alien looking creature. The Aura Reader activated. "That Beheeyem is a shadow pokemon."

As the Hypno put the Emploleon to sleep with hypnosis, he noticed the Beheeyem aiming its flashing fingers at Elio. Once again, Hypno took the hit by redirecting most of the psychic waves to himself. The Hypno screamed as its kept holding its head it pain.

Elio tossed in a timer ball at the Beheeyem, he felt dizzy. "Crap! I got you Remmer! GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Both Hypno and trainer felt like their brains were put under significant pressure as the Cofagrigus hurled a shadow ball at the Emploleon. Dealing critical damage.

The Admin stood there not even phased. "Well that didn't work."

Elio hurled a net ball at the opening. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Setesh shrugged before he asked. "You expect this to be the part where the Admin and or important person in this nest of idiots sends a mega evolved shadow pokemon to kick your ass?"

Setesh stared at the two, he tossed out his last pokemon, a fiery fox with a stick known as Delphox. Setesh shouted out before Elio and Lillie reacted. "No she is not a shadow pokemon and she is a pokemon that doesn't mega evolve, Salem has been with me too long for that treatment."

Anticipated a psychic move, Elio swapped to his Incineroar. Delphox turned her attention toward the Cofagrigus as she hit him with a psychic blast. She turned around and shot at the Incineroar with mystic fire; the Incineroar was still able to battle as Elio posed for the Z move. "Ma... MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" The Incineroar leaped toward a rock formation to perform the finishing move ending the fight.

Setesh glared at the two. "I should have figured that aiming the shadow pokemon at you would not work, if it is not avoidable your pokemon probably have been blocking blows that would have killed you!"

He shook his head he gave a warning. "Are you two sure you want to go in there? One of the scientist thought it was a good idea to move the XD project onto this island. Instead of you know, out off this region!"

The man faced toward Lillie, pointing at her in questioning what would be the right choice. "My reports on you say that you hate seeing pokemon in this state, least of all get hurt. Oh boy! You have only heard of XD-001. Lovrina did not want to cooperate with this project, despite this being the evolution of the XD series."

Lillie gritted her teeth as the man hinted toward what they done to the Cosmoem. "Yes, it would be safe from you monsters!"

Setesh nodded his head at the remark and stood smug. "I respect your determination girl, but you two are about to halt a major part of our plans and piss someone off. But go on right ahead!" The Admin went back towards the elevator he anticipating the worse. "If the Grand Master makes another temper tantrum over this."

Elio's head cleared before rushing toward Lillie. "Are you.." Before he was able to ask a mentally breaking down Lillie, he saw that she was not feeling well as she rushed towards the dome. Elio followed as they head toward to dome to confront the last obstacle Citadark had to offer.

As Lillie and Elio rushed into the dome, they found nothing of note on the first floor save for lingering scientists working on something with a large blank screen.

Lillie was about to unleash everything she had on these people when Elio stopped her. "We will deal with them later, if we sneak around we would find more in this place."

Lillie looked back at him with vengeance in her eyes. "Only if you promise to join me. These people cannot get away with this!"

The duo found an elevator going down and an elevator going up. They took the one going up, leading to a wide open area that is mostly black before the walls opened up to a stormy sky.

In the center of the room, was a large creature, looking like that of a lion. Dark purple, edges blue, part of its face look like the color of a red giant, eyes glowed white. Lillie gasped and looked in tears as she knew of this creature; the Sunne counter part to Lunala, Solgaleo. The Solgaleo noticed the two intruders and let loose a bellowing otherworldly roar. What ever warm affectionate Lillie sensed in from the Lunala known as Nebby was absent in the Solgaleo Cipher had corrupted. She whispered to Elio. "I want to do this alone, please."

Before Elio questioned why, she looked back in a mixture of tears and anger. "Make sure no one tries to attack us while me and my pokemon are busy with this!"

Elio nodded as he let the Yanmega out. "Odon, you are to fly out of that opening and scout. If you find anything heading here that way you are to get back here and alert us. I don't care how, but if it has something that will hit us anywhere on the ground, get us out of the blast zone!"

The Yanmega grunted in agreement as he flew. Elio faced toward the elevator, ready for any one who dare try to interfere. Lillie prepared her pokemon to confront

XD-004 Shadow Solgaleo

Lillie shouted. "Shockums! Onua, we need to save him."

She sent out the Raichu and Golurk who were startled by the look of the shadow pokemon.

Lillie ordered. "Shockums use thunder wave!" The Raichu paralyzed the Solgaleo as he glowed a dark aura and opened his third eye. He leaped toward the sky and glowed like a dark sun before crashing at the Raichu in a ray of dark sunlight, knocking her out quick and brutally.

Lillie took out the pokeball and shouted. "Sockums come back! Go Swoops! Onua use shadow punch!" Lillie swapped the Raichu for the Pidgeot, the Golurk slugged the Solgaleo in the face with a fist from the shadows, sending Solgaleo flying back. Lillie knows her pokemon won't last against the kind of damage Solgaleo is doing and shouted. "Swoops use sand attack!"

As the Pidgeot tossed sand in the Solgaleo eyes, it roared a shadow down. The defenses of both pokemon have gone down as Lillie shouted "Both of you do it again!"

As the attacks repeated, the Solgaleo's third eye glowed. It tried to Shadow Sun Strike on the Golurk, he missed and crashed towards the ground, it struggled to get up still determine to destroy its targets. Lillie charged up an ultra ball into the snag machine as she wanted the nightmare to end.


Shake... shake... shake... Click! Solgaleo was caught!

Lillie rushed toward the ball and began to cradle it. "We can help you... please!"

The Yanmega zoomed back to screech at the Pidgeot to get Lillie. The Pidgeot signaled Lillie to get the Golurk into its ball! The Yanmega and Pidgeot swooped the duo off the ground as they saw something shot into the dome. A pillar of dark flame engulfing the lower section of the dome. As the flames died down, Elio saw a creature he recognized. It was a bamboo like rocket, only instead of green it is purple in most areas, baring its face and neck which were black. Its fingers were velvet and its eyes are a sharp red. As the Yanmega and Pidgeot found a place to land, the Celesteela crashed on the floor.

Elio spoke calmly. "Lillie, go wait bellow the room. This is between me and the Ultra Beast!"

Lillie whimpered. "Elio... please don't fight this thing alone!"

Elio turned around and smiled. "And get yourself in the cross fire? No, I dealt with two of these before." He took the balls containing his Incineroar and Cofagrigus, he faced the creature. "BRING IT ON!"

Lillie rushed toward the elevator, as it rose up she looked in fear that she was about to leave him to this thing. She heard Elio taunt the Ultra Beast as it roared.

XD-010 Shadow Celesteela

Its aura flared to life, its speed increased.

"BRIMMY! MAKUTA LETS DO THIS!" As the Incineroar and Cofagrigus was sent out, the Celesteela leaped in the air glowing a dark aura, in an attempt to crush Elio with a shadow slam. The Incineroar grabbed Elio and dodged while the Cofagrigus crawled in his place place.


The Celesteela stopped roaring as its otherworldly energy was mummified.

Elio shouted. "BRIMMY, FIRE FANG THAT CELESTEELA! MAKUTA IF YOU CAN STILL HEAR ME USE WILLO WISP!" The Incineroar bit into the Celesteeela with fiery fangs and pushed it off the Cofagrigus. Despite the impact of the shadow slam, the Cofagrigus looked bent but still shot out spectral flame at the Celesteela, burning it.

The Celesteela's arms glowed, it was about to shoot a shadow flame for flight. The Cofagrigus crawled in front of its his trainer to used protect; he shielded himself and Elio from the shadow flame. Elio saw his Incineroar out in the flame and ordered, hoping for the Incineroar to still be fine. "BRIMMY! DARKEST LAIRAT!"

The Incineroar was burned from the flame but still taunted the shadow pokemon and spun right into it. The Celesteela struggled as it began to fall to on the ground.

Elio kept his grin as he reached for his bag. "Let's see how well this baby works with a snag machine."

Elio placed blue ball with white lines and yellow baubles into the snag machine as he saw the Celesteela crash, its arms trying to lift itself up.


The image of an opening Ultra Wormhole emerge from the ball, a hand emerged from the middle to yank the Celesteela in.


Elio jumped for joy at the successful capture as he huddled his Incineroar and Cofagrigus together. "We did it boys! This is your first successful Ultra Beast capture!"

He rushed down the elevator to go find Lillie, he heard noise crying, screaming, crushing.

Elio went to the main room and saw Lillie shouting orders to her Golurk and Gardevoir; she cried toward the people in the room. "Why did you hurt them?! Answer me now!"

The Golurk and Gardevoir were attacking the scientists as the Raichu and Pidgeot tried to calm their trainer down.

Elio frowned sharply. "Elio... your an idiot! You forgot that these ass holes are still down here."

Elio went behind Lillie and embraced her. "Lillie, please stop."

Lillie flinched as she realized what she was doing; Elio continued to speak. "We got what we came for, we can leave and help these pokemon." Lillie's legs were shaking in stress as she called the Gardevoir and Golurk back before they tore the Cipher scientists apart. Elio released Lillie from the embraced as her Raichu and Pidgeot approached to give their trainer a hug. Silence was felt as Lillie called back the two pokemon who were with her since before she came to Orre.

Elio held Lillies hand as they left the dome and back to the Robo-Kyogre. He tossed a tied up and squirming Lovrina into the back seat. "Don't do anything stupid or your just going to drown!"

Since Elio never drove anything besides a ride pokemon and Lillie was in no condition to respond, he was going to have to drive the boat. It was a rough ride since he has to focus on multiple things, like where he was going and what buttons to press.

The Dex was shouting. "BZZT! Watch your driving! BZZT!" As Elio was able to park the boat back at Gateon Port without causing a dent.

As he and Lillie returned to the H.Q, Krane noticed a few things odd. First was how broken Lillie looked, second is the weird ball Elio was holding, third and lastly a familiar looking woman the Incineroar was trying to carry as she was squirming; trying to break free.

Elio shouted toward Krane. "You got a room that can make a good holding cell? At least until I can make contact with two people who would take this one away!"

The professor looked at the Purify Chamber before having the Incineroar carry Lovrina to an unused living quarters in the back before he asked. "What exactly do you two have?"

Elio answered as he manually placed these two balls into the P.C. while Lillie tried to calm down. He asked. "Do these look familiar to you?" He showed the image of what lurked in the balls.

The professors two answers were. "No and Yes; No because I never even seen these pokemon before. Yes because this looked like the color Lugia had whe..."

Lillie sprung back up in desperation. "If there is a way to save them please tell us!"

Krane looked at the machine. "How many chambers do you have?"

Elio recalled the number of chambers. "Seven, about to get nine once this next batch is done."

The Dex smiled and buzzed. "BZZT! Boss they are ready! BZZT!"

Elio smiled in pride. "I figured there was a connection between the nine chambers and how you lot were able to save Lugia. We had to heal these pokemon in bulk anyways so kill two birds with one stone. Lillie, if you are feeling better let us see if this would work."

As the two enter the chamber. The first thing done is the seven pokemon was pressing the button to have the door to their hearts opened. Elio thought to himself what would work in rhythm. "Swalot, Azurill, Honchkrow and Spoink."

As Elio finished chamber 8. Lillie was in a stoic stare as she placed in Basculin, Armaldo, Sealeo and Carnivine, making chamber 9.

Lillie and Elio looked each other in the eyes. "This is it, the moment of truth. You place Solgaleo in any of the chambers and I get Celesteela in."

The Solgaleo was placed in chamber 1, something happened as a green light embedded him. Solgaleo's appearance did not change, but he was still glowing green. Celesteela was placed in chamber 5, the same thing happened.

Dex flared up an exclamation point. "BZZT! Boss! I don't know what was done to it, but my scanners show the door to their hearts is slowly loosening. This may take longer than all the other shadow pokemon. BZZT!"

Elio looked nervously at the Dex. "How long are we talking about? A year? More?"

Dex laughed back. "BZZT! No, around a month, BZZT!"

Elio walked toward the first chamber to tell Lillie the news, she had no idea if the chamber was working or if it was a fools errand.

He grinned widely at the stoic Lillie. "Guess what."

Lillie knew Elio would grin like this if he had good news in a bad moment. "What?"

Elio place his hand on her shoulder. "It is working. It would take a month with these two. But it is working."

Lillies look of despair flared up into tears of joy as she embraced him. They placed in the Lopunny, Darmanitan, Magmotar, Elevtrivire, Froslass, and Slowking into the other chambers before leaving.

The scientist's who monitored the room outside congratulated the two on the breakthrough. "With how otherworldly these pokemon are and how the door is even more locked in comparison to Lugia. We had doubt it would work."

Lillie closed her eyes in peace. "Now we know they can still be saved.

Elio shouted loudly as the mood returned to normal. "You all have the prison cell ready? I'll call some buddies of mine shortly."

As Elio left to check on his Incineroar and the prisoner Lovrina, she was unbound and shouting as she was tossed into the room. "You like so can't do this. My fan club would so get me out!"

Elio grinned as he locked her up in what was a reasonably pleasant room that was equipped with a bathroom, a bed and even a radio; He taunted. "What are they going to do? Barge in here and say how much of an angel you are not?"

Loverina heard the insult and was banging on the door, acting like a spoiled brat.

Elio walked back toward the main room to find Lillie hugging the Banette. "So Lillie, how are you feeling?"

Lillie looked back at Elio with a smile and tears of joy. "Better. I can't believe that we were still able to save those two even after all that."

Elio turned toward the Rotom Dex who was half way done with downloading the maps. "Dex, are we about ready for Realgem tower?"

The Dex answered in a buzz. "BZZT! Yes, but there is a minor complication. Thing is closed for maintenance BZZT!"

Elio's cheerful mood died of boredome. "Crap! Still I am worried that the Celesteela is not the only you know what that Cipher have in their clutches."

Lillie pulled him down to the couch she was in and embraced him. "We will worry about that later. Let us focus on healing what we have now."

Elio hugged her back as they enjoyed an other wise pleasant evening.
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Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 6 Mission XD

Some time after Wes fought Evice at Aether and during Elio and Lillies trip to Ciphers Lab.

After Wes has driven Evice out of Alola and agreed to let Wicke recreate the Snag Machine, things in Alola have been quieting down. Because of the strict curfew hours, many who attempted to take the Island Challenges found their progress to be significantly slowed. For a certain Skull trio, this hindered them greatly as they were stuck with two pokemon each. The Grimer, Magnemite and Zubat they started with have gotten stronger. In replacement of the shadow pokemon they were given; they captured a Stuffel, Makuhita and an Eevee. At the moment they gotten past at the Trials on Akala and are working on each gathering a pokemon team together to over come the Kahuna of Akala island, Olivia. Bulmer told the news reporter that would rather have an up to date on their involvement with the shadow pokemon. "If that champ kid gathered most of his team on this island, then we might find something too."

At Aether, Wes was making sure the agreement they made to Wes was fullfilled; See to only one snag machine being made and make sure his protege was ready for such a task should Cipher attack Alola. Through out the week and a half, there was only one episode where Lusamine became irrational; was after communications with Orre were severed during her conversation with her daughter Lillie. She tried to get a boat to Orre, would not happen due to pirate raids. She tried to use a helicopter, the last one was used on a research trip to Orre. As a last resort she tried to use the Altaria she had as a means to get to Orre. Everyone who worked, including her son Gladion had to talk her into calming down. Gladion suspected the only reason she backed down was because the Altaria protested with them, did not even know the flight pattern from Alola to Orre anyways. So far she had been much more cooperative and calm, but it was not the first time she hid her real feelings towards everyone.

As Wicke was busy over seeing the construction of something, she received a call on her phone from someone named Looker. "Hello? Huh? Almia, why the... I will send someone over."

Wicke had Gladion send Wes and Rui over as she prepared to explain the most recent Cipher activity. "Thank you Master Gladion. Wes, I have received a report from a friend that Cipher have been building a station in a region called Almia. In most of the reports, the people working for Cipher have been behaving very strangely. Even for an underground crime organization."

Wes stared at Wicke in questioning. "You telling me this person infiltrated a Cipher base for this information? How unusual are we talking?"

Wicke's frowned as Wes asked. "The report's indicate that Ciphers forces have been guarding something and have spent most of the time arguing over something rather than actually working together."

Wes glared at the ground. "That is unusual for most of them. Scumbags they may be, but they at least are organized. Think they may have gotten their hands on something they should have left alone?"

Wicke nodded. "Yes. From the reports on the Ultra Beast Nihilego, it's venom causes extreme excitement, enhances existing traits to there most extreme and lowers inhibition of who ever it infects. In addition they would do thing's that would better benefit this Ultra Beast with no regard to everything else."

Wes glared at the half finished Snag Machine. "How much of that is finished? Almia sounded like I place I should go visit."

Wicke smiled at the question. "Other than an Aura Reader, that we do not even have and the slot for the key stone that we don't even know where to look. It will finished enough in around a week to capture a certain amount of pokemon before needing to recharge."

Wes nodded back and smirked. "Fair enough. Gladion, you want to send out that Larvitar and your Lucario? We need to test something out."

Gladion sent the Lucario and Larvitar out before asking the former. "Alright, could you sense anything wrong with this Larvitar?"

The Lucario nodded at Gladion for him to sent out the Larvitar, the Lucario flinched as it sensed the black aura. Gladion returned the Larvitar to its ball and petted the Lucario as a thank you.

Wes was growing more confident at Gladion. "That was one test. Now for another, care for a battle? I would like to see how well you can do?"

Gladion was intimidated by the one pokemon Wes had before he placed the ultra ball in his bag. "I won't use Ultima and you won't use the Larvitar. Soon as I get back we are going to pay a visit to an old shrine. Meet me at what use to be the gardens?"

At the decimated garden, the signs of a great battle still lingered as craters littered the place and buildings were being repaired. Rui blew a whistle to discuss the rules. "Okay it is a double battle, the rules are no shadow pokemon, no mega evolved pokemon and a Five on Five." Wes smiled at the opponent facing him as he prepared his two pokemon, while Gladion made a dramatic pose as he prepared his.

Wes vs Gladion

Wes shouted. "Gilgey! Edgar! Come out!" The Hitmontop and Ampharos is sent out on the field.

Gladion tossed his out. "Weavile! Lucario! Lets go!"

Wes ordered. "Gilgey, use fake out on that Weavile. Lighten some of the pressure off of Edgar." The Hitmontop clapped in front of the Weavile before it could attack, flinching it.

Gladion saw the Hitmontop as the more durable threat, pounded his fist together and pushed the fists forward. Having the Lucario deal massive damage with "CORKSCREW CRASH, PIERCE ITS DEFENSES!"

The Lucario drilled at the Hitmontop all over the garden before creating another crater; the Hitmontop was still able to battle as Wes shouted. "Edgar, use thunderbolt on that Lucario!"

The Ampharos shot the Lucario off the Hitmontop, leaving him paralyzed.

Gladion saw the battle already turned against his favor. "Lucario use extreme speed!"

The Lucario would not not move, Gladion shouted his back up plan. "Weavile, use night slash on that Ampharos!"

The Weavile dealt moderate amount of damage to the Ampharos. "Gilgey, finish that Lucario off with close combat!" The Hitmontop kicked the Lucario with various punches and kicks for a knock out.

Gladion saw this as his chance to strike and sent out a large four winged purple bat. "Crobat come out and use acrobatics to knock this Hitmontop! Weavile keep using night slash on that Ampharos!"

The Crobat performed acrobatics to finish off the wounded Hitmontop was the Weavile slashed more damage to the Ampharos. The Ampharos had himself backed to a corner before critically shooting the Weavile out of the battle with a power gem.

Gladion glared at the situation as he sent out his next pokemon. "Porygon-Z, we will demolish this last wall!" As the Porygon-Z emerged Wes called back the Hitmontop to send out his Mismagius. "Vivi, show him why you are called the Purple Mage!"

