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Through Time and Space - Pearlshipping - Ch1 12/09/08

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Bubbles18, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Title: Through Time and Space

    Characters: Ash/Dawn – Pearlshipping – other shippings comes in later.

    Rating: Teen at first but it WILL go up to Mature/Adult for sexual themes and Violence. Warning will be given before hand so keep an eye on the rating.

    Disclaimer: Like heck I own anything – everyone belongs to their own creators, I just get to play with them *Pouts* If I did own them, I’d probably allow them to have more than six pokemon and keep Vulpix all to myself so I think you can safely say that I don’t own Pokemon. I make no money/profit from this story!

    Summary: Ash and Dawn are still travelling as new adventures, dangers and feelings are revealed as they go along.

    What happens when new and old faces threaten everything and they must face up to destiny.

    Ages: Ash: 17.

    Dawn: 15. – I feel really uncomfortable writing those two in sexual terms while underage. So they will be older in my story, I hope this doesn’t offend anyone.

    Brock: 21
    Misty: 18
    Gary: 20
    May: 16
    Paul: 16
    Drew: 17

    Warning: Slight bashing of Misty and Gary but not too much. Major bashing of Paul, really don’t like him. Sexual theme and violence is included. This is AU; it’s not completely following the programme but more of the game.

    In this story: Ash and Dawn have not exchanged stories of the legendary Pokemon. Ash and Dawn will visit Oreburgh City again as well as Eterna City. Paul still has Chimchar – he didn’t release him. Dawn and Ash have made poffins before but I’m putting in Hearthome City. Dawn has not met Gary either. Brock did not get the egg in the competition.

    Things you need to know:

    Ash’s Pokemon: Pikachu (Boy), Staravia (Girl), Turtwig (Boy) and Buizel (Boy). He will receive another two in this story.

    Dawn’s Pokemon: Piplup (Boy), Buneary (Girl), Pachirisu (Girl), Ambipom (Girl). She will receive another one but a bit of surprise will pop up near the end.

    Brock’s Pokemon: Croagunk (Girl), Sudowoodo (Boy, I’m assuming but if anyone knows that’s wrong, please let me know and I’ll change it): He will receive another pokemon in the story.

    ‘…’ – Someone’s thoughts is being thought.
    Bold – something is being read/read out.
    Italic – flashback/memory is being introduced or Pokedex Entrance is being read.

    This is my fourth Pokemon Fan fiction but my first multi-chaptered of Pokemon so I hope you will like it. Remember, any criticism and reviews are welcomed but any flames will not be tolerated…send me one; I will give you marshmallows to roast them with. You don’t like the story or the couple; you are more than welcome to leave.

    Chapter 1: Introduction

    “Wow, is it really hot or is it just me?” a teenaged boy asked his accompanies as he wiped his forehead with his forearm.

    “Pika,” the small yellow mouse agreed miserably. He was sitting on the boy’s bare shoulder as the boy had stripped his body warmer and t-shirt in order to cool down. The body warmer had been stuffed into his bag while his t-shirt was tucked into the back of his jeans.

    “Is there anywhere cooler, Brock?” the girl asked. She had stripped her white beanie and stuffed it into her bag with her pink scarf. Her hair was pinned up to keep it from sticking to her neck and she had removed the black shirt to reveal a white strapped top. She had also removed her pink boots and socks because they weren’t suitable for summer wear.

    “We are nearly at the edge of the wood, once we reach in there, it should be cooler,” Brock said. He wore brown jeans and a green t-shirt, having removed his shirt in order to deal with the heat. Thankfully, by being a breeder, it meant he was used to the heat but the other two wasn’t.

    “Pip,” the blue penguin chirped sadly from where it was curled up in the girl’s arms.

    “I know Piplup, do you want to go back into your ball?” the girl asked and got a nod. “Okay, back into your ball.” She pulled out a small red and white ball and with a flash of red; Piplup was back into his ball safe from the heat.

    “He’ll be okay Dawn, we have plenty of water with us,” the boy said as he reached out and touched Dawn’s shoulder.

    “I know, I just don’t like seeing them miserable Ash,” Dawn said and Ash nodded in agreement. Dawn tucked the ball into the bag just as they moved closer to the edge of the forest.

    “Here we are,” Brock said and everyone hurried near it.

    “Oh, there is a god,” Dawn muttered under her breath as they stepped into the cool shade and relief swam through them as the coolness washed over them. “I’m never complaining about the cold again!”

    Ash laughed in agreement as he watched Dawn pull on her socks and boots before he swallowed when he saw that her white top was sticking to her and enhancing her curves. Pulling his eyes away from her, he turned to look at Brock who was studying the map to see where they could go without leaving the shade of the forest.

    Dawn eyed Ash out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t help herself, he looked hot the way he dressed and she knew that she had feelings for the older boy. She knew it was a crush, she had one before but it felt stronger for some reason and it made her slightly nervous.

    Turning back to her clothes, she pulled on her black shirt but left her beanie and scarf in the bag, she didn’t want to risk overheating herself despite they were in the cool shade. Zipping up her bag, she heard Brock finally make a decision on what way they were going and the teenagers followed him as he led the way.

    “Do you think that there will be any more trouble?” Dawn asked. “And I don’t mean from Team Rocket, they always seem to be following us.” Ash grinned.

    “Nah, I shouldn’t think so but then again, it just depends on what city we get to,” Ash said. Dawn nodded in agreement as Brock came to a stop when they reached a fork in the path. One was leading right and the other was leading up.

    “Well…we can go that way or this way,” Brock pointed to the right then to the path in front of them. “Both lead to the same place.”

    Ash and Dawn looked at each other before looking at the two paths, undecided.

    “Flip for it?” Ash asked, turning to look at Dawn, who nodded in agreement. Ash pulled out a coin and handed it over to Dawn.

    “Heads for up, Tails for right?” Dawn suggested. Ash nodded his agreement. Dawn flipped the coin and it spun in the air, twinkling under the sunlight before spinning down toward the ground, where it landed.

    Dawn and Ash leaned over, peering at the coin to see what way they were going and saw it was a tail.

    “Looks like we’re going right,” Ash said as he picked up the coin and pocketed it. Brock gave a short nod and made their way along the path.

    A little further along the path, Dawn stopped when she saw a fiery red mane out of the corner of her eye and turned to find she was looking at a white horse that had fire for a mane and tail. There was also fire on its legs.

    “A Ponyta!” Dawn squealed with excitement as she lifted her pink pokedex and typed in the name and the hand-held computer brought up a picture with a computer female voice accompanies it.

    Ponyta. About an hour after birth, its fiery mane and tail will grow out, giving it an impressive appearance. Its legs grows strong while its chases after its parents. It runs in fields and mountains all day. Its nature is fire.’ The computer told Dawn.

    Ponyta lifted its head when it heard the girl and looked at her curiously before moving closer. Dawn smiled as she reached out a hand to pat the horse when Ash’s strong grip covered her wrist.

    Turning to look at him, Ash nodded behind Ponyta and Dawn turned to see an older form of Ponyta standing nearby, watching the humans interact with the Ponyta.

    Rapidash. It is the evolved version of Ponyta. It gallops at nearly 150 miles per hour. With its mane blazing ferociously, it races as if it were an arrow. It has astounding acceleration. From standstill, it can reach top speed within 10 steps. Its nature is fire.’ The computer spoke.

    The Rapidash in question had a longer fiery mane. The fire wasn’t as calm as the Ponyta; it was more out of control.

    “Do you think it will attack?” Dawn asked but Ash shook his head.

    “No, it’s testing us,” Ash explained as he kept his gaze on the horse while leading Dawn’s hand over to Ponyta and allowed Dawn to pat Ponyta’s nose.

    Ponyta let out a small whine as it pushed its nose into Dawn’s hand, thoroughly enjoying the attention it was receiving from the girl. Dawn giggled.

    “You are so cute,” Dawn told it as she moved closer and ran a hand through its fiery mane. “Wow, the mane feels cold to touch but it’s still fiery.” Ash nodded.

    “Yeah, that way no humans get burned accidentally by touching it,” Ash explained. Rapidash gave a soft snort and Ponyta pushed it’s nuzzle into Dawn’s hand once more before turning around and walked away with Rapidash.

    Dawn and Ash watched the pokemon disappear out of sight before they turned around and hurried after Brock, who had found a place suitable for camping.

    Brock looked up from where he was sitting at the table, his pokemon were already out of their balls and enjoying the cool shade.

    Croagunk was a large purple frog like pokemon that walked on its hind legs. It had white bandages decoration around its chest and two large orange circles on its mouth that inflated whenever it breathed. Its hand had an orange stripe on it. It was a poison and fighting pokemon.

    Sudowoodo was a large tree like creature with two branches with large round green leaves for hands. Despite it looked like a tree, its nature is actually rock.

    Croagunk was sitting on the grass next to Brock while Sudowoodo was basking under the shade of the tree.

    “Hey, what took you so long?” Brock asked as he watched them gather their poke balls to let their pokemon out. Pikachu had already taken his place on the table.

    Ash brought out his pokemon, Turtwig, Staravia and Buizel.

    Turtwig was a turtle like creature with a hard shell on its back. There was a stem of leaves on his head and it let out a small growl as he stretched. It was a grass type.

    Staravia was a large brown and white bird whose hair curled at the top. It is a flying and normal type.

    Buizel was an orange otter like creature that had two tails with white tips. It had a large blue floatation ring around its neck and two blue fins on its arms. It was a water type.

    Dawn brought out her pokemon, Piplup, Buneary, Pachirisu and Ambipom.

    Buneary was a rabbit like creature that walked on hind legs. Its ears were covered in white fluff as well as its bottom half. It was a normal type Pokemon.

    Pachirisu was a small squirrel like pokemon that was white with blue stripes. It had blue ears and was currently yawning. It was an electric type pokemon.

    Aipom was a monkey like pokemon with two hands for a tail and it was a light purple colour. It was currently making her way over to a tree so she could get some fruit. It was a normal type pokemon.

    “Sorry, we saw a Ponyta,” Dawn explained, still excited from seeing the pokemon.

    “A Ponyta?” Brock asked and Dawn nodded. Brock looked at his map and nodded. “Yes, this area is common to Ponyta and Rapidash.” He frowned. “Actually it is also common to Growlithe too.”

    “Really?” Dawn asked. “The same pokemon Office Jenny has?”

    “Yes,” Ash said, noticing the love struck look on Brock’s face when Dawn mentioned the police woman.

    “Have you ever had one?” Dawn asked, curious. Ash shook his head. “Would you like one?” Ash looked at Dawn, curious.

    “Why are you all of a sudden curious?” Ash asked. Dawn flushed slightly before she shrugged.

    “I don’t seem to know a lot about you, I know that Pikachu is your first pokemon but I don’t know what other Pokemon you had and I’m curious to know if you ever wanted a Pokemon that you never caught. You always seemed taken whenever you see a Growlithe,” Dawn explained.

    Brock just arched an eyebrow toward the back of Dawn’s head, impressed while Ash just looked at Dawn with interest.

    “I’ll tell you about the pokemon I’ve caught another time, it’s kind of a long story,” Ash said and Dawn nodded.

    “Great, but it doesn’t answer my actual question,” Dawn pointed out. Ash groaned.

    “Jeez, you’re like a Cubone with its bone!” Ash exclaimed. Dawn looked at him, curiously.

    “A Cubone?” Dawn asked before excitement crossed her face. “Have you seen one?” Ash nodded. “Can I see it on your Pokedex?” Ash brought out his red pokedex and typed Cubone in and showed Dawn the picture.

    Cubone. It is a lonesome creature that has a habit of being called heartless for it’s reluctant to care for others but when it thinks of its dead mother, it cries. Its crying makes the skull it wears rattle hollowly.’ The computer said.

    “Oh, that so sad,” Dawn whispered, her heart hurting for Cubone. The picture brought up dinosaur like creature. It was a light brown colour and it had a white skull on its head with a bone in its hand.

    “Yeah,” Ash agreed before he closed his pokedex and placed it back into his back pocket and turned to Brock, who was eyeing the two of them with an unreadable look on his face before he noticed that Ash was looking at him.

    “I think we all should set up camp,” Brock said, warding off any questions that Ash might ask. “I don’t like the way the weather is turning and it won’t do any of us any good if we’re ill.”

    “Sure,” Ash agreed while Dawn nodded before she turned to Ash.

    “You’ve still to answer my question,” she reminded him. Brock stifled his laughers as Ash turned to look at Dawn before he muttered something under his breath. “Sorry? What was that?”

    “I said, yes, I would like a Growlithe, happy now?” Ash asked. Dawn rolled her eyes.

    “All you had to do was just say yes or no, I was just being curious,” Dawn reminded him as she walked past him to set up her tent. Ash hung his head before he turned around and moved over to set up his tent.

    “He likes her,” Brock murmured to himself, drawing Pikachu’s attention to him. Pikachu tilted his head slightly as he thought about what Brock was talking about before he jumped down from the table and moved over to the Pokemon. Brock turned to the meal and started preparing the food.

    Ash finished setting up his tent and smoothed out his sleeping bag and placed his bag in the corner so that it was safe before he pulled himself out of the tent just as Dawn walked past him.

    “Look Dawn,” Ash grabbed her arm softly to stop her and she looked at him. “I’m sorry for being short with you. I’m just not used to people asking me these questions.” Ash dropped his hand from her arm as Dawn’s blue eyes probed his for a short moment before she nodded.

    “It’s okay,” she assured him with a soft smile before she turned around and walked over to the Pokemon with Ash watching her leave.

    “Dinner guys!” Brock called and there was a rush toward the table as they were eager to get fed. Sitting at the table, Dawn and Ash sat across from each other while Brock filled out the bowls with soup and placed it in front of them.

    Dawn and Ash had filled out the bowls with pokemon food and placed them in front of the Pokemon, some sharing a bowl because they didn’t eat all the food in one bowl and others having their own before they turned back to their own food.

    Brock sat down next to Ash while Pikachu sat near Dawn, enjoying the rice balls that Dawn shared with him.

    “So, where do we hope to be by tomorrow?” Dawn asked as she turned back to face the men and started tucking into her own food.

    “At least near a town,” Brock said as he studied the map once more that was placed off to the side. “We are near a city called Hearthome City.”

    “Really?” Dawn exclaimed, startling the men.

    “Yeah, why?” Brock asked.

    “Because they are holding a contest and there is a place called Amity Square where you can walk with a Pokemon without fear,” Dawn explained.

    “A gym?” Ash asked, making sure he swallowed his food first, and Dawn nodded before frowning.

    “If I remember, her name is Fantina but she won’t battle you until you have at least four badges. My mum told me about her, she concentrates on the contests first then the battle,” Dawn explained.

    “Oh…that’s okay, I guess,” Ash said but Dawn just smiled.

    “Don’t worry, you can fight her after you get your next two badges,” Dawn assured him. Ash just smiled back. They ate their food in silence as the sky began to darken as night fell over them with the stars twinkling brightly as the clouds moved.

    “Okay guys, let’s get some sleep,” Brock said as he stood up and moved over to his tent.

    “We’ll wash up and put the fire out,” Dawn said. Brock nodded as he unzipped his tent and stepped into it as Ash and Dawn picked up the plate. Dawn moved over to the lake so she could wash the plates while Ash put out the fire by putting dirt over the flames to smother it without smoke being sent up.

    Once Dawn was finished washing and drying the dishes, she walked over to Brock’s bag and placed the crockery, carefully, into the bag before zipping it up and moved over to her tent. She smiled when she saw that all the Pokemon have already took up their spaces in her tent before she looked at Ash, who was standing in front of his tent.

    “Night Dawn,” Ash said.

    “Night Ash,” Dawn replied as they shared a smile before climbing into their respective tents, got changed and fell fast asleep.

    Meanwhile, in a cold harsh building, there was a group of people sitting at a table looking at the man who sat at the head of the table.

    “What do you want us to do, Master?” a female voice asked.

    “I want you to steal the pokemon. They have the power we need in order to change this world,” the master ordered.

    “And people who are against us?” a male voice asked.

    “Knock their Pokemon out and prove you are better than them,” the master said before he chuckled to himself.


    All information about the Pokemon comes from the Pearl/Diamond Pokedex index. I hope that helps if anyone is looking to find this information. Cubone had additional information added; I got that from Pikachu’s Vacation from the first movie. The bit where it cries, that was taken from the P/D Pokedex.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2008
  2. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 2: A Challenge

    Ash yawned as he stretched in his sleeping bag before rubbing his eyes. Sitting up, he could see the sun was shining and it didn’t feel as hot as it was the day before. He smiled when he saw that his pokemon were still sleeping before he reached over to his bag and grabbed his wash stuff and climbed out of the tent, making sure that he didn’t disturb anyone.

    Once he got out, he zipped the tent up, leaving it opens slightly so that they could open it when they woke up. Rubbing the back of his neck, Ash started his trip toward the lake.

    He couldn’t wait till he got to the lake to wash up and cool down slightly. He was lost in his thoughts that he didn’t realise that he had almost reached the lake till he almost stumbled over a rock.

    Muffling a curse under his breath, he hopped on one foot and looked up only to stop what he was doing when he realised that he wasn’t alone and she hadn’t noticed his presence.

    The lake was already occupied by Dawn. She wore a pair of light blue pants and light blue bra. Her hair was hanging over one shoulder as she leaned down to scoop some water up.

    Backing up quickly but quietly as he could so he wouldn’t alert Dawn that he had stumbled upon her on her private moment, he hurried through the bushes, breathing heavily as arousal surged through him.

    “****,” Ash muttered under his breath once he was far enough away. He knew that he was attracted to Dawn but it was just a crush…wasn’t it? Shaking his head and gathering his mental thoughts together, he tried to push Dawn firmly out of his mind and found another spot of the lake he could wash up.

    Dawn hummed to herself as she smoothed back her hair only to smile when she saw a pink fish circle one of her foot before dashing off to join the school. She was sitting on the bank of the river and tipped her head back so the sun could wash over her as she paddled her feet slightly.

    Hearing faint noises coming from the camp, she sighed as she opened her eyes. The gang was getting ready to have breakfast and if she didn’t hurry up, all the food would be gone. Standing up, Dawn moved back into the middle of the lake where it was deeper and scooped water into her hands, splashing it over her face as her thoughts turned to Ash.

    She was confused by what she felt for the older boy. She knew what a crush felt like, considering she had a crush on someone in her home town but her feelings for Ash seem to go deeper. Sighing in confusion, she decided to push Ash out of her mind only for a sharp snap to come from behind.

    Dawn stilled and turned her head to look behind her only to see that she was alone. Frowning, she could have sworn she heard something before brushing it off and she turned back to finish off cleaning.

    A male moved away from the bushes once he saw that Dawn was no longer looking in his direction before he walked down a path as thoughts ran around in his head.

    Ash stretched once more as he made his way into the camping ground and smiled when he saw the pokemon were already awake and lively.

    Pikachu was sitting on the table while Ambipom and Buizel were playing with Pachirisu. Croagunk was sitting next to Brock, who was stirring something in the pot over the makeshift fire. Turtwig, Staravia, Buneary, Piplup and Sudowoodo were all together, conversing.

    Ash was about to walk over to the table when he saw Dawn come up from the lake, dressed in her usual outfit and frowned when he saw that she seemed distracted and shaken.

    “Are you okay?” Ash asked when he saw Dawn jumped slightly. Dawn looked at him before shaking her head.

    “I could have sworn I felt someone watching me earlier, I heard some branches snapped,” Dawn explained. Ash had been about to admit that he had saw Dawn in the lake only to frown when he realised that he hadn’t broke any branches.

    “Hm, maybe it was a pokemon?” Ash suggested and Dawn nodded.

    “Yeah, it could have been,” Dawn agreed as they moved over to the table with doubts clear in their voices.

    “Hey, breakfast is ready,” Brock told them as they reached the table. They nodded as they took their seats and tucked into their breakfasts as they talked about the upcoming battles and contests.

    “Did you mum tell you what kind of pokemon Fantina uses?” Ash asked and Dawn nodded.

    “She tends to use ghosts type pokemon,” Dawn told him before frowning. “If I remember correctly, Ghosts and Dark moves are better to use against her.”

