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Through The Sands We Go A Post Pokemon Sun and Moon Fanfiction.

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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 7: Chapter 2 The Party Got Bigger.

The next week have been uneventful for a couple of reasons. The first reason was due to at least six XD class shadow pokemon being in the Purify Chamber at once most of the tempo flow was being fed to them. This meant for the three shadow pokemon, what would have taken one and a half days or so at lowest tempo was now taking a total of a week at maximum tempo. Elio and Lillie had no regrets on the discovery as the XD shadow pokemon would have take a month anyways.

In addition to the machine running slowly, Elio and Lillie had no reports on the remaining shadow pokemon. The two guessed that Garchomp, Ampharos, Blaziken and Sceptile are all given to the admins that escaped them during their main journey through Orre, no one knew of the Excadrill and the duo have knowledge that Cipher still have Xurkitree and XD-002.

Elio talked to Hau about a couple things, including the mention that Hau was taking care of a foul Ludicolo. Elio tried to give Hau a ticket to Orre, but he insisted that he had it taken cared of. "Wait, you snagged a shadow pokemon without a snag machine?"

Elio tried to piece together what has happened as Hau answered with a question. "What is a shadow pokemon?"

Elio blushed in embarrassment and dread in dragging Hau into the conflict and answered. "A pokemon that was hurt into wanting to hurt people."

Hau paused before responding. "That explained what was wrong with this Ludicolo; soon as I have him ready I am going to Poni Island to finish up!"

Elio took a deep breath in relief. "If this worked. I am going to expect the both of you dancing when I get back." The two laughed as they ended their conversation on a high note.

Lillie walked in the room to ask who Elio was talking to.

The Dex flared up with the image of an email. "BZZT! Message from Perr. BZZT! Hey you two, there are some people heading over to the H.Q you might want to get ready. BZZT!"

The duo got ready in anticipation of who is about to arrive, the Banette rushed to the back room as he sensed some people coming. Elio and Lillie recognized the first among the three, Gladion.

Lillie went to hug her brother as Elio noticed two other people next to Gladion. "You the two that Wicke mentioned? My name is Elio and the girl that just reunited with her brother after around two hellish months is Lillie."

Wes and Rui introduced themselves as the former sized up Alola's champ.

Elio grinned and continued. "I know the main reason you two came here, give Lillie a couple minutes to calm down and we will show you the machine we have been working on."

Wes and Gladion went into the Purify Chamber to place the in Nihilego and Darkrai. Elio and Lillie looked at both pokemon from the screens as they saw the two exit. "I knew over the phone that Cipher had their hands on Nihilego. Already this thing looks more dangerous than it normally is."

Wes looked back at Elio and asked. "Want to know what the shadow version does in comparison?"

Elio swallowed in fear and nodded, Wes frowned. "Alright kid, if you think you are brave enough to stomach it. The venom was modified to be much more potent. By that I meant just one dose is enough to completely set you off. In addition it will kill you much faster!"

Elios eyes widened as he asked. "Where did you catch this thing?"

Wes glared at the shadow Nihilego on the screen before Lillie switched the screen to the Araquanid. "An underwater Cipher base. The bastard that saw to the thing being turned was already infected during the process of turning it into a shadow pokemon and he let this thing loose in the base."

Elio wanted to drop the subject as he knew what the venom does normally. "Somethings I do not want to know."

Elio saw Gladion was talking to his sister before shouting. "Hey Gladion, anything you know about Darkrai? I know Cipher used this to try and kill everyone on Alola."

Gladion heard the question and glared at Elio. "Darkrai is a mythical pokemon that has the ability to put people into a nightmare induced coma. The only known way for people to be woken up is from a feather from its counter part Cresselia. Otherwise the person in the coma has a good chance of dying. Because of this Darkrai normally spend most of their lives alone or are hated by everyone."

Elio sighed. "A horrific power the guy does not even control and Cipher turned it into a shadow pokemon. They used this just to spite Lillie and me?"

Gladion nodded; Elio took a deep breath of anger and spoke his mind. "I have long given up on these people when I heard of the things they done to a pokemon named Lugia."

Elio looked at the trio of Wes, Rui and Gladion before preparing for what he was about to say. "If it were not for you three many people would have been dead by now. As Champion of Alola, thank you."

Gladion gave Elio a bored stare. "You are not in Alola. You don't have to thank us."

Elio still smiled. "I know, but that was something that needed to be said anyways." Gladion kept staring and turned over to Wes. "He takes his position as champion too seriously some times."

Wes looked at Elio and smiled. "I figured as much when Gladion told me about what you were... organizing for new challengers."

Elio had his hands behind his back in smug pride. "I might as well give the new people a reason to want to take me down. Even if I have to put up an act."

Gladion asked Lillie about what happened on Orre; Lillie talked about the old Cipher lab and Citadark Island being the one of the most dreadful places she has been to before asking. "Aside from picking up mother and depositing these two pokemon. Any other reason you have to come here?"

Gladion glanced over to the machine and responded. "Wes and I have caught a large amount of shadow pokemon all together. We might as well kill two birds with one stone."

As Wes and Gladion deposited the shadow pokemon they accumulated into the P.C. Elio and Lillie were impressed by the list.

Wes captured; Koffing, Noibat, Stunky, Wigglytuff, Raichu, Durant, Heatmor, Tornadus, Alolan Persian, Landarous, Malamar, Tyrantrum, Thundurus, Mimikyu, Bewear, Salazzle, Palossand. Tsareena, Drampa and the Nihilego in the chamber.

Gladion captured; Larvitar, Galvantula, Slurpuff, Dusknoir and the Darkrai.

Lillie knew Gladion felt like he under performed. "You caught these pokemon during the Darkrai's attack on home?"

Gladion looked away in embarrassment. "Other than Larvitar, yes."

Elio looked at Gladion to ask. "When did you get a Snag Machi..."

Lillie coughed a before Elio asked more questions. "He told me that Miss Wicke was working on a project."

Elio apologized to Gladion after realizing when and where. "I don't want to ask how that happened. But for what you captured it is still impressive."

Elio wanted to change the subject to something more informative and explained about why these pokemon are going to be in the chambers a lot longer than expected. "Because all the built up tempo is going into the XD pokemon. The process has been going very slowly. Don't expect Darkrai or the Jellyfish to be healed till around a month. If you three want to place them in the box, Lillie and I would get to them while you take care of your buis..."

Gladion and Wes glared at him as Rui explained. "Wes normally wants to personally see to these shadow pokemon being purified before he leaves his catch with a couple of strangers."

Lillie looked over to and asked Gladion. "You want to personally see to the Darkrai yourself?"

Gladion nodded. "I know Elio told me this machine is normally quick about this. I want to see how quick before I take Lusamine back home."

Gladion thought about the fact that some of these shadow pokemon were Ultra Beasts as well as the fact that Lillie had a lot of pokemon in storage and asked. "What do you have planned for all these pokemon after this is over?"

Lillie smiled as she explained exactly what it was. Some of these pokemon were stolen in the first place so they were going to have to find the trainers, some of them are wild and would need to be rehabilitated before going back home; As for some of the XD shadow pokemon, Nebby would be a great help for sending them back home. The others that have neither a trainer or cannot be released back into the wild they are keeping. The ones they have in their team for most of Orre, they are keeping.

Gladion smiled at what he heard before he glared back to Elio. "I heard you and Lillie made small group to take down an Admin?"

Elio smiled nervously expecting to get punched in the face. "That one was my idea. Started off with three people, a couple of employees that I met when I challenged the battle tree and a former Skull Grunt. Needed more people to make the assault work, so Lillie and I went to Outskirt Stand in an attempt to find more. Well a group found me instead and tried to convince us to go with their plan of taking Parkas down. Lillie is still mad that I negotiated with these people."

Wes recognized the people Elio was talking about with a glare. "Team Snagem?"

Elio nodded and continued. "After Lillie kicked their butts over kidnapping me, a deal was struck. They helped us take down Cipher and vow to not do anything horrible to Orre and those who live in it. In return I would leave them alone."

Wes shrugged and asked. "And that actually worked?"

Elio smiled. "No report on the news or near the towns of Snagem doing anything illegal or immoral."

Wes shook his head at the crazy story. "Gladion was right. You would do something like this. Just hope that decision doesn't come back to bite you kid."

As Lillie shook her head over the story, Gladion looked at the duo to sum up what was left to do. "So, we need to find the last of the shadow pokemon Cipher still have, snag them and let the machine do the rest?"

Lillie and Elio nodded in unison as they let Gladion and Wes place what they captured into the machine. Wes placed Tsareena into one of the two remaining chambers while Gladion placed in Slurpuff.

Elio looked at the three and smiled. "We still got plenty of empty rooms if you don't plan on going anywhere else for the next couple days... or the following month."

Wes smiled at Elio in appreciation. "I have a motorcycle that Rui and I get use around with, we will be heading to Pyrite town but we are not staying in this place during the whole month. Thanks anyways."

As Wes and Rui talked to Elio and Lillie about how they traveled across Orre, Gladion left the room to go explain to his mother about a couple details.

Gladion found Lusamine watching the news about most of the events that transpired across the region. A Banette hanging around her for an odd reason as she tried to stay out of what ever the group was doing. As Lusamine noticed her son coming in, she greeted him."It's good to see you again... did you find that letter?"

Gladion glared. "Lillie already told you coming here was a bad idea, you had everyone worried!"

Lusamine took a deep breath. "Yes, Lillie and that boy have all but spelled it out to me why."

Gladion nodded and asked. "You know that you went out of control again, right?"

Lusamine looked away in shame. "Yes."

Gladion looked toward the room with the chamber then back towards Lusamine. "You also know that because of the things you have done prior to this, no one here has a reason to trust you enough to let you know more detail about what is going on. I cannot tell you even as to why we are stuck here for the next month."

Lusamine was questioning what Gladion was doing. "You are going to let Wicke keep things under control for that long?"

Gladion shrugged. "It is only a month and I have a kind of enforcer assigned to keep things in line."

As Lusamine smiled at what she heard, Gladion proceeded to walk away. "Elio and Lillie might let you know more about the shadow pokemon. But don't expect the information to be gentle."

Gladion closed the door as he found Lillie asking him what was wrong. Gladion nodded that nothing was of note save for what was already known. Lillie smiled back to her brother. "I have something we can do tomorrow if you are interested."

The next morning.

Elio woke up to find that Lillie was not in the same room. "She must have gotten up early for something. Meh, I'll just check on..."

As Elio was about to go check on the pokemon in the chambers, he spotted a Gardevoir sitting on a chair to greet the him.

Elio asked. "Hey Maiden, you know where Lillie is?"

The Gardevoir nodded as Elio asked. "You are not going to tell me are you?"

The Gardevoir placed a finger near her mouth, Elio did not mind. "Fair enough, I'll check on the pokemon at the chambers then. Let's see which is next to go in once the week is over."

As Elio checked on the remaining shadow pokemon he and Lillie snagged from Realgam, he noticed the Hydreigon was not there, he stood in silence as Wes and Rui went to the living room to begin the day. Elio expected Gladion to be hanging out with the two.

The couple asked what was up as Elio asked in return. "You seen Gladion at all this morning?"

Wes shook his head explaining that he had not seen him since the previous night. Elio noticed that Rotom Dex was not floating around either. "I am going to go outside and check on something. Because Lillie is missing as well. If I have not found anything..." Elio walked out as he noticed that the motor bike was missing. He returned back to ask Wes another question. "Yep the ride is missing. How long has Gladion been caring for that Larvitar?"

Wes smiled. "A month."

Elio laughed. "If Gladion comes walking past that door with a Pupitar, I would be impressed."

Elio's laughter died down as he recalled the Hydreigon being missing and being stared at by a smiling Gardevoir. "Found that the shadow Hydreigon is missing and Maiden was left at the H.Q for some reason. She is a major part of Lillies team. Lillie wouldn't leave her behind without a good reason, I also noticed that the time flute is missing."

Rui knew why as she answered. "The chambers are all filled and it would be hard to open that Hydreigons heart without the chamber. A Time Flute would make it easy otherwise."

Elio recalled when he explained to Lillie about some of the pokemon he has heard about. "Lillie want's to see if that Hydreigon really is as friendly as the others? I hope she has everything prepared."

Lusamine finally got up as she called Wicke about what is going on back at Aether with just the chief branch in charge.

Wicke answered over the phone. "Nothing has really happened Madam, other than some of the workers acting up with both you and Master Gladion absent. Miss Heidi was more than capable of keeping them in line."

Lusamine understood the unruly worker Wicke was talking about. "Very well. I am counting on you to keep things under control for the next month. I will call again when I am able to come back."

As Lusamine finished the call she realized two people were missing. "Where did Lillie and Gladion ran off two?"

As she asked, Wes glared at her. "None of your business!"

Elio gave a false smile to her. "I found out but I am not telling you, besides they took the only available ride you would have... None of us are going to let you use that Altaria to fly around again so your only option is to stay put!"

Lusamine nodded in defeat as the three people were ready to spend the rest of the day ignoring her.

At Agate Village

Gladion asked Lillie about her trip in Orre. Lillie smiled explaining most of the places she and Elio has visited; her smile faded when she continued. "There were three times through out that I lost myself. The first one was at Gateon port when I saw Cain enter this phase known as Hyper Mode."

Gladion glared away. "Hyper Mode? I heard of that one."

Lillie started to shed tears remembering. "It is when a shadow pokemon... snaps. The second time was while I was waiting for Elio to train his Yanma up in Mount Battle. Some peons tried to kidnap me again and they were willing to have their own pokemon turned into..."

Gladion hugged his sister. "If you don't want to think about that one I understand."

Lillie changed the subject to the third time. "Then there was our trip to Citadark... we already knew they had Cosmoem with them and were going to turn it into a shadow pokemon. I saw what they had done to him. "

Gladion remembered the purple Solgaleo. "I saw that thing along with a type of rocket in the chambers."

His sister finished. "Elio told me of the things they done to a Lugia being similar in scope, but I felt that Solgaleo he was... gone."

Gladion thought over, he knew Elio cared too much about pokemon for this to not affect him as well. "And how did Elio handled this?"

Lillie's still had tears as she remembered. "Not good either. When they tried to kidnap me a couple times, he was ready to make sure they never land a hand on me."

Gladion sighed in annoyance. "Let me guess, he was ready to lunge at them with his pokemon?"

Lillie nodded. "As he heard more and more about what Cipher has done to these pokemon. He became much more bitter toward these people."

Her brother took a deep breath in acceptance. "I see that happening, Cipher had done this three times already and justice has to be dealt somehow."

Lillie looked back at her brother. "Then the third time was during our confrontation with Scoire."

Gladion interrupted her as she mentioned the person. "Scoire? Was he that lunatic who hacked Alola's brodcasting just to taunt everyone?"

Lillie nodded, Gladions eyes widened. "Elio took too much pride in Alola to let that go unpunished. Did you two at least talked about it before he was at his throat?"

Lillie replied. "Yes, if Elio were to have gone too far, I would stop him."

Gladion stared back very concerned. "What did he do when you did stopped him?"

Lillie's eyes widened at what Gladion thought happened. "Nothing, he stopped beating Scoire up. Elio apologized to me afterward for his behavior, but that was the only thing he really did to me that was bad."

Gladion took a deep breath in relief before Lillie remembered one thing Elio did that angered her. "Other than Scoire, we had a couple arguments. Mostly about Cain when he was having episodes about evolving; one other argument was during the Team Snagem incident, they kidnapped him in an attempt to find people to drive Cipher off. He instead negotiated with those terrible while I was worried sick trying to rescue him."

Gladion placed his hand over his face. "That is not the first time he done something this crazy. While you were preparing you surprise back on Alola, Elio had a scheme that would annoy everyone at best!"

Lillie looked over at her brother and shook her head. "What was the scheme about?"

Gladion shook his head in response. "It involve using a couple Snorlax's as road blocks and having some of Team Skull boast to the people that we actually did that. If you were not doing the island challenge at the time, I would have told him to get lost... you needed all the time you can get for your surprise!"

Lillie giggled. "I had a run in with a Snorlax during my trip in Kanto, they are is serious business. Other than the few fights Elio and I had, he was good to me and he was there for me when things gotten worse."

Lillie smiled cheerfully at Gladion. "He even let me take down Evice and snag the Hydreigon."

Gladion asked as Lillie mention the man. "Elio had enough confidence in you to beat that guy?"

Lillie nodded. "He took down Nascour and stood by in case things gotten out of control... it only went out of control when Evice tried to escape."

Lillie noticed they were already at the tunnel to Agate Relic.

As both noticed, Gladion brought the shadow Larvitar to the stone.

The Rotom Dex emerged from Lillies bag frustrated. "BZZT! Next time you are taking me away from the boss, ask. Also there a pokemon ready to open the door to its heart. BZZT!"

As the Larvitar was enveloped in green light, the darkness was expelled as the green light entered. What was a lifeless Larvitar looked at Gladion as he grunted in growing pains.

"BZZT! Yeah you have been caring for this thing for a while, look at its growth spurt. Larvitar has a jolly nature to boot BZZT!"

The Laritar glowed as its form took into an entirely different shape, as if it is being in cased in something.

When the glowing stopped, Larvitar evolved into Pupitar. "BZZT! Oh boy. Pupitar has the moves; Dragon dance, Ice fang, Crunch and Stone Edge. BZZT!"

Gladion and the Pupitar glared at the winking Dex as they looked back to each other. "So... how are you feeling?"

Gladion asked the Pupitar as he wanted to go back in its ball. Gladion smirked as he called back the Pupitar. "Seeing that one Tyranitar... this was expected."

He asked Lillie. "Are you sure you want to use that flute. From what you told me that thing can only be used once."

Lillie answered with a determined look. "Yes, the chambers are full as it is and I seen Hydreigon in battle. We would have difficulty handling him without anyone getting hurt."

Lillie frowned as she toward the Relic, she prepared both the Hydreigon and the Time Flute. She remembered what Elio told her about the no such thing as a bad pokemon rule. He explained to her about the few exceptions to rule; Chandelure, and Bisharp being two of the more dangerous pokemon. But the most naturally destructive pokemon to have existed before the discovery of the Ultra Beast was Hydreigon. What happened during the few moments would prove one of two theories; that the Hydreigon had always been evil and destructive or that the Hydreigon was as much of a victim as the others. Lillie knew that if the former was the case, she would place it in P.C for the good of all if she could not find his trainer. She let the corrupted Hydreigon out of the great ball and played the flute.

As the song was heard from the forest, a green fairy descended from the heavens to look at the glaring Hydreigon. Celebi flew around dodging the Hydreigon's shadow cannon before tapping the Hydreigon at the snout and disappearing. The Hydreigon remembered something as green light enveloped it much like the Larvitar. The darkness was expelled as the green light entered the Hydreigon as the Rotom Dex scanned him.

"BZZT! Hydreigon opened the door to its heart! It regained a Naive nature and the moves; Draco Meteor, Night Daze, Flash Cannon and Flamethrower. BZZT!"

Lillie approached the dazed Hydreigon with its great ball ready should he try to attack her.

The Hydreigon looked at her with what looked like an innocent smile. He wobbled two of his side heads as he tried to roar something.

Lillie was about to call the Hydreigon back before the Dex interrupted. "BZZT! Wait, I know what he is saying. BZZT! Thank you for that, I was feeling really mean. BZZT!"

The Hydreigon nodded toward the floated Dex and growled.

The Dex flustered "BZZT! Your welcome. BZZT!"

The Hydreigon moved its main head down toward Lillie, wanting to be petted. Gladion looked at how the destructive, three headed Hydreigon was acting toward his sister and approached. The Hydreigon noticed him with his main head and wanted Gladion to pet him as well. The Hydreigon nudged towards Lillie and Gladion before the girl asked him to return to his ball and gave him the name. "Ghorchi!"

Back at the H.Q.

Elio and Wes were sharing stories about the things that have happened. Elio explained most of what happened with Parkas. Including how during the final battle, not a single casualty was made, even after the Swampert used shadow quake to cause monumental amount of damage. In return Wes explained most of his pokemon and where they come from and presented the Tyranitar as Lillie and Gladion walked past the door, with a Pupitar next to the brother and a Hydreigon behind the sister.

The Tyranitar glared at the Hydreigon who faced his heads down in regret. "BZZT! I am sorry that I attacked your friends like that BZZT!"

As the Dex translated, the Tyranitar grunted. "BZZT! You were an opponent at the time. BZZT!"

The Tyranitar stared at the Pupitar and nodded. Both sat by each other as they stared at Elio approaching Gladion and Lillie to congratulate the two; Elio asked if he could pet the Hydreigon, Lillie giggled as she gestured. "Go right on ahead, Ghorchi has been really nice to me and my brother."

What started as a simple pet on the head turned into Elio giving the Hydreigon a belly rub. Elio turned to Lillie after the Hydreigon had enough and wanted to go back into his ball.

Elio was laughing with Lillie. "This is what made this all worth it in the end."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 2 Arc 7 Chapter 3 The Mystery of XD-002

During most of the month, Elio and Lillie have focused on training their pokemon more. The Hydreigon proved to only need to learn how to adjust himself to Lillie's orders; Lillie had her Golurk learn high horse power in place of stomping tantrum and her Pidgeot learn hurricane in place of feather dance through a move reminder in Mount Battle's lobby, her Leafeon learning x scissor by T.M. Elio had his Incineroar learn flare blitz in place of fire fang and his Yanmega learned bug buzz in place of signal beam by the same move reminder at Mount Battle. Gladion spent most of the month helping Wes and Rui out with the shadow pokemon snagged while Lusamine stayed out of most that was going on.

Three days before XD-004 and XD-010 are done. Lillie had bested ninety nine trainers in Mount Battle and was determined to tackle number one hundred at the summit of the volcano. A large stage was built over the mouth of the Volcano. The only change Lillie made to her team was leaving her Gardevoir at the H.Q and letting her Hydreigon come along. The Hydreigon was able to perform a similar role to Gardevoir as a special attacking powerhouse, with a over all better bulk and a better defensive type it was untill Lillie got to Area 8 9 and 10 that he really showed his battle capabilities against some of the strongest opponents in the entire region.

From the lobby at the base, Elio got pop corn ready for when Lillie made it to Area 10. Gladion took a ride to the place courtesy of Wes and Rui before two went off to Pyrite Colosseum to work on helping a Mimikyu open its heart.

Lillie asked Gladion why as he shrugged it. "It's something I want to watch first before giving it a try."

Elio and Lillie allowed Lusamine to take the side car of the bike over to the lobby.

Elio's reason was. "With the two places of note around this mountain being the lobby where we can watch or sign up and the second place being past the door. Cipher is on its death throes and literally two people with snag machines ready to kick their buts. What ever happens around here will either be on you or the large active volcano. So no harm with you wanting to watch. That and I have a Dodrio to carry me around anyways."

Lillies reason for letting Lusamine come along was so her mother can watch her get far, even though she was perfectly content with just watching. "Ju...Just do your best."

Lillie approached the final trainer on the very top of mount battle. The stadium is a metal platform built on the mouth of the volcano. A large muscular man by the name of Battlus awaited in the center.

Vs Mount Battle Master Battlus

Battlus sent out a strange red dragon known as Latias and a Dusclops with an Eviolite.

Lillie shouted. "Ghorchi. Onua. Lets finish this mountain!"

Latias began the battle with a dragon pulse on the Hydreigon as Lillie shouted. "Ghorchi, begin with with a draco meteor!"

As meteors pelted the Latias for a K.O the Golurk was ordered to use shadow punch on the Dusclops protecting itself.

As Battlus sent out a Slaking, Lillie switched her Hydreigon and Golurk before shouting. "Go Shockums, go Swoops!"

The Slakings hand glowed a shadow claw to swipe the Golurk as a Pidgeot took its place for effect; The Duskclops used willo wisp to burn the Pidgeot.

Lillie saw the Slaking's wasted move as an opportunity for free damage. "Shockums, use thunderbolt on that Slaking! Swoops, follow that attack with a hurricane!"

As the Raichu shot at the Slaking with a thunder bolt, the Pidgeot flapped his wings to cause intense wind; engulfing the Slaking in a hurricane before tossing him back to Battlus for a K.O.

The next pokemon Battlus sent out was a blue dragon known as Latios. As the Latios called down a draco meteor from the sky, Lillie shouted as she prepared a pokeball. "Swoops you done good. Medic its now on you!"

The Audino was pelted by the draco meteor and still stood. "Shockums use thunder wave to paralyze that Latios!"

The Raichu paralyzed the Latios as the Dusclops used shadow ball on the Raichu to keep pressure.

Seeing her Audino's role as a pivot being fulfilled, Lillie switched. "Good work Medic, Onua come back to the battle! Shockums focus on taking that Dusclops down with one more thunderbolt."

The Raichu shot another thunder bolt at the Dusclops for a k.o it as the Latios retaliated with a psychic blast.

The Raichu was about to faint if she took one more hit, Lillie stared determined. "Onua finish that Latios with a shadow punch."

From a punch in the shadows the Latios was knocked out. Battlus sent out his next two pokemon, a Salamence that intimidated the two pokemon and a blue four legged metallic walker that has an yellow x on his faceknown as Metagross; it had a particular stone on his forehead.

At the lobby Elio was the only one panicking as he realized what Lillie was about to face. "Crap, crap, crap!"

Gladion shook Elio to calm him down. "You are over reacting. Lillie has this match done."

Elio took a deep breath as he explained more. "Gladion, have you ever seen a Mega Metagross in battle?"

Gladion answered unsure of himself. "I seen the none mega variant. I have not gotten far enough in Battle Tree yet."

Elio struggled to keep calm as he explained further. "Metagross as you know, can take a lot of damage and dish it out in spades. Like all pseudo legendary pokemon they are powerful enough as they are. The problem with one of them Mega evolving is facing a couple of new problems. Metagross for example gains significant amounts of speed to compensate for its large heavy bulk and is very ruthless."

Lusamine joined in the conversation to help explain more. "From what I remember it's ability changes to Tough Claws making its more... hand to hand attacks more damaging. Tell me boy, have you faced some of these yourself enough times?"

Elio did not bother to tell if it was a question or a taunt as he continued. "Enough times? Most of Metagross's best moves are physical damage anyways. On top of its ridiculous physical attack and its enhanced speed... it is like fighting a train head on! Unless Lillie can do something about the speed or wit stand the damage she is going to be in a whole lot of trouble."

As Elio finished the description of Mega Metagross, his fear was revealed to be truth. The Metagross glowed as it changed to an eight limbed floating monstrosity. Four claws in the front and four in the back, allowing it to hover, with a spike growing out of its chin.

The Metagross began with an earthquake as Lillie shouted. "Shockums, use thunder wave before that Metagross finishes its earthquake!" The Raichu managed to paralyze the Metagross before she was sent back to Lillie knocked out; The Golurk struggled to stand up before being knocked out by the Salamence's dragon claw.

Lillie called the two pokemon back before tossing the next two. "Ghorchi, Swoops I need you out!" Out of the great ball came the Hydreigon roaring for battle, with the Pidgeot flying out of the ball prepared for his trainers order.

The Salamence dug his dragon claws into the Hydreigon as Lillie ordered. "Ghorchi use night daze on that Metagross, Swoops follow with a Hurricane!"

The Hydreigon shot out a pitch black shock wave the Metagross was prepared to use hammer arm; the Pidgeot blew a hurricane at the Metagross before it was able to charge, the Metagross fell next to the Hydreigon before reverting back to its regular form.

Lillie saw that she was about to win the battle and called the Hydreigon back. "Good work Ghorchi, Swoops use sand attack on that Salamence! Medic lets finish this!"

As the Hydreigon was switched for an Audino that regenerated, the Salamence used another dragon claw at the Audino as sand hit his eyes. Lillie prepared a key stone in anticipation. "Swoops use air cutter. Medic mega evolve and finish this fight with dazzling gleam!" The Salamence missed a zen head butt at the Audino as he mega evolved.


Air cutter pushed the Salamence back


Dazzling gleam knocked the Salamence back to Battlus for a K.O!

The Battle leader looked in awe. "Magnificent, you defeated all one hundred trainers. In addition to this you have done this without switching your team mid challenge. You and your pokemon have came a long way just to make this possible. In addition to the poke coupons, here is something for your pokemon."

Lillies pokemon obtained ribbons that looked like a pokeball with a star.

Lillie read over what they are. "Earth Ribbon, awarded for completing one hundred challenges."

The Battle leader presented Lillie with three pokeballs. "In addition to the ribbons, you are allowed to pick one of three pokemon. Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile." Lillie looked at them and picked the middle one to find a strange looking fiery porcupine known as Cyndaquil; it felt rather timid toward Lillie.

As Lillie decided to take the scenic walk back, Elio was cheering with Gladion... if Gladion actually cheered. "I cant believe she defeated a Mega Metagross!"

Gladion tried sneak a smile before Elio started jumping around. "Calm down. I told you Lillie had the fight over."

As the two boys were talking about how they plan to take mount battle, Lusamine was staring at the screen smiling before trying to keep her distance in the corner.

As Lillie returned to the lobby, Elio was the first to try to congratulate the her with a large hug.

The Rotom Dex flared up and explained what Lillie obtained as prize. "BZZT! Cyndaquil, this one has the moves Blast Burn, Smokescreen, Extrasensory and Heat wave. It also has the Ability Flash Fire allowing it to absorb fire moves for an additional boost. BZZT!"

Lillie took out the timid Cyndaquil to show another thing that she noticed at the top of the mountain, unlike in the picture the Cyndaquil has a brown stripe rather than a dark blue. Elio noticed the abnormality. "A shiny Cyndaquil."

Lillie looked at Elio in worry. "I don't plan to add him to the team... and he is not a shadow pokemon, what are we going to do with him?"

Elio grinned at a silly question. "Keep him. That Cyndaquil is not like the others that needed our help. If you want to let it out in the H.Q that is fine by me. Let him socialize with the others before he comes home."

Gladion glared at the suggestion. "I understand keeping it, but do you really want a Fire type loose in a building?"

As Elio was about to ask Lillie if they still have waters types as a back up, Lillie noticed her mother felt excluded to what was going on. Not even knowing what they were talking about save for the things about Cyndaquil.

Lillie whispered at the two boys. "Do you think we should tell her about all the shadow pokemon we gathered? Its been weeks and she has been kept in the dark for a while." Elio and Gladion looked back toward Lusamine, she stared with a confused look.

Elio nodded. "We should, most of them were done anyways... but do not expect it to be pretty."

Five hours before XD-004 and XD-010 were ready in the chambers.

Elio and Lillie talked to Gladion about whether or not showing Lusamine the list of shadow pokemon was a good idea.

Gladion nodded and glared. "If you two want to show her the list. Go ahead. I already saw what you have in storage."

Lillie shook her head and looked at Elio. "I know you don't like her. Only talk if she asked questions and tell her everything she needs to know."

She looked back at Gladion and asked. "Where will you be during this?"

Gladion answered. "I am going to hang out with Wes and Rui to check out the Colosseum's... maybe even help them out with some of the shadow pokemon. Elio, if Lusamine starts to go off the deep end from reading that list... stop her from reading anymore."

As the duo parted ways with Gladion, they approached Lusamine who awaited what they had to show her. Elio took out Rotom Dex and set out the list of shadow pokemon before assigning the Dex to go toward her.

Elio took a deep breath as he explained more. "As I already told you around two months ago. A shadow pokemon is essentially a pokemon turned into a weapon that knows only rage and pain; with the very intention of hurting people... it makes them very dangerous. The only reason the Agate Relic or the machine in the back even works on these guys is because it reminds them of what they were before this. Very bad considering the Relic has the power of Celebi, a pokemon that has time based powers. You might want to read the list of pokemon that Cipher has hurt. Its a lot and the variety."

Lusamine read the list, her eyes widen at the first twenty shadow pokemon. First stage pokemon!

She looked back to Elio and asked. "What were the levels on some of these pokemon?"

Elio took a deep breath. "Lowest is twenty I think, its hard to keep count with how many times they tried to attack us."

Lusamine continued to ask questions. "Why were all these pokemon unevolved during this?"

Elio gave a false smile and answered. "To try and create a shadow pokemon capable of evolving. Became clear that it was not going to work with the first five but they kept on going; the main reason for this was so they would skip evolving a certain pokemon we know from Alola before turning it into a shadow pokemon. They turned Cain into a shadow pokemon not even for this reason. The people responsible for all those shadow pokemon did it to the Eevee as a dare."

Elio tried to keep his anger in check as he mentioned the Cipher scientist and continued. "Three of these were among the baby stages. Yes you heard me!"

Elio shouted in anger over what he was talking about, realized his voice was raising due to Lillie cringing at the tone and walked away to calm down. Lillie patted him on the back as Elio thought about what to say. "It is okay, Elio... that Azurril and Smoochum are better now and Mac can't be more happy."

He returned back to Lusamine glaring at the list. "Sorry about that. Please keep reading."

Lusamine kept looking down the list, some of these pokemon she recognized as part of her daughters team and thought out loud. "How long is th..."

Elio interrupted the question with an answer. "One hundred and thirty three pokemon are on that list. That many have gone through this nightmare before being caught and we still have seven more to go!"

Lusamine noticed Elio became more angry as he kept talking about the shadow pokemon; she went to the end of the list and noticed several marked with no image. "I see... and the ones you labeled as classified?"

Elio stopped pretending to smile as he frowned. "I am sorry for adding that but none of us trust you with that information. By the time those pokemon are going to be a notice, they will be long gone and far away from here."

As Lusamine pieced together what Cipher had she saw the pokemon at the end of the captured list. "This was the same Darkrai that attacked Alola?"

Elio struggled to find the words. "You might want to talk to Gladion about that one. Cipher sent this thing specifically to spite Lillie and me by trying to kill everyone we cared about."

Lusamine looked over in confusion about the code name XD and asked what those meant.

Elio shrugged. "I don't know and I don't want to know. But XD is a specific category of shadow pokemon that under normal means are beyond saving. Completely subservient to Cipher, lacking free will, any form of emotion and incredibly powerful. It is so bad that they look about as corrupted as they are."

Lusamine shook her head on being told the specific about the XD. "Do I need to know why they are doing this?"

Elio shook back and gritted his teeth. "Does it really matter to you? Fifty five pokemon would like a word with you. Do not let me get started on the fro..."

Lillie glared at Elio. "Please just tell her!"

Elio took a deep breath as he glared at Lusamine. "The reason for all the pokemon they have hurt and the reason for all the people they tried to kill? World domination!"

A long silence filled the room as Lusamine stared back at the list, Elio had more news about some of the pokemon. "Some of the shadow pokemon Lillie and I have faced were even capable of mega evolving. Much like the under evolved shadow pokemon, they were created by the same guy. If you see an old man wearing a purple lab coat that is Frankas and you are free to kick his butt or stomp him in the neck, you would be doing a lot of pokemon a huge favor. Two people are on my **** list as it is; one by the name of Ein is responsible for shadow pokemon even being a thing in the first place. Lillie and I saw to him being tossed in jail... hopefully forever. The other one Lillie specifically took down, that bratty woman named Lovrina; she was specifically responsible for the creation of XD-001. Shadow Lugia, she also had a hand at the one labeled as XD-004. Again it that one is classified."

Lusamine took stared at both Elio and Lillie, was putting together why XD-004 is a classified shadow pokemon and asked. "Before I flew to this region. When did you encounter this... XD-004?"

Elio answered. "Last month. Over a week before you arrived specifically."

As Lusamine listened to the answer, she slammed her head down at the desk.

Lillie ran over to ask why did she did before Lusamine raised a finger to stop her. "Thank you for your concern Lillie but you shouldn't worry. You and Elio had rescued this XD...what ever on Citadark?" Elio and Lillie looked at each other before they nodded.

Lusamine looked over at where the chamber was before she shook her head. "Let us stop talking about the one you are calling XD-004. I think I know enough to stay away from that chamber you and others keep going into." Lillie heard the Gardevoir yip in the background before she smiled back.

Elio felt some relief before he had to explain about what was left. "I still have bad news there are still seven shadow pokemon out there. One of them is this XD-002 Lillie and I heard about which we don't even know what it is; If this XD-002 is anything like the Darkrai I heard about, we are all going to have problems. In addition to a grand master who had been pulling the strings that may be planning to use this thing soon."

Elio fell on a chair from the stress of what was to come. "The worse part is that we don't even know where they are to something about right now. But we know that four of them are ones that mega evolve."

Lusamine stared at Elio before she took a deep breath. "Since you were... livid about the last time you dealt with something like this. How do you even keep going after seeing all this again?"

Elio answered with a genuine grin. "I heard a tale about one pokemon from twelve years ago. He has been through the same thing as XD-002 through XD-011, If he could be saved, then so can the others."

Lusamine grinned at Elio and asked. "You use that pokemon as motivation?"

Elio nodded. "If you have heard of this Lugia and what was done to it..."

Wanting the change the subject, Lusamine placed her hand over her chin and asked. "What are you and Lillie going to do with all these pokemon?" Elio nodded. "A little complicated. Some Lillie and I are keeping, others we are talking to Gladion over. Its better if you stay out of this one as well, but it is worth watching." The door to the H.Q open on the mention of Gladion, he was walking in with Wes, Rui and a Mimikyu.

Elio thought to himself. "Speak of the devil! Think you know enough now to why we were keeping you in the dark?" Lusamine crossed her legs as she attempted to end the conversation. "It's more understandable and... shocking."

Elio nodded before walked over to Gladion to ask about what he thought of the Colosseum's.

Lillie went over to pick up the Mimikyu and whispered to the two. "You two should discuss this in another room. I'll keep Mimikyu company while I talk to Wes and Rui about a few pokemon native to Alola."

The two boys walked over to the room containing the Purify Chamber to talk things over.

Gladion raised an eyebrow. "I heard you talking about me while I was gone."

Elio smiled nervously as he wanted to save the question for last. "Before we begin, what do you think of the Colosseums in Orre?"

Gladion glared as he wanted to get to the main question. "It would kill time. I am more interested in Mount Battle though... I will check it out when I have more time."

Elio nodded as he checked the timer. "We only have a couple more hours before the first two XD pokemon Lillie and I captured are done. Next week the other four we have will be finished with Darkrai and that Nihilego following a couple days after. Plenty of time to tackle it if you want. How is the Pupitar? Most of the shadow pokemon Lillie and I had upon opening the door tend to evolve most of the time. Pseudo legendaries take long enough as it is."

Gladion shook his head at the information. "Look like it will evolve in a couple days. Apparently once a shadow pokemon reaches a certain stage of, it stores up the collected experience into one massive growth spurt."

Elio looked away to ask. "Wes told me you been caring for that Larvitar for a month. How long have you battled with that thing during that time?"

Gladion posed. "A couple weeks... Wes was busy and Rui helped organize something for raising it. Soon enough you will find out where that will all amount to."

Elio laughed at what he heard. "I know. You just need two more things and you will be the greatest threat to my throne."

The two rivals glared at each other in determination before Elio went to the topic he actually wanted to talk about. "Lillie told you about the plan she and I have for all these pokemon, but we still need your help."

Gladion stared back. "How?"

Elio answered. "Some of these shadow pokemon were stolen in the first place. Others were wild from all over. Lillie knows more of the layout of Kanto than I do and she has a basic layout of Johto. I know a lot about Alola but neither of us know anything about Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos or any neighboring region that does not have a league system in place. However some of the people at Aether do."

Gladion has his hands over his hips as he caught interest in the plan. "You two trust me enough to organize something for this?" Gladion took a deep breath at what was given to him. "Alright... and what of Lusamine?"

Elio looked over toward the other room in a smile. "She can watch but not interfere. If she really has improved as a person then this would not bother her. She is probably putting together what XD-004 and XD-011 are right now though... which was the entire reason Lillie and I were keeping her in the dark."

Gladion groaned in frustration. "Soon as the two XD pokemon are healed I will keep an eye on her until this is taken cared of. I rather watch what was going to happen to Darkrai though."

Elio approved. "Always the pokemon you worked to capture that makes seeing it saved all the more worth it."

Gladion agreed. "There is more to this. With what I read on the XD pokemon, they are suppose to be pure evil. Something still lingered in the Darkrai, telling it to stop."

Elio turned away as he prepared to open the door. "You told me everything I needed to know. What exactly happened during your encounter?"

Gladion frowned. "It tried everything to drag me into a void... but something was there to keep calling to it. Even as it kept going out of control."

Elio pieced together the things Gladion told him about the Darkrai's natural behavior. "If that Hydreigon was not already proof about why I hate these Cipher goons. That Darkrai is as much of a victim as all the others, its life sucked enough as it is. Having to be alone because..."

Elio stopped repeating himself. "Again Gladion... good work on this capture."

11:pM Orre Stander Time


Elio, Lillie, Wes and Rui approach the chamber to see what was about to happen to the Solgaleo and Celesteela, Gladion stayed to keep an eye on Lusamine. They saw both pokemon crackling green light; Lillie pressed the glowing button in the Solgaleo's chamber as Elio pressed the button in the Celesteelas chamber. Once more green light descended upon the two pokemon, it enveloped each one as the blackness faded. The twisted forms reverted back to the white lion of light and green rocket they once were.

The Dex was scanning the after affects and shouted the news to Elio and Lillie. "BZZT! Solgaleo and Celesteela have opened the door to their hearts. Solgaleo has an lonely nature and has regained the moves Sun steel strike, Crunch, Zen head butt and an usual move, Psycho boost. BZZT! Celesteela has regained a relaxed nature and has learned the moves leech seed, flame thrower, heavy slam and your going to laugh... baton pass. BZZT!"

Elio was startled by the unusual but very useful move. "Baton pass and beast boost...kind of a handy combo!"

The duo left the chamber; Lillie ran over to Gladion to explain the good news. "Those two pokemon have finally been healed. Brother, if you have a pokemon to put in an empty spot now is the time! Mr Wes has already placed the Bewear in and there is one more!"

As Gladion walked over to place the Dusknoir in, Elio had a ring on his phone and walked out. "Huh? Anabel? Beep. Hello?"

Elio greeted Anabel over the phone, she had news that Elio would want to spread to everyone. "We finally have the information we were looking for. Ciphers main base is located in a region known as Oblivia, the remaining shadow pokemon outside of XD-002 and XD-008 were given to the four Admins; Frankas, Parkas, Mal and Setesh. With reports on Parkas already deserted Cipher to personally come to Alola. It is a couple weeks from Orre so you might want to let everyone know where you are going. Looker and I have already sent someone to Alola to help explain what Cipher's next move is, so do not worry about anyone at home getting hurt. We are counting on you and Lillie to deal the final blow to Cipher."

Elio smiled at the voice. "Best news ever. Thank you for this information, I will spread it to everyone when we make a pit stop at Alola. Talk to you later. Bye."

Elio hung up as soon as Anabel said her goodbyes.

He returned back to the living room to shout out. "Good news everyone! Got information about Ciphers main base as well as the remaining shadow pokemon. It is located in Oblivia and is at least a three week trip from now."

Elio faced toward Wes and Gladion in warning. "One of the Admins by the name of Parkas is on his way to Alola. He is a blood thirsty maniac and probably wants to go on a killing spree with the some of the remaining shadow pokemon. Which of you will join in the final assault as back up and which will stay at Alola to protect home base?"

Gladion stood bold and shouted. "I'll stay on Alola!"

Elio raised an eyebrow at how quick Gladion was to take the role and asked. "You sure? Don't you want to finally see these guys fall?"

Wes guessed why Gladion took the role. "He probably wants to keep Aether back under control after being gone for a month. Cipher has already tried to wipe out all life on Alola, they still have a pokemon to make them capable of doing it again."

Gladion agreed to that as Elio forgotten who else was in the room when he spoke. "XD-008, Shadow Xurkitree! A living bundle of electric wires naturally and it is going to be the most dangerous of the shadow Ultra Beast we have to capture by far!"

Lusamine coughed in the background on hearing the word Ultra Beast and asked. "I take that you had a close encounter with this one?" Elio turned over to an annoyed Lusamine.

Lillie brought the Gardevoir into the room to be a lie detector as Elio asked Lusamine. "Yes and I want to explain more detail about this thing in battle. Before I continue, Do you know anything specific?

Lusamine answered back. "I only cared about one particular Ultra Beast and the Wormholes. In regard to the others, I know about what they look like, the code names the Aether Foundation has given them and their type's if it helps."

Elio grinned as the Gardevoir signaled that she was telling the truth. "Thank you for that information, but I still want to explain Xurkitree's battle capabilities because that is the only real thing relevant." He turned toward everyone else to continue. "Xukritree is a pokemon that feeds off of electricity and lets off discharges because of that, that is where the danger occurs normally. In battle it has monstrous special attack and mediocre in everything else, if it is allowed to get a boost in special attack once game over! Thankfully pokemon with lightning rod or volt absorb laugh at the electricity and any ground types that would take neutral damage from the grass type attacks it has will also have advantage. The shadow version however."

Elio paused in fear then tried to laugh it off. "Its shadow version, You don't even get a security blanket. Lighting rod or volt absorb is not going to work, everything is going super effective against your pokemon in addition to the fact that a shadow Xurkitree actually wants to kill you!"

Elio pointed to Lusamine. "The only thing I am asking of you is to help Gladion keep Aether under control while we are at Oblivia. Cipher attacked Aether Paradise once and they will do it again if they can get a fresh start!"

Lusamine placed her hand over her face at the fact a child is trying to tell her what to do.

Elio asked Lillie. "Before I forget, do you want to come to Oblivia with me and Wes?"

Lillie answered with a heavy breath. "We have a week to train before we have to leave... I want to see this finally end."

Elio looked at everyone else in worry. "We know they still have Xurkitree but XD-001 to 003 are pokemon actually of this world. We know of Lugia from twelve years ago and Darkrai is a couple days away from being healed, anyone know about what XD-002 might be?"

Gladion nodded and answered. "From what Wes and I have gathered, it shares similar DNA traits to all pokemon and was used to recreate the XD formula. What pokemon do we know of that has something like that?"

Lusamine took a deep breath as she mentally took out one candidate. "If it was Arceus, we would not be here right now."

Everyone looked at Gladion in worry.

Lillie started thinking about XD-002. "It shares the same DNA of all pokemon, I know it is not a Ditto but that would mean it would..." Rui finished the thought as she saw Lillie thinking in horror. "The mythical pokmon... Mew? Hey Lillie if that floating Dex would show us what I am talking about it would make it easier."