Gladion shouted back. "Crobat, finish off that Ampharos with a cross poison!"

The Crobat slashed its four venomous wings into the Ampharos, slamming it to the ground for a k.o.

Wes knew he was down to one more pokemon that would be able to take the damage as he called the Ampharos back. "Vivi, use Shadow ball on that Crobat, Dusk it is time to take the stage!" The Mismagius hurled a dark blob at the Crobat as the Umbreon was sent out to battle!

Gladion ordered back. "Porygon-z use dark pulse to vanquish this Mismagius!" The Porygon-Z twitched dark thoughts as it dealt super effective damage to the Mismagius.

Wes sent out Umbreon and shouted. "Dusk, time to take the stage! Vivi, power gem that Crobat; Dusk, follow through with a foul play on that Porygon-Z!"

Gladion kept calm under the pressure. "Crobat use X Scissor on that Umbreon, Porygon-Z keep dark pulse on that Mismagius!"

As the Crobat slashed into the Umbreon, the Mismagius shot the Crobat down. In return, the Porygon-Z finished off the Mismagius off with a dark pulse. Gladion made a dramatic pose as he sent out a Silvally with a white hue.

Wes grinned that he was facing this creature and that Gladion might actually beat him. "Dawn! Let us finish this show!" As he sent out his Espeon Gladion shouted. "Porygon-Z focus that Espeon with dark pulse, Silvally use x Scissor to finish that Umbreon off!"

As Silvally, slashed into the Umbreon for a k.o, the Espeon used psychic to deal damage to the Porygon-Z; it was not enough as the Porygon-Z countered with a dark pulse. K.O!

Rui blew a whistle blew as the match ended. "Wes's pokemon are all out, Gladion is the winner."

Wes gathered up his pokemon as he prepared to make his trip to Almia. "Okay, that snag machine Wicke is making is all yours!"

Gladion glared back at Wes confused. "What?"

Wes turned back towards Gladion with a carefree grin. "In case Cipher tries to attack Alola while I am away. Or if the two on Orre don't make it back before Cipher tries." Wes shrugged as he explained a more selfish reason for him to pick Gladion of all people. "I have been looking for a protege for some time... you seem to have what I am looking for." As he and Rui called the page for Charizards to fly them to the nearest port he shouted out. "Tell Wicke I would probably be in Orre when I am done at Alma." As the two flew off, Gladion was not surprised that Wes would try something like this.

He called back his pokemon and thought to himself. "Guess I better see if I can at least try that Snag Machine on."

Wes and Rui prepaired for their trip to Almia. The mission was simple as it is; find Ciphers base of operations on Almia, raid the base, capture the Nihilego before it escapes and caused trouble or snag the Nihilego if it is turned into a shadow pokemon. As Rui left to secure a boat to Almia, Wes was summing up what to exactly do with the Nihilego after he captured it. He already has a team composing of strong pokemon, Nihilego's venom makes it too dangerous for him to actually use in comparison to the other Ultra Beast he read about. From the information on the Ultra Wormholes as well as a creature on Alola who has the power to properly release this creature.

Wes was either going to confront Lunala the old fashion way, or just ask Alola's champion to ask the Lunala for help. "Since the champ owns this thing and knows what the hell these Ultra Beasts are... it is better long term if I ask."

As he sat and pondered, an old face sat next to him. Guzma was glaring at him and thought about what to say. "So, what sort of Tauros **** did she tell you?"

The former gang boss whispered toward Wes who snapped out of thought. "Huh?"

Guzma was still glaring. "I saw what happened on the news. Apparently that two faced foundation dragged you into something."

Wes thought over. "If you are talking about the purple haired lady, Wicke knows more about these Ultra Beasts than I do. She is one of the only two people in that entire place I actually trust."

Guzma rolled his eyes. "I am not talking about her. I meant the other lady."

Wes understood what he meant and glared "Oh...her. A kid you knew told me enough I need to know. I do not want to even be in the same room as her from all I heard."

Guzma shook his head. "If that is the case, why are you working with them?"

Wes laughed. "Seemed to be the other way around. Wicke only asked of two things, to look at this old beaut." As he pointed toward the snag machine. "and if I help regarding some pokemon Cipher may have gotten their hands on. I only have three good reasons to even help these people."

Guzma glared back. "What are the reasons anyway?"

Wes smirked. "I was hoping you would ask. First reason, if Cipher gets their hands on the any of the Ultra Beast. It will spell trouble. Second, any other poke ball would not be effective in catching these Ultra Beasts. So I might as well use them as a means to get more effective balls."

Guzma laughed. "You third reason is that you are more interested in taking that Gladion kid under your wing?"

Wes nodded. "Your group reminded me of an old team I use to work with. I plan to at least show him what I know."

Guzma wondered what he meant. "A friend of mine told me that you been giving him a reason to come with you, bad that I would call you an improvement."

Wes smiled. "If those Aether people end up crossing the same road as Cipher again, I have Ultima and the others to show them why that would be the worse mistake they have made."

Guzma laughed at the man. "I would pay to see that Tyranitar wreck those people. I have another question to ask. Why are you going after those things anyways?"

Wes returned a question with a question. "Other than the mad woman you got stuck with, what did you find in that place you visited?"

Guzma cringed. "One of those Ultra Beasts. Some kind of Jellyfish that latches onto you and makes you go wild, makes you loose control, makes you feel, think and do things you don't even know where there... like being possessed. I don't want to run into those things again."

Wes frowned sharply. "That is the part of the reason why I am going to take that Jellyfish away from Cipher. Because they can and will take everything that is dangerous about this thing and make it worse."

Guzma hid the dread he felt from those words. "Wait, how can you make those things worse?!"

Wes laughed at the question. "These Jellyfish apparently to act on instinctual behavior, they latch on to others most of the time as an act of self preservation. A shadow pokemon, no matter the species would attack anything and anyone in sight just for the hell of it. For example Togetic, a pokemon that is anything but vicious; or even better, Togepi."

Guzma raised an eyebrow at the insanity he heard. "I heard of that large winged thing it turns into. Why?"

Wes laughed even harder. "Why? For world domination obviously!"

Guzma glared off into the distance on hearing the reason.

A couple minutes passed when Guzma grinned trying to change the subject. "Saw you on the news involving the battle royal. You were funny in how you beat that Royal guy with that Dunsparce."

Wes is still smiling. "I don't bring Moog Moog in any... serious battles. But pulling of a para flinch with him is always worth it."

Rui waved back to Wes. "Our boat is arriving, we should get going."

Wes shrugged as the conversation ended. "There is our trip out of here. See you next time I come back here."

Guzma didn't want to really wave goodbye, so he gave Wes a fist bump before leaving for the battle tree.

A week after Elio and Lillie confronted XD-004 and XD-010

Wes and Rui arrived in a hidden underwater lab located in the seas of Almia upon gathering enough information as to where Cipher's base of operations might be located. They arrived to a rather unusual surprise, the forces of Cipher were too busy fighting among themselves to even noticed the two intruders.

Wes laughed. "Ha! Looked like these peons are already doing the dirty work for us... Rui what is wrong?"

Rui gasped at what she saw. "Wes, these peons are giving off..."

Wes guessed. "Black Aura?"

Rui nodded.

As they sneaked through the fighting, some peons have noticed the intruders. "What the? Hey, the rest of you who can still think clearly! We have company!"

A large amount of peons tried to attack Wes. "Gilgey, Vivi. Come out!"

Rui joined in. "Rube, Kuku. Lets join in!" As the combined forces of a Hitmontop, Mismagius, Typholsion and Comfey were enough to chase out the peons that were still sane.

More peons joined in. "What the... They are after XD-005! Tear them apart!"

Wes looked at Rui. "So, sent out Moogle and Gilgey?"

The duo sent out there pokemon to knock out the other peons that were still in the way. Rui looked at the peons in regret as they progressed deeper into the lab.

A voice shouted out. "If it is another one of... oh... sad that seeing you is an improvement."

A blonde scientist with brown eyes called off a Lairon that was ready to strike the two.

Rui was worried for the man. "He is not glowing like the others, but I still don't trust him."

The scientist introduced himself as Canba as he glared back. "To be honest, I would not trust anyone here after that idiot Harry let the damn thing out."

Wes glared at Canba. "One of the peons mentioned something about an XD-005. A shadow pokemon you were working on?"

Canba smacked himself in the head thinking the circumstances could have been different if he done something about. "YEP! When the higher ups at Cipher assigned us to do the XD formula on that Nihil... whatever, it was not happy to be here. Our lead Scientist, Harry was the one who had to have gotten up close and personal with the Ultra Beast. He allowed that thing to latch onto him. As he worked on turning the Ultra Beast into a shadow pokemon we could use, he became more obsessed with making this thing into the ultimate weapon."

Wes laughed at the madness. "And by the time it was a shadow pokemon he let the thing loose. Infecting nearly everyone in the facility and you people have no idea what the shadow version of its venom does to people?"

Canba laughed back. "We sure as hell don't. Now you people are here to stop this thing and see that the rest of us get arrested, least the ones who are still alive by the time this is over."

Wes patted him on the shoulder. "Bingo!"

Candba continued laughing at the fact that he was finished. "Harry is further in, take a left and you should see him in the hall way."

As they approached the hall, the peons varied from not even caring that Wes was in their base as they run away from what lurked to trying to charge at him. They were not talking clearly as they rushed to Wigglytuff that knocked them out with sing. As the duo entered the room, they saw a black haired scientist in front of a large red Nihilego with purple around the membranes, its tentacles have clear yellow eyes with black pupils!

Harry was shouting at the Nihilego laughing out of his mind as he leaped at the shadow Ultra Beasts "Now your ready to be unleashed to the rest of the world!"

The scientist's hair look red as he was seen inside the Ultra Beast, his eyes glowed red. He roared as he drew out a pokeball.

Vs Shadow Beast Harry Or if you want to call it as it is

XD-005 Shadow Nihilego

Harry began the fight by tossing out a Mimikyu.

Rui saw the black aura glowing from both. "Wes that Mimikyu is a shadow pokemon!"

Rui prepared her Typhlosion to help fight the Nihilego as Wes sent out his pokemon to confront the madman. "Dusk come out!"

Wes fed a quick ball into the snag machine as the Mimikyu was about to take its cloak off.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Harry roared as he shot out a shadow gem to shoot lasers at the Umbreon and sent out his next pokemon, a Salazzle.

Rui shouted. "Another shadow pokemon Wes!" As Salazzle burned the Umbreon in dark fire, Harry joined in to swipe at the Umbreon.

Wes ordered his Umbreon. "Dusk use foul play! Shake that thing off while Rui helps with this Salazzle!"

The Umbreon used the the Nihilego's rather insignificant strength against it, tossing it toward the other side of the room.

Rui shouted ."Rube, use flame thrower on that Salazzle!"

The Salazzle was weakened by the flame as Wes fed a dusk ball into the machine.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake...click!

Harry sent out a Bewear.

Rui noticed. "That Bewear is a shadow pokemon!"

Wes prepared to call back his Umbreon and send out his Mismagius. "Dusk, come back! Vivi, its showtime!"

The Bewear glowed a dark aura as it lunged toward Rui, the Typhlosion shot a flamethrower at the Bewear, causing it to fall over in pain.

Wes shouted. "Vivi, willo wisp!" The Mismagius added salt to the Bewears wounds as Wes charged up an ultra ball.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Harry shot lasers again at the Typhlosion, knocking him out. "Rube, return. Black Jack keep this thing off of us a little while longer!"

As Rui sent out the Skarmory, the scientist twitched and hurled his next pokemon, a living sand castle known as Palossand.

Rui shouted out. "That Palossand is a shadow pokemon Wes!

" The Mismagius hurled a shadow ball at the Palossand as it countered with a shadow half. Wes charged up a dusk ball as Harry struggled to to attack.

Rui ordered the Skarmory to swipe at Harry. "Black Jack use steel wing!"

Wes looked back in a grin. "Thanks honey, thanks Black Jack. Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Cough, hack!

The man inside the Nihilego coughed something up he hurled the next ball in a random direction.

Revealing an old looking dragon known as Drampa. Rui sighed in sorrow for the pokmon, knowing that Drampa is among the most friendly. "That Drampa is a shadow pokemon!"

Wes was prepared to switch again. "Vivi fall back. Ultima, lets finish this!" The Tyranitar endured the shadow storm; the Skarmory kept Harry at bay as he violently spasm. Harry twitched violently, as if he was going in shock.

Wes ordered. "Ultima, use stone edge!" As the Tyranitar impaled the Drampa, it roared as it brewed a stronger storm for a knock out. Wes fed a timer ball into the Snag Machine.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click! Harry carried his last ball and dropped he as he went limp, revealing a feminine plant creature.

Rui blinked in response. "Wes that Tsareena..."

Wes hurled another timer ball at the last pokemon.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Nihilego lowered itself to the ground, it reverted back to a smaller shape... with purple all around and red highlights at the bell, as it dropped the man on the ground.

Wes sent out his Ampharos. "Alright Edgar, thanks to Black Jack we have this thing where we want it, use thunder wave and I will do the rest!"

The Nihilego roared as it lunged at the Ampharos; glowing a dark aura as it wrapped its tentacles around the pokemon, causing the Ampharos to thrash in pain.

Wes gritted his teeth as he placed the beast ball into the snag machine. "Lets see if those clowns at Aether gave me the stuff I needed. GO SNAG BALL!"

The beast ball opened like an ultra wormhole, a hand reached to yank the Nihilego off the Ampharos!

Shake... shake... shake... click!

As Rui picked up the ball containing the Nihilego, Wes rushed to the Ampharos who was covered in red venom and kneeling in pain. "Don't worry buddy, I got you."

He took a pecha berry out of the bag to feed it to the Ampharos, the pain lessened but it was still there.

The Ampharos growled as Wes tried to comfort him. "We are here... damn it, we need to find a pokemon center stat! Rui we got to get out of here!"

As Wes sent Ampharos back into his ball, Rui read some notes made by Harry. The notes were an explanation of the XD formula, as well as the behavior of Nihilego following its initial capture all the way to when it became XD-005. The creature did everything possible to make Cipher let it go, it did not work. Rui read on Harry's personal notes. How he called XD-005 the ultimate weapon of Cipher, later notes read to the idea that Cipher was holding XD-005 back and it must be let loose. Every other note Rui read was translated as insane rambling. Rui checked the laying scientist for a pulse.

She signaled toward Wes that she got a flat line as they heard voices shout. "They... Don't let them leave here with XD-005!"

As peons rushed toward an impatient Wes, he sent out his Espeon and Umbreon to clear a way back out!


Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Chapter 7: Sweet Nightmares!

A week after Elio and Lillie confronted XD-004 and XD-010

With in the most center point of a moon lit Alola, a shadowy orb was seen in the distance. BOOM! As a Shadow Void engulfed the entire region. There was faint screaming to be heard, then there was nothing. For one person caught in the blast; there was no sound, no one around, just a lonely dark void. Then there was a faint light to wake him up. Gladion came through as he saw a world engulfed in a purplish red void with only the moon to light the way. From the trailer park he saw people laying asleep and in pain. Not wanting to feel alone in the dark void, he sent out his Lucario and Silvally. The Lucario detected something in the distance and bolted. Gladion followed in pursuit.

As he followed, images of creatures resembling pokemon could be seen. Most are distorted to weird and twisted forms. Some are in the form of those not native to the region. Gladion caught up with his Lucario, they transverse the rocky hills of route 12. The creatures became hostile as they traveled, most if not all of them faded when struck. As they entered the bamboo forest of route 11, Gladion and his two pokemon found one image that the Lucario found most unsettling. A large yellow spider emerged from the forest known as Galvantula. The Galvantula glared at its potential victim as it prepared to attack.

Gladion noticed and asked. "What is that? You think something is wrong with this pokemon? You and Silvally, lets go!" As the Lucario warned him that this Galvantula was no mere illusion, Gladion took a red disc and tossed it to a case in Silvally. Changing its type from water to fire as it prepared for the approaching pokemon.

A Galvantula appeared

Gladion shouted. "Silvally, slice the Galvantula with your fiery talons. Lucario use psychic!"

As Silvally's claws glowed a fiery red glow, it slashed into the Galvantula. It did not do as much damage as it should have been against the Galvantula. The Lucario's psychic blast, did even less damage. The Galvantula growled as it shot a dark web at the Gladion, Silvally leaped in front of its trainer to take the web.


As dark lighting coursed through the webbing into Silvally, it grunted and tore the webbing off with its claws.

Gladion's eyes widened as he realized what he was fighting. "This is a shadow pokemon!"

His initial look of shock turned into a scowl as he posed. "Silvally! Lucario! Keep attacking!"

As the Lucario and Silvally attacked the Galvantula, it struggled before trying to shadow end the Silvally. It missed as the two pokemon knocked it back. Gladion saw it as his chance as he fed a net ball into the snag machine for the first time. "Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Gladion tended to the Silvally as he picked up the ball containing the shadow Galvantula.

The trio bolted toward Malie city. It was still wrecked by Wes's confrontation with Shadow Tornadus, but it still stood. Cars have crashed, anyone who was out doing things were seen asleep. It has been a couple week's since the curfew was placed, regarding Ciphers activities and it was a couple days away from being lifted. More distorted creatures made manifest, some of them taking the form of strange paper, others flying bamboo, most of dying sludge and collecting garbage being chased. As Gladion approached the docks, a strange creature loomed. A creature with a blue body, a crescent moon for a head and pink wings. Gladion stirred the nerve to ask asked. "What are you? You know anything about what is going on?"

The strange pokmon presented him with the image of a volcano.

Gladion wondered. "Wela? What does that have to do... that is where what ever is causing this is at. Right?"

The creature nodded as she offered him a ride to the next island. Gladion called back his two pokemon as he accepted the strange creatures assistance.

The lunar pokemon was able to guide Gladion to Panolia Ranch on Akala; it was about as far as she would go. As he got closer to the volcano, what was a full moon has faded into a half moon. Slowly becoming red. The distorted imagery became worse, as what was resembling pokemon now distorted into a mesh of ghastly creatures. Creatures with parts that should not be there or simply creatures behaving like that of Porygon-Z at times.

Before him was an faded image. A cloaked creature living in solitude, away from the world. Imagery of people falling victim to its mere presence as they fall asleep, never to wake up. Imagery of that crescent creature always being there to do something about it. Gladion recognized the crescent creature as the one who guided him to Akala and into the source of the nightmare; the legendary pokemon Cresselia. "So that was how I woke up? That po..."

Gladions eyes widened as he realized WHAT was going on. Everyone being asleep, the Cresselia, the images resembling that of a distorted nightmare and the shadow pokemon all came together. "Those bastards! Lucario could you get a reading what is ahead of us?"

Lucario grunted as he guided Gladion to the Royal Avenue, they find what was a festive location laid barren barring the people asleep. Distorted imagery of cotton candy, ice cream and maniacal dolls hover over the victims heads as they attacked Gladion. Fading when either Gladion or Lucario hit them. Out of the Masalda shop a large pink creature resembling the store logo emerged; a Slurpuff. Lucario growled as it recognized it as another shadow pokemon.

Gladion wasted no time as he pounded his fists for the Z-Move. "CORKSCREW CRASH!" The Slurpuff was significantly damaged by the drilling Lucario, but the shadowy effects of the void reduced the damage from a knock out to a being close to a knockout. The Slurpuff glowed a dark Aura as it breathed a shadow burn on the Lucario, leaving a burn. Gladion fed a dusk ball into the snag machine.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Gladion placed the dusk ball into his pocket as he advanced toward the volcano park.