    “Yeah,” Ash confirmed before he looked at his pokemon wondering which one he should use against Fantina when Dawn spoke up again.

    “Beside, you have to defeat the other two gyms first before you go against Fantina, maybe one of the pokemon will learn a dark move by then,” Dawn comforted Ash first. Ash looked toward her and she smiled. “I know you can do it.” Ash smiled back, deeply touched by her belief in him before they turned to face Brock as he stood up from the table.

    “If we pack up now, we can start getting a move on,” Brock told them. “Hopefully it won’t be as hot as it was yesterday.” He got murmurs of agreement as Ash and Dawn stood up, picking up their plates and moving over to the lake while Brock put away the other cookery stuff and called his pokemon back into their balls.

    When Ash and Dawn finished cleaning up, they also recalled their pokemon apart from Pikachu, who liked travelling on Ash’s shoulder and Piplup, who had become used to being in Dawns arms while travelling.

    “Do we know what way we’re going?” Dawn asked as she shouldered her bag and picked up Piplup and Brock nodded.

    “Yeah, if we start off now, we should meet the camping spot by nightfall and tomorrow we should be in Hearthome City,” Brock explained.

    “Great,” Ash cheered. “Maybe we can sleep in a hotel.” Dawn smiled in agreement as they all set off on their travels.

    They were in luck as the weather didn’t get hotter so it meant that they were able to push on without feeling like they were going to melt from the hot weather while Dawn delighted in asking Ash questions about all the Pokemon he had seen and seeing the pictures on his Pokedex.

    Ash found that didn’t mind Dawn asking him questions about his adventures and all the pokemon he had seen but made sure it was the tame version rather than telling her that his life was the one at risk each time, he didn’t want to worry her too much.

    “Wow, you did a lot,” Dawn said as she looked up into the sky, processing what Ash had been through and what he had seen. She wondered if she would get the same chance.

    “Yeah,” Ash agreed before he closed his pokedex and placed it back into his pocket.

    “That’s one of the perks of being a trainer, you get to travel all over the place and see different pokemon,” Brock spoke up. He had noticed that Ash had left out a lot when he was describing his adventures to Dawn and made a mental note to ask Ash when he could.

    “You are so lucky, Ash,” Dawn said as she brought her head down to look at Ash. “You get to see all these amazing things.” Ash smiled.

    “Hey, you never know, you just might get to see amazing things too,” Ash replied, soothing the girl. She tilted her head slightly as she thought about it and grinned.

    “Hanging around with you Ash…that is nothing short of amazing,” she teased him before dashing ahead. Ash just shook his head ruefully before he chased after her.

    “Pip,” Piplup said, tilting his head much like his trainer did. Pikachu nodded.

    “Pika.” Brock smiled down at the two confused pokemon before he looked at the retreating figures of Dawn and Ash.

    Dawn laughed as Ash nearly caught up with her, dancing out of his reach, she came to stop when she noticed a new group of pokemon and a delighted smile crossed her face.

    “A Bibarel!” Dawn exclaimed as she brought up her pokedex and typed it in so she could get information.

    Bibarel. The evolved form of Bidoof. It makes its nest by damming streams with bark and mud. It is known as an industrious worker. While its movement out of water are sluggish, it can swim as fast as any Feebas.’ The computer said.

    “Wow,” Ash said. Dawn nodded in agreement. They watched the large furry brown pokemon move back and forth as they created their home. Brock came up behind them and smiled when he saw the Bibarel before he looked around and took a look at his watch only to find they had been travelling for a while.

    “I think this is a good spot to have our lunch,” Brock said as he moved over to the grass. “You guys have a look around; I’ll call you when lunch is ready.”

    “Okay Brock,” Dawn said as she and Ash placed their bags next to Brock before grabbing their poke balls and called out their pokemon before they all rushed off to explore the new area they had arrived at.

    Dawn and Ash had gone off in one direction with Pikachu and Buneary following them. Piplup, Buizel and Turtwig had gone over to the river so they could cool off. Staravia was resting in a tree. Ambipom, Pachirisu and Sudowoodo were all sitting under a shade while conversing. Croagunk was helping Brock to keep an eye on the others while Brock made the lunch.

    “It is interesting,” Brock said to himself, unknowingly attracting Croagunk’s attention. “Ash acts differently around Dawn than he did with the other girls. Dawn…I know that she is interested in Ash, that part is clear but the question is…how deep does her feelings run? I think this will be a very interesting journey…not just for me.”

    Croagunk just looked away and back at the pokemon, giving the impression she didn’t know what Brock was talking about.

    “Do you ever think you will have a new adventure?” Dawn asked from where she and Ash were sitting on the bank with Buneary and Pikachu playing in the field of flowers. A little down, they could see Turtwig, Piplup and Buizel playing in the water.

    “I’m on one, I’m with you aren’t I?” Ash joked and got a mock glare in his direction that caused him to laugh. “I’m always on adventure, no matter what or where I am, I learn new things wherever I go.”

    “If you weren’t a trainer, what would you think you would have become?” Dawn asked. She has been curious about this since she found out that Ash’s ambition was to become a master trainer.

    “Hm,” Ash looked up toward the sky as he thought about this.

    “I’d probably become a doctor or maybe a ranger. Anything to do with Pokemon,” Ash admitted as he brought his head down to look at her. “You?”

    “A ranger or a breeder,” Dawn admitted. “I always like the thought of helping Pokemon.”

    “Why did you decide to become a coordinator?” Ash asked. “I know that your mum was one but what inspired you to become one too?” Dawn just looked at him, startled. She didn’t really know how to answer it as she thought about it. “Is it too personal?” Dawn shook her head.

    “No. You just startled me. I’ve never actually really thought about becoming a contester. I’ve always wanted to be one since I found out that my mother was one,” Dawn admitted. “What about you?” Ash nodded.

    “I’ve always wanted to be trainer, ever since I was a little kid but I think I was inspired by the way the Pokemon adores their trainers as they get older,” Ash explained. Dawn grinned.

    “Ash…I think you are little too late for that,” Dawn told him, causing Ash to look at her, confused. “Pikachu and the other pokemon already adores you, why else do you think Staravia had evolved? She loves you and Pikachu had made a promise to you that he wouldn’t evolve. They don’t need you to be stronger for them to love you…they love you the way you are.”

    Ash just stared at her, dumb struck at how perspective she was. He was about to say something when a male voice called out, cutting into their private moment.

    “Okay, lunch time,” Brock called out. Everyone rushed over to the blanket in the grass. The pokemon arrived at their bowls and started to tuck in while Ash and Dawn argued over who was getting what first. The argument escalated when Dawn threw a berry at Ash, hitting him in the forehead, reminding Brock remarkably of the time she hit Ash on the forehead with a pokeball, and shocking Ash at first before he retaliated and tackled Dawn to the ground before tickling her merciless.

    “ASH!” Dawn squealed through her laughers, begging him to stop tickling her as she kicked her legs out, trying to squirm away from Ash. Brock just watched the scene with amusement while the Pokemon watched their trainers play.

    “Say sorry,” Ash ordered as he proceeded to tickle her even more.

    “No way!” Dawn burst out, laughing, refusing to give in.

    “Say sorry and I’ll stop tickling you,” Ash reminded.

    “I’m…sorry!” Dawn squealed as she tried to stop laughing. “I’m sorry!” Ash chuckled as he let her go and looked down at her as she tried to calm her breathing, still smiling when her blue eyes met his brown eyes and all thoughts of laugher flew from their minds.

    Dawn and Ash stared at each other as their breathing calmed down from their laughing bout and their eyes darkened as Ash almost leaned in only for a voice to break them apart.

    “Ketchum,” a male voice spoke up and everyone turned to see a purple haired man standing a few feet away from Ash and Dawn. He wore purple trousers and zipped up jacket. He had a pokeball in his hand.

    “Paul,” Ash gritted out. The purple haired man just smirked.

    “Let’s battle,” Paul said.

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  3. Moo66

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    Very good and interesting. Just wondering if this is your fic, because this would be extremely good for just a beginner. I can already see the romance between Ash and Dawn already start to pick up. I will most definitely read more of this story and hope others will do the same.
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    Thank you - I'm not a beginniner to Fan fiction but I am a beginning to Pokemon fan fiction (I've written a bunch of one-shots and still in a collection).

    I'm glad you are enjoying it.
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    A/N: Telling you right here, right now, if you like Paul – DON’T read!

    Chapter 3: The Winner and New Town

    “Why should I?” Ash asked as he got up off Dawn and helped her up before turning to face Paul, who was still standing there.

    “Because I challenged you,” Paul remarked, watching as Ash’s pokemon moved beside him, backing him up.

    “Can’t you see that we’re having our lunch?” Dawn asked as she glared at the purple haired boy.

    “What I saw was two idiots rolling around on the ground,” Paul remarked only to get a harder glare from Dawn.

    “Why don’t you just get lost Paul,” Dawn snapped only for Ash to place a calming hand on her shoulder.

    “It’s okay, I’ll battle him,” Ash told her. Dawn just shot him a worried look before she saw the determination in his eyes and nodded.

    “Okay, I’ll be cheering,” she told him, reaching up to touch his hand. “Good luck.” She pulled away and moved over to where Brock was standing.

    “3 on 3?” Brock asked as he moved over to the middle and got nods. “Pick your starting Pokemon.”

    “Elekid, out,” Paul commanded as he threw his ball into the air and a large yellow ball came out with two plug like ears and black stripes on its arms and waist. It growled as it raised its arms and electricity crackled.

    “Staravia,” Ash called and Staravia flew forward before glaring menacingly at Elekid.

    “Elekid, use thunder shock,” Paul commanded, sounding bored. Elekid started winding its arms as electricity was generated.

    “Staravia, use dodge and wing attack!” Ash demanded as electricity shot toward Staravia. Using dodge, Staravia escaped the attack and swooped toward Elekid and used wing attack on it.

    “Elekid, use quick attack!” Paul shouted.

    “Dodge and wing attack!” Ash shouted. Staravia dodged the quick attack but missed with her attack.

    “Elekid, thunder shock!” Paul shouted.

    “Dodge!” Ash shouted as thunder shot out of Elekid. Staravia just narrowly missed the electric attack. “Wing attack!” Ash shouted. With a cry, Staravia shot forward and had used wing attack on Elekid before Paul could do anything.

    “Elekid, use quick attack,” Paul shouted.

    “Staravia, use fly!” Ash shouted. Staravia spread her wings and shot into the air causing Elekid to miss his attack. Looking around, he couldn’t find where Staravia was until Staravia dropped down from the sky, attacking Elekid with her attack.

    Elekid just stood there for a moment until it fell backward onto the ground, obviously knocked out. Paul just made a disgusted noise as he recalled his pokemon.

    “Winner is Ash,” Brock called, raising his arm in Ash’s direction. “Next Pokemon.”

    “Chimchar,” Paul called out as he threw his last pokeball and an orange monkey came out with flame on its head and tail.

    “Buizel, I use you!” Ash called and Buizel stepped forward, startling Paul as he had always used Turtwig against Chimchar.

    “Chimchar, use Fury Swipe!” Paul ordered. Chimchar jumped forward with its nails ready to scratch.

    “Dodge and use Water Gun!” Ash called out. Buizel dodged to the side before inhaling and shot a stream of water toward Chimchar, causing it to squeal as it was flung backward before it hit the grass with a thud.

    “Chimchar, use flame wheel,” Paul commanded. The monkey started spinning as his flame started to build up, surrounding the pokemon.

    “Buizel, use dodge and water gun!” Ash shouted. Buizel dodged off to the side and shot a stream of water, causing Chimchar to stop and shake his head.

    “Chimchar, use ember!” Paul shouted but it was no use as Chimchar swayed on his feet as he tried to overcome the dizziness.

    “Buizel, Pursuit!” Ash shouted and Buizel readied himself before disappearing in a flash of water before he landed the attack on Chimchar, encasing the monkey in water, Chimchar. The monkey squeaked for a moment before he collapsed onto the ground, signalling that Ash had won.

    “Ash won,” Brock said and Dawn cheered as she hurried over to Ash and threw her arms around him in a hug.

    “Figure, you’re still weak,” Paul muttered to his Chimchar before he recalled it back into his ball and walked away without looking back.

    “Way to go, Ash!” Dawn cheered as she pulled away from him before hugging Buizel. “You too, Buizel!”

    “Bui!” Buizel cheered.

    “Hey Paul…” Ash started as he turned back to where Paul used to stand only to find that he was gone. Dawn just shook her head.

    “I really just don’t get the boy,” Dawn muttered as she moved back over to the blanket. Ash just stared at the spot where Paul used to be before nodding. He moved back over to the blanket and everyone tucked into their food as they talked about what they were going to do when they reached the new city.

    After they packed up, they resumed their travels. Ash and Dawn were lost in their thoughts as they kept thinking back to what could have happened if Paul hadn’t interrupted them.

    Dawn snuck a look over to Ash before she felt a slight blush cover her face and she looked away before biting her bottom lip. She was scared of her feelings. She knew what it was like to fancy someone but never to this degree.

    Ash looked at Dawn out of the corner of his eye only for his eyes to land on her bottom lip where she was nibbling it and fought back a groan before he closed his eyes. He didn’t understand why he was reacting so strongly when it came to Dawn.

    He used to travel with Misty and May, while he had a slight crush on May; it was never as strong as it was with Dawn. He knew that people thought he and Misty were going to get married but if he was completely honest with himself, he knew that he had never been attracted to Misty.

    He was attracted to May but that was only because she was carefree and the crush died down when she left to go after Drew.

    Dawn, on the other hand, was different from Misty and May. Pikachu had electrocuted her bike and she still hasn’t chewed him out over it. The other girls had wasted no time in letting him know exactly what they thought of Pikachu doing that. Dawn was always concerned about him whenever he was in danger in trying to save the Pokemon; the other two girls were more concerned about the Pokemon than his well being before giving him into trouble for risking his life.

    He knew that Dawn was attracted to him as well, after all she had lean her head in as he bent down toward hers but he didn’t know if it was because he was different from the other boys she knew and wanted to see what it would be like or if she was truly attracted to him for him.

    “Here we are,” Brock said, interrupting their thoughts, as they came to a stop in front of a sign.

    Welcome to Hearthome City! The city was a bustling place as people continued to walk by.

    “Cool,” Ash said as he looked around. There was a bunch of shops, 3 large buildings – one of them was the gym, houses and hotels. Dawn was also looking around when a shop caught her attention.

    “Oh, a poffin house!” Dawn exclaimed.

    “Pika?” Pikachu asked, his interest peaked, causing amused smiles from Ash and Dawn.

    “Sorry, don’t have any on me. I will try and make some before we leave,” Ash assured Pikachu, who nodded and settled back down on Ash’s shoulder.

    “What is that large building?” Brock asked as he led the way to unknown large building when Ash read the sign.

    Amity Square, where you can go for a walk with a cute Pokemon,” Ash read before frowning. “What cute pokemon do they allow?”

    “Pikachu, Buneary, Pachirisu, Drifloon, Psyduck, Clefairy and Happiny,” Dawn listed off.

    “Those are the only ones that are cute?” Brock asked but Dawn shrugged.

    “I think it depends…the ones listed are the ones who are less likely to be provoked into a battle and they are not large pokemon,” Dawn explained.

    “Ah, that does make sense,” Brock said. “I mean, it would probably scare people if a Steelix was to enter the park.” Ash nodded in agreement while Dawn giggled before she led them away from the building and over to the other one.

    “Here’s the contest building,” Dawn said with awe in her voice. Brock and Ash shared a look over her head.

    “Okay, lets go and find a Pokemon centre then a hotel to sleep in,” Brock told them and they nodded as they followed him away from the contest building. They soon reached a building with a red roof and stepped into it.

    Behind the counter was a pink haired woman with a white nurse outfit waitress on. Brock just felt his heart beat faster and lust run through his body as he hurried over to the nurse with stars in his eyes.

    “Nurse Joy!” Brock exclaimed as he took her hand before kneeling down on one leg. “How wonderful it is to see your radiant beauty among us mere humans. I am honoured to be surrounded by your presence. We must go on a date and we shall dance under the moonlight…shall we…” Brock broke off speech as pain shot through his body due to Croagunk poisoning him. Falling to the ground with a loud thud and a groan of pain, Croagunk grabbed Brock by the leg and started pulling him away from Nurse Joy.

    “Again,” Dawn moaned as they watched Croagunk drag Brock away, chuckling.

    “Where does Croagunk take Brock anyway?” Ash asked, looking around.

    “A hospital?” Dawn suggested. Ash just shrugged as both of them turned back to Nurse Joy, who was staring after Brock’s still body with concern.

    “Will he be alright?” Nurse Joy asked. Ash nodded.

    “He’ll be fine. Croagunk takes care of him,” Ash assured her and Nurse Joy nodded.

    “Welcome to Pokemon Centre, how may I help you?” Nurse Joy asked.

    “Can you heal our Pokemon for us?” Dawn asked as she brought out her pokeballs and handed them over to Nurse Joy, who nodded.

    “No problem,” Nurse Joy assured her as she took Ash’s Pokeballs and walked away with them.

    “How long do you want to stay here for?” Dawn asked as she turned to Ash.

    “How about a week? The contests starts in two days, doesn’t it?” Ash asked and Dawn nodded. “A week would be better, this way we have time to recharge and we can relax after the contest is over.”

    “Okay. What are you going to do about the Gym Leader?” Dawn asked. Ash shrugged.

    “As you said she’ll be at the contest, I’ll talk to her then and see about the battle,” Ash suggested. “It just depends on what she wants.” Dawn was about to say something when Nurse Joy came back over and handed them their pokeballs back.

    “Here you are, all happy and healthy,” she told them.

    “Thanks,” the two of them said together as they pocketed their Pokeballs.

    “Have a good night,” she told them, waving as Ash and Dawn left the Pokemon Centre.

    After walking a little further down, they bumped into Brock, who was leaning against a lamp post before he straightened up when he saw them.

    “Hey, you okay?” Ash asked and Brock nodded.

    “I’m fine,” Brock assured them. “Shall we look for somewhere to sleep?” he got nods of agreement before he led the way over to a hotel that he had just passed and all three of them walked in. “You two go and sit down, I’ll get the room.”

    “Okay,” Dawn said, tiredly, as she and Ash moved over to the chairs and Brock walked up to the desk.

    “Hello, how may I help you?” the man asked from behind the desk.

    “We would like to book a room for three. Bunk-beds,” Brock told the man, who nodded as he searched the computer.

    “We have one available,” the man said before he pulled out a clipboard and a pen and handed it over to Brock. “Please sign this and bring it back.” Brock nodded as he moved over to the seats where he noticed Ash was sitting on the chair watching the TV screen. Dawn had her head rested on Ash’s shoulder and had her eyes closed.

    Quickly filling in the forms, Brock moved back over to the desk and handed the receptionist the clipboard and pen.

    “Here’s your key,” he handed the keys over to Brock. “We hope you enjoy your stay.”

    “Thank you,” Brock told him as he took the keys before moving over to Ash and Dawn. “Our room is ready, let’s go up and get some sleep.” Ash nodded as he shook Dawn slightly.

    “Yea?” Dawn asked, looking around, sleepily.

    “Our room is ready, come on,” Ash told her, softly. Dawn nodded as Ash stood up and wrapped an arm around Dawn’s waist as he led her over to the elevator. Dawn just rested her head on his shoulder as she fought back closing her eyes.

    They reached their floor and Brock led the way down to their room and opened the door. Ash led Dawn into the room before leading over to the bathroom and shook her slightly. Opening her eyes, she focused her sleepy eyes on Ash and he fought back the rush of arousal as he pointed toward the door.

    “Go and get changed into your PJs,” Ash told her as he handed her the bag. Dawn nodded as she covered her yawn before taking her bag and stepping into the bathroom.

    Brock and Ash got changed into their PJs when the bathroom door opened to reveal Dawn dressed in her pink sleepwear. She stumbled slightly over to the bed, causing Ash to lead her over to her bed and helped her lie down on it.