Lillie reluctantly agreed to Rui's request, the Dex showed a pink cat with blue eyes. "BZZT! Mew the new species pokemon. BZZT! Like any other pokemon recently discovered are considered old. BZZT! Anyways, Because it can use all kinds of moves. Many scientists believe Mew to be the ancestor of all pokemon. It's DNA is said to contain the genetic code of all pokemon. BZZT! Explaining how it knows the move transform BZZT! It can turn itself invisible at will, so it entirely avoids notice even as it approaches people. BZZT!"

Elio shook his head toward Rui in denial as he see's the Mew. "No... It cant be Mew. I refuse to believe this little guy has gone through the same thing as the other pokemon."

Lusamine placed her hand over her mouth and laughed at Elio for the denial. "In addition to its ability to transform into any type of pokemon; as well as learn any move you can teach it, a pokemon like this would have the mindset of a child; It is easy to make it into whatever you want it to be."

Gladion glared at Lusamine. "Of course you would think that... because that's you!" Lusamine frowned as she looked at her son and daughter. "Of course it was. It was part of the reason you two ran away wasn't it?"

The siblings looked at each other as they remembered the years of abuse. Lusamine looked back to a glaring Elio, understanding that he is furious that she brought it up. "You seen the XD shadow pokemon with your own eyes and described what they are. You and Lillie have also gathered the majority of the shadow pokemon on that list you showed me. The pokemon Cipher did hurt. What makes Mew any different from the others. Like that little Tyrouge you showed me two months ago or even better what makes Mew any different from that Lugia you use to motivate yourself?"

Elio rolled his eyes as he faced himself away. Before he gave his answer, she pointed toward Gladion and Lillie. "Or from Darkrai, that Larvitar and Cain?"

Lusamine pointed toward Wes and Rui who were glaring sharply at her. "Or from any of the pokemon those two have... why else would they have been be so quick to try stop these people. Because they already dealt with Cipher once before and know what they are capable of doing."

Wes growled at Lusamine. "If you are trying to cover up all the crap you have done..."

Lusamine looked away at Wes and held back a bitter laugh. "It doesn't even come close! The point is Cipher is willing to hurt countless pokemon to get what they want. Anyone who thinks any pokemon are safe from them, are delirious fools at best."

Elio responded back to Lusamine. "Small problem I don't want to think about, after being brought back to normal some of our pokemon had issues that were a result of the hell they went through and this was from the ones that were given the usual treatment from Cipher. Mac had a small case of wanting to prove himself, a stereotypical issue with a fighting type. Cain however..."

Lillie took a deep breath as she helped finish what Elio was explaining. "Cain tried to rush himself to evolve immediately after we helped him. Then Elio had a brief episode with Makuta who wanted vengeance."

Lusamine spelled out the pokemon they were talking about. "The spirit pokemon Yamask. It is rather disturbing that they done this to a pokemon that use to be a human and remembers being a human. What exactly do you mean by vengeance?" Elio save her a sarcastic smile. "Makuta wrapped a Cipher scientist in mummy wraps and tried to eat him."

Lusamine placed her palm over her face before Elio continued. "Had to tell Makuta of something much worse for him to stop. But again, usual treatment he got from these guys just because he didn't give them what they wanted. Considering that Mew is an XD shadow pokemon... where Cipher actually needs it for their plans."

Lusamine glared at Elio before she interrupted. "After seeing all those pokemon they hurt, you just don't want to think about what was actually done to the Mew or how far gone it is."

Lillie remembered her encounter with Solgaleo and shouted. "None of us do... right?"

Everyone in the room answered. "No."

Gardevoir let Lillie and Elio know that everyone was speaking the truth.

Elio's eyes widen in horror from as Lusamine's placed her hand under her chin to finish the rant. "Or we could guess the another obvious candidate for XD-002... Arceus."

Elio glared and laughed in sarcasm. "The Alpha pokemon turned into a shadow pokemon, because that's something we all want to see and fight!"

Lillie patted Elio on the back to calm him down as she glared at her mother. "You made your point already, are you finished!" Lusamine nodded as she got up and went to one of the residential rooms for the night without saying a word.

The other four were trying to focus on something else before Gladion spoke his mind. "We have one more week to think this through, no matter what pokemon they have... we got to save it!"

Wes yawned. "Gotta save em all kid!"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 1 Packing Up

As the week progressed, nearly everyone was getting ready for the trip back to Alola.

At the H.Q Elio had one of his pokemon protest about something. "What do you mean you want to stay behind at the H.Q Remmer?"

As the Hypno pointed toward the distance trying to explain about something, the Rotom Dex was unnerved before he began translating. "BZZT! Boss, you need something much stronger for what is to come. You already have a far stronger special attacker anyways and not a lot of psychic types want to be near that Mew. BZZT!"

Elio looked the Hypno in the eyes. "You have been with us since we came to this region... I don't like replacing pokemon that have been good then and still good now."

The Hypno rolled his eyes to respond. "BZZT! You don't even have a mega pokemon boss. Aside from that Heracross you tested out on that nightmare they called a lab. BZZT!"

The Hypno looked over at the bored Banette on a couch, then looked back. "BZZT! You were planning to finish up that Volcano before you leave anyways. Why not take him? I'll stay behind and look after things while you are away. BZZT!"

Elio looked back at the Hypno in a frown. "If that is what you want. But when we come back with the last of the shadow pokemon, you are not getting left behind in this region."

The Hypno walked toward the television and smiled. "BZZT! I know. BZZT!"

Elio sighed as he told a staff at the H.Q what was happening and walked over to Lillie. "You mind if I add Pete to the team?"

Lillie answered in a smile. "You are going to have to ask Pete yourself Elio. If he is going into the team then he needs to be trained up."

Elio smiled back. "I was going to go to Mount Battle anyways. Might as well use that place to train Pete."

Elio went toward the Banette sitting on the couch and asked. "Hey Pete... I got a question. I need a mega pokemon and I want to know if you are willing to join my team?"

The Banette looked at the old dusk ball Elio has in his hand and asked. "Nette?"

The Dex translated. "BZZT! Does this mean I have to get in the ball? BZZT!"

Elio nodded. "Kind of needed when I switch pokemon out or if you get knocked out so here is a deal. When we are not training, about to battle something OR going somewhere that you may not like. You get to stay out of the ball."

Banette thought it over. "BZZT! Hmm... Okay. If I am in the ball for a bit longer, there better be a good reason. BZZT!"

Elio petted Banette as he smiled to Lillie. "He said yes."

Lillie handed over the Mega Stone to Elio. "I want to see you beat this challenge anyways, meet you at the bike."

As the two prepared to drive off to the lobby, Lillie gave Elio a small kiss on the cheek for luck. "I will be watching you and Pete make it to the top."

As Elio climbed past the ninety nine trainers, he and the Banette quickly bonded in addition to his Hitmonchan forgetting rapid spin for close combat. With how he and Lillie let the Banette serve as the main caretaker back at the H.Q, Elio was only slightly worried in how experienced the Banette actually was. As the Banette Mega Evolved, Elio was quick to learn the Banettes move pool. Shadow Claw, Will-o-wisp, Knock Off and Destiny bond. Because of the Banettes mega ability being prankster he was able to use any non damaging move before the other pokemon, baring the dark types. Elio was disturbed of the Banettes change in behavior upon mega evolving. While the Banette was mischievous before, when he mega evolves, he formed many zippers across his body and some of the negative energy leaking out in the form of claws. What was a playful Banette, constantly cackled as he decimated and cursed any opponents that come in his way. If the Banette comes close to fainting, he will attempt to commit one last act of spite and use destiny bond to take the opponent down with him. As Elio ascend to opponent One Hundred, he encountered the very same Battle Master he saw Lillie beat.

Vs Mount Battle Master Battlus

Battlus sent out Duskclops and Latios. "PETE! BRIMMY! LETS FINISH THIS MOUNTAIN!"

As the Banette and Incineroar entered the burning arena, Elio activated the key stone on his Z ring. "PETE MEGA EVOLVE!"

As the Banette mega evolved, he grinned in preparation for Latios to use draco meteor. The meteors hurt the Banette, but he laughed as Elio issued the order. "PETE TAKE THAT LATIOS OUT WITH SHADOW CLAW!"

As the Banette swatted at the Latios for a K.O, Elio ordered his Incineroar to use darkest lairat on the Dusclops that protected itself from the attack. Battlus sent out Latias into the field.

Elio prepared a switch and shouted. "PETE I AM SAVING YOU FOR LATER! MAKUTA TAKE OVER!" As the Banette was switched for the Cofagrigus, the Latias shot a dragon pulse at the Incineroar.

Elio posed for the Z move as the Incineroar was hit with a dragon pulse. "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT! TAKE OUT THAT LATIAS!"

As the Latias was slammed into the ground the Cofagrigus was ordered to shoot a shadow ball at the Dusclops, who in turn repaid the favor with a shadow ball.

Battlus sent out a Salamence to intimidate the opposing pokemon.

Elio noticed that if he wants to keep his next hitter safe he is going to have to let his Incineroar get knocked out. "Sorry about this Brimmy. MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP ON THAT SALAMENCE!"

The Salamence tore into the Incineroar with its claws as Elio swapped for his Dodrio.

Dusclops continued to pelt the Cofagrigus with shadow ball as Elio gave his next order. "CUMUSTRICH USE BRAVE BIRD ON THAT SALAMENCE! MAKUTA FOCUS YOUR ATTACKS ON THAT DUSCLOPS!"

As the Dodrio knocked out the Salamence, the Dusclops look like it was about to faint. The next pokemon Battlus sent out was a Slaking.

Elio prepared to switch. "CUMUSTRICH YOU DID WELL. COME OUT MAC!" As the Hitmonchan entered the field in place of the Dodrio the Slaking did as Elio predicted, it tried to use shadow claw on his Cofagrigus to get a free K.O and get rid of its Truant. The Cofagrigus used protect!


Both the Hitmonchan and the Cofagrigus knocked their respected pokemon out as Elio anticipated.

Battlus sent out his last pokemon, one of Elio's greatest fears; a Mega Metagross. "CRAP MAC USE MAC PUNCH TO WEAKEN THAT METAGROSS! MAKUA USE WILLO WISP TO CUT THIS THINGS DAMAGE!"

The Hitmonchan punched into the Metagross before being countered by a zen headbutt, super effectively being knocked out as he was rammed into the ground. The Cofagrigus was able to burn the Metagross with a willo wisp as Elio switched the Hitmonchan for the Mega Banette. "PETE SET UP A DESTINY BOND! MAKUTA USE PROTECT!"

As the Metagross shook the ground with earthquake, the Banette cackled as he made a small link between himself and who ever was about to harm him. The Cofagrigus protected himself from the quake, while the Banette was sent flying back toward Elio. The Bannete reverted back to his normal form as he cackled toward the shaking Metagross; it reverted back to its normal form and fainted.

Elio cradled the Banette and cheered at his Cofagrigus on a job well done. Elio's pokemon received Earth Ribbons for completing one hundred challenges straight and Elio picked the grass Johto starter Chikorita. Much like the Cyndaquil Lillie won, the color is different. Its body is a lime green and the leaf on its head look brown. Elio returned from the scenic route and he found Lillie ready to give him a congratulations kiss.

Rotom Dex ruined the moment when he buzzed. "BZZT Chikorita has the leaf guard ability, a calm nature and the moves; Frenzy plant, Aromatherapy, tackle and growl. BZZT!"

As the duo returned from Mount Battle to the H.Q, they received a notice that three more pokemon are ready to have the door to their hearts opened. The Buzzwole, Pheromosa and Kartana. On pressing the buttons, the three Ultra Beasts were reverted from the corrupted purple look to the colors they once had. Buzzwole returned to having a red liquid and dark red skin; Pheromosa returned to being mostly white, having blue uncanny eyes and yellow on her claws and antennae; Kartana returned to a mostly white body with his eye back to yellow, his head and limbs having red again. All three were taken out of the chambers and placed into the P.C along with the Celesteela.

The Rotom Dex had a summary for each of the three. "BZZT! Buzzwole has regained a brave nature and has the moves leech life, sky upper cut, fire punch and baton pass. Pheromosa has regained a timid nature and has learned the moves bug buzz, focus blast, quiver dance and baton pass. Kartana has regained a naughty nature and has learned the moves smart strike, sacred sword, leaf blade and baton pass. BZZT!"

During the week of traveling Orre with Wes and Rui.

Gladion had made a name for himself at Realgam Colosseum once it reopened and continued to train his pokemon at Mount Battle, he would have continued past Area 10 and beaten his hundred if he did not receive a notice from Elio. "Darkrai is ready and the week is about done. If you got something to finish, do it now."

Gladion left satisfied that his Pupitar had evolved into the mighty Tyranitar and the rest of his pokemon have caught up in training. "I'll deal with this later."

Gladion returned to the H.Q before he and Wes went into the chamber. Seeing the green light they pressed the button to let down the green light on both pokemon. The Darkrai and Nihilego have opened the door to their hearts. What was a yellow eyed purple hinted, blue jawed Darkrai turned into a blue eyed, red jaw pitch black pokemon; the Nihilego turned from a color of a purple and a red bell to a color of white with blue high light and a clear bell.

Wes PDA said enough of what the two regained as Gladion read it with him. "Darkrai has a hasty nature and knows the moves dark void, night daze, focus blast and dream eater. That... ultra beast regained a rash nature."

Wes shrugged at the Nihilego and placed it into the box with the other Ultra Beasts. "This thing isn't going to be staying around for long if that champ kid had anything planned. What matters is it can be sent back and I can tell this thing kind of bothers you."

Gladion agreed before he let the Darkrai it out of the dusk ball to get a better look at him. The Darkrai wanted to talk to Gladion and requested that Rotom Dex comes along outside with them. "BZZT! There is only two things I request. I wish to see that Cresselia is alright back on Alola, the last time she used her power anywhere close she was immobile for weeks. The other is when you request my aid, I will do everything in my power to do so. After that I will go back to New Moon Island and leave you all alone. BZZT!"

The Darkrai let itself back into the dusk ball as Gladion agreed to its two request. "We are kind of on standby at Alola, but if something major happens I'll let you out."

Wes and Rui filled the four empty chambers with the Kami trio and the Alolan Persian before they left, with Elio placing the Guzzlord into the chamber before following.

As Lillie finish packing her bags heard the Pidgeot and Gardevoir arguing over something! Pidgeot was squawking and flapping his wings while the Gardevoir was anxious to leave trying to tell the Pidgeot otherwise.

Lillie broke the argument. "Swoops, Maiden whats wrong?"

Gardevoir sighed before having the Dex come to translate. "Voir!"

Dex was intimidated. "BZZT! My lady, there is something very wrong with that Mew we are going up against and we need something much stronger to fight it! BZZT!"

Pidgeot glared and squawked. "BZZT! She thinks it is better if I sit this one out while you have Ghorchi for this battle! BZZT!"

Lillie gasped, puffed up her cheeks and stared at the Gardevoir. "Maiden, don't bully the others!"

Gardevoir is shaking at the thought. "Gard..." Dex translated even more disturbed than when he heard it from the Hypno. "BZZT! My apologies BZZT!"

Lillie saw the Gardevoir having anxiety before she asked. "You can really sense the Mew from over here?"

The Gardevoir nodded. "BZZT! It is much worse that screaming... I can't describe it. BZZT!"

Lillie shivered in what is happening to the Mew before she asked her Pidgeot. "Swoops... Maiden is only trying to do what is best for the team. Is it okay if you stay at the H.Q with Remmer?"

The Pidgeot sighed in disappointment before nuzzling to Lillie. "BZZT! Okay, just come back safe Lillie! BZZT!"

Lillie smiled and petted the Pidgeot. "Don't worry, we are coming back for you once we rescue Mew and the others."

Lillie let the people at the H.Q know she is going to leave the Pidgeot behind and had one of the staff members in charge of feeding him and giving him attention for at least a couple weeks

At Gateon port.

Lusamine was doing her part in making sure that the boats actually arrived, she looked back at what she said regarding Mew and the examples she used. As the group meet up she frowned, took a deep breath and expected the worse. "I would like to... apologize for my rant last week. I was in no position to say anything about this shadow pokemon crisis!"

Elio shrugged. "Important thing is we know Cipher has a pokemon that is going through a lot and Remmer confirmed the suspicions that it is Mew. Denying it is just going to get us killed!"

Lillie shivered at the thought. "Maiden said she senses the Mew is going through..."

Lillie paused before hugging Lusamine for comfort. Lusamine returned it, trying not to think about what might be going on with the Mew.

Gladion is keeping his distance as he spoke to Lillie. "As long as you, Elio and Wes get those pokemon out of there; we can still help them just be careful when we go back to Alola, let everyone know where you are still heading."

Wes was glaring at Lusamine before speaking his mind. "Listen lady, I will only give you a warning. I still don't like you, you done quite a few things that are similar to Cipher; if you try any of that Ultra crap again your days of doing anything are going to be numbered! Do you at least understand that?"

Lusamine nodded silently as Rui saw the boat coming; she shouted. "Everyone knows their role. Focus on what is going to happen the next following weeks and Cipher will finally be gone."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 2 Stopping By On Alola.

The group returned to Alola to make preparations, Elio and Lillie split up to greet everyone and explained why this visit was more a pit stop than a full return. Wes and Rui were heading to Iki Town; Lusamine took her leave to Aether while Gladion headed to a pokemon center with the promise that he was going to take a more thorough approach to keeping Alola safe. "Its better if I have some eyes and ears... won't take too longer!"

Elio went over to his mother back home to explain everything she needed to know. "I am back to let you know that something happened in Orre that resulted in all sorts of crazy stuff. If you had a nasty nightmare the last month... that is why. Otherwise I have been good at keeping Lillie sa..."

Elios mother hugged him, squeezing him rather hard. "My little boy beaten back a bunch of scumbags while keeping Lillie safe!"

Elio struggled to breath. "Looker paid a visit and told you about the details... did he?"

Lillie had a much brief visit as she payed a visit to Kukui and Burnet. Immediately the two embraced her after spending two months worried about her.

Burnet asked. "We had word from Looker that you and Elio had ran into things much worse, are you alright?"

Lillie nodded. "I am, the pokemon we rescued are already healed or are being healed and we have one more trip to make. This is only going to be a small stop to get things ready."

Kukui heard. "Where are you going?"

Lillies answer. "Oblivia. Before you two worry, I have quite a few pokemon with me to handle this! Before I show you them I would like to show you Torch."

Lillie sent out the shiny Cyndaquil. "I am Leaving Torch here to socialize with Rockruff while I am away. He has an interesting ability in addition to some moves normally obtained by breeding."

The two asked Lillie about where did she get the Cyndaquil before she answered. "I Got him from beating Mount Battle, if you want to meet my Orre team we are going to have to go outside. Onua is rather big and Swoops is at the H.Q for a time."

As the three went outside to find a variety; The Raichu she brought to Orre with her, a Leafeon, a Golurk, a Audino with a mega stone and the one that made the two back away for a moment, a Hydreigon.

Lillie spoke in defense of the smiling Hydreigon. "Don't worry Ghorchi is really nice."

The Rockruff started to play rough with the the Hydreigon; it was a rather fun game to the Hydreigon until the Rockruff bit into a sensitive area, after wards the Hydreigon simply placed the Rockruff away. Lillie began to socialize the pokemon she left with Kukui and Burnet with the pokemon gathered in Orre. The two teams got along rather well with each other, especially her Vaporeon and Leafeon.

As dusk settled.

Elio and Lillie made their way to the Altar of the Moon to visit Nebby. As they made it to the top of the stairs they found Nebby with a a strange red haired man. Beside him was a resting Cresselia.

The duo approached as the man introduced himself as Eldes. "I would like to thank you two for to stop Cipher, their activities have gone on long enough."

Lillie looked at the Cresselia and asked. "Is she yours."

Eldes looked at the Cresselia and answered. "Yes and no. Yes because I did capture it. No because I planned to let her go back to Full Moon island once she recovers."

Elio shook his head. "So you let that thing out in an attempt to deal with the Darkrai they sic home with... thank you."

Eldes looked back at the two and. "It was Gladion who stopped him. Cresselia and Lunala simply guided him and assisted him when the Darkrai became out of hand. When it was captured, Cresselia nearly exhausted all of her power to wake everyone up."

Elio interrupted. "Which was why Nebby helped her... this was not the first time she did something for us."

Eldes stood up. "I know... which is why I ask you two for a favor."

Lillie asked what the favor was as Eldes looked over at the two. "Please let me try to talk to my brother into reason." Elio and Lillie looked in confusion as to who he was talking about. Eldes continued. "I am referring to the Grand Master of Cipher, Ardos!"

Elio and Lillie were surprised. Elio took a deep breath as to ask. "Why?"

Eldes continued to tell more. "Ardos and I served as the personal body guards for what was the true leader of Cipher twelve years ago. My father Greevil. He organized the creation of XD-001, the construction of the shadow pokemon factory... and many other dark deeds. A child named Michael was able to stop us from achieving conquest of the world." Elio and Lillie shook their heads at the fact they are talking to what was a Cipher Admin.

Before Elio asked questions Eldes continued. "As Michael was able to defeat my father, I was able to have him see reason before he stoop himself lower."

Lillie asked Eldes. "Where is Greevil and Ardos now?"

Eldes faced away toward the ground. "My father died in prison five years after he turned himself in, Ardos tried to convince him to blow up Citadark with everyone still on it as a means of escape... Just to kill one child."

Elio put his foot down at what Eldes was trying to request. "And you really think Ardos can change for the better? Even after the horrible things he has done?"

Eldes looked at Lillie standing by Elio. "Lunala has told me all about your adventures in Alola. Lillie, did you think it was possible with your mother?"

Lillie looked down trying to think of the words before she responded. "Even after everything... she use to be a caring person before she changed... before the incident... I had to try."

Elio step forward to say his peace about what happened. "I was about ready to put Lusamine down. After Lillie took her to Kanto, I gathered some information on a certain jellyfish, the reason she messed with the Ultra Wormholes as well as some things Lillie said of Lusamine not always being a psycho. There was something that actually drove Lusamine into the insane wreck I faced when I had to deal with her. Nebby did something to stop Lusamine before she did more unforgivable ****... after that it was up to her and time." Elio took a deep breath in recalling the events that transpired before he and Lillie went to Orre. "I was ready to react should she have even attempted to do something horrible to Lillie, Gladion or the rest of the world again... she is slowly improving as a person, but it will take a very long time for her to make up for any of this."

Elio glared at Eldes. "What is Ardos's excuse? Because if it is world domination I have bad news for you!"

Lillie glared at Elio. "Let him at least talk to his brother!"

Elio nodded in defeat and turned back toward Eldes. "If you can talk Greevil into reasoning... you can try with Ardos. But if he refuses you are going to have to leave the area while we handle this."

Elio turned toward Lillie. "Was that better?"

Lillie nodded back. "Yes, it was."

Elio looked back toward Eldes. "Meet us at Hau'oli port by tonight. You will join us and two other people in the final assault. Never thought I seen or hear anyone from Cipher actually try to atone for their actions."

Eldes stepped away. "I do believe you had another reason to come here. I will leave Cresselia to Lunala and be getting myself ready."

As the duo met Nebby, the Lunala greeted both like usual. She played with Lillie using her psychic powers and teased Elio by giving Lillie all the attention. The duo asked Nebby for a small favor.

Lillie spoke first. "Excuse me Nebby, we ask you for a huge favor. During our travels in Orre, we have gathered some Ultra Beasts that Cipher intended to use for their plans. We are having them healed and would like to ask if you would help us send them back home?"

The Lunala looked over in confusion before Elio explained more. "These people went to this region, took a Cosmog and had it evolve into Solgaleo, then turned into an XD what ever. We have one other person that is going to have two Ultra Beasts and he planned to hand them over for us to send home... okay at least one of them."

The Lunala nodded in understanding but gestured about the Solgaleo. The Rotom Dex flared up to try and translate. "BZZT! I think I know what she is saying boss... The seven you mention would not be a problem pops. But the Solgaleo is staying... he was not socialized and he needs to learn more about himself. BZZT!"

Lillie smiled as she nodded. "This is the main problem with most of the shadow pokemon thank you." The duo gave their goodbyes before they walked away to make final preparations on their trip to Oblivia.

As soon as Wes and Rui split from the main group.

Wes had his own reason to stop at Melemele. "Rui... now is a good time to try and get ready for the Island challenges. You want to join in?"

As Wes asked, Rui shook her head. "I will do that next time we come here. In the mean time we only have enough time to get star..."

As the two argued over if they are doing the trials together or alone they bumped into another married couple. Kukui recognized Wes as the he remembered what happened the last time they visited. Burnet and Rui greeted each other as they tried to keep their husbands from getting at each others throats.

Burnet asked Wes. "I heard you done something about the Kami trio... any word on where they are now?"

Wes shrugged and answered. "Yes, they are at Orre healing... I plan to let them go if they want to. Rui and I wanted to at least get some preparation's done for when we get come back to do the Island Challenges... well I want to, she wanted to do it later."

Kukui and Wes were glaring at each other; Wes noticed something familiar and didn't bother hiding it. "Since the last time we fought was... more of an emergency. How about a round two? Double battle format?"

Kukui nodded. "Expect a challenge!"

Rui and Burnet left to go get some masaldas and coffee while the men duke it out.

Vs Kukui

Kukui sent out the sun version of Lycanroc and a white fox known as Ninetails; Wes shouted as he sent out his pokemon. "Edgar! Gilgey! Let this show begin."

Out came an Ampharos and Hitmnontop; Wes began his order. "Gilgey use close combat. Edgar set up a light screen!"

Kukui is shouting his. "Lycanroc, stone edge the Ampharos! Ninetails hit both of them with dazzling gleam!"

As the Lycanroc used stone edge on the Ampharos and the Ninetails shot out a dazzling gleam, the Ampharos set up a light screen and the Hitmontop beaten the Lycanroc down in close combat. The next pokemon Kukui sent out was a Snorlax.

Wes called his two pokemon back. "Gilgey, Edgar, you have done enough for now. Vivi, Dawn come out!" As the Mismagius and Espeon arrive on the battlefield. The Ninetails aimed a blizzard and missed both, the Snorlax tried to use high horse power on the Hitmontop before the switched and the Mismagius levitated over the Snorlax.

Wes shouted. "Vivi, use willo wisp on the Snorlax. Dawn focus your psychic power on that Ninetails."

As the Mismagius burned the Snorlax with the willo wisp, the Ninetails was hit with a psychic blast. Kukui shouted. "Snorlax, use crunch on that Mismagius until it is knocked out. Ninetails keep doing what you are doing!" Snorlax use crunch on the Mismagius and dealt super effective damage that was weaken from the burn. Another dazzling gleam shined into the duo and dealt minimum damage.

Wes signaled his two pokemon. "Vivi, Dawn Finish that Ninetails off with shadow ball and psychic."

The Espeon and Mismagius knocked the Ninetails out with their combined attacks as the Snorlax knocked the Mismagius out with a crunch. Kukui sent out an eagle known as Braviary as Wes sent out the Ampharos.

Kukui shouted. "Braviary use tail wind for some speed!"

Wes shouted as he prepared a pokeball. "Edgar thunder bolt that Braviary! Dawn it is time to come back, Gilgey lets get ready!"

The Espeon was switched as the Braviary blew a tail wind before being knocked out by the Ampharos's thunder bolt. Snorlax quickly knocked Ampharos out with a high horse power kick.

Next pokemon Kukui sent out was the evolved form of Magneton; Magnezone.

Wes called the Ampharos back as he switched back to Espeon. "Dawn, get ready to break that sturdy. Gilgey take that Snorlax down with close combat!"The Hitmontap spun right into the Snorlax, punched and kicked it back for a K.O as the Espeon broke the Magnezone's sturdiness. The Magnezone knocked the Hitmontop out with a flash cannon as Kukui sent out a sea lion with long flowing blue hair known as Primarina. The tail wind pewtered out.

Wes called the Hitmontop back as he prepared the ultra ball and a pokeball. "Ultima, lets finish this! Dawn come back, Dusk lets stop this show!" Out came a Tyranitar and Umbreon!

Wes prepared the key stone as he shouted. "Ultima mega evolve and use earthquake! Dusk use moon light!"

The Tyranitar made quick work of the Magnezone and weakened the Primarina as Kukui posed like that of flowing waves, powering the Primarina for her next move. "HYDRO VORTEX THAT TYRANITAR!" As the Tyranitar was engulfed in water, she was dragged into a ragging whirlpool and eventually tossed out, she reverted back to her regular form in a k.o as Umbreon healed the damage from earthquake.

Wes looked in awe. "So... that is the power of a Z move, no matter. Dusk use toxic on that Primeria, Dawn get ready!"

The Espeon was sent out the Umbreon spit a foul liquid, the Primarina was badly poisoned as she channeled the moons power to blast at the Umbreon. Wes smirked as he had the battle finished. "Not bad professor! Dawn finish this fight with a psychic!"

The Espeon glowed and shot a psychic blast at the Primarina, ending the battle.

Kukui took off his orange shades impressed. "Always refreshing to go all out!"

Wes agreed as he waved goodbye. "Its another reason to come back to this region once everything is said and done!

Both men agreed as their wives finished after an conversation about the Kami Trio and the Legendary Beasts.

As the two couples parted ways Wes asked Rui. "So Iki town is where we are suppose to go to start the Island Challenges?"

Rui looked back. "This is why everyone starts on this island."

As the duo healed up and left they made it to what look like a town that belonged in the Alola region. With a small arena in the middle of town where most go to battle. As Wes went to find a large man talking to his grandson about a familiar looking Ludicolo, a bolt of lightning struck the ground before him.

Wes recognized the creature as being related to Fini and Lele as it shouted his name. "TAPU KOKO!"

Tapu Koko signaled the Kahuna and child that he would deal with Wes. He boomed in an angry voice. "Wes! You came to Alola and brought conflict on our shores?!"

Wes shrugged the accusation. "Yeah, the Kami trio causing havoc was because I went and confronted the Cipher Admins... other than that I regret nothing I did on my last trip."

The Tapu glared angrily at the man and pointed toward his belt. "Bring out the one you call Edgar! Let him stand for you!"

Wes found it an odd request but agreed as he let the Ampharos out and healed up. Koko shouted. "Edgar we are to have a trial by combat!"

As the Tapu shouted an electric terrain radiated across the field. Koko glowed a wild charge as he rammed into the Ampharos.

Wes ordered. "Edgar, use thunderbolt on this guy." As the Ampharos shot a terrain bosted bolt of lightning at the Tapu, he was countered by a stronger thunder bolt that the Ampharos was barely able to dodge.

Wes saw the electricity sparkle and shouted. "Edgar use power gem next! Then finish him with a thunderbolt!" The Ampharos shot a rock gem at the Tapu as he shot back a dazzling gleam. The Ampharos nearly fainted when it shot one last thunderbolt at the Tapu, sending him barreling back toward the arena.


Wes was about to congratulate the Ampharos on winning the trial when the Tapu rose up from the rubble and glared at the Ampharos.

"Why do you fight with this human?"

Ampharos looked behind him confused at the question and responded.

Wes thought to himself. "As annoying as that Dex is... I could use a translator to figure out what these pokemon are saying."

Koko looked at Wes as the Ampharos finished. "He helped you twice?"

The Ampharos nodded as he explained more, Rui understood what the Ampharos was talking about as Wes tried to figure out what the Tapu was talking about. "First one was seventeen years ago and the second one was last month when after you fought WHAT!?"

The Ampharos faced down in shame as he mentioned what happened. Koko looked skyward thinking about what was said. "You nearly lost yourself to the dark again... Yeah the other tw... I mean why did he help you?"

The Ampharos grew impatient at what the question meant and shouted at Tapu Koko.

The deity sighed in frustration. "I don't have time for this!"

Tapu Koko flew off in yellow light, leaving behind a strange glowing stone. Wes checked the stone it took the form of a bracelet with a diamond shaped socket.

The grand father and grand son looked in confusion and awe. "Was Tapu Koko really angry wi..."

Before the child finished, the elder hushed. "If he was he would not have left that." The elder introduced himself to Wes as Hala, he began explaining what exactly happened.

Elio, Lillie, Gladion, Wes, Rui and Eldes meet back at Hau'oli port.

Gladion was suspicious about Eldes before Lillie assured him that it is fine. "Mr Eldes has a reason to be helping us." Elio announced the general plan. "When we make it to the stronghold, the five of us are to split into two teams. Wes and Rui you are considered team W.R. You assignment is to find the you know what and get it out of Ciphers hands!"

Wes and Rui stared at Elio before they asked. "Your a kid telling older people what to do. Please tell me you have not been getting these ideas from war movies?"

Elio shook his head. "History books on wars... and watching my mom play this one game called Fire Em... never mind. Me, Lillie and Eldes are team... E.L.E. Our assignment is to reach Ardos and stop him, we find Mew and the others for snagging otherwise. Eldes, if you can talk your brother into reason then it would make things easier for the rest of us. Everyone else beware that Cipher still has three other Admins besides Parkas to worry about. These last Admins all have shadow pokemon able to mega evolve so expect them all to be difficult to deal with."

Elio reached his hand over to try and shake Gladions. "Expect Parkas to try and attack you even when you beaten him in a battle. Speaking of possible out comes..."

Elio handed Gladion three Beast Balls.

Gladion glared at what Elio was handing over. "This is part of a back up plan. In case Cipher directly plants that Xurkitree on Alola ahead of time or something happens that results in Xurkitree being on its way here... these are our best bet to catch it before it hurts anyone on Alola."

Gladion asked. "You nearly had your entire team wiped out by one of these things? That is why you are so paranoid about this particular pokemon."

Elio nodded. "Yes. I already spoke as to why the shadow variant is much worse."

Gladion took the three balls and stared. "She found out what you and Lillie are going to do with all these pokemon."

Elio glared before he spoke. "I told her she can watch what is going to happen. Unless any of them are willing to go near her, she is not to lay a hand on any of them... and she better leave Punctchy out of this. He is my charge!"

As the boat to Oblivia began to arrive, Gladion spoke back to the rest of the group. "Be careful all of you. I expect that they will also have Mew in that stronghold and I don't want to know what is going to happen when you confront it." As Lillie and Gladion gave their goodbye hugs, the five depart to the boat while Gladion got his pokemon ready for what was the come.


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 3 At The Base.

In a hidden base on Oblivia.

BOOM! A group of five have made an entrance with a thunderbolt and an Incineroar making a hole. Most of the peons that were assigned to guard the stronghold have scattered upon seeing a man in red. "Wait?... is that Eld... crap run!"

Elio sees the fleeing peons, and asked Eldes. "These Cipher goons remember you. What do you have on your team anyways?"

Eldes answered. "Latios, Latias, the Alola variant of Marowak, Greninja, Zapdos and a Metagross."

Lillie took a deep breath as Eldes mentioned his team. " ou were the personal bodyguard for Ciphers leader twelve years ago. How strong were you?"

Eldes answered as he focused ahead. "Strong enough to face my brother today."

The group found a spit path as the Rotom Dex flared up. "BZZT! The left eventually leads to a throne room. Right leads to the center chamber leading to a weapon. BZZT!"

Wes looked over to the right. "Kid this is where our parties split. Don't make us have to rescue you if you bite more than you can chew."

Lillie looked back at the duo in concern. "If you run into trouble, let us know."

As the two parties split, team E.L.E found a metal sliding door with stairways leading around with viewing windows. Lillie was the first to walk in when the door separated her from the group.

As Lillie looked behind her, she heard the door banging behind her and Elio shouting behind. "Don't worry Eldes and I will reach in another way. Come out Mac, lets find a window to smash! Eldes if you can, help make a back up door!"

Lillie shook her head over how Elio was reacting before she noticed an old scientist in a purple lab coat clapping slowly in a wide smile. "I would have liked to see you again much sooner when we were having our tools being tested. Ever since our last encounter, the Mega Shadow pokemon have been one improvement after another. Good news, you get to still be a test dummy for what I consider to be my ultimate creation."

Lillie glared at Frankas. "I am not interested in your sick experiments. I am here to rescue the last of the pokemon you have hurt. Mew included."

The Frankas's eyes widened at the mention of Mew. "How did you find out XD-002 was Mew? While Ein had the idea of using it to recreate the XD formula for the others down the line, most of the things done to improve it were my idea."

Lillie's fear for the Mew have been realized as she heard Frankas bragged. "You people are mons.."

Before Lillie finished Frankas continued. "One example, after that Solgaleo handed us over the Ultra Beasts, we milked some of the venom from the Nihilego we got in an attempt to modify XD-002 for our plans. We knew what the venom does normally, but what happen if we apply that to an XD shadow pokemon? Turns out it sends it into a perpetual state of Hyper Mode, an improvement considering that XD shadow pokemon have their hearts locked up permanently and don't go into hyper mode; It made XD-002 as of a month ago the Ultimate Shadow Pokemon as long as we keep giving him enough of a dose."

As Frankas recalled it like it was an achievement, Lillie had heard enough from the Admin as she drew out two pokeballs and gave him a death glare. Frankas looked at Lillie in a tongue sticking smile. "But enough of about XD-002, lets us begin the test."

Vs Cipher Admin Frankas

Frankas sent out Toxapex and Drapion.

Lillie tossed the two balls. "Shockums! Onua! Take them down!"

As Lillie sent out the Raichu and Golurk, she shouted in anger. "Shockums hit that Toxapex with a thunderbolt! Onua use high horse power to kick that Drapion out!"

Lillie ordered, the Raichu shot at the Toxapex who was expecting a physical move from the Golurk and protected itself; the Drapion set up toxic spikes before the Golurk kicked it into a wall for a K.O. Next pokemon Frankas sent out was a Sableye.

Lillie took out the dusk ball. "Onua return. Ghorchi come out." As the Golurk was swapped for the Hydreigon, Lillie posed for the Raichu to use. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" To knock out the Toxapex before it set up more toxic spikes.

As Frankas was pushed back by the force, he grinned. "Shame we never got to making a shadow version of one of those crystals. But with Mega Ampharos it would be a close..."

Frankas moved his hand over his mouth as he realized he should not have spoiled the shadow pokemon and tossed out a Klefki.

Lillies Hydreigon was switched for a Gardevoir as she saw the fairy type. "You will attack later." Lillie ordered her Raichu to use thunderbolt on the Klefki that tossed out more spikes as the Sableye turned the Gardevoir's own power against her with foul play. "Maiden use calm mind, then get ready for a baton pass! Shockums finish that Klefki."

As the Klefki was knocked out, Frankas sent out a Liapard as the Gardevoir relaxed her mind. Lillie calmly ordered the Gardevoir use baton pass before she switched to her Hydreigon. "Ghorchi, lets take this monster down, Shockums thunder bolt that Sableye!" The Sableye was knocked out by a critical thunder bolt as the Liapard tormented the Raichu!

Frankas clapped as the Hydreigon knocked the Liapard out with a flamethrower "Now that everything is set up, lets see how fast this one can wipe out your team."

As Frankas sent out an Ampharos, Lillies Aura Reader activated. "That Ampharos is a shadow pokemon."

Frankas activated the dark keystone on his cain; causing the Ampharos to glow, grow wool around its tail and grow wool from the the back of its head like a long flowing mane. The mega Ampharos glowed a dark aura as it let loose a black discharge of electricity, the Raichu was knocked out by the electrical blast. With the Hydreigon being critically injured from the charge, falling down twitching for a k.o.

Lillie took a deep breath as she saw the destruction. "Cain! Medic! I need you out!"

As the Leafeon and Audino landed on a bed of spikes, Frankas glared at the Leafeon. "Still you use that thing... well at least the Audino contributed something to all of this."

Lillie gritted her teeth as she issued the next order. "Medic use dazzling gleam! Cain use return on that Ampharos!"

As the Leafeon shoved the Ampharos back, it began to let loose another discharge.

Frankas noticed how close to him the Ampharos was shoved to his direction and realized what was about to happen as his flinched. "Crap... This is still my Ultimate Creation and XD-002 is going to be my testament as it drives your world mad!"

The Admin showed two middle fingers toward Lillie before the shadow discharge engulfed him; , the Admin was slammed across a wall twitching from the electricity as he Leafeon was sent back flying knocked out and the Audino was barely standing shooting the Ampharos on its back.

Lillie called her Leafeon back as she sent out her Gardevoir and began to feed a dusk ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Lillie went over to pick up the ball as she heard a window and a wall smashed open. Elio charged in with a Hitmonchan, while Eldes's Marowak was breathing heavily over how many swings it took to break the door.

Elio rushed over to the shaking Lillie to embrace her. "Lillie are you all right!"

Lillie was shaking in anger over the things Frankas told her as she returned the hug to Elio. "Yes... but Mew..."

Elio reassured her that he knew horrible things were done to it. "Mew is part of the reason we are here. We will get him out of here I promise."

Eldes checked over at the electrocuted Admin. He felt no pulse, Frankas lay dead with a smile. In the next room was a healing machine.

Elio carried Lillie over to rest. "You should get your pokemon healed up. I will take on the next guy in our way for you." Lillie's face changed from rage to determination as she kissed him.

In the other direction.

Wes and Rui rushed toward the chamber where Shadow Xurkitree lurks.

They found a strange bearded mechanic moving parts around thinking to himself. "Is the Grand Master sure about putting that thing into a cannon... it feeds off of a lot electricity and it is needed to keep the fortress a float in the air for the other thing... and now intruders are here!" Mal prepared two pokeballs as Wes prepared his.

Vs Cipher Admin Mal

Mal sent out a Chansey wearing an Eviolite and a two geared creature known as Klingklang; Wes tossed his pokemon out. "Gilgey! Vivi! Time to break through."

As Wes set the Hitmontop and Mismagius he ordered. "Gilgey use fake out on that Klingklang. Vivi use mystic fire on the same target!"

As the Klingklang flinched and was shot by flame, Mal looked at the Hitmontop and pointed. "Chansey, use toxic on that Hitmontop!"

Wes saw the toxic liquid and laughed at the strategy. "Toxic stall... not a good one to face. Gilgey use close combat on that Klingklang."

The Chansey spat more toxic liquid at the Mismagius as the Hitmontop finished the Klingklang off, Mismagius used dark pulse to deal minimal damage on the Chansey.

Mal cent out a vulture known as Mandibuzz as Wes prepared to switch both pokemon out. "Gilgey, Vivi come back. Edgar, Dusk lets take these two down!"

As the Hitmontop and Mismagius were switched for the Ampharos and Umbreon, the Mandibuzz set up a tailwind while the Chansey used toxic on the Ampharos.

Wes gave the order. "Dusk, use toxic on the Chansey, Edgar take that Mandibuzz down with thunderbolt!"

The Mandibuzz let loose a dark pulse, causing the Ampharos to flinch; the Umbreon spat toxic fluid at the Chansey before she was able to do the same back! Wes called the Umbreon back as he kept shouting orders. "Edgar just keep trying, Gilgey take this Chansey down in close combat!"

As the Umbreon was sent back for the Hitmontop, the Mandibuzz tried to make the Ampharos flinch and failed; The Mandibuzz was knocked out in one thunderbolt as the Chansey refreshed herself before being damaged in close combat.

Mal sent out a Breloom as Wes switched the Ampharos back. "Dawn its your turn, Gilgey finish that Chansey off!"

The Chansey was knocked out as the Breloom prepared to use swords dance.

Mal shrugged indifferent. "Toxapex, this is inevitable. Use venoshock on that Hitmontop!"

The tail wind pewtered out as the Breloom was poisoned, Wes knew the Brelooms strategy as he prepared to switch. "Gilgey come back, Edgar just hold on a little longer. Dawn take that Breloom down!"

The Ampharos took the place of the Hitmontop as he was mercilessly shot by strange liquid; the Espeon made quick work of the Breloom before it used a facade, giving Mal the opening to sent out a large green lizard with leaf like blades and a tree like tail; it had a mega stone on its forehead

Rui looked at the Sceptile. "Wes that is one of the Mega shadow pokemon, watch out!"

Wes nodded as he shouted. "Gilgey use fake out to slow that Sceptile down, Dawn use psychic to take Toxapex down!"

Mal activated the dark keystone, causing the Sceptile to glow, shriek, grow bigger leaf blades and his tree like tail grew bigger! The Hitmontop leaped in front of the Sceptile and clapped, causing a flinch as the Espeon shot a critical hit psychic blast to knock the Toxapex out. Mal shrugged as the shadow mega Sceptile shot his tree like tail in an explosion of a shadow leaf storm, knocking the Espeon and Hitmontop out in one shot!

Wes flinched at the type of power before sending his next two pokemon out. "Dusk, Ultima we need to weaken that Sceptile for capture!"

The poisoned Umbreon and the healthy Tyranitar saw the mega Sceptile before preparing.

Wes activated the key stone to mega evolve the Tyranitar. "Ultima mega evolve and use stone edge, Dusk use toxic!" The Sceptile glared and lunged at the Umbreon in an attempt to shadow end it, it missed as the mega Tyranitar roared, stomped her foot and sent the Sceptile flying up to the ceiling with the liquid badly poisoning him.

Wes fed a timer ball into the snag machine. "GO SNAG BALL!"

The Sceptile was yanked into the ball mid fall.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

Mal sighed, accepted his defeat and was prepared to be arrested when an earthquake was felt from all around. Pieces of machinery fell on Mal, while he was not crushed and he can breath, he was stuck in one location. "Ardos really want's to do this... You might want to do something about XD-008's power or else you won't be able to get... and they are gone."

The Admin tried to whistle a tune as the duo advance to the next room; as how Mal tried to warn them, a large black electrical discharge was being shot out to the entrance of the room, Rui saw a dark aura from the distance but neither the Xurkitree noticed them nor did it have an incentive to really go after them.

Rui looked toward Wes in a tease. "Just when you thought you would make the dramatic rescue of those kids... looks like we are the ones who are going to need help." Wes swallowed his pride as he attempted to send a message on his PDA while finding a healing machine nearby

After Team E.L.E took a small rest and progressed deeper in, fighting through the peons.

The Rotom Dex flashed an email to alert the group. "BZZT! Boss we got a message from Wes. BZZT!

Lillie calmed down from her battle with Frankas and read it out loud. "Hey kid. We ran into a little trouble involving large amounts of electricity. Any tips?"

Lillie showed the message to Elio, he read it and typed. "Do you two have any ranged attacks? Anything at all that can break the Xurkitree's concentration at a safe distance?"

Elio sent the message, he had a reply back. "Some of our pokemon need to be a little closer to get a shot in. The problem is that the electric discharge literally covers the door."