The imagery regarding the cloaked creature returned as Gladion reached toward the park. This time it was surrounded by a group of people. A howling scream was heard as the imagery faded to pitch black darkness. The very moon that guided Gladion, became more red as it faded into the void. The closer he got to the volcano, the more distorted the screams became, images involving dark light shined and distorted hands crawled.

Voices were heard. "Stubborn creature... You will break... they dared to defy us... Teach these two a lesson..."

Gladion gathered from the things he read during his adventure in Ciphers Lab as he let out Silvally. He has heard of this pokemon from old stories; a creature of myths, known, feared and hated for its power to put anything around it into a nightmare induced coma of which there is normally no escape. Darkrai as they called it, lived alone normally with Cresselia always near him. Cresselia has the power to dispel the nightmares inflicted by Darkrai.

As Gladion mentally pieced together why a Darkrai was in Alola, he reached to the summit of the volcano. The imagery became less distorted, but still horrific for a different reason. Ghost pokemon littered a desolate ground. Floating Duskulls, skittering gem eyed Sableye, even a Spiritomb aimlessly wandered these grounds. Oddly enough, the ghost did not attack, they were crying over something. Lucario detected a creature hovering down the summit. A large bulky cyclops creature with an antenna on its head and a face on its stomach, holding a strange claw. The Dusknoir was identified as a shadow pokemon by the Lucario. As Gladion swapped Lucario and Silvally out for Porygon-Z and Weavile, the Dusknoir was ready to attack.

Dusknoir appeared.

The claw glowed, giving an other wise slow pokemon the first move. Dusknoir used shadow sky, causing dark streams to rain down. Gladion shouted. "Porygon-Z use dark pulse, Weavile use night slash. Even this spectre is no match for either of you!"

As the Weavile slashed into the Dusknoir, the Porygon-Z unleashed a pulse of distorted thoughts. Despite the type advantage, less damage was dealt than expected.

The Dusknoir glowed a dark aura as it rammed into the Weavile for a shadow end k.o. "Weavile come back, Crobat take flight!"

As Gladion swapped pokemon, the Dusknoir roared as it used shadow half on the Crobat, reducing its vitality. Gladion shouted. "Crobat use acrobatics. Porygon-Z keep it up!"

As the Crobat struck, the Dusknoir slumped over for a recharge. The Porygon-Z pulsed into the Dusknoir, weakening it more. The Dusknoir roared as it lunged at the Porygon-Z to end its annoyance, it missed. The Crobat swooped down and knocked it on its stomach.

Gladion saw this as his chance as he fed another Dusk ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL!" "Shake... shake... shake... click!"

The surrounding ghost looked at Gladion for defeating the Dusknoir, then looked at each other. They cheered for an odd reason before fading away. "What was that a..." Gladion shook his head as he tried to understood some of the images and collect the third capture. "Forget it. Good work you two. Lucario, Silvally I need you out here!"

He had Silvally switched from a fire type to a pink fairy type with the Fairy memory before signalling both pokemon to follow him to the summit. The moon became pure blood red as it faded into a new moon, rising from the shadow a cloaked figure loomed.

The cloaked creature revealed itself exactly as Gladion feared. The Pitch Black pokemon, Darkrai. The edges of its body are blueish purple its visible eye is yellow and its face has what looked like a blue jaw, with what is considered hair to be ghostly white. It loomed over Gladion as it roared, ready to attack.

XD-003 Shadow Darkrai

The Lucario shook as it alerted Gladion about the Darkrai. Gladion asked "You sense something in that thi..."

The Lucario shook his head at the problem. Other than a black aura, it sensed absolutely nothing in that Darkrai. No thoughts, no will, just constant whispers and a desire to bring oblivion.

Gladion froze in horror as he shook it off. "So that is what Wes meant by empty? Lucario! Silvally! Let's take this thing down!"

As the Silvally and Lucario prepare to take on the shadow pokemon, Gladion shouted. "Silvally, Lucario pierce this darkness."

Much like the shadow pokemon before as the fairy embedded claws slashed into the Darkrai, it dealt less damage. The aura sphere fared little better as it slammed into the Darkrai. It shrugged it off and glowed in a dark aura as it let loose thousand maddening whispers on the three. The whispers are reactions of fear, sorrow, anger, pain coming from everywhere.

Gladion tried to keep his sanity from the shadow panic. "Lucario, same attack again! Silvally use x scissor!"

The two pokemon were disoriented from the order but they attacked again, the Silvally's attacks were enough to do critical damage as it slammed the Darkrai into a stone wall.

As the Darkrai emerged from the wall, a faint glimmer was felt. The blood red moon became a crescent moon. The Darkrai, looked toward the moonlight. The Lucario flinched as it sensed something stir in the void. The Darkrai twitched from shock as it returned from what looked a trance. The Lucario shot another sphere into the Darkrai; it glared back as it caused a void of hands to reach out and drag the Lucario into the abyss.

Gladion rushed in to pull the Lucario out. "Silvally use another multi attack!"

Silvally slashed into the Darkrai; Darkrai glared at Gladion. More hands emerged from the abyss, pulling Gladion into into the void with the Lucario. As whispers were heard, the Silvally rushed in to pull both Gladion and Lucario out of the abyss. As even more hands emerged to drag all three into the abyss, a faint cry is heard. The hands loosened as the Darkrai turned to where it came from. All three flung out of the dark void. Silvally slashed another multi attack into the Darkrai, it did not flinch as it was drawn closer to the sound.

Gladion pounded his fist's together as he ordered the Lucario to use its Z move. "Corkscrew Crasher!"

The Lucario drilled into the Darkrai, again and again slaming through the ground to drill a crater. As it risen from the impact, it roared as total darkness enveloped the surrounding area. The whispers return again as purple beams of light were being shot at the trio.

As the Silvally and Lucario shot back at them Gladion hears the very voices surrounding them. "Destroy, leave them in pain and afraid." The Lucario sensed these voices directed into Darkrai, the pitch black pokemon twitching more and more as the voices grew louder and more finally one voice boomed.

"Stop!" The Darkrai held its head as that one voice kept booming.

Gladion saw the opportunity to end the fight as he fed a dusk ball into the machine. "Go snag ball!"

Shake... Shake... pop!

As the Darkrai emerged from the broken ball, it roared as lunged toward Gladion. Silvally swatted the Darkrai back as the darkness faded; a glistering full moon radiated across the field. The Darkrai flinched again as it is bathed in the moon light.

"Go snag ball!"

Shake... POP!

Gladion glared. "Damn it! Come on Darkrai, let me help you!"

As Gladion tried to figure out what was happening to the Darkrai, it sent out a dark storm at the three in an attempt to hurl them off the cliff. The combined weight and Silvally holding Gladion, prevented even a budge. As the Darkrai glared in hate, something fell in front of it. A green crescent feather; the Darkrai moved its hands to grab the falling feather, it continued to remember as it kept twitching from shock. Unaware of Gladion's third attempt at a dusk ball. "Go snag ball!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Gladion sighed. "Finally!"

As Gladion and his two pokemon approach the dusk ball, the full moon and a crescent moon joined together in a glistering energy.

When Gladion came through, he was back at the trailer park where his adventure started with the sun slowly rising. His pokemon back in their balls. "Wha... what happened?"

As he thought of whether or not all his adventure was a dream, he found in his hand's four poke balls he remembered using. Three dusk balls and a net ball. As he tossed one of the dusk balls, the same Darkrai emerged. Rendered immobile, as if it is wanted something done.

Gladion flinched as he sent it back into its ball. "I think Miss Wicke may want to hear about this."

As Gladion returned to Aether, he noticed many of the employees were behaving like they woke up from a nightmare. He had no idea how many of the events the previous night actually happened nor how many were just a bad dream. What any of the images he seen really meant, nor the Darkrai's behavior as a shadow pokemon. It behaved much like a heartless monster, but something in it kept telling it to stop.

When Gladion arrived at Wicke's office, he found her gasping like the others; Like she woke up from a bad dream. "Ma... Master Gladion, I did not expect to see you here this early. I thought you would be training that Larvitar up more for your eventual trip to Orre."

Gladion nodded as he found out she was alright. "Something weird has happened. I don't know what happened last night, but you may want to look at these."

Gladion handed over the four balls to Wicke; she placed them in the scanner to check on what was inside. "Oh my, where did you..." Wicke gasp in shock as she scanned the ball containing the Darkrai. "This explained quite a bit. Master Gladion, do you know of this pokemon?"

Gladion nodded. "I read stories about this one. A pokemon of myths that is known for putting people in nightmare induced comas. Often it is feared and hated for its power. It also has a counter part Cresselia, a pokemon known to wake people up from these nightmares."

Wicke gave a false smile to hide the fear of what happened. "That is correct, a Darkrai often live's far away from people and pokemon alike. It is very territorial for the same reason it always lives close to Cresselia. It cannot control its power very well."

Gladion continued the tale. "It lives close to her because when ever Darkrai's power reaches a point where it cannot control it. She is always there to do something about it."

Gladion looked at the scanner containing the corrupted Darkrai. "This looked like one Cipher had their hands on for a while and unleashed it on all of Alola."

Wicke's face turned pale as Gladion finished speculating. "That explained why everyone else was under the effects of the nightmare. I don't know why but they intended to use this thing to kill everyone."

Gladion glared. "Considering that most who fall under Darkrai's nightmares tend to die... I can see how that would work." He looked at the snag machine he was wearing as he placed it back on the desk. "I was among those caught in the blast. I think the reason why Cresselia woke me up was to do something about Darkrai."

Wicke nodded back. "Correct, but Cresselia normally has the power to wake few people at a time. To wake everyone in the region up. I think she had help from somewhere."

Gladion shook his head. "Since I found a full moon during that battle, I can guess who. I doubt Cresselia would have been able to directly confront this Darkrai alone without some help."

Wicke pointed at Gladion. "Like you?"

Gladion grinned briefly before he frowned again. "I seen shadow pokemon before, but something was wrong in comparison to the others. Any ideas?"

Wicke looked over at the ball containing Darkrai. "Yes, this shadow pokemon is considered an XD class shadow pokemon. Those who's hearts are forever closed."

Gladion looked away at hearing those words again. "That explained why Lucario felt nothing in that pokemon, Anything that could be done about him? When me, Silvally and Lucario fought this thing. There was something still sparking back in him."

Wicke shook her head. "If the reports on the XD shadow pokemon is correct. This pokemon, through natural means is beyond saving."

Her frown turned into faint hope. "But there is one means to help this pokemon that is found on Orre. Elio and Lillie have been working on that machine for weeks."

Gladion glared in annoyance and rolled his eyes. "So you are saying that I am going to have to go to Orre for this one as well? Looks like you are going to have to keep an eye on Lusamine while I am away. Speaking of which, we should check on her. If Darkrai's nightmare affected..."

Both of the two widen their eyes when they realized what Lusamine might have seen in the nightmare as they rushed to check on her.

On her bed room at the manor, there was a note left behind. "Dear Gladion and or Wicke. If you are reading this, I am taking a flight to Orre. There is something I have to do to fix the mess I have made. Unless you have a large enough flying pokemon yourself, don't bother following. That Charizard is only good for this region and all other methods of getting in and out of Orre are not available at the time."

The two reading the note realized that Lusamine got up before nearly everyone else and had her Altaria directly fly her to Orre. Gladion's eyes widen on how insane it sounded. "Damn it. Wicke, try getting Elio on the phone! I will go call Lillie!"
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Act Alola Chapter 8 Saving Ampharos.

For a nurse at the Pokemon center. Life was rather busy any day of the week, some times new trainers arrive for the first time to heal their pokemon, some times poorly experienced trainers do not know when they are facing a wall and keep getting their pokemon hurt. Other times it was a critical emergency.

A familiar looking man in a blue jacket came running in with an orange haired woman following behind him. "Finally a pokemon center! Nurse you need to check on my Ampharos! He is not well!" Wes rushed to the desk with a great ball in hand.

The nurse sighed before she answered. "Calm down, let me see it first!"

As she placed the pokemon into the healing machine, she noticed what the man was talking about. "Oh my! My apologies for the inconvenience we need to take that Ampharos to the back room."

As the nurse examined the Ampharos, she knew everything there is to know about the pokemon Ampharos. A wool less sheep that among electric type's is very docile. This one however was acting very aggressive as it shot lighting everywhere. The Ampharos was coughing like mad as it kept screaming. Wes fed the Ampharos another pecha berry telling him to calm down.

The nurse looked at the man in confusion and concern. "How did it get into this condition?!"

Wes looked away thinking he was going to sound insane. "We were stopping a group of evil people, upon encountering one of their experiments Edgar was hit by a strange venomous liquid."

The nurse glared away. "Venomous... did you fight a creature that looked anything like this and if so how much of a dose did it have?"

The nurse showed a picture of Nihilego.

Wes groaned in frustration. "Yes, except that Ultra Beast was purple and red. Edgar only got hit by this crap once and he was set off in ways I have not seen from him... in seventeen years."

The nurse looked even more confused. "Most of what I have been told, the venom does make you aggressive. But if it was only one encounter with this thing, it's aggression should be in a more manageable level until the venom leaves its system naturally. How many of those pecha berries did you feed it?"

Wes looked at his Ampharos in worry. "To be specific, all of them from Alma all the way back to Alola!"

The nurse looked in sorrow over the thrashing Ampharos. "I... have never seen this condition before. Those berries though, they have been staving it off, I will call the berry farmers to gather more of this. In the mean time I am going to need a sample of what we are dealing with."

It took several agonizing minutes for the nurse to get a blood sample off the Ampharos. "I am going to need some time to study this, just please keep that thing holding on longer."

Wes looked at the Ampharos as he got it back in the ball. "Thank you for at least trying nurse."

The two exit the pokemon center with only the bare minimum known, Rui frowned with sorry as she watch Wes banging his head against a wall. "Wes, dear please. We will find a way to..."

Wes shook his head at Rui as blood was starting to show on his forehead. "We been trying to find a way to fix this for a week. Edgar is only getting worse by the hour and we are going to run out of pecha berries. Only reason we gotten this far was because Alola was the closest region with a reliable poke center."

As Wes tried to hid his feelings of dread. "Edgar has been with us for a long time. I don't want to lose him like this."

As Rui went over to embrace him a voice was heard. "Okay I think I heard enough, you want to know of one way you can fix that old Ampharos?"

Rui turned around to find Plumeria listening in. "Wha... How?"

Plumeria let out a poisonous grin. "Not that hard to find out something was wrong when you hear all the noise from the front of the Center."

Wes took a deep breath before he started to shed something in his eye. "If you know how we can save Edgar, please tell us. We are getting desperate,"

The former Skull Admin closed her eyes at what she is about to say. "The Guardian Deities of Akala Island and Poni Island should have what you are looking for. Lele having scales that can cure any disease and Fini who has water that is known to purify the mind and soul."

Wes grinned at the information of both deities. "Fini's water sound familiar to an old Relic back in Orre. Least with Lele the physical effects of the venom would be gone."

Plumeria nodded at Wes. "The problem is that Lele is the most fickle and cruel of the Tapu's. Fini's water was sought after by nearly everyone, to the point that Fini will either refuse all together or make you go through a trial by mists."

Wes smirked. "And I am an asshole most of the time. Hey Rui, think we should go pay Lele and Fini a visit?"

As Rui agreed, Wes turned around. "Thank you for the help."

Plumeria's smile turned lighter and more appreciative. "A little thank you for helping set those three straight."

At Konikoni city

Bulmer flashed around a Rockium Z crystal with a pink looking feline known as Sylveon at his side. "Alright boys, we finally beat Olivia. Took us having to gather some pokemon from the caves, jungle and park to actually build a team."

Yorks looked on over with a fiery bird known as Fletchinder as he begins to question. "Fairy types are Fairy types. Never thought you let Jack evolve into that thing."

Bulmer grinned. "About as useful as any steel type, from what I know Larry would be able to take on the next trail at Ula Ula as long as you use something on that Vikavolt."

Jeffery looked on over to the group of long haired moles known as Dugtrio. "So we set for Ula Ula... Is that Wes?" The Skull Trio looked at the distance to find the man in a blue jacket walking over into Konikoni city to read the map location. With Rui running toward him to point the way.

Wes recognized the bumbling trio. "Looked like you three have been busy."

The trio were still terrified of him after how fast he snagged the shadow pokemon they had and told "big sis" about what they got themselves into.

Bulmer started getting his Sylveon into the his ball in fear. "Look these guys are legit so don't go tossing those balls at us!"

Wes rolled his eyes. "No you numb skulls. If I came here for that we would not be talking right now. Been looking for this Kahuna of the island for something important. You happen to know where she is?"

Yorks raised his eyebrow in response. "Back at the entrance to the Ruins of Life?"

Wes nodded. "Thank you. Hey Rui she is over back the way we came, it is a flat straight."

As the two head past the grave yard, they discuss their plan to deal with Olivia; Wes gave in to Rui's idea of pacifism. "We will try your plan of asking Olivia nicely to let us through. If that does not work I am getting Gilgey and Ultima out."

As the two encountered a dark skin woman with various stones guarding the entrance she question what are a couple of tourist doing this far in. Wes explained that they are here to see Tapu Lele, need her scales to save an old friend of his.

The Kahuna was not going to let an audacious man pass before she got a message from behind. "What... you heard of this person? He helped who?" Olivia rolled her eyes she stepped aside. "Tapu Lele wants to talk to you.

The two thanked Oliva as they proceeded into the ruins. In the shrine is a strange wooden totem.

As Wes went to go touch it a voice echoed in his head. "That is far enough. Last time someone came this close he tossed a Kangaskhan and dusk balls at me."

A strange pink totem creature resembling a black skin pink haired, humanoid dressing like a butterfly materialized from the center; the legendary guardian of Akala island, Tapu Lele. "If you are here for my number, I am already taken. Otherwise what do you humans want?"

Wes looked at Tapu Lele as he carried the Ampharos's ball. "We came here because we heard a that you have the power to heal people."

The Tapu sighed. "That is why they normally come here. Who is it? That Ampharos of yours? Care to let me see it?"

Wes opened the ball to let the Ampharos out, he was cringing in so much pain that it was unable to attack.

The Tapu cringed and made a girly shriek. "Eek! It got affected by that thing, put it back before it makes a huge mess!"

Wes called the Ampharos back into the ball, he glared at the Tapu as she placed her hand over her chin; thinking about what was presented to her. "I know of this Ultra Beast, but I have never seen its venom so... potent. I could do something about the physical effects of that venom. But the question is, why?"

Wes tried to keep calm about the Tapu acting like an indifferent child. "Because Edgar is an old friend of mine, I don't want him to suffer like this."

Lele giggled at the answer. "That wasn't the question. Why you stole it in the first place? Why you rescued her?"

Wes looked back at Rui and toward the Snag Machine. "You mean this old thing?"

The Tapu nodded. "Yes that thing. Akala welcomed you and how you returned the favor?... Don't answer that question you already know."

Wes thought long and hard, there was no point denying it before this type of pokemon. "I stole this machine to capture the most powerful pokemon in the area. Rui was a means to spot the shadow pokemon."

The Tapu kept staring. "So what changed?"

Wes kept the thought. "Other than the obvious flaws that shadow pokemon have. The most pragmatic reason to see these pokemon get well was because as a shadow pokemon, it has no true loyalty. The fact that just about any dumb ass would get their hands on these things and cause destruction, simply because these unstable creatures would want to kill everything around them. Then I grew attached to them, seeing them regain... what was lost."

Wes pointed over towards Rui, who was listening to this story. "As for Rui, she has stayed with me all the way to the end of that adventure. I was never able to shake her off no matter how I tried."

The Tapu finished the story. "And then you actually cared?"

Wes thought those words though and nodded.

The Tapu started to grow bored. "Very well, send out this Edgar."

Wes sent out the coughing Ampharos.