    Brock had already climbed into his bed and was already fast asleep. Once Dawn was settled down on her bed, she curled up with one hand slipping under the pillow and the other resting just under her chin.

    “Night Dawn,” Ash whispered.

    “Night Ash,” Dawn mumbled back before she fell into a deep sleep. Ash just smiled as he pulled the covers over her before slipping into his own bed and fell fast asleep.


    Do you have any idea how annoying it is that the only weakness Elekid has is Ground?! Why doesn’t Ash have any of those Pokemon?!
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    Chapter 4: A Contest of Trouble

    “Shopping?” Ash asked from where he was sitting at the table with a stunned look on his face. “What do we need to go shopping for?”

    “For clothes,” Dawn replied calmly from where she was sitting across from Ash, finishing her juice.

    “We have clothes,” Ash argued and Dawn sighed.

    “Ash, you need more clothes plus with the summer getting closer, we need summer clothes.

    “But…” Ash protested but failed miserably.

    “But nothing, we’re going shopping,” Dawn told him with a finality in her tone. Ash just slumped in his seat, crossing his arms as he muttered under his breath while tipping his head down so the rim of his hat covered his face.

    “Pika?” Pikachu asked as he hopped up on the table, curious to Ash’s behaviour while Dawn just rolled her eyes.

    “Ash, it’s not like I’m dragging you to your death. It’s just shopping,” Dawn reminded, sounding like a mother scolding a six year old.

    “It’s shopping,” Ash protested. “I don’t do shopping.”

    “I can see that,” Dawn muttered under her breath, thankful that Ash was oblivious to her muttering.

    “I mean…its shopping!” Ash just continued to ramble on, hoping that Dawn would take pity on him and allow him to be freed from the prospect of facing his doom…saving the world he could do but facing a shopping mall was the one thing he drew a line at.

    “Ash!” Dawn exclaimed, cutting into Ash’s protestations and drawing his attention back to hers. “It’s just shopping. All we’re going for new clothes, that’s all.” Ash narrowed his eyes at her.

    “That’s all? You sure?” Ash asked, not willing to believe her. Dawn nodded with an amused smile on his face.

    “More than positive,” Dawn assured him. She watched as Ash continued to watch her with a wary gaze before he relaxed and a small smile crossed his face.

    “I can deal with that…I mean; it’ll only be half an hour, right?” Ash asked only for his fear to coil his stomach once more when he saw Dawn’s disbelieving look. “More than half an hour?” fear was clear in his voice. Dawn just scoffed and turned back to her food.

    ‘Less than half an hour? He clearly has never gone shopping with a girl before,’ Dawn thought to herself before shaking her head.

    Half an hour later, they found themselves inside a shop inside the large shopping mall. Dawn was browsing the swim wear, already having browsed through the underwear section and the clothes section.

    “Oh, this is nice,” Dawn said as she picked up the bikini and admired it before checking the size and placed it into the basket before looking at the others. Ash was on the other side of the shop looking at the various hats with Pikachu perched on his shoulder.

    Dawn soon came up behind Ash with a bundle of clothes in the basket and noticed, with an arched eyebrow, what Ash was looking at.

    “Ash, we are here to get clothes, not more hats,” Dawn scolded him. Ash jumped from the unexpected intrusion before he turned to see Dawn standing there with an annoyed expression.

    “I was just looking!” Ash defended. Dawn shook her head as she grabbed Ash’s arm and pulled him away from the hat display.

    “We are looking for clothes, come on. I saw some shirts that would suit you,” Dawn told him as she led him over to the shirts and started picking out some t-shirts. Some were in white while others were in black, blue and red. Ash had protested, saying that he liked yellow but Dawn had vehemently nixed any ideas of getting yellow before she led him over to the shorts/jeans section.

    Dawn had found some jeans and shorts that suited Ash without making him feel that he was out of control when it came to choosing his clothes. Even Ash was impressed at the clothes Dawn had picked out for him till it came to swim wear. Ash frowned in confusion, wondering why they needed swim wear.

    “Ash, we gotta have a break every now and then and despite what you may think, I don’t feel comfortable swimming in the lakes with my clothes on,” Dawn reminded him. Ash nodded, accepting the explanation and both of them fought over the swim wear till they had agreed that they would get both so Ash would have more than one.

    They had paid for their purchase and made their way out of the shop with Ash’s hands filled with the bags he had took from Dawn and Dawn turned to look at him.

    “There, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Dawn asked. Ash shook his head.

    “No, not really,” Ash admitted before he looked at Dawn. “We are finished, right?” Dawn grinned as she nodded.

    “Yeah, I have everything so we don’t need to any more shopping,” Dawn told him.

    “Thank god,” Ash muttered under his breath as he followed Dawn out of the shopping mall and into the bright sunlight.

    The streets were filled with bustling people as they went to one place to another, enjoying the sunshine and the warm weather. Ash and Dawn made their way down the streets, just taking in the sights of the town.

    They had already visited Amity Square and found that Pikachu, Pachirisu and Buneary enjoyed the walks and exploring a new area. They also had visited the poffin house so they could made new poffins for the pokemon. Ash was relieved to find that he was getting better at making poffins though he did still burned the edges.

    “Where would you like to live?” Dawn suddenly asked, turning her head to face Ash. Ash looked at her, curious to where her line of question had come from. “I wouldn’t mind living here but only for a short time. I would probably be more happier living in a small town like Twinleaf.

    “Erm…probably the same but Cities do have a small place in my heart. I guess it just depends on where I feel I belong,” Ash told her before shrugging. “Just going with the flow, I guess.” Dawn just grinned as she nodded before they found they had reached the hotel and made their way into it.

    Two days later, the contests had started causing a slight panic among the contesters as they rushed to everything ready before their contest was to start.

    Ash and Brock found themselves in the Contest building with all the other audience who had arrived to watch the contest. Dawn was in a room getting ready for her contest and to calm herself down.

    Ash looked at his watch only to see that he had a few minutes before the contest started and had a feeling that Dawn was getting nervous. She had been doing a lot of contest but her confidence had let her down when she needed it the most resulting her being in a slump over the lack of wins.

    “I’m gonna go and see how Dawn is doing,” Ash told Brock, who nodded.

    “I’ll get us the seats. Do you want popcorn?” Brock asked. Ash shook his head.

    “No, I’ll be too nervous about Dawn,” Ash told him as he walked away. Brock just smirked to himself as he turned to the vendor and got the tickets for the seats.

    Dawn shifted back and forth, nervously, in the small room that she had been given before she stopped in front of the mirror and smoothed back her hair. She had left it down rather than putting it up in its normal style. A short knock at the door had Dawn turning around in time to see Ash poking his head through the doorway and smiled when his eyes landed on hers.

    “Hey, you okay?” Ash asked as he stepped fully into the room and moved closer to her.

    “A little nervous,” Dawn admitted. Ash just nodded in understanding.

    “I know, just take a deep breath,” Ash coached. He waited till she took some deep breaths before placing his hands on her shoulders. She looked up into his eyes. “You can do this. We have gone over this about a million times and you pulled it off. Just believe in yourself and you can do it.”

    Dawn just continued to gaze up into his eyes before she smiled brightly and gave a short nod.

    “You’re right,” Dawn said and Ash grinned as he also gave a short nod in agreement.

    “Of course I’m right. Just breathe, relax and pretend that this is just another practice and I’m the only one who is watching,” Ash told her and Dawn nodded.

    “Okay,” she whispered just as there was a knock at the door and they turned to see one of the attendees standing there.

    “Sorry to interrupt,” he apologised. “But Miss Berlitz is to line up for the first task.” Dawn just nodded before she shot Ash a bright smile before following the boy.

    Ash hurried out of the room and toward the stage area. Looking around, he saw that the judging has already started before he caught sight of Brock sitting at the front with the Pokemon and he made his way down to them and sat down next to Brock.

    “Everything okay?” Brock asked and Ash nodded.

    “She was just a little nervous,” Ash told him just as the contester had finished showing off.

    “That was very well done,” the MC said as she watched the contester get off the stage before she turned back to the audience with a bright smile. “Now, for our last Contester, please welcome…Dawn Berlitz!”

    A spot light shone on the stage and the curtains lifted to reveal Dawn dressed in a sparkling dark blue short skirt with a baby pink top. She wore pinks boots and a blue jacket with a baby pink and dark blue cap on her head.

    Ash cheered loudly when he saw Dawn come on the stage with Pikachu cheering as well. Brock clapped with the others, finding it amusing how excited Ash was getting.

    “Pachirisu…come out!” Dawn called out as she threw the purple and blue ball into the air. With a burst of hearts, Pachirisu came out with a roll and landed onto the ground with the hearts floating over to the judges and audience. “Pachirisu – electrical stars!”

    Pachirisu enveloped her body in a blue electrical ball before electric blue stars shot out into the sky and over at the audience. Everyone in the audience cheered over sweet scene while the Judges nodded, impressed.

    “Wow, looks like Pachirisu has won the hearts of everyone tonight,” MC said as she watched as Dawn led the way into the back after giving a short bow. “Now, we’ll see who will get to battle next.”

    “Way to go Dawn,” Ash said as he hurried up next Dawn and gave her a high five.

    “That was a very good start and all the Judges were impressed,” Brock agreed. Dawn just shot them a bright but nervous smile before they turned to the board as they waited to see who was going to battle who.

    It took a few minutes but soon the people who had passed the first test pictures were now on the board. Dawn scanned the screen eagerly only for shock to cross over her face.

    “I’m in!” Dawn exclaimed with excitement lightening up her eyes. Ash nodded, happiness shining in his eyes for Dawn.

    “Congratulations,” Ash hugged her. Dawn just hugged him back, happiness running through her body before she calmed down. It was over, she still had her battles to go through and if she won them, she would be in the final battle which is usually harder.

    Ash and Brock sat back in their seats as they watched the battle go on. So far, everything was going smoothly for Dawn as she had won all the battles and had her final battle to go. Ash just clenched a fist as he silently prayed for Dawn to win.

    Everyone was watching with bated breath to see who would be the final winner of the contest when the MC stood on the stage with a bright smile.

    “Now! It’s time for the final battle – Tom Corsa and Dawn Berlitz!” MC shouted and everyone cheered as Dawn and Tom came out from their respective places and stood at the line in front of each other.

    Tom called out his Azumarill. It was a big mouse like creature, all blue with white spot decorations. It bounced slightly on its place before settling and preparing itself for battle.

    "Pachirisu, come out!” Dawn called as she threw her pokeball into the air and Pachirisu came out, excited.

    “Here we are our last battle!” MC informed before looking at the two of them. “You know the rules and you know the time limit,” she got nods in her direction. “Let’s battle!”

    “Azumarill – water gun!” Tom shouted.

    “Pachirisu – dodge and use attack!” Dawn shouted. Pachirisu dodged but was a little late as the water hit her side. Shaking it off, Pachirisu rushed forward and slammed her whole body into Azumarill’s, knocking it over.

    While this was happening, up on the screen board had two Pokeballs under each person’s picture and each one slowly went down, telling the audience that the pokemon had been hurt and which one was in danger of losing. Right now, Dawn was slightly lower than Tom’s.

    “Azumarill, use attack!” Tom shouted.

    “Pachirisu, use dodge and attack!” Dawn shouted. Pachirisu dodged to the side and was about to use attack when Azumarill got there first. Pachirisu went flying backward.

    “Pachirisu –are you alright?” Dawn asked, worried.

    “Chi,” Pachirisu got back up and shook herself before she looked at Azumarill. Dawn’s health on the board was lower but so was Azumarill as it had been back lashed by Pachirisu’s electric body.

    “Azumarill – use Attack!” Tom shouted. The clock was ticker closer to end of time and the person with the less health would lose.

    “Pachirisu, spark!” Dawn shouted and Pachirisu covered herself in an electrical blue light before it shot out toward the pokemon just as the Azumarill’s attack made contact with Pachirisu.

    Due to the double impact, dust swooped up around the pokemon, blocking everyone’s sight of what was happening. Dawn gritted her teeth as she looked at the clock to see it was ticking close to the end of the battle before she turned back to the dust filled stage.

    The dust slowly cleared and the alarm blared, signalling that a winner had been chosen. Dawn turned her head to look at the screen only to see her face on it with the word ‘winner’ flashing underneath.

    The foe’s pokemon was lying in a heap on the ground with Pachirisu standing up straight. Everyone cheered when they saw Dawn had won. Ash and Pikachu even more.

    “You did it!” Ash shouted as he hauled himself over the barrier with Pikachu and Brock hot on his heels. “You won!”

    Dawn just let out a surprised laugh before she turned to face Ash only to get swooped up into a spinning hug. She just laughed as she held on to Ash’s neck.

    “Pika!” Pikachu told Pachirisu, who shifted back and forth in happiness. Ash let Dawn down while the MC finishing speaking to the judges.

    “Today’s contest winner is Dawn Berlitz!” MC shouted as she moved over to Dawn and handed her the badge. “Congratulations.”

    “Thanks!” Dawn said as she took the badge with happiness on her face before she turned to Pachirisu. “You did it!” Pachirisu just jumped into her arms and got a hug from her trainer.

    Everyone just cheered once more. Dawn gave a small bow before everyone stepped off the stage and into the backroom where Ash and Brock congratulated Dawn on the win once more.

    “I’d better call my mum and let her know,” Dawn said. Ash nodded in understanding.

    “Sure, Brock and I will go and settle things up, I’ll come and get you when we’re ready to leave,” Ash told her. Dawn nodded as she watched them walk away before she turned to the computer screen.

    Dawn sighed to herself as she stood in front of the computer screen, she typed in a phone number before waiting. A blue haired woman stood in front of the screen.

    “Hey mum,” Dawn greeted. Johanna smiled when she saw her daughter.

    “Congratulations sweetie, I watched it on TV,” Johanna told her daughter with happiness clear in her blue eyes. “You did a very good job.”

    “Thanks mum,” Dawn said. “Ash helped me out with the training.”

    “It showed. You are becoming more confident in yourself and I’m happy for you,” Johanna said.

    “Hey Dawn, are you nearly finished? Brock is taking us out for dinner to celebrate,” Ash said as he neared the screen only to see Johanna on the other side. “Oh, hello Miss Berlitz.”

    “Hello Ash,” Johanna greeted with a bright smile before she turned to Dawn. “Go on, you can call me later.”

    “Okay mum, I’ll see you soon,” Dawn said as she reached over and switched the screen off before turning to face Ash. “Come on!” she grabbed Ash’s hand and they both hurried out of the contest hall and into the fresh air where Brock was standing with the Pokemon milling around him.

    Brock looked up and smiled when he saw Dawn and Ash standing there.

    “Come on then, food awaits,” Brock teased them only for Dawn to laugh as Ash tugged on her hand and everyone ran over to the restaurant where they were going to eat.


    Ketchum Kid: ‘did you forget Gligar/Glisor?’ No, I didn’t because when I started this fiction – Ash didn’t have that pokemon and I’m not going to put it in because I already have Ash with all his pokemon that I’ve chosen. I hope this doesn’t bother anyone.
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    Chapter 5: A Vacation Is What We Need.

    “Wow, this really wasn’t…worth it,” Ash finished lamely as he leaned against a tree, wiping the sweat from his forehead. Dawn was standing next to him using a small damp cloth to wipe away her sweat before she nodded in agreement. They had been travelling for a while after they had left Hearthome City but it was getting too hot and knew they were feeling the pressure from pushing themselves too hard.

    “It’s getting too hot to keep walking but there isn’t any shade,” Dawn was interrupted when she saw a poster on a wall of a shop nearby before she turned her head away, dismissing the idea. “What we need is a break,” Dawn said as she looked around only for her eyes to be caught by the big blue sea and an idea popped into her head. “The beach!”

    “The beach?” Ash asked, doubtfully, and Dawn nodded.

    “Come on Ash, even pokemon trainers need a break,” Dawn tempted as she gazed up at him with pleading blue eyes. Ash sighed in defeat.

    “Fine, you’ve twisted my arm,” he told her. “We’ll go to the beach.” Dawn let out a squeal of happiness as she threw her arms around Ash’s neck, hugging him, startling the boy as he blushed.

    Dawn pulled away and ran ahead of everyone, leading them to the hotel that they would stay at while they had their short break while Brock moved closer to Ash with amusement clear on his face.

    “She didn’t have to twist your arm very hard, did she?” Brock teased and got a glare from Ash. Brock just chuckled as he and Ash made their way over to the hotel where Dawn was standing in the doorway, waiting for them to get a move on.

    Brock moved over to the receptionist behind the desk before he signed a form and grabbed the keys before waving the other two over. They all hurried up to the hotel room so they could shred their clothes and get into beach clothes while Brock packed a bag filled with things for the beach.

    Brock wore an orange knee length shorts and a green shirt, which he left unbuttoned with light brown sandals on his feet. Ash wore a pair of red knee length shorts and a dark blue t-shirt with trainers and his hat.

    Dawn came out of the bathroom wearing a light blue cover up that covered up her swim wear and light blue ballet slippers. Her hair was pulled up into a pony tail and she had a light blue cap on her head.

    “Are we ready?” Brock asked and got nods from the other two. They led the way out of the hotel room as Brock locked the door behind him and all of them made their way out, talking about what they were going to do when they reached the beach with Dawn and Ash arguing with laugher as they continued to tease the other.

    Once they reached the edge of the road where it connected to the beach, everyone called out their pokemon, much to the pokemon delight when they saw that they were at the beach. The water was a clean blue colour going darker as the water deepened. The sand was soft white colour that shone softly under the sun.

    Everyone move down further on the beach, looking for a place they could place their blankets and stuff when they found an empty spot. Ash and Dawn laid out the blankets while Brock got the large umbrella out and planted it into the sand to hold it up for shade.

    The Pokemon were already exploring the beach and the water while Ash, Brock and Dawn placed their bags under the shades. The sun was beating down on the beach with a warm feel and glow and it was before lunch so they knew it would probably get hotter as time went by.

    “This is life,” Dawn sighed dreamily before shredding her cover-up, revealing a tasteful light blue two piece. On the right side of each piece, bubbles decorated the corner.

    Ash couldn’t stop his jaw from falling open at the sight. He knew that she was a girl…kinda hard not to when she wore a skirt all the time and fussed over her hair but seeing her dressed in a bikini where her breasts was filling the top part out nicely, toned stomach and long, slender legs just slammed it home that Dawn was becoming a woman.

    “Ash…” a distant female voice called out but Ash just ignored it as he tried to memorise Dawn’s body when a sharp nudge met his side, sending pain through him. Broken out of his thoughts, he saw Brock looking at him before he looked at Dawn.

    Ash turned to face Dawn only to see that she had a confused concerned look on her face and felt his face heating up when he realised that she had been calling his name.

    “Y…y…yeah?” Ash asked, trying not to stammer. Dawn just tilted her head to the side slightly before she reverted back to her conversation.

    “I asked you if you wanted to come into the water,” Dawn told him but Ash shook his head.

    “Not right now, I’m just gonna take a small breather. I’ll join you later,” Ash told her. Dawn nodded as she turned on her heels and jogged down toward the beach with the pokemon following her, eager for fun.

    Ash just watched her go with a longing look in his eyes when Brock stood next to him with an amused expression.

    “Well, if you really want a pokemon, you hit them on the forehead with the pokeball, right?” Brock suddenly asked and Ash nodded, still watching Dawn, who was now dipping a toe into the water before wading in till the water reached her knees. Turtwig, Buizel and Piplup were already in the water, enjoying the waves. “Well…I guess Dawn really wanted you then.”

    “Uh huh,” Ash murmured before Brock’s snickers broke through his dazedness and he spun around to look at the older male. “What is that supposed to mean?!” Ash demanded. Brock raised an amused eyebrow at him.

    “Didn’t Dawn throw a pokeball at you and it hit you squarely on the forehead?” Brock reminded and Ash nodded, remembering the time when he had taught Dawn how to catch a pokemon for the first time only for the pokeball to hit him then understanding dawned on him.

    “Oh…” Brock nodded.

    “Yeah, nice to see that you caught on,” Brock said before slapping Ash on the back. “Now, if you excuse me – all those ladies are waiting for someone to bow at their feet like the goddess they are.” Brock walked off, leaving Ash shaking his head.