Elio's eyes widen. "Hold on, Lillie and I might have something for this. Our time is limited so as soon as we get a chance we would try to help."

Message's were exchanged. "Not exactly a good idea but we will try to see if we cannot get a good shot in."

Soon as the message was finished. Team E.L.E found a particular black and blue room, with a familiar man in gold and blue looking out of the window. Elio glared and shouted. "Setesh!"

The Admin looked out a window revealing a clear blue ocean with a mega staff in hand. "So that idiot Ardos decided to keep going with this train wreck of a scheme. Instead of laying low and salvaging what we have left..."

Setesh turned around to find the trio. "Now for either curiosity or heroism you are here to finish us off? Go right on ahead, Ardos's throne is that way."

Eldes found it odd that the Admin was trying to betray Ardos. "Not before we find out what is happening."

Lillie agreed before she asked Setesh. "Who are you? Why are you helping this..."

Setesh looked at Lillie in indifference. "I know what you are going to call Ardos, but he is more of an idiot in my eyes. I am Setesh Sesmar. I am... or was Ardos's adviser for planning out this world domination scheme."

Lillie glared at Setesh. "If that is so the the things that you people done on Alola were your idea? The shadow..."

Setesh raised a finger. "The initial raid on Alola to pick up Cosmog for the purpose of getting a reliable method for obtaining the Ultra Beasts was my idea. But sending the Darkrai on the people of Alola while you were away. Instead of you know, at you two, were not. Neither was this latest attack."

Setesh tightened his grip on his staff as he had his mind on something else before speaking out loud. "Before you call me out on what has happened with the Mew and the unevolved pokemon. Some of the things were necessary for our plans, that freak Frankas went way too far in his experiments to the point that it stopped being a part of the grand plan and became more like an child breaking every single toy in a toy box. Speaking of his experiments, Mega shadow pokemon were a good idea on paper, but their power boost was out of control for nearly all of them since that bond was needed to keep them from going nuts. I am glad that he is finally dead... from both his Ultimate Creation and by the very Eevee he and Ein toyed with."

Setesh showed the three a video of the battle smug before complimenting Lillie. "Even with all the messed up stuff you been through, you were able to make it out of that one alive while that idiot only sealed his fate! Good work!"

Lillie was shaking in thinking about what she might have done before Elio questioned Setesh. "Does not answer one question. We know Cipher did not get this Ultra Space info by themselves... and no one we knew let them out, helped them or hired them."

Setesh interrupted as he pointed at Elio. "If you want to be Mr. technical, we have you to thank for most of the raw information gathered Elio Sun!"

Elio and Lillie looked at each other in shock. Before Lillie defend Elio, he spoke in his defense. "Wait! Why would I help you?!"

The Admin placed his hand on his face in annoyance. "And I thought you were smarter. I was a part of Interpol when you stopped that Ultra Beast fiasco a year ago and allowed us to gather information about the Ultra Beast. Nice job on catching every last one of them."

Elio stood trying to think of what to say. "But..."

Setesh interrupted. "But the Ultra Beast let loose were a threat and really you did not have many good choices save for doing something about it. I wish that Interpol had the hindsight of going to Alola and confiscate those beast balls you two had. Would have make the shadow Ultra more potent!"

Setesh took a deep breath and stretched his arms casually. "By the way the man who let most of these people out was yours truly... I only wished that Ardos was as smart of a planner as he was a talker."

Lillie glared at the man in anger and shouted. "Why are you helping these monsters?!"

Elio rolled his eyes. "Power."

Setesh laughed at Lillie for the question and at Elio for the answer. "Why am I doing this... Because everyone is a moron that need to be put on leash before they end the world." The two looked at him in confusion speechless.

Setesh saw the two children did not understood and saw Eldes shaking his head. "Since Eldes only has the basic idea of what I am talking about, I'll enlighten you two. Twelve years ago, an eco terrorist group on Hoenn had the hair brained goal of wanting to expand the land. To do this they awakened a legendary pokemon named Goundon in hope to achieve this goal. Awakening a pokemon capable of destroying the world by cooking it, what could possibly go wrong. It got worse when Groudon had the orb need to do a Primal Reversion... the dumb asses who woke Groudon up honestly thought doing this would have been a good thing until they realized they had no control over it. Eight years ago, a cult on Sinnoh helped some guy to rewrite reality by summoning the gods of time and space, Palgia and Dialga; It took freaking Giratina himself to do something about it."

Setesh took a deep breath as he gritted his teeth. "Six years ago a group on Unova tried to convince a bunch of people that battling with pokemon was wrong, when they are all a bunch of hypocrites that exploit pokemon for their goals. What is sad is that their King was a pawn raised from early childhood by a power hungry mad man called Ghetsis." Setesh raised a finger to prevent the two from calling pot and kettle over using people as pawns. "That plan didn't work when some woman from nowhere awakened a legendary known as Reshirem to battle against the kings Zekrom and exposed the group for what they are. Those same losers tried to have Unova frozen over by another legendary dragon two years later." Setesh placed his hand over his helmet as he began to mention the next one. "At the same time a bunch of fashion nobody's showed up on Kalos with the goal of blowing up the damn world. Because their boss found this world to be oh so horrible. Don't we all!"

Setesh glared at Lillie in hope that she knew what was next. "Then there is the latest one and my personal favorite. A year ago, a mad woman messed with another dimension for some reason, got high on happy venom if the reports were excusing it and used everyone around her to open up some wormholes; all in an attempt to leave it all and go live with a bunch of Jellyfish that are cold, unpredictable and not even sentient. While at the same time letting a bunch of dangerous extra dimensional pokemon loose on Alola. The worse part is that no one bothered to really punish her for this crap when it was pretty clear this had been going on for quite a while!"

Lillie looked away as she knew what Setesh was talking about. Elio heard enough out of him as he drew out two pokeballs.

Setesh raised an eyebrow at him. "What are you doing?"

Elio took a deep breath and answered. "You used this knowledge to help a bunch of monsters that should have stayed behind bars. You expected this to go unpunished?!"

Setesh shook his head as he prepared himself. "To ask many intelligent questions, to know very much about the world and still you two understand nothing!"

Vs Cipher Admin Setesh

Setesh sent out an Alolan Ninetails and a male Meowstic.

Elio tossed a pokeball and dusk ball. "Brimmy, Makuta. Lets take him down!" As Elio sent out his two pokemon, The Ninetails snow warning caused a cloud of hail to form.

Setesh ordered. "Alpharius, use fake out on that Incineroar! Fenris use Aura Veil!" As the Meowstic faked the Incineorar out, the Ninetails generated an aura veil around the two.

Elio glared. "Makuta use shadow ball on that Ninetails. Brimmy if you can use Flare Blitz to knock that Ninetails out" As the Ninetails shot a moon blast, the Meowstic yawned at the Cofagrigus pelted the Ninetails with a shadow ball; The Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball at the Ninetails as the Incineroar charged at the same target in a flare blitz for a K.O.

Setesh stared in an attempt think of a strategy. "A well placed offense... Spitey, do something about this while I prepare!"

Setesh sent out an Alolan Persian as the Cofagrigus fell asleep. The Meowstic used psychic on the Cofagrigus as Elio shouted "BRIMMY DARKEST LAIRAT!" The Incineroar spun into the Meowstic for a critical hit, knocking it out in one hit.

Elio took out the dusk ball and shouted. "Makuta, fall back. Come out Mac!" As the Hitmonchan entered the field, the Persian whispered a parting shot at the Incineroar before leaving it weakened.

Setesh sent out his next two pokemon. "Salem, Blaziken end this obnoxious brat's bravado!"

Elio immediately saw something was wrong with the Blaziken. "Mac... use mach punch on that.."

Setesh looked puzzled at Elio. "You do realize that a fighting move like that best would do average damage to a Blaziken, right know it all champion?"

Elio continued the order. "MACH PUNCH THAT BLAZIKEN!" The Hitmonchan rammed its fist into the Blaziken, dealing much more damage than needed to knock it out of the fight; the Blaziken was revealed to be a black fox known as Zoroark.

Setesh flinched. "Changey... how did you?"

Elio glared at him. "I fought a Zoroark a couple times, easy to fool people until it becomes obvious what it, like having the pokemon in the back of your party be a Shadow pokemon!"

Setesh was baffled as he had the Delphox knock out the Hitmonchan like originally planned. "Wha... right, I forgot you had those Aura Scanners. That thing would have reacted if it was out. That was stu..."

Elio did not waste time as he posed for his Incineroar to perform the Z move. "MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" As the Delphox was knocked out, Setesh sent the Persian and Blaziken into the battlefield. Aura Reader activated. "That Blaziken is a shadow pokemon."

Elio called the Hitmonchan before shouting. "Cumustrich it is time to end this fight!"

Setesh raised a dark key stone from his staff into the air. "Indeed it is!" The Blaziken glowed and shrieked as its feathers raised up, its arms erupted a flame.

Elio shouted at the Dodrio. "CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN ON THAT BLAZIKEN! BRIMMY IT IS TIME TO SWITCH, GO MAKUTA!" As the Dodrio channeled his affection into a powerful attack, the Blaziken glowed a dark aura as it kicked into the Cofagrigus for a k.o. Its speed boost was mummified on touch as it fell on his knees.

Setesh hit himself in the head. "Why... why did I forget about that Cofagrigus?!"

Elio grinned as he switched again and fed a dusk ball into the snag machine. "Odon, come out. GO SNAG BALL!"

Shake... shake... shake... click!

Elio took a deep breath as the fight was over. "Odon bug buzz!" The Perisan was knocked out by a large buzzing noise, Setesh recalled his pokeball and fell backward in defeat.

The trio stared at Setesh as he chuckled at them. "This is the part where you send me to hell, right?"

Elio walked toward the next door. "If you meant us killing you... no. I let the police decide what to do with you. Otherwise you are already in hell if you think everyone is an idiot that needed to be herded. Eldes, you take the lead."

As Elio signaled toward Lillie, she looked over at the baffled Admin in pity. "You think you actually know people... but you don't." Setesh laughed harder at himself. "Of course not. I am as much of a dumb ass as everyone else... I know any of you would be smart enough to take down Ardos. Anyone would at this point."

Lillie shook her head as she left.
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 4 The Furious and The Calm.

At Ula'Ula.

A large man in armor wearing a Tauros themed helmet crashed a boat into Malie port. He saw the lingering destruction from Ciphers initial visit on Alola and scoffed at the so called affects of the Darkrai. He sent out a Tyranitar to aim stone edge at the buildings. "Destroy everything on this island since that Darkrai failed to even do that!"

A white haired man heard the bellowing from across the street, he approached the raging man in a snort. "Destroy everything on the island? That is my job!"

Parkas glared at him. "If destruction is what you seek... why not join me in the slaughter?"

Guzma shook his head. "So. I take you are part of this Cipher group I been hearing about... You took a Cosmog, to get some of them Ultra Beast and weaponize them to make them more crazy. Including that jellyfish that makes you go wild... you all are stupid you know that?"

Parkas stared directly at Guzma's eyes in hatred. "The so called Grand Master thought it was a good idea to let someone high on that thing's toxins be in charge of keeping it contained. When a pair from this region stopped our plans from getting more; instead of just coming to this region to personally slaughter you all, that coward Ardos sent a Darkrai to put you all into a nightmarish sleep in hope that would actually work." Guzma sized Parkas up and got his Golisopod ready. "Okay, now you all are stupid and crazy!"

Parkas grabbed a pokeball to join the Tyranitar. "Matters not. You can die like the rest!"

Vs Parkas

Parkas sent out Tyranitar and Cacturn. Guzma shook his head at him seeing that the man is beyond reasoning. "Goliospod, Pinsir, mess em up!" As the Goliospod and Pinsir were sent out, the Tyranitar streamed a sand storm. The Goliospod made a good first impression on the Cacturn and sent it flying back toward Parkas K.O.

Guzma saw one of the lunatics pokemon taken out and signaled to the Pinsir. "Use super power to take that Tyranitar out." The Pinsir punched the Tyranitar with great power, to knocked the Tyranitar back.

Parkas glared at the two pokemon as he swapped for another plan, letting out a large terrier and a pterodactyl. "Stoutland double edge that Goliospod! Aerodactyl take the skies and make it rain with a rock slide!" The Golisopod was hit with a double edged attack as the Stoutland rushed through the sand, Aerodactyl flew into the sky and pelted boulders, knocking both Golisopod and Pinsir out!

Guzma looked at two of his strongest pokemon before calling them back. "Crap this guy is using one of them weather teams that old man told me about. Scizor, lets show them who is faster! Toxapex lets wall!" Guzma sent out Scizor and Toxapex, he activated the key stone on his chain. "Scizor, mega evolve and bullet punch that Aerodactyl Toxapex hit that Stoutland with liquidation!"

As the Aerodactly was sent crashing to the ground for a k.o by the mega Scizor, Parkas shook his head and roared. "So you were able to guess. Stoutland, fire fang that Scizor, take away his speed!"

The Stoutland rushed through the sands and bit into the Scizor with flames, he twitched as he reverted back to its normal form and was tossed back. The Toxapex swatted at the Stoutland with a water infused tendril, lowering its defenses. Guzma saw the battle and laughed at Parkas's order patterns. "What are you some kind of general?"

Parkas's glared at Guzma before nodding. "A Warlord who commanded generals, I had an army over a month ago!"

Guzma stared for before sending out his Honchcrow. "Wait... you were serious?"

Parkas answered in a deep chuckle. "Do not mistake me for a lying coward! I have been honest with you, including my intent to kill you. Tell me something, you have heard of shadow pokemon... But have you ever seen one?" Parkas sent out an Excadrill, it glared as it readied itself.

Guzma squinted his eyes at the Excadrill. "Honchkrow take out that Stoutland with a super power. Toxapex use the same attack on that Excadrill."

As the Stoutland was knocked out, Parkas shook his head again. "Such a waist. Shadow rock slide!" The Excadrill hurled black rocks at the Honchkrow and Toxapex. The Honchkrow was knocked out as the Toxapex was about to faint. Parkas sent out his last pokemon. "Want to know how I plan to destroy everything on this island? Both that Excadrill and this Garchomp!"

A large shark like dragon known as Garchomp emerged snarling, Guzma sent out Bisharp as he stared at the Mega Stone. "Okay... you are not stupid. You are just crazy!"

Parkas glared as activated the key stone the Garchomp roared as his fin like wings melted into scythes, emerged from its stomach as the Garchomp is sent into perpetual rage. "Shadow rage and shadow break that Bisharp from under!"

The Garchomp glowed a dark aura as it violently beaten the Bisharp into a sushie restaurant, with the Excadrill digging into the ground and rushing him back to his trainer. Guzma was about to send out his last pokemon when a voice shouted from behind Parkas.


Guzma recognized the voice and teenager as Gladion.

The Parkas turned his attention toward a blonde teenaged boy in black clothes, he immediately saw the similarities between him and the girl who bested him before.

Parkas saw an unfinished version of the Snag Machine and ordered the two shadow pokemon to attack Gladion in a growl. "Kill!" Gladion sent out Lucario and Tyranitar. "Lucario, Tyranitar stop this maniac." Gladion posed for the Lucario to use "CORKSCREW CRASHER!" The Excadrill was drilled through the floor of the store and out into the concrete before it brewed up a dark sandstorm.

The Garchomp roared and pounced on the Lucario to violenlty beat at him.

Gladion shouted. "Tyranitar get that Garchomp off of Lucario with a crunch."

The Garchomp was shoved off the Lucario by the Tyranitar as Gladion called the badly beaten Lucario back. "Silvally help Tyranitar!"

A blue hued Silvally was sent out as Gladion fed an ultra ball into the machine to use on the Excadrill.


Shake... shake... shake... click!

Parkas pointed at Gladion and roared. "Maim him!"

The mega Garchomp knocked the Tyranitar a side to lunged at Gladion, the Silvally's claws glowed blue and knocked the mega Garchomp off course to beat down a bench.

The Tyranitar joined in as Gladion gave the order. "Silvally keep that Garchomp off me, Tyranitar one more crunch and we have him in for the snag!"

As the Tyranitar tossed the rampaging Garchomp, the shadow pokemon was confused in an attempt to slam into something for a shadow quake, instead of slamming into the ground it caused the Masalada shop to be obliterated. Gladion prepared an ultra ball into the snag machine.


Shake...shake...shake... click!

To Parkas, the teenager who stood before him and the two who bested his army were one and the same. He glared at Gladion and rushed strait to him with the full intention of attacking him with his bare hands. Silvally used Multi attack to stop him, Parkas grabbed the Silvally and tossed him aside before Tyranitar blocked him. The Silvally leaped back to push him far away from Gladion. Parkas did not care as he tried to ram past to two pokemon, they pushed back as he was struggling to breath. Parkas attempted to roar back, as he placed his hand over his chest, refusing to calm down his legs began to shake. Parkas fell over as he attempted to charge again, cringing in pain.

Guzma noticed what was going on. "Loony is having a heart attack. Hey kid... you know anyone who can stop this?"

Gladion nodded back and signaled a woman that was wearing a white uniform that was hiding in the Garden. "Heidi, you have an electric type ready, if you can get him back to us I'll call Nanu?"

The Aether employee nodded as she tossed two electric squirrels known as Pachirisu, one was white with a blue stripe and a white one with a pink stripe. Heidi attempted to defibrillation with both a machine and the two Pachirisu as back up on the struggling Parkas. "Clear!" Zap!

As Heidi was busy, Guzma looked at both Gladion and the employee. "I heard of her. How long have you been there?"

Gladion answered Guzma with a focused frown. "She was in the area when she saw a boat crashed into the port. Soon as she called me describing a man in odd looking armor with a Tauros themed helmet it was obvious that this was this Parkas guy I heard about. Thanks for slowing him down and giving me an opening."

Guzma shook his head. "Some guy with a fancy looking bird told everyone to find a place to hide, the people here were heading toward Po town because of that wall and that traveling that desert would have been nuts!"

Guzma saw the employee rubbing the two Pachirisu together when their voltage alone were not enough. "She still working for you?"

Gladion glanced back. "You meant Heidi, yes. I gave her more freedom to how she does things and she has been getting more results. Even after things shifting she still calls me boss. She als has been pretty good at helping Wicke keep things under control when... never mind."

During the several minutes, Heidi was unsuccessful at shocking Parkas' heart back to life. "Sorry boss. Me, Brilla and Jun couldn't bring him back."

Gladion took a deep breath. "Hey Guzma, people at the hospital are still here right?"

Guzma nodded as Gladion got a phone to call the morgue. "Heidi, can you please do something about this sandstorm? It hasn't gone away since the battle."

Heidi saluted and shouted. "Yes sir Gladion. Come out Typho!"

The eager employee sent out a Pelipper that caused the dark sandstorm to die down from drizzling rain. "Give it a couple minutes, this should clear up."

The group took shade from the rain as Gladion glared at Guzma in urgency. "Soon as this rain is done, you need to get to Po town yourself." Guzma raised an eyebrow, "You telling me that nut job is not the end of... you know what?"

Gladion shook his head. "From what I know it is going to get much worse.


At Aether things have been rather under control for the most part. Aside from Gladion leaving for an emergency and most of the employee's still trying to understand what has happened and why. A red spiky haired, green eyed man arrived at the docks, he was putting out a list on his PDA.

"Okay... I warned everyone else on Alola about what Cipher is going to try and do... so now I have to think on how I am going to get them to listen to me, just hope Ryu is having better luck wtih the legends on Alola than I am going to have with these people." Michael took the elevator toward the conservation deck with a yellow electric feline known as Jolteon at his side, he came to a conclusion. To the people at Aether, he was a complete stranger. He has to make a visual point about what he is talking about or else they would not listen to him. As he entered the conservation deck he found exactly who he was looking for. A blonde woman helping take care of some of the pokemon up in the deck.

The blonde woman turned around to notice a man approaching her, she attempted to greet him like any one else that comes to visit the place, Michael asked the woman. "So, your the person in charge of these people? Lusamine correct?"

Lusamine raised an eyebrow and nodded at such a strange question in a smile. "First time visiting here?"

Michael nodded as he took two pokeballs out. "Care for a battle? I promise this would be quick."

Lusamine was more puzzled, she had not had someone request a battle in over two months. The battle with Elio was expected in comparison. "Why would you request such a thing out?"

Michael answered in a frustrated groan. "I got a message I want to deliver... thought if I showed you what I am about to talk about you would listen. It is kind of urgent I get this message all across Alola. You people included."

Wicke finished talking on the phone with someone before she hurried over to explain to Lusamine about what was going on. "I think this man is trying to show some pokemon of his off."

Michael nodded in agreement. "Yes... mostly to show that I am not some Cipher goon trying to stir a Beedrills nest."

As Michael mentioned that organization, Lusamine took a deep breath in keeping her composure. "Another one from Orre? Meet you at what was the garden at around ten minutes?"

Michael to requested a double battle format on agreement.

Vs Aether President Lusamine.

Lusamine sent out a Clefable and Bewear. Michael took out a pokeball to set out his own bear an Ursaring and pointed to the Jolteon. "Winnie! Volts! Time to show what we are talking about."

As the Bewear stared at the Ursaring's fiery orb, she was ordered to swing a hammer arm at the Ursaring.

Michael shouted. "Winnie, use protect to set up! Volts use thunder wave on that Bewear!"

The Clefable used cosmic power as the Bewear was paralyzed, failing to smash through the barrier.

Michael stared in a determined smile. "Okay Winnie, you got your guts ready it is time to switch. Go Grim. Volts paralyze that Clefable!"

The Ursaring was swapped out for a Dusclops with an eviolite as the Bewear attempted to swing. It had no effect on the Dusclops that took the Ursaring as the Jolteon paralyzed the Clefable, slowing down her cosmic power.

Michael took a deep breath in hope this would work. "Okay now that the set up is done for when that Bewear is gone. Grim use helping hand to help Volts knock out that Bewear!" The Dusclops waved his hands and assisted the Jolteon in knocking the Bewear out in one thunder bolt while the Clefable struggled to move.

Lusamine looked both intrigued and shocked at what she saw. "That Dusclops... shouldn't even know that move."

Michael agreed. "True, but this Dusclops have been from... less than pleasant places. From what I been told about you, it kind of reminds me of those people."

Lusamine placed her fingers on her forehead in annoyance. "Let me guess... Cipher?"

Michael shrugged in a frown. "Ardos orchestrating everything that has happened is the entire reason for this battle. I have another reason to beat you in this BUT that is one I am not really proud of."

Lusamine shook her head as she sent out her Liligant. "You can tell me that reason afterwards. Lets get back to the battle."

Michael took a deep breath, as the reluctant president of the Lovrina fan club, he had to eventually battle Lusamine if only to get the club to finally shut up that he done nothing. "Volts you done good! Dante it is time."

As he sent out the Houndoom, Michael activated a key stone on his set of goggles. "Dante, mega evolve!"

The Houndoom glowed and roared as, his claws began to burn as his bone like growths began to curve into a much more hellish creature, the Lilligant pelted the Dusclops with a dance of petals in anticipating a switch in.

Michael sweated as he ordered. "Dante, use flamethrower on that Liligant. Grim, time to use hex on that Clefable!" The Houndoom knocked the Liligant out as the Clefable and Dusclops traded blows.

Next pokemon Lusamine sent out was a Milotic.

Michael shouted at the Houndoom. "Dante! See if you cannot make that Milotic flinch with dark pulse. Grim help him out with helping hand!"

As the Houndoom sent out a strong pulse of dark thoughts at the Milotic, she retaliated with a hydro pump at the Houndoom. The Houndoom reverted back to his normal form as he was sent flying back to Michael knocked out.

The Clefable shot another moon blast at the Dusclops as Michael switched his Houndoom back to his Jolteon."Volts! Finish off that Milotic with a volt switch."

As the Milotic was knocked out by a volt switch, the Jolteon returned back to his trainer. The Clefable used the to healed herself with moonlight.

Lusamine sent out her Mismagius as Michael switched his Jolteon out for Ursaring. "You did a good job Volts, Winnie lets finish this." The Mismagius aimed a shadow ball at the Dusclops as Lusamine anticipated a switch; the Dusclops was about to faint.

Michael shouted. "Grim, help Winnie take out that Clefable with facade."

Lusamine looked in annoyance at the Dusclops helping the Ursaring knock out the Clefable in one facade. "Equipped with that stone... those things are a nuisance to take out as it is without having helping hand boosting the damage to... troubling levels. How many of your pokemon were among the shadow pokemon? Because I only seen the list of the most recent crisis?"

Michael shook his head. "None of your business on how many were hurt twelve years ago, but all of my team save for Volts were..."

Lusamine took a deep breath as she asked. "Is it anywhere close to a hundred and forty?"

Michael replied back. "No... but it was eighty two. Yes they had a factory fo.."

Lusamine flinched and raised her voice harshly in an attempt to stop Michael. "NO I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW MORE UG..."

Lusamine realized the tone as Michael flinched before lowering herself. "Please, don't. I don't want to know how those poor pokemon were hurt! May we please finish this battle?"

Michael had his hands behind his head before smirking. "This has been fun but we got to get to business pretty soon!"

Lusamine sent out a nervous Altaria as she ordered the Mismagius to finish the Dusclops with off a shadow ball. Michael sent out Jolteon again.

The Altaria shot into the Ursaring with a dragon pulse when Michael shouted. "Winnie, use facade on that Altaria. Volts, thunder wave that Mismagius and we have this fight over"

The Ursaring took out the Altaria in one blow as the Jolteon paralyzed the Mismagius; preventing her from doing much. Ursaring used crunch, it was super effective and knocked out the Mismagius as she was tossed back to her trainer. Michael turned off a recording as the battle reached its conclusion; Lusamine noticed. "What exactly were you doing?"

Michael sighed. "I had that on so people back in a fan club I am in charge of would shut up about something."

Lusamine glared and asked. "I rather not talk about that dreadful fan club if you don't want to. Now, what did you want to talk to us about?"


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 5 Warping.

The rain finally stopped, Gladion went over to pick up the dark Key Stone off of Parkus before the morgue came to take the dead away.

Ring Ring.


"Hello Miss Wicke... come back to... okay bye."


Gladion ordered Guzma and his employee. "Guzma you might want to get to Po town pronto. Heidi... take this and keep it until we get a good time to study this. Faba would no longer bug you about the Key Stones you and the other two have if we can salvage something good out of this nightmare."

Gladion and his enforcer flew back to Aether, they dismissed each other and went to their respected duty's. Gladion made it to the conservation deck when he saw Lusamine and Wicke talking to a strange red spiked haired man.

Wicke let Michael know before introducing him to Gladion; Michael smiled and shooked Gladions hand. "You are finally here, I just got through warning these two about an up coming Cipher attack."

Gladion glared. "I know that it has something to do with two pokemon... how they are going to do it?"

Michael's frowned. "Corrupting an already unstable electrical pokemon and using it to power giant cannon; have a corrupted Mew teleport a flying fortress in this region. Then use XD-008's power to shoot everything on Alola to oblivion, I have a friend of mine gather some legends from this region ready to fight."

Michael looked over to Wicke and Lusamine. "You two should get everyone to the dead center of this facility. In case Ardos sends troops to try and attack... which they will considering most of the information and technology here. We need some one guarding home base."

Michael asked Gladion. "You still have that Darkrai?"

Gladion nodded. "He is at Poni island right now."

Michael smiled. "Good, go tell him that Cipher is coming and if he wants to join the fight that he is more than free to do so. You have a ear piece and ready to command him?"

Lusamine interrupted when she heard what Michael was asking of her son. "You are not considering sending Gladion into this catastrophe?"

Gladion argued with Lusamine. "Whether I help or not, Ardos is going to try and kill everyone anyways... why he is doing this when most of Cipher is falling apart I don't even care for. But he needs to be stopped."

Lusamine stilled her tongue as she glared at Michael. "If anything happens to him, I will hold you accountable."

Michael and Gladion exited the facility to Seafolk Village; Michael explained more. "I already had most of Alola sent to some of the well grounded areas in Alola. Melemele's inhabitants are in the ruins of Conflict, Akala's are at the ruins of Life. Ula'Ula's are heading toward Po town since the ruins of Abundance is in a maze like desert. Poni Island are heading toward the ruins of Hope. You are about to ask how I am I able to get forces needed to fight a flying fortress of doom least of all have some stubborn island deities agree to shelter all these people?"

Gladion answered. " You had Lugia do it... or what was XD-001?"

Michael smiled. "I did not bring him with me to Aether Paradise because we needed to get the word out faster... that and he does not like being in labs."

Michael finished explaining as a watery tornado emerged from the sea. Water flew everywhere as a creature emerged. "I rather call him Ryu than that old code name." As Michael stared directly at a large silvery dragon like bird he hugged its head. The legendary pokemon Lugia. "Missed you already. Did the others listen?"

The Lugia's eyes glowed for a moment, Michael nodded. "You got the four to listen and now you are heading toward the Altar for Lunala's aid?"

Michael looked over to Gladion who was staring at the Lugia and asked. "Need a ride?" Gladion was reluctant to say yes as a ripple was seen in between Melemele and Poni.

A large flying fortress materialized from thin air, a large booming voice was heard from all over Alola. It was Ardos attempting to send a "You gotten in our way and now we are going to make an example of you all for the rest of the world!" speech. Because everyone was already in a secluded location or otherwise well protected, only Po town really heard any of it. Most in the town would have panicked, but the towns walls scaling walls blocked the fortress from really getting a clear shot at anyone.

The fortress aimed its cannon at the one place that have actually gotten in Cipher's way and was clear in the open. Aether Paradise. It attempted to fire a laser of crackling lightning when a strong psychic boosted blast intercepted it. A Lugia emerged from the sea chewing on a white herb. One of the fortress's cannon's aimed at Melemele out of frustration; a charging yellow light rammed into the base of one of the canons, followed by pink, blue and green light attacking the stronghold from all sides. A moongeist beam obliterated another cannon. From the darkness a pitch black shock wave engulfed the stronghold while a beam of ice and a stream of fire punched a hole into the descending fort. Seeing the opening needed to sent the fortress crashing, Lugia shot a vacuum wave from its mouth into the smoldering cannon. As the fortress plummeted the Lugia returned to the shores of Poni to get the two humans ready for what was coming out.

On the north western shore of Poni island, the fortress was rendered immobile.

Gladion had a ring from his phone. "Lillie?"


A voice was struggling to regain her breath. "Brother! I felt this fortress move before we felt a crash."

Gladion's tensed up in worry. "Are you and the others alright?"

Lillie was talking to someone else for a moment. "... Elio said Wes and Rui are alright and about to face something crawling out of the cannon. As for Elio, me and Mr. Eldes we are fine as well."

Gladion took a breath of relief. "Okay expect me and someone who knows of this to be headi..."

As Gladion was about to finish, he noticed something materialized for a brief moment. It looked like Mew, only its pink fur is dark purple and instead of blue eyes they look dead gray. Gladion finished his conversation abruptly as he prepared Silvally with a dragon memory for the shadow Mew. Michael knew a shadow pokemon of this category when he seen it and had his Lugia ready to the fight.

Vs XD-002 Shadow Me...

In place of the Mew is a strange yet familiar creature. It was purple all over and the eyes looked red and menacing. A three headed bird, composing of the combined trio; Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno. Michael made the monstrosities form simple by calling it Zapmolcuno. The abomination glowed and shot three dark beams at the Lugia. Burning, freezing, electrocuting with a lingering burn.

Michael shouted in determination at the Lugia. "Ryu shoot that thing with an aeroblast!"

The Lugia shot at the creature, dealing critical damage; the damage does not seem significant.

Gladion shouted out toward the Silvally. "Silvally, use multi attack! We got to take this thing down!"

The Silvally slashed into Zapmolcuno; while the damage was great in itself it still looked insignificant. The bird shot a dark flame at the Silvally before having another multi attack swung at it, the Darkrai joined in the battle prepared to use a night daze as the Lugia calmed its mind. Before the trainers gave the next order, they saw the shores distort!

Gladion and Michael found themselves on top of a strange mountain with a triangle in the center. Broken columns littered the pillar. Their pokemon were confused at where they are when a strange fairy stood in the middle. It looked like the fusion of a pink, plue and yellow creature, multiple tails containing red gems as the creature thrashed in a purple glow.

Gladion tried to comprehend what he was looking at as he shouted out. ""Lake trio fused together?! Silvally use x scissor on that... thing! Darkrai help him with a night daze!"

Michael noticed the lake trio before ordering the Lugia. "Ryu use another aeroblast!"

As the three pokemon used their attacks, the abomination took on a much less complicated form, a large quadrupedal dark purple dragon with silver highlights, glowing yellow eyes and a diamond on its chest; resembling Dialga. As Gladion pieced together where they were, the Dialga shot a flash cannon at the Silvally. The Darkrai blocked in the way and shot a focus blast at the purple Dialga. The Dialga warped into another form; a large bipedal dark purple dragon with pink highlights, pearls at the shoulders and glowing yellow eyes; resembling Palkia as it tore the fabric of space at the Darkrai.

The Darkrai was sent crashing at a pillar as Michael recognized the place before Gladion said the name. "Spear Pillar?!"

The Lugia, Silvally and Darkrai attacked the Palkia with their strongest attack. Despite the overall damage, the Palkia looked unfazed as it took into a much darker form. A purple basalisk with yellow highlights, red stripes around its belly, glowing yellow eyes; resembling Giratina.

The Giratina disappeared then struck at the Silvally in rather blinding speed. Gladion was able to call the Silvally back before it was sent flying off the Pillar. "Weavile use night slash!"

Michael had the Lugia ready. "Ryu use psycho..."

The area warped again into a much more distorted world, where waterfalls are flowing backwards and the laws of physics seem to be gone. The Giratina thrashed as it took a more serpentine form. The Darkrai attacked in with a night daze, the Weavile used night slash and the Lugia shot psycho boost. The Giratina was sent flying back at high speeds before teleporting right behind the trainers. As it returned to the form of Mew, it let loose a distorted screech. The trainers and their pokemon were sent back to Poni shores by the wreckage. Before the Mew began its next attack it looked over toward the ruined fortress, as if it was called. The Mew teleported out, leaving the two trainers disoriented as to what just happened. Soon as Gladion tried to comprehend what they fought, the sky turned purple as strange purple, yellow eyed, blob creatures emerged en mass. The tree's and shore began to distort as the Darkrai prepared another night daze; signaling the two trainers to call their pokemon back and run to the ruined fortress. Gladion nodded in thanks as he and Michael followed the Mew.

Wes and Rui caught their breath from the falling fortress.

They held on to each other as they braced for impact. As the two make sure each other were safe, they found the Xurkitree crawling out of the ruined cannon. It looked purple with its head and joints looking red. Wes nodded to Rui as he sent out Hitmontop and Ampharos.

XD-008 Shadow Xurkitree its Aura flared up to life, its special attack has increased!

The Xurkitree shrieked and tried to aim a bolt of dark lightning before the Hitmontop faked it out.

Wes shouted in hurry. "Edgar set up a light screen, we need to manage its damage!"

The Ampharos set up a barrier as the Ultra Beast roared. "Gilgey good work, come back and let Dusk handle this. Edgar shoot a power gem on that Xurkitree! " Ampharos shot a power gem laser shot at the Xurkitree before it roared and shot a shadow volt at the Ampharos.

The Ampharos was sent flying back from the force as Wes prepared for his Umbreon to arrive. "Dusk use foul play, Edgar keep attacking!"

The Xurkitree wobbled its arms in a dark aura as it let loose shadow panic. The Umbreon was able to send the Xurkitree flying back with foul play as the Ampharos fell on his own gems and fainted.

Wes called the Ampharos back and shouted. "Edgar that is enough. Come out Vivi!"

The Xurkitree continued to shoot dark lightning at the Umbreon as the Mismagius prepared a willo wisp to burn the Ultra Beast.

Wes prepared to call the Umbreon back. "Alright Dusk that is enough. Come out Ultima!"

The Tyranitar stood before she was greeted with another bolt strong enough to send even her flying back. The Xurkitree slumped from the burn, still desiring to attack again.

Wes placed a Beast ball into the snag machine.


Shake... shake...shake... click!

The duo took a deep breath as the last of the Shadow Ultra Beast have been captured. Rui looked at Wes picking up his prize and sweated. "Alright, let us let the other team know we have done our part."

Wes looked back toward Rui in a smile. "No sense on leaving the show now that things are starting to reach its close.

As Lillie got through calling Gladion to let him know what has happened.

Elio received a message of his own. "BZZT! Call from Wes! BZZT!"

Elio read the message from Rotom Dex. "Good news kid. That Xurkitree you wanted me to capture has been captured. We will catch up later. Don't let the show end without us."

Elio rolled his eyes as he informed Lillie.

Lillie gave Elio a report as to what has happened outside before she saw Eldes being silent. "Alright Eldes, try and talk to your brother and we will handle things if they go out of hand. We understand why you have been quiet as of late."

Eldes nodded back toward Lillie. "I know..."

As the three approach a very large room with a throne, Eldes was the first to step in before Elio and Lillie. A large glass door blocked their way in. The duo looked at each other and set out the Hitmonchan and Golurk to try and punch the door down.

They saw Eldes walk toward someone sitting on the throne, a man in blue that look identical to Eldes save for having long blue hair. "So even after all these years you still hope to I would stop?"

Eldes took a deep breath as he answered Ardos's question. "Brother, this madness has to e..."

Ardos shouted back. "Silence! Cipher will rise and rule this world! If only you and these two have not..."

Eldes continued to try and talk. "Look around you, what is left of Cipher? All of your admins have been bested. Any hold you had on Orre is now gone. Solgaleo, the Ultra Beasts, even the Mega shadow pokemon are lost. Those who are able to create more shadow pokemon are captured or in the case with Frankas... dead."

Ardos rose up from his throne and approached with two pokeball at hand, it looked like his black shades are glowing red. "No! I have not come this far to just give up my dreams!"

Eldes shook his head as he prepared two pokeballs. "Perhaps you would see reason another way?"

Vs Grand Master Ardos

Eldes sent out Latios and Greninja as Ardos sent out Aerodactyl and Kingdra.

Ardos shouted. "Stone Edge the Greninja!" The Aerodactyl tried to impale the Greninja, it missed.

Eldes took a deep breath. "Infinity use draco meteor. Strider hit that Aerodactyl with an ice beam!"

As the Latios sent parts of the ceiling down to knock the Kingdra, the Greninja radiated a chill in his body before shooting out a beam of ice to knock the Aerodactyl out.

Ardos sent his next two pokemon. "Gengar! Heracross!" As the Gengar and Heracross emerge, Ardos shouted. "Shadow ball the Latios! Heracross join in with a mega horn!"

The Latios let loose a psychic blast on the Gengar before the Heracross sent it flying back toward Eldes with a mega horn. The Greninja shifted to the night as he let loose a dark pulse of grim thoughts, knocking out the Gengar as it knocked the Latios out.

Eldes looked at a timer ball he had as he revealed his next pokemon. "Come out Justice, let us end this battle!"

A Zapdos flew into the battlefield as Ardos sent out his next pokemon. "Charizard burn these fools!"

Eldes took a deep breath and ordered. "Extransensory on that Heracross. Strider finish that Heracross with a Hydro pump!"

The Zapdos and Greninja knocked the Heracross out as the Charizard shot a flamethrower at the Zapdos.

Ardos sent out his Alakazam, it had a particular stone on its chest. "Alakazam, MEGA EVOLVE!"

The Alakazam's head and mustache grew bigger as it's two spoons became five. The Alakazam traced the Greninja's type protean as it shot a focus blast at the Greninja, nearly knocking it out as Eldes ordered."Justice use thunderbolt. Strider use hydro pump that Charizard!"

Elio and Lillie saw cracks at the door as they focused more on it. The Charizard was knocked out as the Alakazam was paralyzed. Another thunder bolt caused the Alakazam to reverted back to its normal form.

Ardos fell down as Eldes approached his brother. "Please get up, this is how it must be... the law of this region will render judgement on what you done!" Ardos glared back and smirked. "Eldes you are a fool to think I don't have one more plan."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 6 Glitching Shadows.

As Elio and Lillie broke through the glass door, they found Eldes trying one last time to talk his brother into reason. Lillie looked at the man holding his hand out toward his brother. "You think Ardos is going to..."

A dark looking Mew teleported in front of Eldes and held him into a psychic hold, Elio finished the thought. "Going to take advantage of mercy and try to kill his own brother, then yes. MAC FAKE OUT THAT MEW!"

As Lillie was about to warn Elio why it was a bad idea as the Hitmonchan zoomed in front of the Mew to startle it out of its psychic hold. The Mew turned around as it saw Elio and Lillie; its eyes glowed yellow as it let loose a shriek.

VS XD-002 Shadow... Sandslash?!

As the duo prepared, the Mew took the form of a purple icy hedgehog with red eyes resembling Sandslash.

Elio shouted on instinct. "MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT THING!" The Hitmonchan punched, the Sandslash was sent flying back. A purple Vaporeon scalded the Golurk in hot water.

Lillie saw that the battle had begun. "Well we got his attention now. Onua use high horse power!"

As the Golurk rushed to kick the Vaporeon further back, it shifted back to Mew. It twitched and glowed as if it was reading something. Elio whispered. "Crap! Mac Swap out!. GO BRIMM..."

Elio switched the Hitmonchan for the Incineroar, the Mew took on a very familiar foe. A large purple amalgamation of fish glowing a Totem Aura known, resembling Totem Wishiwashi.

Elio flinched in fear "CRAP! CRAP! BRIMMY MALICIOUS MOONSAULT!" The Incineroar was bathed in energy before flipping and crashing into the Totem Wishiwashi.

Lillie shouted "Onua use shadow punch on that Wishiwashi!"

The Wishiwashi changed into another form upon being knocked back by the fist from the shadows. A purple dragon with antennae, resembling Dragonite; it glowed red as it lashed out on the Incineroar and Golurk!


The Incineroar spun the Dragonite across the room before Lillie switched to to another pokemon. "Onua, you done good. Ghorchi we need your..."

The Hydreigon was sent out. The room warped into a familiar place to Elio. "Wait... we are at the Battle Royale?" The Dragonite took the form of a purple yellowed eyed Hawlucha.


The Incineroar was switched for Banette; The Banette startled by what is going on started to cackle as he mega evolved. The Hawlucha flew up use flying press on what would have been the Incineroar and took the form of a purple Snorlax. The Snorlax felt a burn from the cackling Banette.

Lillie stared at the rapidly changing forms and shouted. "Ghorchi use night daze on that Snorlax!" The Hydreigon engulfed the Snorlax in a dark shock wave before the arena area warped again.

To where Elio first confronted Lusamine. The room itself had not changed save for the frozen pokemon being missing. Elio was about to take a breath of relief when Lillie saw another unusual form. A violently twitching purple and red jellyfish, resembling Nihilego was about to hurl a sludge wave toward the trainers. The Hydreigon grabbed the two trainers and flew them out of the blast, the Nihilego disappeared and behind them a purple Goliosopod knocked them to the ground.

Lillie fell on the floor before she shouted. "Ghorchi use draco meteor!"

Elio landed on his butt when he ordered to the Banette. "PETE USE SHADOW CLAW!"

The Hydreigon shot meteors out of the ceiling and the Banette swung at the Golisopod. The Goliosopod looked obliterated until behind the trainers notice a purple Clefable appeared in front of them. Its face looked like it was melting.

Lillie shouted as she called the Hydreigon back. "Ghorchi swap out for Mai..." Lillie sent out her Gardevoir before the room warped again to Ardos's throne.

Ardos laughed as he pointed toward the glowing Mew. "This is my key to world conquest. The Ultimate Shadow Pokemon, its power to take on ANY form, the power to bend the world, you fools have no ho.."

Two lightning bolts shot at Ardos. Wes and Rui arrived to see the shadow Mew. Rui froze in terror. "Wes that shadow pokemon... its aura is everywhere."

Wes gritted his teeth as he and Rui switched the Ampharos and Raichu for the Tyranitar and Skarmory, the Mew took on a familiar face to them. A large black bird with yellow and prism wings, its eyes have sunk to yellow, it seems to resemble Ho-oh. Elio shook his head at what was going on and switched the Banette back to the Incineroar.

Lillie shouted toward the Gardevoir "Use Psychic to damage that Ho-oh!" The Ho-oh was shot back by a psychic blast before it charged up a sacred flame to ram into her.

The Tyranitar prepared a stone edge and the Skarmory set up spikes, the Ho-oh took on another form. A mixture of three legendary beasts, resembling a fiery dog, a blue dog with a crystal growth and a large saber tooth cat. The three headed creature's eyes glowed red as it lunged at the shivering Gardevoir with claws of water, lightning and flame. A mega stone edge and a darkest lairat knocked the beast back.

Lillie saw to the injured Gardevoir and shouted. "Maiden use hyper voice on that... Elio do you know a name for this... thing?"

Elio looked back toward Lillie in a frown. "Okay stupid name for this. Suintkou. Entei, Raikou and Suicu..."

A Elio tried to explain the name the area warped to the what looks like a distorting Brooklet Hill. Emerging from a lake looked like a purple yellowed eyed Gyarados and a black yellowed eyed Milotic.

Elio called the Incineroar back. "BRIMMY SWITCH FOR CUMUSTRICH!"

Lillie saw her Gardevoir holding her head, like she is trying to keep voices out. "Maiden, go rest in the ball. Go Shocku.."

A Lillie sent out the Raichu before the two serpents sunk into the lake and leaped at her. It missed as she ran out of the way, she gasped as she a Gyarados on one end and a Milotic on the other.

Lillie posed for her Z move as Elio was looking around at the chaos. "This makes no god damn sens.."

Lillie looked over as she finished a lightning bolt pose and shouted. "Elio those monsters injected the Mew with a constant dose of Nilhi..."

Elio nodded and interrupted. "Okay now it makes since... kind of."

As the Gigavolt shot into the abomination, a stone edge was seen sending the serpent flying back. The Skarmory was setting spikes everywhere so it would damage itself from its sporadic moving. Wes switched his Tyranitar for his Ampharos to add more voltage to the attack.

The group noticed as they were switching that they were warped from Brooklet Hill into Po town, the sky itself looked dark purple as the four trainers saw the people who evacuated to the area hiding. They saw a purple, melting, yellow eyed Mega Pinsir thrashing in the middle of town.

Lillie shouted at her Raichu. "Shoot a thunderbolt at that thing!"