Lele hovered over to the dying Ampharos as she slapped some scales into his face. "Give it right around..." The Ampharos calmed down a little as it stopped cringing. He breathed heavily as he no longer felt constant agony.

Tapu Lele clapped in excitement over her doing something. "Good news, the worry that you might need to get a new Ampharos soon is no more. Bad news, it is still a raging maniac."

Wes sent his Ampharos back in his ball, before he had a chance to respond to that statement, Lele pondered. "Hmm... I wonder how sister Fini is doing? Hey, go visit her before I chase you off!"

The Tapu stared at the two visitors that are still in the ruins, shooing them away.

Wes and Rui arrived at Poni island to search for the guardian deity of the island, Tapu Fini. The Island itself is very feral, the only settlement is found on the dock like town known as Seafolk Village. Everywhere else is pure wilderness. As the two journey to the Ruins of Hope, they met Hapu to explain what was going on.

The Kahuna nodded. "So, you came here to help that Ampharos out? Since you two have helped Alola before hand, I would let you pass. Be warned, Fini is not fond of people period. Do not expect it to help."

Wes stated the fact that it was Lele he sought after, but since Orre is a week away he might as well try asking Fini for help.

As they enter the shrine, a booming voice ringing in their heads. "Visitors? Why have you come?"

Rui stepped forward. "We came here to finish healing an old friend of ours."

The voice sounded uninterested. "Oh? I have heard of that excuse countless times already. The last two who came here wanted to heal a Cosmoem. It was sent to the Altar of the Moone. A week later, that very boy came here not for my help, but to challenge ME! It was humiliating to be crammed into a tiny ball."

The voices interest perked up as it continued. "What is the reason for your friend to need these waters?"

Wes stepped forward. "Because an old friend of mine is still sick from fighting a Shadow Ultra Beast."

The voice boomed as the interest raised. "Shadow... Ultra Beast?"

Wes continued. "An XD class apparently. A shadow pokemon that by normal means would have the door to their hearts forever closed. Each of the Ultra Beasts are dangerous in their own right, but this ones venom is what made it the most dangerous."

The voice lowered in disgust. "Oh... that one... and the people who corrupted this creature?"

Wes smiled. "A group called Cipher. By the time we gotten to where they were holding this thing, nearly half of the peons were already fighting each other. The bastard put in charge of the entire thing was already infected by the venom and tried merging with it... didn't end well for him."

The voice changed from disgust to curiosity. "Modified? What is different from the normal one?"

Wes cringed as he remembered the abomination that was Harry. "It kills you faster, will set you off with only one dose and doesn't go away on its own. The entire reason I already went to Lele to do something about Edgar dying. The reason we came to you is because of the venom making him act like that of a shadow pokemon."

The voice became interested. "Shadow pokemon? Like what he and most of your other pokemon once were? You came to me because you do not want to see this happen to them again?"

Wes nodded toward the totem. "Very well, bring this Edgar out!"

A blue totem creature resembling a black skin, blue hair humanoid materialized before them; the legendary guardian of Poni island, Tapu Fini. Wes took out the great ball to let the Ampharos out, it was very hostile to the creature standing before him and prepared to attack. "Edgar, don't!"

The Ampharos was about to ignored the order when Fini stared at the creature. "I see what you are talking about now." The Tapu generated a pink mist engulfing the three.

As Wes regained his vision, he found himself in a place all to familiar. Pyrite Town, as he saw the old building that became the ONBS station, he saw before him a street performer with a rather large Flaaffy.

Rui wondered what was going on as she saw the black aura surrounding the Flaaffy. "Oh thats a... shadow pokemon."

Wes shrugged the feeling of deja vu as he saw himself with only two pokeballs. "What? I thought I had more on me. Dusk, Dawn, come out!"

As Wes tossed out the Espeon and Umbreon he looked at his arm to find that he does not have a snag machine. "Dawn use psychic! Dusk confus..."

The Espeon and Umbreon stared at the Flaaffy and looked back to their trainer in confusion. The Flaaffy glowed a dark aura as it tried to rush Wes. "Okay then, these two know something I don't."

Wes decided to try the next crazy idea, he rushed back toward the Flaaffy. For a Flaaffy it was rather strong as it pushed back toward Wes; Wes man gritted his teeth as he was able to knock the Flaffy off its feet.

As he cleared his head from using his head, he found himself in an old dance floor in a cave. With the Flaaffy standing in front of him, glaring in anger at both Wes and the oddly still Ludicolo's.

Wes understood what was happening. "Alright, I see what is going on." The mist is taking him and Ampharos down memory lane, starting from the moment they first met to currently their confrontation with a Cipher Admin known as Mirror B.

As the Flaaffy was prepared to aim at the Ludicolo's Wes shouted. "Edgar! Focus on what is ahead!" The Flaaffy turned around, confused about why he did not order the attack.

Wes shouted as he sent out a Misdreavus. " Vivi! help jog Edgars memory!" The Misdreavus looked around confused at its form until it took a closer look at the Flaaffy. Wes whispered. "Play along Vivi." As the Misdreavus shouted at the Flaaffy, the scenery changed again. They are in an ancient forest, in front of an old relic.

Behind Wes is what looked like Scrub, but with a very feminine voice. The not Scrub looked around himself, frowning sharply. "Oh come on, I have to play this role?"

Wes smiled as he waved his hand. "Hey Scrub... where is that Hitmontop of yours? Is it right here?"

Wes showed the pokeball and pretended to trip the ball towards not Scrub. "Oops!"

Out of the pokeball came a Hitmontop who was confused about where he is and why he is back with a Cipher peon. The Flaaffy prepared to attack the Hitmontop. Wes smiled at the memory. "Yeah, Edgar you were the best at paralyzing the opponentspokemon. Hey Gilgey, wasn't that part of the reason that the pokeball worked? When all the great balls failed?" The Hitmontop blushed at the memory, but pressed forward shouting something toward the Flaaffy.

The scenery changed once again, at Realgam Colosseum. The Flaaffy looked more like the Ampharos it was. Around the arena, their was no people. The Ampharos glared at the distance, expecting something or some one to arrive.

Wes remembered this battle fondly. "Oh yeah, this was when we met Ultima, at the climax of the show. Hey Rui wasn't Rube here when this happened?"

Rui nodded as she took out the pokeball containing the Typhlosion. The Typhlosion looked behind him, startled at the Misdreavus was much smaller. Wes sent out his Tyranitar that noticed the Misdreavus, but did not care as it stared back at Edgar from a distance. The Ampharos shot a thunderbolt at the Tyranitar, it did little damage. The Tyranitar approached the panicking Ampharos, not even caring about the damage. The Typhlosion shouted at the Ampharos to do something. The Ampharos a laser from its gem into the Tyranitar, who shrugged it off. All of the pokemon behind the Ampharos kept shouting something, before the Tyranitar.


To it.

The scenery changed one last time. Back at Agate relic, the day they had the Tyranitar open the door to her heart. The one difference is that instead of Ampharos being behind the Tyranitar, it was the other way around. With the Relic glowing green.

Wes whispered. "Their is a pokemon that is ready to open the door to its heart." As the Ampharos approached the relic, instead of a green light a blue totem creature appeared to splash some water on his face. The water glowed as Edgar's aggression lowered back to what he was before the venom affected him.

Rui took in some of the nostalgia in a tear filled smile. "Ampharos opened the door to his... never mind."

As the group cheered at Ampharos coming back to his senses, the mist faded. Revealing the old ruins.

The Tapu looked teasingly at the Ampharos. "Most who come here have to take this trial alone. But given with what I seen... I am willing to make an exception."

Fini noticed the Beast Ball containing the shadow Nihilego and stared stoicly. "But for that thing... you are going to have to look else where. I do not want it's presence around and if what you or Lunala said about this... XD these waters would not work."

Wes shrugged at Fini. "Came back to Alola because Edgar would have died and Orre was a week away. For this thing."

As Wes showed the ball. "I have to go to Orre anyways."

Fini nodded. "What do you have planned when this is over? Are you to send this thing home?"

Wes grinned. "No reason to keep this thing around anyways and I know someone who knows someone who would do just that."

The Tapu starred, like she would have smiled if she had a mouth. "Excellent. Now begone!"

The group were dismissed and the pokemon returned to their balls, baring Ampharos who wanted to walk back with the two anyways. "Sorry boy, have to fly somewhere and need you in the great ball again."

As Wes petted him, Rui looked over toward the exit. "So, now that we are here on Alola. You think we should report back to Wicke about our... mission?"

Wes shrugged. "We are back here anyways. No need to be that rude."

As Wes and Rui returned to Aether Paradise, they head down to the lab where Wicke was normally at. Wicke was initially startled by their arrival. "Oh goodness. I did not expect you to come back here."

Wes smiled as he handed Wicke over the Beast Ball. "Mission accomplished and the reason I came back was due to more personal reasons."

Wicke took the Ball in the scanner and gasped at the Nihilego's color. "This is.."

Wes helped her finish "XD-005, things venom nearly killed Edgar and I had to come back to see him get healed."

Wicke nodded as she asked. "You plan to go to Orre for this pokemon?"

Wes shrugged. "Obviously, if it was not for how lethal this venom is physically I would have went there first."

Wicke smiled at the words. "Good news, a couple of trainers that have been battling Cipher at Orre have been able to get the tools needed to help these pokemon."

As the two gave the report. Gladion walked in frowning as ever. "Guess the Ruins of Hope was a good place for these shadow pokemon after all."

Wes grinned as he saw Gladion with the snag machine. Gladion glared back. "Cipher attacked Alola while you were gone. Everyone would have been dead if it was not for you."

Wes's eyes widened but not that shocked. "What did they send and did you catch it?"

Gladion glared at the four balls. "Three of them were not much; a Galvantula, a Slurpuff and a Dusknoire." He looked at the one next to the others. "That one contained what they called XD-003, or Darkrai."

Wes grinned as he patted Gladion's shoulder. "HA! Good work!" Wes looked over at the Darkrai's ball before focusing his attention at Gladion. "Look like you now have a reason to come with us to Orre?"

Gladion nodded. "Look's like it. I have my own reasons to go anyways."

Wes looked over into the distance. "Going to pretend that it involved the Larvitar." Wicke looked at the excitement and shook her head. "Wes, Master Gladion. The boats to Orre would not become available for at least three more days."

The two shrugged it as Gladion asked Wicke. "Think you can handle keeping everyone in line for at least two weeks. This would not be a long trip."

Wicke nodded. "Other than keeping one person in check, nothing of note would happen over here."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 6 Chapter 1 Knocking Lusamine Out!

As the week progressed, most of the pokemon Elio and Lillie had gathered from Citadark have been sent to the Purify Chamber. Whimscott, Cinncino, Roserade and Clefairy were let out of the P.C to socialize more with the people at the H.Q. Elio took a trip to mount battle to visit a move reminder to help his Yanmega learn the move air slash and finally used the T.M to teach his Hypno psychic in place of psybeam. "These are pretty strong moves and should be useful!"

Elio was ordering them around. "So Swifter you clean up any dust around the corners, Thorn you do something to make this place feel more pretty, Puff Puff you keep Pete company when we are away."

Lillie interrupted Elio at some of the nicknames. "Puff Puff?"

Elio blushed as he explained. "Because Whimscott look so puffy... though Galil is a good name for the Clefairy Why that name?"

Lillie answered in a smile. "Galil is named after one of the moons around Jupiter. I thought a Clefairy this special would be giv..."

The Dex flared up with a message. "BZZT! Email from Nett, this is an important one! BZZT! We have been keeping track on the shadow pokemon you been gathering, to date no further shadow pokemon are being produced and you have eleven more shadow pokemon remaining outside of the XD series. Garchomp, Excadrill, Maractus, Araquanid, Komola, Shiinotic, Blaziken, Sceptile, Mamoswine, Bisharp and Hydreigon. Keep up the good work."


Both of their phones were going off. Lillie saw who hers was coming from. "Brother?"

Elio saw his. "Wicke?"

Both look at each other awkwardly as they left the room to talk separately. Lillie began her conversation in the bed room where her Banette and Whimscott were playing. "Hello, brother what is wrong?" Gladion sighed over the phone. "Lillie, I am glad that you are safe. Lusamine has gone off the deep end." Lillies eyes widen. "What did she do this time?" A sigh is heard from over the phone as Gladion explained. "No where near as bad as last time. But Cipher had attacked Alola. Badly! Lusamine blamed most of this on herself, took a flight on her Altaria and is on her way to Orre. If the boats to that region were working I would have already been heading there to try and stop this."

Lillies cheeks puffed up. "Thank you for telling me this. Soon as she lands I am going to have deal with her."

Gladion paused. "I know you two had a battle in Kanto not too long before you tackled the Elite Four. How is your team on Orre holding up?"

Lillie took a deep breath. "Got a new pokemon to help out in Orre to serve as my Psychic type, she is a Gardevoir, Onua is my main physical hitter ever since it evolved, Cain is a strong physical grass type, Shockums and Swoops have gotten much stronger since we last talked. Medic has also been good as a pivot, support and special attack when he mega evolves. If me and mother have to come to blows, I am more than prepared."

Gladion responded back on hearing Lillie's tone. "You sound a little less cheerful... what happened?"

Lillies voice turned even less cheerful, one of contained worry. "Elio and I have ran into two pokemon that had been hurt more than the others and they seem... suspicious."

Gladion was hesitate to ask before he continued. "Good news, I had a run in with one of these pokemon myself and have a reason to go to Orre. If you can, try and get Lusamine back to her senses!"

Lillie took a deep breath at the thought. "I will try, thank you."

Lillie finished the conversation as she thought to herself. "I have some questions to ask her anyways."


Elio was talking to Wicke outside of the H.Q as he explained most of the good news. "Lillie and I have thrown a major wrench into Ciphers plans when we found out they had a Cosmoem with them. We stormed Citadark and snagged two of their XD shadow pokemon. One was a Cosmoem... that Lillie had to fight as a Solgaleo. The other was a Celesteela that I had to fight. Bad news it seems that we were a little too late to stop Cipher from getting their hands on some of the Ultra Beasts. The Purify Chamber is able to work on the XD shadow pokemon but it is going to take a whole month."

Wicke took most of the information rather well except for one detail. "Capturing that Solgaleo was the reason Cipher attacked Alola again."

Elio's eyes widened. "How?"

Wicke knew that Elio had little knowledge of Darkrai, so she explained it in a more simplified manner. "They tried to use it to slowly wipe out all of Alola."

Elio talked in confusion. "Slowly?!"

Wicke sighed. "Master Gladion will be on his way to Orre in a couple days I think it would be easier if he showed it to you and explain. More pressing matters. That attack on Alola was enough to send Madam Lusamine over the deep end."

Elio shook his head at those words. "Damn it. What did she do this time?"

Wicke explained it as specific as possible. "She blamed the attack on herself, took the Altaria she had and use it to fly directly to Orre."

Elio placed his hand over his face. "Okay, that is much better than what I was worried about; Still don't like what she is putting that Altaria though. She is making things worse by coming here. I will talk to Lillie about this and make a plan to keep Lusamine under control."

Wicke pleaded. "Please see that you do. I am afraid that Lillie would be in a much worse condition to dealing with her when she arrives."

Elio understood what Wicke was trying to say. "With what Lillie has gathered as a team, she is in good enough condition to completely stomp her. But with what she has seen on Citadark, I don't think Lillie even wants to see her right now... or ever."

Wicke paused before asking "Why?"

Elio took a deep breath as he calmed himself. "A Solgaleo and an Celesteela. Does not sound like much of a coincidence when two of the XD shadow pokemon are Ultra Beasts! Cipher was able to get the Ultra Beast information because of last years incident at best. Lillie and I got someone that might make questioning Lusamine over this easier. A lie detector that even she would not be able to fool."

Wicke took a deep breath in hearing Elio's plan. "Don't do anything drastic over this."

Elio reassured. "I won't. Any other news?" Wicke informed that nothing else was currently going on that he needed to worry about. "Alright, I will try to call you when she is taken care of."

As Elio walked back to the H.Q to the room Lillie was using he frowned sharply. "I take your call was about as pleasant?"

Lillie looked in dread and tears. "It was about my mother..."

Elio nodded. "We are going to have to focus on dealing with her. What is your plan?"

Lillie glared to the distance. "Tell her that she shouldn't have come here."

Elio nodded. "There is more to this plan, until the boats to Orre are active we are going to be stuck with her. The main plan is as followed; We are to keep her in the dark about the two XD shadow pokemon we have currently. We are also to make sure she is neutralized and monitored until we can send her back home."

Lillie looked back. "What if..."

Elio called the worried Lillie down. "I got a plan to check on that detail once she is dealt with, we are going to need Maiden for this."

As the duo agreed to the overall plan, they went out of the room to explain what was going on. They told the workers that someone is heading toward Orre unannounced and what ever happened between Lillie and this visitor was none of their business otherwise.

Elio's own words. "You are best to just ignore her and keep her away from anything shadow pokemon related. Until me or Lillie give the final word or we personally want to show her what we are dealing with. Otherwise be prepared for a soap opera in a couple of days."

As three days passed and the remaining shadow pokemon were finished in the chambers barring the XD's. Lillie was busy tending to the garden with her Roserade and Banette helping her out. As Lillie feared, she spot a familiar face landed and drew back a exhausted Altaria.

Her mother looked exactly as when Lillie last contacted her, except with obvious signs that she has not had any sleep for a while. "Li... Lillie?!"

Lusamine recognized the person standing in the garden, she rushed over to embrace Lillie.

Lillie dodged, glared and spoke. "You should have never come here."

Lusamine shook in confusion. "Wha..."

Lillie stood firm as she began to take her distance. "As I said, it is not safe here... if you think I cannot handle this."

Lillie drew out a ball. "I will show you how strong I have become!" The Banette sensed the emotions and ran toward the H.Q to find someone.

Vs... Lusamine.

Lusamine shook her head at what was happening, too exhausted to think of something to say back to a stubborn Lillie. "Fine... I will play along."

She tossed out a Clefable.

Lillie took the dusk ball containing the Golurk. "Go Onua!" The Golurk crashed onto the battle field, glaring at the Clefable ready for battle.

Lillie shouted. "Onua heavy slam!" The Golurk leaped into the air and slammed into the Clefable, Lusamine ordered. "Moon Blast!"

The Clefairy shot at it, despite normally it's first order was to set up bulk.

Lillie shouted back. "Onua finish it with a shadow punch!" The Golurk charged its fist to punch into a void, knocking the Clefable out as a fist emerged from the shadow's. Next pokemon Lusamine sent out was Lilligant.

Lillie prepared to call the Golurk back and shouted. "Onua come back! Swoops lets show her how far we came." Pidgeot flew unto the field, the Lilligant started to dance petals as Lillie ordered. "Swoops use air cutter till that Lilligant stops moving." As the air and petals collided, two cuts were enough to stop the Lilligant from dancing with a k.o.

Next pokemon Lusamine sent out was a Mismagius.

Lillie shouted. "Swoops keep using air cutter!" As the Pidgeot tried to swipe, Lusamine shook her head at what was happening and ordered. "Use power gem to stop this!"

As the Pidgeot was shot down, Lusamine knew of his origins. "That boy did well in teaching you how to get br..."

Lillie called the Pidgeot back and tossed a ball not wanting to hear her mothers words. "Go Shockums, use thunderbolt!"

The Raichu electrocuted the Mismagius with thunder bolt, paralyzing her in the process. The Mismagius shot a shadow ball at the Raichu as Lillie prepared a pose for. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" The Mismagius was engulfed in a ball of electricity for a knock out.

Next pokemon Lusamine sent was a Bewear.

Lillie took the poke ball and shouted. "Shockums fall back. Maiden lets go!"