    Ash turned back only to see that Staravia had gone off with Sudowoodo. Pachirisu, Ambipom and Buneary had gone back to the sand and were now playing on it with Pikachu standing near the edge of the water. He could see that Dawn was trying to coax Pikachu in but was having no luck.

    “Come on in Pikachu,” Dawn encourage from where she was bent at the knees, smiling. Pikachu just looked at the water then looked longingly at Dawn. “It’s okay.”

    “Pika,” Pikachu moved closer to the water only to back right up when the waves moved closer. Dawn just gave him a small smile as she waded back over to Pikachu.

    “Come on,” Dawn said as she bent down and picked up Pikachu into her arms and made her way out into the water with him. Pikachu climbed out of her arms and settled himself on her shoulder as they watched the fishes swim around Dawn’s legs.

    Dawn pulled out her pokedex and typed in the different names of the Pokemon that swam by her.

    Chinchou. It discharges positive and negative electricity from its antenna tips to shock its foes. Its nature is water and electricity.’ A small blue round creature with yellow eyes and yellow antennas with yellow tipped fins circled one of her ankle before dashing off.

    Corsola. Many lives in the clean seas of the south. They apparently can’t live in polluted water. Its nature is water and rock.’ A coral like creature with a pink top and white under bottom slowly swam by, making Dawn grin as she looked at Pikachu.

    “Don’t supposed Ash would like one of those?” Dawn asked. Pikachu just squeak in agreement when the pokedex started up once more.

    Barboach. It coats its entire body with a slimy fluid so it can squirm and slip away if grabbed. Its whiskers make a superb radar. They are used to locate prey, even in the murkiest of water. Its nature is water and ground.’ A small grey eel like fish swam by. It had blue fins and tail with black ziz-zag pattern on its sides.

    Huntail. It lives deep in the sea. With a tail shaped like a small fish, it attracts unsuspecting prey. This is evolved from Camperl using Deepsea Teeth. Its nature is water.’ A blue eel like fish with orange fins and yellow decorations swam past Dawn before a pink creature swam by her.

    Gorebyss. It lives at the bottom of the sea. In the springtime, its pink body turns more vivid for some reason. This is evolved from Camperl using Deepsea Scale. Its nature is water.’ The creature was more fish like with a long tail and purple decorations.

    “Hm, two different creatures evolved from the same pokemon,” Dawn murmured as she looked closer to Gorebyss when there were soft splashing. Dawn lifted her head to see Ash making his way over to them, finally ready to join them.

    “Hey, you got Pikachu near the water,” Ash said as he moved closer to them.

    “Pika!” Pikachu said happily and Ash grinned as he scratched Pikachu’s head. Pikachu didn’t like water very much due to Team Rocket trying to kidnap him wherever they were, including dragging him under water. But he felt safe knowing that Dawn and Ash was with him and knew that they wouldn’t let anything happen to him.

    “Yeah, as long as I hold him, he’s fine. I can’t say the same for those three though,” Dawn remarked as she gestured her head in the direction of where Buizel, Turtwig and Piplup were now having an argument.

    “What did you have your Pokedex out for?” Ash asked, curious. A delighted smile crossed over her face.

    “I saw some more pokemon. There was a Chinchou, a Corsola, Barboach, Gorebyss and Huntail!” Dawn listed off. “Pikachu and I think you should get a Corsola but a Barboach could be good too.” Ash arched an eyebrow, amused.

    “Nice to know that you’ve been planning on what type of Pokemon I should have next,” Ash said. Dawn just rolled her eyes when they heard Piplup now shouting.

    “Pip!” Piplup shouted at Buizel, who just growled.

    “Bui!” Buizel disappeared under water just as a large wave suddenly appeared, startling Ash, Dawn, Pikachu, Turtwig and Piplup.

    “Argh!” Dawn and Ash exclaimed as the wave of water crashed over them. The wave died down to reveal a thoroughly soaked Ash, Dawn and Pikachu. Buizel, Piplup and Turtwig looked at their trainers in a stunned shock before looking at each other.

    “Pika! Pika Pi ka!” Pikachu scolded as he shook himself, trying to dry himself only to for Dawn to scramble to get him into a better holding position when he nearly fell out of her hands due to being slippery.

    “I don’t think you should do that unless we’re on land,” Dawn told Pikachu once he was safe in her embrace. Pikachu nodded in agreement as she and Ash made their way back on to land. They reached the blankets and Dawn set Pikachu down, who shook himself.

    Ash pulled out two large towels and handed one to Dawn, who took with a grateful look, and began to dry off. Once she was dried, she knelt down beside Pikachu and started rubbing him dry with the towel, much to his pleasure.

    “Man, I knew those two could get into arguments but I didn’t think a wave would attack us!” Ash exclaimed, motioning toward Piplup and Buizel, who were still having an argument. Dawn just smiled when she finished off drying Pikachu and grabbed the sun cream so she could put it on her skin.

    “Piplup is just easily offended,” Dawn explained before shaking her head. “They’ll be friends again before we know it.” She rubbed the cream on her arms, chest, stomach and legs before straining to put it on her back.

    “Here,” Ash took a hold of the bottle, causing Dawn to look at him. “I’ll put it on your back.” Dawn smiled.

    “Thanks.” She turned around so her back was facing Ash before sweeping her now loose hair up so it wouldn’t get in the way of Ash’s work. Ash just swallowed slightly before he squeezed the cream onto his hand, rubbed it before smoothing it over Dawn’s back.

    Dawn gave a soft moan before she bit her bottom lip as Ash shifted in closer as his hands ran up to her shoulders and his hot breath met the back of her neck, sending shivers down her spine before he abruptly pulled away from Dawn, leaving her disoriented.

    “Ash?” Dawn asked as she turned around only to see Ash had a Frisbee in his hand.

    “Wanna play Frisbee?” Ash asked. Dawn just looked at him before she nodded.

    “Sure,” she told him and Ash scrambled away from her and hurried down near the water before he turned back to face Dawn, who had stood up.

    “Heads up!” Dawn looked up and saw the Frisbee hurtling toward her. She jumped up and caught it before she threw it back to Ash. Soon, their mishap had been pushed to the back of their minds as they had fun.

    Brock made his way back over to the blankets and settled himself down, disgruntled. Nearly all the girls here had a boyfriend and the ones who didn’t ended up watching him being dragged off by Croagunk.

    Croagunk made a soft croaking like laugher as she moved closer to the shade while Brock took a look around to see what everyone was doing.

    Off to one side, Pikachu, Piplup and Ambipom were building a sandcastle. Turtwig and Buizel were paddling at the shallow end of the sea with Ash and Dawn near by as they played Frisbee. Pachirisu, Buneary and Staravia were all sharing food together as they relaxed.

    Brock glanced at his watch and realised that it was lunch time and decided to get the food out so it would be ready for the others coming back.

    Ambipom, Pikachu and Piplup were having a conversation, one that had Ambipom looking at Pikachu and Piplup curiously.

    “Pika Pika,” Pikachu told Piplup and got a nod.

    “Pip Pipi,” Piplup replied.

    “Pom Ai?” Ambipom questioned.

    “Pika, Pip,” Pikachu and Piplup said together.

    “Guys! Lunch time!” Brock called out only to watch as there was a mad rush toward the blankets.

    “I’m starving!” Ash exclaimed as he filled his plate with food.

    “Tell me about it,” Dawn agreed as she tucked into her chicken sandwich before giving her pokemon bowls of rice and fruits before watching as they eagerly tucked into their food. “Guess the Pokemon was hungry too.”

    “Yeah,” Ash had received a similar reaction from his pokemon before he turned back to his food.

    “Do you guys want to stay here overnight and we’ll leave tomorrow morning?” Brock asked. “We are near the next town but it is up to you.”

    “Lets stay here, we’re having fun and it’s nice to have a break,” Ash said before he looked at Dawn and saw her nodding her agreement. Brock smiled.

    “That’s fine,” Brock told them. They lapsed into silence as they ate their food while watching the people walk on the beach and the Pokemon, both caught and wild, have fun on the beach, taking advantage of the sunny day.

    Soon they were finished. Ash was about to lie back on the blanket when he noticed that Dawn shot a disgruntled look over Ash’s shoulder and was about to turn around to see what had made her annoyed when a familiar voice stopped him.

    “Well, well, well, look what the pokemon dragged in,” a bored male voice said, causing Ash to freeze and Dawn to sigh as she moved closer to Ash while Ash turned to look at a purple haired male who looked extremely out of place on the beach.

    “What do you want, Paul?” Dawn asked, not wanting Ash and Paul to get into another battle. “We’re on vacation if you haven’t noticed.”

    Paul just let his eyes travel over Dawn’s body, one that had Dawn crossing her arms and Ash stepping in front of her, protectively.

    “You heard her Paul – go away,” Ash told him.

    “Nice to see that you can make yourself look attractive when you want to,” Paul told Dawn, ignoring Ash. Dawn let out an insulted gasp while Ash gritted his teeth.

    “She’s always attractive – you’re just shallow to notice a girl inner beauty,” Ash said through gritted teeth.

    Dawn stared at the back of Ash’s head in shock before a slight blush kissed her cheeks and a small pleased smile crept on her ace.

    Paul arched an eyebrow as he looked at Ash then both of them were locked in a battle of wills.

    After a few seconds, Paul looked away.

    “Fine, I’ll go,” Paul told them. He walked away and Ash turned to face Dawn.

    “I really don’t like that guy,” Ash muttered and got a bright smile in return.

    “Forget about him,” Dawn told him as she grabbed Ash’s hand and pulled him over to the ice cream parlour. “Let’s get some ice cream.”

    “Guys, do you want ice cream?” Ash called out only to realise his mistake when he saw all their Pokemon run toward him. “Whoa! Slow down!” Ash ducked off to the side as the small crowd bustled through into the Ice Cream parlour, startling the waitresses while Dawn covered her mouth to hold back her laughers. “Talk about a mad rush.” Ash shook his head as he opened the door and allowed Dawn to step through before stepping in himself.

    The ice cream parlour was cool, compared to the heat outside. The room was a soft blue colour with silver decorations and silver tables. Taking a large table near the window, Ash and Dawn sat down with the Pokemon assembling around them.

    “Hey kids, what can I get you?” a waitress asked as she came over with a note pad in one hand and a pencil in the other. She wore a light blue skirt with a white short sleeve shirt and a white apron. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a pony tail with a bright smile on her face and her blue eyes were shinning with happiness.

    “I’ll have a…chocolate caramel ice cream with rainbow flakes and caramel flavoured milkshake,” Dawn ordered, looking over the menu. “Just some milk ice cream for the pokemon, I’m not ready to have them on a sugar high.” The waitress laughed in agreement.

    “I’ve seen a few of that myself,” the waitress told her as she wrote down the order before looking at Ash. “You?”

    “I’ll have a mint chocolate chip ice cream with a glass of cola. Milk ice cream for the pokemon as well,” Ash ordered. The waitress nodded as she finished writing the order up.

    “Sure thing, your order should be out soon,” she told them before she moved over to the counter, where she handed the order to the other girl working.

    “So, where do you want to go after this?” Dawn asked as she stretched her arms above her head. She had grabbed her cover up just before they entered the parlour and it was now wrapped around her waist.

    “After the ice cream or after the vacation?” Ash asked.

    “Vacation,” Dawn said. Ash just leaned back in his seat before shrugging.

    “I’ll guess we’ll keep travelling. I remember Brock saying that there was a small town nearby so we can go and check that place out,” Ash told her. Dawn nodded in agreement as she thought about it herself when the waitress came over with their order.

    “Here we are, mint chocolate chip ice cream and coke,” she placed the bowl and glass in front of Ash. “Chocolate caramel ice cream and caramel flavour milkshake,” she placed the bowl and glass in front of Dawn. “A tub of milk ice cream and bowls for the pokemon,” she placed the tub on the table with a collection of bowls before handing Ash and Dawn their spoons. “Enjoy. Just let me know when you are ready for your check or want to order something else.” She walked away from them as Ash opened the tub while Dawn un-stacked the bowls before she and Ash filled them with ice cream.

    Dawn placed all the bowls in front of the pokemon, who took tentative licks of the ice cream before digging into them with pleasure.

    “Here you go buddy,” Ash said as he handed Pikachu a small bowl of ice cream and watched with amusement as Pikachu sniffed it carefully first before licking it and letting out a small squeak as the coldness shocked him.

    Ash raised his head when he heard Dawn giggling with amusement and their eyes met and shared an amused look together.

    “Pika!” Pikachu squeaked.

    “I know its cold buddy, its called ice cream,” Ash informed his pokemon. Pikachu just licked it once more, now more aware of how cold it was and settled down to enjoy his desert.

    Ash and Dawn just started tucking into their deserts as they conversed what they were going to do after the desert.

    “At least you and Paul didn’t get into a battle,” Dawn said after she took a sip of her milkshake. “I just don’t understand why he came onto the beach…he wasn’t dressed for it.”

    “He must have saw us and decided to see if we could battle,” Ash said before shrugging. “At least Team R…” Ash mumbled out as a hand clapped over his mouth, causing him to look at Dawn confused to why her hand was covering his mouth.

    “Don’t jinx us!” Dawn scolded him and got an amused eye roll in return. “I mean it,” she took her hand away from his mouth. “They do have a habit of turning up when we don’t want them to so there is no need to jinx us.”

    “Sorry,” Ash apologised, sounding amused.

    “You don’t sound very sorry,” Dawn picked up before shaking her head. “I know I sound irrational but I’m having a nice and relaxing time. The last thing I need to hear is that stupid motto of theirs.” Dawn stabbed her spoon into her ice cream while Ash grinned.

    “It is pretty stupid…beside, you think that bad?” Ash asked. “They have been changing their motto ever since I met them!” Dawn looked at him, shocked.

    “Are you serious? I just assumed it was the same one,” Dawn told him and Ash shook his head.

    “No… trying to steal Pikachu is the same but the motto always changes, no matter what,” Ash told her. Dawn started laughing.

    “Do you think they rehearse their new mottos so it would rhyme and annoy us?” Dawn asked, giggling at the image. Ash just grinned.

    “I can see Meowth complaining that it doesn’t make sense,” Ash said before he chuckled. Dawn laughed harder at the image when female voice broke in.

    “Are you finished?” the waitress asked and Dawn nodded.

    “Yes, we are. Thank you for the ice cream though, it was really good,” Dawn said. The waitress grinned.

    “No problem sweetie, here’s your check. Just pay at the till,” she told them as she placed the bill on the table before gathering up the bowls and glasses before loading them into the basin and moved into the kitchen.

    Ash picked up the bill as he and Dawn slid out from the table and moved over to the till. The waitress smiled at them before taking the bill and the money before counting out the changes and handing it back to Ash.

    “Come back soon,” she called after them. Dawn and Ash just grinned as they waved before they allowed the Pokemon out of the parlour and followed them out into the heat once more.

    “Wanna play a game?” Ash asked everyone and got nods of agreement as they all made their way back to the beach only for someone to stand in their way. Ash sighed when he saw who it was and wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone.

    “Paul, I’m not in the mood to battle. Why don’t you try later?” Ash told him before he brushed past Paul with Dawn right next to him as they moved nearer to Brock when they heard a familiar cry.

    “Ketchum is really annoying, him and that stupid pet rat of his,” Paul muttered under his breath, not seeing Pikachu taking offence to someone insulting his best friend.

    “Pik-A-Chu!” Pikachu shouted and electricity crackled around his cheeks before it shot out toward Paul and electrocuted him. Ash and Dawn turned around to see Paul looking electrified and Pikachu glaring at Paul.

    “Pikachu!” Ash and Dawn scolded together.

    “Pika Pika Chu!” Pikachu protested. “Pika ka chu.”

    “Maybe you should think about getting a leash for that rat,” Paul snapped, once he came out of his shocked posed, and Ash raised dark eyes.

    “Hey! Maybe if you quit insulting him, he wouldn’t have attacked you!” Ash snapped back.

    “Whatever,” Paul replied, sounding bored as he stalked away. Dawn placed a hand on Ash’s shoulder as he was about to go after Paul. Ash turned to look at her and Dawn shook her head with a pleading look in her eyes.

    “Please, just leave it alone. It’s meant to be a relaxing day,” Dawn reminded. “I know he’s a jerk…but just leave it for now, please?” Ash nodded.

    “Sure,” Ash agreed. “Come on, we’d better get back to Brock before he starts to worry.” Both of them walked over to the older man with the Pokemon running ahead of them, having a race.

    They just reached Brock when a large shadow appeared on the sand, confusing everyone as they turned to face the shadow only for shock to run through them.

    “Oh…my….” Brock said as Dawn pulled out her Pokedex. A Computer voice spoke up.


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    Chapter 6: The Rage of a Gyarados

    Gyarados. Once it appears, its rage never settles until it has razed the fields and mountains around it. In ancient literature, there is a record of a Gyarados that razed a village when violence flared. It is the evolution of Magikarp. Its nature is Water and flying.’ The computer explained.

    The Gyarados was a large blue water serpent with yellow decoration down its sides. Its mouth was large and open while it had spikes coming from its head and 4 large white fins going down its back. Its red eyes were flaring with anger as it reared its head back.

    A colourful ball appeared in its mouth before the beam shot toward the beach, causing everyone to scream as they rushed to get away from the incoming danger.

    Half an hour earlier

    Two adults dressed in silver outfits and a small white cat, which was standing on hind legs, were walking along the beach. The woman had long pink hair and blue eyes; she wore a silver mini-skirt and a wrist length mid-drift top. The male had chin length purple hair with green eyes; he wore silver trouser and top. Both of them had a large red ‘R’ on their tops.

    “So, what are we going to do?” the cat asked. It had a large head with large brown eyes and a golden decoration on its forehead while it’s tail was curled.

    “We need to find someway to get that Pikachu away from Ketchum,” The woman said.

    “And how are we going to do that today, Jessie?” the man asked. Jessie stopped in her tracks as she thought about it to herself.

    “Something that we haven’t already done before, James,” Jessie replied. “We need a distraction, something that will distract Ketchum’s attention so we can nab that Pikachu and hand him over to our boss.”

    “Something like?” the cat asked.

    “Let me think, Meowth!” Jessie snapped toward the cat.

    “Jeez, take a chill pill,” Meowth muttered under his breath as he crossed his arms before looking out to the sea when something caught his eyes. “Jess…” he started.

    “I’m thinking!” Jessie exclaimed only to stop when she saw James staring behind her. Turning around, she found herself staring at a snoozing Gyarados and smirked as an idea came to her mind. “I think I have an idea.”

    A few minutes later, Meowth found himself regretting that he had even pointed out the pokemon to the others.

    “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Meowth asked. “I mean, there are records of Gyarados going nuts in the past.”

    “Of course it’s a good idea! Do you want to capture Pikachu or not?” Jessie demanded as they shifted along the sandy rocks toward the still sleeping Gyarados.

    “Yes…” Meowth started. “But I’m not so sure that the Gyarados will be too happy with us waking it.”

    “It’ll be fine,” Jessie snapped back.

    “She,” Meowth said, almost distractingly.

    “Excuse me?” Jessie asked. Meowth looked up at her.

    “It’s a she. It has white whiskers, it’s a female,” Meowth explained. “And they do tend to get angrier than a male.”

    “She’ll be fine,” Jessie repeated as they made their way onto the beach before looking at Gyarados.

    “Well?” James asked. Jessie turned to look at him. “It was your idea! You’re the one who gets to implement it!”

    “Coward!” Jessie snapped before she stalked over to the Gyarados.

    “Of course I am,” James muttered as he and Meowth hurried over to a rock and hid behind it, occasionally peering over the top to see what was happening. Jessie had been talking to the Gyarados only to get frustrated because it had been sleeping…or ignoring her, Meowth couldn’t decide. She had even tried shouting at it, playing loud music and even pushing the large Pokemon but nothing had worked. Till she thought up a new plan.

    “Oh…please tell me she isn’t doing what I think she is doing,” Meowth muttered.

    “She is,” James confirmed as they watched Jessie poke the Gyarados with a stick that she had found. The Gyarados just let out soft grunts as they tried to ignore the prodding but it wasn’t working. If anything, it was just fuelling Jessica on even more.