Elio joined in the assault. "CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN!"

Wes shouted at his Ampharos. "Join that Raichu with a thunderbolt of your own!"

The twitching Pinsir was struck with lightning and a charging Dodrio before it took on the form of a purple red eyed Volcarona. The Ampharos shot a power gem at it before the Volcarona began to draw a light into its body.

Elio saw it and thought. "Totem energy?"

It took the form of a Weavile as it tried to perform an incomprehensible Z move. "Infer... shat... black..."

The Dodrio was sent flying by some Z move as a Golisopod startled the creature to make a good first impression on the rapidly changing eldritch abomination before slamming it into the ground.

Elio and Lillie looked around to see Guzma, about as confused as everyone else but did not care. "Yeah... I got nothing on what that thing just threw at your bird. Get it patched up and let ya boy handle things."

Elio nodded before warning Guzma. "Be careful this thing is more nuts than you want to know."

Elio switched the twitching Dodrio for a Cofagrigus as he placed a yellow crystal into the Dodrio's mouth and calling him back. "I will get to you in a minute. MAKUTA! WE NEED YOU TO DO SOMETHING!"

The Cofagrigus materialized to aim a shadow ball as the Weavile took the form of purple yellow eyed Gurdurr giving off a wide melted smile. Instead of carrying a steel beam, it was swinging a golf club sporadically. It charged toward Guzma in a much faster rate than a Gurdurr would naturally move.

The Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball at the Gurgurr, it focused its attemption lunged the Cofagrigus and started to beat down the Cofagrigus with the club, never letting up at him.

Guzma flinched before he shouted out. "Not this crap again. Golisopod aqua jet this bastard up!"

The Golisopod rushed the Gurdurr into a wall, a purple creature appeared in the middle of town. It looked like Salazzle as she charged up a flame.. rock blast as she took on the form of a mega Heracross. The Golisopod was shot into making an Emergency exit.

Guzma prepared a switch. "Yeah I would not want to be here as well. Toxapex, we got its attention. Use baleful bunker to mess that thing up!" The Toxapex shielded itself as the Heracross took the form resembling that of the deity of Ula'Ula, Tapu Bulu. Its form look like that of a red bull, except its body look dark purple with yellow eyes. It swung its tail into the guarding Toxapex, poisoning itself as it started to fade into static in a distorted screech.

Teleporting Elio, Lillie, Wes and Rui, it left Guzma and the others behind. He tried to figure out where they all went to before a purple creature resembling an meshed up Ariados started to plop in town skittering gibberish and charging at him. "This is one of those days. Well you want to see destruction in human form?!"

The four are warped into another familiar location, Iki town.

Elio noticed Hau was watching the fight and shouted. "GET THE HELL OUT OF HE..."

A form came crashing down toward the arena, resembling a half melted warped version of Tapu Koko.

Elio cursed under his breath as Hau was getting his pokeball ready, a yellow light came crashing down in the arena. Tapu Koko glared at his doppelganger. "Huh.. So I do look like a bir... I mean. You dare mock me!?"

Hau sent out his Alolan Raichu, he felt something ringing in his head, looked over at his other variant to joined him, the Tapu and the Ampharos in shooting a thunderbolt at the creature.

Hau looked at the shots and grinned. "With our combined fire power this would do lots of..."

Hau's determined grin was wiped off when the dark Tapu took the form of Dugtrio; the melted faces grinned at the non effective damage before Tapu Koko shot a dazzling gleam at it.

Rui switch the Skarmory out. "Okay the warping areas makes most of this pointless. Good job anyways Blackjack. Yuff I need you out!" The Weavile was sent out, the Dugtrio burrowed into the ground before striking Tapu Koko in rapid speed.

Rui shouted. "Yuff hit it with and ice shard!" The Weavile shot icy shards at the purple Dugtrio before it returned to the form of Mew.

Lillie whispered toward Elio with the master ball in the snag machine. "I am trying to get an aim on the Mew with the Masterball..."

Elio nodded back. "Since this thing likes to warp us everywhere and teleports everywhere. Save it for when you can aim!"

He ordered to the Cofagrigus to shoot a shadow ball at the twitching Mew.

The Mew changed form into a corrupted Pheromosa that gracefully leaped in the air. Elio saw the attack. "Crap its a high jump..."

Elio was about to warn Rui, the Weavile set up a protective barrier in preparation for the kick. Instead of a kick the Pheromosa changed into the form of Buzzwole and slammed its fists at the Weavile, being blocked by the protection. The combined thunderbolts shot at the corrupted looking Ultra Beast before the party of five heard a distorted shriek... they saw only static. Leaving Hau behind to face a melted fusion of an ice cream cone and a cup cake shooting large globs at the buildings, tree's, Tapu and himself. Hau had his Raichu charge a psychic blast at the abomination, trying to understand what exactly was going on.

The party of four found themselves warped back to the chamber. The Mew was glowing red as it was staring at a distance. The Mew took the form of an Eevee, then a Flareon, then a Jolteon, then a Leafeon as the creature was about to charge Lillie with some form of attack, an artificial dog slashed the creature back. Lillie turned around to find her brother and a spiky haired stranger rushing in.

Gladion shouted. "Silvally! Keep attacking that Mew!"

Michael tossed out a master ball. "Ryu, fly in and stop this!" The Silvally kept slashing at the warping creature, a Lugia was sent out of a Master ball. The Silvally was about to slash another multi attack when the Mew took the form of a purple Silvally, its claws pure black, its frills red, its eyes red with white pupils.

Gladion flinched as the Type: Shadow used a multi attack on the Silvally's chest, leaving behind a claw mark before he shouted. "Iron head, then use multi attack again!" The Silvally countered by ramming the Type: Shadow away for a flinch, then clawing a Multi attack back. The Type:Shadow roared before lunging at Gladion; it was shot back by the Lugia's Aeroblast. Reverting back to a Mew.

Ardos got up from the previous injury and shouted. "... What are you waiting for? Annihilate them a.."

The Mew hurled Ardos aside in a roar. (SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!)

Eldes regained consciousness to find the Mew twitching mad; he took a deep breath, tossed a ball containing a Metagross and activated a keystone "Judge... mega evolve and use Meteor Mash!"

The Metagross rammed into the Mew before the it took another shape, into a form Michael and the Lugia have seen before. The Lugia back when it was XD-001. A dark storm pushed everyone backward, the two Lugia's collided Aero blast and shadow blast. The rest of trainers joined in attack as the Shadow Lugia let loose multiple voices, confusing the surrounding pokemon in a shadow panic. The trainers switched their pokemon out.

Elio shouted as he sent out a mega Banette. "PETE! LETS FINISH THIS!"

Lillie shouted. "Onua, Medic we need you out here!"

Wes looked over to shout. "Dawn! Gilgey!" Rui called the Weavile back and tossed the balls containing the Medicham and Typholsion. "Diva mega evolve! Rube, it's time to finish this!"

Gladion took a deep breath as he saw the madness. "Tyranitar, Lucario, this madness needs to end."

Michael sent out his Jolteon and his Houndoom ready to mega evolve it. "Volts! Dante! Help Ryu out."

Elio felt silly for not bringing a second pokemon, he groaned as he tossed a net ball. "Odon! Join Pete!"

The group repaired to shoot at the Shadow Lugia, the area warped once again into an area Elio and Lillie were very familiar with; they looked around to find a dark place that was difficult to breath and several strange rock formations.

Lillie shouted. "Guys that Mew has teleported us into Ultr..." Before Lillie finished a fast moving purple Celesteela crashed down into the Banette.


The two pokemon attacked the Celesteela and pushed it back. The Mew took on another form a purple, yellow bulb Xurkitree that was prepared to let loose a shadow storm.

Lillie prepared her mega bracelet. "Medic mega evolve, heal pulse Onua and Pete! Onua hit it with a high horse power!" The Golurk was healed from the Audino's power before kicking into the Xurkitree.

Flying back toward the wall, it teleported in front of the group; taking on the form of a purple yellow eyed Guzzlord. It let loose a shadow meteor, crashing all over; hitting the Tyranitar and Audino. Gladion shouted toward his duo with his hand left hand twitching. "Lucario use aura sphere, Tyranitar use ice fang, if it wants to take the form of these things we will show it its mistake!" The damage was dealt to the Guzzlord, but it kept its form.

Rui whispered to Gladion in a smile. "Don't worry, Diva has this. High jump kick!" The Medicham leaped into the air and kicked straight into the Guzzlord. The Typhlosion shot a focus blast into the Guzzlord, it still stood.

Eldes looked in determination. "Judge, use hammer arm on that Guzzlord!"

Wes shook his head over the battered Guzzlord as he shouted. "Dawn, use dazzling gleam. Gilgey, use close combat!" The Espeon shot a dazzling light, it caused the to Guzzlord bellow a distorted screech as it took on a smaller but much faster form of Kartana.

The Hitmontop beat the Kartana back toward the Houndoom before Michael shouted. "Volts use thunderbolt! Dante use flamethrower on that piece of paper!" The special oriented moves caused another distorted screech.

The Mew took on a form Elio, Lillie, Wes and Rui were familiar with. A purple yellowed eyed woman with a melting face; inside a large, purple and red Nihilego. She shot a power gem at the Houndoom; Lillie struggled to keep her cool as she ordered the Golurk. "Onua use high horse power!"

The mother beast shot out a power gem at the Golurk before she was kicked into a sickening crunch; causing the entire room to warp into another area as the Mew flew.

They group found themselves at Ciphers old lab. Before them looked like the mechanical monstrosity shadow Rotom took. Only the upper torso was replaced with a purple blob with a spewing maw.

Lillie shouted at everyone. "Everyone focus on taking that thing down! Medic do what you can to keep everyone up!"

Elio nodded. "Don't have to tell me twice. PETE, AGAIN! ODON USE BUG BUZZ THIS TIME!"

The monstrosity refused to budge, the Espeon set up a reflect in preparation for a strong physical attack as the Hitmontop used a mach punch. The creature knocked the Hitmontop out with a back hand from his claw, forcing Wes to switch to his Umbreon.

The area warped again. The group found themselves at the Aether labs. Lillie saw behind her a twitching purple Nihilego, ready to leap at her when she heard a voice shout. "Hammer arm that thing away from Lillie!"

The group noticed Lusamine panicked at the sudden random Nihilego that was about to latch on to her daughter, a familiar form teleported in front of the Bewear. A half melted Mega Evolved Kangaskhan faked the Bewear out in unison.

Elio thought more of the madness as he prepared to switch. "I cannot believe I am doing this... still not believing what I just saw. ODON, SWITCH OUT. MAC LETS GO!"

The shadow Kangaskhan duo glowed a dark aura, she punched directly at the Bewear; sending her crashing into a wall and was about to slam its fists into Lusamines head before both heard a voice shouted. "MAC USE FAKE OUT!"

The Hitmonchan startled the Kangaskhan, Elio rushed toward Lusamine as he was prepared to have the Mew focus on him. "I can't believe I am saying this to you. But either fight or run! This Mew is just...!" Lusamine sent out her Clefable as she was glaring at the twitching Kangaskhan. "That Mew tried to attack my daughter... you think I am going to run after seeing that?"

Elio shrugged. "Doubt it." Lusamine ordered her Clefable to shoot a moon blast toward the distorted Kangaskhan, sending it back before it took the form of a Mew and teleported above.

It gave Elio a questioning death glare; Elio was hearing a voice in the back of his head shouting. "LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! LET ME KILL HER! FORGET IT YOU BOTH DIE!"

It took the form of a purple dragon with fire spewing from the mouth, resembling one of the mega evolved forms of Charizard... it was about to ram at both trainers with a shadow flare blitz. Elio shouted. "MAC MACH PUNCH THAT MEGA CHARIZARD X" The Hitmonchan upper cutted the Mega Charizard to send it back; it took the form of another purple dragon resembling another mega evolved form of Charizard.

Elio tried to keep a stable smile in an attempt to find a pun as to why it picked that form before Rui shouted. "Don't make a Y pun right now! Rube, come back, Diva use ice punch on that Charizard!" The Charizard was punched in the stomach by a fast leaping Weavile, it shot a dark slash of wind at the Hitmonchan.

Knocking him out of the battle before Elio called him back. "You did good Mac."

The Mew teleported behind the Golurk as a large turtle with a cannon on its back, resembling Mega Blastoise. It used a shadow hydro pump to shoot the Golurk into a wall for a k.o.

Lillie switched. "Onua Return. Go Cain!" The Leafeon was nervous about being in a lab again, until it saw the distorted Blastoise.

Lillie shouted out. "Leaf blade that Mega Blastoise!" The Blastoise was slashed deeply before it took the a form resembling Mega Venusaur.

Gladion saw the opportunity and posed for his Z move. "CORK SCREW CRASHER!"

The Venusaur was sent drilled into the ground, Michael pointed toward the Lugia holding a white herb. "Psycho boost that Venusaur!"

As the purple Venusaur started to melt, Lusamine saw static and heard a distorted screech as the group teleported away. Leaving behind a purpled melting blob in the distorting ceiling for her to deal with, one of the doors opened to a sunken yellow eye as a foot stomped at both her and the Clefable.

The group found themselves back in Ardos's chamber. The chamber looking more distorted in comparison to before.

Elio shouted as he tossed a pokeball. "BRIMMY JOIN PETE! WE GOT ONE MORE PUSH AND WE SHOULD BE DONE!"

Mew took the form of purple dragon resembling Latios. As Rui's Weavile shot ice shards into it, the Latios bellowed as meteors came crashing down. Despite the havoc only Gladions Lucario was taken out.

Gladion prepared to switch. "Damn it. Silvally we got to end this!"

As the Latios looked like it was melting, it returned to the form of Mew. The Mew glared at Elio who prepared his Incineroar and Banette to attack in unison. It took the next form of a large feline creature resembling Mew. Expect it is dark with yellow highlights and its arms look bulky.

Dex buzzed in panic as he peaked from out of the bag. "BZZT! Boss that is a Mewtwo one of.. BZZT!"

The Dex was turned off by a psychic power; the Mewtwo sent the Incineroar barreling back toward Elio with a kick as the Banette swiped at it with another shadow claw. The Mewtwo teleported into the center of the room to shoot a massive shadow ball on the Lugia.

Michael was the first to shout. "Ryu use Aeroblast, Volts use thunder bolt, Dante use dark pulse!" Wes shouted. "Dusk use foul play, Dawn use shadow ball!" Rui shouted. "Diva another ice punch, Yuff use night slash!"

Eldes shouted. "Judge use zen headbutt!" Gladion shouted. "Tyranitar use stone edge, Silvally use multi attack!"

The attacks hit, it caused the Mewtwo to distort as it prepared a barrage of shadow ball's about to strike at everyone in the chamber.

Lillie shouted. "Medic use dazzling gleam! Cain finish it with a leaf blade!" As the light shinned at the Mewtwo, the Leafeon rushed in with his forehead and tail glowing into a sharp green.


The area around them began to distort as the Mew twitched violently like it was in a seizure. The purple Mew was turning static, glaring at Elio while he whispered to Lillie. "I think we have it in one spot Lillie you know what to.."

Before Elio finished he was caught in a psychic grip and dragged toward the Mew.

He shouted "LILLIE, MASTER BALL NOW!" Elio struggled as Lillie began to charge the master ball. Elio was presented toward the Mew as it let loose a psychic scream into his head. Elio was shown images and feelings from the Mews memories. Memories of overwhelming fear, memories of endless rage, memories of it's various attempts at escape, memories of pain, memories of its mind being torn apart from constant voices... unable to make a cohesive thought. Elio attempted to scream until the last vision was shown, then he thrashed wildly as he fell to the ground, startling Lillie

Ardos got back up badly beaten and looked at the Mew not killing the boy. "What is this?! Finish that child!"

Elio got up twitching in a tearful crazed look and ordered the Mew. " YOUR FREE! PSYCHIC! HURT HIM!"

The Mew did not hesitate as it lifted Ardos, slammed him repeatedly into the ground, then hurled him across the floor. Elio gestured as if he was joining in on the maiming, much to Lillies horror.

Lillie saw Elio beginning to shout with the Mew glowing a dark red aura its eyes glowed red as she prepared to throw. "END THIS FIGHT WITH EXPL.."

She tossed the Master Ball at the Mew before Elio finished the order. "GO SNAG BALL!"

A hand emerged from the star pattern to drag the Mew in.

Shake...shake...shake... click!

The distorted chamber began to static as the Mew was being captured, reverting back to normal as the ball clicked. Elio's vision was back to normal, the crazed look returned to a sorrowful look.

He collapsed before the master ball containing Mew, holding on to it. "Hold on... please."

As he saw Lillie turned him around to try to get him up, he saw her face about to cry. Elio tried to get himself up, his body wont let him. He tried again, barely able to get the words out. "Please... don't..cry.."

He saw blackness.

Eldes saw Lillie was trying to get Elio up.

He noticed his brother battered, bloody, limping toward a button on the throne and whispered to his Metagross. "Judge stop him!" The Mega Metagross rammed into the throne, shattering any attempt Ardos had to make an escape.

The group gathered around around Ardos, Eldes tried one last time to talk. "Its over brother... Please.. just give up."

Ardos tried to struggle his way out. "No! Cipher must live on!"

Gladion heard enough and had Ardos hanging by the throat with his teeth gritting. "You people had hurt countless pokemon. You tried to kill everyone just spite two people. One of which went nuts because of your sicko XD bull!"

Gladion slammed Ardos's head against the wall. "Now the other is about to cry!"

Rui tried to talk reason as Wes gave up on doing it. "Your best followers are all gone and with that Mew all of the shadow pokemon have been captured."

Michael took a deep breath. "Cipher is dead Ardos, wake up. Even your father was able to find reason." Ardos was still in denial as he smirked. "You all will never be rid of us, Cipher will live on!"

Gladion punched Ardos in the face for a knock out.

Lillie tried to check for a pulse, she felt it. "Elio, please get up..." She tried multiple times saying the same thing over and over again.

The Dex flared up translate a reverted and worried Banette. "Bzzzt! Boss is not going to wa..."

Lillie grabbed the Dex to send a message to Kukui and Burnet. "We need help now!"

Michael called Looker and Anabel to arrest Ardos and the two Cipher Admins. Gladion walked over to Lillie to try and comfort her. The two siblings spent what felt like hours carrying the unconscious champion over to the hospital in Melemele.

At the Hospital, the group were joined by Hau, Elios mother, Kukui and Burnet as they prepared for a report on Elio's condition. Lillie had her Audino out to assist in taking care of Elio. Two doctors, one from the pokemon center and a doctor who studies on the brain came back with their report.

Lillie rose up to ask the man. "So Mr Rellie is Elio going to be..."

Rellie took a deep breath as he signaled the nurse named Saikie to help explain. "Bad news, he is in a coma. What ever this pokemon did to him... I will let Miss Saikie explain more."

Saikie nodded. "Thank you Rellie. I seen this sort of thing happen a couple times. Never in such an extreme case. Some times a psychic pokemon would use its powers to do a variety of things on the mind. One rare occasion is a psychic link. Where the pokemon and trainer link their thoughts together."

Saikie looked at the unconscious boy as Lillie explained more. "But that Mew was not..."

Saikie helped her finish as she saw Lillie was in tears. "From Michaels reports... this was not willing and that Mew's mind was gone!"

Rellie nodded and continued. "Because the connection was with a psychic type that is considered insane in every category and was apruptly severed; the boy and the Mew's mind are... dormant."

Saikie raised two fingers in a smile as she explained more positive news. "Fortunately because this forced link was severed before too long, this would naturally fade on its own. Unlike most cases of a coma, he should be back up in around... a week at best and a month at worse. Best thing to do for him is be there for him and guide him back."

Lillie asked the nurse. "And the Mew?"

Saikie shook her head in a frown. "That Mew is both part of the problem and the solution, I don't want to know what was done to it. But it does not want to let the boy go. It is a mental battle as the boy wrestles control of his mind. Soon as the Mew's grip is gone, he will be awake again. I do not recommend letting that Mew out of the ball. It is the one thing keeping it dormant and it would only reestablish the mental link."

Burnet remembered an old machine she had. "If he is asleep and is dreaming his way out back... what if we have a better way of monitoring him? I need at least a couple days to find and prepare an old machine I have."

Hau was yelling at Elio from the chair he was in. "I know you won't give up like this. For anyone staying until he wakes up I am going to be the one who brings the food!"

Elio's mother agreed to stay for the obvious reasons in addition to that if he has the determination to become champ, he has the determination to beat Mew and wake up; she was about to cry. "Just hold on."

Lillie absolutely refused to leave Elio's side. "After everything we been through the last couple months..."

Lillie cried over him, it triggered a change in brain waves, the Audino proceeded to write something down.

Elio came through, he found himself on the shore of a beach. "Wha... where am I? Lillie? Anyone?"

Elio looked around, he saw a creature floating by his side. A pink feline, Mew. "Wha... Mew?" He looked away at the Mew, trying to think of something to saw as the Mew looked down in shame.

Elio asked. "Do you even remember what happened before we got here?"

The Mew shook its head as Elio thought things through. "Some people hurt you to the point that you... lost it. While me, Lillie and the others were trying to stop you. You hurt me pretty bad."

The Mew lowered itself in the ground, crying out guilt.

Elio lowered himself and whispered. "Listen little guy... you did not even have a choice in the matter. The question though... are we dead? Because I do not want the last thing I did in life to be making Li..."

The Mew shook its head as voices were heard around Elio, telling him enough information as to where he is. "A coma thats nice."

Elio looked around before he asked the Mew. "You know a way out of here?"

The Mew pointed toward a strange, yet familiar looking tree. "Over there?"

Elio went over to touch the Mew, as it cringed back as Elio whispered and extended his hand. "Relax I am not going to hurt you. you want to come with me? Once we are out of this coma land Lillie and I have a plan to help you."

The Mew heard the whisper as it sniffed his hand. It floated toward Elio's arms as the he hugged it. "We will get out of this together... Isaac."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 7 Coma

Most of the walk towards the large tree has been uneventful. Save for Elio seeing memories of his life back at Kanto and his early days as a trainer. "Isaac? What sort of mo..."

Elio saw a wooden sign post saying the moves the Mew has. "Psychic, flamethrower, knock off and dark pulse... Sweet. Rotom did say you are known for the largest T.M and Tutor related move pool. Soon as we help you in Orre, I should introduce you to Nebby."

The Mew looked over in confusion as it tried to ask. Elio smiled widely and answered. "Who is Nebby? She is reason Lillie and I have met. Started off as a Cosmog that Lillie ran away with. Turn out the people she stole it from were not nice to ..."

Elio noticed static, he decided to skip the part about Aether. "Anyways, when I helped Lillie in regarding to the Cosmog, it eventually became a pokemon of legends known as Lunala. A cosmic bat with the power to travel into to other dimensions. After I became Champ and Lillie left for Kanto, Nebby and I normally hang around at the Altar of the Moon when we have nothing better to do."

Elio noticed he and the Mew in a forest at an old shrine, he saw a flute. "Play this to begin your trial? Sweet I wanted to try one of these again ever since I became champ. Hey Isaac? Care to be my partner for this?"

The Mew was scared to battle, Elio petted the it. "Relax, it is only a battle. Yes you will get hurt BUT that is the challenge, over coming obstacles no matter how difficult it is." Elio answered the Mews silent question in a smile. "I said this to Guppy, Brimmy, Samson and Gladiator when they started training. The Littens did not care too much, but the Rockruff's needed some guidance; we got to climb up the ladder to make it to the top. Since this is going to be your first... Totem pokemon do not expect them to go easy on us. You want to begin this?"

The Mew stared at Elio and nodded. Elio attempted to play the flute, he had experience with this when he had Nebby evolve and done alright in the ritual. It was slightly below his performance since that day but it triggered something. A large Celebi descended, glowing an aura.

Elio grinned at the Mew. "Normally I order my pokemon through loud firm shouts. If I am shouting at you to make a move, it does not mean I am angry at you. It means I am determined that you would kick their butts. If it becomes a problem, let me know." Elio and the Mew confronted the approaching Celebi.

Vs Totem Celebi, its special attack has increased.

Elio shouted. "ISAAC! LETS DO THIS!"

The Mew was initially startled by how fast the order came before flying in, Elio ordered sharply. "ISAAC USE KNOCK OFF ON THAT CELEBI!"

The Mew looked puzzled as it rushed in and swatted an item the Celebi was holding. A purple orb Elio was all to familiar with. "That is a life orb Isaac, it does damage to you but at the same time it makes your attacks FAR stronger. That Celebi should be more manageable now."

The Celebi inhaled as it giga drained the Mew's life force to add to its own. The Mew shook as he felt the attack. "ISAAC NOW IS OUR CHANCE, USE FLAMETHROWER!"

The Mew inhaled and let loose a torrent of fire all over the Celebi.

The Celebi screamed before it shaking itself and distorting into a different form all together. A tiny fairy that resembled a star and have three blue tags on its head.

Elio stared in wonder. "I heard of this one when I was little. A pokemon that grants wishes. Jirachi. ISAAC USE DARK PULSE TO MAKE THAT JIRACHI FLINC..."

As Elio shouted the order, the world around him distorted into a much less tranquil seen. Unrecognizable bodies were scattered everywhere and the words written around him, disturbing him greatly. "Crush, Ruin, Kill?" The image distorted back to a more pleasant setting as the Jirarchi was knocked out.

The Jirarchi fled as Elio saw a strange pink crystal with the image of a Mew. "Mewinium Z? This look like the only Z crystal I have in this coma land so... Isaac, would you like to know of Z moves?"

Mew placed his right hand at the side of his head and raised his left hand, showing the pose needed to trigger the move as Elio placed the Z crystal into the Z ring and attuned the Mew.

Elio and the Mew walked forward. Elio tried to figure out what that distorted image meant, he remembered something Kukui told him about that move he used. "Dark pulse releases a horrible aura imbued with bad thoughts. It also makes the opponent flinch!"

Elio sighed. "Right... this is a dream, it is made of thoughts."

The two entered what looked like a creek leading to a river. Elio heard a familiar crying around him and recognized a familiar girls voice while the Mew was looking up at the blue sky. "Isaac, you hear that voice. That voice belong to the fair lady Lillie. She along with most of the people are the reason I want to return to the waking world."

The Mew looked curiously at Elio in question. "Why did I call Lillie that... because I am in love with her. Making her cry like this is one of the few things I do not want to do to her... ever. In fact hurting her at all is a sin in my book."

Elio stepped over the rocks, a large school of Wishiwashi formed in front of him to block his way. Elio looked in horror he noticed the Totem Aura and prepared. "CRAP ITS... wait, why isn't it attacking? Isaac, during my journey in Alola I had a rather difficult time in the Water Trial. The Captain did her job, but Totem Wishwashi was not fun due to my team composition at the time. Had to rely on making a pokemon screech and using a Z move to that Wishiwashi after I don't want to know how many failed attempts."

The Mew looked at the Wishwashi; it tried to ask something, Elio understood and answered. "What do I think of it now? I see it as an example of one of the many difficulties life throws at you. Find a way to overcome it, even if the most straight forward method is not the best."

Elio turned over to the Wishiwashi in a stare. "The fact that your strength was ridiculous while in that form, while I was stuck with a bunch pokemon that are not even evolved; was not fun."

The Wishiwashi nodded back, Elio was rather nervous at what it means. "I thought negative imagery exist to try and torture you... here you are like you were back then. A trial I have to over come?"

The Wishiwashi playfully splashed water at the Mew, it giggled as it tried to declare a challenge to Elio. "So is that a yes?"

The Wishiwashi turned toward a better battling position. Elio prepared in confidence. "Alright Isaac, this fight might seem difficult... but I think we got this one in the bag."

Vs Totem Wishwashi, its defenses increased.

As the rain poured as Elio remembered the last battle he had with Totem Wishiwashi; he glared. "ISAAC USE KNOCK OFF ON THE WISHWASHI! MAKE SURE IT HAS..." The Mew swatted a yellow berry off the Wishiwashi and on to dry land.

Elio gritted his teeth. "I knew you had a sitrus berry you evil Wishiwashi!" The Wishiwashi swatted its tail at the Mew, sending it flying back.

The Mew was about to cry when Elio prepared. "This should be when it calls..." The Wishiwashi bellowed as it summoned a pink finned fish known as Alomomola.

Elio glared as he placed a finger at the right side of his head and placed his left hand forward for the Mew to be bathed in light. "Isaac... we have victory in our grasp. USE GENESIS SUPERNOVA TO OBLITERATE THAT WISHIWASHI!" The Mew twirled as it generated multiple psychic orbs, they formed a double Helix as they merged into a single strong orb. The Mew hurled the orb at the Wishiwashi, resulted in a purple explosion causing the totem pokemons many Wishiwashi to scatter into the water. Leaving a lone Wishiwashi knocked out.

Elio nodded. "Alright now for the … wait what?" As Elio turned to face the Alomomola, its form distorted and in its place was a jellyfish with red orbs; known as Tentacruel. The Tentacruel glowed a totem aura, its special defense has increased as it scalded the Mew in hot water.

Elio laughed. "Of course... ISAAC! KEEP USING PSYCHIC TILL THAT TENTACRUEL GOES DOWN!" The Mew let loose a psychic blast on the Tentacruel as it shot a sludge bomb; the Mew countered with critical psychic blast to knock the Tentacruel out. The Tentacruel swam down the waterfall with the tiny Wishiwashi swimming behind, clearing the walk way for Elio and the Mew to travel in. As they stopped to rest, Elio and the Mew found the sitrus berry in addition to a whole bush worth of variety.

Elio asked. "Isaac, we have small a snack break... or you do."

Elio and Mew sat down to view what lurked within the mind, he heard a feminine voice. "The kid is tough enough to take down Guzma at the battle tree, leaving everyone behind for coma land would be a horrible thing for him to do to everyone... He pull through that, he can pull through this."

Elio took a deep breath as he recognized the voice. "Plumeria!"

The Mew munched away at a couple sitrus berries as it meowed a question.

Elio answered. "An Admin that was a part of Team Skull before it was disbanded. She acts tough for all the throwaways of Alola. The ones who lacked determination to keep going, got taken advantaged of or just that no one bothered to help them when the island challenge became too much for them. Aside from the people they worked with when I was doing the island challenge, they as a whole were harmless and pitiful. As Champion I went out of the way to try and encourage these scrubs to improve. Plumeria and me were doing the same thing for around... a year. Only real difference is she tried it by trying to go after my title. I tried it by encouraging them to try. Another reason I need to wake up. To keep inspiring these people."

The Mew looked back at Elio in questioning as he continued. "We butt heads every now and again, she normally picks on me when I start missing Lillie during her trip in Kanto... but other than that we get along."

As the two stared at each other in long silence. Elio took a deep breath. "Isaac. If you are healed up, we need to get going."

As Elio and the Mew got closer to the tree, they found a blonde dark clothed teenager fighting two smaller trees. Elio recognized the teenager as Gladion, especially when he saw a Silvally at his side.

Elio was putting the connections together of what they mean as the Silvally leaped at the tree, only to be pushed away by a jolt of electricity; a small creature resembling a Pikachu leaped from the bushes to try and do something, only to be pushed back as well. "ISAAC, USE PSYCHIC ON THAT TREE! If it is what I think... no it is." The Mew sent out a psychic blast at one of the two trees, it shot a thunder bolt at the Mew, it did MUCH more damage than the Mew anticipated as Elio ordered. "Isaac use dark pulse!"

The Mew channeled dark thoughts, the area surrounding the tree distorted into a forest fire.

Revealing the two trees to be the Ultra Beast Elio feared, black wire like creatures with white glowing growths resembling bulbs. "Xurkitree!"

Elio was about to order the Mew next attack, he noticed that the two Xurkitree's were backing away in fear of the Mew.

Elio listened to the masculine voice not so older than him in the surroundings. "You still owe me a battle. I will never forgive you if you back out and make her cry for not coming back!"

Elio took a deep breath. "Yes, Gladion I know..."

The Pikachu leaped at the Xurkitree, it was vaporized by electricity. Only to reappear by Elio's side ready to attack again, he knew something was going on when he saw the face look like that of a drawing. "Wait a minute... Lost, stay right here while I get Isaac taken cared of. ISAAC USE PSYCHIC TO FINISH OFF THAT XURKITREE!"

The Mew snapped back to its senses and knocked out the Xurkitree with a psychic blast. On getting back up the Xurkitree saw a wormhole open up and skipped happily into it before closing. The Mimikyu leaped at the other Xurkitree for its turn before being knocked out.

The Xurkitree glowed in power as Elio shouted. "ISAAC USE PSYCHIC!" Instead of using Psychic, the Mew pulsed in an aura of dark thoughts.

The Xurkitree was paralyzed in fear as the Mew distorted itself as the shadow pokemon Elio fought in the waking world.

The image of Gladion and Silvally were focusing their attention toward the Mew as Elio got the idea. "ISAAC, THAT WAS NOT MY ORDER! USE PSYCHIC!"

The Mew ignored orders and tried to use dark pulse again. Words began to distort around the tree. "Fear, Terror. Make them feel it!"

Elio put his foot down as he did something rather foolish, he walked between the Mew and Xurkitree and shouted. "ISAAC YOU ARE NOT TO USE DARK PULSE AGAIN!"

The Mew snapped back to its senses again as Elio felt a tap on his shoulder.

Elio turned behind him to see a Xurkitree expecting a battle to continue. "As for you... do you even know how dangerous you are to the things around you?"

The Xurkitree looked like it did not understand what Elio was saying much to his frustration. "I take that as a no. Don't you rather want to go home?"

The Xurkitree sparkled electricity as Elio shouted. "That right there is why people try to hurt you!"

The Xurkitree shrieked at Elio. "You are not fixing your problem! You are making it worse!" The Xurkitree, calmed down as it gestured back to the Mew.

Elio took a deep breath. "Okay Isaac, let us try this again. USE PSYCHIC!"

The Mew shot a psychic blast, the Xurkitree repaid with a thunderbolt, Mew was gritting its teeth in pain before countering with another psychic blast. The Xurkitree was knocked into the tree and saw another Ultra Wormhole opened up, it stared at the Mew before skipping away into the wormhole.

Elio looked back at the two pokemon and realized the other two imagery disappeared. "Alright Isaac. The girl standing before us exist in the waking world. It is a Mimikyu named Lost. A powerful ghost type with a unique ability to take the first attack on her. Lost, you want to come with us?"

The Mimikyu joined the party in a blush!

The trio walk into the tree, they saw a large chasm spanning for what seemed like forever. The only way up was a long trail leading upward. "To the top of the tree is where the way out is. Alright. Isaac you are going to take a break from the next battle." As the Mew nodded in acceptance, they found themselves in a chamber composing of four figures. Elio tried to connect what they meant from the waking world as he continued to walk forward.

Elio felt static going forward and walked back. "Okay, I am going to have to actually figure this one..."

As he walked back to the chamber he heard three of the voices speaking about how long Elio has been in the coma. "Wait four days?... Did not feel long."

As Elio decided to sit and wait, he listened in to a rougher looking voice. "That Mew was the one who knocked the kid out? What was done to it... Be specific kid!... Wait, Cipher injected that Jellyfish's venom into that Mew? That is just stupid and crazy!"

Elio recognized the voice. "Nice of Guzma to come visit me."

The voice continued to ask. "You think you can actually help this thing?... Nah! Not that! I meant when it took the kid over, what did it try to do... It tried to what... It tried to kill itself?! That Mew is going to have problems long after it has all that crap out of him, you realize that?"

Elio petted the Mew as it began to cry. "Makes you feel better, a Leafeon Lillie has by the name of Cain had problems as well so you would not be the only one."

Elio hugged the Mew as he saw a large creature with an aura approach. "Goliosopod?"

Vs Totem Goliosopod, its Attack has increased.

Elio signaled the Mew to go wait as he sends the Mimikyu out. "LOST LETS KICK THIS GOLISOPOD'S ABDOMEN!" The Mimikyu was intimidated by the Goliosopods first impression and was knocked out of her disguise.

Elio shouted. "LOST USE WILLO WISP!"

The Mimikyu burned the Goliosopod with a willo wisp from under her cloak, Elio shouted another order. "LOST HIT THAT GOLIOSOPOD WITH A SHADOW CLAW!"

The Goliospod was knocked back and retreated to call a white fur insect known as Larvesta. Elio saw it as his opportunity. "LOST USE SWORDS DANCE!"

The Larvesta charged the Mimikyu to increase its speed as the Mimikyu danced in vigor, Elio ordered again. "LONG AS YOU DON'T GET A BURN LOST. SHADOW CLAW!"

The Larvesta was knocked into the darkness as the Goliosopod crashed back into the fight to sucker punch the Mimikyu; because of the burn, the damage was minimal.

Elio shouted louder. "LOST FINISH THAT GOLIOSOPOD OFF WITH PLAY ROUGH!" The Mimikyu rushed toward the Goliosopod, she swiped on each of the limbs before she swatted the Golisopod in the head, sending it barreling back toward the ground.

Elio hugged the Mimikyu in triumphant as he heard another voice. "Sorry about that, took me a while to find this old machine. Had to test it to see if it work." Elio recognized the voice as Burnet as he sat and listened. "Okay, break before we go deeper in!"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 8 Climbing The Tree

In the waking world, Burnet arrived in the room with an old machine. "I had to to see if the Dream Radar still works, now hook this here and..."

A screen is shown with several images; one of an island with a tree slowly being engulfed in shadow, images vary from relatively peaceful to distorted almost glitch liked imagery, Lillie found one that has Elio and a Mimikyu fighting a large totem boosted Goliosopod.

The Mimikyu in the waking world jumped up as she heard Elio say. "Good work Lost. Okay Isaac, lets keep going."

Guzma laughed at image. "Ha! Yeah, he heard me alright."

Lillie recognized the pink feline. "Mew?"

Guzma looked at the image of Elio hugging both Mew and Mimikyu. "He is seriously working with that Mew? That thing was the reason he is in this mess and he treating it like nothing happened. Hey kid, this the first time he got hurt by one of these shadow pokemon?"

Lillie took her focus from the screen as she turned around to let out a Leafeon. "This is Cain, the first shadow pokemon we encountered... he caught Elio off guard when he was trying to pr..."

Guzma looked back at the screen, too bored to want to hear the details. "Okay... that make sense."

Burnet looked over at the screen and brain waves, she noticed something stranger than the Mew. Elio and the two pokemon left one chamber, the screen went static as the Goliosopod disappeared.

Burnet asked. "Lillie, you said the Mew has Elio in a psychic link and is the reason that he is in this coma?"

Lillie nodded as she watched the team on the screen progress deeper in. "Yes."

Burnet thought it for a moment. "This explained why the dream world is... distorted. The Mew we see on the screen seem to be the dormant remains of its mind before it was turned into a shadow pokemon. This and the shadow Mew are both the same and two different entities."

The group tried to make sense over what was said as Burnet continued. "The Mew we see now is trying to help Elio wake up so he can help it. The shadow Mew is trying to keep Elio in the dream long enough for it to reestablish control over his mind. The only good thing about this is that the shadow Mew's mind is... broken, meaning that as long as Elio does not give it the power, he should wake up relatively fine."

Lillie looked at the distorted purple images moving sporadically, the writings composed of dark words and the image of shadows. "This is the shadow Mews doing?"

Burnet nodded as she read a note that came out. "Okay here is what the fuel is. The Mew's move set composed of psychic, flamethrower, knock off and dark pulse. The last one being where the fuel comes from."

Kukui was about to explain what dark pulse is until Guzma interrupted as an act of spite. "Dark pulse... that move that ... crap."

Kukui responded back to the Guzma in a smirk. "I thought you knew of that move since your Honchkrow has that in its move set some times."

Guzma yelled back. "I know! Its a move that is powered by bad thoughts. That Mew was so nuts it tried to kill itself, why... never mind, those lunatics knew of that problem and probably probed it to not blow itself up on the first chance."

Lillie looked at the screen and thought of what Guzma was speculating. "When the Mew forced a mind link... it did that as a way to escape Ardos's control over it?"

Guzma laughed. "If you even call that control. That Mew found someone more than willing to give it freedom then made him its new master after giving that Ardos chump a piece of its mind it tried just that."

The screen altered to Elio walking down a hallway burning in flames and ashes, Guzma's bored expression changed to a startled one. "Okay... this is something new? The Mews doing?"

Lillie took a deep breath. "No... Elio always had the desire for the heat of battle. Most of the things he fought in this coma are from his own mind."

Guzma nodded. "Right. He had a thing for fire types anyways. God damn moth helped prove that!"

On the screen Elio and the two pokemon walked past a fogged door to find a bonfire and a Larveseta. Elio approached the bonfire, a large Volcarona flew into the room. Guzma calmly excused himself to the three people in the room. "I will be outside banging my head against a wall!"

Vs Totem Volcarona its special attack has increased.

The Volcarona burst a Totem Aura as it glowed. Elio pointed at the Mimikyu. "ALRIGHT LOST! LETS BURN THIS FLAME OUT! USE SWORDS DANCE TO BOOST UP THEN SHADOW CLAW!"

The Mimikyu danced as the Volcarona performed a quiver dance dance to increase its special attack, special defense and speed. The Volcarona emitted a strong heat wave in an attempt to burn the Mimikyu. The Mimikyu's disguise plopped before a claw emerged from underneath her cloak to rake through the Volcarona.

The image distorted to a humanoid with the same fiery wings of Volcarona, the figure itself has flames glowing from every orifice in its body. "Ye who seek to the flame... prove thyself worthy."

The figure crushed a white stone, summoning an electrical lion known as Luxray.

It intimidated the Mimikyu out of some of its vigor before Elio shouted. "Lost, again and don't stop till it is down!"

Mimikyu clawed at the Luxray before she was countered with a wild charge, another shadow claw knocked the Luxray back toward the figure, fading in white ashes. The figure summoned an Alolan Muk.

Elio shouted again. "LOST USE PLAY ROUGH, KEEP AT IT TILL THE MUK IS DOWN!" The Mimikyu punched her wooden tail into the Muk before being crunched with its hazardous fangs. Mimikyu prepared to play rough again before the Muk sneaked behind her from the shadows in an attempt to sucker punch her. The Mimikyu rolled and repeatedly attacked the Muk's flank before slamming it to the wall for a K.O, fading like the Luxray.

The figure sent out a strange creature to Elio, it looked like Araquanid except the watery bubblers have orange flames in place.

Elio blinked. "Okay that is weird, Lost switched out for Isaac." The Mimikyu switched positions with Mew before the Araquanid lunged to use bug bite for super effective damage.

Elio found it more suspicious as he ordered the Mew. "Isaac... USE KNOCK OFF!"

The Mew looked in confusion as it swatted something off the Araquanid, it looked like a piece of ember that faded to ashes.

What was a fiery Araquanid started to form watery bubbles and spewed water at the bone fire in protest.

The figure shouted toward the Araquanid. "You fool, do you want to darkness to come?!"

Elio laughed at he figure. "The flame has to die sooner or later." The figure drew out a fiery sword in an attempt to lunge at the Araquanid.

Elio gritted his teeth in shock and shouted. "Isaac, knock that sword off of him before he hurts that Araquanid!"

The sword was swatted out of the figure as it was pushed back by the Araquanid's liquidation.

Elio shouted. "Okay Quenclag back up, let me finish this fight. Then you can come along."

Elio posed for the Mew to use its finishing move. "GENESIS SUPER NOVA!"

The flaming figure got up to find a double helix forming into a blast; it attempted to dodge to no avail as the ball homed in and blasted into the figure. The figure began to crumble in ashes as it was slammed across the wall.

Elio looked at the dying flame to find the Larvesta still there, shivering and wet as he whispered to it. "Hey little guy... you want to come with Quenclag and me?"

Elio looked back to find the Araquanid disappeared. "Okay not Quenclag."

The Larvesta approached the Mimikyu who was eating sitrus berries, both became fast friends as they saw the flame die. Elio shrugged as the Larvesta and Mimikyu were worried about the fire going out. "Don't worry about it you two. One flame dies, another would rise even stronger."

Elio picked up the Larvesta and left the flame. "I'll call you Embey."

In the waking world.

Lillie looked at the screen to see the bonfire go out in shock as the imagery grew much darker. Unlike the distorted imagery of of the Mew, it looked much more like a natural darkness; unfathomable, oppressing, primal. Lillie tried to figure out what the imagery meant. "What... what just happened?"

Burnet saw some notes coming out and frowned in anticipation. "He choose to walk the dark... in other words. He is going to be facing much more hostile creatures in the dream. He has to do this anyways to wake up."

Lillie stared at Burnet as the sun started to set. "You saying that if he let it stay aflame, the imagery would get worse?" Burnet nodded to Lillie. "And if he let it die it will come sooner. Most of what he faced are manifestations of his own thoughts. That Goliosopod and Volcarona, the types of pokemon he enjoys battling; one of the things he fought before I was able to bring this machine was something he feared."

Lillie frowned at the screen as her Leafeon stared with her. "If he has a reason to hide what he feels, it is because people are watching. The only thing he really hid during our time on Orre is what he really felt about all the pokemon Cipher..."

Lillie took a deep breath. "Just hope Elio likes what he is about to see."

Later in the night; Kukui and Burnet went home while Elios mother arrived to watch how her sons journey into the dream was progressing. It has been rather an uneventful night save for the creatures of the dream representing one major mindset Elio believed in. The difficulties life has and having to find ways to overcome them. With only a Mew, Mimikyu and a Larvesta on his side, the creatures of the dream have on multiple occasions knocked his team out and forced him to the few safe zones on the path way. Lillie looked up what type of memory it was and discovered that the hat she bought for Elio in Orre was related to a brutally difficult game.

The Audino wrote down two words as it saw Elio fall. "You died!"

Lillie cringed in mental pain as she watched a video of a knight repeatedly killed by a goat like creature holding two machetes, she asked herself. "Why does someone play this game if it only brings pa..."

Elio's mother recognized the music as she saw the dream radar. "This one is my fault. I am a gamer and ever since he was little I let him play some of the games I have. He also became a gamer when I saw him burn his entire allowance on a collection. That habit reached its conclusion around three years ago, when he saw me play this game and wanted to play it. I helped him set up a character, told him everything he needed to know about the difficulty AND if the game became too hard for him I get him this bullet hell rpg game he knew about."

Lillie was startled at Elio's mother as she continued. "Long as Elio did not mindlessly kill everyone, it would have been a difficult but fun time. Instead he kept playing this for three months... from the Asylum all the way to confronting the Father of the Ab..."