The Gardevoir sensed the person in front of her and glared, Lusamine wasn't taking the hostility too well as she was rubbing the bags out of her eyes. "Be...Bewear, try to take that Gardevoir down with double edge." The Bewear rammed into the Gardevoir with enough force to knock her through a tree. The Gardevoir was shaken but she was still able to battle as Lillie shouted. "Use psychic to knock that Bewear out!"

The Gardevoir used her powers to toss the Bewear aside like an over sized stuffed animal. Next pokemon Lusamine sent was a Milotic.

The Gardevoir used psychic again as the Milotic shot a hydro pump into the Gardevoir for a knock out.

Lillie saw the fight was about over, called the Gardevoir back whispered. "You did well Maiden. Cain lets finish this!"

As the Leafeon emerged to confront the Milotic, Lillie shouted. "Use leaf blade on that Milotic!"

The Leafeon swiped with the leaf on his forehead and his tail; Lusamine remembered what happened involving an Eevee. "That Leafeon... Milotic keep shooting at that thing!"

The hydro pump missed as the Leafeon slashed once again into the Milotic for a knock out.

Lillie called back her Leafeon to glare at her mother who was trying to stay in the fight with one more ultra ball. "I know what you did to that Altaria... it is in no condition to fight. You should not have come here!"

Lusamine yelled back frustrated. "You want me to sit back and do nothing?!"

Lillie yelled back louder. "I seen enough on Citadark to know you have done quite enough! Why did you help them?!"

Lillie mentioned the island where she met the Shadow Solgaleo, Lusamine's eyes widen in confusion. "Citadark what are you even talking about?"

As Lillie was about to spell out the place and what happened, Elio came walking with a small pouch. "Okay, I got this!"

Elio casually walked toward the sleep deprived Lusamine, placed some green powder on his hands and blew it toward her face. Lusamine instantly fell toward the ground asleep as Elio helped her down.

Lillie looked in shock and anger. "What did..."

Elio looked back to get his Incineroar out of his ball. "Sleep powder, for when this happens. Brimmy will carry her back into the H.Q. I'll try to make this easier for you."

At one of the unused bed rooms they wait for Lusamine to wake up as they prepared to question her. Lillie healed up her pokemon and was to have her Gardevoir out for something.

Elio asked the Gardevoir. "So I heard Psychic types can sense the mind. Would that also work in detecting truth or lies?"

Gardevoir nodded as Elio grinned. "Good, if she is telling the truth, nod and say anything. If she is lying through her teeth, just growl."

As Lusamine came through with a much more steady mind in comparison to the last couple days, she found herself surrounded by Elio, Lillie and a Gardevoir standing in between the two children.

Lusamine was asking. "Wha... where?"

Elio interrupted. "At the H.Q where you and Lillie were having a meltdown. It is bad if I had to check if it was actually lack of sleep."

Elio prepared to ask the first question. "Before I leave you alone, answer me this. Did you ever knowingly let anyone out of jail?!"

Lusamine looked in confusion. "Wha..."

Elio glared back. "Yes or no, makes it easier for Maiden to do her job."

Lusamine placed her fingers on her forehead when she realized she was being interrogated. "No!"

The Gardevoir nodded and yip something.

Elio asked. "Next quest and most important. Did you have any direct involvement in what Cipher or anyone from Cipher has done?"

Lusamine responded. "What you mean by direct?"

Elio took a deep breath at the question as he reworded it. "I meant did you hire them at any point in time or helped them at all at any point?"

Lusamine answered. "No!"

Gardevoir nodded and yipped.

Elio took a deep breath as he walked away. "Okay I am done here!"

Lillie cried in relief over the information, Lusamine turned to ask Elio. "What was that about?"

Elio turned back and gave a false smile. "Wanted to confirm some things before things became drastic for you. Good news thanks to Maiden being an excellent lie detector you are clean. The bad news with the things we saw on Citadark, the reasons for Cipher to be hunting me and Lillie down as well as the reason Cipher had to go raid Alola the first time... is because of the things you have done. As much as you actually want to fix this, coming here had made things worse for all of us."

Lusamine responded in defense. "You don't have to worry about me. I could take care of myse..."

Elio interrupted her once again as he pointed at the snag machine and the reader. "Do you have any means of detecting a shadow pokemon, least of all have one of these? You would only make yourself a huge target if you go out there."

Lusamine gave Elio a stubborn glare of defeat before seeing him sign in relief. "Your choices of moving around Orre are limited to mainly the H.Q, if you want to go somewhere you are going you have to talk to me or Lillie."

Lillie and Lusamine were startled by the loud banging noise a couple rooms over, Elio smiled. "Minor thing of note, there is a room in this building that has a strange green glowing machine. Stay away from that at all times. In regard to the banging noise, that is someone we are holding till the international police arrive to haul her away. If you want to help us, there are two things you can do. One don't let Lovrina out! No matter how hard she begs or cries. Second, this woman apparently has a Fan Club that will try to get her out. If you would do something to stop them and keep them out of the H.Q that would actually be a great help."

Lusamine kept hearing the muffled whining and asked. "What did she do?"

Elio rolled his eyes back. "Met her on Citadark and is partially responsible for the pokemon Lillie had to face on the island. Lovrina also hurt a creature of legends twelve years ago. I let Lillie take her down and for a good reason."

Lusamine put together what the woman in the next couple rooms actually did as a T.V screen flared up to reveal news.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 6 Chapter 2 Realgam+

On the screen a news reporter had something to say. "For those of you wanting to go to Realgam tower, we are happy to announce that maintenance has finally been done."

Elio smiled at the screen. "Finally. Been wanting to go there for a while."

The Dex shouted a description of the towers. "BZZT! An immense, members only tower, built with entertainment. It has a suspended Colosseum so don't be afraid of heights. Was so famous when it was finished that Phenac stadium had to be closed for a time. BZZT!"

Elio groaned at the specific members only part. "Oh come on, more issues... guess we have to get there and ask what can be done about being members. Hey Li..."

As he turned around to ask, Lillie was busy scolding Lusamine about the fact that what she did to get to Orre was reckless, exhausted nearly everyone and how because of this, she was stuck in a rather small place in the region with a handful of pokemon to keep her guard. "Best thing for you to do is keep that horrible woman from escaping and wait for Gladion to come pick you up. He would have some words with you as well!"

As Lusamine accepted what she got herself into, Lillie turned around to Elio with an assertive frown. "If we need membership to get into Realgam, then we might as well go ask how to get it."

The duo left Lusamine and Lovrina in the same building, Elio groaned under his breath. "This will go one of two ways."

Lillie puffed her cheeks as they got on the bike. "Either my mother behaves while we are gone or we have to deal with both of them!"

Lillie calmed down when she began to refer what Elio did to calm both her and Lusamine down. "Thank you for handling my mother, but for now let us focus on what we came to this region for."

As they arrived to Realgam, they saw a rather pleasant image of a high tech facility. In comparison to most of Orre and even the H.Q this place looked large, had twirling shining statues of Sudowoodo.

Elio looked at the place in awe. "No wonder this place is exclusive, this place looks decked out... wonder how the battles here are going to go?"

The two were greeted by two men in tuxedo's and sun glasses guarding the way in.

Lillie approached the two. "Excuse me, we would like to get a membership to enter this place. Anywhere we can go for that?"

The two men looked at each other in regard to the question before answering. "No need for you two to do anything. Come on in and enjoy."

Elio's eyes widened at how easy that was. As the duo entered the building they are greeted to a circular room, in the center piece is a model of the Colosseum the place was famous for. Lillie looked over at the doors, as she approached it opened up to a long hall way. She signaled Elio to follow, the pathway to the tower looked like a maze so it was easy for them to get lost. The walk way down the hall was rather short as the floor moved straight toward the next dome. In the next room they find a pretty looking room with a P.C, a healing machine similar to those used in the pokemon centers and a painting of a Roserade, Roselia and Budew.

Elio comprehend more about why the place was exclusive. "So we don't even have to walk the hallways?"

Lillie smiled in agreement. "If it can get us to the battle!" The due progressed room to room holding hands until they went into a room with a locked door and four odd looking key slots resembling poke balls.

Elio shook his head in confusion. "This is getting confusing, I am going to talk to someone that works here for more directions."

Elio walked over to who looked like has been working at the place. "Hey! You know more about this place, me and Lillie have been exploring toward the tower and have no idea about how most of this works you have any ideas."

The man in the tuxedo smirked at the oblivious Elio. "All you need to know about Realgam..." The man revealed himself to be a Cipher peon. "Is that it belongs to Cipher now boy!"

Elio drew out two poke balls in preparation for this battle.

Vs Cipher peon Jormal

Jormal sent out an two tailed monkey with hands at the tails known as Ambipom and a Giraffe with a head at two sides known as Girafarig.

Elio took out his pokemon. "MAC, BRIMMY COME ON OUT!" The Hitmonchan and Incineroar arrived on the soon to be dirty floor. The Aimbipom rushed to the Hitmonchan and faked it out of his fake out, the Girafarig rammed the Hitmonchan with a zen headbutt.

Elio posed for the Incineroar to do the Z move. "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" to knock the Girafarig before it got to do more damage; the dome felt the full force of the Incineroar, the Hitmonchan knocked the Ambipom out in one mach punch.

Jormal sent out his last pokemon, a sleeping koala hanging on to a log known as Komola. Aura Reader activated. "That Komola is a shadow pokemon."

Elio sighed at the Hitmonchan's condition and the shadow Komola. "Of course Cipher would take more than just Cosmog for this shadow pokemon crap, cant leave Alola alone! MAC SWAP OUT! MAKUTA WALL WHILE I GET THIS ONE CAPTURED! BRIMMY FIRE FANG THAT KOMOLA!"

As the Hitmonchan was switched for Cofagrigus, the Incineroar bit into the Komola with fiery fangs. The Komola was burned as it used shadow break on the Incineroar.

Elio fed a luxury ball into the machine.

"GO SNAG BALL!" "Shake... shake... pop! The Komola tried to end the Cofagrigus and missed.

Elio tried another luxury ball. "Okay another one, GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

The peon hurled a smoke ball as he fled the angry Cofagrigus and Incineroar.

Elio sighed as he asked Lillie "Cipher's here too?"

Lillie's eyes widened as she watched Elio pick the luxury ball up and nodded silently. Elio frowned sharply. "We are going to have to look around more if we are to do something about this. I want to check on that room with the healing machine before we move further in."

The duo walked back the way they came to find an old man standing near the healing machine. As Lillie walked forward to ask something, the man revealed himself to be another Peon. Lillie took a deep breath and set out her Golurk and Audino as the peon confirmed her suspicions. The following battle did not last long.

Elio boldly went to test the machine out in case this was another trap.

It worked perfectly fine. "We have four keys needed to progress further into this rabbit hole." As Elio pondered he heard a familiar voice in the back of his head.

"Go back the way you came and take either a left or right."

Elio turned around to see who just talked to him before he discussed with Lillie that they should look around for any clues.

They went back to the room with the replica and took a left turn. They found a rather empty room leading to another door.

Lillie reassured Elio one positive thing about their situation. "For a Cipher base, it is rather pretty."

Elio nodded back. "In comparison to Citadark, this place is much more pleasant. Most of that island was going after what awaited us and hoping we were not too late."

As the two progressed to the only other door, they are greeted to a large red haired muscular man standing in the center.

Elio stared. "I take you are another admin?"

The admin stomped his feet at the ground and laughed in an attempt to intimidate the two children. "Your luck ran out when you showed up before me and said that. Your stab at adventure has gone off long enough."

Elio shrugged. "Need to beat you anyways, I got this one Lillie."

Vs Cipher Admin Dakim

Dakim sent out a Claydol and a Foretress.

Elio took out two balls and shouted. "BRIMMY, COME ON OUT! ODON TIME TO SHOW YOUR POWER!"

The Incineroar and Yanmega emerged from their balls as Elio ordered. "ODON SIGNAL BEAM THAT CLAYDOL! BRIMMY TAKE THAT FORRETRESS OUT WITH FIRE FANG!"

As the Yanmega shot a flashing beam at the Claydol, the Forretress protected itself from the dangerous fiery fangs.

Elio complained at the inconvenience. "Oh come on that..." The Claydol sent out an earthquake to hit anyone that would have been effected by it. Only the Incineroar that was hit.

Elio turned stoic, more impressed than angry at Dakim. "Protect, Earthquake and a pokemon with levitate? Cheap but effective. ODON AGAIN AT THE CLAYDOL, BRIMMY FIRE FANG THE FORRETRESS AGAIN!"

The Yanmega shot the Claydol down for a k.o, the Incineroar bit into the Forretress with fiery fangs. The Forretress flinched; despite how sturdy it was, it collapsed from the lingering burn for a K.O.

Dakim sent out a Flygon and a Whiscash, Elio was smiling over confidently as he called the Incineroar back. "ODON USE AIR SLASH ON THAT FLYGON! BRIMMY FALL BACK! CUMUSTRICH LAUGH AT THE MAN WHO THINK THAT EARTHQUAKE STRATEGY WILL WORK NOW!"

The Yanmega used air slash again as the Flygon prepared to counter with a critical hit flamethrower, sending the Yanmega crashing to the ground for a k.o. Elio's smile faded at how much of a fool he made of himself and called the Yanmega back. "MAC COME ON OUT AND MACH PUNCH THAT FLYGON. CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN ON MAC'S TARGET."

As the Whiscash protected itself from the upcoming damage, the Hitmonchan and Dodrio focused their attack on the Flygon for a quick K.O


The combined mach punch and return knocked the Whiscash out. The Houndoom set up a sunny day in preparation for its next attack. Dakim sent out his last pokemon, a large woolly tusked creature known as Mamoswine.

Aura Reader activated. "That Mamoswine is a shadow pokemon."

Elio switched his Dodrio for his Cofagrigus. "MAC SAME PUNCH DIFFERENT TARGET! HIT THAT MAMOSWINE!" The Houndoom protected itself from what was to come as the Hitmonchan dealt a meaningful blow to the Mamoswine, it glowed a dark aura as it ran over the Hitmonchan with a shadow break, K.O.


The Dodrio rammed the Houndoom for a critical hit K.O. Mamoswine glowed more, rupturing the ground much like what happened with the Swampert Parkas had. Elio and Lillie were able to dodge most of the shadow quake as the intensity was nowhere as extreme as with the Swampert, the reduction from the burn knocked the two off their feet; the Dodrio however was knocked out from the quake.

Elio switched and shouted. "REMMER GET OUT THERE AND LETS FINISH THIS! MAKUTA USE PROTECT FOR THE NEXT QUAKE! REMMER USE PSYCHIC TO KEEP WEAKENING THAT MAMOSWINE!" As the Mamoswine's quake dealt less damage, the psychic push from the Hypno was enough to have the Mamoswine fall on its knees.

Elio saw his chance to end this fight as he fed a timer ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Dakim cringed as he realized he just lost. "In my time of battling. I only lost to three people. Master Nascour, that punk in the blue jacket and now you."

Dakim handed Elio over a green I.D badge. "Take it and advanced to your doom. Now would be a good time to come crying home to mommy!"

Elio looked confused over the taunt. "If my mom was here you be dead." Dakim walked out of the room laughing before he nearly bumped his head at the door.

Elio looked over to the impressed Lillie. "Anyone looking odd among the peons hold the key... that sounds eas..." Elio was about to finish as he heard the same voice from before.

"Head back the way you came and make a straight, there is more here than you realize."

Elio recognized the voice that called to him again. "Anabel? Where is she..."

Lillie heard the name to ask. "Anabel?"

Elio smiled nervously to explain. "A Faller I met when you left for Kanto. She kept the Ultra Beasts from hurting anyone while I went and captured them all. She has a form of psychic power to talk to people through telepathy. She normally does not do this unless it is an emergency or if she want's to talk to just one person. If she is captured by these Cipher goons then she is going to be in serious trouble if we don't do something about it."

Lillie nodded back as she followed him toward the next room.

In the room is a purple haired woman with a pony tail wearing a black suit. Her mouth was tapped and she was tied up in a corner of the room, a small glass box containing a strange creature was in the center of the room.

As Lillie approached Anabel, she heard a voice in her head. "Stop, if you take another step you will trigger the fan that will activate the Kartana."

Elio heard the same words in his head. Lillie looked over at the Ultra Beast, it is exactly as Elio described back on Citadark with its paper like body. It's body however looked purple, its high lights are white and its eye looked red.

XD-009 Shadow Kartana

Elio whispered toward Lillie. "A Kartana does not normally look like this. Lillie, this capture is going to be like surgery if it is another shadow pokemon."

Elio finished the sentence as the Aura Reader from both activated.

Lillie smiled at Elio as she sent her Raichu and Audino out. "I know all you told me about this one. Shockums, as soon as the Kartana comes out of that cage you use thunder wave. Medic, use dazzling gleam on this thing... it should weaken it."

Elio laughed. "Forgot to tell you about Kartana, its dangerous but against special attacks it is literally paper."

Lillie rolled her eyes at the bad pun as her Raichu stepped toward the box. The fan blew as the Kartana's aura flared to life, increasing its physical attack. Kartana started to move rapidly across the box untill it sliced through the glass like it might as well not have been there and attempted to rush toward Anabel. The Raichu paralyzed the Kartana with a thunder wave. The Audino mega evolved and hit the Kartana with a dazzling gleam, sending it folding back and was struggling to continue trying to attack Anabel.

Lillie looked at the beast ball she was about to feed to the machine and charged it up for a capture.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Lillie took a deep breath at the fact that Kartana was now caught and how easy it would have gone horribly wrong if she did not have her Raichu. She petted both the Raichu and Audino on a job well done.

Elio went over to Anabel to try to untie her when he had second thoughts. "Wait a minute... how we know you are not a peon disguised as her?"

Anabel looked Elio in the gray eyes and sent a telepathic message. "Would a peon be able to talk to you like this?"

Elio looked her back in the purple eyes, still keeping his guard up. "If you turned out to be a peon I am kicking your butt for making a good impersonation!"

As Elio untied what he thinks is Anabel, she pulled the tape out of her mouth and shook his hand. "It has been five months since I left the battle tree for work. How has it been?"

Elio nodded and blushed. "Been busy in Orre with Lillie."

He pointed to Lillie. "We came here to battle at the Colosseums and then this Cipher mess happened. Sorry that I was acting paranoid, things have went horribly wrong as it is."

Lillie went up to greet Anabel. "Nice to meet you Miss Anabel, what are you doing here in the first place?"

Anabel looked at Lillie and smiled. "Me and a partner were tracking down a Cipher branch that has recently raided Alola for a crucial pokemon."

Lillie guessed. "Cosmog? Elio and I have that taken cared of. We were already too late to stop these people from turning it and some of the Ultra Beasts into shadow pokemon. But we stopped them from getting more."

Anabel took a deep breath. "That was a relief to hear. The leader of this Cipher branch regained control over Realgam when he threaten the current owners with this Kartana, he plans to use the shadow Ultra Beasts in an attempt to hold the region hostage and try to lure you into a trap."

Elio frowned sharply. "Those are some pretty towers. A Kartana would be able to undo all of that in a single swing. Who is leading this group anyways?"

Anabel looked at the ruined box to pull out an orange I.D card before handing it over. "If you find a dark imposing man by the name of Nascour... that is not the leader. The true mastermind of this branch a little old man that called himself Es Cade, his real name is Evice and he is the more dangerous of the two. Elio, Lillie you know about Slaking right?"

Elio and Lillie nodded as they understood.

Lillie answered. "A pokemon with incredibly strong offensive stats and bulk. Hindered by its ability to only really do something every two turns."

Anabel nodded as she continued. "In single battle format, there is nothing you can do about this save for using a strong move and hope for the best. Since single battles are rare in this region and double battles are more common in comparison..."

Lillie helped finish. "There are ways to get rid of that ability in such a format, either getting rid of the the ability or passing any non hindering ability over."