    Soon, the Gyarados got annoyed and reared up from its sleeping position only to send a hyper beam toward Jessie, causing her to duck off to the side and the Gyarados to swim away from her and over to the other beach to get some sleep…the same beach that was being occupied.

    “Yes!” Jessie cheered. “Come on, we have a Pikachu to catch!” she hurried down the beach with James and Meowth sharing an uneasy look before they hurried to catch up with Jessie.


    Dawn just stood there, stunned at what was happening when a hard body tackled her to the sand and covered her just as the hyper beam crashed into the cliff side behind them, sending rocks and dust flying all over the place.

    “Are you okay?” a male voice asked as he pulled himself off Dawn. Dawn blinked her eyes open to see Ash staring down at her with concern clear in his brown eyes.

    “Yes,” Dawn whispered only for their heads to snap to the side when they heard the Gyarados roar.

    “Come on, we gotta calm it down,” Ash told Dawn as he got up and helped her up before both of them rushed toward the beach.

    “Piplup – Bubble Beam! Buneary – Ice Beam! Pachirisu – Spark! Ambipom – Swift!” Dawn ordered.

    “Pikachu – Thunderbolt! Turtwig – Razor Leaf! Staravia – Wing Attack! Buizel – Pursuit!” Ash shouted.

    Piplup jumped into the air before spinning in a circle as bubbles floated out of his mouth and toward the threat. Buneary shot out a beam of ice. Pachirisu enveloped herself in a blue ball of electricity before it shot out. Ambipom jumped into the air before waving her tails and a group of stars came out. Each attack hit the Gyarados, causing it to roar.

    Pikachu ran toward the edge of the sea before enveloping himself in yellow electricity and with cry, it shot out toward Gyarados. Turtwig threw razor leaf from his shell while Staravia flew toward the Gyarados and used her wings to attack. Buizel jumped into the water and disappeared from view as he attacked Gyarados.

    The Gyarados reared its head back to shoot out another hyper beam when the anger had that been fuelling it and the attacks finally wore on it and fell forward.

    Dawn noticed it was going Ash’s direction and launched herself at him, tackling him to the side just as Gyarados landed on the sand with a large thud. Dawn and Ash closed their eyes and turned their head as the sand billowed upward and over them.

    Staravia used her wings to get rid of the sand and soon it was all back to normal. Dawn found that she was lying on top of Ash and turned her head to look at him.

    “Are you okay?” Dawn asked. Ash nodded as he lifted his head slightly to look down at her.

    “I’m fine…but can you get off me please?” Ash asked, feeling uncomfortable with her being pressed too close to him and he could feel a certain part of him stirring awake and the last thing he needed was her to feel it.

    “Oh, sorry,” Dawn apologised as she hurried off him before reaching out a hand to help him up. Ash took the hand and she helped him up before they looked at the scene once more.

    Everyone was milling around the Gyarados while they waited for the rescues people to come and help the Gyarados and to help put the beach back to normal. Ash noticed a dark brunette dressed in a pair of red knee length shorts hurrying toward them with a worried look on his face.

    “Are you two okay?” the lifeguard asked as he stood next to them. Ash nodded.

    “We’re fine,” Ash assured him. The lifeguard nodded, grateful and relived.

    “Hey, thank you for knocking out the Gyarados, I shudder to think would have happened if it hadn’t been,” the lifeguard told them but they just waved it off.

    “What’s going to happen to her?” Dawn asked. The lifeguard sighed as he looked over to the still knocked out Gyarados.

    “The nurses and doctors will be here soon to check out the Gyarados before releasing it back to her normal home,” the lifeguard explained before smiling at the two of them. “I’m just glad that you are okay.” Ash noticed that his gaze seemed to linger on Dawn a little longer before Ash placed his arm around Dawn’s shoulder as she leaned into him.

    “So am I,” Dawn whispered as she looked up at Ash. Ash just smoothed back her hair in comfort. Both of them had been nearly harmed in the attack of the Gyarados and Ash knew that Dawn was just trying to overcome it now that the shock had worn off.

    “Ash! Dawn!” Brock shouted as he hurried over to them with worry clear on his face. He came to stop next to them and checked them over. “Are you okay?”

    “We’re fine, I promise,” Ash assured Brock, who just nodded with relief clear on his face. The lifeguard gave a small cough, attracting their attentions once more.

    “I’d better go. I’m glad that you are okay and thanks again,” he told them before he turned around on his heels and walked away. Brock just sighed as he looked at the beach. There was a pile of rocks near the cliff base and loose rocks all over the place. There was a large hole in the sand from the hyper beam and stuff had been destroyed.

    “I think vacation is over,” Brock murmured. Ash and Dawn just nodded in agreement.

    “Let’s go back to the hotel,” Dawn whispered as she pulled away from Ash and moved over to the blankets where the Pokemon were waiting for their trainers.

    They collected their Pokemon and placed them back into the pokeball, with the exception of Pikachu, before gathering their stuff together and made their way back to the hotel, each lost in their own thoughts.

    They were walking along the road that took them to the hotel when Dawn finally asked the one question that had been burning in her mind since she saw the Gyarados.

    “I don’t understand,” Dawn started. “Why would Gyarados all of a sudden attack us?” Dawn said.

    “Maybe it was annoyed?” Ash asked but Brock shook his head, understanding where Dawn was going.

    “No, Gyarados knows this area is heavily populated with people. They are used to it being busy…something else happened to make it angry.”

    “Like what?” Ash asked, curious.

    “Like Team Rocket?” Dawn asked, looking over Ash’s shoulder. Ash frowned in confusion before he turned around only to see James, Jessie and Meowth standing there looking toward the beach and looking mildly disappointed.

    “I told you this plan wouldn’t work out,” Meowth told Jessie, almost cattily.

    “Shut up,” Jessie snapped toward Meowth only for her eyes to land on Ash, Dawn and Brock and she noticed that all three of them didn’t seem happy.

    “Team Rocket! What have you done now?!” Ash shouted. “And don’t start that stupid motto!” he cut them off when he saw Jessie open her mouth to start their motto.

    “Or what?” James threatened.

    “Or you’ll find that Team Rocket will be blasting off into space a lot quicker than they expected,” Dawn backed up Ash as she stood next to him, planting her hands on her waist. “What did you do to that poor Gyarados?”

    “What makes you think we did anything to ‘that poor Gyarados’?” Jessie retorted.

    “Because Meowth just told you the plan wouldn’t work. There was only a Gyarados attacking us,” Dawn reminded. Jessie and James shot a vehement look toward the cat pokemon, who just glared at Dawn.

    “We didn’t do anything,” James said, deciding to go the denial route only to find that it hadn’t works as Ash just crossed his arms and Brock to scoff in disbelief. “It was all Jessie’s idea!”

    “You idiot!” Jessie snapped as she slapped her hand up the back of James’ head, causing him to howl, cupping the back of his head.

    “Will the pair of you give it a break?” Meowth snapped, startling Jessie and James. He turned to face Ash, Dawn and Brock. “We might have had something to do with the Gyarados but you can’t prove it was us, there are no witnesses.”

    “That’s right!” Jessie crowed. “You might as well just hand Pikachu over to us; he is going to be caught by us one day.”

    “No way!” Ash stood in front of Pikachu. “Beside, Pikachu always bested you in the end. He won’t allow you to kidnap him.” Jessie growled as James and Meowth tried to pull her away from the other group in order to prevent her from saying anything else.

    “Don’t think this is over!” Jessie snapped as she turned on her heels with James and Meowth following her. Though they would usually have a plan to kidnap Pikachu, they didn’t have anything that could help them to keep the captured Pikachu safe so they would retreat…for now.

    Ash shook his head in annoyance as he, Dawn and Brock made their way over to the hotel. Brock had gotten the key from the reception and all of them made their way up to the hotel room where they could get washed and changed.

    Brock and Ash had gotten washed and changed first while Dawn tended to her pokemon when Ash came out of the bathroom, hair still damp from the shower as he placed his cap back on.

    “Okay, we’ll go and look for a place to eat, you can stay here,” Brock said to Dawn. Dawn nodded as she watched the two of them walk away before she turned toward the bathroom.

    “When are they going to give up?” Dawn muttered to herself thinking of Team Rocket attempts to steal Pikachu as she made her way into the bathroom, forgetting to close the door as the boys were out looking for a place to eat. She switched the shower on and cranked up the heat before she turned to the mirror.

    Stripping herself of her bathing suit, she walked over to the shower, slid the glass aside before she stepped in and closed the door, allowing the steam from the shower to fog up the glass.

    Allowing the hot water to run over her body and hair, she grabbed the soap and started lathering herself up. Unnoticed to her, someone had walked into the hotel room.

    Ash made his way into the room only to frown when he couldn’t see Dawn, looking around; he found the bathroom door was open indicating that it was unoccupied. Shaking his head, he walked over to the bathroom only to stop in the doorway when he saw that the shower was fogged up but it wasn’t fogged enough as he could see the outline of a female in the shower.

    Dawn tipped her head back, causing her body to arch and blood to pound through Ash’s body as they rushed down south. Suddenly, the shower switched off as the door slid open slightly. A slender hand snuck out, grabbing the towel that was resting on the warming rack and pulled the towel into the shower with the owner.

    Soon, the door opened wider and a slender long leg stepped out from the shower with the towel rising high on her thigh when Ash bolted it out of the room altogether with the door slamming behind him.

    Dawn, startled by the slam, stuck her head out of the shower and looked over to the doorway only to frown when she saw that no one had came in. Shaking her head and guessing that someone had came in, grabbed whatever they were looking for before hurrying back out again without letting her know.

    She stepped out of the shower altogether and headed over to the mirror where she wiped the screen clean and started combing her hair. Her thoughts were still filled off Ash but different memories running around in her head. She knew that she really liked him but just how deep did her feelings go?

    She had a crush on a boy back in her home town and back then, she had stupidly believed that it might have been love but this feeling for Ash outshone that feeling and she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the strong feelings.

    Looking at herself in the mirror, she sighed before shaking her head, getting rid of all thoughts of Ash as she finished getting dried and ready in time for either Ash or Brock coming to get her so they could go and get something to eat.

    Ash stood in front of the door, undecided. He knew that he should go in and let Dawn know that they had found a place to eat but the memories of Dawn in the shower was still wrecking havoc over him as he tried to force the memories out of his head.

    Taking a deep breath and steeling himself, he opened the door and stepped in only to see that Dawn had finished getting dressed from her bed. She wore a light blue strappy dress and blue sandals.

    Dawn turned her head and smiled when she saw Ash standing there.

    “Hey Ash,” Dawn greeted as she pulled her tucked hair from her dress, allowing to flow over her back.

    “Hey Dawn, hungry?” Ash asked and Dawn nodded as she grabbed her bag and followed Ash out of the room so they could get something to eat.

    Meanwhile, in a room somewhere, a group of people sat around a large square table.

    “How does our plan go?” the man asked from his seat.

    “Excellent so far. No one has challenged us and if they have, they always get beaten so pathetically,” a woman’s voice said.

    “Good,” the man said. “What about the legend?”

    “There have been no sightings of two trainers working together so far,” another male voice told him and the first man nodded.

    “Good, the last thing I need is people messing up with my plans,” with that, he leaned back in his chair as the others began to make plans on how to hit the next town.

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    Chapter 7: A Whole New Trouble Part 1

    “Oh? Is this the town you were talking about, Brock?” Dawn asked as she took a look around the town they had entered. Brock nodded.

    “Yes, the city is just a few miles away from here,” Brock told her.

    Welcome to Solaceon Town

    The town was relative small but still busy. There were 4 large buildings, two that Dawn and Ash recognised. A Pokemon Centre and a Pokemart. The other two were something they had never seen before.

    “What are those two?” Dawn asked, pointing out to the ones they didn’t recognise. Brock smiled.

    “The one with the orange roof is a Pokemon Day Care. You can leave your Pokemon there for a short time when you want a break. The one with the green roof is the Pokemon News Press. They write reports on Pokemon so that people can understand a pokemon better,” Brock explained.

    “Cool,” Ash exclaimed as he looked at the town. “What else is there?”

    “There is also the Solaceon Ruins,” a male voice spoke up and they turned to see an old man with long white beard standing behind them with a smile on his face. “The ruins are highly populated with Unown.”

    “Really?” Dawn asked, excited. She had heard of the pokemon before but you could only see them if you were in a populated area that contained the Pokemon.

    “Yes,” the man confirmed. “I’m sorry, my name is Ben, and I own the Pokemon Day Care with my wife, Jenna.”

    “I’m Ash from Pallet Town; this is Dawn from Twinleaf Town. We’re trainers. This is Brock, he’s a breeder. We’re travelling through,” Ash explained and Ben smiled brightly.

    “Ah, it’s always nice to see a fresh face every now and then, especially ones that are filled with excitement over new things,” Ben said, flashing Dawn a knowing look, causing her to blush slightly.

    Brock was about to say something where they heard a loud shouts and they turned to see two men arguing with a young boy of ten. He was shaking his head as he clutched something close to his chest when one of the men reached forward and grabbed the ball and soon found himself in a battle of tug of war over the ball while the other man was shouting at the young boy.

    “Hey!” Ash shouted as hurried over to the small boy as he wrestled to keep his pokeball.

    “Let go!” the boy shouted, near tears.

    “Give it up!” one of the man said. “You are not worthy of this pokemon!”

    “But…he’s mine!” the boy shouted. “I caught him!”

    “It is more important to us than to the likes of you. It’s ours!” the other man snarled as he shoved the small boy, causing the small boy to lose balance as he fell to the ground, losing his grip on his pokeball. The men just laughed as they walked away with the newly acquired pokemon and the boy felt tears fill his eyes.

    Ash and Dawn had arrived near the boy while Ash looked at the men with a confused look on his face while Dawn knelt down to the boy.

    “Oh, are you okay?” Dawn asked as she helped the boy up. The boy shook his head as tears started to film his green eyes.

    “They took my pokemon,” he told her. “They said I had to battle them but when I refused, they tried to steal him from me.”

    “Don’t worry,” Ash said as he knelt down so he was at the boy’s height. “We’ll get him back for you.” Hope shone on the boy’s face.

    “Really?” he asked and Ash nodded.

    “You bet. Do you know who they are or where they go?” Ash asked.

    “They call themselves Galactic Grunts,” Ben spoke up, causing Ash and Dawn to look at him. “They have been hanging around here lately, stealing Pokemon. We always try our best to prevent this but the rules they give is, you battle them and lose, you are to hand your pokemon over to them. Of course, there are people, like Jamie here, who refuse to battle end up having their Pokemon stolen.”

    “Why?” Dawn asked, shaking her head. “What is so important about the Pokemon that they need to steal them? Don’t they realise they are risking upsetting the Pokemon?”

    “They want power,” Jamie spoke up, causing Dawn and Ash to look down at him. “They said something about me not being worthy of my pokemon because they are too special for the likes of us.” Dawn and Ash shared a look of confusion. They had encountered people who have stolen pokemon but never for power.

    “Do you know where they went?” Dawn asked. Jamie pointed toward the forest.

    “They went through there,” Jamie explained and Ash nodded.

    “Go back home and stay there. Dawn and I will go and get your Pokemon back,” Ash told him. Jamie nodded as he hurried home before they turned to Ben.

    “I know that I can’t tell you what to do but just be careful,” Ben told them. “If you do lose the battle, you will lose your pokemon.”

    “Don’t worry,” Ash said. “Our Pokemon won’t leave without a fight, right?”

    “Pika!” Pikachu agreed. Ben just chuckled, amused and felt hope rise in him.

    “Go and get them then,” Ben told them and watched as Ash, Dawn and Brock hurried through the forest. They ran through the forest for a short moment till they found the grunts they were looking for.

    “Hey!” Ash shouted, attracting the grunts’ attention. Turning, they found the trio hurrying toward them and smirked.

    “Look likes we have new pokemon to collect,” one of the grunts said.

    “And we’re going to get an even bigger pay rise,” the other one said. They stopped in their place and waited for the others to catch up with them.

    “We saw you steal that pokemon from the boy, just hand it over and you leave,” Ash said when he came to a stop in front of the grunts and got snorts of repressed laugher from them.

    “No,” one of the grunts said before looking at the other grunt, whose shoulders were shaking from his repressed laugher.

    “We’ll battle you if that what it takes to get them back,” Dawn remarked as she moved forward, causing the grunts to look at her with interest.

    “You lose, we get your pokemon,” the first grunt said. Ash and Dawn shared a look before turning back to the grunts and nodded.

    “Fine, we lose…you get our pokemon,” Ash said. The team smirked only for it to fade as Ash countered a new deal. “You lose, you give us all the Pokemon you’ve stolen and you’ll never come back to this town again.”

    The two men looked at each other, weighing the risks against the gains before they turned to Ash and agreed.

    “Two on Two?” Brock asked, meaning that Dawn and Ash would team battle. The grunts nodded.

    “Bring it on!” one of the grunts said as he pulled out his Pokeball. “Dustox!” A large butterfly like pokemon came out. It had large green wings with a purple body. Red decorations on its wings, yellow antennas and three black pupils in its yellow eyes.

    Ash and Dawn brought out their Pokedex to examine the new pokemon.

    Dustox. A nocturnal Pokemon. Drawn by the streetlights, they messily eat the leaves of the trees lining boulevards. It violently flutters its wings to scatter toxic dust when attacked. It becomes active after sunset. Its nature is Bug and Poison,’ the computer explained.

    “Beautifly!” the other grunt shouted as his threw his Pokeball into the air. A butterfly came out. Its wings were purple with different colours decorating it. It had a long curly nose and a small grey body.

    Beautifly. It has an aggressive nature. It stabs prey with its long narrow mouth to drain the prey’s fluids. When flower fields bloom, it flits around, collecting pollen. Despite its appearance, it is savage. Its nature is Bug and Flying.’ The computer said.

    “Staravia, come out!” Ash threw his Pokeball into the air and Staravia came out and landed in front of Ash, glaring at the other two Pokemon.

    “Pachirisu!” Dawn called as she threw her pokeball into the air and Pachirisu came out, giving a small squeak.

    “Staravia, wing attack Dustox!” Ash called out.

    “Pachirisu, Spark attack Beautifly!” Dawn ordered.

    “Dustox! Gust!” One of the grunts shouted.

    “Beautifly, Stun Spore!” the other one shouted.

    Dustox started flapping its wings as hard as it could but it was too late. Staravia had already used her wing attack on Dustox, sending it flying backward. It tried to get up only for it to fall back down, weakly. Too late, the grunt had realised that Dustox was extremely vulnerable to flying type.

    Beautifly was about to use stun spore when Pachirisu enveloped her body in an electric blue light and it shot out toward the Beautifly. Static shot out from the pokemon as it swayed in the air for a short moment before collapsing to the ground.

    “NO!” the other grunt shouted.

    “Ash and Dawn wins,” Brock called out. Ash and Dawn shared a high five before turning around to congratulate the pokemon on doing a good job. The Grunts recalled their Pokemon and was about to leave when Brock spoke up.

    “The other pokemon please,” Brock called out. The grunts looked at him before they looked at the teenagers, who had their hands held out expectantly. With a low muttered curse, they brought out all the Pokeballs they had stolen and handed them over to the trainers.

    “I can’t believe we have been bested by a pair of kids,” one the grunts muttered to the other and got a nod of agreement.

    “I’m so going to get my pokemon taken from me,” the other grunt muttered as the two of them turned and walked away.

    “Did they…?” Dawn asked, insulted. Ash nodded.

    “They did,” Ash confirmed. Dawn huffed as she crossed her arms.

    “Just because they think by being in a team automatically makes them unbeatable doesn’t mean they are!” Dawn muttered.

    “We know,” Ash soothed as he placed his hand on her shoulder. “But I am wondering why they are stealing other people’s pokemon.”

    “Maybe it’s like Team Rocket?” Dawn suggested but Brock shook his head.

    “No, Team Rocket started in Pallet Town but after they were beaten, with the exception of Jessie and James, they pulled out,” Brock explained.