Lillie looked over to another video, a knight fighting what looks like a crippled swordsman.

Elio's mother looked at the dreamscape he was in, her eyes widen at what the place resembled. "Uh oh!"

The group heard a loud roar as they saw Elio fight a crippled looking Lucario that was going mad. "EMBEY USE FLARE BLITS ON THAT LUCAR... SCRATCH THAT; MOVE!" Elio and the Larvesta dodge out of the way of a rampaging Lucario that was moments away from mega evolving. The Larvesta flare blitz itself into the Lucario mid mega evolution and knocked it out.

Elio's mother sighed at bad memories. "He struggled on a level like this for a whole weekend but the boss getting to the level was more of a lore character but it is a fast pace fight though and you are better off moving when the boss moves."

Lillie saw Elio hold the Larvesta out and cheered over the vanquished foe. "He had a similar experience when he fought Totem Wishiwashi. He kept loosing to that pokemon over and over shouting about an Alomomola." Elio's mother smiled at Lillie. "And he found a way to defeat it anyways! He did call home about that one. Took him a whole day with the pokemon he had with him... now he is descending into the Abyss." Hau walked in with food, he noticed the dream radar reacted to Elio using a Z move on a strange red looking Mismagius that was hurling shadow balls. "What about an Abyss?" The two ladies looked at each other when Elio dropped down an elevator. "He blocked the worse out, he is skipping strait to big one!"

Elio descended down the elevator, he had his pokemon healed up after a gauntlet of annoying enemies. "Alright, this is our spawn point so any difficulty we have past this fo..." Elio approached the fog door, a fire lit up by his side and a massive hand reached out to grab the party. They were thrashed wildly and dragged in. Elio and his pokemon awoke to find a large Slaking, with dark fur, and spike like growths on its back. The fight began and Elio was quickly defeated by the one command strategy he had enforced on his pokemon from the day he started as a trainer, all the way to the recent events on Orre. Being fast to act and being aggressive when the enemy reacts.

The four in the waking world watched Elio lose to the Slaking before being swatted into a bottomless pit, Guzma entered to room with stitches on his forehead to find Elio muttering. "Damn it!"

He and his pokemon emerged from the bonfire. Guzma looked on as he saw Elio yanked into a fogged door again by the massive hand. "What the hell is he.." The Slaking swatted at the Mimikyu and was countered by a burning willo wisp. Despite having used a move the previous turn, the Slaking roared as it continued to beat down on Mimikyu.

Guzma watched and asked in a grin. "Okay anyone tell me what this is because I like what I am seeing!"

Hau and Lillie glared at Guzma, Elios mother took a deep breath. "He is fighting a boss... I think this one is suppose to be made from a memory of one having the title; Father of The Abyss."

Guzma raised an eye brow at the title. "What?"

Elio's mother answered back. "Only thing you need to know is that he is aggressive, fast and unrelenting in a game infamous for having you die repeatably."

The Audino wrote down a sentence. "Only cure for this is to get good at the game or quit, kid is not going to quit,"

Lillie looked at Elio's mother in questioning. "How long did it took for him to beat this boss?"

Elio's mother laughed. "A whole week of attempts, good news though, it look like he is making progress on this one a..."

Elio was down to his last pokemon, the Slaking blew out a stream of darkness, Elio found himself at the bonfire only to be yanked in yet again.

Elio's mother was impressed as she approached her sleeping son. "Not bad for a second attempt. Elio, do what you did last time but save that Mew for last and if that Larvesta can heal itself do that instead of just attacking. Have to stay in the fight longer to win!"

Elio's mother shrugged as the others watched, Lillie sighed in frustration. "A Slaking without Truant is a difficult enemy to face as it is."

Elio saw the Slaking glare at him yet again. "LOST USE WILLO WISP!"

The Slaking swatted at the Mimikyu as she countered with a willo wisp.

Elio shouted. "LOST USE PLAY ROUGH!" The Mimikyu took the order it and repeatedly attacked the Slaking, lowering its physical attack.

Elio ordered. "OKAY LOST BACK AWAY UNTI..."

The Mimikyu ran past Elio as the Slaking prepared to lunge, Elio cringed in panic. "OKAY I AM BACKING AWAY!"

Elio and the Mimikyu ran together as the Slaking kept trying to attack them until he was at the end of his combo. The Mimikyu rushed toward the Slaking again to play rough with until she was swatted back by a shadowy claw. The Mimikyu rolled and attacked until the Slaking leaped into the air to crush her for a K.O.

Elio sighed as he prepared to switch. "Lost you did good. Embey open up with a flare blitz, then roll back and use Morning Sun!"

The Slaking was annoyed by the Larvesta's flare blitz and attempted to attack. When the Larvesta rolled he used the power of the sun to heal himself as Slaking attacked again again. Elio was prepared to run to the Larvesta. "EMBEY LETS KEEP ROLLING AND DODGGING. THEN WE CAN SWITCH AGAIN IN STYLE."

The Slaking was charged yet again, it proceeded to swat a tide of darkness. Elio grabbed the Larvesta and rolled toward the Slakings side. Elio found an opportunity and tossed the Larvesta at the Slaking. "EMBEY USE U TURN!"

The Slaking was pelted in the head by the Larvesta as the Mew flew in its place, Elio grinned in confidence. "Isaac! Since this specific Slaking is part dark type, a Z move is not going to bail us out. So just focus on flamethrower and dodge when he swings. This means get within arms reach, so wait until it gives an opening!"

The Mew rushed toward the Slaking as it closed his hand and shot bullets of darkness at the Mew from all sides. The Mew flew under them and shot a flamethrower, the Slaking roared in pain and tried to punch to Mew, it missed as the Mew dodged. It raised its hand to the air and called dark rain down to knock both Elio and the Mew out. Both slide underneath and the Mew shot again; the Slaking slammed the Mew to the ground with his hand as it found an opening.

The Mew floating up dazed as Elio gave one more order. "OKAY ISAAC HE LOOKS INJURED ENOUGH DODGE ITS NEXT ATTACK AND BU...ZZT!"

The dream radar went static, the people in the room heard a distorted screech and a voice hissed in Lillies head. "Mi...ne!"

Lillie recognized the shadow Mew's screech and searched the machinery to see what was wrong. The brain waves looked normal and Elio grinned in his sleep. Guzma was looking at the screen and shouted in frustration. "Oh come on I wanted to see the good part!"

Elio's mother took a deep breath when she saw her son grin. "Don't worry he beaten him. He makes that smile when ever he beats a boss that would give him trouble."

Guzma looked at the mother confused. "You battle at all? Because that kid seem to take a lot from you!"

Elios mother giggled as she dismissed it. "I have made a name for myself over the years, one my titles involved how well I am with my Meowth!"

In the dream world.

Elio cheered as he healed up the three pokemon. He noticed the Slaking still moved as it reverted back to a far less corrupted form. It was in pain from the burn, Elio took a deep breath of frustration as he handed over a bunch of berries to treat the Slaking of its wounds and burns.

He asked the Slaking. "You want to join this team, we need a power house and you are our best option. You might have Trua..."

Elio was about to finish the question when he heard Lillie whisper. "Wake up soon please!"

The Slaking looked around in an attempt to discover where the voice came from, Elio raised his finger to the dark ceiling and smiled. "That voice right there was the reason I walked into this hell and did not give up no matter how quickly you beaten me. If you want to join, mind if I call you Manny?" The Slaking grinned as it offered to carry the team of three up the tree.

The Slaking carried Elio, Mew, Mimikyu and Larvesta up in the tree for what felt like eternity. They found themselves in a rocky hall way filled with odd glass like formation's. The Slaking lead the way until the group found a strange floating creature; a Nihilego holding a balloon. Elio stopped the Slaking from attacking. "Relax, I kind of know this one... Krell?"

The Nihilego approached Elio, but not too close and kept a fair distance. Elio nodded toward the Mew in a frown. "Bad enough that Cipher turned you into a weapon Isaac, but injecting you with this things venom while kn..."

The room distorted as the Mew was reverting back into a shadow pokemon, its eyes looked black with yellow pupils as it hissed.

Elio shouted in defense of the Nihilego. "Isaac it is not even this things fault!" The Mew twitched back toward him.

Words distorted around the cave as the Nihilego backed away shivering. "Who!? You know! The witch caused all this! Burn her at the stake!" Elio took a deep breath. "And if Lillie saw this..."

The Nihilego floated toward a corner and cowered as two familiar voices were heard. "Mother? What are you doing here?!"

Elio's eyes widen as he realized what was happening in the waking world. "Isaac... please calm down what is happening out side shou..."

The distortions did not calm down as the area started to go static. The older voice answered. "You were here for nearly a week and no one has told me anything, save for Gladion leaving to visit this hospital once a day. I know that once you two fought that Mew... nearly everything started to collapse."

Elio sighed in worry. "Right... she got herself dragged into that part of the fight when you ported us down into the labs. Now I have the pleasant image of her being in the same room as..."

The static began to get worse as the voices continued. "Mother, what happened after we were teleported out of the Aether Labs is none of your business. I did call that something bad had happened and I would be very busy."

The older voice responded a firm tone. "Yes you did. Still even in comparison to the last shadow pokemon I seen, the Mew's behavior was... disturbing. What have they done to that Mew?" Elio kept himself between the Mew and the Nihilego as he prepared to listen.

In the waking world.

A day has past since the Dream Radar went static, most had went home for the night baring Lillie and she had a surprise visit from Lusamine who was asking questions about the Mew she was better off not knowing. Lillie told Lusamine that the Mew was among the XD class shadow pokemon and was driven to complete insanity.

Lusamine nodded as she continued. "Yes you told me about those, for what was an empty shell it acted far too chaotic. I ask again, what have they done to that Mew?"

Lillie was hesitate to answer. "They... forced it into a endless state of Hyper Mode."

Lusamine placed her fingers over her forehead in frustration that Lillie was being very vague. "Hyper mode?! That is one reason why the Mew mind was gone. Being a powerful psychic type...

Lillie tried to hide her tears as she interrupted. "It tried to use Elio as a means to escape it all."

Lusamine took a deep breath. "What do mean by escap..."

Lusamine's eyes widen as she realized what happened. "It took that boy's mind over when you were about to capture it, did it?!"

Lillie nodded back "Something called a psychic link... it was not even a minute long and I saw Elio break."

Lusamine at the master by Elios side, tried to think about what to say and smiled back in what would have been a gentle smile. "You two still did a good job in capturing it before it got wor..."

Lillie shouted out in tears wanting her mother to stop. "It was about to have Elio order it to use a shadow explosion! Mother, you know what that move does!"

Lusamine froze at what she heard, Lillie spoke loudly no longer in the mood to continue the conversation. "I know you are trying to make me feel better... but I think it is best if you just leave."

In the dream world.

Things were much more chaotic as distorted words scattered across the room. In place of the Mew were three strange looking amalgamation's of Tentacruel, Ariados and Beheeyem; the Mimikyu and Larvesta were under their control.

Elio saw himself in a corner with only the Slaking and Nihilego to protect him. "DAMN IT ISAAC! KRELL SHOOT THE ONE IN THE BACK WITH POWER GEM! MANNY SHADOW CLAW THE ONE ON THE LEFT!" The Slaking had difficulty breaking through the mental power of the strange creature as he clawed one of the three down. The Nihilego shot at the one in the back for rather significant damage as the other two try to establish control over the Slaking.

Elio shouted. "MANNY HOLD!"

The distorted words spread and he heard voices. "What do you mean she improved!? Guilty! Put her down!"

Elio took a deep breath as he tried to reason with the Mew. "Isaac, Cipher would have hurt you regardless if Ultra Wormholes were discovered or not. From the voices in the waking world are telling me; I know Lusamine is not trying to talk down on Lillie this time, she is not trying to attack her this time or is trying to do something to keep me from waking up. Now are you going to calm the hell down or are you going to keep impersonating Krell. Your scaring her."

The Slaking struggled as he awaited the next order, Elio noticed. "You are done lofting? SHADOW CLAW THE ONE IN THE MIDDLE! KRELL FINISH THE LAST ONE!" The Slaking clawed the next creature down as the Nihilego shot final one out. The three distorted back into a Mew, with the Mimikyu and Larvesta falling unconscious.

Elio went over to the hissing Mew. "It is going to take a long time before Lusamine even comes close to make up for the things she has done... don't think I don't know this!"

The Mew had a seizure and screeched before it teleported away, leaving Elio alone to shout. "Damn it! Hey Krell, you want to come with us? Subconscious is a puzzling thing sometimes as to why you were here."

The Nihilego hovered where it was for a moment in consideration and shook in refusal.

Elio frowned in disappointment. "I take that as a no?"

The Nihilego pointed at the two unconscious pokemon and prepared to leave through an opened up Ultra Wormhole.

Elio smiled as he waved goodbye. "Thanks for the help Krell, I know it stinks for you, compared to the other Ultra Beasts I have to keep safe... I can't even really touch you, I hope you understand why."

The Nihilego turned around like it forgot something and gave Elio a photo. It pointed toward the cavern and up the ceiling like a child would in giving directions; took its balloon and left for the wormhole, leaving Elio to see what the photo was. A photo of him, Lillie and Hau when his adventures in Alola began.
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 9 Waking Up.

Elio and the remaining three went down the hall, they found two stairways. One leading up, the other leading down. The photo glowed as Elio took the stairway up. He found himself in a moon lit room. The Mimikyu and the Larvesta woke up being carried by the Slaking before they looked around to try and find the Mew.

Elio sighed as he spoke to the pokemon. "Isaac and I had a disagreement, he got mad and warped into some strange wormhole letting three... things out. Manny and ironically enough a Nihilego helped knock the three out. For now we are going to have to continue on without him until we can find him."

Elio pondered what was going on until they found in the center a strange duo. It is himself, guarding a Mew. The Mew itself was in a fetal position, crying. The image of himself was crying with it, Elio had no intention of battle the two. "Lost, Embey, Manny. I think we need to sneak."

Elio saw no doorway and took a deep breath. "Alright you three... be on standby and do not attack unless ordered." The three stared at the duo, the Mimikyu glowed as a psychic blast made her disguise plop.

The blast came from the Mew; Elio stared in determination. "So this is another boss fight. LOST USE SHADOW CLAW ON THAT MEW!"

The Mimikyu swiped at the Mew, the boy in the center rushed in front of the Mimikyu to take the blow.

Elio felt something clawed on his chest. "Ow... Alright lets see what else we can do besides..." The Mew stopped crying as it rose from the ground, sunlight glowed above it as it charged a solar beam at the group.

Elio shouted. "Crap move!"

As the Larvesta was hardly damaged, the Slaking took Elio and leaped at the other side of the room.

The Mimikyu rushed past the beam awaiting for Elio's next order. "Okay then... Lost use play rough!" The Mimikyu rushed toward the Mew to hit it with its wooden tail, the boy guarded the Mew to take the repeated blows. Elio felt like he was being pummeled with a stick.

The Mew glared at the group as the boy rushed toward Elio. He punched Elio in the face. In retaliation Elio punched his doppelganger back, the Mew shot at the group in dazzling gleam. Elio had one idea of how to fight the Mew "Okay then. LOST USE SHADOW CLAW ON THAT MEW! BUT THIS TIME GO AROUND … me." The Mimikyu nodded at what her trainer meant and zoomed underneath the double ganger, It swiped its claw underneath the Mew, causing it to yell in pain. The doppelganger distorted as it tried to scream something, Elio did not hear the words but the mouth was shouting. "Leave him alone!" It punched him in the stomach.

"Of course, aiming at the Mew is a horrible idea no matter where. LOST FOCUS THAT SHADOW CLAW ON ME!" The Mimikyu looked in confusion as Elio explained. "You know the one I am talking about."

The Mimikyu clawed into the doppelganger, the Mew let loose a pulse of bad thoughts as it saw the boy was directly attacked. The room distorted with Elio appearing as a black shade and the Mew being replaced with a crying. "Lillie? Ah screw it, she hates it when I do this."

Elio stood still as the doppelganger continued to beat on him. It continued before Lillie held the doppelganger back, both held onto each other as they mourned over something.

Elio thought to himself. "Every time I let my anger get the best of me... this always happens."

The boy and girl fade into rain, Elio looked normal for someone who just got the snot beaten out of him and investigated to find a strange silver feather. Both the silver wing and photo glowed into one as a faint light glimmered.

In the waking world.

Lillie was able to convince her mother to leave after having to explain that the Mew tried to kill everyone, itself included. The following night was a long and lonely one as only Hau and Elio's mother visited to spend the night and all three had worry about what was going on since they had no way of making sure when Elio was going to wake up.

The morning came. Hau and Elio's mother left to go get breakfast, leaving Lillie to monitor Elio. She woke up to find the static on the screen faded, showing a peaceful image. What was dark shined in the morning, even after Lillie closed the blindfolds. She saw Elio at the top of the tree, missing from his group was the Mew and in its place was a Slaking. Confronting Elio was one last obstacle, herself.

Elio came through to find a single empty room with a doorway out and what look like a small shrine dedicated to a bird like pokemon of the Seas. Elio sighed in memories. "I had a shrine like this back in Kanto..."

He seen no sign of the Mew save for the previous battle and walked outside. He seen the morning sun shine as he found himself at the top of the strange tree. In front of him were two thrones and a blonde green eyed girl with a pony tail. "Lillie?"

Lillie raised her hand as she pointed three fingers signaling a single battle format. Elio grinned as he signaled his remaining three. "Okay Manny, you fight first."

The Slaking stepped forward to confront the first pokemon he faced. A Golurk crashed on the field, it showed itself taller than the Slaking as Elio shouted the first order. "MANNY USE SHADOW CLAW!" The Slaking hand glowed in purple claws and clawed into the Golurk, it still stood as it did a high horse power kick into the Slaking. The Slaking yawned as it took another high horse powered kick for a knock out.

Elio shrugged. "To be fair Manny, truant is the greatest flaw of a Slaking. LOST COME OUT AND USE A SHADOW CLAW OF YOUR OWN ON ONUA!"

The Mimikyu swiped at the Golurk for a K.O as Lillie sent out the next pokemon from behind the throne; an Eevee.

Lillie posed herself to the letter Z as the Eevee was imbued with an. "EXTREME EVOBOOST!"

Elio shouted at the Mimikyu. "USE PLAY ROUGH TO STOP CAIN!"

The Mimikyu leaped at the Eevee to try and beat him down, the Eevee used baton pass to pass the boost to the next member. A Pikachu with a light ball leaped into battle. Elio shouted as he recognized the Pikachu. "LOST USE SHADOW CLAW ON SHOCKUMS!"

The Mimikyu swiped at the Pikachu, a static jolt was felt as the Mimikyu was paralyzed. The Pikachu repaid in kind with a light orb Evoboosted thunderbolt. The disguise plopped as the Mimikyu was unable to move.

Elio refused to give up and ordered. "LOST FINISH IT WITH PLAY ROUGH!" The Mimikyu tried to move, but her nerves refuse to move. The Pikachu finished it off with another thunderbolt as Elio resigned to sending out his last pokemon. "Embey it is time we try to go down in..."

Elio turned around to find a Shadow Mew had teleported to his side, ready to let loose a dark pulse.

Elio shook his head as he shouted to the Mew. "Isaac? Isaac stop! This dream is over... we can finally wake up."

The Mew channeled a void to prepare its attack anyways.

Elio shouted loudly toward the Mew. "Isaac if I am not awake we won't be able to save you!"

Elio looked over to find Lillie petting the Larvesta instead of ordering the Pikachu to finish it off and smiled in defeat. "Embey this fight is pretty much over... game over Lillie you won."

Lillie smiled back and gave a small bow much to the Mew's frustration; it screeched as static began to take it, slowly faded into the void.

Despite Lillie winning, she approached him with an angry tearful look. "Elio stop fooling around and wake up!"

The vision faded, Elio woke to Lillie approaching him, her lips puckered up as she tried one last ditch effort to wake him up. "Li... Lillie I am awake alrea..."

Lillie looked him in the eyes to form tears as she went closer to kiss him anyway. Elio looked back at Lillie and closed his eyes to return it.

It felt forever has gone by before Rotom Dex ruined the moment by shouting out. "BZZT! Boss we still have some shadow pokemon to..."

Elio pressed the Rotom Dex's mute button and calmly ordered. "Dex... I just got up... Let me catch my breath before..."

Elio was lecturing the Dex, his Mimikyu leaped at his lap to greet her trainer.

It took over an hour for the nursing staff to get Elio ready to actually leave the hospital.

During the time he asked Lillie. "How long have I been out... and how long have you been watching over me?"

Lillie sighed in relief. "A week. Hau and your mother have been out time to time to get supplies. But I have not left this hospital."

Elio took a deep breath. "Thank you for watching over me what has happened while I was out?"

Lillie tried to recall what happened when Elio was sent to the hospital. "Wes, Rui and Michael stayed long enough till they were sure you would be alright. They went to partake in the Island trials. Eldes... departed for the Battle Tree."

Elio took a deep breath. "He is not taking this well. I give him a couple months to settle in before I go visit him."

Lillie wanted to change the subject and continued. "Aside from us, my brother visited you when he can."

Elio smiled sweetly. "I heard him while I was in coma land. After seeing his Tyranitar it would suck if I was unable to battle him again, anyone else visited me?"

Lillie nodded back. "Kukui and Burnet visited. She gave me this dream radar to try and monitor what was happening."

Elio blushed. "You been watching me dream... when?"

Lillie giggled. "When you got into the tree... did you do anything during your trip to..."

Elio interrupted that question. "Anyone else?"

Lillie recalled more. "Some of the trial captains had to get ready for the three trainers, few of them visited. Plumeria visited you as well as Mr Guzma." Elio smiled. "That is awfully nice of them... and the shadow pokemon we captured?"

Lillie stared disturbed at the master ball containing the Mew. "Save for that one, they are all being transported to Orre's P.C system."

Elio grabbed the master ball and whispered. "Hang on a little longer Isaac, please."

Lillie questioned Elio. "Even after what that thing did to you. You still want to save it?"

Elio eyes began to water as he answered. "Cipher drove Isaac into that monster; I seen what they done to him, I felt everything that he felt." Elio remembered the things spoken about while he was asleep, including what the Mew tried to do, what he tried to do. He failed to hold back his tears as Lillie embraced him. Elio began to cry loudly. "Lillie, I am sorry!"

Lillie interrupted Elio as she began to cry with him. "It's okay, we will still help him."

The two cried for what felt like an hour before Hau and Elio's mother arrived. "Elio, Lillie, what happened?"

Hau rushed over to see the duo barely being able to say anything. Elio's mother whispered to Hau. "Elio rarely breaks down like this."

The mother reached over to hug her son before he looked up bawling. "Ju... Just l... let me c.. cry for ...ten more minutes."

The Mimikyu noticed the two crying much more than expected and rushed to her trainers back pack to get the dusk ball containing a certain pokemon. Out of the first ball was a Hitmonchan, he looked around to find his master crying. Next ball she tossed over to a corner, letting out a Cofagrigus. Who knew he should not be in a hospital and went back in the ball.

The Mimikyu hissed. "Kyu." The Dex translated. "BZZT! Why does he have so many dusk balls? Okay this is the one. BZZT!"

Out of the third ball came the Banette, the Mimikyu pointed at the Banette. "Kyu!" The Dex translated. "BZZT! You make the boss and the fair lady feel better. I'll join once they calm down. BZZT!"

The Banette felt the emotions as it rushed over. "Nette." Dex translated "BZZT! I know this type of emotion... this is just nuts. BZZT!" It took minutes for Elio and Lillie to finally calm down.

Elio took a deep breath as he asked. "Alright I think I got that out of my system. Hau, Mom how have things been, besides my entire coma episode?"

Hau explained his adventure regarding a Ludicolo, Elio glared in response. "So you are telling me they stole a guys pokemon for some reason and turned it into a shadow pokemon out of spite and it is done to another frien... Still Hau that is actually pretty awesome. Care to show me it after I get out?"

Hau grinned. "There is a festival coming up in the next couple months. I want to show you then."

Elio's mother explained her time with the week; it was uneventful save for dealing with hospital bills and making sure both fronts are safe, nothing much. The mother said in confusion. "Other than a strange eyeless purple Snorlax attacking around a week ago. Most of the month has been uneventful; I still have Goro, Reptile, Leman, Outly and Meowth to keep me company. As well as the pokemon you wanted me to look after while you were away. They normally hang out with some of Lillies pokemon over at Kukui's."

Elio cringed at mention of some of his moms pokemon, aside from Meowth they were normally let out only if it was an emergency or if someone really wanted to battle her. "Okay which pokemon did you use to defend yourself from that thing?"

Elio's mother nodded. "None of them actually. H.P did a very good job at faking it out while Guppy, Samson and Gladiator fought it into submission."

Lillie smiled as she explained. "I noticed Mele and the others have not done a whole lot while we were away. Aside from helping the professor out with moves... they are normally relaxing. Speaking of whichwhat exactly are.."

Elio interrupted. "Goro is a Machamp that is on the brutal side, Reptile is a Kecleon with an unusual ability called Protean, Outly is an Electivire that likes to zap things. Leman is a Blastoise and among the friendlier of her pokemon... does not say much and Meowth you already know about."

Lillie tilted her head. "Why have I not seen them before?" Elio responded. "They are meant for emergencies and for good reason. They are not exactly friendly towards strangers... at all. There is one other pokemon she has that I don't even remember all that well other than its name; Otto."

Elio's mother hushed him. "We don't talk about that one... that Gengar did not come from a happy home and is overall just plan mean. Hau has brought break fast and we all missed you."

The group gave Elio a quick victory hug to begin the new day.

Soon as Lillie sent a message to Gladion about Elio's recovery they saw him rush in.

Elio and Lillie blinked for a moment at how fast it took for Gladion to get to hospital before he explained. "I was heading here anyways. Elio, I take you want a report about the last couple shadow pokemon Wes and I caught?"

Elio nodded as he let Gladion continue. "Aside from the thing you sent Wes out to get, he also captured a Sceptile. From this Parkas guy I captured an Excadrill and Garchomp. I also salvaged four of the corrupted key stones from these Admins."

Lillie asked her brother. "Setesh gave you one?"

Gladion raised an eyebrow. "Who?"

Lillie interrupted. "A man in blue and gold, wears a helmet."

Gladion looked away in a frown. "That guy, yes; As soon as I told him where I got the other two from he went over the edge and tossed me the stone. Saying that Ardos had doom the entire world that he wanted to conquer."

Elio wanted to continue. "Laughed mad about people being mo..."

Gladion glared at Elio, telling him to stop. "The other one I got from a guy named Parkas after he parted with it, another was charred but otherwise undamaged and the last one the mechanic was rather okay parting with it. I am having some people at Aether Paradise study these stones in hope of getting rid of the corruption."

Soon as Elio finished his masalada he smiled. "Least we can salvage one good thing, you all can finally get started on studying a key stone if this goes well. Where is the Garchomp and others?"

Gladion stared. "They are heading toward the Orre P.C. As oon as they are all done, I plan on getting the hard part out of the way for afterwards. Separating the ones who were stolen in the first place, the ones who were wild and can return. As well as the ones you two are keeping; you were still planning to see to the end of the shadow pokemon right?"

Elio put on a false smile as tears began to form tears. "Yes, please!"

Gladion saw Elio crying for the first time and shook his head. "Sorry for bringing that up."

Elio took a deep breath. "Its fine... I had my yearly break down this morni... it is morning right?"

Gladion pointed at the clock as he finished his report. "Check it yourself; Wes and I have our own plans for Orre during the final month. I want to finish Mount Battle, Wes planned to stay behind for another week before he comes to Orre."

Lillie helped finish the conversation. "We make our final preparation... a week sounds good?"

The following week has been the group letting the people on Alola know that they are not done yet with the shadow pokemon. Elio's mother knew that he was not going to get better until the Mew got better. At the pokemon league, the main stream of would be contenders have died down due that a national crisis nearly happened, until everything Cipher related has been wiped clean the would be challengers are not going to come.

Elio took a deep breath on receiving the information. "Both Mom and the boys at the League said I should focus on the current task... was my plan anyways." As for everyone else Elio talked to regarding his second trip to Orre, they supported the decision since Cipher is dead.

Lillie and Gladion had better luck as they explained why they were going back to Orre. Kukui and Burnet sighed in some relief knowing Lillie's second trip to Orre was going to be much safer in comparison to the previous.

During the siblings trip to Aether; Lillies talk with Lusamine was kept brief when the mother was busy trying to look after a Drowzee that was thrashing from everyone in a delirious haze. "Lillie... don't ruin the surprise. If you have unfinished business in Orre, no one is stopping you."

Gladion handed Wicke the four corrupted Key Stones. "If we can do something about these four, we can finally get started on this research project."

Wicke had the stones put away among a top priority. "At least something came out of this nightmare.

Gladion hugged Wicke before leaving to find Heidi; he gave the employee a simple letter that explained what was happening. "Wes has something planned and I want you in on it. I have two other employees still in Orre that are going to receive the same message. If you choose to accept this, let me know in two weeks."

Heidi read the letter out loud. "Orre Col..."

Gladion signaled Heide to not read it out loud; she continued as she spoke. "I got some pokemon for this one. I am to meet this Ru..."

The employee stopped herself as her boss nodded. "If Wes and Michael have gathered some people, they will let you know. Do you accept this?" Heide nodded and saluted.

Back at the port. Elio was discussing with Hau about a project he wanted to work on. "If you are talking about that small island seen between your house and the city... that is the only area Tapu Koko does not really care for. It is going to take a month to build something this big."

Elio nodded back to Hau. "The cost is already a quarter of what I have and it seemed too much out of the way for it to be a coincidence. As long as it is not a repeat of Po town or that abandoned shopping center and it can support a building like this... its condition would really depend on how I take care of it. Thank you for getting the final word that it is okay; I'll let the boys know that it is okay to get starte..."

As Lillie and Gladion landed at the port, Elio changed the subject to something else. "And that is why I don't like walking into janitor closets. Hau, you want to come with us?"

Hau refused. "No thank you. It seems to be that most of Orre is your business anyways. I'll try and surprise you with something when you get back though."

Elio shrugged as he asked the siblings. "You got everything ready on your ends? I heard Wes and Michael need some time to prepare before hand, so it is just going to be just us." Lillie and Gladion told him they were ready as they heard a boat horn.


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 10 Invitation.

"Toot, toot! We are now arriving at Gateon Port."

Elio and Lillie had a case of deja vu as they emerged from the cabins. Elio looked at the same old port as he checked to see if he has more than two pokemon. "Oh good, thought for a moment we were doing this al... never mind."

Gladion got out of his cabin to find his rival breathing heavily and was sitting him down on a chair. "Elio please don't have another episode like when we left Alola, you and Lillie are in the present. Our schedule is simple enough. Finish the batch we have in the chamber, place the last two XD shadow pokemon in along with the remaining shadow pokemon we still have left. Elio, Lillie, you two focus on finding something to do and organizing what you plan to keep. I'll do my part in this after Mount Battle."

The trio nodded at each other as the boat landed. Most of the towns people recognized Elio and Lillie as Orre's heroes and greeted them as such, other than that the port has not changed save for a navigator that defeated a loitering sailor.

Elio grinned widely as his deja vu faded. "Good news, we still have a means to transport all of us around Orre at the H.Q. Bad news Gladion... unless Lillie is going to let you drive you are stuck with me at the side cart."

Gladion's pupil's shrank at the thought before asking. "You let her drive a motorcycle this long?" Elio nodded as he tried to whisper. "Shot my chances at driving after the whole Team Snagem incident... in addition to making one too many bag jokes. I got to drive a boat though, managed to not crash."

The H.Q was an hour walk. Elio opened the door to greet everyone. "Were back guys!"

Elio had to deal with a lunging Whimscott as Lillie and Gladion walked over to the chamber.

Elio followed as he pulled the Whimscott off. "Wait up guys I want to see this done too!"

In the chamber, Lillie pressed the button to finish the shadow Guzzlord. It's corrupted form reverted back to what is still a menacing form of a large black creature with yellow teeth, a blue maw and blue eyes. For the Kami trio and Persian, Gladion had the door to their hearts opened so he would be able to place the latest batch in for Wes. Gladion specifically named the P.C box with all of Wes's snagged pokemon as "Wes's keep out!" He placed in the Tyrantrum, Malamar, Excadrill and the shadow Xurkitree into the chambers. Lillie placed in the Ampharos, Bisharp, Sceptile and Blaziken.

Elio walked into the chamber to place the final pokemon, Mew. The Mew itself was laid in the middle of the chamber, immobile. As Elio stared at the green light descended on the Mew as Lillie walked over to see how he was doing.

Elio asked. "Lillie... I know we have plans on sending most of these XD pokemon home... but can we keep Isaac around until he gets recovers from this?"

Lillie looked Elio in the eyes before she shook her head. "Elio... you know Isaac can never go back into the wild, not after all this. We are going to keep him though. For now let the machine do the rest."

As the trio left the chamber the Rotom Dex flashed an email. "BZZT! Boss I got a message from Eagun. BZZT! Elio, Lillie. I have something important to deliver. Meet me outside of the H.Q."

Elio's eyes widen at the message as Lillie explained to Gladion. "We have not seen or heard from Eagun in a while... he and a town of elderly people helped us with our first couple shadow pokemon."

Gladion looked away from the duo as he posed and let his Silvally out. "Let me known when you two's business are done with him. I'll unpack and find a room to crash." Elio waved back toward Gladion. "If you find Remmer and Swoops, tell them we are back." Lillie was hugging the Pidgeot as the Hypno was annoyed that his trainer did not see him. "Hypno!?" (Seriously boss?)

Outside they found Eagun standing outside with a Pikachu with a light ball. Eagun greeted the duo as he was regaining his breath. "Huff... it has been a while since I done this. I got a message from my grand daughter that the Orre Colosseum was about to reopen and you two are invited. First though, I would like to see you two prove yourselves. Care for a multi battle?"

The duo looked at each other and nodded.

Vs Mythic Trainer Eagun.

Eagun sent out the Pikachu and a Pachirisu.

Elio took a deep breath at what he saw. "Odon come out!"

Lillie took a dusk ball and shouted. "Onua show them your strength."

The Yanmega flew onto the field as the Golurk crashed in, Elio ordered. "ODON USE BUG BUZZ ON THAT PIKACHU!"

Lillie ordered. "Onua use high horse power on that Pachirisu!"

The Yanmega knocked the Pikachu out in high speeds as the Pachirisu nuzzled the Yanmega for paralysis; the Golurk knocked the Pachirisu out with a high horse powered kick. Eagun sent out an orange gerbil known as Dedenne and a flying squirrel known as Emolga.

Elio sighed at the Yanmega struggling to move. "Alright Odon, time to swap. MAKUTA LETS SHOW THEM HOW IT IS DONE!" The Emolga flung a light orb at the Golurk, paralyzing it. The Dedenne shot a thunder bolt at the Cofagrigus.

Lillie shouted. "Onua again on the Dedenne!" As the Dedenne was kicked out for a k.o, the Emolga was shot down by a critical hit from a shadow ball; it crashed on the ground for knocked out.

Eagun nodded at the two. "My apologies in advance, my grand daughter sent me this pokemon on her trip to Alola. It is a little special; come Raichu, come... Current!" Eagun tossed a Raichu and what looked like a friend ball, revealing a brown Alolan Raichu.

Elio grinned. "Special indee.. oh crap they are going to blast us to kingdom come if we don't take them out!"

The regional Raichu used surf to knock the Golurk out as the Alolan Raichu use rain dance; the Cofagrigus was still looking healthy. Lillie called the Golurk back as she tossed a pokeball. "Cain lets do this! Take that Raichu out with a leaf blade!" Lillie sent out her Leafeon and pointed at the none psychic Raichu, the Leafeon was hit with a psychic blast as he slashed at the regional Raichu with its leafy tail. Knocking it out with a critical hit.

The Alolan Raichu used thunder on the paralyzed Cofagrigus before Elio shouted out. "MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL!" The Cofagrigus shot out a shadow ball before being knocked out by another thunder. Elio took a deep breath as he sent out his last pokemon. "MAC LETS FINISH THIS SHOW. FAKE OUT!" The Hitmonchan flinched the Alolan Raichu before it let loose a psychic blast, the regional Raichu used electric terrain; Lillie smiled as the battle reached its end. "CAIN FINISH IT OFF WITH RETURN!" The Leafeon channeled his affection toward Lillie into a strong tackle, the Alolan Raichu was slammed to the ground for a k.o.

Lillie asked Eagun as he was regaining his breath. "Who is your grand daughter anyways?"

Eagun answered. "An orange haired woman named Rui."

Elio smiled at the though. "Really nice of her to tell you about us... and giving you a shiny Alolan Raichu."

Eagun gave them a letter pin pointing the exact location of the Orre Colosseum and an explanation that some of the strongest trainers in the Orre region were gathering as they speak.

Lillie looked over to Elio in a smile. "We prepare for this tomorrow. Elio have Rotom Dex give us the location so we would not forget, then you go back and give Remmer an apology!" Elio blushed embarrassed. "He was in an obvious place wasn't he?" Lillie nodded silently.


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 11 Orre Colosseum.

The next three days have been rather busy for the group. Outside of seeing to the last of shadow pokemon being purified, Elio and Lillie had to rearranged their team to take on the Orre Colosseum.

Lillie left her Pidgeot at the H.Q and took her Gardevoir for a short training session at Mount Battle. "Swoops... you don't mind being here for a couple more weeks?"

The Pidgeot nodded as he flew to where the Whimscott and Cinccino were playing at and chirped.

The Dex translated "BZZT! I be over here when you get back. BZZT!"

During the training Lillie had her Gardevoir learn the move moonblast in place of Calm mind and gave her a choice scarf, gave her Leafeon a cold blue berry known as a Yache berry, "Cain, don't eat it just yet. Use it at the Colosseum for when you are about to get hit by an ice move." gave her Hydreigon a life orb, gave her Golurk a choice band, taught her Raichu focus blast and left her Audino unchanged. Elio gave his Incineroar an assault vest, his Dodrio a Z crystal, his Hitmonchan a life orb, his Cofagrigus left overs, his Yanmega a choice specs and left the Banette unchanged.

During their three day's training, they helped transport Gladion by transporting him across Orre.

Lillie asked why, her brother answered. "I want to personally request a status report from Haley. Otherwise I only need a ride to Mount Battle during your... match."

On the third morning, Elio once again felt Lillie right behind him on the bed and thought. "Gladion is going to kill me if he see's this. Eh, I am on to his littl..."

The Dex signaled an alarm to interrupt Elio's thought. "BZZT! A BATCH OF POKEMON ARE..."

Lillie woke up to the Elio trying to press a mute button on a blaring Rotom. "Knock it off boys! We have a big day ahead of us." The duo done what was a daily routine; Get up, get dressed, have breakfast, open the door to the shadow pokemons heart, etc

They found Gladion getting ready for his trip to Mount Battle. Lillie was worried that she was going to let him take on the Mount Battle Challenge without an audience and asked. "Are you sure you don't want us to watch?"

Gladion made his usual pose as he responded. "Yes... some trainers have gathered at the Colosseum already and they don't want to have to wait."

Elio rolled his eyes at the conversation. "I am sure you can handle Mega Metagross, I already said that beating that thing needs to be a new initiation to some kind of club."

Once the duo dropped Gladion off and left for Orre Colosseum, the Dex flared up. "BZZT! Orre Colosseum, an old Colosseum in the middle of the desert. If you look at it from above it looks like a hand grasping onto something. BZZT!"

The Colosseum itself was exactly as Rotom Dex described. The two went up to the sign up station, composing of only one person at the entrance. The woman noticed and grinned. "I heard of you two. You both are only able to take on two rounds at the moment before this Colosseum's sponsors is able to get the last three rounds ready. At the moment either of you can try three rounds each."

Elio and Lillie read the rounds they have to deal with. Elio read out loud. "Luke round and Sheryl rou... Yep Gladion has been organizing something behind our backs... but who was the true mastermind?"

Lillie glared at Elio. "What are you talking about"

Elio shook his head and laughed. "Oh nothing. Just building drama. I am going in first, wish me luck."

Battle One

Vs Worker Lobel.

As a mechanic entered the Colosseum, he sent out a Tyranitar and Cacturn. Elio prepared his two pokemon. "MAC! ODON! LETS KICK BUTT! MAC USE FAKE OUT ON THAT TYRANITAR! ODON BUG BUZZ THAT CACTURN OUT OF THE FIELD!"

The Hitmonchan attempted to startle the Tyranitar as it used protect, the Cacturn was knocked out by the Yanmega's bug buzz. Lobel sent out his next pokemon, a Dugtrio.

Elio shouted. "Odon you have done enough. MAKUTA, LETS DO THIS! MAC USE CLOSE COMBAT ON THE TYRANTIAR!"

The Dugtrio hurled a rock slide at the two pokemon, the Hitmonchan beaten the Tyranitar in close combat for a k.o. Next pokemon Lobel sent out was a Claydol, Elio gave his next order. "MAKUTA USE WILLO WISP ON THAT DUGTRIO! MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THE SAME TARGET!"

The Hitmonchan punched through the Dugtrio before it set off an earthquake, knocking the Hitmonchan out of the fight as the Cofagrigus burned the Dugtrio. The Claydol set up a light screen in anticipation of another special attacker.

Elio grinned that he has an opening and called the Hitmonchan back. "BRIMMY ITS YOUR TURN, USE DARKEST LAIRAT ON THE CLAYDOL! MAKUTA FOLLOW WITH A SHADOW BALL!"

The Dugtrio sent out another earthquake in an attempt to do significant damage to the Incineroar, the burn done to the Dugtrio made it insignificant while the Cofagrigus took less damage. The Claydol hit the Cofagrigus with a psychic blast before the combined damage of darkest lairat and shadow ball knocked it out. The next pokemon Lobel sent was a Quagsire. The Dugtrio set up a double team illusion as the Quagsire yawned at the Incineroar.

Elio switched the Cofagrigus for a Banette before he prepared a mega stone. "PETE MEGA EVOLVE AND USE WILLO WISP ON THAT QUAGSIRE! BRIMMY AGAIN ON THE MOLE FINISH IT!"

The Banette cackled madly as it spun a willo wisp on the Quagsire, while the spinning Incineroar knocked the Dugtrio out. Lobel sent out his last pokemon, a Sandslash.

Elio saw his Incineroar fall asleep and prepared to call him back. "ALRIGHT BRIMMY YOU HAVE DONE ENOUGH! CUMUSTRICH LETS DO THIS!" The Sandslash tightened its focus when Elio ordered the next attack. "PETE USE SHADOW CLAW ON THAT SANDSLASH!" The Banette clawed clawed into it the Sandslash to ruin its focus, the Quagsire shot an ice beam at the newly arrived Dodrio.

Elio posed as he raised his fist toward the sky. "CUMUSTRICH USE SUPER SONIC SKYSTRIKE ON THAT QUAGSIRE!"

In a surge of energy the Dodrio leaped toward the sky, despite that he has no wings and crashed down on the Quagsire, knocking it out in one blow.

Elio shouted out knowing the fight was over. "PETE FINISH OFF THAT SANDSLASH WITH ANOTHER SHADOW CLAW!" The Sandslash used earthquake on the Banette as a last effort to take down and


It is knocked out. Elio cheered in victory before getting ready for the next round.

Battle Two

Vs Makal

Makal sent out a Lapras and Pinsir. Elio sent out his Yanmega and Hitmonchan. "ODON USE AIR SLASH ON THAT PINSIR! MAC BEAT THAT LAPRAS IN CLOSE COMBAT!"

In a slash of air, the Pinsir was quickly knocked out, the Lapras was beaten down in close combat for a k.o. Makal's next two pokemon were a Dewgong and a Nidoking. Elio grinned as he prepared a swithced. "ALRIGHT ODEN GET OUT THERE, GET EM PETE!"

The Dewgong faked out the Hitmonchan out as the Nidoking tried to drill its horn into the Yanmega before the switch.

Elio mega evolved the Banette and shouted. "PETE USE SHADOW CLAW ON THE NIDOKING! MAC USE CLOSE COMBAT ON THE DEWGONG!" The Dewgong's quick claw activated as it attempted to stop the Hitmonchan in sheer cold temperatures.

Elio saw the strategy and shouted. "OH THIS TYPE OF GUY! KICK THAT DEWGONG A NEW ONE!"

In a similar feeling the Hitmonchan beaten down the Dewgong while the Nidoking tried to use horn drill on the Hitmonchan, he missed.

Elio took a deep breath as he saw a Dugtrio and took out a dusk ball for a switch. "MAC YOU DONE ENOUGH, ODON RETURN TO THE STAGE! PETE USE DESTINY BOND!"

The Banette cackled as it noticed the Dugtrio caused a fissure to open; as it managed to hit it in a sheer shock wave, the Banette stretched a large purple claw to drag the Dugtrio into the crater with it. Within seconds, both the Banette and Dugtrio were forced out of the fissure, knocking each other out. Elio recalled the Banette as he gestured a middle finger toward Makal. Nidoking tried to horn drill the Yanmega and missed.


The Nidoking was kicked for a k.o as the Yanmega finished the Nidoking off. The Kingler tried and failed to knock out the Dodrio with a guillotine.

Elio glared as he posed. "CUMUSTRICH USE SUPER SONIC SKYSTRIKE! ODON BUG BUZZ IN CASE THAT KINGLER TRIES TO GET UP!" The impact from the flying Dodrio and Yanmega's bug buzz knocked the Kingler out. Elio called his two pokemon back as he tried to calm down for the next round.

Battle Three

Vs Researcher Limar

Limar sent out a Ditto and a Kabutops. "MAC! CUMUSTRICH! COME ON O..." The Ditto immediately took the shape of the Dodrio as both entered the field.

Elio raised an eyebrow at what he saw. "Impostor Ditto."

Elio raised his fist to the sky to give the Dodrio the first opening. "SUPER SONIC SKYSTRIKE ON THAT DITTO!" The Dodrio leaped up as his doppelganger used return and crashed into the Ditto.

The impostor Dodrio plopped back into a Ditto as Elio issued the next move to the Hitmonchan. "USE CLOSE COMBAT ON THAT KABUTOPS!"

The Kabutops tried to impale the Dodrio in a stone edge and missed, the Hitmonchan beaten the Kabutops down in close combat and punched it out of the ring.