Elio laughed at what they were going up against. "So Evice's main strategy is to get Truant off of the Slaking so it can do horrible things to your team unhindered!"

Elio and Lillie looked each other in the eyes as they thought about how they are going to handle the two Cipher leaders.

Lillie asked. "Elio, I will take on Evice. Would you be able to handle Nascour?"

Elio made a determined face back at the determined face. "I would be able to handle what Nascour would throw at me. If Evice becomes an issue beyond your control I am stepping in."

As Elio finished his agreement, he looked back toward Anabel. "What about you?

" Anabel told the two her part. "I will regroup and be ready to apprehend anyone a part of Cipher should they try to escape when you beat them."

Lillie looked over to Elio with a smile. "We have two of the I.D cards, once we get the next two we will be able to advance to the tower."

As the duo wandered the maze for what felt like an hour, they stumbled across a peculiar room. Two door ways with two peons guarding it. The first one Elio confronted had no shadow pokemon, so taking him out with Yanmega and Hitmonchan was easy for him. The second one Lillie confronted mentioned about being assigned to guard an Admin named Venus.

Vs Cipher Peon Baila

Baila sent out a Jumpluff and a tiny green dancing flower known as Bellossom. Lillie sent out her two pokemon and shouted. "Swoops! Medic! Lets take this on! Swoops start with air cutter, Medic..." Lillie prepared the mega stone. "Mega evolve and use dazzling gleam!"

The Pidgeot critically hit the Bellossom for a knock out; the Jumpluff use stun spore to paralyze the Pidgeot before being knocked out by dazzling gleam. Audio looked at the struggling Pidgeot and glowed, healing his partner of the paralysis. Baila sent out a familiar looking pokemon to Lillie, a large pink mushroom with limbs and a face known as Shiinotic.

Aura Reader activated. "That Shiinotic is a shadow pokemon."

The Shiinotic drained some of the Pidgeot's strength in a dark glow as the Audino shot at the Shiinotic with a Dazzling gleam in an attempt to weaken it.

Lillie fed an ultra ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

As the peon fled, the duo decided to try the door leading north. In the room is a brown haired woman in a white dress with pink highlights, it looked like she has a large moon like assessory behind her head.

Lillie closed her eyes at the image, shook her head and approached. "So your Venus?"

The admin giggled. "Your the two that have been foiling our plans here on Orre? Time to say your goodbyes kiddies!" As Venus prepared for battle, so did Lillie.

Vs Cipher Admin Venus

Venus sent out a Wigglytuff and a Raichu.

Lillie sent out her Golurk and Audino to take the field and prepared her mega stone. "Onua use heavy slam on that Wigglytuff. Medic Mega Evolve and use dazzling gleam!"

As the Raichu attracted the Audino, the Golurk squashed the Wigglytuff in a heavy slam K.O. The Audino blushed, shook his head and used dazzling gleam on the Raichu.

Venus panicked as she realized the Golurk has no gender. "Eek! None of my cuties would work on that thing, Mismagius make that nasty thing go away!"

As the Mismagius was sent out of the ball she shot a shadow ball into the Golurk, Lillie called her Audino back for her own Raichu in anticipating a thunder wave from the opposing Raichu.

It was and she did nothing as Lillie shouted. "Onua shadow punch that Mismagius out of here." The Golurk punched through the Mismagius from the shadows bellow, sending her flying past Venus for a K.O.

Next pokemon Venus sent out was a Liapard who taunted the Raichu in anticipation that she would use thunder wave, Lillie posed for. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC! Onua use stomping tantrum!"

As the Liapard was quickly knocked, the Golurk stomped to make short work of the opposing Raichu. Venus sent out a Milotic and an odd looking cactus known as Maractus.

Aura Reader activated. "That Maractus is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie called the Golurk back and shouted. "Onua you did great. Go Cain, use leaf blade on that Milotic; Shockums use thunder wave on that Maractus!"

As the Raichu paralyzed the Maractus, it glowed a dark aura and performed a dance becoming much faster. The Leafeon's leafy tail glowed green and sliced into the Milotic that used attact.

Lillie saw the fight was about to end and ordered. "Shockums, use thunder bolt to finish that Milotic off. Cain you and the others done wonderfully, let me handle the Maractus."

The Raichu knocked the Milotic off with a quick thunder bolt as the Maractus countered with a shadow storm, knocking the Raichu out and having the Leafeon be thrown off his feet.

Lillie flinched as she placed an ultra ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Venus cried. "Waah! How could I lose to a little girl?" She tried to hide her shame, she handed Lillie over the blue I.D in hope that neither speak of the battle.

Elio laughed at Venus. "Probably because Lillie's team has a gender advantage, has overall stronger pokemon and is prettier."

Lillie blushed as Venus tried to hide what she felt about the insult in a pouting frown. "Why you little... Alright, I will just forget that this battle ever happened. Yes that is what I am going to do."

Venus spitefully winked at Elio. "No one else will know of that insult kiddie!"

Lillie puffed up her cheeks and chased her out of the room, stomping her feet. Lillie turned to face Elio, both are now blushing at what he said.

Elio mustered up the courage to dig deeper. "I meant every word that."

Lillie wanted to change the subject as she counted up the I.D cards. "One more and we can advance to the tower."

Lillie figured out most of the maze before Elio had the chance to remember the way they came from; she and Elio had not ran into more peons as they journeyed back to a healing machine. They went back toward the main door where the Orange, Red, Blue and Yellow key slots are and continued straight forward. At the end of the two hallways they found the last of the admins.

A man in a lab coat smiled at what he had seen. "Well, well, so you have come. Hand in hand like a happy couple on an aimless stroll, let me inform you this is no mere picnic. You will never defeat me with such a frivolous mind." The duo looked closer at the man who noticed they really were holding hands.

Elio noticed. "Wait a minute, you look like someone who is on the same boat as Frankas and Lovrina..."

The scientist stared back. "I thought a brash headed child like yourself would have never noticed. I am Ein."

Elio and Lillie said in unison as they heard the name. "Ein?!"

Elio described the man standing before him. "That bastard responsible for shadow pokemon even being a thing in the first place?"

Lillie continued with her own description as she glared sharply. "The one who saw to the experiments on Cain, Solgaleo and most of the shadow pokemon we have faced?" Ein placed his hand on his chin and smirked as the duo described him enough.

Elio turned toward Lillie to describe how they are going to take this person down. "You want this guys head on a pike as well?"

Lillie turned toward Elio, not letting her glare away from Ein. "You focus on taking the Araquanid away from him. I will cover you."

Ein oddly enough complimented the two on figuring out what he had on him. "You summarized that conclusion by process of elimination? It would have been more clear other wise, but an excellent analysis none of the less!"

Vs Cipher Admin Ein

Ein sent out a Crobat and a Politoed. The Politoed drizzled in rain.

Lillie shouted. "Go Shockums."


The Dodrio and Raichu entered the battle as Lillie began her order. "Shockums, thunder bolt that Politoed!"


The Politoed took the thunder bolt before being kicked across the room by the Dodrio for a K.O The Crobat flew up into the air as Ein sent out a Rhyperior.

Elio noticed something off about bringing a rock/ground type into a battle with rain. "Lillie I think this guy is using that Rhyperior so we do not take advantage of the rain."

Lillie nodded back. "Lightning rod? Shockums come back. Cain we need that Rhyperior down with leaf blade!"

As the Crobat swooped on the Dodrio, it was greeted to the Dodrio countering with a brave bird K.O. Rhyperior tried to impale the Dodrio with a stone edge and missed; The Leafeon made quick work on the Rhyperior with his leaf blade.

Ein sent out his next two pokemon, a Manetric and a Pelipper.

Elio shouted as he prepared to call the Dodrio back. "CUMUSTRICH FALL BACK! MAKUTA, LETS WALL THIS FOOL!"

As the Dodrio was swapped for a Cofagrigus, Lillie continued the order. "Cain use leaf blade on that Manetric!" The Leafeon performed a critical slash, knocking the Manetric out. The Pelipper set up a strong tailwind to speed itself up.

Lillie switched her Leafeon over to her Raichu as Ein sent out the shadow Araquanid. "Shockums, take that Pelipper out with a thunder bolt!"


The Pelipper shot a hydro pump at the Cofagrigus before blowing a hurricane at the Raichu, with one thunder the Pelipper was knocked out; the Araquanid's watery legs glowed dark as it swiped at the Raichu for a K.O. Static electricity stunned the Araquanid as the Cofagrigus shot the Araquanid back with a shadow ball.

Elio glared at the Araquanid as he fed a net ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Ein kept his cool despite being confronted by two angry trainers and a Cofagrigus grinning maliciously. "No matter, I have already seen to the creation of some of the most powerful shadow pokemon imaginable. Including my masterwork that was created for the boss."

He tossed the yellow I.D card at the two and used it as a distraction to get away. The Cofagrigus erupted and wrapped Ein in bandages, incapacitating him for Anabel to arrived, apprehend him and secure the foot of the base. The Cofagrigus calmed down as it sensed her intentions.

With all four I.D cards the balls lit up as the locks are undone.

Elio prepared himself for the battle ahead. "Now that the admins are taken cared of. Shall we put an end to Ciphers mad scheme for control over Orre?"

Lillie held his hand and looked him in the eyes. "Yes. Lets give them the boot."

Elio and Lillie took the ride to the main lobby, they found many people were already there. Both do not see these people anything but peons until they proved their innocence. "We were minding our own business cashing in on the prizes, when some strange people attacked with some very strange creatures. Most who tried to do something about it ended up being sent back down here if they are lucky."

Elio moved his thumb toward the door to shout. "Alright listen up! Lillie and I cleared the way out of here! Anyone who want's to leave, go right on ahead!"

Most of the people left, reducing the amount of people in the room to around four. Knowing that these people will now hear him, he lowered his voice. "Rest of you who are staying, Lillie and I need some last minute training done anyways. If you want to battle us, step right up!"

Three out of the four people agreed to battle Elio and Lillie, simply because they were going to partake in the upper Colosseum anyways before Cipher raided. The fourth one was a suspicious looking man guarding an elevator, he was not doing anything; Elio wanted to talk to him last. The three trainers were not much save for more training for Elio and Lillie to deal with. The remaining three were discouraged from staying and left. The duo approached the strange man.

As Elio took a closer look he recognized the undercover agent. "Looker?"

The man hushed Elio as he looked around. "The two Cipher leaders are above us. Be warned they have with them two of the shadow Ultra Beast they created."

As Looker recognized that Lillie was also carrying some Beast Balls with her, he moved away from the Elevator. "Good luck up there."

As they ascend to the second floor they found a room with three statues.

One resembling a type of big cat, the Therian form of Landarous.

One resembling a bird, the Therian form of Tornadus

As well as one resembling strange long bodied beast, The Therian form of Thundurus.

In the center room a dark imposing man stood near a stairway clapping slowly. "Ah you finally reached me. I should congratulate you two on making it this far. Elio... Lillie, I welcome you to the Realgam tower. My name is Nascour, I have heard of your deeds all over Orre. You two have took down our military branch as well as …. hindered our XD plan. If you two seek to ascend further up, you have to get past some of our latest creations. XD-006 and XD-007." Nascour walked toward one of the two upper elevators laughing smug. "I await you two at the top to greet in you in style, Don't keep me waiting too long."

As the two tried to pursue the man, Elio was thinking what would the pair be as they saw the man escape into an elevator going up. "CRAP! Lillie I think that guy was referring to Buzzwole and Pheromosa."

Lillie looked back. "What is specific about those two?"

Elio rushed to spit the words out as he heard two large elevators descending down. "Buzzwole feeds off of fluid with a proboscis and is about as strong as it looks. Pheromosa is a pretty looking cockroach, she cannot take a hit to save her life but she hits hard and fast. She also has some pheromones that make people stop resisting... never got to actually see that part when I caught the four back home."

As Elio finished describing the two Ultra Beast, two figures descended from the large elevators.

XD-006 Shadow Buzzwole its aura flared to life increasing its defenses

XD-007 Shadow Pheromosa, its aura flared to life increasing its special attack

They are exactly as described except to Elio, the Buzzwole's fluid looked purple and the red skin keeping the muscle together look black. Pheromosa, looked dark purple all over baring her limbs and antenna which are white, her eyes are pure red.

Elio shouted. "GO MAKUTA!"

Lillie shouted. "Go Shockums!" Before Lillie ordered the Raichu to use thunderbolt, the Pheromosa grabbed the Raichu by the throat at blinding speed. The Raichu acted confused as she smelled something almost infatuated.

Elio noticed the Buzzwole flexed something as he ordered. "MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP ON THAT PHEROMOSA!"

Lillie shouted. "Shockums use thunder bolt on that Pheromosa."

The Raichu was able to shoot the Pheromosa back; the Cofagrigus burned the Pheromosa as she fell to the ground and was about to leap back up. The Buzzwole rammed the Cofagrigus with its proboscis in an attempt to drink something out of him; other than a black liquid the Buzzwole shrieked as it felt its other worldly power mummified. Despite how brutal the attack looked, the Cofagrigus still smiled.

Lillie prepared a Beast Ball into the snag machine to get the Pheromosa out of the fight.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The Buzzwole roared as it glowed a dark aura around his fist, attempting to end the laughing Cofagrigus; he missed as the willo wisp missed.

Lillie called her dazed Raichu back. "Shockums go lay down in your ball. Onua we need you out!"

As the Golurk's size was comparable to the Buzzwole, the former raised its fist as the Ultra Beast prepared another shadow leech, the Cofagrigus hit with its a willo wisp, burning the Buzzwole and cutting the damage down. The Golurk and Cofagrigus made aiming its next attack at the trainers bother some for the Buzzwole, so he focused on what he was already drained and tried again on the Cofagrigus who was feeling rather uncomfortable.

Lillie shouted. "Onua use shadow punch!"

Elio shouted. "MAKUTA NOW FOR SOME PAY BACK! SHADOW BALL THAT BUZZWOLE!" The Buzzwole tried to end the Golurk with a dark uppercut, he punched the Golurk back; mummifying its iron fist before being shot back by a shadow ball. Elio grinned as he prepared the dusk balls for a switch. "MAKUTA GOOD WORK. ALRIGHT MAC LETS PUSH THROUGH!"

Elio switch the Cofagrigus for the Hitmonchan as the Golurk punched into the charging Buzzwole with a fist from the shadows, sending the Ultra Beast crashing through a balcony and on the lower floor.

Lillie signaled. "Alright Onua, that is enough. Stand guard and let these two finish." Lillie looked in anticipation of what was about to happen. Elio shouted. "MAC USE FAKE OUT ON THAT BUZZWOLE!"

Elio made a wide grin as the Hitmonchan startled the Buzzwole before he got up. The Buzzwole was struggling to get up as the burn left it with a small grunt.

Elio fed another Beast Ball to the snag machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

The duo said in unison as they took a deep breath. "Phew Buzzwole and Pheromosa are caught."

Elio counted up what they have on them and what the mystery person had caught by this point. "Celesteela, Kartana, Pheromosa, Buzzwole and hopefully that Nihilego."

Elio smiled at the Lillie. "Good news, if things go accordingly we should have only two more Shadow Ultra Beasts to deal with. Xurkitree and Guzzlord."

Lillie smiled back. "Now all we have left in this place is what ever Nascour and Evice had planned for us."

Lillie looked down toward one of the rooms below the balcony. "If they have a healing machine up here we are going to need Shockums and Makuta healed up before we continue."


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 6 Chapter 3 Lillie At The Summit.

At the H.Q havoc was going on in the building.

A Bewear was busy taking a thrashing man out of the building for attempting to break in and free a criminal. "Oh come on Lovrina did nothing wr..."

The Bewear tossed the fan boy out of the H.Q and went back to her post, directly in front of the door Lovrina was in. Lusamine's relished in the moment of silence as the imprisoned Lovrina realized that who ever would come to rescue her would be stopped courtesy of Bewear. As the banging noise devolved into knocking, the bored Lusamine decided to check on the news to see what Lillie has actually done in Orre. Since Elio had her on strict orders to stay put while they were busy, she might as well try and find a way to figure it out. As the news about Realgam tower's hostages being rescued by a duo were being reported, the channel switched to what looked like a Colosseum match about to go underway. Lusamine tried to get back to more interesting news, it stayed the same on each channel.

Realgame Tower sponsored by Cipher because we are taking over.

In the one of the sides of the Colosseum resembling a pokeball an elevator rose up to let Elio and Lillie out to a booing crowd of Cipher peons.

A voice was heard from a loudspeaker as the two get ready for what was about to happen. "Took you two a while. I thought the XD's had beaten you. The time has come for you to play off some debts. I expect to see spectacular battling from you two. After all you are here to entertain!"

Elio asked back to where the noise was coming from. "We talking Multi battle format or..."

What was an attempt to sound intimidating turned into a simple answer. "Double format, you two are free to divide up how you fight these next four opponents."

Elio and Lillie look at each other as they attempt to divide up the four they are about to face. "You want odds or evens?"

As Elio noticed an elevator coming up, Lillie answered. "You choose if you want this one."

Elio nodded back. "I get odds then." The first opponent is a brown haired woman named Sara.

Vs Chaser Sara.

Sara sent out a purple ghost known as Gengar and a haunted tree known as Trevenant.

Elio tossed the pokeball and net ball. "BRIMMY! ODON LETS DO THIS!"


The Gengar hurled a shadow ball at the Yanmega as he prepared to air slash the Treveant. The Trevenant flinched as the Incineroar knocked out the Gengar. Next pokemon sent out is a large blue red eyed jellyfish known as Jellicent. Elio shrugged as he ordered his Yanmega to finish off the Treveant. The Jellicent aimed a hydro pump at the Incineroar and missed. Elio posed for the Z move "Malicious Moonsault!" To end the match. As Elio and the trainer walked back, he signaled Lillie to take on the next one while he healed up. Lillies opponent was a cow boy by the name of Detrois.

Vs Rider Detrois.

Detroise sent out a Scrafty and a shark known as Sharpedo.

Lillie shouted as she tossed the pokeball and timer ball "Go Shockums, go Medic!"

As the Raichu and Audino take the stage, Lillie shouted as she prepared the mega stone. "Shockums, take that Sharpedo down with a thunder bolt! Medic, Mega evolve and use dazzling gleam!" T

he Raichu shot a thunder bolt to take the Sharpedo down in one hit. Detrois realized this girl has a fairy type out and ordered Scrafty use a substitute to stave of the coming pain. The Audino shot the decoy out in dazzling light, leaving the Scrafty exposed. Detroise sent out a large purple scorpion known Drapion, in a cross poison it took out the Raichu out in a critical swipe. The Scrafty poison jabbed at the Audino, he returned the super effective poison with more dazzling light for a K.O.

Lillie called the Raichu back and shouted. "Swoops! Lets finish this fight, air cutter!"

The Drapion use cross poison on the Audino as the Pidgeot use air cutter to critically hit the Drapion. It stood in pain as a dazzling gleam knocked it out. Lillie walked back toward Elio who was about done healing his pokemon when they swapped targets. Elio's next opponent was a Cipher peon in pure black armor by the name of Obsi.

Vs Cipher Peon Obsi

Sent out a piece of carbon known as Carbink and a large eastern island head surrounded by tiny eastern island heads known as Probopass.

Elio shouted. "MAC, REMMER LETS CLEAN OUT!" As the Hitmonchan and Hypno arrive to take on their opposition, Elio ordered. "MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT PROBOPASS! REMMER FOLLOW UP WITH A PSYCHIC!" As the Hitmonchan punched through the sturdy Probopass, the Hypno's psychic waves knocked it out of the field. Obsi had the Carbink use reflect to reduce some of the damage. Next pokemon sent out was a Golem.