    “Same as the others – they wanted something due to Pokemon, rare, legendary pokemon but this Team seems to want to use them for something,” Ash explained.

    “Hm, should we tell the Professors?” Dawn asked.

    “We’ll leave it for now,” Ash said. “Maybe we’ll get some more clues along the way, beside, the Professors probably already know about it.”

    “Okay,” Dawn agreed. “Come on, we better get the pokemon back to their real trainers.” Ash nodded and everyone hurried through back to the town where they met up with Ben once more.

    “How did it go?” Ben asked. Dawn and Ash just held up the Pokeballs, much to his shock and relief. “You won the battle.”

    “Yeah and they gave all the Pokemon back. We just need to find out who they all belong to,” Ash told him. Ben nodded as he sorted through the balls, naming which each one belongs to till he found Jamie’s.

    “Ah, here’s Jamie’s. If you just take that road there and the second house on the right is the one where Jamie lives,” Ben told them. “I’ll take the rest back to the Day Care Centre and my wife will contact everyone to let them know that you have gotten their Pokemon back.”

    “Thanks!” Ash said but Ben just waved it off.

    “No, thank you for giving us them back,” Ben told them before he walked off, leaving the others to hurry over to Jamie’s house. They reached the house and Brock knocked on the door.

    A few seconds later, a brown haired woman answered the door and looked at them curiously.

    “Yes? How may I help you?” she asked.

    “We’re looking for Jamie,” Ash said. “We got his pokemon back for him.” Ash held up the ball and the woman gave a sigh of relief.

    “Thank you. Come with me, he’s in the living room,” the woman told them as she stepped to the side and allowed the group to enter the house before closing the door and led the way into the living room.

    Jamie turned to see his mother coming back with Ash, Dawn and Brock behind her.

    “Hey!” Jamie greeted as he got off his seat. Ash just grinned as he held up a familiar looking ball and excitement ran through Jamie as he hurried over to Ash. “My pokemon! You got me my pokemon back!” Jamie cheered as he took the Pokeball from Ash and threw it into the air. “Unown, come out!”

    A grey funny shaped pokemon came out of the pokeball and rocked slightly before it steadied itself. Jamie hurried over to it and gave it a hug, delighted to be back with his pokemon.

    “An Unown!” Ash and Dawn exclaimed as they brought out their Pokedex.

    ‘Unown. Shaped like ancient writing, it is a huge mystery whether language or Unown came first. They seem to communicate among each other telepathically. They are always found stuck on walls. Its gender is unknown. Its nature is psychic. There are 28 different shaped Unown. This one is known as the letter ‘J’.’ the computer explained.

    “That’s cool,” Jamie said as he looked at the Pokedex with a curious look on his face before he snapped out of it and hurried over to his drawers and pulled out a stack of stickers before moving over to Ash and Dawn. “Do you guys have a sticker case?”

    “Yeah,” Dawn and Ash pulled out their sticker case that they had received from their first contest.

    “Good, I want you guys to have these as thanks for rescuing my pokemon,” Jamie told them as he handed them a bunch of alphabetical stickers.

    “Wow, are you sure?” Ash asked and Jamie nodded.

    “Yeah,” Jamie assured.

    “Thanks!” Ash and Dawn said together as they took the stickers and placed them into the case before placing the case back into their bags.

    “Thank you so much for saving my son’s pokemon,” the mother said as she watched as Jamie hurried back over to Unown and was now playing with it. “Unown is his first Pokemon and he has been attached to it ever since he caught it.” Ash and Dawn just shook their heads, remembering when they got their first pokemon.

    “We understand,” Dawn told her. “We’re just glad that we got the pokemon back unharmed.”

    “We’d better go. We need to go to the Pokemon Centre and find a place to stay,” Brock reminded the other two before looking at the mother. “We are glad that your son is happy.”

    “Thank you. And if you were to ask the nurse behind the desk at the Pokemon Centre, she might be able to give you a place to stay at the centre as we don’t have a hotel here,” the mother explained.

    “Thank you,” Brock told her as they all left the house and headed back to the town where they saw the Newspaper building was open. Entering it, they could see a man in the back office looking harassed as he flipped through his notes only for his head to snap up and caught sight of the three of them.

    Pikachu had gone over to look at some pictures of different pokemon when the man came hurrying out of his office and over to the trio when he noticed that Pokedex clipped to Ash and Dawn’s waist.

    “Oh! You have a Pokedex!” the owner exclaimed as he stood in front of Dawn and Ash. He had short brown hair and wore a white shirt and brown trousers. He had black rimmed glasses as he peered over them with bright blue eyes.

    “Yes,” Dawn said, curious to where the man was going with this,

    “Could you do me a favour please?” the man asked. “I’m currently doing research on Pikachu and Pachirisu and how they interact with each other as they are both electric types. If you do catch one, could you bring them to me?”

    “Well…actually,” Dawn and Ash looked at each other before they looked at the man.

    “Pachirisu!” Dawn pulled out her Pokeball and Pachirisu came out with a small pleased squeak as she looked around before hurrying over to Dawn and climbed up till she was settled on Dawn’s shoulder.

    Pikachu came back from exploring the building and jumped up onto Ash’s shoulder. The reporter grew excited over seeing them.

    “That’s them! That’s the Pokemon I need for my research. Is it okay if I just examine them?” he asked.

    “Sure, I don’t see why not?” Dawn asked as she brought Pachirisu down from her shoulder and held her in her arms. Ash had done the same with Pikachu and they both watched as the reporter peered close at the pokemon, muttering and making notes on his clipboards.

    After a while, he was finished and he smiled at the two of them.

    “Thank you. Now I will be able to finish my report and put it in the papers. Here,” he held out his hands. Dawn and Ash placed their hands under his and he dropped small balls into their hands. “It’s not much.”

    “Hey, what kind of Pokeball are these?” Ash asked as he enlarged one of them to see it a blue pokeball with white decorations. Brock peered at them interested.

    “Are those Dive Balls?” Brock asked and the reporter nodded.

    “Dive Balls?” Dawn asked and Brock turned to face the two trainers.

    “There are 14 balls altogether, 15 if you add in the safari balls but you can only get them from the Safari park. Dive Balls are really rare and you can only get them if you work part time somewhere. They are extremely effective against Pokemon that lives in the water,” Brock explained.

    “How come we never seem to see the other Pokeballs?” Dawn asked as she placed the Pokeballs into her bag.

    “Because people prefer Pokeballs because it’s cheaper and works best. The others you can only get if you do certain things or have certain things,” Brock explained. Ash nodded in understanding before he looked at the reporter.

    “Thanks.” He pocketed the balls but the reporter just shook his head.

    “No, thank you for helping me out. I do hope that you will help me out later if you were ever to come back,” the reporter said. Ash grinned.

    “Sure,” Ash told him. The reporter grinned.

    “Good. Thank you for coming by though, I’ll see you later,” he told them before waving as he made his way back into his office so he could get a start on with his report.

    “This town is sure filled with surprises,” Ash said as everyone left the newspaper building, causing laughs of agreement from Brock and Dawn as they made their way over to the Pokemon centre to heal their pokemon.

    “Commander Mars! Commander Mars!” the two grunts that Ash and Dawn had defeated came stumbling into a room where a short red haired female in a black and silver dress stood in front of a computer. She wore knee high silver boots as she turned around to look at the grunts that had come in.

    “What?” She demanded.

    “We were challenged by two trainers. They defeated us and took the pokemon we had stolen in order to help our master,” one of the grunts explained. “We tried our best but they were strong together!” She looked at them for a short moment before an idea came to her and she strode out of the room and into another room where the blue spiky haired male stood staring out of the window.

    “What news do you have for me?” He asked without turning around.

    “It’s them Master,” Commander Mars said. “It’s the trainers.” She explained everything the grunts had told her.

    “I see,” the man said. “Get the girl, without her, the boy seems to be helpless. We can use that to our advantage.”

    “Yes Master, when would you like us to capture her?” Commander Mars asked.

    “Tonight,” the man ordered.


    Okay, I know that you only seem to get the normal Pokeballs in the programme but…the others are so cool!
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    *gasp* Its Team Galactic! lol they bes bad ppl 4 tryin to kidnap little Dawn*wags finger* naughty TG
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    personally I think this is fic took a little too long to set up the whole plot. I just lost interested after the 3rd chapter.
  12. Bubbles18

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    DeM0NaRUt0: Glad you're liking it so far.

    Daisenki: I'm sorry to hear that but I didn't want to rush the plotline too much as there are plenty of other things that are happening - I wanted to pave the way. I understand if you wish to stop reading it. Thanks for giving it chance though.

    Chapter 8: Whole New Trouble Part 2

    “Are you ready?” Ash asked from where he was standing in the doorway waiting for Dawn to get a move on. They were going to visit the Day Care Centre then the Solaceon Ruins to see what they could learn.

    “Just a minute!” Dawn called back from where she was under the bed, trying to reach her other pokeball that had dropped down. With a triumphant cry, she snatched it and wriggled her way out from under the bed only to meet a dark look from Ash. Frowning, she could see that it wasn’t a furious look…it was different. “Ash…” Dawn started as she reached her hand out only for Ash to snap back to reality and take a step back.

    “You ready?” Ash asked gruffly. Dawn just looked at him for a moment before she nodded. “Good, let’s get a move on.” With that, Ash turned on his heels and strode down the hallway, leaving Dawn confused over what was happening.

    Ash couldn’t help but mutter under his breath over his arousal at seeing Dawn wriggle her way from under the bed. Her skirt had been flaring, nearly showing her panties to him and he couldn’t stop the arousal from pounding through him. He had been abrupt with Dawn because he didn’t need her to see how aroused he had become with his thoughts.

    Ash reached the door where Brock was waiting.

    “Hey, is Dawn coming?” Brock asked. Ash nodded just as the elevator pinged and they saw Dawn moving over to them.

    “Hey, are we ready?” Dawn asked Brock, ignoring Ash. Brock just looked at the two of them with a curious confused expression before he nodded, deciding to stay out of whatever that was happening with the two of them.

    “Great, let’s go,” Dawn told them as she brushed past them. Brock just looked at Ash, waiting for an answer but Ash just shook his head, indicating that he didn’t want to talk about it before he walked past Brock.

    Brock just sighed to himself before shaking his head. He just had to be travelling with teenagers didn’t he? He hurried after the two of them in time to see them standing in front of the Day Care Centre with Ben talking to them.

    “So, you tend to get a lot of eggs?” he heard Dawn asked as he moved closer to them. Ben nodded.

    “Yes, most of them are claimed by the trainers who have left a male and female pokemon behind but most of the eggs don’t get claimed because a trainer has left one pokemon behind,” Ben explained. Dawn nodded in understanding.

    “Do you always find a home for the eggs?” Ash asked. Ben chuckled as he nodded.

    “Yes, many of the children who want a Pokemon but are too young to capture one are given the option to take an egg home and care for it. Once they are hatched and the child is still young, the parent takes guardianship over the egg till the child is older and can take reasonability for the pokemon,” Ben explained. “Of course, we do get breeders and professors who come by and take the eggs so they are grown in an environment that is suitable for them once they have hatched. We can’t leave it out in the wild as we have no idea what type of Pokemon will be hatched thus we can’t leave it with a family that are not the same.”

    “Do you keep some eggs yourself?” Dawn asked and Ben nodded.

    “My wife and I, if we can’t get a hold of any pokemon breeders or professors or anyone else to take them in, we look after them. We don’t need to have them in Pokeballs in order to keep them safe because we are not trainers. There are more than enough room here for them to stay till someone claims them,” Ben explained.

    “That’s amazing,” Dawn whispered as she moved over to the fence where she could see all the different Pokemon running about, enjoying the freedom and playing with the others.

    “Yeah,” Ash agreed, sending a regretful look at her back before he turned back to Ben. “How many pokemon are you allowed to leave?” Ash asked.

    “Two at the most. You have to pay for the length of time you have left your pokemon here and this is to ensure that you are not overpaying,” Ben explained. Ash frowned.

    “Why do people leave their pokemon? You mean; it’s like a break or something?” Ash asked. Ben chuckled, amused by the two teenagers questions.

    “You can level your pokemon up or just leave them for a short break. Some people have been known to leave a male and female type in hope that they will get an egg,” Ben explained. “It just depends on how the trainer is feeling or they feel it’s safer for the Pokemon to be here while they do some exploring.”

    “Hm, that is interesting,” Brock said. “Do you know of any other day care centres or are you the only one?”

    “I know of at least 5 mores but unfortunately, we are more located in small towns rather than large cities,” Ben explained before sighing. “We are hoping to change that but if we were to have them in the city, we would need to hire more people in order to care for all the Pokemon that will come through – here, we are less likely to be mixed up with the Pokemon as they are all different… try having about 10 of the same pokemon and trying to figure out which one belongs to who.” Brock winced at the thought before he nodded in understanding.

    “These things happen but I’m just glad to see that you have a centre dedicated to Pokemon. Its rare to find something like this,” Brock told him. Ben smiled just as his wife called him from the other side of the fence.

    “If you excuse me, my wife needs me help,” Ash, Dawn and Brock nodded. “I hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay here.” Ben moved into the centre while Brock turned to the other two and decided to break the silence.

    “Do you guys want to go and see if we can see what the cave is like?” Brock asked. Dawn nodded.

    “Yes. Maybe we’ll get to see an Unown in their habitat,” Dawn said as she started to follow Brock over to the entrance when she felt a hand on her elbow.

    “Listen…Dawn,” Ash started as he took her elbow and turned her to face him.

    “What, Ash?” Dawn asked. Ash sighed as he thought about how he was going to start the conversation before he decided that it would be better just to get it over and done with.

    “I didn’t meant to be so abrupt with you earlier,” Ash started. Dawn opened her mouth to say something when Ash placed his index finger over her mouth. “Please…just let me get this out. It’s already embarrassing enough.” Dawn looked at him, curious before she nodded. Ash shot her a fleeting grin. “Thanks. Look, when you wriggled yourself out from under the bed…” Dawn looked up at him expectantly, Ash just closed his eyes. “I was aroused.”

    Dawn was taken back by Ash’s confession.

    “What?” Dawn asked, confused. Ash just kept his eyes closed.

    “I…you…” Ash stumbled. “I got turned on.” Dawn arched eyebrow, amused at Ash’s confession and how scared he looked.

    Ash just kept his eyes clenched when he felt something soft against his cheek. Snapping his eyes open, he found that Dawn had pressed a kiss against his cheek before she pulled away and gave him a bright smile.

    “Thank you,” Dawn told him. Ash just shot her a confused look, causing Dawn to giggle. “For telling me why you were abrupt with me and I understand. I’ll try and not do something like that when you’re in the same place as me.” With a shrug, she walked over to the entrance of the cave, leaving Ash smiling to himself.

    “Definitely different from Misty and May,” Ash whispered to himself before he hurried after her. They entered the cave and looked around; there were many different paths so they had to decide which one they wanted to go through first.

    “It’s just the Unown that lives in here, right?” Dawn asked as she shifted closer to Ash. Ash nodded.

    “Yeah, all the others say they haven’t encountered another pokemon in here,” Ash told her as he reached out and touched her elbow, sending comforting waves over her. Dawn just nodded as they continued walking on ward till Dawn had noticed something on the wall. Moving closer told her that the language was different from the ones she had seen before.

    Ash saw that something had caught Dawn’s attention and moved closer to her, seeing the same thing that Dawn has.

    “Hey, doesn’t that remind you of the Unown?” Ash asked. Dawn nodded.

    “Yes, it does…do you know what it says?” Dawn asked but Ash shook his head.

    “No, because we don’t know what letter is what when it comes to the Unown, we won’t be able to decipher it at the moment,” Ash explained.

    “Here,” Brock handed Dawn a piece of paper and charcoal. “Rub over it and maybe we can decipherer it later.” Dawn took the paper, placed it over the wall before rubbing it was charcoal.

    Frowning, she finished the rubbing before pulling it away from the wall and peered at it with her torch before an excited smile cross over her as she shoved the paper under Ash’s nose.

    “Does that look like directions to you?” Dawn asked. Ash looked at the papers before he noticed the pattern and he nodded.

    “Unbelievable as it is, yes, it does look like directions,” Ash said. Brock peered over Ash’s shoulder and looked at the papers.

    “Can you tell what one is what?” Brock asked. Dawn brought the paper back to her and pointed each one out.

    Top right. Lower left. Top right. Top left. Top left. Lower left,” Dawn read out before she looked back at the entrance and looked to the set of stairs next to her. “I’m guessing that is top right.”

    “Okay, we’ll give the directions a go,” Brock told them and they nodded as Dawn handed Brock the directions and he started leading them through the winding caves. After a few mishaps of entering the wrong rooms, they finally reached an area of an empty space and some writing on the walls.

    Dawn moved closer to the wall and found that she still couldn’t read it properly. Ash moved up beside her.

    “Do the same thing you did at the entrance,” Ash suggested. Dawn nodded as she grabbed another piece of paper and placed it over the writings before rubbing charcoal. After a while, she pulled the paper away from the wall. Ash and Brock looked over Dawn’s shoulders to read what it said.

    Friendship all lives touch each other lives to create something anew and alive,” all of them stumbled over it before Dawn frowned, scrunching up her nose.

    “Now that doesn’t make sense,” Dawn said. Brock just stroked his chin.

    “I think…its saying that Friendship has the ability to touch people’s lives and to create something new and bring it to life,” Brock said before shrugging. “I could be wrong; this seems a bit like a riddle. I guess we’ll find out what it means as we go along.”

    Dawn just folded the paper up and placed it into her bag just as Brock started to lead the way out of the caves. She stopped in her place and looked over her shoulder at the wall, frowning as a feeling of unease crossed over her.

    “Dawn?” Ash placed his hand on her shoulder, causing Dawn to jump as she turned to face him. Ash frowned in concern. “Are you okay?” Dawn looked over her shoulder once more before turning to face Ash with a smile on her face.

    “Yeah, I’m fine,” she told him. Ash just stared at her for a long moment before he nodded and led Dawn through the exit. Unknown to them, the letters on the walls started moving slightly before they finally faded.

    Upon exiting the cave, a man in brown shorts and a brown jacket with a walking stick and a bag walked over to them.

    “Excuse me,” the Hiker called out, attracting their attention.

    “Yes?” Brock asked.

    “Am I correct in believing that you are a breeder?” the hiker asked and Brock nodded. “Only because I have this egg and I was wondering if you would like it.” He held out a pink egg. There were different colours of pink decorating it, much to Dawn’s excitement.

    “Yes, I would like it,” Brock told the hiker, who smiled before handing the egg over to him. He tipped his head before walking away, humming a jaunty tune under his breath.

    “Oh, an egg,” Dawn said, excited as she peered closer. “Do you know what it’ll hatch into?”

    “No, not till it hatches,” Brock said as he placed the egg into his bag surrounded by clothes to protect it.

    “How do Pokemon get eggs?” Dawn asked. “I’ve heard that no one had ever seen a Pokemon laid an egg.”

    “You’re right,” Ash said as he turned to look at Dawn. “No one knows how eggs are laid because the Pokemon always disappear from Humans when its time to have the egg.”

    Something seems to strike Dawn as she continued to gaze at Ash before her blue eyes narrowed.

    “Wait, if Pikachu and Buneary get together, will they be able to have an egg?” Dawn asked. Ash looked back at her, strangely startled before he looked at Pikachu, who just tilted his head.

    “Depends on if they are compatible,” Brock spoke up from where he finished zipping his bag. “Some pokemon are compatible while others are not.”

    “Oh…how do you know if a pokemon is compatible with another pokemon?” Dawn asked as she trailed after Brock, curious. Brock just smiled down at her before he answered her question while Ash just watched them walk away before looking at Pikachu.

    “I think Dawn wants to know if you’ll make her a grandmother soon,” Ash explained to Pikachu.

    “Pika?” Pikachu questioned before shrugging. Ash just grinned as he hurried to catch up with Brock and Dawn.

    “Do you guys want to keep travelling or set up camp?” Brock asked looking at the sky that was now turning different colour due to the sun setting.

    “Set camp,” Dawn voted as she shivered looking at the forest. “I’m not sure I want to go through the forest in the dark.” Ash nodded in agreement.