Limar sent out a Shedinja and Hypno. Elio took the dusk ball and whispered. "Mac you done enough. PETE LETS DO THIS! CUMUSTRICH USE BRAVE BIRD ON THAT SHEDINJA!"

The Dodrio rammed itself into the Shedinja, expected an easy K.O when its focus sash held. The Dodrio was knocked out by the Hypno's ice punch as the Shedinja set up a swords dance.

Elio sent out his Incineroar in place of the Dodrio, raised his bracelet and shouted. "PETE MEGA EVOLVE AND USE SHADOW CLAW ON THE HYPNO! BRIMMY DARKEST LAIRAT THAT SHEDINJA."

The Incineroar knocked the Shedinja with a super effective move as the Banette knocked the Hypno out with a mega evolved shadow claw. Limars last two pokemon was an Altaria and Rapidash. Elio saw the Altaria and ordered. "BRIMMY, PETE FOCUS ON THE ALTARIA WITH THE SAME MOVES!"

Altaria performed a dragon dance before the combined assault of the Banette's shadow claw and Incineroars lairat knocked it out. Rapidash set up a sunny day before it blew flames into the Banette. Both Banette and the Incineroar knocked out the Rapidash. Elio called his two pokemon back and began to sweat.

Final Battle

Vs Luke

The last opponent to be fought was what look like an Aether employee relatively tired. "One more month of this and we can go back..."

Elio interrupted the employee with his usual greeting. "This may be a return trip for Lillie and me BUT once this Colosseum is done that is about it. Shall we make this fight worth while?" Luke nodded as he sent out a haunted sword and shield known as Aegislash and a Sableye.

Elio shouted. "BRIMMY! ODON! LETS KICK SOME BUTT!" The Aegislash set up its kings shield in anticipating the Incineroar to attack it; Sableye tormented the Yanmega out of its choice of moves as Elio shouted. "ODON USE BUG BUZZ!"

Elio cringed as he realized what he done and was silent while his opponent was giving a mocking smile. "Okay then... BRIMMY FLARE BLITZ THAT SABLEYE!"

The Incineroar knocked the Sableye out as the Yanmega was left with no moves. The Aegislash slammed into the Yanmega with an iron head.

Elio took a deep breath. "ODON, FALL BACK! MAKUTA GET OUT HERE!"

Luke sent out a Salamence to intimidate the Incineroar. Elio sighed. "Damn it. BRIMMY USE FLARE BLITZ ON THAT AEGISLASH!" The Aegislash took an opportunity to shadow claw the Cofagrigus before it was knocked out of the arena by a flare blitz.

The Salamence dragon danced as Luke grinned. "You expected Salamence to by my mega, but it was really... Sorry about that, this Wes fellow has organized this and I got excited. Anyways Salamence isn't my mega, Minny is."

The over excited employee sent out a large metal beast known as Aggron, the employee lifted a key stone; mega evolving the Aggron into a much larger and thicker monster. The Salamence made quick work of the Cofagrigus with a crunch as Elio ordered the Incineroar to use Darkest Lairate on the Salamence. "MAC COME OUT! FAKE OUT WHILE BRIMMY FINISHES IT OFF!"

During these two turns, the Aggron began to curse its speed for more durability. As the Hitmonchan and Incineroar finished off the Salamence, the Mega Aggron heavy slammed itself into the Hitmonchan for a K.O. Next pokemon Luke sent out was a Snorlax. Elio shouted. "ODON! COME BACK OUT AND USE BUG BUZZ ON THE AGGRON! BRIMMY USE FLARE BLITZ ON ODON's TARGET" The Yanmega buzzed into the Aggron, the Incineroar rammed into the Aggron; it still stood as it slammed its heavy weight into Yanmega for a knock out. The Incineroar was hit with a body slam from the Snorlax.

Elio took a deep breath as he sent out his next pokemon. "CUMUSTRICH WE NEED THIS PUSH!"

Elio posed for his Dodrio to use. "SONIC SKYSTRIKE!" To knock the Snorlax out, Elio shouted determined at the Incineroar. "BRIMMY ONE LAST FLARE BLITZ AND IT IS GONE!"

The Incineroar rammed into the Aggron, causing it to fall on its back in a knockout as Luke sent out his last pokemon, a Weezing.

Elio shouted. "CUMUSTRICH BRAVE BIRD! BRIMMY SWITCH OUT FOR PETE!" The Incineroar was switch for the Banette as the Dodrio rammed himself into the Weezing. The Weezing repaid with a willo wisp at the Dodrio.

Elio shouted. "CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN! PETE FINISH IT WITH A SHADOW CLAW!" As the Weezing was rammed by the Dodrio's return, the Banette used one last claw to knock out the Weezing. Elio took a deep breath as he shook his opponent's hand. "Not bad for a defensive team. See you back at the Battle tree in a couple months?"

Elio shook the employees hand and left the Colosseum, he received a title. "General?! Oh right Parkas."

As Elio exited the Colosseum, Lillie congratulated him. "Good work on the first round... You thought Gladion was the one who organized these people. But it was really Wes."

Elio smiled at Lillies discovery. "Ah... we are both right. For you see Gladion likes the guy that he would help organize this mess. But for what reason... I wonder?"

Lillie glared at Elio. "You are trying to make drama again... So the next round is Sheryl?" Elio nodded. "I heard she had been improving herself in this region to the point that she is MUCH stronger than you average former Skull Grunt. Don't worry I will try to cheer you on." Lillie walked into the Colosseum for her round.

Battle One

Vs Bulmer?

Elio recognized the former Skull Grunt and shouted. "Hey what are you doing here?!"

Bulmer posed like he did back when he was in the gang to explain. "Got done with the Island Challenges while you were out saving the world or what ever. This Wes guy gave me and the other two tickets to this region to battle you. What are you doing over there?"

Elio laughed. "I did my round the one you and the other two are going to have to beat is Lillie. Don't worry I want to watch how far you three actually gotten since I last saw you. I promise I won't make fun of you."

Elio frowned. "Sorry Lillie... duty comes first."

Bulmer sent out a Crobat and a Sylveon. Lillie sent out her Raichu and Golurk. "Shockums use thunderbolt on that Crobat! Onua use heavy slam on that Sylveon!"

The Crobat slashed its poisonous wings into the Raichu, she countered with a thunderbolt and paralyzed it. The Golurk leaped at the Sylveon and knocked it out. Bulmers next pokemon was a Marowak with a flaming bone.

Elio looked at the Alolan Marowak. "My my do I spy with my little eye a Marowak with..."

The Marowak absorbed the thunderbolt from the Raichu before the Crobat finished the Raichu off with a cross poison. Lillie ordered the Golurk to finish off the Crobat with another heavy slam.

Bulmer sent out his next pokemon, a Politoed. Lillie took a deep breath as she sent out her Hydreigon. "Ghorchi use night daze on that Marowak! Onua switch for Cain!"

The Hydreigon knocked the Marowak out as the Politoed shot an ice beam at the Leafeon; The Leafeon bit into the Yache berry to glow and witstand most of the damage. Bulmer sent out his next pokemon a very long necked Alolan Exeggutor. Bulmer was about to pose a dragon roaring for a Z move as Lillie switched her Hydreigon out for her Gardevoir in anticipation. The Exeggutor let loose a "DEVASTATING DRAKE!" It roared a large energy dragon to ram into... the Gardevoir, no effect.

Lillie shouted out. "Cain use leaf blade on that Politoed!" The Politoed was critically slashed by the Leafeon's leafy tail knocking it out of the field.

Bulmer sent out his last pokemon, a Pangoro.

Lillie switched her Leafeon. "Good work. GO MEDIC!"

As she swapped for the Audino, Bulmer noticed the stone on its forehead. "Nutsy dragon hammer that Audino while you still have the chance!"

Lillie looked at the battle and sighed. "Maiden use moonblast on that Pangoro!"

The Pangoro was knocked out in one shot, leaving Bulmer with just his Exeggutor.

Lillie activated her key stone and raised it over the Audino. "Medic mega evolve and use dazzling gleam! Maiden use moon blast!"

The Gardevoir shot the moons power into the Exeggutor, causing it begin its fumble, the dazzling light knocked the Exeggutor out. As Bulmer saw how badly we was beaten, Elio shouted from the audience. "I wouldn't worry about this. You had a good concept! Just a bad match up!"

Battle Two


Jeffery sent out a Hariyama and an Alolan Dugtrio. Lillie shouted. "Maiden, Onua!"

The Hariyama faked the Gardevoir out and the Dugtrio the opening needed to iron head her for a k.o. Lillie was frustrated but shouted. "Onua use high horse power!" The Dugtrio was knocked out by the Golurks kick. Next pokemon Jeffery sent out was a Magnezone holding a balloon.

Lillie called the Gardevoir back, tossed a pokeball and shouted. "Shockums I need you out here!" Lillie posed for. "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" The Hariyama was damaged significantly as the Golurk gave it a high horse powered kick, knock out. The Magnezone charged at the Raichu in a volt switch.

Jeffery sent out a Jumpluff and Goodra in their place. Elio found the Jumpluff strange and shouted. " Hey Jeffery where did you get that Jumpluff?"

The Skull Grunt answered distracted. "I traded a Steenee to some guy from Johto for it... not much on offense but good at setting things up. "

Lillie looked at the two pokemon and was prepared to call the Golurk back. "Onua you done enough. Go Medic! Shockums use thunderbolt on that Jumpluff!"

The Jumpluff was paralyzed by the thunder but as it set up a leech seed on the Audino. The Audino was shot with a dragon pulse; Lillie prepared another switch. "Medic come back, Go Ghorchi! Shockums same attack on that Jumpluff!"

The Jumpluff was paralyzed while the Goodra set up a substitute. Lillie shouted. "Shockums finish off that Jumpluff! Ghorchi night daze that substitute!"

The Jumpluff was knocked out by a thunder bolt. The Goodra shot a dragon pulse at the Hydreigon as the substitute was obliterated. Next pokemon Jeffery sent out was a Magnezone.

Lillie ordered. "Shockums break that balloon! Ghorchi use draco meteor on that Goodra!" As the meteors knocked out the Goodra, the Magnezones balloon was popped, it shot a thunder wave to paralyze the Hydreigon.

Next pokemon sent out was a Granbull that intimidated the two pokemon. Lillie smiled in satisfaction. "Ghorchi you done enough! Onua return to the field!"

The Raichu was shot with a flash cannon while, the Granbull played rough with the Golurk.

Lillie ordered. "Shockums use thunder wave on that Granbull! Onua use high power on that Magnezone!"

As the Granbull was paralyzed, the Magnezone was kicked out of the field. In retaliation the Granbull knocked out the Golurk with a crunch.

Lillie sent out her next pokemon. "Medic we need you out here! Mega evolve and use dazzling gleam! Shockums keep the pressure on that Granbull!" As the Granbull was shot by thunderbolt, the dazzling gleam knocked it out.

Jeffery looked down in defeat as Elio clapped and shouted. "Not too bad of a team otherwise. That Jumpluff really is something I did not expect!"

Battle Three

Vs Yorks

Yorks sent out an Alolan Muk and a Kangaskhan. Lillie shouted. "Go Shockums! Go Onua!"

Elio noticed that no one would send out a Kangaskhan against a ghost type unless. "Wait does that Kangaskhan have.."

York's made a quick pose to the Kangaskhan. "Use fake out on that Golurk!"

The Kangaskhan leaped in front of the Golurk and was much of a scrappy to startle it. Elio clapped toward Yorks; Lillie looked at Elio with a raised eyebrow before he apologized. "Sorry about this Lillie. I have to actually encourage these scrubs to get better."

Lillie and Yorks focused back on the battle; Lillie shouted. "Shockums use thunder wave on that Kangaskhan! Shut her down!"

The Kangaskhan was paralyzed by the thunder wave as the Alolan Muk crunched into the Golurk, leaving a lingering poison and about to faint.

Lillie took a deep breath. "Shockums use thunderbolt on the Kangaskhan! Onua use high horse power on the Muk!"

The Raichu shot a thunderbolt at the Kangaskhan, the Golurk knocked the Muk out with a kick. Kangaskhan was paralyzed and did not move. The poison from the Muk knocked the Golurk out.

Lillie called the Golurk back and sent out her next pokemon. "Ghorchi lets show him who is boss with a draco meteor!"

Yorks sent out a Talonflame. He posed a rising flame for it to use "INFERNO OVERDRIVE!" knock out the Raichu. The Hydreigon knocked the Talonflame out with a draco meteor. The Kangaskhan charged a double edged attack at the Hydreigon.

Yorks sent out a Bewear, Lillie sent out her Garevoir. "Maiden use psychic to take out that Bewear! Ghorchi night daze that Kangaskhan!"

The Bewear was knocked out quickly by the Gardevoirs psychic blast as the Hydreigon sent out a pitch black shock wave on the Kangaskhan. Yorks sent out an insect with a mushroom on its back known as Parasect.

Lillie took out her great ball and shouted. "Ghorchi switch out, Cain come out! Maiden finish that Kangaskhan off with a psychic!" The Gardevoir finished the Kangaskhan off as the Leafeon took the spores. Yorks sent out a Honchkrow.

Lillie called her two pokemon back. " Maiden and Cain return! Ghorchi and Medic it is time to finish this!"

Yorks grinned. "Got ya. Don Feathers, use super power!" The Hydreigon was knocked out by the Honchkrows super power, crashing back to Lillie.

Lillie glared at the battle as she called the Hydreigon back. "Maiden come on out!"

The Parasect slashed an x scissor at the Audino. Lillie shouted. "Maiden use moon blast on that Honchkrow! Medic mega evolve and use dazzling gleam!"

The Gardevoir channeled the power of the moon to knock the Honchkrow out of the air and on the ground, the Audino's dazzling gleam did less damage as the Parasect set it into a deep spore infused sleep.

Lillie shouted. "Maiden, keep using moon blast till it goes down! Medic dazzling gleam if you can wake up!" One blast, the Parasect was still up, it slashed back with a cross poison. Another moon blast knocked it out.

As Yorks felt defeat, Elio shouted from the audience. "You and the other two numb skulls have actually put some effort into these teams. Be warned I am not going to go easy back home."

Final Battle

Vs Sheryl

Sheryl gave a rather intimidating pose as she prepared for battle. "You managed to beat those three numb skulls? Time to get serious, Fluttahs, Scampers! Show her how it is done!" Sheryl sent out a Venomoth and a Gliscor.

Lillie smiled at the skull grunts toxic orb Gliscor before she shouted. "Onua! Maiden! Lets finish this round!"

As the Gardevoir and Golurk enter the arena, the final round had begun. "Maiden use psychic on that Venomoth! Keep it from setting up! Onua shadow punch that Gliscor!" The Venomoth was knocked out by the Gardevoirs psychic; the Gliscor knocked off the Gardevoirs choice scarf. Even after the Gliscor was punched, it still stood.

Sheryl gritted at how quickly her Venomoth strategy failed and shouted. " Screw this! B.B mess them up!" Out came a Beedrill with a particular stone as Sheryl raised her bracelet. "B.B mega evolve and poison jab that Gardevoir!"

The Beedrill glowed as it developed more larger stingers and two of its wings torn into half. It ram its stinger arms into the Gardevoir for a fast k.o, Lillie shouted. "Onua shadow punch that Beedrill before it sweeps us!"

With an iron fist from the shadows, the Beedrill was sent flying knocked out, Sherly gritted her teeth and shouted. "Scampers use swords dance!"

Lillie took a deep breath as she called the Gardevoir back. "Go Ghorchi!"

Sheryl sent out her next pokemon, a green Dodrio.

The Sheryl posed as she lifted her fist to the sky. "Marver Z power mirror move that Golurk! Take it out!"

The Dodrio received a massive boost in damage as it copied the Golurk's spectral punch; with a mirror sending a fist into the shadows the Golurk was quickly knocked out. Lillie flinched at the damage as she prepared a dusk ball. "Ghorchi use draco meteor on that Gliscor! Onua you done well, Shockums we need to fight back!"

Sheryl gritted. "Come out Ploppers!" The next pokemon she sent out was a Quagsire, Lillie shouted as she prepared another switch. "Shockums use thunderbolt on that Dodrio! Ghorchi come back! Go Cain!"

The Raichu shot a thunderbolt first as the shiny Dodrio use return for a mutual knock out. The Hydreigon was switched for the Leafeon as Lillie prepared another swithch. Huff! "Shockums come back, Medic we need you out!"

Sheryl shouted in rage. "Ploppers, ice punch that Leafeon, Bobbers lets finish this fight!" The Leafeon bit into the yache berry to glow, in an ice punch the Leafeon gritted his teeth and quickly knocked the Quagsire out with a leaf blade as the Azumarril played rough with him.

Lillie prepared the key stone. "Mega evolve and keep using heal pulse!"

The Audino healed the wounds. Lillie shouted. "Cain again on the Azumarril! Medic keep Cain up at all cost!" The Leafeon slashed at the Azumarril, it still stood as it tried to play rough with him again. The Leafeon dodged as he was healed back to full health. Lillie saw the match over and shouted. "Cain finish it with return!" As the Leafeon channeled its affection, the Azumarril was knocked out.

What was expected to be a scowl of defeat became a toothy smile from Sheryl. "I can't believe you beat me. That was awesome!" Lillie exited the Colosseum with a title. "Second Best Friend."

As Lillie exited the Colosseum, she saw Elio congratulated her on beating this round; Lillie puffed up her cheeks and placed her hands on her hips at what he did. "Elio why were you cheering for the Skull Grunts?"

Elio took a deep breath to explain himself. "Lillie, I know you. You are one of the best if not the best trainer I know. You have become a Champion in Kanto, have done much to stop Cipher. These numbskulls, it took them nearly a year for them to regain the confidence to start over and become better. It is my duty as Champion of Alola to inspire these numb skulls to greater heights. If I hurt your feelings from this... I am.."

Lillie interrupted him as she smiled. "Don't apologize. I understand, you have done a good job at inspiring them. I wonder what your next batch of opponents are?"

Elio read the next round. "Gonzap round? Well this is going to be a fun one. Alright Lillie, wish me luck."

Battle One

vs Biden

The first Snagem grunt arrived to the arena and shouted. "Boss invited himself and brought us with him now you get to see how tough we really are."

Elio felt something crawling on his back as Biden sent out a Ninjask and a Weezing. "MAKUTA! PETE! LETS DO THIS! PETE MEGA EVOLVE AND USE SHADOW CLAW ON THAT NINJASK! MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL ON THE WEEZING!"

The Ninjask protected itself from the Banettes claws as the Weezing shot a shadow ball at the Cofagrigus, who returned with a shadow ball of its own.

The Ninjask increased in speed as Elio ordered the next attack. "PETE WILLO WISP!" The Ninjask glowed a shadow claw as the Banette rushed a burning willo wisp, the Banette cackled at the Ninjask's speed prevailed it not. The damage from the shadow claw dealt minimal damage as the Weezing and Cofagrigus traded shadow balls.

Biden sent out a Houndoom as his Ninjask toss a baton to transfer the speed to a Hitmonlee.

Elio took out the dusk ball. "PETE FALL BACK! CUMUSTRICH I NEED YOU OUT HERE! MAKUTA USE PROTECT!" The Banette was switched for the Dodrio as the Cofagrigus protected itself from a dark pulse and earthquake. Elio posed for the Dodrio to use "SUPERSONIC SKYSTRIKE!" to knock out out the Houndoom. The Hitmonlee endured for a strong attack as the Cofagrigus burned him with a willo wisp. Biden sent out a Jolteon on the field to make quick work of the Dodrio with a thunder bolt.

Elio whispered. "Makuta. I think I know what he plan for the Hitmonlee, shadow ball it so we can get a confirmed blow." The Hitmonlee wasted its turn on the Cofagrigus as the Dodrio was knocked out by the Jolteon.

Elio shouted. "ALRIGHT MAC LETS GET IN THERE! USE FAKE OUT ON THAT JOLTEON! MAKUTA, AGAIN!" The Hitmonchan startled the Jolteon as the Hitmonlee endured the shadow ball, it ate a Lichie berry to boost its attack.


The Jolteon was about to faint as Biden sent out his next pokemon, a Steelix. "MAC USE CLOSE COMBAT ON THAT STEELIX! MAKUTA... keep doing what you are doing!"

The Jolteon protected itself from the Cofagrigus attacks, as the Hitmonchan beaten the Steelix down.

Steelix exploded, knocking the Hitmonchan out along with itself.

Elio sent out his next pokemon. "BRIMMY! LETS FINISH THIS!"

As the Incineroar entered the field, the Ninjask returned. "BRIMMY USE FLARE BLITZ ON THAT NINJASK! MAKUTA FINISH THAT JOLTEON WITH A SHADOW BALL!"

The Jolteon and Ninjask were knocked out by the the Incineroar and Cofagrigus, ending the fight.

Battle Two

vs Jedo.

Another Snagem grunt walked into the Colosseum with a determined look. "Boss had another reason to come. He seen Lillie fight but never got to see you fight. We want to know if you are all just talk."

Elio sighed in annoyance. "More than one way to cement our agreement."

Jedo sent out a Crobat and a Meganium. "BRIMMY! CUMUSTRICH! IT IS TIME TO START!" The Crobat rammed itself into the Dodrio like the brave bat it was.

Elio posed again for the Dodrio to use its Z move and knock out the Crobat. "Well done Cumustrich. BRIMMY FLARE BLITZ THAT MEGANIUM BEFORE IT SETS UP!"

As the Meganium was knocked out by a flare blitz, Jedo sent out his next two pokemon; a Feraligatr and a Raikou.

Elio's eyes widened in astonishment. "A Legendary beast? Cumustrich, fall back. MAKUTA! COME ON OUT! BRIMMY WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE FLARE BLITZ THAT RAIKOU, IT IS OUR TOP PRIORITY!" The Cofagrigus was greeted to a thunderbolt as the Incineroar was rammed by the Feraligatr's waterfall.

The Incineroar stood as he rammed into the Raikou and left a burn. Elio smiled as the Raikou was about to faint. "Okay... MAKUTA! FINISH IT OFF WITH A SHADOW BALL!" The Raikou bit into the Cofagrigus as the Feraligatr finished the Incineroar off with another waterfall, the Cofagrigus still shot a shadow ball at the Raikou, finishing it off.

Elio called the Incineroar back and shouted as he tossed a great ball. "CUMUSTRICH COME BACK TO THE FIELD!"


The Dodrio dealt significant damage to the Feraligatr as Jedo whispered to himself. "I heard enough of this one to know that crunch is a bad idea on that Cofagrigus since Feraligatr has sheer force... Keep using waterfall on Dodrio and hope something happens! Slowking join in on the attack!" The combined attack knocked out the Dodrio as the Cofagrigus pelted the Slowking.

Elio shouted out. "MAC TAKE THAT FERALIGATR OUT OF THE FIELD WITH MACH PUNCH! … Do I need to tell you to use keep using the same attack Makuta."

The Cofagrigus sighed in annoyance. "Cof!"

The Dex translated. "BZZT! It gets a little repetitive when I know that Slowking's are bulky. BZZT!"

The Hitmonchan finished off the Feraligatr as the Cofagrigus hit the Slowking with another shadow ball. The Hitmonchan was standing from the Slowkings psychic, but he was about to faint. Jedo sent out his last pokemon, a Typhlosion. The Typhlosion charmed the Hitmonchan to not want to attack as the Cofagrigus finished off the Slowking. The Hitmonchan was finished off by a flamethrower as the Cofagrigus used the same attack.

Elio sent out the dusk ball to shout. "OKAY PETE! LETS DO THIS SHADOW CLAW AND FINISH THIS FIGHT!" It took two turns with the Typhlosion protecting itself, but the combined power knocked the Typhlosion out.

Battle Three

vs Wakin

Elio looked at the man in glasses in a frown. "As much as our cooperation went well. You still knocked me out. So expect this one with hard feelings."

Wakin shrugged. "Heh! It's one of my specialties." Wakin sent out a Vileplume and Swampert.

Elio glared. "CUMUSTRICH, MAC! LETS DO THIS! MAC FAKE OUT THAT SWAMPERT" The Hitmonchan startled the Swampert as Elio posed for the Dodrio to do his usual opening, the combined damage knocked the Swampert out. Vileplume put the Dodrio to sleep with a sleep power before Wakin switched for a Gardevoir.

Elio switched the Hitmonchan. "MAC COME BACK! BRIMMY IT IS YOUR GO!" The Dodrio rammed at Vileplume with an early brave bird as the Gardevoir shot a thunderbolt at the Dodrio, expecting a switch otherwise and knocking it out. Elio called the Dodrio back and whispered to it. "All right Cumustrich, you done enough."

Wakin sent out his next pokemon, a Swellow.


The Gardevoir set out a familiar energy as the Banette knocked her out, the Banette cackled as he was taken down with her. The Swellow hit the Incineroar with a strong return.

Elio shouted. "BRIMMY FLARE BLITZ THAT SWELLOW!" As the Swellow was knocked out, Wakin sent out his last two pokemon. A Blaziken and a Sceptile.

Elio sent out his next pokemon in place of the Banette. "Odon... its on you!"

The Sceptile punched into the Yanmega with a thunder punch as the Yanmega made quick work of the Sceptile with an air slash.

Elio proceeded to switch. "BRIMMY... switch out." GO MAC!" The Blaziken shot a massive fire blast at the Yanmega and missed. The Blaziken tried to endure before the Hitmonchan faked it out and the Yanmega slashed air into the Blaziken, ending the fight. Wakin walked out as Elio kept his stare.

Final Battle.

vs Gonzap

The Snagem Leader entered the Arena and yelled. "If it isn't the punk who thinks he has us under his thumb. I am not losing this!"

Gonzap sent out a Slaking and a Skarmory onto the field.


Elio posed for his Dodrio to make his Z move opening to knock out the Slaking before he shouted. "MAKUTA USE SHADOW BALL ON THAT SKARMORY!"

The Skarmory blew a whirl wind at what was its ally now a knocked out pokemon.

Elio raised his eyebrow. "Wha..."

Gonzap glared at Elio as he sent out a Salamence and raised a gauntlet. "SALAMENCE MEGA EVOLVE AND USE GIGA IMPACT THAT DODRIO!" The Salamence's wings took the shape of a crescent moon as it rammed into the Dodrio for a knock out.

Elio blinked. "Makuta... BURN THAT SALAMENCE!" As a willo wisp burned the Salamence, Elio found out WHAT Gonzap's strategy was as the Skarmory blew the Salamence away.

Elio asked rather intimidated. "Gonzap. How many pokemon you have that know a version of.."

Gonzap laughed. "Aside from Skarmory, all of them!"

Elio smiled nervously. "And you plan to have a pokemon roar to remove the Hyper Beam or equivalents... flaw. This is going to suck." Gonzap sent out his next pokemon, a Blastoise.


The Skarmory drill peck into the Hitmonchan as the Blastoise was beaten across the field and into a wall. The Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball into the Skarmory as it was roared away. Next pokemon sent out was a Charizard.


The Blastoise was knocked out as the Cofagrigus protected itself from a blast burn.

Next pokemon that returned was the Salamence, who made quick work of the Hitmonchan with a Giga Impact as the Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball at it.

The Charizard roared at the Salamence, bringing out a Venusaur.


The Cofagrigus protected itself as the Charizard shot a dragon pulse at the Hitmonchan and the Venusaur set up a light screen. The Venusaur was knocked out as Gonzap sent out the Skarmory.


The Incineroar made quick work of the Skarmory as the Charizard shot another dragon pulse. Gonzap sent out his Salamence as a last ditch effort to win. The combined effort of Charizard and Salamence took out the Incineroar while the Cofagrigus kept pelting with shadow ball.


Gonzap noticed that his Salamence was about to faint when he shouted at the Charizard. "USE BLAST BURN TO GET THAT BANETTE OUT!"

In a blast of fire, the Banette swung its spectral claws at the Salamence, knocking it out and leaving the Charizard for the finishing blow.

Gonzap bellowed in defeat. "No. Noooo!"

As Elio went to compliment Gonzap on the battle, the Snagem boss gave him a small letter and walked away silently.

When Elio exited the Colosseum he read. "You both are tough. It is a shame that we are not partners anymore. Because we could have gone much far than taking out a simple stronghold. So next best thing, you are honorary members of team Snagem, when you two get sick of your life you can come to us anytime. P.S. This means you and Lillie would be our main enforcers."

Elio has earned the... title. "Honorary Snagem member."

Elio exited the Colosseum to find Lillie congratulated him on defeating the Team Snagem.

Elio whispered back. "Just when I thought I took care of my sins... I got this."

Lillie read the letter and looked at Elio before he whispered in a frown. "I am not going to join these people. But it is a good feeling that they now respect both of us, rather than just fear us. One more round and we go surprise Gladion?"

Lillie nodded back in a smile. "Yes! If he hasn't beaten Mount Battle we might be able to see him take on that Metagross you make a big deal out of."

Battle One

vs Navu

Navu sent out Nidoqueen and Zangoose. As Lillie saw the two pokemon, she sent out hers. "Cain! Maiden! Come out! Maiden use Psychic on that Nidoqueen! Cain use leaf blade to finish it off." As the two pokemon knocked out the Nidoqueen, the Zangoose tried to detect an upcoming attack.

The toxic orb poisoned the Zangoose much to Lillies confusion. "Wait... I thought Zango..."

Lillies eyes widened as she remembered Zangooses hidden ability. "Toxic boost!"

As a Sharpedo entered the arena, she ordered her Gardevoir and Leafeon to focus the Zangoose down before it used facade. The Sharpedo took the advantage and bit into the Leafeon with icy fangs, the Leafeon ate another part of his Yache berry to reduce the damage. Navu sent out her next pokemon, a Victreebel, the Sharpedo's speed was boosted.

Lillie shouted. "Maiden use psychic on that Victreebel! Cain use leaf blade to try and knock out that Sharpedo!" The Gardevoir was successful with knocking out the Victreebel, while the Leafeon was knocked out by icy fangs.

Lillie sent out her next pokemon. "Ghorchi Lets take out that Sharpedo with draco meteor! Maiden focus your attacks on the Golem!"

The Sharpedo bit into the Hydreigon with icy fangs before a barrage of meteors knocked it out, the Gardevoirs psychic power was blocked by the Golems protect. Next pokemon Navu sent out was a Hitmonlee.

Lillie prepared to switch. "Ghorchi return. Go Onua!"

The Hitmonlee attempted to high jump kick the Hydreigon when a Golurk took its place, no effect as he kept going and crashed. Lillie shouted. "Onua use high horse power on that Golem. Maiden now is your chance to finish that Hitmonlee!"

The Golem was kicked as the Hitmonlee was knocked out, within two turns the battle was over.

Battle Two

vs Pixen

Pixen sent out a Nidoking and a Politoed. Lillie shouted. "Shockums! Maiden! Lets go!" Lillie sent out her pokemon. The Gardevoir knocked out the Nidoking with a psychic blast as Lillie posed for her Raichu to use the Z move "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" to make quick work of the Politoed. The next pokemon sent out was a Magmotar and a strange blond pokemon named Jynx.

The Jynx faked the Gardevoir out as the Raichu stunned the Jynx with a thunderwave, the Magmotar used a confuse ray to daze the Gardevoir. Lillie saw the status coming and shouted. "Now is our chance, Shockums use thunderbolt on that Jynx till it goes down! Maiden if you can focus... use psychic on that Magmotar until it goes down."

The Jynx was struck with a thunderbolt as the Gardevoir struggled to set out a psychic blast, it landed and the Magmotar retaliated with a flamethrower while the Jynx did not move. The Jynx was finished off as the Gardevoir snapped out and finished the Magmotar off.

Pixen sent out her last two pokemon, an Armaldo and a Fearow.

Lillie prepared another switch. "Shockums! Come back. Onua lets finish this fight! Maiden attack the Fearow with psychic!"

The Gardevoir dealt significant damage to the Fearow as both it and the Armaldo focused her down.

Lillie called the Gardevoir back and whispered. "You done well... Ghorchi night daze the Fearow! Onua use high horse power on that Armaldo, Ghorchi will join you with a flash cannon to finish up!"

As the Hydreigon took out the Fearow and the Golurk kicked into the Armaldo, it tried to knock the Hydreigon out with another x scissor but to no avail. With a flash cannon, the fight was over.

Battle Three

vs Daks

Daks sent out a Quagsire and Arcanine. Lillie sent out her Hydreigon and Golurk. The Arcanine shot an overheat at the Golurk as Lillie ordered her Hydreigon to take out the Arcanine with a draco meteor. The Golurk dealt significant damage to the Quagsire with a high horse powered kick before it body slammed the Hydreigon and paralyzed him. Daks sent out Scizor to use x scissor on the Hydreigon.

The Hydreigon was able to knock the Scizor out with a flamethrower before it faint from the life orb. Lillie called her Hydreigon back. "You done good Ghorchi... you and the others are going to the lobby after this. Onua finish that Quagsire with another kick!"

As the Quagsire was finished off Daks sent out an Wailren and a Primeape. Lillie sent out her Leafeon to assist the Golurk. As the Primeape night slashed the Golurk into a knockout, the Leafeon knocked out the Primeape with a critical slash of leaf blade. Daks sent out his last pokemon, an Electivire while Lillie sent out her Gardevoir before she shouted to her to knock out the Primeape with psychic. The Leafeon rushed at the Electivire with return before it took a fire punch, one more psychic was enough to knock it out.

Final Battle

vs Haley.

As the employee got herself ready for battle she smiled at Lillie. "Part of me is going to miss this place... but enough about that let us end this trip on a high note." Haley sent out a red Oricorio and Volcarona.

Lillie stared back in determination and shouted. "Lets! Onua, Shockums! Lets finish this round!"

The Oricorio used protect to block the thunderbolt as the Volcarona performed a quiver dance with the Oricorio following suit. Elio shouted in the audience. "Oh boy. I heard of Volcarona being the best partner for an Oricorio. Lillie don.."

Sheryl covered Elio's mouth. "Don't or I will do something we will both regret!"

Lillie looked back at Elio who was trying to shout something as she pointed toward her Golurk. "High horse power that Volcarona before it sweeps us!" With a single high horse powered kick, the Volcarona was knocked out. Haley sent out a Flygon to take the field while Lillie switched her Golurk for her Gardevoir and posed for a Gigavolt at the Oricorio.

Haley took a deep breath. "You found that out..." She signaled Sheryl to leave Elio alone and had Flygon use earthquake to take out the Raichu.

Haley sent out a Ninjask while Lillie sent out her Leafeon. "Cain use swords dance. Maiden use moon blast on that Flygon!"

The Ninjask set up a swords dance as the Gardevoir knocked out the Flygon in one blast. Haley sent out a Kingdra as she ordered the Ninjask to prepare a baton pass to transfer the massive boost.

Hayley shouted out. "Sorry in advance. This was my back up plan in case Boreal was taken out. Come out Tina!"

As the Leafeon knocked out the Kingdra with a leaf blade, Haley set out a Mawile and a key stone on her bracelet. "Tina, mega evolve!"

The Mawile grew much bigger and generated a second set of jaws on the back of her head.

Lillie shouted in determination "Maiden use moon blast on that Mawile!" The Mawile took the moon blast and rammed her head into the Gardevoir, knocking her out.

Lillie shouted at her Leafeon knowing the Mawile is in full power. "Cain use leaf blade until that Mawile goes down! Onua I need you out!"

Haley sent out the Ninjask to assist the Mawile. The Golurk got ready for a high horse power kick when the Mawile sucker punched it for a k.o.

The Ninjask slashed the Leafeon with an x scissor; the Leafeon struck the Mawile with a leaf blade, causing her to revert back to her normal form knocked out.

Lillie took a deep breath. "Well done you all. Ghorchi! Finish this fight with a flamethrower!"

As the Ninjask was hit by the flame, it held on with a focus sash, it knocked out the Leafeon as it succumed to the burn. Haley took a deep breath as Lillie approached to shake her hand.

Upon exiting the Colosseum, Lillie had earned the title. "Commander."


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 12 Week Together.

Lillie walked out of the Colosseum and saw Elio prepared to congratulate her; Lillie kissed him as she prepared to leave. They went on the motor bike toward Mount Battle's lobby to try and see how Gladion was doing at the mountain. At the lobby they found Gladion on the screen having just beaten opponent number ninety nine and was about to battle number one hundred. Aside from the Golurk who was too big for the Lobby, the duo let all their pokemon out and prepared to watch as Gladion approached Battlus

Vs Mount Battle Master Battlus

Battlus sent out Dusclops and Latias. Gladion did his usual pose as he sent out Weavile and Tyranitar. The Dusclops protected itself in anticipating an attack toward it.

Gladion shouted as he posed. "Tyranitar use dragon dance. Weavile take out that Latias with night slash!" The Tyanitar danced his speed and physical attack up as the Weaviles life orb glowed to make its night slash do enough damage to take out the Latias.

Battlus sent out his Slaking on the field, Gladion glared with his pokemon. "Weavile focus your next night slash on that Slaking, Tyranitar follow with stone edge!" The Weavile slashed at the Slaking as the Tyranitar finished it off with jagged rocks, the Dusclops burned the Weavile with a will-o-wisp.

Battlus sent out his Salamence to intimidate the two pokemon's physical attack.

Gladion ordered the weakened Weavile. "Weavile focus slashing the Dusclops! Tyranitar use ice fang to chill that Salamence out!" The Weavile slashed a critical night slash on the Dusclops as the Tyranitar charged at the Salamence with his icy maw. The Salamence twitched as the cold knocked it out; the Dusclops shot a will-o-wisp at the Tyranitar and missed.

Battlus sent out his Latios, Gladion kept giving the order. "Weavile use night slash on that Latios! Tyranitar dragon dance again!"

The Dusclops protected itself as the Weavile slashed into the Latios. The Latios knocked the Weavile out with dragon pulse as the Tyranitar danced with the fury of a dragon.

Gladion switched his Weavile out for his next pokemon. "Lucario we need to push!" As Gladion sent out his Lucario, he pounded his fist together for a "CORK SCREW CRASHER!" To knock out the Latios as Tyranitar knocked out the Dusclops with a crunch.

Battlus sent out his last pokemon; Metagross.

The Metagross Mega evolved and slammed a hammer arm into the Tyranitar for a knock out, Gladion flinched at the intense damage and called his Tyranitar back with his hand twitching. "Lucario use aura sphere on that Metagross! Silvally I need you out!" The Lucario pelted the Metagross with a sphere as a Ground type Silvally entered the arena. The Metagross rammed its head into the Lucario for another knock out as the Silvally dug its earth infused claws into the Metagross.

Gladion called the Lucario back, determined to win. "Porygon-Z come out!" The Metagross and trainer looked at both pokemon, the Metagross rammed a zen head butt into the Silvally.

Gladion shouted in determination. "Silvally use Multi Attack again! We have this victory otherwise!"

The Silvally shrugged off the intense damage as it dug a multi attack into the Metagross. The Metagross was tossed upside down and reverted back to its normal form knocked out. Like Elio and Lillie before him, his pokemon received Earth Ribbons for completing this challenge without switching pokemon and the last of the three Johto starters. A teal Totadile with a blue fin.

As Gladion made the return to the lobby to call a pick up, he was surprised to find his sister rushing over to hug him.

Gladion looked at her and Elio to ask. "You beaten those Colosseum rounds early?" The duo nodded at Gladion as the Rotom Dex flared up to describe the Totadile. "BZZT The guy has a Jolly nature, the ability sheer force and the moves dragon dance, Hydro cannon, bite and le..."

Gladion glared at the floating Dex as Elio shoved it in his bag. "Don't... just don't!"

Elio apologized and gave Gladion a proud smile. "This makes you number three in the confront Mega Metagross and win club, enough to actually make it official. Plus you did it without having to use a status aliment!"

Gladion looked away in a pose and dismissed the compliment. "It isn't that big a deal..."

As the group tried to celebrate, the Rotom Dex flared up in the bag muffled, giving Elio an excuse to get him out. "BZZT! Message from... Wes? Hello Elio, hello Lillie. Me, Rui and Michael have finished our business in Alola and are heading toward Orre. If you two already beaten your respected rounds at the Colosseum and are bored... sucks to be you!"

As Elio and Lillie read the message out loud, Gladion got a ring on his phone. "I will be outside for a minute... when your pokemon are all gathered up we can schedule the rest of our week!"

As the duo gathered up their pokemon, Lillie actually noticed something odd. "Strange that Gladion got a call right after we got our..."

Lillie recalled the excited Hydreigon as Elio grinned. "I told you already that he gathered most of our opponents for the Colosseum. Who in turned gathered opponents, with Wes being the diabolic mastermind... what forces has he assembled I wonder?"

Lillie smiled and shook her head at the Elio. "You are just saying that because your plan on Alola fell apart the instant I came back."

Elio nodded. "I would have gotten away with it to boot!" As the two laughed, Gladion walked back to find the two were talking about something. "Where else do you two normally go in this region?"

Gladion asked in curiosity. "When Cipher has not been coming after you two. Or when you do something about these people, I really know at least one hot spot in this region?"

Lillie showed Gladion the pokemon H.Q as she drove him and Elio back. "This is where we are normally at once we gathered enough pokemon for the chambers."

Gladion replied back to his sister. "Any other place you go to often?"

Lillie thought of one other. "There was also Phenac City. Another convenient place during the entire... Parkas episode."

Gladion was playing with the Totodile using a biting stick as he nodded back. "With everything that was happening... your schedule was mostly training, keeping a sharp eye on the treatment of these pokemon and taking these guys down. Now it is just the clean up."

Elio asked Gladion a minor question. "Where do Wes and Rui take you?" Gladion looked at his rival in answer. "Most of the Colosseums of this region. Pyrite town is mostly a place you go if you have business, mostly the Colosseum. I heard there use to be a town located underneath Pyrite... collapsed some time after the first shadow pokemon incident. Back when Cipher had much more control over this region. It was called the Under."

Elio responded back. "The Under? Me and Lillie figured out that Cipher had a strong grip on this region when we heard that seventeen years ago, the major of Phenac city was in fact Evice. Bastard tried to use the shadow Ultra Beast's to scare most of Orre into submission before Lillie and I did something."

Gladion sighed in frustration. "Shame I went to Realgam after that fact... wanted to give some of those people a piece of my mind."

Elio wanted the change the subject. "Any specific place you went to otherwise, besides the Colosseum's and Mount Battle? Because I stopped visiting Agate when the chamber became more convenient."

Gladion nodded. "Outskirt Stand." Elio and Lillie looked at each other; Elio asked. "That place? Rather convenient for a small group of people to gather. I am going to check on the fue.."

Lillie interrupted. "I will go check you two keep talking."

As Lillie left the room, the two boys looked at each other awkwardly before Gladion continued. "What do you think of Wes and Rui?"

Elio gave Gladion an honest answer. "I don't really know the two, but they seem pretty cool. They care enough for these pokemon to get me to like them. Fact that Wes use to work with these Snagem guys is quite interesting."

Gladion glared back. "Wes told me enough about those guys. He was rather impressed that you and Lillie actually won those guys... never mind."

Elio asked. "Anything specific that they have done on Alola besides drive Cipher off?"

Gladion looked away in hesitation. "Aside from a bunch of people that wanted to take a vacation. When Wes found out about the shadow pokemon he..."

Elio continued. "He did somethings that would have me labeled him as an asshole in any other situation?"

Gladion gave a blunt answer. "Yes; To snag that Noibat and Stunky, he played along as a traveler wanting to partake in a small Battle Royale with Jeffery and Bulmer. York's was already taken cared of in regard to the Koffing."

Elio guessed. "He grabbed a low level pokemon of his and broke a lot of rules to get them off those numb skulls hands before they get themselves killed?"

Gladion nodded back. "Aside from the obvious reason that a bunch of people would just find him as a thief, it was what he did to Kukui that would have made hate him."

Elio asked with his pupils shrinking. "He was trying to be the Masked Royal and Wes knocked him down?! What did Wes use anyways?"

Gladion looked away again as he replied. "A Dunsparce with the ability Serene Grace, Kukui had a Rockruff out."

Elio slammed his head against a desk trying not to laugh at Kukui's misfortune. "I heard of Dunsparce. Weak for a pokemon... dumb looking. But its move pool and ability is the reason anyone would use it. Wes used this pokemon to humiliate him?"

Gladion nodded. "Yes he even taunted the audience after snagging the numb skulls shadow pokemon. As for Rui... she has more morality of the two and is a pleasant woman."

Lillie returned to give her report on the bike and heard Elio laughed at the phrase. "Para flinch!"

Lillie shook her head at what Gladion told him and continued. "The bike has enough fuel for one more trip... if we want to take another trip we might as well go to the stand."

The next day, the trio's group of shadow pokemon are becoming even less. They drove to the Outskirt Stand and spent most of day talking about the various things that have happened during the past couple months. Most of it was minor save for battle with a robotic version of Groudon. Elio laughed at remembering it, saying it would have been a disappointment if he had to fight just the trainers pokemon.

As the three tried to keep a conversation alive for most of the morning, Rotom Dex flared up with one of the most mischievous grin the three have seen. "BZZT! Speaking of things that have happened. This might be important for you to know Mr. Gladion. BZZT!"

As the Dex set up a list of pictures it took, it floated toward Gladion. First pictures seemed like generic group photo, composed mainly of Elio and Lillie with the various pokemon they have saved. "I seen most of these in the chambers. You two keeping most of the ones used in these things or are they going to be among the others?"

Lillie nodded. "We are keeping most of them brother. I had to do something regrettable for one particular to get a ghost type and a bug type in the chamber."

Gladion took a deep breath as he saw the picture of Lillie petting a Ninjask and Shedinja. "I saw the list... one of the shadow pokemon was a Nincada that you specifically evolved into both. Was the Ninjask or Sheinja angry about any of it?"

Lillie looked away. "I don't think so... Zippy did not seem to mind and Hollow..." Gladion nodded. "Normally upon evolving, Ninjask and Shedinja share the same personality. If one does not mind it, the other would not either."

As Gladion finished he saw an image of Elio grinning with a Heracross that he recognized as Punctchy, before he continued to a heart shaped album. "What the..."

Gladion pressed the album, Lillie looked her brothers shoulder to see what he was looking at. It was a variety of romantic imagery; from her and Elio looking at the sunset on top of the lighthouse, the climax of their battle at Pyrite Colosseum ending in a kiss as well as a few other romantic scenes.

Lillie noticed that her brother gave Elio an over protective glare, she sent her Gardevoir out and walked away. "I am going to fuel up the bike... Elio, just tell Gladion the truth and it should not be that bad."