Elio shouted in determination. "REMMER USE HYPNOSIS TO SHUT THAT GOLEM DOWN. MAC USE MACH PUNCH UNTIL IT STOPS MOVING!" It took three moves of straight damage from the punching and the Hypno eating the Golem's dreams, but it was knocked out. The Carbink shot out a moon blast at the Hitmonchan a couple times and forced Elio to switch out to his Cofagrigus when the damage became much. The Carbink set up a safe guard and it took five attacks of constant damage for it to be knocked out.

Elio stared bored and frustrated. "Walls and their screens. Okay Lillie last one before we confront the main guy."

As the duo swapped, Lillies next opponent is a large sailor named Antlan.

Vs Sailor Antlan

Antlan sent out a Quagsire and a Tentacruel. "Shockums, Cain this one should be quick!"

As the Raichu and Leafon realized what she meant, Lillie posed for Shockums to use "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" to knock the Tentacruel out in one blow. "Cain use leaf blade to make quick work of that Quagsire!"

One swipe of the Leafeons tail and the Quagsire fell over.

Antlan looked mad as he sent out a Gyarados holding a particular stone. "Alright Leviath, Mega evolve and show her what you can do!"

The key stone poured energy into the Gyarados, causing its serpentine body took the form of a much large fish, becoming Mega Gyarados.

Lillie shouted. "Shockums, use thunderbolt. Cain follow with a leaf blade. We can still push through." The Gyarados rammed toward the Raichu in a rushing water fall as the Raichu's lighting did less damage than expected, the Leafeon's leaf blade was enough to finish off the Gyarados. The Sailor recalled his old friend back and walked back to the elevator. Elio and Lillie healed up their pokemon in preparations for the two Cipher leaders responsible for the first raid on Alola.

Nascour finished clapping as he approached. "Bravo. Why not become a Cipher show battle trainer? Have either of you even considered it? I'll vouch that you two would become a top star in no time."

Lillie was about to shout no as Elio was about to laugh at Nascours offer. "Hahahaha! I heard that speech before in an old poke star film. Blah blah I would have said that but now I have to kill you." Elio stopped laughing at Nascour, his smiled turned serious. "Lets skip that and get to the battle. Have at you!" He drew his balls out prepared for the final battle.

Vs Nascour

Nascour sent out a Dusclops with an Eviolite and the male counter part to Gardevoir, Gallade holding a quick claw.

Elio frowned at the first two pokemon. "Not a good opening for me. BRIMMY! CUMUSTRICH! COME ON OUT AND SHOW THIS FOOL HOW IT IS DONE!"

As the Incineroar and Dodrio arrived on the battle field, Elio issued the first order. "CUMUSTRICH BRAVE BIRD THAT GALLADE BEFORE IT WIPES US!"

The Dodrio rammed into the Gallade before he was able to beat the Incineroar in close combat.

Elio shouted. "BRIMMY HIT THAT DUSCLOPS WITH DARKEST LAIRATE." The Duskclops took the damage and missed a willo wisp at the Dodrio.

Next pokemon Nascour sent out was a Wailren.


The Dodrio knocked the Dusclops out as the Incineroar used another darkest lairate; the Wailren rammed at the Dodrio with a water fall for a k.o.

Elio sighed as he prepared to call back the Dodrio. "You done well Cumustrich. MAC LETS FINISH THAT WAILREN!"

Out came the Hitmonchan, Nascour smirked as he sent out a Blaziken.

Elio heard enough of Blazikens typing and prepared a dusk ball. "BRIMMY COME BACK! MAC USE MACH PUNCH TO KNOCK THAT WAILREN OUT! GO MAKUTA!"

The Incineroar was called back for a Cofagrigus, the Hitmonchan knocked out the Wailren out and Nascour was still smirking in amusement. "Blaziken, use roar on that Hitmonchan!"

The Blaziken roared, scaring the Hitmonchan back in its ball as a Yanmega was dragged out. Nascour called the knocked out Wailren back and sent out a Xatu!

Elio looked at one of three bad scenarios, no mater which the Yanmega takes out the other will K.O him. If he swapped the Yanmega he will leave one of his pokemon open for the Blaziken.


As the Yanmega knocked out the Blaziken, the Xatu repaid the air slash with its own to knock the Yanmega out.

Elio shook his head. "Knew that was going to happen. BRIMMY LETS FINISH THIS!"

Nascour glared at Elio as he sent out a Bisharp.

The Aura Reader's activated. "That Bisharp is a shadow pokemon."


The Cofagrigus moved between the Bisharp and Elio; the Incineroar lunged at the Bisharp with fangs of fire. The damage was super effective but not it neither burned nor flinched. The Bisharp glowed a dark aura around its bladed limbs as it rushed to the Cofagrigus to slash into him; tossing him aside while glaring at the trainer. The Cofagrigus still smiled as it let a willo wisp to burn the Bisharp. The Xatu slashed at the Incineroar for reasonable damage.

Elio fed a timer ball into the snag machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Elio was satisfied from the captured Bisharp as the Xatu had the Incineroar on his last legs; Elio crouched and posed for "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" ending the battle.

Elio picked up the timer ball triumphant as Nascour was about to try and continue the battle. "This is not.."

Lillie interrupted him before he continued. "Knock it off, we know you are not the real boss."

A distant voice was heard from the loudspeaker after Lillie called him out. "Wow! You two found that out sooner than I expected." Out of the elevator came a little old man in a brown suit.

Elio walked over to the corner the Bisharp had his Cofagrigus pinned to heal up, shouting toward Lillie. "Alright Lillie, he is yours! Let me know if he becomes much!"

Lillie shook her head at Elio's worry as she glared at the jolly looking man. "So... your Evice?"

Es Cade noticed something familiar about the girl standing before him before continuing the friendly facade. "My apologies, I thought you looked similar. I do believe I had a... disagreement with your mother back at Alola."

Lillie knew of this man from what Gladion and Anabel told her and she held her tongue for the next battle that was about to happen.

The man noticed the reaction and changed the subject. "But enough about that. I am surprised you two made it this far. As you can see, this is what I look for the public to see. In truth I am the boss of the Criminal Syndicate Cipher. My name is Evice and I shall rule the world." The man flipped into a much more menacing look, matching exactly what she imagined the Cipher boss to look like as he glared. "The shadow pokemon plan. We can resurrect from the start. But you two... you'll never be forgiven. I will destroy you utterly so that you may never again rise against me!" Both drew their pokeballs for the next battle.

Vs Cipher Head Evice.

Evice sent out Salamence and Scizor. Lillie sent out her two pokemon in a mixture of anger and determination. "Shockums, Onua, lets finish this!

" The Salamence intimidated the Gorlurk, Lillie was forced to switch to her Pidgeot as she had her Raichu paralyze Salamence down with a thunder wave before it got to do anything. The Scizor danced vigorously as it prepared its next attack.

Lillie sighed at how she was going to think of her strategy. "Going to have to shut that Slaking down another way." As Lillie posed a Gigavolt Havoc, the Scizor took out the Pidgeot in one bullet punch.


The Scizor was sent crashing back toward a wall sparkling electricity.

The Salamence was paralyzed and did not move, Evice sent out a Machamp as Lillie sent out her Gardevoir.

She swapped her Raichu back. "Shockums you done good, wait till I need you again. Onua lets take that Salamence out!"

As Lillie switch the Raichu back for her Golurk the Machamp slammed its fist for a dynamic punch, the Golurk was not effected as Lillie pointed toward her pokemon. "Maiden use psychic on that Salamence!"

As the Gardevoir focused its psychic powers on the Salamence, it was able to use double edge on the Gardevoir for significant damage.

Lillie shouted. "Maiden take that Machamp out! Onua finish that Salamence with another shadow punch!"

As both pokemon took out the Salamence and Machamp, Evice grinned as he sent out his next two pokemon. Slowking and Slaking.

Lillie started with her first plan. "Maiden use hyper voice! Onua shadow punch that Slowking!"

As the Gardevoir and Golurk tried to focus the Slowking down, the Slaking channeled all its frustration on the Gardevoir. Taking her out in one blow, the damage from the shadow punch was great but it was not enough to take the Slowking out.

Evice placed a finger on his head, trying to remember something that happened. "Now how did that disagreement ended again? Oh right; Slowking use skill swap on Slaking." The Slowking swapped its own tempo for truant, the Slaking was now unbound ready to attack.

Lillie took a deep breath as she sent out her back up plan for when she failed to stop the skill swap. "Shockums, lets stop that Slaking with a thunder wave."

Before the Slaking attacked, the Raichu she shot a thunder wave.

Slaking is paralyzed it cannot move.

Lillie shouted now that she had an opening. "Onua keep keep shadow punching that Slowking!" The Golurk punched into the Slowking for a k.o! Lillie kept her opening. "Shockums! Onua! Now is your chance! Thunder bolt and mega punch that Slaking!"

The Raichu shot a thunder bolt into the Slaking as the Golurk rushed toward it and punched it square in the face. Sending it toppling over. K.O!

The Evice laughed as he realized Lillie beaten the Slaking. "Well... that happened. Now lets see how well you fare against the ultimate shadow pokemon. Hydreigon destroy!"

Evice cackled as he sent out the Hydreigon.

Lillie and Elio's Aura Reader activated. "That Hydreigon is a shadow pokemon."

Lillie shouted at her Raichu and Golurk. "Shockums use thunder wave on that Hydreigon! Onua heavy slam if you can!"

The Hydreigon was paralyzed by the thunder wave as it roared toward the sun lit sky, it grew dark. Black meteors crashed into the Colosseum, knocking both the Raichu and the Golurk on one blow; the audience see the meteors crashing near them are are scrambling to escape.

Lillie called her two pokemon back and sent out her last two pokemon. "Cain! Medic! I need you out here!"

The Leafeon stared at the Hydreigon, ready for the next order. "Cain use return! Medic keep Cain up for that Hydreigons next attack!"

The Leafeon channeled his affection to Lillie in a strong tackle before being shot back by a shadow flame from the Hydreigons side heads; the Audino used heal pulse to heal the Leafeon as the middle Hydreigon head roared, sending down out barrage of shadow meteors to try and knock out the two pokemon that stand before it. One nearly landed on Elio as his Cofagrigus used protect. Elio continued to watch as Lillie had the fight over save for snagging that Hydreigon and saw her shout in confidence. "Cain use leaf blade to weaken that Hydreigon! Medic, keep doing what you are doing!"

The Leafeon slashed his tail at the Hydreigon as it shot a shadow cannon at the Audino with all three heads.

It was not enough as Lillie shouted "Cain use return again!"

The Hydreigon was pushed against the wall, barely keeping itself up as it fell to the ground snarling at the Leafeon.

Lillie fed a timer ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... POP! The Hydreigon shot at the Leafeon with a shadow flame, still not enough.

Lillie fed an ultra ball into the machine.

"GO SNAG BALL!" Shake... shake... shake... pop!

The Hydreigon tried to aim again, its nerves would not let it. Lillie placed a great ball into the machine.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Lillie took a deep breath as the battle was won.

Evice shouted out in disbelief. "No! Even my ultimate pokemon!"

As Evice backed away from Lillie, Anabel and Looker have arrived with hand cuffs ready to arrest the him and Nascour.

Evice growled as Nascour pressed a button. "I won't forget what you have done you meddling kids. I will ruin you next time, I will promise you that!" An escape helicopter arrived with Evice laughing in triumphant.

Lillie was glaring at Evice as Elio signaled to Anabel; she spoke telepathically. "You want me to bring out Alakazam for this?"

Elio nodded his head. "ODON YOU GOT HEALED UP, USE AIR SLASH ON THAT COPTER!" Elio sent out the Yanmega to slice at the flying vehicle, Alakazam shot a shadow ball at the same time.


The Copter was destroyed. Evice cringed as he saw the wreckage and was frowning in denial. "Wha... but that bird wasn't..."

Lillie nodded and relaxed. "It looks like there wont be a next time... its over Evice."

She walked back toward Elio with pride in her eyes; Elio grinned with his hand behind his head. "I did say I would step in when things got out of ha..."

Lillie kissed Elio in the lips as Looker and Anabel began rounding up all the remaining Cipher goons still in the area. Elio and Lillie broke the kiss to join the two agents in seeing that not a single one escaped.

The quartet returned to the H.Q on Elio's request. "I got someone to hand over to you."

Elio took Lovrina out of the rather quiet H.Q and handed her over to Looker and Anabel. "I don't care if she goes back on parole. Just make sure she does not become a problem."

Lovrina shouted. "Problem! You and that girl were so nasty for locking me up in that room for the past two weeks!"

Elio joked toward Lovrina. "Oh come on that was one of the better rooms in the entire building, everything needed for living conditions were given to you, for a prison cell it was pretty sweet in comparison to what you actually deserve." Lovrina pouted as she was about to be taken away.

Elio glared. "If you are ever on parole again... don't ever go to Alola."

Lillie went to the living quarters to check Lusamine, she found her mother holding her chest taking deep breaths. "Mother what is wrong?"

Lusamine remembered the things she has seen during the match as she tried to regain some composure.

Lusamine finished calming down as she smiled. "I am just glad you are safe!"

Lillie rushed to hug her, trying to find the words to say in regard to the argument early morning.

Elio walked back to check on the two as he found what he thought to be a rare moment. As Elio watched Lusamine improve significantly as a person since his last major encounter with her. Lillie let go and walked toward Elio, knowing the things he was about to say.

Elio spoke toward Lusamine. "Thank you for not turning around behind our backs and letting Lovrina loose; I still got bad news for you though. Lillie and I may have taken out most of Cipher here, but for reasons I am not going to explain we are still going to have to keep an eye on you until Gladion gets here." Lusamine looked down in shame as she understood some of the reasons.

Lillie understood most of what she felt and continued where Elio left off. "Mother it is not just the things you have done that made you a target. These horrible people would go after you anyways just to get to me."

As Elio received a call from Looker and Anabel for something important, he told the two. "Heading outside to talk to some people about stuff. I will be right back."

Elio headed out as Lillie smiled back toward her mother. "Pete and Swifter are taking a little longer in what Elio called the prison cell, want to check on what they are doing?"

Lusamine shed a small tear as she answered. "Yes, I would."

Elio went out to talk to Looker and Anabel, he gave them a full report about Ciphers activities on Orre and how they connected with their activities on Alola. In addition to the knowledge that he and Lillie threw an entire wrench into Ciphers plans for the Ultra Beasts, just by snagging Sogaleo and having it put into the chambers. "Good news, if this stranger Wicke sent out has succeeded in what ever mission regarding Nihilego, this would mean that we will have two more shadow Ultra Beasts to worry about. Xurkitree and Guzzlord."

Anabel nodded as Elio mentioned the later. "Our reports indicate of an old shadow pokemon factory that they reused to create XD-011. We believe it to be a Guzzlord."

Elio shrugged. "I knew Lillie and I were not done with the shadow pokemon stuff yet. So where is this factory?"


Master of Chaos!
Act Alola Arc 7 Chapter 1 Off To The Factory!

After Elio talked to Looker and Anabel, he went back into the H.Q to talk to Lillie about Guzzlord, in addition to placing the shadow Ultra Beast they have gathered. Elio discovered out Banette and Cincinno had an argument over what went where and pillow stuffing was everywhere. Elio found Lillie lecturing both the Banette and Cincinno while Lusamine was getting rid of what use to be a pillow.

Soon as Lusamine left to get a new one, Elio asked Lillie about something they still need to do. "Excuse me Lillie, mind if I talk to you about something for a minute? We have some shadow pokemon to deposit anyways."

Lillie nodded as they left.

The Buzzwole, Pheromosa, and Kartana were all placed into chamber two, three, and six. With the remaining three chambers being used for Maractus, Mamoswine and Araquanid.

As the duo left the chambers, Elio discussed the task at hand. "Looker and Anabel gave the report on another shadow Ultra Beast Cipher has in Orre. Guzzlord, the second most destructive of the Ultra Beasts by far. Would you like to come with me to hel me capture this one?"

Lillie nodded back. "Yes, no sense in letting this one on the loose. What makes Guzzlord destructive?"

Elio laughed as he tried to think the words. "Guzzlord as the name implies is known for eating virtually everything. Edible or non edible. Most just get converted into energy."

Lillie cringed at imagining what Cipher had planned for the Ultra Beast as Elio continued. "Guzzlord is the second largest of the Ultra Beasts it has a large mouth, four set's of eyes and strange looking tongues."

Lillie looked at the door and asked. "How are we going to fight this thing?"

Elio answered. "Simple enough, attack it from the sides. Call back our pokemon immediately after this thing knocks them out or has them in grip of his tongues. Guzzlord much like Hydreigon is allergic to fairies, contrary to its bulk it is not hard to knock out."

Lillie thought about going to another hideout Cipher had hidden and asked. "What are we going to do after we capture the Guzzlord?"

Elio heard the question and smiled an answer. "Hold off on putting Guzzlord into the chamber until Gladion and the other guy get here and place theirs in."

The duo agreed on another perilous adventure as they explained to nearly everyone in the H.Q where they were going. Lillie told her mother enough information about how there was still some things left to be done, but left out the specific detail of the objective. Lillie called it it a clean up operation. Afterwards they would have enough free time for the week until Gladion arrives.

Lillie and Elio were driving across the desert when The Dex talked about the next location. "BZZT! Cipher Key Lair. BZZT! A factory that was secretly made by Cipher BZZT!"

Elio turned to the Dex in an apologetic smile. "Let me explain this in more detail... it is messed up no matter who says it."

He began explaining what he knows to Lillie as they approached a canyon. "Looker and Anabel told me about this place, twelve years ago Cipher forced a shadow pokemon by the code name of XD-001 or Shadow Lugia to carry a large ship full of pokemon. Most of the pokemon on the ship were sent into this Factory... to be turned into shadow pokemon."

Lillie cringed. "Why would such a place exist?"

Elio shrugged. "I don't want to know."

As the duo arrive to the what looked like an old pyramid with chimney pipes stretching the sky. Old sludge from twelve years fill the air in a noxious smell. Elio looked at the place in bitter hate as he asked to himself. "Why hasn't anyone tore these places down yet?! Funny enough I know one pokemon that would be more than happy to leave..."

Lillie stopped Elio before he finished. "We are here to save Guzzlord, salvage anything out of this place and leave. What ever you had planned for this place or the lab, leave me out!"

Elio sighed as Lillie reminded him to keep the hatred in check again.

His face smiled as he was ready to tell Lillie more positive news. "With Cipher putting most of their focus on this region, us driving them off and incapacitating the people still able to create these shadow pokemon. By the time they sent in their big boys, we were able to stop them and take the shadow pokemon they spent too many resources and time getting. Cipher is on its death throes... hopefully it stays dead."

Lillie's eyes started forming tears at how large the place was as well as the fact that many pokemon were hurt in the factory twelve years ago, she whispered back to Elio. "Good, when this is over, this would all seem like a bad dream."

The factory itself was not in good condition during the twelve years it has been inactive. Cobwebs are everywhere, the fumes from the rotting sludge were smelt even from inside. Aside from machinery used to turn Guzzlord into a shadow pokemon, all left over parts were left to rust.

As they climb up to the top of the factory, Rotom Dex was alert. "BZZZT! Boss I sense something in that room up ahead. BZZT!"

The top of the factory is a clear open view with a door way leading to another room. The duo prepared the Raichu and Yanmega, they heard a small growl before the door itself was eaten. Revealing exactly as Elio described except its main body was purple, its teeth looked velvet. Its inner mouth looked pure black and its eyes were red. It let loose a bellowing otherworldly roar as the trainers got their pokemon ready.

XD-011 Shadow Guzzlord. Its aura flared to life increasing its attack!

Elio shouted. "ODON WE NEED YOU OUT HERE!"

Lillie shouted. "Shockums, we have to save this one as well!"

As the Yanmega and Raichu were prepared to face the Guzzlord their trainers ordered.