    “I’m with her, you get more dangerous pokemon at night,” Ash told Brock, who nodded and led them over to a spot where they could set up camp.

    Brock made them all dinner after they had finished setting up the camps and they talked about what they were planning on doing when they reached the new city, Veilstone City. There was another gym there and Ash was planning on how he was going to get the next badge when Dawn stood up, stretching as she stifled a yawn. Brock had already headed to bed after cleaning up and giving the pokemon the sleep potion. Ash and Dawn had noticed that the pokemon had seemed more restless tonight and had agreed to Brock’s suggestion of sleep potion so that they would well rest for the next morning.

    “Are you staying out here tonight?” Dawn asked. Ash nodded.

    “Yeah, there’s no cloud in the sky so I want to see the stars,” Ash told her. Dawn nodded.

    “Okay, I’m heading to bed. See you in the morning,” Dawn told him as she made her way into her tent before zipping it up.

    “Night,” Ash whispered as he climbed into his sleeping bag and looked up into the night sky with the stars twinkling brightly before sleep slowly overcame him.

    “Pip…pip…” a faint chirping broke into Dawn’s sleep. Lifting her head from her pillow, she tried to see in the darkness only to see that Piplup was no longer in the tent with her and that the tent flap was open.

    “Piplup?” Dawn asked, confused as she climbed her way out of the tent only for a hand to yank on her arm, hard. Opening her mouth to let out a yell, she found a hand clamp itself over her mouth, preventing her from screaming.

    “So…this is the girl,” a female voice muttered. Dawn struggled in her captor’s hands as she fought to get away from them but they were too strong. Biting the hand that was covering her mouth, there was a strained squeak as the captor forced himself to keep quiet as he yanked his hand away from her mouth.

    “Stupid ***** bit me!” he muttered. Dawn took her chance to call out for help.

    Dawn opened her mouth to shout Ash’s name when a white cloth was forced over her mouth and nose. Inhaling, her eyes began to droop as she became victim to the chloroform.

    “Take her away,” a female voice hissed and the Grunts lifted Dawn up and carried her off into the darkness. The female turned back to the others and smirked. “You’re going down little boy.” With that, she walked off.


    That thing about the caves, I checked it over and deciphered it. This is really in the games but that’s only my suggestion of what it actually means, not the games.
  13. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    A/N: Okay, this is where the rating has gone up due to Violence that will be in the next few chapters, I apologise to everyone in advance and I’d understand if anyone wants to leave.

    Chapter 9: A Call for Help

    Ash wrinkled his forehead as chirping got louder before it finally penetrated his sleep. Snapping his eyes open, Ash looked around. The sun was barely up so it was still a bit dark.

    “Piplup?” Ash called out, wondering why the bird was calling out. Ash twisted in his sleeping bag only to meet Piplup’s blue eyes from where it was trapped in the net. “Piplup!” Ash shouted as he scrambled from his sleeping bag and hurried over to free the bird.

    “Pip Piplup!” Piplup pointed toward the tent where Dawn was sleeping in and Ash turned only to be met by devastation.

    The tent was ripped in several places and one side of it was hanging limply.

    “Dawn!” Ash shouted as he hurried over to the tent, tripping over a log in his haste but he didn’t let it stop him as he tore into the tent and looked for any sign of the missing girl.

    Brock awoke with a gasp at Ash’s shouting and twisted in his sleeping bag only to see Ash tearing the tent apart.

    “Ash?” Brock asked as he got out of his sleeping bag and toward the younger male. Ash looked at him with worry clear in his eyes.

    “Dawn’s gone!” Ash exclaimed. “I can’t find anything that will tell us what happened.”

    “Pika Pika!” Pikachu exclaimed and both men looked around the back of the tent to see Pikachu pointing to something on the ground. A closer look told them that it was scuffle marks, telling them that Dawn did not leave willingly.

    “What the hell is going on?!” Ash nearly shouted.

    “Come on! We need to see where these tracks leads,” Brock told him and they both hurried through the forest, following the drags marks and footsteps till they reached a path with tire marks, telling them that wherever Dawn had gone, she had been in a vehicle.

    “Damn it!” Ash shouted in frustration as he looked in the direction the marks were leading. Everything inside of him was screaming to just start running in the direction in hope that he would get to Dawn soon but a small part of him told him that it was useless; the marks would slowly be covered by the pokemon and other people’s tracks by the time he reached the end of the road.

    “Come on, we need to get back to the camp and get to a town or city to call for help,” Brock told Ash, leading him back to the camp. He wasn’t going to tell Ash that Dawn was going to be alright, they had no idea what had happened and it made him worried and concerned for both of them.

    Upon reaching the camp, they found that the rest of Ash and Brock’s pokemon have woken up from all the fuss and was now looking at Dawn’s tent with a worried concerned look before they looked at their trainers coming back.

    “I don’t get how none of you guys could have missed it,” Ash asked his pokemon, wonderingly and Brock let out a groan as the night before came back to him.

    “We gave them sleeping potions remember?” Brock said and Ash sighed in remembrance as he slumped down to the ground. Pikachu let out a small mournful moan before he looked toward Piplup.

    Ash watched as Piplup came toward him with something white in his beak. Ash held out his hand and Piplup dropped it into his hand. Ash felt his heart sink when he realised what it was.

    “Dawn’s hat,” Ash whispered.

    “Pip,” Piplup chirped with a sad gaze and Ash felt his heart break as he reached out and rubbed the blue bird’s head.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll get her back.” Piplup nodded, believing in Ash to make everything better and to bring his trainer back to him.

    “Come on Ash, let’s get everything packed up and we’ll head straight for help,” Brock told him. Ash nodded as he got up and started packing everything away with the pokemon helping.

    It took them almost two hours before they had reached the city. They had been four hours away from Solaceon Town and Ash hadn’t wanted to put off calling the Professor for help as soon as he could so they ended up pushing themselves harder, refusing to stop for anything.

    They finally stumbled into the Pokemon Centre looking the worse for wear, startling Nurse Joy who had been behind the counter when they came in.

    “Oh my, you two look like you’ve been through the wringer,” Nurse Joy said.

    “Do you have a computer?” Ash asked. Nurse Joy nodded as she led the way into the backroom and showed where the blue computer that people were allowed to use. “I’ll take your pokemon. Just come to the front to collect them.” Brock thanked her as she walked away while Ash typed in something before a computerise voice spoke up.

    “Destination please,” the computer asked.

    “Professor Rowan, please,” Ash said.

    “Just a minute please,” the computer said as there was a few clicking noises before the screen was fuzzy then a lab came into view. A man with white hair and white moustache came into view.

    “Ah Ash, how nice to see you. Everyone is fine, I presume,” Professor Rowan greeted only to be concerned slightly when he couldn’t see Dawn.

    “Professor Rowan,” Ash mouthed soundless for a short moment before he gave in. “Dawn’s missing!”

    “What?!” A male voice cried off screen as Professor Rowan was shoved to the side and a blonde haired boy took place in front of the screen He had light brown eyes, he wore a orange and white stripy t-shirt and had a green scarf. “What do you mean Dawn’s missing?!”

    “Who are you?” Ash asked; confused to who the boy was and how he knew Dawn.

    “Ash, meet Rick – Dawn’s friend from Twinleaf. Rick – meet Ash, Dawn’s travelling partner and friend,” Professor Rowan introduced them both.

    “Nice to meet you,” Rick said with a wave of his hand. “Where the hell is my best friend?!”

    “We don’t know,” Ash said. “All we know is that Piplup was trapped in a net. There was some scuffle marks but they ended at tyre tracks so they took her away in a vehicle and we can’t follow it.”

    “Damn it!” Rick muttered as he looked toward Professor Rowan. “Does this have anything to do with that stupid team?”

    “Team?” Brock and Ash asked together. Professor Rowan stepped back into view but this time with another boy. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He wore a red cap, red scarf and a black and white top.

    “I’m afraid that it does sound like the team,” Professor Rowan admitted. “Though, it would make sense of their actions lately.”

    “And everything we have received lately has been pointing to this,” the boy reminded. Professor Rowan nodded.

    “That you are right Lucas,” Professor Rowan told him.

    “But why kidnap her?” Rick demanded, confused.

    “He must have perceived her and Ash as a threat and sought out to weaken them,” Professor Rowan suggested.

    “What?” Ash demanded.

    “Who?” Brock asked, confused. Professor Rowan turned to the two men.

    “There is a team out there who have been kidnapping pokemons,” Professor Rowan told them and got nods.

    “We bumped into some of the people who have had their pokemon stolen, we also battled with two grunts,” Ash told him and Professor Rowan nodded.

    “They are called Team Galactic – they believe that Pokemon are from space. Their leader, Cyrus, has been trying to kidnap three legendary pokemon but our reports tell us that he has been unsuccessful so far,” Professor Rowan told them. “But there have been whispers that Cyrus has ordered his men to kidnap someone to weaken the bond between them and another person – until now, we had no idea who.”

    “What do you mean by a threat?” Brock asked, trying to keep Ash’s mind on track. “How can they be sure that Dawn is part of the team?”

    “There is a legend that if all three pokemon were to work together, they would bring forth two ancient pokemon of time and space. Both of them would approach a trainer each in order to test their worthiness,” Professor Rowan explained.

    “So – Cyrus…” Ash trailed off.

    “Is not a trainer,” Professor Rowan confirmed. “He is merely a collector who wishes to change the world to his image.”

    “Rick?” Ash asked.

    “I was more into being a pokemon master than a trainer,” Rick admitted.

    “Lucas?” Ash demanded.

    “I’m a researcher,” Lucas admitted and Ash threw his hands up into the air, furious.

    “So – you knew about the legend but you didn’t bother to warn Dawn about it and now she’s been kidnapped and is alone with that madman – that’s just great!” Ash shouted before he stormed off, shaking his head as he fought back his anger.

    “Sorry, he’s frustrated – he and Dawn have gotten close on the trip,” Brock explained.

    “I see,” Professor Rowan said.

    “I don’t!” Rick snapped as he pushed the old man aside and peered at Ash through the screen before looking at Brock. “Are you telling me they are dating?”

    “I don’t think so,” Brock uttered out, shocked while Rick appraised Ash before nodding.

    “Dark hair, dark eyes, brooding type – yep, he is most definitely Dawn’s type – though don’t ever tell her I said that,” Rick said to Brock.

    Brock looked at Ash then looked at Rick.

    “Ash isn’t really a brooding type,” Brock amended. “More like a clueless idiot.” Rick snickered.

    “He’s perfect for Dawn,” Rick said and Brock looked back at Ash.

    “Well, he does care about Dawn more than he did about the other girls and she always been to be trying to impress him,” Brock murmured, mostly to himself.

    “Dawn is more into the dark haired type, the last person she had a crush on was dark haired,” Rick explained. “But from what I heard, seems like Ash is better for her.” Brock frowned.

    “That’s funny, I got the impression that Dawn had a crush on Kenny,” Brock said only to see the shock register on Rick’s face.

    “Kenny?” Rick asked before he slapped his hand to his face. “Oh hell.”

    “You know him?” Brock asked and Rick nodded as he pulled his hand away from his face.

    “Yeah, he’s Dawn’s other best friend, we don’t really get along very well because Kenny has a crush on Dawn. I don’t like it because Dawn is like a sister to me and Kenny can be a bit hot headed when he wants to be,” Rick explained. “Kenny can get jealous easily.” Brock snickered.

    “A bit late to tell me that, he has been trying to get Ash to battle him. Since he turned down Dawn’s offer to battle in place of Ash, I kinda got the feeling that he was jealous,” Brock explained and Rick sighed.

    “I had hoped that by Dawn going her way and Kenny going his way, he would realise that they were two different people. I guess I can only just wait and see what will happen,” Rick admitted. “First thing first, we need to get Dawn back.” Brock nodded in agreement as the Professor stepped back into view.

    “Listen, we are going to send two Dragonite to pick you up. We need you here to help us with our research,” Professor Rowan told Brock, who nodded.

    “Sure, Ash and I will wait outside for them. How long do you think they’ll arrive in?” Brock asked.

    “About half an hour, maybe 20 minutes if they push themselves,” Professor Rowan estimated. Brock nodded once more before he switched the computer off and made his way over to Ash, who was standing at the window, looking at the sky.

    “They are sending Dragonite over to bring us to Twinleaf Town,” Brock told him. Ash just nodded, indicating that he had heard Brock. Brock placed a hand on Ash’s shoulder. “We’ll find her, Ash.” He pulled away and walked over to Nurse Joy to explain the situation to her.

    Half an hour later, Brock and Ash found themselves standing outside just as the Dragonite arrived. Climbing onto the backs, the Dragonite lifted them into the air and flew back to Twinleaf Town where they would get to see the Professor again and hopefully be much closer to finding Dawn.

    They finally touched ground in front of the lab. Without waiting, Ash hopped off Dragonite and hurried into the lab with Brock hot on his heels.

    “Well…do we have any new clues?” Ash asked, startling everyone in the lab.

    “Ash…” Lucas started but got an impatient glare in his direction. “No, we haven’t. We are looking into some leads but so far, they have turned up as dead ends.”

    “Lucas is right,” Professor Rowan confessed as he moved closer to his assistant. “I have contacted Miss Berlitz and told her of the situation. She has asked that I send you two over to her house after we are finished, I believe she wants you to stay there while you are in town,” Professor Rowan told them. Brock nodded as he took Ash’s arm and led him out of the lab. He had gained the directions from a scientist before they made their way toward the house.

    Upon reaching the house, they climbed the stairs and stood in front of the door was Brock knocked on it, waiting for someone to answer the door.

    The door opened to reveal Johanna standing in the doorway with slightly blood shot eyes, telling them she had been crying for her daughter. She smiled softly when she saw them, reminding Ash remarkably of Dawn at that moment.

    “Ash, Brock,” Johanna greeted as she stood to the side and allowed them to step through into the house.

    “Look, if we’re bothering you, we wouldn’t mind going to a hotel,” Ash started but Johanna cut him off with a wave of her hand.

    “No Ash, you are a friend of Dawn and I have a feeling she wouldn’t be happy with me if I let you go to a hotel,” Johanna said. Ash just smiled weakly at the joke. “I have set up the guest room for you two. It’s at the back of the hallway, up the stairs. You are welcome to place your stuff on the stairs for the time being.”

    “I rather put my stuff away,” Ash said and Johanna nodded as she reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “Her room is just at the top of the stairs, you are welcome to use it,” Johanna told him. Ash nodded as he trudged up the stairs till he came to a stop outside Dawn’s bedroom. He stared at the blue door for a short moment before he raised his hand.

    His hand hovered over the handle before Ash took a deep breath and pulled his hand away and moved down a little bit further where the guest room was. Placing his stuff on one of the beds, he took a look around till a photograph caught his eye.

    Moving over to the windowsill, he picked up the photo frame only to smile slightly when he saw it was Dawn. She was standing next to Rick as he tickled her, causing her to laugh. Rick was grinning broadly as he had an arm around her waist, holding her place so she couldn’t pull away.

    Turning his head, Ash placed the photo frame face down before heading out of the room and back down the stairs. He headed into the kitchen where he saw Brock was making the dinner.

    “Hey, where’s Johanna?” Ash asked as he moved over to the table. Brock looked over his shoulder from where he was stirring the rice in the pot.

    “She had a phone call,” Brock explained as he turned back to the pot and drained the rice. Scooping some rice into the bowl, he grabbed the bowls and placed them on the place mats before placing the meat in the middle.

    Ash just looked at the food before sighing.

    “I’m not really hungry right now,” Ash admitted. Brock looked up from where he was sitting across from Ash and a sad look passed his face before he sighed.

    “Ash, you need to try and eat something,” Brock said. “You are not doing anyone any good if you are starving yourself.” Ash just shook his head.

    “I can’t Brock, not with the thought of Dawn out there in the hands of that man,” Ash whispered as he pushed his chair back. “I’m sorry.” With that, he turned around and walked out of the room with his hands shoved in his pockets, hunched over.

    “Pika,” Pikachu’s ears drooped slightly.

    “Go with him Pikachu, make sure he doesn’t go too far,” Brock told him. Pikachu nodded as he hopped down from the table, waving Piplup over and both of the hurried after Ash.

    “He really cares for Dawn, doesn’t he?” Johanna asked from where she was standing in the doorway. Brock sighed as he stood up from the table, picking up the plates and moving them over to the counter where he scraped the leftovers into the bowls so he could put them into the fridge.

    “Yes,” Brock confirmed as Johanna stood next to him and helped him with the cleaning. “The two of them have become very good friends – despite the arguments.” Johanna laughed slightly.

    “Oh, I remember the team battle that they showed on the TV where Dawn and Ash were arguing so much that it caused Turtwig and Piplup to start arguing,” Johanna said before she shook her head. “I’m just glad that they worked it out in the end and became the team I knew they could be.”

    “You know…” Brock started as he put the last bowl away and turned to look at Johanna. “Ash is so different around Dawn than he was with the last two girls. When they argued, it would take them days just to forgive each other but with Ash and Dawn…all it took was someone pointing something out and they would realise that they were being stupid and apologise to each other…somehow, it made them stronger together.”

    Johanna gave a wobbly smile as she picked up a photo of Dawn that was resting on the window still over the sink. Brock walked up behind her and placed a hand on Johanna’s shoulder.

    “My baby girl. She always grew up so fast,” Johanna whispered as a lone tear slipped down her cheek.

    “Ash will get her back…you’ll see,” Brock whispered. Johanna nodded.

    “I know he will…he had helped Dawn in so many ways but…to see him like this, so lost and alone…all I can think is how Dawn must be feeling,” Johanna broke down in tears as she clutched the photograph to her chest.

    Brock just turned her around and embraced the older woman as she cried for her lost daughter, praying to whoever that was listening to help them bring Dawn home, safe and alive.

    Ash kicked a stone to the side as he walked down the cool and dark street. There were a few street lamps but it didn’t give off a full light to the street. The wind was whistling softly but Ash didn’t notice; he was too lost in his own thoughts.

    Pikachu and Piplup, each, took up a side of Ash as they walked with him down the streets. They were all lost in their thoughts of Dawn when they came to a bench that was across from a lake.

    Looking around, Ash found that he had arrived at a park without realising it before sitting down on the bench. Pikachu and Piplup got up onto the bench as well before Ash tipped his head and looked up at the stars that were twinkling in the bright sky with the full moon shining with a few dark clouds passing by.

    “We’re gonna find her you know,” Ash suddenly said as he brought his head down, causing Piplup and Pikachu to look up at him but Ash just stared straight ahead at the lake. “We’re gonna find Dawn and we’re gonna bring her home where she belongs.”

    “Pika,” Pikachu agreed.

    “Pip,” Piplup agreed as they stared ahead at the lake, determination growing stronger each moment.

    Meanwhile, in a cold unfeeling room, the moon was softly shining, giving the place an unearthly feeling while Dawn was lying on her side near the wall with a group of people surrounding her, increasing her fear.

    “What do you want with me?” Dawn shouted as she fought with her ropes that were holding her down.

    “We need you out of the way so our leader can do his job – you are predicted to be his downfall with another trainer – with both of your separated, you will fail,” the male said.

    “Ash will come for me,” Dawn told him.

    “He can try but he will never find you in time,” the male informed her before laughing – a laugh that had Dawn shrinking back in fear as she fought at her ropes once more.


    Rick is the boy in the Pearl/Diamond game, he plays the Rival but I always thought he was funny and actually kinda wish that they had put him in the programme because I like the way he always crashes into Dawn/Lucas (Depends on what sex you play).

    I made up the name Rick because it seemed to suit him – he doesn’t belong to me! He belongs to the creators.
  14. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    A/N: Erm…I have a feeling that you all will kill me but remember; nothing is what it seemed. A vague hint is here, I apologise, again, in advance but I promise you that it will all be cleared up!

    Chapter 10: Don’t Mess With Me Part 1

    Dawn whimpered to herself from where she was lying on the ground in just her underwear. They had stripped and beated her up till she had lost conscious. Her bottom lip was split from the backhand and there was a cut on her cheek that was bleeding slowly, telling her that it was healing slightly.