Elio's eyes widen at what the Dex showed Gladion. "That little... Dex, was this pay back for having things plugged into you?"

The Dex was about to say something before Gladion turned the mute button on and showed him the imagery in a stoic stare. "Alright explain this!"

Elio noticed all of these moments. While he would have found them as pleasant memories, he knew that it was not a good time.

He took a deep breath and stared. "I have a crush on Lillie and I thought that if she shared the same feeling that I try to make it more than just friends. Aside from hugs and kisses nothing else happened in regard to this."

The Gardevoir yipped and tapped at Elio's should as she sensed his thoughts.

She stared at Elio, he remembered that he did leave one detail out. "That and I found her on my bed in the morning a couple times but that was all."

Gladion looked over at the Gardevoir, thought of something Elio might have done and sighed. "This Gardevoir was what you and Lillie used to help talk Lusamine back to reason?"

Elio nodded back. "Had to. There were answers we needed to get and psychic types like Maiden are very good lie detectors. It was only two questions but they were the most important."

Gladion continued his questions toward his rival. "I know you did something for Lusamine to even be in the mental state for what ever you asked of her. What did you do?"

Elio did not hesitate to answer. "Used some sleep powder I gotten from Thorn to knock her out."

Gladion sighed in response. "Why?"

Elio answered with a concerned look of what might have happened. "Lillie and Lusamine were moments away from having one of the nastiest arguments I would have the misfortune of hearing. A Solgaleo being turned into an XD class shadow pokemon did not sound like a coincidence and Lillie did not like what she saw. The later flew from Alola to Orre for three days straight, meaning three days without sleep; neither were good signs."

The Gardevoir yipped and nodded.

Gladion shook his head as he asked what was the Gardevoir doing. Elio explained that if he was telling the truth, she would do that. If he was lying, she would growl.

Gladion remembered some of the things Lillie had told him. "Anything specific that had happened when you and Lillie were fighting Cipher?"

Elio replied back in a frown. "I lost count at how many times they aimed at either Lillie or me. Two times they tried a much more direct way of capturing us."

Gladeion waved his hand to signal Elio to continue. "First one was an electric net I had Brimmy tear through. The second one... was when that bastard Alphonse shot an stun bola at Lillie. I was not fast enough to stop that from happening."

Gladion closed his eyes. "What did you do?"

Elio's remembered the fear he felt. "I rushed in my attempt to shake Alphonse off of me long enough to try and give Lillie CPR. No that mouth to mouth crap does not work! However pressing at the chest area to trigger a heart beat does!"

Gladion replied. "By rush, you meant you made tactically careless discussions with beating him? For example, tossing a dusk ball at a healthy strong pokemon and hope that the surrounding darkness was enough."

Elio took a deep breath. "Good guess at what happened. Caught the Honchkrow on the first ball but it was still a stupid thing for me to do."

Gladion nodded calmly. "You panicked and acted irrationally."

Elio pointed at himself to continue. "And this moron would have been to blame if she died!"

Elio slammed his head on the table. "Just chew me out and be done with it!"

Gladion glared at his rival before he he asked calmly. "During that encounter with Alphonse. Was there anyone else to do something about Lillie after she was knocked out?"

Elio raised his head up to answer. "Shockums was there to get that bola off of Lillie and give her CPR while I was busy fighting that bastard. I had Makuta out to block any more shots that would have been aimed at Lillie."

Gladion's glare loosened as he asked one more question on the matter. "And what happened to Alphonse?"

Elio looked directly at Gladion for his answer. "When I got him off my tail and I tried to get Lillie back up. He had a run in with his boss Parkas. He was not happy that Alphonse let us get this far and gave him the receiving end of a shadow Kingler's crab hammer. He was smashed through a wall."

Gladion cringed at the brutality and asked. "You actually think anyone would still be alive after that?"

Elio gritted his teeth. "I hope not. But people like that..."

Gladion raised a finger at what Elio was about to say. "Kingler naturally has a strong claw Elio. 10,000 horse power, shoved through a wall! The blunt damage alone would have a slim chance of maiming him at best in the middle of a wasteland. What of Scoire? Lillie told me he set you off the deep end."

Elio's anger returned at the mention of that commander. "That mad man insulted everything I stood for! Funny thing, unless he stole that Lycanroc or Z crystal, he was from Alola. If he expected any of that to go unpunished."

Gladion interrupted Elio. "Tone the zeal down. Lillie also told me that she had to stop you. Was this correct?"

Elio looked down in shame from the question. "Yes!"

Gladion knew that Lillie gave him her side of the story, but wanted a minor worry to be done. "She told me that this was something you both agreed to. What happened when you had Scoire defeated?"

Elio still looked in shame. "I punched Scoire in the face a couple times. Lillie shouted at me to stop and I dropped him."

Gladion took a deep breath at the next question. "Lillie said that you apologized for this afterward. Anything else happened between when you dropped the person and then?"

Elio looked Gladion in the eyes. "No."

During the questions, the Gardevoir signaled to Gladion that they were true.

Gladion took a sigh of relief as one worry was gone. "Now, what happened on Citadark?"

Elio answered. "That entire trip was unpleasant. By that point, Lillie and I knew that Cipher had the Cosmog evolve into a Cosmoem. Felt like a stressful race against time to storm the island, rescue the Cosmoem and get out."

Gladion nodded. "What did you encountered?"

Elio raised a finger as he began listing them. "First two things; lot's of Cipher goons and lots of shadow pokemon. Third, Lovrina. Fourth and fifth was a bunch of puzzles that have gotten in our way and the constant dread that we would run into a shadow version of a you know what."

Gladion remembered the Celesteela that was in the chamber.. "The one you encountered was the rocket... what happened during that encounter?"

Elio answered and he made sure no one was listening. "For one I had Odon scout the domes opening in case it was that one in particular. It was, he and Swoops got us far away from the ground as it tried to burn us. It arrived after Lillie captured the Solgaleo."

Gladion looked out of the window as he asked. "You went and confronted this pokemon, where was Lillie during this?"

Elio cringed. "I had her go back down an elevator and out of the blast zone while I handle that Celesteela, bad idea! By the time I was finished, Lillie was letting loose on the Cipher goons that were busy down there!"

Gladion asked one last question about Citadark to Elio. "Or you would let her near a creature that would attack her without hesitation?"

Elio laughed and responded. "No I wouldn't, She was barely able to walk after I had to snap her out of it. I had to drive the boat back which was a nightmare in itself!"

Gladion looked out the window to find Lillie petting her Leafeon as he thought of his concerns. "She told me you argued over two other ordeals. Let us start with Cain."

Elio looked out to find the Leafeon as well. "I don't want to know what Cipher specifically did to it. But he thought he had to evolve, after its trip to Agate Relic was the after result. He rushed straight into a large moss rock in the center of the grove and I had to do something to snap him out of it."

Gladion nodded back. "Lillie told me a bit about Lola and Raffle. While that Eevee is hers, she would never had Cain evolve with that mindset. What did you do to snap him out of it?"

Elio took out the Eevium Z crystal and showed it to Gladion; Gladion asked. "You showed Cain this thing?"

Elio nodded. "I let Lillie find a solution for his evolution to feel like a natural choice. It worked!"

Gladion took a deep breath in response. "By work you meant he then wanted to evolve?"

Elio remembered the two bag related incidents and smiled. "Yes. It was either going to be a Leafeon or a Flareon by that point, unfortunately Cain got the daring idea to leap into Lillies bag for the fire stone. Lillie and I agreed to hide that stone in a more secure bag, then showed Cain another Eeveelution when he came out with the moss rock. Then came Team Snagem and that Gloom."

Gladion nodded back. "Which lead to another thing you and Lillie argued over?"

Elio's smile faded. "We needed to get a small group to fight Parkas and we had limited about of time. I did what I had to do and I already had any worry about those guys trying anything funny buried!"

Gladion closed his eyes and nodded. "I know. You had them actually respect you."

Elio gestured to get the latest argument he had with Lillie out of the way. During Orre Colosseum when he said he would try to cheer Lillie on.

Gladion stopped him. "I am aware. You said you would try to cheer for her. Instead you ended up cheering for the Skull trio whether or not they lost. I know these three enough to see they have improved themselves since when I last saw them. You would be a horrible champion if you did not inspire them especially since they were being taken advantage of by Cipher. You might want to make your advice a little more specific though."

As silence filled the diner, Gladion thought all of what Elio had said over; with the Gardevoir marking everything said as truth it was laid to bare and stared at him in judgement. "You now know actual weapons exist. So you may want to keep a better eye out for that. You have been overprotective of Lillie during this nightmare. It became a fault when she had to call you back to your senses on multiple occasions. A minor fault that we both need to work on."

Gladion began to smile. "Otherwise you have done a lot for Lillie these past months. Thank you for being there for her."

Elio grinned back as his rival. "Lillie has defeated nearly everything this region has to offer. A couple more rounds and she will finally be done with this region."

Gladion's smile continued as he raised a finger. "True, but your next round is going to be a little special."

Elio already pieced together what Gladion meant. "I think I already figured out that round is going to be a handful of people Wes has specifically hand picked to defeat me. I am going to act surprised or hurt depending on who it might be."

As Lillie returned, she began apologizing. "Sorry It took me long. A rider named Willie wanted to battle me after I was done fueling the bike. Have you talked over everything?"

Gladion switched back to his usual frown as he signaled to Elio that they have.

Elio smiled at Lillie. "Went much better than expected." The rest of the morning was breakfast and making a schedule for the last remaining shadow pokemon.

The rest of the week was uneventful save for the last few shadow pokemon baring Mew and Xurkitree being purified. As Gladion organized where most of these pokemon came from, Elio and Lillie were busy separating their pokemon from Wes's pokemon. In an attempt to rehabilitate some of the former shadow pokemon, they had to separate them further by if it is a good idea to let them loose at the H.Q.

Elio had average luck in making the Kingler feel comfortable enough to accept some nicknames. "King Krustinal?"

The Kingler was lonely without anyone to really communicate with, despite Elio attempting to have the Dex translated the clicking pincer. "BZZT! I know you are trying to help... but let me talk to someone who does not need that screen. Where you got the name? BZZT!"

Elio explained more. "Krustinal. A mix of words from a cartoon show. You like it?"

The Kingler foamed bubbles in a smile. "BZZT! I could have been named worse. BZZT!"

Elio shrugged. "Much as I want Lillie to try and make you more cooperative. She is busy with Troy at the moment. What can I do to make you feel comfortable? Out side of having Dex go bug Lillie."

The Kingler pointed at Elio's bag; the trainer guessed. "You want food?"

The Kingler nodded as Elio thought of it. "I think I got a couple tamato and figy berries." Elio placed a large tamato berrry and a couple of Figy berries on a plate. "I have some beans as well but lets start with this."

The Kingler started with the figy berries, it liked the spicy taste; he grabbed the tamato berry and accidentally crushed it.

Elio frowned in a sigh. "Oh no! I'll get a napki..."

The Kingler froze and shook his claw and scuttled backward into a corner.

Elio blinked. "Krustinal? It is only a small mes..." Elio remembered that this was the Kingler Parkas used to execute Alphonse and flinched. "Right I did not think that Alphonse wasn't the only one. Krustinal, you were not well back then. You did not even have a choice in the.." The Kingler closed his eyes and tried to find a place to hid in.

Elio took a deep breath before he placed more figy berries on the plate, placed it in front of the Kingler and signaled to the other pokemon. "Rest of you are getting something as well afterward but stay far away from these berries! Krustinal is having a flash back."

Lillie had less initial luck in having the Rotom socialized with the combined effort of her Banette and Raichu it stopped hiding.

Lillie thought it would be fun to take it to the storage room. "Since you have been very good at making friends with some of the pokemon here. I want to show you some thing cool you can do."

Lillie opened some of the boxes to find a fan, fridge, washing machine, lawn mower and microwave oven; She asked the timid Rotom. "If you want to check them out, let me know ahe..." The Rotom hid behind the Raichu as it saw the appliances.

Lillie approached slowly as she realized she might have triggered bad memories. "Troy... I am sorry if this scared you a little... we can do this another day if you..." The Rotom buzzed as it sprinted past Lillie and into the box that contained the oven, it surrounded itself into the machine and emerged from the box.

Lillie tried to scold the Rotom for its sudden behavior. "Troy, get out of that oven this instant!"

Lillie emerged from the storage room after failing to convince the Rotom to leave the oven and found Elio sitting front of a Kingler that slowly approached the plate, he scuttled back when he sensed something.

Elio sighed in defeat. "So close... You had better luck with the Rotom?"

Lillie shook her head. "Troy was doing well with Pete and Shockums so I showed him some appliances for it to try and play around with... he rushed into an oven and..."

Elio nodded as he looked at the Dex. "Hey... think you can talk to it." The Dex hovered and talk sense into the Rotom that followed; it buzzed in a frown. "BZZT! Bad news! It does not want to leave the machine. It said something about that you cannot make it go near the baddie hole if he is not equipped. BZZT!"

Elio looked at the Rotom, then back to the Kingler. "So another one... Krustinal was like this after I tried to feed it some berries and it crushed a juicy one by accident. Good news out of all this. We found triggers to avoid."

As Gladion walked in with his Silvally, he saw the two trainers talked about the two pokemon. "Am I interrupting something or is it alright for me to say the good news?"

Both nodded at Gladion as he began to say it. "I found out more information on some of the more powerful shadow pokemon we captured. Found most of the trainers that they were stolen from and they are on their way to this region with in a couple weeks."

Lillie nodded to her brother. "Any pokemon specifically?"

Gladion handed the two over a list of the pokemon classified as stolen. The list composed of the Hoenn and Sinnoh starters. In addition to; Steelix, Foretress, Lopunny, Excadrill, Swalot, Garchomp, Mamoswine, Tangrowth, Likilicky, Smoochum, Beheeyem, Chandelure, Bisharp, Staraptor, Spiritomb, Electivire, Magmotar, Claydol, Bronzong, Rhyperior, Toxicroak, Honchkrow, Reuiniclus, Galvantula, Leavanny, Scolipede. Escavalier, Accelgor, Slurpuff, Araquanid and Hydreigon.

Lillies eyes widen as she took a deep breath and nodded. "Some of these pokemon we have in the chambers and Ghorchi is on the list."

Gladion looked away in a frown. "I had some people look into this... There was news report's nearly six months ago about a trainer with a Hydreigon that was murdered. The trainers name was Nora Allern. Most of course blamed it on the Hydreigon initially, until they actually looked at the single wound on her body. With what has happened, that Hydreigon and Ghorchi may be one and the same."

Lillie frowned even more. "That just makes me feel worse. Some of the pokemon I have captured use to belong to tho.."

Gladion took a deep breath. "The elemental monkeys, Porygon 2, the three fossil pokemon and any other artificial save for the Casform use to belong to members of Cipher. I had also received spam from this one person about a Roserade; should I go check?"

Elio said no. "I know that one particular. She was a part of Cipher and responsible for the creation of Shadow Lugia; she gets no pity from me."

Gladion nodded. "The rest are among the wild so you and Lillie may want to divide the ones you are keeping and the ones you are going to let me handle."

Elio asked in concern "Sounds like a good plan. But what about the ones Wes has..."

Gladion placed his hand over his face. "They are his to do what ever he wants with them. Seeing most of his pokemon, I know they are in good hands but I had to break the news about the Sceptiles trainer that he might not get it back. Wes only handing you over the Nihilego because it is a pokemon too dangerous even by his usual standards."

Elio nodded back. "I was only going to ask about the Sceptile. We got a small report on some of the stock pokemon it is exactly what it looks like. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Krustinal was fine a moment ago. Now he scuttled into a corner by that point any direct form of comforting the guy is now ineffective at best and dangerous at worse."

Elio looked back at the Kingler, he foamed bubbles and clicked his large pincer at the Silvally. The Silvally nodded back made a strange watery bark as it pushed the plate of berries forward. The Kingler scuttled toward the food, he offered to share some with the Silvally as it cleaned the mess from the tamato berry.

Elio and Gladion looked back at each other as one problem was handled. "Now I regret not bringing Kalden."

Lillie tried to pet the Rotom in an attempt to coax it into willingly leave the oven. "Troy when you feel comfortable with trying another appliance, let me know. Elio are you ready for the big day tomorrow?"
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 13 Rui Round.

The next day, Elio and Lillie woke to find Gladion and Silvally were missing.

Elio smiled at what was happening. "Wes, Rui and Michael are back in Orre. With the last three round at the Colosseum being done. It seems awf.."

Lillie interrupted him as she checked to see if the Rotom was comfortable with being left at the H.Q for a while. It was still sleeping in the storage room as it left the oven on its own. Lillie saw to it wake up, she played with it a little and left some kasib berries with clear instructions that it is not to mess with any machines in the H.Q save for the ones in the room. Elio's task with the Kingler was much simple as asked if he want to be back in his ball or if he wanted a place in the H.Q to make into a type of home. The Kingler pointed at the net ball and at the empty berry plate.

Elio nodded back. "Your main schedule is eat and go back in the ball for the rest of the day? Alright..."

At the Orre Colosseum, the only real change visual wise was a strange truck with hover wheels being parked outside and what looked like six brothers organizing the food and transport. Red, blue, brown, yellow, green and purple.

Elio and Lillie read the next two rounds, Rui round and Wes round. Lillie signed up and went into the Colosseum before Elio was able to.

He thought to himself. "Off to the audience bench for me."

Battle One

Vs Kukui?

Lillies eyes widen at who was standing before her. "Professor? What are you doing here?"

Kukui smiled and answered. "I am here to battle. Rui was looking for one more person to join the Colosseum match."

Lillie smiled as she heard a voice in the audience trying to decide who to cheer for.

Elio shouted out. "If you can't pick make a gut choice Burnet!"

Lillie sent out her first two pokemon. "Onua! Cain! Lets show him how far we came."

As Lillie sent out the Golurk and Leafeon, Kukui sent out a sun variant of Lycanroc and Alolan version of Ninetails. Ninetails arrived and activated a snow warning, setting up a hail storm and using aurora veil; Lycanroc set up a stealth rock.

Lillie shouted. "Onua use heavy slam to take out that Ninetails, Cain use leaf blade on that Lycanroc!" The Golurk jumped into the air and crashed into the Ninetails for an easy knockout as the Leafeon slashed its leafy ears into the Lycanroc.

Kukui grinned as he sent out his next pokemon, a Bravary holding a life orb. Lillie took a deep breath as she switch her Leafeon for her Raichu in preparation for a flying move to go after the grass type. The Bravary set up a strong tailwind as the Lycanroc crunched the Golurk. As the Lycanroc crunched into the the Golurk, the Bravary used brave bird on the Golurk for a confirmed knock out.

Lillie posed for her Raichu to use the Z move "GIGAVOLT HAVOC!" for a quick knock out on the Bravary.

Kukui sent out a Snorlax as Lillie sent out her Hydreigon. The Lycanroc attempted to impale the Raichu in a stone edge and missed. Lillie pointed at the Lycanroc and shouted. "Shockums, take that Lycanroc down with a focus blast. Ghorchi, use flame thrower to whittle down that Snorlax and get a burn!" As the Lycanroc was knocked out by the focus blast and Snorlax's was burned from the flame, the Snorlax had the Raichu moments from fainting as he used a high horse powered kick.

The next pokemon Kukui sent out was a Magnezone with a balloon.

Lillie shouted. "Shockums, focus on that Snorlax with a thunderbolt. Ghorchi switch your flame thrower to that Magnezone!" The Raichu dealt minimal damage to the Snorlax as the Hydreigon shot a flamethrower at the Magnezone; the Magnezone countered with a flash cannon to the Hydreigon as the Snorlax finished off the Raichu with one more kick.

The tailwind pewter out as Lillie sent her Leafeon back in place of the Raichu, she shouted. "Ghorchi, use another flamethrower on that Magnezone, Cain set up with a swords dance and hit that Snorlax with leaf blade until it goes down!"

As the Magnezone was knocked out, the Leafeon danced in vigor; the Snorlax used body slam in an attempt to inflict paralysis and failed. Kukui sent out his last pokemon, a Primarina.

Lillie saw it as her clue to call the Hydreigon back. "You have done good. Medic, we have this battle over. Cain knock that Primarina out with a leaf blade!"

The Primarina was quickly knocked out by a leaf blade. The Snorlax's body slammed the Leafeon again as Lillie cemented a victory with a raised key stone. "Medic, Mega Evolve and keep Cain up. Cain, keep using leaf blade until that Snorlax is down!"

One slash.

The Snorlax was able to paralyze the Leafeon, the Audino healed the damage and paralysis.

Another slash!

The Snorlax about to faint when he used heavy slam on the Audino The Leafeon slashed a third time to knock the Snorlax out.

Kukui took off his glasses and smiled. "Three months ago you were the closest to beating the champion than nearly everyone on Alola. When I heard of your progress on Orre, I knew that you were making a strong team... Glad I got to meet them." Lillie was about to talk to Kukui more as the red announcer blew a whistle. "Save the reunion for after you beaten the round. We got another match to see!"

Lillie nodded to the professor as she left to prepare for the next round.

Battle two

Vs Jovi

As a blue haired woman entered the arena, she waved toward Michael.

Elio was standing next to Michael and whispered. "You know this person?"

Michael nodded. "Of course, that is my sister."

As the two trainers drew out their pokemon, the battle began. Lillie sent out her Raichu and Hydreigon.

Jovi cheered as she shouted. "Drooly, Johnathan, Lets have some fun!" Out came a Lickiliky with a sitrus berry and a Scyther holding a eviolite. Lillie saw the Scyther and posed for her Raichu to knock it out with a Z move.

Lillie shouted to the Hydreigon. "Ghorchi, Focus that Lickilicky down with night daze!"

The Hydreigon dealt significant damage to the Lickilicky as it performed a sword dance.

Jovi sent out a Dugtrio with a focus sash and shouted. "Wacka use earthquake to take that Raichu out! Drooly, protect from that quake."

The Dugtrio knocked the Raichu out with earthquake, the Hydreigon hovered above the quake and the Lickilicky used protect. Lillie called the knocked out Raichu back and whispered. "It's okay... Onua we got to take that Dugtrio down!"

Jovi shouted out an unusual order to the Dugtrio as the Hydreigon prepared to use a night daze to knock the Lickilicky out. "Wacka, charm that Golurk's attack down!" Dugtrio made a cute stare at the Golurk, reducing its attack! Elio and Lillie noticed something odd. "Onua, use heavy slam on the Dugtrio!"

The Dugtrio's focus sash was broken as the Lickilicky was knocked out, Jovi kept a smile as she sent out her next pokemon. "Gabey lets clean up this mess!"

A Togekiss entered the field. Lillie knew that the Dugtrio needed to be taken down and whispered to her Hydreigon. "I am sorry for this. Focus a flamethrower to take that Dugtrio out! Onua focus on taking that Togekiss down with a heavy slam!" The Dugtrio critically slashed into the Hydreigon as it was knocked out by the flames.

Lillie prepared for the worse as Jovi shouted to the Togekiss. "Take that Hydreigon out and weaken the Golurk with dazzling gleam Gabey!"

The Hydreigon was knocked out by the dazzling gleam as Lillie prepared to switch for her next pokemon. "Good work Ghorchi. Maiden I need you out here!"

Jovi shouted out as she sent her next pokemon. "Okay Thomas. Lets get that Golurk out with a night slash!"

Out came a regional Persian with a life orb, Lillie shouted out toward her Gardevoir and Golurk. "Maiden use moon blast to take out that Persian! Onua if you can... finish that Togekiss off with another heavy slam!"

The Gardevoir shot at the Persian with the moons power; the Persian slashed a night slash at the Golurk. It look like it was about to faint as Jovi shouted at the Togekiss. "Gabey, use tri attack on that Gardevoir! Lets see if we cannot freeze it or paralyze it!"

The Togekiss twirled and shot three beams; one of fire, one of ice and one of lightning into the Gardevoir, paralyzing her.

Lillie found it even more strange; Elio asked Michael. "Excuse me... I know that Togekiss does not know that move. Where did she get these pokemon?"

Michael smiled. "Most of the pokemon she brought with her were ones I rescued from Cipher twelve years ago."

Elio's eyes widened. "From Ci..."

Elio shouted at Lillie who was about was confused. "Lillie those pokemon are not what they seem!"

Lillie nodded back as she shouted to her Golurk. "Onua, one last heavy slam and we have that Togekiss down!"

The Togekiss knocked the Golurk with an air slash as it the Gardevoir knocked it out with a moon blast, Jovi sent out her last pokemon. "Come on out Cindy. Big brother told me you have an eeveelution as well... if you win this round, you want them to play a bit?"

Lillie thought it over as she saw the Flareon wearing a choice band; she called back the Golurk and sent out her Audino. "Medic mega evolve and use dazzling gleam. Maiden if you can get one more moon blast off!"

Jovi saw the Audino as a major threat and ordered the Persian. "Thomas... if you can sing that Audino to sleep we should have this!"

The Audino covered his ears before the Persian's song had any effect; the Flareon charged into the Gardevoir for a knock out as Lillie shouted. "Cain! This last blow is on you. Take that Flareon out with return!" The Leafeon channeled its affection toward Lillie into one strong tackle, knocking the Flareon out for a victory.

Jovi took the lose rather well as she cheered. "Big brother was right about you. You are a tough one! Good luck with the last two opponents!"

Battle Three

Vs... Heidi

The Aether employee thought to herself as she got ready to confront Lillie. "Okay... she usually opens up with that Raichu... I might be able to fake her out."

As Lillie sent out her Hydreigon and Audino, Heidi smiled as she sent out her two pokemon. "Typho, Thor! Lets show her why we are the best!"

Out came a Pelipper with a damp rock and a Manetric with a particular stone. Heidi raised a bracelet and shouted. "Thor, Mega evolve and open up with thunder! Typho use tailwind in case she brings that Raichu out!"

Lillie raised her key stone and shouted at her Audino. "Mega evolve and use dazzling gleam! Ghorchi we got to take out that Pelipper with a night daze!" As the Pelipper blew in a tailwind, the Manetric glowed and took the form resembling a lightning bolt, it called down a thunder at the Audino. As the Hydreigon sent a night daze at the Pelipper, the Audino shot the Pelipper down with a dazzling gleam.

Heidi smiled in anticipating the events. "Okay Party Maker, lets get our back up plan by shooting a solar beam. Thor volt switch that Audino for Steamer!"

As Heide sent out a Ludicolo with a choice scarf, the Manetric charged an electrical volt and returned back to its trainer for a Torkoal that turned the drizzling rain into drought. The Ludicolo's choice scarf allowed it to move ahead of the other pokemon and shot a solar beam.

Lillie shouted out at her Audino to keep using dazzling gleam as Heidi send out her next pokemon; a Victreebel with a life orb. The Ludicolo shot another solar beam to knock the Audino out as the Victreebel hurled a sludge bomb at the Hydreigon. The Hydreigon knocked the Ludicolo out with a flamethrower.

Heidi smiled as she sent the mega Manetric back. "Okay Thor, come on back to battle."

Lillie saw the Victreebel as the more serious threat and shouted out. "Maiden I need you out here, take that Victreebel out with psychic! Ghorchi focus on th.."

Heidi shouted toward the Manetric. "Thor take that Hydreigon out with hidden power."

The employee smiled wider as the Manetric's hidden power knocked the Hydreigon out. The Gardevoir knocked the Victreebel out as Lillie prepared her next pokemon. "Onua we need that Manetric out!"

Heidi stopped smiling as she realized Lillie had a powerful ground type. "Whoops, I forgot that was there. I have not nick named this one yet, come on out Whiscash, use waterfall on that Golurk! Thor overheat that Golurk before it takes us out!"

Lillie saw an opening and shouted. "Maiden keep using psychic until that Manetric is down!" The Manetric was shot with a psychic blast as it overheated the Golurk, the Whiscash charged at the Golurk with a waterfall for a k.o

Lillie closed her eyes and sent out her next pokemon. "Cain if Maiden takes out that Manetric, finish this fight with a leaf blade!"

The Gardevoir shot another psychic blast to knock the Manetric out, the Leafeon slashed at the Whiscash with his leafy tail and knocked it out in one blow, ending the fight.

Heidi sighed in disappointment that she was unable to defeat Lillie. "If the boss said Rui is tough, then your big final battle is going to be a good one."

Lillie prepared worried.

Final Battle.

Vs Rui

As Lillies final opponent entered the arena, Rui at her with blue eyes. "I heard that you put great care into your pokemon let us see how well it holds up. Blackjack, Yuff! Lets begin this finale!"

As the Skarmory and Weavile entered the field, Lillie looked back. "Shockums! Maiden! Lets show this woman who we are!"

As her Raichu and Audino entered, Lillie shouted at the Gardevoir. "First thing, take that Weavile out with moonblast! Shockums, focus on using thunderbolt on that Skarmory!" The Gardevoir knocked out the Weavile in one blow; the Skarmory was shot with a thunderbolt and slashed at the Gardevoir with a steel wing .

Rui called the Weavile back. "Come out Rosa, use a thunderbolt of your own to take out that Gardevoir."

As the Gardevoir shot a moon blast at the Skarmory for a knock out, the opposing Raichu finished her off with a thunderbolt.

Lillie did not want to take a chance at a hidden ability and shouted. "Shockums use nasty plot. Onua I need you on out here!" Rui shouted out as she saw the Golurk. "You found out? Rube lets show her what you can do."

Lillie shouted back. "Shockums use focus blast on that Raichu, Onua get ready for a..."

Rui shouted toward her Raichu. "Rosa grass knot that Golurk! Rube use heat wave to clear that Raichu out!" Lillies Raichu hit a focus blast to k.o the opposing Raichu as Rui's Raichu caused the Golurk to trip for a k.o; the Typhlosion blew a strong heat wave at Lillies Raichu for a knock out.

Lillie took a deep breath as she switched to her next pokemon. "Ghorchi! Medic! I need you out!"

Rui sent our her next pokemon. "Kuku, set up a calm mind and prepare for Diva. Rube see if you cannot do enough damage to weaken the Audino!"

Lillie looked at the Typholsion in determination and shouted to her Hydreigon. "Ghorchi use draco meteor to stop that Typholsion. Medic mega evolve!"

As the Hydreigon knocked the Typholsion out, the Audino shot a dazzling gleam at the Comfey for minimal damage.

Rui out her Medicham. "Diva it is time!" The Medicham prepared for Rui to use the keystone, mega evolving her; the Medicham leaped up into the air and crashed into the Hydreigon for a high jump kick, delivering a definite K.O!

The Medicham was pelted with another dazzling gleam as Lillie called the knocked out Hydreigon back. "Its okay Ghorchi.

Lillie saw the Medicham was her most dangerous target and sent out her last pokemon and shouted. "Cain we have one more chance at this! Charge at the Medicham with a leaf blade! Medic keep Cain up!"

Rui saw the Leafeon and nodded toward her Medicham. "I don't want to risk high jump kick missing. Use Ice punch to take that Leafeon out!" The Medicham punched her many fists into the Leafeon as he ate another piece of his yache berry and glowed to endure the punch. Despite how cold it felt and how the Comfey tried to finish him off, the Leafeon slashed his tail at the Medicham. The Medicham reverted back to her normal form as she fell on the ground knocked out. The Audino used his power to heal the intense damage as the Leafeon danced vigorously to power his finishing move. The Comfey dealt minimal damage to the Leafeon and Audino, as she prepared for the final blow from the leaf blade.

Swish! Comfey was slashed a critical hit and fainted.

Rui accepted defeat and walked over to Lillie to congratulate her. "You have done a lot for these pokemon during the past couple months Lillie. I am glad to have seen it's end result."

Lillie thanked Rui for the battle and left with the title. "Caretaker."

Rui walked back to the truck to report to her husband Wes. In the truck Heidi frowned in shame as she asked. "Did she beat you to?"

Rui nodded to the group. "High jump kick would have made it a win by attrition but if Diva missed it would have been more humiliating. Still Lillie had earned the victory."

Heidi apologized to Gladion about her failure; Gladion shook his head as he listened. "What is important is that you gave Lillie a challenge. Did you have fun?"

Heidi nodded as Gladion shrugged it. "Then it is not even a failure. If you want to watch the next round, go right on ahead."

Gladion stared the man organizing Elios next three opponents and asked. "I figured you bring these two over, think they be enough?"

Wes smiled back at his protege before he pointed to Guzma and Plumeria who were awaiting the surprise. "Guzma gave me a good first impression and wanted to fight the kid ever since he left for this region. Plumeria had been very helpful to me during my two trips to Alola and I want to return the favor. Then there is you, I heard you had a better victory up at mount battle than either the kid or your sister. I am switching Ultima and Gilgey out. Even if you don't beat Elio you would still get to see Death gazer and Cid in action."

Gladion raised an eyebrow about those two pokemon and asked about Wes's mega pokemon. "After everything Edgar had been through the last couple months I think it is time he showed that kid his real power."


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 14 Wes Round.

Outside of Orre Colosseum, Elio congratulated Lillie on beating one of the toughest of the Colosseum rounds. Lillie was busy brushing her Hydreigon as she nodded. "You still have one more round yourself Elio... if all your drama play is correct..."

Elio smiled as he signed up for the final round.

Battle 1

Vs Guzma?

Elio stared at Guzma and asked. "What are you doing here of all regions?"

Guzma laughed at the question and answered. "Ain't it obvious. To beat you down kid!"

Elio shook his head as he realized who Wes has gathered for his round and prepared. "PETE! MAKUTA! SHOW OUR BOY WHO IS THE BOSS OF THIS REGION!"

The Banette and Cofagrigus arrived out of their balls, Guzma sent out Goliosopod and Pinsir. Elio and Guzma mega evolved their pokemon; the Alolan champ shouted. "PETE WILL-O-WISP THAT PINSIR BEFORE IT TEARS US A NEW ONE! MAKUTA IF YOU CAN DO THE SAME TO THAT GOLISOPOD!"

As the Banette cackled to toss a will-o-wisp at the mega Pinsir, the Golisopod made a good first impression and swatted at the Banette. The mega Pinsir aerliated his thrash and beaten down on the Banette. The Cofagrigus let loose a will-o-wisp on the Goliosopod for a burn of his own own.

Elio anticipated the Pinsir to keep attacking the Banette and shouted. "USE DESTIN..." As Elio was in the middle of issuing the order, the Golisopods quick claw glowed and swatted at the Banette with liquidation as he prepared a destiny bond. The Banette reverted back to his normal form and cackled maniacally as the Golisopod collapsed from super natural force.

Guzma gritted his teeth as he saw his signature pokemon was knocked out and that his Pinsir was stuck to using thrash on the grinning Cofagrigus. Pinsir's ability to Aerilate his thrash had been mummified. Elio saw it as a good opportunity and sent out his Yanmega.

Guzma looked at the Yanmega with a hint of envy. "Sweet bug type... took it from a Cipher goon?"

Elio nodded. "Most of the team have been like that save for Brimmy, Remmer and Pete... Remmer is at the H.Q and Lillie was the one who snagged Pete, don't worry I asked before hand."

Guzma shook his head. "I wasn't talking about that Banette, Honchkrow mess em up!"

As the Pinsir mummified the Yanmega's tinted lens, the Yanmega shot the Pinsir down with an air slash. The Honchkrow drilled into the Yanmega for quick knock out as the Cofagrigus missed a will-o-wisp.

Elio took a deep breath as Guzma sent out a Toxapex. "CUMUSTRICH COME ON OUT! MAKUTA YOU DONE ENOUGH! MAC LETS PUSH FURTHER IN!"

Elio posed for his Dodrio to use "SUPERSONIC SKYSTRIKE!" to knock out the Honchkrow as the Hitmonchan used thunder punch on the Toxapex.

Guzma ordered the Toxapex to use liquidate on the Dodrio as he sent out Masquerain to intimidate the two. Pokemon; Elio shouted. "CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN ON THAT MASQUERAIN, MAC FOLLOW UP WITH A THUNDER PUNCH!" The Dodrio channeled his affection into a strong tackle on the Masquerain; the Masquerain slashed air at the Hitmonchan for super effective damage. The Hitmonchan's fist set up an electric crackle in his fist to punch the Masquerain for a k.o. Guzma expected the Hitmonchan to attack the Toxapex and ordered it to set up a baleful bunker.

Guzma tossed in his last pokemon, Scizor. As he shouted at Scizor to take out the Hitmomchan with a bullet punch, Elio shouted toward his Dodrio. "USE BRAVE BIRD ON THAT TOXAPEX! TAKE IT DOWN!"

As the Dodrio dealt considerable amount of damage, the Toxapex and some payback and swatted at the Dodrio.

Elio called back the Hitmonchan and prepared to toss the "BRIMMY I NEED YOU OUT HERE! FLARE BLITZ THAT SCIZOR! CUMUSTRICH AGAIN ON THE TOXA..."

As the Dodrio charged at the Toxapex, Guzma grinned as he nodded to the Toxapex to block the charge. The Dodrio was poisoned by the baleful bunker as Guzma posed like a mantis before positioning his arms like antennae for a "SAVAGE SPIN-OUT."

The Dodrio reacted was wrapped in bug silk as he was thrashed all over the Colosseum and tossed in the air for the Scizor to knock it out. In a fume of anger, the Incineroar rammed into the Scizor for a quick knock out.

Elio sighed. "MAKUTA WE HAVE TO KNOCK DOWN THIS WALL USE SHADOW BALL! BRIMMY DARKEST LAIRAT!" The Incineroar charged into the Toxapex. The Toxapex had its payback on the Cofagrigus. The Cofagrigus wobbled as he grinned for a shadow ball knock out.

Guzma yelled at himself as he accepted defeat. "Guess this is how it is... now what this I hear about a you planning something back ho.."

Elio shouted back in interruption. "How you like this region?"

Guzma tilted his head on confusion as he answered. "I don't know... I got here around a day ago. Don't think the rest of this round is going to be easy kid." As Guzma walked out of the Arena, Elio took a sigh of relief. "That surprise was almost ruined."

Battle 2

vs Plumeria

Elio saw Plumeria and smiled toward her. "Let me guess... Gladion is in on this as well?"

Plumeria refused to answer as she let loose a poisonous smile. "Your not going to find out when I beat you!"

Elio continued his grin as he sent out his first two pokemon. "MAKUTA! BRIMMY! LETS BASH SOME SKULLS!"

As the Cofagrigus and Incineroar entered the arena, Plumeria sent out a Tentacruel and a Salazzle.

Plumeria posed like that of a serpent ready to strike for Salazzle to use a "ACID DOWNPOUR!" The Incineroar held on because of the assault vest as the Tentacruel set out toxic spikes.

Elio shouted. "BRIMMY DARKEST LAIRAT ON THAT SALAZZLE! MAKUTA FOLLOW UP WITH A SHADOW BALL THEN FOCUS ON THE TENTACRUEL!" As the Incineroar spun into the Salazzle, the Cofagrigus grinned and shot out a shadow ball to finish off the Salazzle.

Plumeria sent out a Crobat to knock the Incineroar out with an aerial ace as she ordered the Tentacruel to use scald on the Cofagrigus. The Cofagrigus shot a shadow ball at the Tentacruel for a decrease in its special defense.

Elio saw the Crobat as a high priority as he switched out the Incineroar. "CUMUSTRICH GET READY FOR THE NEXT MOVE!"

As the Crobat hypnotized the Dodrio, he woke up early as Elio posed for "SUPER SONIC SKYSTRIKE!" to knock it out. The Tentacruel let lose more toxic spikes in preparation as the Cofagrigus pelted it again with a shadow ball. Plumeria sent out a Gengar with a particular stone as she raised up a key stone to mega evolve the Gengar into a larger specter faded in shadow with a single yellow eye. It made quick work of the Dodrio with a thunderbolt as the Cofagrigus was hit with scald by the Tentacruel and countered with a shadow ball k.o.

Elio took a deep breath as he sent out the Banette and raised his keystone. "PETE MEGA EVOLVE!"

As Plumeria ordered the Gengar to knock it out with a shadow ball Elio shouted toward the cackling Banette. "DESTINY BOND!"

As the Banette let loose a line of supernatural energy, the shadow ball knocked him mad as the Gengar reverted back to its normal form, it laughed with the twitching Banette as both trainers gestured a middle finger toward each other. The Cofagrigus was hit with another scald as it finished off the Tentacruel. Plumeria sent out her last two pokemon, an Alolan Muk and a Weezing.

Elio saw the two poison types and cringed. "Eek! MAC PUT PRESSURE ON THE MUK WITH CLOSE COMBAT! MAKUTA WEAKEN THAT WEEZING DO..."

As the Weezing pelted the Hitmomchan with a sludge bomb, the Muk crunched its jaws into the Cofagrigus for a k.o. As the Muk's poison touch was mummified, it was assaulted in close combat by the Hitmonchan.


As the Muk was knocked out, the Weezing blew a flamethrower at the Yanmega for super effective damage. The first Bug buzz dealt significant damage, the second one dealt the winning blow.

Plumeria shook her head. "Look like you are about to find out anyways. Try not to cry over this one kid." As she walked away, Elio prepared himself for the dramatic reveal.

Battle 3

vs Gladion

As Gladion walked into the arena, Elio posed like that of a play before he shouted in a sarcastic tone. "How could you? I thought we were friends?"

Gladion glared at Elio. "Are you done with the act already?"

Elio snapped back to a genuinely happy grin as he continued. "I saw this coming a mile away. You organized the employee's and Sheryl into the previous rounds?"

Gladion nodded. "Sheryl gave Wes the idea to invite those three numb skulls over after she heard of the things they accomplished while you were away. Those Snagem goons invited themselves. You had no one to blame but yourself for those two rounds."

Elio continued his grin as he drew out his pokemon. "Still, you are the last opponent I need to take out before facing the true mastermind behind the events at this Colosseum."

Gladion made his pose as he prepared his first two. "Then this means I won't hold back!"


Gladion sent out his Weavile and Tyranitar, sand blew into the Colosseum as the battle began.

As the Weavile night slashed the Cofagrigus for critical damage, Elio shouted to his Yanmega. "BUG BUZZ ON THAT TYRANNITAR! MAKUTA WILL-O-WISP!"

The Yanmega buzzed into the Tyranitar; The Tyranitar performed a dragon dance to increase his speed and power as it was burned by the will-o-wisp.

Elio knew the Tyranitar is going to do massive damage soon and shouted. "MAKUTA USE PROTECT TO KEEP YOURSELF UP A LITTLE LONGER! ODON USE A.."

Gladion shouted at the Tyranitar. "Take that Yanmega down with stone edge!" With the type combination of bug flying and the boost from dragon dance, the Yanmega was knocked out by the stone edge.

Elio expected the knock out and called the Yanmega back. "MAC LETS TAKE THAT WEAVILE OUT WITH MAC PUNCH! MAKUTA SHOOT OUT A SHA..."

As the Weavile was quickly knocked out, Gladion pointed at the Cofagrigus and ordered the Tyranitar. "Take the Cofagrigus one out with crunch!"

With his powerful jaws, the Tyranitar knocked the Cofagrigus out and tossed him back to its trainer. Elio sent out his Dodrio as Gladion sent out his Porygon-Z.


Gladion grinned smug. "Porygon-Z take that Dodrio out with thunderbolt!" As the Dodrio rammed into the Tyranitar for a knock out, the Porygon-Z knocked the Dodrio out with a thunderbolt. The Hitmonchan knocked the Porygon-Z out in close combat.

Gladion sent out his next two pokemon. "Crobat, Lucario! Lets push through!"

Elio looked at the odd sky blue gem around the Crobat's neck and raised his keystone. "OKAY, PETE LETS DO THIS! MEGA EVOLVE AND BURN THAT CROBAT! MAC MACH PUNCH!" As the Banette cackled for a burn, the Hitmonchan was able to knock the Lucario out with a mach punch.

Gladion pointed at the Banette. "Crobat! Use Acrobatics on that Banette. Lets see how well this flying gem works!" Despite the reduction from the burn, it sent the Banette flying back from the damage.

Elio blinked at the exhausted gem. "Where did you get that..."

Gladion pointed at Realgam tower before he continued. "Silvally! Lets end this fight, Crobat take out the Hitmonchan with acrobatics!"

As the Hitmonchan was quickly taken out, Elio ordered the Banette. "WILL-O-WISP THAT SILVALLY ASAP!" As the Silvally felt a burn it crunched into the Banette, nearly knocking it out as Elio switched his Hitmonchan for his Incineroar.

Gladion pointed to Crobat to continue acrobatics on the Banette; Elio shouted. "DESTINY BOND! TAKE THAT CROBAT DOWN WITH YOU PETE!"

The Banette cackled as he prepared to take the charging Crobat down, SWOOSH! The Banette reverted back to his normal form as he hugged the exhausted Crobat. Gladion posed as he saw himself reduced to the last pokemon. "Silvally do not stop with your multi attack!"

Silvally slashed a multi attack into the Incineroar as Elio shouted. "DARKEST LAIRAT UNTIL EITHER THAT SILVALLY GOES DOWN OR YOU GO DOWN!"

The first spin, the Incineroar sent the Silvally back, it retaliated with another multi attack; the Incineroar spun again to knock the Silvally out. The two rivals were shaking uncontrollably after the fight, both had exhausted themselves that they were unable to speak congratulations toward each other. A man in blue blew a whistle to signal a five minute break.

Final Battle

vs Wes

Elio walked back into the arena and saw Wes clapping his hands. "I expected Gladion to at the very worse give you one of the closest battles of your life. Ready to finish this show?"

Elio nodded back prepared his two pokemon. "MAKUTA! CUMUSTRICH! LETS DO THIS!"

Wes grinned at Elio and shouted. "Death Gazer, Vivi take the stage."

Out came a Gliscor with a toxic orb and a Mismagius. Elio looked at the Gliscor as Wes explained. "Technically Death Gazer was bred from a pokemon I had. Bless that little Gligar... Death Gazer, use protect while the orb settles in. Vivi shoot a shadow ball at that Cofagrigus!"

As the Gliscor blocked the Dodrio's brave bird, the Mismagius managed to push the Cofagrigus back; the Cofagrigus retaliated with a shadow ball of his own.

Elio saw the Gliscor poison himself and posed for a "SUPER SONIC SKYSTRIKE!" for a quick knockout; Elio ordered his Cofagrigus to protect himself from the shadow ball.