From Lillie to the Raichu. "Shockums, use thunder wave to stun that Guzzlord!"


As the thunder wave paralyzed the Guzzlord, it tried to grab the Raichu before a slash of air made it recoil back in a flinch.

Lillie shouted. "Shockums, now is your chance get to that Guzzlord's sides!"

Lillie had the Raichu go to a safer position as Elio fed a beast ball into the snag machine.


Shake... POP!

The Guzzlord roared as it slammed its weight on the Raichi for a K.O.

The Guzzlord roared as its beast boost began to flow. Lillie called the Raichu back. "Shockums, come back! Medic, get out here!"

Elio prepared another beast ball.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Lillie took a deep breath at the success."Guzzlord is caught!"

Elio joined the relief. "Now all we have left is Xurkitree, a dangerous bundle of life wires." The duo make a descent into the main office to see if they could salvage anything else out of the dreadful place.

In the office and found that it was rather well kept for being use to pen a Guzzlord.

As they searched , Lillie found two things of note. An empty purple pokeball with an M on it and an old looking flute. "Excuse me Rotom, would you check to see what this is?"

The Dex joked. "BZZT! Since I know you meant the flute and not the Master Ball. Sure. That is a Time Flute. An old relic that is used to summon a pokemon known as Celebi. Its very presence can automatically open the door to a pokemons heart, but it will disappear after use. No one knows why, but time will tell. BZZT!"

Lillie picked up both items as she went to Elio to report. "I found a Master Ball we can use and a Time flute for any of the shadow pokemon that are not going into the chambers anytime soon."

As Lillie mentioned both items, Elio smiled at the Master Ball. "That ball can be very useful depending on what we end up coming across. Since you found both you can keep them." Lillie felt spoiled as Elio grinned. Lillie

put some thought into some of the species of shadow pokemon and asked Elio. "Some of these pokemon we are saving. What do you think of them as a whole?"

Elio raised an eyebrow to question Lillie. "Specific or Generic? Because most of them were friendly otherwise before Cipher came along."

Lillie shook her head as she was more specific. "I am talking about specific pokemon."

Elio put some thought into them. "While I am a firm believer of the term, no bad pokemon. Some of the specific species are something to be concern about. Banette is a pokemon that is normally driven with vengeance over the kid who threw them away when they were simple dolls. Pete, despite him figuring out about the Clefairy doll is a really swell guy, if you don't mind the pranks. Chandelure, We both have heard horror stories that it likes to steal souls and burn them. From some of the things Juniper told Kukui about its entire evolutionary line... not even its own trainer is safe. If we cannot find its trainer, we are stuck with keeping it in a ball outside of battle because of this! To put it bluntly, it is as dangerous as Guzzlord on a spiritual level."

Lillie nodded in agreement as Elio continued down the list. "Shiinotic, I have heard about this pokemon being a problem. But there is a place in Alola we can release it to where no one will find it. Bisharp, if professor Juniper from Unova told Kukui anything about it, it is a vicious pack leader."

Elio took a deep breath about one specific pokemon. "Then there is Hydreigon... Dex do you have the information listed?"

The Dex tried to blink. "BZZT! Nope, Juniper has not given us information about this one yet, BZZT!" Elio shook his head. "I'll try to speak from the tales. Hydreigon has a reputation for being naturally an evil, destructive monster. Every last tale involved the three headed pokemon destroying everything in their path. I also heard rumors that make those tales... exaggerated."

Lillie's eyes widen in worry over the one she caught from her battle with Evice and responded. "What kind of rumors?"

Elio chuckled loudly. "That Hydreigon's can be among the most affectionate and friendliest pokemon period."

Lillie thought about what Elio had said. "Which one is true then?"

Elio shrugged. "Again I don't have a Hydreigon to confirm either or. The one we have is strictly something we are keeping if we cannot find its trainer. Depending on how well it gets along with the others... will determine why."

As the duo exit the factory, Elio finished the question. "Overall, some of them are going to need help long after they are back to normal. Some more than others." Lillie gave Elio a pat on the back as they left the Key Lair, with intent to never return to such a vile place.


Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Chapter B

Two weeks after the Darkrai attack on Alola. Most of Alola were still shaken up by the mass nightmares. Save for anyone who was doing something that required being awake, the majority of Alola's population are physically unharmed. A detective by the name of Looker sent word to the people of Alola about a pokemon named Darkrai that caused the incident. Hau was finished reading up about the mythical pokemon when he heard noise and screaming from out of the house. He saw a strange yellow pokemon with a lily pad on its head shooting a hydro pump at the running towns people. "Hey, what is..." The Ludicolo turned toward the Hau and prepared to attack.

A Ludicolo with a dark aura appeared.

Hau sent out the Alolan variant of Raichu, as he used his tail and psychic powers he surfed out of the ball and onto the battlefield. "Go Raichu use thunderbolt!"

The Raichu shot at the Ludicolo, it glowed an inhaled at the Raichu, draining it of its health.

Hau shouted "Raichu use psychic!" Hau pointed at the Raichu as it let loose a psychic blast at the Ludicolo. He screamed and danced as he confused the Raichu.

Hau saw the Ludicolo tumble and took out a net ball. "GO NET BALL!"

The ball opened up letting loose a net to drag the Ludicolo in.

Shake...shake...shake...click! Hau smiled at the still ball as he went to pick it up.

A yellow light descended from the sky, revealing a black skin creature with resembling a yellow bird; The legendary guardian of Melemele Tapu Koko. He surveyed the damage and found Hau picking up the ball containing the mad Ludicolo.

He rushed toward Hau and pointed at the ball. "Boy! Has that pokemon done this?!"

Hau swallowed and nodded. Koko thought to himself. "I see... Sent it out for me to see!"

Hau hesitated to present the mad Ludicolo to the island Deity, as Koko looked at the Ludicolo's eyes and found hatred. "Its one of those sh... I mean send it back in the ball!"

Hau got the Ludicolo back in its ball before it attacked the Tapu and took a breath. "This pokemon looked far to silly to want to do all this..."

The Tapu shouted. "I know! That is why you are to do something about this one. Treat it like you would the rest!"

The Tapu flew away in a yellow light, leaving Hau to figure out how he is going to treat the mad Ludicolo.

During the day Hau was able to convince his grand father Hala to organize a couple matches with the Island Captains. The more Hau interact with the Ludicolo, the more it will open up. Once Hau finishes, he is to go to Poni Island to finish "Opening the door to its heart?" Hau's first challenge was a one against one battle against his grand father.

Vs Island Kahuna Hala.

Hala sent out a large white fur crab named Crabominable.

Hau shouted as he sent out the black aura Ludicolo. "Alright Ludicolo lets do this... hey Grand pa do you notice something strange about this Ludicolo besides its behavior? I don't think pokemon glow purple normally."

Hala stared at the Ludicolo. "Aside from its behavior... I don't see anything specific."

Hau scratched his head. "Strange... I have not eaten anything strange so... Lets get back to the battle, Ludicolo use Hydro Pump!"

The Ludicolo glared back and shot a dark torrent of water at the Crabominable who countered with an ice hammer on the Ludicolo.

Hau saw the Ludicolo stomping mad and glowed a dark red aura as it prepared to shoot a hydro pump at Hala. "LUDICOLO TAKE IT EASY AND FOCUS!"

As the Ludicolo snapped back to its senses and stopped stomping, the Crabominable waited.

Hau shouted at the Ludicolo. "ALRIGHT USE GIGA DRAIN TO FINISH IT OFF!"

The Ludicolo glared as it inhaled, absorbing the Crabominables health and knocking it out. Hau called the Ludicolo back before it was able to attack anyone else and waited for the next opponent that is coming to Iki town. Afterwards he is going to have to travel all over Alola until the Ludicolo was ready to go to Poni Island. Hau's next opponent was the only trial captain on Melemele. A pink haired and flamboyant young man named Ilima.

Vs Trial Captain Ilima

Ilima sent out a large brown mongoose named Gumshoos.

Hau took the net ball containing the glowing Ludicolo and sent it out. "Alright lets take this one down!"

The Ludicolo did not wait as it shot out a shadow pump at the Gumshoos, it stomped mad as its aura flared back into red. "Ludicolo snap out of it!"

Instead of just stopping, the Ludicolo looked like it would have began a dance. Gumshoos rammed into the Ludicolo with a double edged. Ludicolo barely held on as Hau ordered the next attack. "Use giga drain!"

The Ludicolo shrugged as it used a giga drain to finish off the Gumshoos. Hau sent back the Ludicolo. "It started to dance for a moment..."

Ilima nodded as he explained more. "The pokemon known as Ludicolo is known for being one of the most cheerful pokemon in existence. I am surprised the one brought to Alola is this foul, something was done to it. The other captains should be near the trials go find them across the islands and see if you cannot help this Ludicolo."

During the afternoon.
Hau picked up a large packet of masalada for his pokemon. His Crabominable, Komola and Decidueye preferred the spicy variant, his Raichu preferred the dry variant and his Vaporeon preferred the bitter variant. For the Ludicolo, Hau picked a variety pack, one of each variant to see if the pokemon would like any of them; The sour one, the Ludicolo did not care for. The bitter one, the Ludicolo did not care for. The sweet one, the Ludicolo did not care for. The spicy one the Ludicolo swatted out of Hau's hands. The dry one though, the Ludicolo felt something and ate it. It felt more like it wanted to do something.

Hau smiled. "So you like the bluk ones... huh?"

As Hau smiled at the progress, two blond men looked at the Ludicolo from a distance. The one with a Mohawk asked the one in the black hat. "Hey Trudly, you think that Ludicolo is the one we are looking for?"

Trudly answered back. "The boss said no to the "Grand Masters" invitation and they stole the bosses pokemon out of spite. Folly... would a normal Ludicolo act anywhere near as vicious?"

Folly argued with Trudly. "The boss has been yelling at us to get boat rides to this region ever since he found out this was where they were sending it. I rather just be done with this and enjoy our... vacation."

The two approached Hau demanding a simple order. "Alright kid, hand over that Ludicolo!"

Hau was startled off the bench and shouted. "No way! I have to help this pokemon get better!"

The two men looked at each other and drew pokeballs.

Vs wandering thugs Trudly and Folly

Folly sent out a Dusklops, Trudly sent out an Exploud.

Hau pointed toward the glowing Ludicolo and Vaporeon. "Alright you two lets take them down. Vaporeon set up a rain dance, Ludicolo... use hydro pump on that Exploud!"

The Vaporeon sent out rain as the Ludicolo shot out a dark hydro pump at a faster speed to knock the Exploud out in one hit.

The Ludicolo stomped into a red aura as Folly sent out a yellow Oricorio. "Boss might like one of these in case this... never mind."

Hau shouted at the Ludicolo to calm down as the Dusclops shot a shadow ball at the Vaporeon. The Oricorio danced a a revelation dance at the Vaporeon, doing super effective damage. Hau ordered the Vaporeon. "Use hydro pump on that Oricorio."

The Vaporeon shot a hydro pump at the Oricorio for a critical hit K.O Hau smiled at the Ludicolo. "Same move on that Dusclops!" The Dusclops was wobbling as it was shot back by the dark waters. Folly looked at how quickly he is getting beat as he sent out a Butterfree. "Well... I wanted to see how this bird work with dancers on the team mayby next."

Hau saw this as an opportunity and recalled his Vaporeon and pointed at his next pokemon. "Alright Raichu come on in! Ludicolo finish off that Dusclops with a giga drain."

The Ludicolo inhaled as it drained the rest of the Dusclops vitality for a K.O. Trudly sent out his next pokemon an Ariados.

The Butterfree danced in an attempt to increase its speed, special defense and special attack much to Hau's notice. "Raichu use thunderbolt on that Butterfree. Ludicolo focus a Hydro Pump on that Ariados while we still have one more good turn of rain!"

The Butterfree was struck by electricity, it was left paralyzed and unable to move. The Ariados was more lucky as it wit stand the hydro pump and slashed an x scissor on the Ludicolo.

Hau recalled his Raichu as he called on his Decidueye. "Decidueye I need you here, Ludicolo finish that Butterfree with another hydro pump."

The Decidueye flew into the field as the Butterfree was shot back to Folly for a K.O. The Ariados swiped another x scissor at the Ludicolo; Ludicolo was about to faint before Hau ordered. "Decidueye use brave bird to finish off the Ariados. Ludicolo focus on getting a giga drain off if it is not knocked out."

Ariados was indeed knocked by the brave bird, the Ludicolo tried to drain the two thug before Hau shouted. "Don't attack them Ludicolo!"

Trudly looked defeated as he was out numbered and out matched, he sent out a Machoke to battle anyways as Hau issued the order to win the match. "Decidueye, use brave bird. Ludicolo finish that Machoke off with a giga drain." As Decidueye crashed into the Machoke, the Ludicolo inhaled its remaining vitality for a K.O.

Trudly and Folly looked in shock upon their defeat. "Yep Folly that is definitely the Ludicolo. We got to go report to the boss about this."

The two thugs ran away, leaving Hau oblivious to what is really going on. "That was strange... Alright everyone, back in your balls. We got to make it to Akala and take out the other captains."

The next few days.
Hau has spent the time facing the trial captains in an attempt to have the Ludicolo open. During his trip to Malie City, Hau went to the library to read more about Ludicolo. Other than Ludicolo being among the most jolly pokemon he knew nothing about this pokemon until he read out loud. "Ludicolo dances every time it hears cheerful, festive music. It is said to appear when it hears children singing in hiking trails. Something really is wrong with the Ludicolo when it tried to attack Kaiwe."

Once he was done on Ula'Ula he went to Poni Island to confront the Fairy captain Mina. But before he finished, the Ludicolo kept acting like it wanted to dance with the dark aura turning this urge into more aggression. As Hau struggled to keep the Ludicolo under control, Hapu walked in to block the passage way. She told him that if the Ludicolo was having similar problems to another pokemon she has heard of then he was better off going toward the Ruin's of Hope to gain an audience with Tapu Fini. "Worked for that mans Ampharos it would work for this Ludicolo,"

Outside of Hau's interaction with Tapu Koko, he has never had the chance to really meet any of the other Tapu's.

Elio told him enough of the Tapu's. "Koko likes to battle and act big, but he is over all the nicest of the four. Lele is the most mischievous of the four and on a good day she would play mind games. Bulu is the last to act but is very brutal when it matters. Fini is the most reclusive of the four... because people bug her over her water and often kill each other for it. I was one of the first to bug her over a different matter all together. They are all still in the ruins but when I call them they will answer."

Hau was more than prepared to see if Elio's description of Tapu Fini were correct.

As he presented himself to the main chamber, a voice was heard. "Another visitor? Koko has already told me that you had something that need these waters."

Hau stood and asked nervously. "Y... Yes Tapu Fini. Something is wrong with this Ludicolo that was terrorizing my town. It was glowing something strange and..."

The voice interrupted. "A black aura! This is similar to what the last visitor came here for not too long ago... shadow pokemon?"

Hau tilted his head confused. "A shadow pokemon? Elio told me over the phone tha..."

The voice took a deep breath of annoyance as she finished for him. "Yes a pokemon that is corrupted into wanting to attack people indiscriminately."

Hau was shocked by what he heard. "Corrupted into wanting to... who would do this and why?"

The voice answered in a cold tone. "By humans that want to hurt others, for what reason I do not care for. You should know how the trial usually works. If you and the Ludicolo can over come the mist you may have some of the water. It worked with a much similar case not to long ago." Hau nodded and tossed the net ball containing the Ludicolo.

As Tapu Fini materialized to let loose the mist, a voice was laughing from behind. "I do say is that who I think it is?"

Hau and the Ludicolo turned around to find a strange man with an pokeball like Afro, moon walking into the temple. "I do say that IS who I think it is. I hate to say this to you kid, but that Ludicolo was stolen from me and I am taking it back."

Hau shouted back in question. "Wait, you turned that Ludicolo into.."

The strange man danced as he lifted his hand up. "Oh no. I say, I dare say that I would never do that to my darling pokemon."

Hau shook his head having a hard time believing this man. "But I have to make it feel better."

The strange man stopped dancing for a moment. "Then it look like I am getting it back the old fashion way. Boys start the music!"

Vs Strange Dancer

As Hau heard disco music play, the man started to send out two Ludicolo's. "Come out Raichu, Ludicolo join in this battle."

As the Alolan Raichu and Ludicolo entered Hau began the first order. "Raichu use thunder.."

The man posed and shouted. "Ludicolo use fake out that Raichu before he brings the thunderbolt. Ludicolo dance the rain in!"

As one of the opposing Ludicolo startled the Raichu, the other one performed a rain dance.

Hau took a deep breath. "Ludicolo use... giga drain?" The Ludicolo inhaled the health at the opposing Ludicolo, dealing more damage than a giga drain should on a Ludicolo.

The dancer fell backward and flipped at the response. "How dare they turn one of my darling pokemon into a shadow pokemon. That makes me so mad!"

Hau ordered his Raichu once again. "Raichu use thunderbolt on the weakened Ludicolo. Ludicolo... use hydro pump on the one Raichu is attacking."

The opposing Ludicolo moved ahead of the Raichu and used giga drain, the other Ludicolo missed with a hydro pump was knocked out by a thunder bolt. Hau's Ludicolo shot a hydro pump that did much more damage than it should on a Ludicolo for a K.O. The dancer spun as he sent two more Ludicolo's.

Hau thought to himself. "Does this person have nothing but Ludicolo's? Raichu try to get one more thunderbolt in. Ludicolo giga drain the other one."

As the opposing Ludicolo finished off the Raichu with a hydro pump, the other opposing Ludicolo used giga drain on Hau's Ludicolo.

Hau shouted "Komola I need you to start doing damage. Use Wood hammer on the second Ludicolo, Ludicolo when you are done using giga drain... use Hydro pump to knock out the second one."

The opposing Ludicolo's drained at the shadow Ludicolo. The Ludicolo repaid countered with a hydro pump as the Komola joined in the attack for a K.O. The dancer thrust his arm forward as he sent out a fifth Ludicolo.

Hau ordered. "Ludicolo use giga drain on the fourth Ludicolo, Komola use play ro..."

The fourth Ludicolo shot at the Komola with a hydro pump for a k.o. Hau's Ludicolo drained the fourth Ludicolo of its health to heal itself.

Hau sent out his next pokemon. "Decidueye come out and use brave bird. Ludicolo keep draining!"

The fourth Ludicolo giga drained Hau's Ludicolo before beng countered by both giga drain and brave bird for a K.O. The fifth Ludicolo shot an ice beam at the Decidueye before the rain stopped. Hau posed like that of a blooming flower powering the Decidueye to use. "BLOOM DOOM!"

The fifth and last Ludicolo saw plans grow around him before being knocked out by a massive solar beam!

The stranger dancer fell over again defeated as he lifted himself up. "Oh how dare! I say how dare you! If you think this would help it get better. Go right on ahead, you can keep it if it works."

As the man made another dance move, Hau and the Shadow Ludicolo approached the Tapu. She played along with the trial and splashed some water at the Ludicolo. As the Ludicolo glowed, Hau saw the dark aura fade. The Ludicolo looked around and began dancing toward the music.

The man made a dance pose of regret. "Well I say, well I say!... Look like I am going to miss that one, there is only one thing to do now. Lets go, escape!"

The man sprinted out with his defeated yet still dancing Ludicolo's.

Hau looked over to the dancing Ludicolo. "How are you feeling buddy?"

The Ludicolo wanted Hau to dance with him before Fini interrupted. "Please do not dance in my temple, go back home child. You completed this... trial well."

As Hau left the Tapu took a deep breath. "Never thought I had to play along when something this strange happens."

Hau returned to Iki town with a much well mannered Ludicolo. As he checked the creatures moves, he noticed the O.T and I.D number being different. "That Ludicolo really was his. So buddy you use to belong to this Mirror B?"
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