Wes called the Gliscor back and tossed the great ball out. "Edgar... show him what you are." Wes sent out the Ampharos, he had a strange necklace, holding a mega stone. Elio saw what was coming and shouted at his Dodrio to take the Mismagius out with a brave bird. Wes shined the key stone on his machine as the Ampharos mega evolved and make short work of the Dodrio with a thunderbolt.

Elio knew a powerful pokemon when he saw one and his pupils shrank. "Oh crap. MAC GET OUT HERE!"

Wes grinned as he took out a pokeball. "Let me introduce you to Cid... the first shadow pokemon I snagged."

Out of the pokeball came a Hariyama.

Elio shouted to the Hitmonchan. "FAKE OUT THAT AMPHAROS! MAKUTA FOLLOW WITH A SHADOW BALL!" As the Ampharos was startled, Wes signaled the Hariyama to knock the life orb off of the Hitmonchan. The Cofagrigus pelted the Ampharos in an attempt to weaken it.

The flame orb burned the Hariyama as Elio shouted to his Hitmonchan. "HIT THAT AMPHAROS WITH CLOSE COMBAT! MAKUTA USE PROTECT! The Ampharos was punched on the knees as it shot the Cofagrigus with a dragon pulse, the Haryiyama knocked the Hitmonchan out with a facade.

Elio called the Hitmonchan back and shouted. "PETE I NEED YOU OUT HERE NOW! MAKUTA SWAP FOR ODON!"

As The Banette mega evolved and finished off the Ampharos, the Hariyama knocked the Banette out of the field with a knock off.

Wes called the powered down Ampharos back and sent out his Espeon. "Dawn let us finish this show!"

As Elio sent his Yanmega out and ordered a bug buzz. Wes rose like a ghost to have his Espeon use "NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARE!" in an attempt to knock the Yanmega out. He was still at the sliver of health and knocked the Espeon out with bug buzz.

Elio switched the Banette to his Incineroar and ordered him to flare blitz into the Hariyama for another knock out.

Wes smirked as he sent out his last pokemon. "Dusk... lets keep going."

As the Umbreon entered the field, Elio shouted at his Yanmega to use another bug buzz, the Umbreon took the super effective damage and knocked the Yanmega out with foul play. The Incineroar knocked the Umbreon out with a flare blitz.

Wes took a deep breath as he accepted defeat; Elio walked over to thank him for the match.

Wes dismissed it and spoke. "Listen kid you and Lillie may have beaten my gang but there is one last round before you can really call yourselves done."

Elio raised an eyebrow. "One last..."

Wes nodded. "I know you heard of the first of the XD shadow pokemon. You and Lillie are about to meet it very soon!"

Elio's eyes widened in excitement at the mention of the pokemon. "Lugia?" Wes shook Elios hand and walked away laughing. "Bingo. Don't worry, I am sure you and Lillie would get at least get to him."

Elio had earned the title. "Respected."
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Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 15 Michael Round.

As Elio walked out of the Colosseum he saw Lillie waited for both him and Gladion.

As Gladion walked out exhausted, Elio apologized. "Sorry about not saying anything after the fight was over. That Tyranitar looks like the final piece needed for..."

Gladion took a deep breath before he finished. "Congratulations on defeating both me and Wes."

Lillie nodded at both of them as she continued the conversation. "The final round is against Michael? Good news, Elio and I don't have to argue over who fights him... it is something like a Multi battle format except we are just fighting him. Brother, you worked with him once anything you know about his pokemon besides the Lugia?"

Gladion nodded. "Most of his pokemon were from the second shadow crisis, much like how Jovi's team caught you by surprise his team will do the same."

Elio asked. "We are talking about pokemon that have very unusual moves?"

Gladion posed as he continued. "Very much so. Like how Hydreigon does not know Night Daze that Lugia has a very rare move. Psycho boost!"

Elio and Lillie excused themselves before they walked away to discuss their plan. "Lillie, since we are working together on this one. How are we going to divide our team up?"

As Elio pondered, Lillie whispered back. "I plan on bringing Shockums, Cain and Ghorchi for my half... what is your plan?"

Elio heard and nodded back. "I could bring in Mac, Pete and Brimmy. Need some physical hitters to break some of the walls down."

Lillie nodded. "We are being aggressive with his more defensive pokemon?"

Elio agreed on the plan as Lillie asked Gladion if he wanted to go watch the next round.

Gladion shrugged. "If you are going to continue this I might as well watch."

Final round

Vs Michael

As Michael entered the arena, he smiled to Elio and Lillie. "This was what you two came to this region for? Winnie, Passer let us begin." Out came an Ursaring and a Probopass.

Lillie sent out the first pokemon she rescued on her journey in Orre. "Cain let us end our journey!"

Elio shouted as he sent his. "MAC! LETS ACHIEVE GLORY!"

Michael shouted to the Ursaring. "Use protect to get that orb active!"

Elio caught himself before he shouted. "MAC USE MACH PUNCH ON THAT PROBOPASS!"

As the Probopass was punched for super effective damage, Lillie shouted to her Leafeon. "Set up with swords dance, then attack the Ursaring!"

Michael noticed that the Hitmonchan is far more aggressive and ordered out to his Probopass. "Thunder wave on that Hitmonchan!"

Elio looked at the paralyzed Hitmonchan and shouted out. "IF YOUR NERVES WILL LET YOU. FINISH THE PROBOPASS OFF WITH ANOTHER MACH PUNCH!"

As the Hitmonchan mustered up the movement to knock out the Probopass, Lillie shouted out to her Leafeon. "Leaf blade that Ursaring before it sets up a facade!"

With a slash of the Leafeons leafy tail, the Ursaring was knocked out.

Michael nodded as he sent out his next two pokemon. "Grim, Jolts! Lets show them what you two can do! Grim use helping hand to boost Jolt's thunderbolt. Jolts take out that Hitmonchan!" The Dusclops helped the Jolteon knock the Hitmonchan out.

Lillie shouted out. "Leaf blade that Dusclops before its suport becomes much!"

The Dusclops was damage significantly but he was healthy.

Elio shouted out as he sent out his Incineroar. "BRIMMY LETS HELP LILLIE BREAK DOWN DUSCLOPS!"

Michael signaled his Dusclops to keep supporting the Jolteon; the Jolteon shot out an empowered thunderbolt at the Incineroar for a critical hit and paralysis.

Lillie shouted to her Leafeon. "Cain, use return on that Jolteon for a knock out!"

As the Jolteon was sent back to Michael knocked out, Elio shouted out. "BRIMMY IF YOU CAN, DARKEST LAIRAT!" The Incineroar struggled from paralysis, but he spun into the Dusclops for a k.o.

Michael grinned as he sent his next two pokemon. "Dante, Ryu... let us end this!"

As a Houndoom leaped at the field, Elio was excited to see the great bird Lugia enter the battle.

As he and Lillie were about to issue the next order, Michael shouted out. "Dante Mega evolve and use flamethrower the Leafeon. Ryu... Aeroblast the Incineroar."

The Houndoom's flames knocked the Leafeon out very quickly as the Incineroar was knocked out from the vortex of air. Elio and Lillie looked at each other as they called back their pokemon and the nex two. Elio shouted. "PETE! MEGA EVOLVE AND HELP OUT WITH THAT HOUNDOOM!"

Lillie shouted. "Shockums!" As Lillie posed a lightning bolt. "Gigavolt havoc on that Houndoom!"

As a gigavolt struck the Houndoom, it landed a critical hit and knocked him out.

The Houndoom reverted back to his basic form as Michael made a pose, he placed a finger by the side of his head and raised his hand for Lugia to use. "SHATTERED PSYCHE!" As the Raichu was tossed around the field, she crashed past a psychic barrier for a confirmed knock out.

Elio saw the madness and shouted to the Banette. "SHADOW CLAW THAT LUGIA NOW!"

Lillie cradled the battered Raichu as she got her into her ball for the next pokemon. "Ghorchi lets end this!"

Michael shouted at the Lugia. "Psycho boost on the Banette!"

As the Banette was sent flying back from an overwhelming psychic blast, he still stood as Lillie shouted out the final order. "Ghorchi finish this fight with draco meteor!"

As meteors rained from the sky, the Lugia attempted to fly past few of them until a large clustered pelted it back to the ground for a knock out. Michael was defeated.

As Elio and Lillie embrace each other in victory, Michael sighed.

Pew! "Three months ago, you two came here to defeat everything this region had to offer... now that you have beaten everyone, what will you two do?"

Lillie looked Michael in the eyes and answered. "See that the last of the shadow pokemon are saved, then go home?"

Elio looked at the answer and nodded. "Pretty much what she said... all though I plan to try catch up with some of the people brought over."


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 16 Final Weeks On Orre.

Elio and Lillie have been given the title "Heroes of Orre."

They exited the Colosseum to finally greet everyone. Kukui, Burnet and Jovi spent most of the week helping Elio and Lillie out with rehabilitating some of the healed pokemon. Jovi wanted see everyone again, while Kukui and Burnet were proud that Lillie was able to achieve much during her entire adventure in Orre. Elio and Lillie spent most of the week trying to rehabilitate the Kingler and Rotom while keeping the Hypno and Pidgeot company.

The members of Team Skull spent most of the week terrorizing Pyrite Colosseum, Phenac stadium and Realgam towers before they eventually got bored and went back to Alola. The two employee's and Sheryl finished up the remaining work they had on Orre before getting ready to leave. Gladion sent Heidi to go with them after she had her fun at the Colosseums. Once the week was over, Michael payed for Jovi's trip back home while Wes and Rui payed for everyone else they brought along. By the end of the week, the only two shadow pokemon remaining in existence is Xurkitree and Mew

During the last week.

Wes sent out the three timer balls that contained the Kami Trio. Wes offered the trio a choice, either go home or stay with him. Tornadus and Thunderus bickered as to why is this man gave them a choice.

As Elio, Lillie, Gladion and Burnet watched, the Rotom Dex began to translate. "BZZT! Oh boy this is a fun one! This human is giving us the option to do WHAT?! BZZT!"

Elio glared at the Dex and asked. "What the hell are you doing?"

The Dex looked back nervously. "BZZT! Translating what these guys are saying. Thunderus questioned why Wes is doing this. Tornadus is questioning what they were doing before all this anyways. BZZT!" The Tornadus and Thunderus began to create a powerful storm.

Dex laughed. "BZZT! Oh yeah. We were settling a dispute over what is the more powerful, thunderstorms or tornadoes. Lets start with that old house a couple miles ove..." As the two were about to attack the lonely manor, Landorus tossed a rock slide at both of the two. Causing them to flinch as he ordered the duo to follow.

The trio leader started to gesture to Wes as the Rotom Dex translated. "BZZT! I know you mean well human but that is the reason why these two cannot be let loose unattended that was also the reason I got captured myself in the first place. BZZT!"

Landorus glared at Tornadus and Thunderus, he turned back to Wes. "BZZT! I would lend you my aid but under two conditions. These two come with me and that you take me to visit Unova during say... the fall and spring. BZZT!"

Wes shrugged at the Dex's translation before he nodded. "Sounds fair enough,"

As he returned the trio to their balls, Wes looked over to Elio and shrugged. "Thanks for giving me the idea... thought I at least try."

Elio's eyes widen as he asked. "Wait... what do you mean?" The Dex flared up as it showed the pictures of him with the island Tapus. Lillie nodded as she remembered Elio's capture of Tapu Koko.

Gladion looked away in confusion. "You did not have to do that you know..."

Elio grinned as he explained. "The four tapus are the islands gods. I let them out in the ruins when I don't need them for battle. Besides it is not everyday you get to see a petty dispute between demi gods... and live to tell the tale."

Burnett finished writing notes about the behavior pattern of the legendary trio and nodded. "Thank you for letting us watch this close Wes."

Wes smirked in appreciation. "Every other pokemon I have I am going to keep, speaking of which I need to talk to the three later about one specific pokemon"

As the two adults left to the H.Q, Elio and Lillie asked Gladion about a minor problem they have.

Lillie was the first to ask. "Brother... we need one thing to let you know about most of the Shadow pokemon that were from the wild. If Troy and Krustinal are not signs enough..." Lillie looked down in guilt as she tried to finish the sentence. "Some of them are going to have... episodes."

Elio nodded as he helped her finish. "Before we hand some of these wild pokemon over to you and Aether, we need to give you a small warning. Some might need more care than the others if they start showing signs of P.T.S.D."

Gladion interrupted. "I will let Lillie know if we have too many problems. As for the more dangerous ones..."

Elio nodded. "We are talking about Zangoose, Seviper, Frosslass, Carnivine, Skrelp and some others?"

Gladion nodded. "Carnivine is a carnivorous plant. Frosslass is an obvious no. If they are going to take either Seviper or Zangoose..."

Elio laughed. "From all the information this Birch guy transferred from Hoenn... having either in the same building is a bad idea!"

Gladion glared as he continued. "Expect that Kingdra to have hurt people as well and most of the water types save for Bibarel look aggressive enough that they will not get along with other pokemon."

Elio nodded in reply. "Soon as the last two shadow pokemon are done Lillie and I would divide the ones in the chamber even further. The trainers who had the Swalot are going to have to wait till the end."

Gladion looked over at the schedule as he finished the conversation. "Anyways. Expect some of these people to show up in a week. As soon as everyone Wes and Rui invited are back on Alola... things should quiet down."

As Lillie saw her brother walk back to the H.Q, she looked at Elio with a small grin. "Two weeks of nothing but waiting? Shame since we ran out of people in this region to battle."

Elio grinned back. "Tomorrow at the front of the H.Q?"

Lillie looked at him teasingly. "Are you asking me for a battle?"

Elio nodded. "Yes!"

The next day.

Elio and Lillie were outside the H.Q shouting to each other.

Lillie glared as she made a small wager. "Alright Elio, who ever win's picks the next date!"

Elio nodded. "Heard of this battle frontier at Sinnoh we can go to a month after we are done here. Nowhere near as long as we can bring in what ever pokemon we have!"

Lillie pretended to be angry at Elio as she drew out her first two.

Elio vs Lillie.

Lillie shouted. "Ghorchi! Onua! Lets do this!"

As the Hydreigon and Golurk stood Elio continued to smile. "PETE! BRIMMY! LETS WIN OUR TRIP!"

As the Banette and Incineroar land on the field, the Banette was hesitate to fight Lillie.

Elio shouted behind him. "Don't worry about it, this fight is much more friendly in comparison to even the Colosseum!"

Banette turned around and asked. "Nete?"

The Dex flared up in the background to translate. "BZZT! Does this mean I get to stay out of the ball for the rest of this trip? BZZT!"

Elio shrugged with a smile. "If you want. Sure!"

Banette cheered. "Nete!"

The Dex translated. "BZZT! Okay I'll fight mama Lillie. BZZT!"

Lillie blushed as she shook her head. "I am on to your mind games Elio, I know what prankster does!"


As the Golurk was burned, Lillie saw her opportunity. "Onua high horse power on the Incineroar! Ghorchi! Follow up with draco meteor to finish it off!"

As the Incineroar tried to spin, the Golurk kicked him across the field straight into the path of large meteors for a knockout. Elio cringed at how quick Lillie knocked out his Incineroar. "This is bad. BRIMMY COME BACK. MAC WE NEED TO GET THESE TWO OUT MACH PUNCH THAT HYDREIGON!"

As the Incineroar was switched out, the Hitmonchan readied his fist and punched into the Hydreigon.

Lillie knew what was about to happen and shouted. "Ghorchi use night daze on that Banette!"

Despite the damage, the Banette struck the Golurk down in a cackle. Lillie sighed as she called the Golurk back and sent out her Gardevoir.


As the Hydreigon was knocked out by the Hitmonchan, Lillie smiled as she shouted. "Got ya! Maiden use moon blast to finish off that Banette!"

The Banette reverted back to his regular form as he was knocked out by the blast.

Elio cringed at what Lillie had next as he shouted. "CUMUSTRICH GET READY!"

Lillie shouted out. "Come on out Shockums! We have this fight!"

Elio looked to his pokemon in determination. "MAC, MACH PUNCH THAT RAICHU, CUMUSTRICH USE RETURN ON THAT GARDEVOIR."

As the Hitmonchan rammed into the Raichu with its fists, Lillie shouted out. "Maiden again on that Hitmonchan! Shockums focus on that Dodrio now!"

As the Hitmonchan was knocked out by the blast, the Dodrio knocked the Gardevoir as the Raichu knocked him out with a thunderbolt.

Elio called the two pokemon back and drew out a net ball and dusk ball. "ODON! MAKUTA! LETS TRY AND PUSH!"

Lillie shouted out. "Go Medic! Mega evolve! Shockums do not give that Yanmega the chance to attack!"

Elio saw his Yanmega shot down before as he ordered. "MAKUTA! FINISH THAT RAICHU!"

Lillie shouted. "Medic use heal pulse to keep Shockums up!" The Raichu was healed up, but the shadow ball landed for critical damage, knocking her out.

Elio took a small breath that he at least had Lillie down to her last two.

Lillie shouted out. "Cain lets end this battle set up with a swords dance, Medic dazzling gleam!"

Elio shouted out. "Makuta use will-o-wisp on that Leaf..."

The Cofagrigus began to speak. "Cof."

The Dex translated. "BZZT! Master... it looks like we are finished no mater how long we prolong it. BZZT!"

Elio smiled back. "Does that mean we are not going to go down without a fight?"

The Cofagrigus kept his smile and rolled his eyes. "Grigus."

Dex sighed as he translated. "BZZT! I suppose not. BZZT!" The Cofagrigus shot out a will-o-wisp to lower the damage.

Lillie shouted out. "Cain use leaf blad.."

Elio shouted back. "Makuta use protect!"

Lillie puffed up her cheeks as what she was seeing. "Medic use heal bell!" As the burn was healed up, Elio smiled as he prepared the next order from Lillie. "Now Cain! Medic! Finish this fight!"

As the Cofagrigus took the swipe of leafs, the dazzling gleam knocked him out.

Elio petted the fallen Cofagrigus. "Its okay, lets get you patched up."

As he shrugged off the loss Lillie smiled. "I am sure when we get back home you will put these guys into better teams. Speaking of which you earned a prize anyways."

Elio was about to ask what until Lillie kissed him, it continued for minutes until they broke off and headed toward the H.Q to spend most of the week in peace with their pokemon.

The remainder of the week.

Elio and Lillie helping Gladion in giving the stolen pokemon back to the trainers as they arrive with one particular having to wait for the Swalot. Kukui and Burnet returned to Alola once Michael caught them up on why some of the pokemon Elio and Lillie have might have known unusual moves. The two promised they will welcome Elio and Lillie back; Michael himself went back home after letting Elio and Lillie pet Lugia.

As the week closes, Elio and Lillie have presented Gladion with a list of pokemon they were handing over to him. "Alright, Lillie and I have just divided up some of the pokemon we are handing over. Beware that the Castform has went through something called a shadow form; other wise the boys at Aether are going to expect at least twenty pokemon. Other than me dropping by to make sure nothing happens to them... this is up to you."

Gladion looked at the list. "Might be difficult with Dusknoir, Zangoose, Spoink and Shiftry but the rest seem manageable otherwise. From what I understood ever since the Mew incident most of the Psychic types around Alola have been having problems anyways. Lillie... you think you and Elio can manage the rest of them?"

Lillie was busy doing the math. "Fifty one in comparison to the hundred and three shadow pokemon seems like a more manageable number. Excluding the wild pokemon which are coming with us and the two we got from mount battle. During my adventures in Kanto, I only captured less than two box worth at... best?"

Elio shrugged. "Technically I have even less I actually caught left over, after stuffing most of them in the chambers for I don't want to know how long, we kind of owe..."

Rotom dex flared up. "BZZT! Two more pokemon are ready to open the door to their hearts! BZZT!"

Elio looked over to Gladion in excitement. "Call Wes. I think everyone who contributed to the capture of these shadow pokemon may want to witness this." Gladion groaned as he proceeded to gather Wes and Rui. With in a couple hours, the five have stepped in, Xurkitree was crackling in green light before Wes pressed the blue button. A green light descended, turning the corrupted Ultra Beast into a black wired, white light bundle.

Elio saw the green light crackle out of the Mew, it had laid in the same position for a month. He shook and sweated as he tried to press the blue button, before Lillie placed her hand over his. As the duo pressed in unison a green light descended, the purple Mew turned pink as more darkness was dispelled in comparison to the others XD pokemon, black goop began to leave and disintegrated from the Mew's body.

The Dex flared up once more. "BZZT! Mew has opened the door to its heart! It has regained the moves, Psycho boost, Flamethrower, nasty plot and dazzling gleam. It also regain a timid nature! BZZT!"

As the Mew and Xurkitree were placed in the P.C, Elio took a deep breath and asked the others if he can take the Mew out of its ball.

Wes raised a finger to stop the impatient Elio. "I know that Mew messed you up and you want to see what he really is without all that crap in him; but before you do, I want something I need to check out myself."

Elio nodded. "You want to check that Xurkitree out before you hand it over to Lillie and me? I used a couple of these Ultra Beast in battle myself. Couple ground rules, be very careful where you use them."

Wes looked grinned. "I know the rest already, I want to see how this thing actually acts."

The group gave in to Wes's demand as they found a rather secluded location; the cave pokespot.

Wes tossed the Beast Ball containing the Xurkitree, the Dex flared up in scanning the glowing pokemon. "BZZT! Xurkitree has a Mild nature and the following moves. Thunderbolt, energy ball, tail glow and baton pass. Like pretty much all of the Ultra Beast we snagged, they don't normally learn that last move. BZZT!"

Wes had his own P.D.A scan for its ability. "Beast boost?"

Elio sighed. "Its best stat increases with each pokemon it knocks out. Add that with Xurkitree's tail glow and well..."

The Xurkitree tilted its head at the man staring at it. It looked over at the others before it waved its arms to screech. As the group prepared for something Elio smiled. "I seen this before, the two I captured screech like that all the time no matter the mood. If it is crackling with electricity however... that is when it is a danger. If it is waving its arms like that it means it is happy."

Wes continued to stare at the Xurkitree and said something. "Thundaga?"

The group acted in astonishment over the word as Rui began to smile. "If Wes see's a pokemon he is keeping... he normally names them. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you three see these things."

Elio was the first and only one to respond. "Most of the Ultra Beast tend to mellow out after capture. If the group I had contained did not want to stay with me, I would have sent them back home around a year ago! Taking care of this one is easy as it is, just have enough electricity for it to feed off of." Elio made an apologetic shrug to Gladion and Lillie. "Again, long as Wes does not have this thing out in public I personally don't see any problems."

Wes sent out his Ampharos to see how he and the Xurkitree react, the Ampharos sniffed at the Ultra Beast's tendril before extending its forearm.

The Xurkitree was hesitate until it shook the Ampharos hand. Rui smiled wider at what she saw. "Look's like it is already getting along with Edgar, that is a good sign."

As Wes nodded and called the two pokemon back, Elio frowned as he faced Gladion and Lillie. "Back up plan for this one. We forget about this one and don't tell anyone?"

Gladion glared at Elio and groaned in frustration. "Your the one who gathered the information up, least of all have these things behind every ones backs. Just be happy you did not blurt out where you are hiding them."

Elio had his hand behind his back in a nervous grin "That is why I said don't use them in public. No one has to know where this thing is, just that it is no longer a threat!"

Lillie looked at Elio before she spoke her piece to Gladion. "Elio and I already know what to do with the others, Nebby will be able to help us."

Gladion looked at the duo and spoke calmly. "We never saw this!"

As the trio nodded at what they did not see, Elio played along. "Wes what did you bring us out for again?" Wes held back a laugh as he pretended to have forgotten.

As the group returned to the H.Q, Wes had all of the former shadow pokemon he snagged transported out of the storage system and into his own account before allowing the group to divide up theirs. Once the Swalot was returned to her trainer the chambers were being emptied, the duo proceeded to divide up what each have captured as a left over.

Elio nodded in pride as he transferred the nineteen he has captured into his main storage. "Twenty two pokemon, most of them are kind of new."

Lillie felt a little overwhelmed at the thirty five she had in storage, but she knew that most of these pokemon still need her and Elio's help if they are to move on with their lives.

Lillie looked at Elio as he held the master ball firmly in his hand. "Are you sure you want the Mew out of its ball? I am scared at to how he will act after what was..."

Elio held her hand with tears trickling down. "If this Mew is anything like what I saw in the dream, he will be fine."

As the two took a deep breath, they opened the master ball to a laying Mew. It's blue eyes opened up as it floated; timid of the two. Elio stretched an arm. "Do you remember me? Your safe now Isaac." The Mew looked at both and rushed into Elio's arms in tears meowing in apology.

Lillie joined in the group hug with tears of relief. "It's over... its finally over, we forgive you Isaac!"

The next day.

Gladion had the twenty two stock pokemon sent over to Aether, with a personal note sent by Elio. "Keep them away from the labs just to be safe!"

Lillie was the first to walk to the office and placed the snag machine, followed by Elio then Gladion. They did not look back as they prepared to leave the H.Q

Elio and Lillie took out the ball's used for the Hypno and Pidgeot. The two pokemon protested, with the Hypno speaking his voice. "BZZT! Boss, we would like to take the scenic route if you don't mind. BZZT!"

Lillie nodded back. "You two are still going to have to be in the balls until we get to the boat."

The trio made their final preparation's they said their goodbyes to everyone at the H.Q.

As they left Wes signaled Gladion for a small chat.

Wes nodded. "Take your done with this region then?"

Gladion kept a frown. "Look's like it, unless anything else comes along don't expect us to be back for a while."

Wes smiled back. "Figured as much, Rui and I usually travel anyways."

Gladion attempted to say his farewells. "Still, It's been fun hanging out with you."

Wes shrugged. "Same. Heard of some battle frontier that is opening up in a region anyways might catch either of you three there."

As the two parted ways Gladion hid a quick smile before meeting back up with Elio and Lillie. As the trio saw Wes drive off with Rui they proceeded to leave.

The side car was tighter than usual as the Banette struggled to find a spot between Gladion and Elio. "BZZT! This bike built for two? BZZT!"

The two boys glared at the Banette as Lillie frowned. "Yes, unless you want to go back in the ball you just let Elio hold you!"

The Banette complained as Elio held on to him during the five minute drive.

Once the trio got on a larger boat in comparison to when they first came to Orre, Elio and Lillie let out the Incineroar, Hypno and Pidgeot first. Lillie smiled toward Gladion to join some of his into the scenic route.

Elio was the first to take a deep breath at the sight. "Now that this trip is finally over. Aside from helping these pokemon, what else do we have planned? Other than merging this team with the rest of guys and incorporating them to keep my title I got nothing better planned."

Gladion was busy looking at the sun set with Silvally and Totodile when he responded. "Aside from getting those corrupted key stones salvaged, not much. If things go according to plan, expect me to be coming for your title again Elio!"

As the two rivals glare at each other Lillie saw both the Banette and Mew playing together when she thought of something. "I need to get myself ready for something I heard about."

She smiled to Elio before she continued. "I have something we can do in the next couple months if you are interested."

Elio asked. "What do you have planned?"

Lillie placed a finger in front of her mouth. "Its a surprise but it would give us something for both of us to do!"

Elio felt tired as he looked over the distant port. "Hey Lillie, aside from the entire shadow pokemon fiasco, you had a good time?"

Lillie took a deep breath. "Once we finally gathered up a team, yes! I was actually surprised on how friendly Ghorchi is."

Elio felt a grin on realizing something. "I wonder how he, Solaire, Sunne and Gladion's Tyranitar would act?"

Gladion sighed. "Save that for the battle royal!"


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 17 Back Home.

"Toot Toot! We will be arriving on Melemele in twenty minutes!"

The trio arrived on Alola at 8:00PM AST.

Gladion waved the duo goodbye and called the Charizard to give him a flight to Aether Paradise. "Meet you two at the Masalada shop with Hau once a week?"

Elio and Lillie agreed as they waved goodbye to Gladion and prepared the next priority.

Lillie went to Kukui and Burnet to leave her Hydreigon, Audino, Gardevoir and Raichu. "You four be good, As soon as Elio and I get some important business done at the Altar of the Moone we can start playing again!"

Elio went to his mother to leave the Banette, Dodrio and Hitmonchan "Sorry about this, my mom is normally good at handling pokemon like you. Just stay away from a dusk ball with a smiley face. Pete that means you!"

As the duo gathered up three beast balls and Ultra ball containing the Solgaleo, they flew to the Altar of the Moone. They found the Lunala keeping an eye on a more active Cresselia, she cheered in excitement in seeing her adoptive parents return. Lillie giggled as the Lunala lifted her with her psychic power for a nuzzle.

Elio smiled at the Cresselia. "You are looking better! You had us worried when we last saw you."

The Cresselia nodded and made a mystical cry. "BZZT! Very much so. If you are worried about Darkrai, he is on a small island far away from people. He thinks himself to blame for what happened. BZZT!"

Elio shrugged. "Tell him that he did not really have much of a choice in what actually happened. How is he?"

Cresselia sighed as she answered. "BZZT! During your battle with the Mew, he along with the rest of the island were fighting against legion of nightmarish creatures. Most of this region either fought or took shelter. It was he and the legends who fought off the most and received the most injuries! BZZT!"

Elio looked away in remembering that day. "World went absolutely mad during those moments. By the way you might want to back away for what is about to happen. About to send some of these guys home and I don't want anything to happen to you."

The Cresselia rolled her eyes as she prepared to fly off, she shouted to Lunala about something before she left. "BZZT! Let me know when I can come back here. BZZT!"

Lunala groaned over Elio acting paranoid as she saw him approach three beast balls. "Give Lillie and I one moment and we will talk to you about how we are going to handle this!"

As the Lunala placed Lillie down, duo nodded to each other as they tossed the six Beast Balls out. Elio sent out a Celesteela, Buzzwole and Nihilego while Lillie sent out a Pheromosa, Kartana and Guzzlord.

Elio approached the six and pointed his thumb to the Lunala. "Okay! Since the last time I did this did not go so well. Are all of you ready to go home? Need your final word." The Kartana and Guzzlord were leaping in excitement, the Pheromosa shivered, the Buzzwole flexed, the Celesteela nodded and the Nihilego moved around impatiently. Elio shrugged at the Buzzwole before he signaled Lillie to recall her three back, once he did the same he shouted to the Lunala. "Aside from trying understanding what Buzzwole was trying to say, I take all of those as a yes! Nebby, if you know the exact areas in Ultra Space, we are ready for the trip."

The Lunala smiled as Lillie finished calling the Ultra Beasts back ready. "Since you know more about these things than I do, just tell me what I need to worry about."

As the Lunala glowed a third eye they began to warp into various places in Ultra Space, the first one was identical to the first visit, as well as hard to breath. Elio pressed the button in preparation to release the Nihilego.

As the Nihilego was disoriented, Elio shouted to Lunala. "Okay Nebby get us out before the others find us!"

As the trio warped back to the Altar of the Moone the Lunala took a deep breath.

Lillie looked at Elio in shock. "What was that for?"

Elio frowned seriously. "Most of what this Ultra Beast does is instinctual behavior. We both know how dangerous this pokemon is by itself least of all more of them, all that one should care about is that it is back in its home territory and it will instinctively follow its way to. Rest won't be nearly as ruthless I promise. Okay Nebby, now to find the coordinates for the other five."

The next jump was to a vast desert with crystal like structures, Lillie heard a familiar cry from a Pheromosa as she released the timid ultra beast. The Pheromosa shivered before she heard a faint cry and dashed into the unknown. The next ultra jump was to a jungle with flexing tree's, Elio pressed the ball and released the Buzzwole back home. Lillie signaled the Lunala to warp them out of Ultra space and back to the Altar.

Elio smiled sweetly at the two. "It makes me worried about some of them when they disappear into the unknown."

Lillie reassured Elio of what they are doing. "At least they will be home, hopefully safe from people who would try to hurt them again."

Elio smiled back as he waited for the Lunala to recharge for the next leap.

In the next jump, was to a forest, like that seen in Malie Garden except more drastic. Lillie released the Kartana, it leaped for joy as it flew off into the unknown.

The duo were warped to a world made of strange rocks and craters, Elio released the Celesteela who was waiting for the Lunala to do something instead of flying away.

The Lunala understood and warped back to the Altar, Elio and Lillie were a little puzzled to what happened before the Lunala screeched. "BZZT! That Celesteela was trying to be polite before it flew off into the unknown. Pops, please tell me you did not forget what this thing does when it prepares to fly? BZZT!"

Elio's eyes widened. "Right, they burn anything near when they take off. That was very nice of her to wait." The Lunala prepared for one last warp into Ultra Space, it looked like an abandoned ruined city that had large structures. Lillie released the Guzzlord, the Ultra Beast sniffed the air and dashed joyfully into the unknown.

As the trio warped back into their world, Elio and Lillie collapsed on the ground in relief.

The Lunala shrieked again at the duo. "BZZT! Pops, Moms. Aren't you missing one more? BZZT!"

Elio grinned and answered. "What are you talking about?"

The Lunala groaned as she sensed Elio playing dumb. "BZZT! That bundle of wires that make you jump some times. I know those terrible people tried to use him. BZZT!"

Elio was astonished by the knowledge. "They had a Xurkitree? Didn't see it!"

The Lunala glared. "BZZT! Pops, you are terrible at lying, please don't do it in front of Moms. BZZT!"

Lillie giggled as Elio blushed. "Fine, a guy name Wes tried to figure out if he wanted to keep it or not. That Xurkitree wanted to stay and even has the name Thundaga. Got along with his Ampharos pretty well. I have one favor to ask. Keep the information on Thundaga a secret."

The Lunala nodded. "BZZT! Much better and I will not tell anyone. Pops, Moms... if you want, I can keep an eye on the Solgaleo for you and teach him everything he needs to know. BZZT!"

Lillie smiled as she tossed out the Solgaleo, he was initially confused at what he is looking at, the Lunala assured him it will be alright. Elio and Lillie smiled as they looked at each other. "Lillie, I am going to get Punctchy taken cared of and then check on a couple important things. What is your plan?"

Lillie took a deep breath. "If my brother is correct, the conservation deck should have some new additions. I am going to go check to see how are they doing. Meet you back here?"

Elio gave Lillie a good bye hug as she handed him the net ball containing Heracross. "It will be up to Guzma and Punctchy to make the choice. I am sure we still take care of him if things don't go exactly how you want."

Elio sighed as he placed the Rotom Dex in his bag. "That was our back up plan anyways. Punctchy is a strong bug type anyways and the guy is pretty friendly even during battle." As Lillie flew off to Aether, Elio flew to Hau'oli to as slightly worn rented building.

He let the Heracross out and asked him. "The guy I am about to introduce you to likes bug pokemon, is on the aggressive side for the most part and is very nice toward his pokemon. If he is a bit too intimidating to you I want you to know a head of time."

The Heracross asked. "Cross?"

The Rotom Dex translated. "BZZT! I need to be on my best behavior? BZZT!"

Elio sighed. "You are already doing just that. You will be fine either way this ends." Elio approached the door and knocked. A small pause was heard as rustling followed the door opened to find Guzma getting ready for a small trip. "What do you want kid?"

Elio nodded and smiled. "Listen Guzma, I want to apologize for that incident with that festival a couple mo..."

Guzma interrupted in a glare. "Don't mention that festival!"

Elio smiled as he continued. "I know you like bug pokemon, so I want to introduce you to what is considered to be one of the best bug types in at least six regions. Say hello to Punctch..." Elio turned around to introduce the Heracross, but the bug pokemon was nowhere in sight.

Guzma shook his head. "I know you don't do this sort of thing and make it into a sick joke, what are you trying to pu.."


Guzma turned around in shock at what he heard, Elio placed his hand over his face. "Damn it... That is Punctchy!"

Guzma rushed in, after some shouting, he walked out pushing a Heracross eating from a jar of honey.

Elio frowned at himself as he sighed. "I would like to apologize for another thing. If I knew that was going to happen I would have kept an better eye on him. As you can see he has a Mega stone with him and has a move set with its Mega form in mind. Heracross is among the only bug/fighting type pokemon out side of... them."

Guzma shrugged at what Elio referred to and asked "This use to be one of those shadow pokemon you and your lady friend had gathered?"

Elio nodded. "Lillie caught this one when we were going against this one scumbag that pissed me off."

Guzma barely held in a laugh. "Let me guess, that idiot who insulted everyone here?"

Elio nodded at Guzma, he rolled his eyes at the answer. "Figured someone would have taken that **** seriously. Question, why ain't either of you two keeping this one?"

Elio raised a finger in an attempt to explain. "That was the plan in case this did not go well, already Punctchy did not make a good first impression with breaking into your house for honey. Lillie and I already talked about what we planned to do with most of these pokemon."

Guzma calmed himself down. "Since I know that Heracross ain't the only one, how many of those..."

Elio interrupted with an answer. "A hundred and forty shadow pokemon total, Lillie and I caught all together a hundred and three. We saw that most of the pokemon that were stolen were returned to their trainers and just sent six of these guys home."

Guzma shook his head at what he heard. "And you two organized this plan because Lillie did not want to be stuck with a collection?" Elio answered. "Kind of, in comparison to that large number we had all together. We now have fifty eight altogether, Lillie... still has at least eleven more than what I have left over."

Guzma looked over at the Heracross and grinned. "Tell you what, if that Heracross can get along with most of my bugs, he can stay."

Elio agreed as he stepped back. The first pokemon was Goliosopod, the two hulking bug pokemon stared at each other and shook hands. Elio placed a mental check as Guzma switched for Ariados. The two bug types looked at each other, the Ariados sighed and walked away.

Elio blinked before Guzma sighed. "He like that to strangers period."

Elio took a sigh of relief. "So that is considered a blank?"

Guzma switched Ariados for Masquerain. The Masquerain landed on the Heracross's horn; the Heracross made a gurgling noise. "BZZT! I like this one already boss! BZZT!"

Guzma nodded in approval as he switched to his Scizor. Unlike with the Goliosopod, the Heracross stood firm as it saw the menacing Scizor. Both stared at each other and nodded in respect.

Elio's eyes widened at what he saw. "Okay, I did not expected Punctchy to act like that. Probably the fighting part of him."

The Dex flared up to help Elio's statement. "BZZT! If a Heracross deem it as an enemy it would have just tossed it. Other wise fighting types tend to respect what ever they consider to be strength. Like how Scizor is considered by many to be one of the bes..."

Elio hushed the Dex. "Yes I get that part, Scyther and Scizor are both strong bug types. In fact the only thing that changes upon evolving is its type and that Scyther is faster while Scizor is bulkier. An oddity even among evolved forms. Anyways, this is a good thing other wise right?"

Guzma shrugged. "I was more worried about that Heracross for a moment, now for the last one."

The Scizor was switched out for a Pinsir, he instantly leaped at the Heracross. Elio was about to get the net ball ready as Guzma raised a finger. "Give it a right abou...," Both pokemon struggled as they took the fight all across the front lawn; the Heracross got a firm ground, lifted the Pinsir with his horn and tossed him to the front door.

Elio asked what happened as the Rotom Dex gave more information. "BZZT! In any other region, Pinsir and Heracross often compete with each other. Before the discovery of Mega evolution, Heracross normally does everything Pinsir would do but better. BZZT!"

Elio's eyes widened when he realized what he had done. "Sorry about that! Take that Pinsir made everything else a definite n..."

The Dex continued as Elio was about to finish his apology. "BZZT! With Mega evolution Pinsir and Heracross now have two vastly different battle functions. BZZT!"

Guzma joined Elio in glaring at the Dex as he asked. "Okay kid. Before we both say no to this train wreck. How does a Mega Heracross work?"

Elio smiled nervously. "While we both know Mega Pinsir is a one trick pony with its ability and can easily beat either variant. Mega Heracross's shine comes from its ability Skill Link. Its boosted physical attack as well as Punctchy having pin missile and rock blast means that if they thought a sash, sturdy or substitute would save them... they better think again; In addition to close combat he is going to hurt."

Guzma closed his eyes and thought of what he was agreeing to. "Okay, back up plan of my own if I am to take this guy in. Don't expect him and Pinsir to be out in the same place. If I want to use the Mega Pinsir, don't expect Heracross to be with me till I want to switch. Now, does that Heracross want to up and leave ya?"

Elio asked the Heracross. "What is your final word?"

The Heracross shed a tear before he grunted something. "BZZT! I am going to miss you boss! BZZT!"

Elio laughed as he pointed west. "Punctchy, I live almost literally across the street and out of the city. It is not like we are not going to be far away anyways. Only if I am making a trip to another region for something."

The Heracross leaped in joy as he tried to hug Guzma, Elio handed over the net ball and nodded as the Guzma asked another question. "Anything about that Yanmega?"

Elio grinned back. "Odon already has a home with me. By the way, anything happening at the Battle Tree I need to worry about? I have not been their in months."

Guzma shook his head. "Other than some new guy not really. Soon as I raise this new guy up I will let you know what we are talking about."

Elio said his goodbyes to the two as he went to make final preparation's for his trip back to the Altar of the Moone.


Master of Chaos!
Act 3 Chapter 18 A New Life Together.

Lillie flew back from her trip to Aether to the Altar of the Moone. She found Elio staring at the moon with the Mew and the Lunala talking to the Solgaleo. Elio and the Mew looked over to greet Lillie. "How are those guys handling them? Anything I need to know?"

Lillie took a deep breath as she gave her report. "Most of them seem have relaxed once they settled in. There has been some problems with Lapras and a few others. The Dusknoir brother had captured had been wandering around the place... so some of the Employees have to keep an eye on him."

Elio sighed. "Long as they actually read that note I sent I think we are good. I think Dex actually has information on why a Dusknoir would do that. Something about its antenna having radio waves, if this guy was wild I think he is trying to find the direction home for us."

Lillie's smiled as she finished. "My mother saw what was happening at the deck,"

Elio turned around to ask what happened as he saw the smile. "It went better than I expected?"

Lillie nodded as she let Elio continue. "Punctchy and Guzma said yes. In addition I got through incorporating my Orre team into the rest of the group."

Lillie asked. "How did it go?"

Elio sighed. "Bad news, Odon is the only one that needs to stay in the ball if I am not around due to how he can break glass. Brimmy and Guppy are sharing stories as we speak, Remmer, Cumustrich and Mac are crashing on the couch. Also Makuta like's living in the basement. From what Dex said it reminds Makuta of his old tomb, Pete is good company for him!"

Lillies eyes widened. "Last time I visited your house I did not know you had a basemen... Elio what did you do?"

Elio realized he should have not mentioned the basement as he confessed. "I have a house built on a small island not too far off from home. Got a small bridge for people to walk to, it is a place to call my own!"

Lillie gasped and shouted. "Since when did you started to have a house built?!"

Elio looked away in guilt. "Before we left to Orre for the second time."

Lillie puffed up her cheeks. "Why didn't you tell me? You know Cain and the others have to be at Kukui's otherwise!"

Elio blushed. "I wanted to wait until Nebby and the Solgaleo settle down before I explain more. The house has enough space for the pokemon we gathered up. I wanted to test out how many kinds can actually be left out before I try to surprise you... I should have kept my mouth shut about the basement."

Lillie blushed as she looked at Elio teasingly. "Are you trying to invite me over?"

Elio looked her in the eyes. "Yes!"

Lillie shook her head. "Before I accept, this is mainly a place for all pokemon we rescued! Once they settle in it is going to be a lot of work helping them."

Elio nodded. "I know that the P.C is linked to a place on Alola. My plan is kind of redundant but I am willing to go the extra mile, plus after wards we can use it to make some of our guys feel... welcome."

Lillie smiled as she heard the words. "Soon as those two settle in for the night, I want to see this house before we come to any conclusions." Elio smiled as he called the Mew back into the master ball. Once Lunala and the Solgaleo settle down, the two trainers called in the Charizard's to fly them to Melemele.

As the Elio and Lillie enter the house, they were greeted to a Banette jumping out for a cute boo! The house itself is a single story building with the basic needs. A kitchen, bathroom, backyard, main living room, a storage room and two bed rooms facing each other. Only difference was that it was large and has a basement.

Elio smiled at Lillie. "You want to let some of your guys out?"

Lillie smiled back as she shouted. "Lola! Cain! Check this place out!" The Vaporeon and Leafeon looked around find themselves in a new building, Elio grinned as he tossed his. "H.P! Lost! Come greet some of the new additions to the clan! Hey Isaac, you may have met Lost before!"

The Mew was let out and saw the Mimikyu quick to greet it, both became fast friends.

Lillie sighed. "Swoops, Maiden, Medic, Mele, Shockums come on out!"

The living room felt much more lively as the Gardevoir joined the Hitmonchan, Dodrio and Hypno on the couch to watch T.V. The Banette, Mew, Raichu and Mimikyu were playing rough as the Venusaur found a place to sleep in.

Lillie looked at the pokemon and asked Elio. "What is this all about?"

Elio was about to join the mischievous trio as he answered. "This party is meant to break this house in. My other plan is to have some pokemon over here for when we are busy traveling, other wise our main goal here is for us and our pokemon to live together. we have. H.P is great with younger pokemon, so any of the unevolved ones or smaller guys we can effectively raise. Another reason for bringing these guys out is because after everything these guys have been through they deserve to party a little bit. Speaking of which where is Onua and Ghorchi?"

Lillie rolled her eyes. "They are at Kukui's still, Onua can only fit in the backyard and the professor wanted to see Ghorchi out for a little bit, how long is this party going to last?"

Elio looked over to the Dodrio's arguing with each other over a poke star film and how uneventful the party was save for the Eeveelutions and the smaller pokemon. "I say that unless Brimmy is telling Guppy everything in the backyard I say around two hours."

Lillie sighed as she was petting the Mew and Raichu. "If you want I can make something to keep this party some what alive, there was something I wanted to try and make. How many berries do you have?"

Elio grabbed his bag. "Types or just amount?"

Lillie requested that he take out a tomato berry, a qualot berry, a kelpsy berry, a pomeg berry, a hondew berry and a grepa berry, Elio offered to help when she mentioned something about something done in Sinnoh. "Poffins? You know, I heard about different customs as it is so I am willing to give this one a try. What is the reason?"

Lillie raised a finger as she placed the berries in the batter. "Something I am thinking about that won't happen for a while. I'll have to talk to Kukui if it is okay for me to live here with you, if he and Burnet says yes... this would be a nice place to live in with the two of us."

Elio smiled with her. "I'll talk to them with you if they want to have a word with me over this."

Lillie had the poffins cooling as she closed her eyes and kissed him! "It would be easier for both of us to face this together."

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