    She didn’t know how long she has been in here and only could hope that Ash was getting closer to finding her. She didn’t understand why they took her…what they wanted from her. They kept asking her questions, questions she didn’t have the answer to but they didn’t believe her and it just ended in her having ‘punishment’ at their hands.

    She knew that there was a leader; he sometimes came in just to look at her before shaking his head. He had told her that if she just cooperated, they would let her go. She had told him that she didn’t know anything but he didn’t believe her either before ordering his followers to get the answers.

    Dawn closed her eyes as she fought back the tears of frustration and loneliness. She wished that she had her pokemon with her, she knew that Piplup was safe but the grunts had taken her other pokeballs and she didn’t know what they were doing to her pokemon and it terrified her.

    Turning onto her side with a soft wince, she just hoped that it would be all over soon and she could just pass it off as a nightmare.

    “Girl Kidnapped! This is one of the most sensational news we have been received. Dawn Berlitz…” a picture of Dawn popped came up on the screen, “has been kidnapped while she was camping with her travelling partners. So far, there has been no ransom or a demand which is baffling the police…”

    Ash turned the volume down on the screen, unwilling to listen to it anymore. It had been nearly three days since Dawn had been kidnapped and they were no closer to finding her…something that was driving him slowly insane.

    There have been cards and flowers being delivered to the house once the news had found out about Dawn being kidnapped. All the cards had told Johanna that the people were sorry and that they were praying for her safe return. She had even shown Ash the cards only to see that he was barely recognising them, too lost in his own thoughts.

    Johanna watched him from the kitchen doorway with her heart hurting for the young man. She had heard stories from Delia, Ash’s mother who had called her up the second she had heard that Dawn had gone missing only to be surprised that her son was there. She had told Johanna that she was making the next bus up to Twinleaf town.

    Both of them had shared stories about their child. Johanna had been shocked to hear that Ash had save the world on more than one occasion and Delia’s firm belief that if anyone was to find Dawn, it would be Ash.

    Don’t ask me why I know this but I just know deep inside of me that Ash will find your daughter when she needs him the most – the two of them have a bond that I’ve never seen with the other girls that Ash have travelled with,” Delia told her.

    Johanna took in Ash’s state. He had barely eaten or slept since he had arrived here. Only through hers and Brock’s force, he had reluctantly eaten but that was a rare thing. He had lost all taste for food and Johanna had a feeling that it would stay that way until Dawn was safe and in his sight.

    “How is he?” Brock asked as he came up next to Johanna, drying a plate. Johanna shook her head.

    “He’s been staring at the TV since they started the news about Dawn,” Johanna told him as she turned to face Brock. “Do you think he’ll be okay?”

    “Once we get Dawn back…yeah, only then,” Brock told her before shaking his head. “I just wish they had better leads for looking for Dawn. Ash is going out of his mind.”

    “Do you have anything to report?” Professor Rowan asked from where he was sitting in his chair, gazing at the picture of Dawn on the TV.

    “We know that there are some bases that the teams goes to but no one has reported of any suspicious situations which is leading us to believe…” one the police trailed off when Professor Rowan nodded.

    “That Dawn is any of those buildings at the moment,” he finished before sighing. “I have a feeling that those buildings are a little too obvious. If he wants answers, he needs a better place to hide her to prevent us from finding her.”

    “How is Ash doing?” Lucas asked as he turned to Rick, who was scanning the maps. He had been watching the police men talk to Professor Rowan and could see from the older man face that the news weren’t happy.

    “Staring at the TV,” Rick replied before shaking his head. “He’s scaring Brock. It’s like all life has left from him at the moment till we have an idea where Dawn is.”

    “We’ll get her back,” Lucas assured but Rick just looked at him.

    “In what state?” Rick asked. Lucas was taken aback from the question. “There is no way they are offering her teas and cakes; they are doing whatever it takes to get answers from her.”

    “You don’t know that,” Lucas told him. Rick just snorted.

    “We do know that,” Rick informed Lucas. “You’ve heard how brutally they treat pokemon, what do you think they would do to Dawn?” Lucas felt his jaw drop at the implication and Rick nodded. “And that’s what’s driving Ash insane.”

    Lucas looked away from Rick and down at the map as he tried to comprehend that the team would do whatever it takes to get answers…including beating up a young woman.

    Meanwhile, in a large room, the leader sat in his chair gazing at the picture of the girl that he had kidnapped. There were three people in the room with him. One was a male with blue hair that was spiked up the sides. A woman had short red hair, known as Commander Mars, while the other woman had long pink hair that was tied up.

    “What do you want us to do?” a blue haired male asked his leader. “The girl is firm in denying us the true legend.”

    “Get the answers…one way or another,” the leader commanded.

    “Yes master,” Commander Mars said as she turned her head and nodded to grunt that was standing at the door. They left the room and made their way down to the hostage room and opened the door, bringing light into the dark room.

    Dawn turned her head to see a silhouette in the doorway before the figure stepped in with a group of people behind them. Closing the door, they moved closer to Dawn, who tried to shrink away but the ropes held her fast.

    “We want answers and we want them now,” a female voice commanded. “You are going to give them to us.”

    “I don’t know anything about what you are asking! They haven’t told me anything!” Dawn told her, getting frustrated with the repeated questionings and them refusing to believe her.

    “You are lying,” the woman told her before nodding toward one of the men. He stepped forward and hauled Dawn up.

    “Tell us what is going on with you and the other trainer,” he demanded. Dawn just spat in his face.

    “Nothing to do with you,” Dawn retorted. The man growled as he shoved her back to the ground. Dawn bit her bottom lip as she held back her groan as pain shot up one of her elbows from where it had landed on the tiles, hard.

    “Stupid *****,” the man muttered. A woman stepped forward and yanked on Dawn’s hair, tugging her head back. Dawn gritted her teeth as pain ran through her skin as she turned her eyes to look at the woman.

    “You are really on thin ice. Tell us what we want to know or you will suffer a far more hurtful wrath,” the woman promised her. Dawn rolled her eyes.

    “And I keep telling you, I don’t know anything! They never told me anything. All I am is a coordinator from Twinleaf Town!” Dawn snapped. The woman shoved Dawn’s head forward as she let go of Dawn’s hair before turning to face the leader.

    “She’s stubborn, I’ll give her that,” the woman muttered. There was a chuckle from another man as he came forward and bent down to face Dawn before stroking a finger along her cheek.

    “I like feisty woman, they make my bed warm,” the man said as he trailed his finger down to Dawn’s chest only for her yank her body away and she glared at the man who dared to touch her.

    “Bite me!” Dawn snapped and her head was snapped sideways due to a backhanded slap.

    “Don’t tempt me,” the man leered. “Now, tell us about the legend.”

    “You can keep asking all you want – I don’t have the answer!” Dawn shouted only to cough and curl her body when a hard kick was delivered to her stomach.

    “You’re lying! We’ll get the answer one way or another, it’s better for you if you just tell us the easy way,” the female said. She always stood at the wall every time she came in the room. She never took part in the violence.

    “I don’t know anything!” Dawn screamed. “I don’t know what you want!”

    “Fine, you want to play that game, we’ll play the game,” the woman said before she nodded to man. “Have your fun.” She opened the door and she and the rest of the women stepped out leaving Dawn alone at the hands of the men.

    “Have you found anything yet?” Ash asked as he walked into the lab, ready and raring to hunt down Dawn to bring her back to safety.

    “We have a few leads,” Rick spoke up from where he was leaning over the table, scanning the maps. “There have been sightings of Team Galactic but we can’t seem to pinpoint where their hideout.”

    “Where are they being sighted more?” Ash asked as he moved over to the table and looked at the map. He could see that there were markings on the map, telling him where the teams have been spotted.

    “They have been hanging around in the forest but they have also been sighted in towns near the place Dawn had been taken. We know of at least 3 bases where they could have hidden Dawn but it is possible…” Rick trailed off.

    “That she could be hidden in a base you don’t know about yet,” Ash finished off with a short nod. “Is anyone planning on going into the bases to see if they have Dawn?”

    “Ash…” Professor Rowan started. “We can’t just go barging into their bases without at least good evidence.”

    “How about them stealing Pokemon?” Ash asked. “Yeah, they have won some pokemon fair and square but they also have been stealing the pokemon…that’s good evidence.”

    “Ash…” Lucas started only to back right off when he saw Ash glare in his direction. “Maybe we could send some people undercover?” he turned to look at Professor Rowan. “They are looking for more recruits so…”

    “But that could take forever. From what we know, the grunts know nothing of anything only the higher grunts and leaders have the knowledge. If we were to start at the bottom, it would take months or years even before we even get a hint of where Dawn could be,” Rick exploded. “We don’t have that long!”

    “Ash, we will get Dawn,” Professor Rowan started but Ash had finally lost all patience over hearing that they will get Dawn but there was no evidence of their work.

    “When?!” Ash shouted. “Dawn is out there and we need to get her as soon as possible!”

    “Ash…” Professor Rowan spoke up, as if to reassure Ash but got a sharp head shake from Brock. He knew that by trying to reassure Ash, they would just make him worse.

    “All we are getting is dead ends and each moment we waste means more time Dawn spends under the hands of the mad man!” Ash gritted out. “Find some reliable leads, ones that can actually help me to find her.” With that, Ash turned around and walked out of the lab stiffly with everyone watching him leave.

    “Ash…please finds me,” Dawn whispered as she turned on her side to reveal freshly whipped marks on her back.

  15. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 11: Help from the Unexpected

    “This is unbelievable,” Jessie said as she walked through the forest. “We have lost sight of the twerp Ketchum and his minions, including Pikachu and we find that they’ve lost the brat Berlitz!”

    “Thanks to a team Galactic, does anyone actually know who they are?” Meowth asked. James shook his head.

    “No. All the other teams have said they want the pokemon for power, something about Pokemon being from outer space,” James explained, causing Meowth to stop in his tracks and look at James with a disbelieving look.

    “Are they high?!” Meowth demanded, startling James and Jessie. “We are not from outer space…sure Deoxys are from outer space but you don’t see the rest of us hurtling down like comets do you?!”

    “Hey! Don’t shout at us! Shout at them!” Jessie shouted back. James just shook his head as he moved away from the two of them over to a small clearing only to stop when he saw a building down the cliff.

    Frowning, James knelt down so he was hidden from view and kept a close eye on the building when he saw a group of people moving toward the gates. They wore silver space suits with a large yellow G across their shirt and understanding dawn on him.

    “Hey…is that the team that everyone keeps talking about?” James asked, pointed to a group of grunt moving toward the building. Jessie and Meowth moved closer to James, knelt down, and Meowth nodded.

    “Yeah…those are the ones who Ash says have Dawn,” Meowth said.

    “Wait a minute, we don’t know of those are the ones who have Dawn, they could be keeping her somewhere else,” Jessie pointed out.

    “Do you want to risk that?” Meowth asked. “I’ve heard from the Pokemon that those guys are brutal when it comes to Pokemon, how do you think they would treat a human?” Jessie winced as she looked back at the building once more before sighing.

    “Ketchum will kill us if it turns out if Dawn is not there, we need to at least make sure that they have someone kidnapped first,” Jessie reminded.

    “Is there any pokemon around here?” James asked. Meowth shook his head.

    “No, either they have been kidnapped or they were smart and moved out of the area for protection,” Meowth told him before tapping his chin with a claw. “Maybe we can sneak in?”

    “We run the risk of getting caught and how is that supposed to help Berlitz?” Jessie asked.

    “Sh,” James hushed as he placed a finger to his lips as they heard a couple of grunts move closer. The cliff wasn’t that high up so they were able to overhear anything.

    “Do you think the girl knows anything?” a female grunt asked her male partner. He shrugged.

    “From what I’ve heard, she has been stubborn, she keeps telling them that she doesn’t know what they are talking about but the commanders doesn’t seem to believe her,” the male replied. The woman shook her head.

    “It would better if she just gave us the answers we need. We are trying to create a better world, why does she persist in delaying us?” the woman demanded with the man nodding in agreement as they move away from the cliff.

    Jessie and James shared a look while Meowth just looked at the group with a thoughtful look on his face.

    “I think we have an idea where Berlitz is,” Meowth said with Jessie and James nodding before they all got up and ran off in a direction.

    “We gotta find Ketchum and let him know!” Jessie exclaimed as they disappeared into the forest.

    Ash found himself sitting on the grass with his knees drawn up and his arms wrapped around his knees. He had been here ever since he had blown up at the professor. He knew that it was wrong but everything was just coming to ahead with each other. All his emotions were crashing out of control and he wished more than anything that Dawn was right by his side, helping him figure out his feelings.

    “Pika,” Pikachu placed a paw on Ash’s leg from where he was sitting at the side. Piplup was sitting next to Pikachu, gazing out at the water. He remembered the last time he was here. It was where he and Dawn had seen the legendary Mesprit for the first time.

    Ash’s head came up when he heard a faint stirring of water, causing Piplup and Pikachu to look up at him before following his gaze to meet Mesprit.

    The creature was floating above the water. It had pink head with a red crystal adoring the middle of its forehead, a grey body with two tails that had a red crystal on each one.

    “Mesprit,” Ash whispered as he brought up his pokedex.

    ‘Mesprit. Known as The Being of Emotion. It taught humans the nobility of sorrow, pain and joy. It sleeps at the bottom of a lake. Its spirit is said to leave its body to fly on the lake’s surface.’ The computer said. Ash just closed the pokedex and slipped it into his pocket.

    ‘Trainer,’ the Pokemon whispered but Ash just looked away. ‘You must help…’

    “Only if you help me find Dawn,” Ash compromised as he turned to look at the spirit. “You need both of us to stop whatever that is happening and I can’t do it without her.”

    Mesprit looked at him for a short moment before it nodded.

    ‘There is a group heading toward you, they will lead you to her. I will do my best to help you find her when you are near her but only if you believe in me,’ Mesprit told him before it faded from Ash’s view.

    “A group?” Ash asked as he stood up, confused when he heard pounding running footsteps hurrying toward him.

    “Ketchum!” a male voice shouted and Ash turned to see Jessie, James and Meowth hurrying toward him.

    “Oh! I don’t have time to deal with you trying to kidnap Pikachu today!” Ash complained but Jessie shook her head.

    “We think we know where Dawn is,” Jessie spoke up, startling Ash. This was the group that was going to lead him to Dawn?

    “Why do you want to help us?” Ash asked, confused and suspicious.

    “Because, like it or not, we have come to admire you for the way you always save the world and we admire Dawn because she has guts,” James admitted with Jessie nodding agreement.

    “We still think you’re annoying but we admire you,” Jessie explained, startling Ash.

    “Oh,” Ash said, unable to say anything before he snapped out of it. “Where is she?”

    “Follow us,” Meowth told him as he led the way toward the building that they had just came from.

    “Did they say anything about how Dawn was?” Ash asked.

    “No, just that she hasn’t been answering their questions,” Jessie told him. Ash nodded as they reached through the clearing that the trio had stumbled over in the first place.

    Moving over to the cliff edge, Ash could see the building and the grunts walking about. The building was cold in itself. It was a tall building that was covered well by the surrounding trees and mountains. As the sun was setting, it cast an evil feeling over the building, making everyone shiver when they saw it.

    “Is she in there?” Ash asked, gesturing with his head in the building’s direction, wanting to be sure.

    “We overheard two grunts talking about a girl that had been kidnapped and how she was delaying their plans because she won’t give them the answers they want. They refuse to believe that she doesn’t know anything,” James explained. Ash just clenched his fists as he nodded shortly.

    “Okay, you two better go. If you’re right, you need to get Professor Rowan and let him know,” Ash told them.

    “But…” Jessie started but got a glare from Ash.

    “Go!” Ash ordered. They nodded before they hurried out of Ash’s sight before he turned back to face the building. “She here?” Ash asked.

    ‘Yes,’ came the whisper.

    “Good, now it’s my turn,” Ash whispered as Pikachu and Piplup jumped up onto his shoulders as Ash made his way through the forest to get to the building.

    “Lucas, may I speak with you?” Professor Rowan asked, calling his assistant over from where he was looking at a computer screen with Rick. He nodded as he said something to Rick before moving over to Professor Rowan.

    “Yes?” he asked.

    “We think we know where Dawn is,” Professor Rowan told him. Excitement crossed over Lucas’ face over the prospect of being able to rescues the girl before a frown crossed his face.

    “Then why are you not letting Rick or Ash know?” Lucas asked.

    “Because I don’t want to get their hopes up only for them to be dashed if it turns out that Dawn isn’t there, also to do with the fact that I’d rather keep them out of the rescues mission. They are more volatile and more likely to attack on sight than we are,” Professor Rowan explained.

    Lucas nodded in agreement as he looked around to see Rick was talking to Brock. Both of them seemed worried about something and Lucas had a feeling that it was something to do with Ash after the way he had stormed out of the laboratory for a few hours earlier.

    “What are we going to do?” Lucas asked in a hushed whisper.

    “We need to enter the building as soon as possible. The quicker we do it, the less likely flags are going to be sent up,” Professor Rowan told him.

    “Do you want me to arrange everything?” Lucas asked and Professor Rowan nodded.

    “Thank you,” Lucas nodded as he moved over to the computer only to overhear Brock and Rick’s conversation.

    “What do you mean he’s missing?” Rick whispered, his eyes darting to the sides to make sure that no one could hear him.

    “I mean he’s missing. No one has seen him since he had stormed out of the lab. He usually goes straight to Dawn’s house but Johanna swears that Ash has not been there. She had been there all day,” Brock whispered back. Rick ran a hand through his blonde hair.

    “You don’t think he has gone off to find Dawn on his own?” Rick asked. Brock shrugged.

    “He’s Ash. He has been going crazy over the fact that we haven’t been able to find Dawn, I wouldn’t put it pass him,” Brock reminded and Rick nodded.

    “Okay, we need to think up the likely places he will attack. I know that he has saved the world on more than one occasion but he has got to have help when looking for Dawn, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,” Rick explained. Brock just frowned as he looked over the maps and noticed a small pattern.

    “Is it just me or does it seems like all the Galactic buildings are all in a circle?” Brock asked, pointing it out to Rick, who looked at the map before his eyes widen.

    “And if they are in a circle, then…” He trailed off.

    “The main base has got to be in the middle, somewhere hidden…like…” Brock placed his finger onto a spot on the map.

    “Like the forest,” Rick and Brock said together only to snap their heads up when they heard a yell of shock coming from one of the policemen.

    In the hostage room, Dawn laid on the ground with her eyelids drooped to half mast as she fought the darkness that was trying to take over her. Her breathing was raspy while blood coated her underwear and stained the tiles underneath her.

    “Ash…” his name slipped from Dawn’s blue parted lips as she fought to breathe.

    “Dawn…hold on, I’m coming,” Ash whispered as he ran toward the building with Pikachu and Piplup clinging onto his shoulders.

    “We have a sighting!” a police officer shouted from where he was looking at the screen.

    “What?” Professor Rowan demanded as he hurried over with Rick, Brock and Lucas hot on his heels. They looked at the computer screen and notice a familiar person running toward the building; obviously uncaring that he was in view.

    “Ketchum!” Lucas exclaimed.

    “How did he know that’s the building that has Dawn? We only just found out!” Professor Rowan asked.

    “Us,” a woman’s voice said and everyone turned to see Jessie and James standing there with Meowth in the middle. “We told him.”

    “Hold on tight boys,” Ash told his pokemon as he jumped over the wall and landed on the ground with his legs bent and hands placed on the ground before looking around and straightened up.

    He noticed a door off to the side before looking at his Pokemon.

    “Pika,” Pikachu nodded.

    “Pip,” Piplup agreed. Ash just gave a cold smile as he hurried over to the door before lifting a leg and kicked the door open.

    The door opened with a loud thud as it bounced off the wall, causing a grunt to look toward the door with a confused expression on his face before understanding dawn on him.

    “What the…it’s the boy!” one the grunt shouted, causing everyone to look at Ash standing in the doorway, his brown eyes flashing with rage.

  16. Bubbles18

    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 12: Vengeance is Ours

    “Where is she?!” Ash shouted from where he was standing in the doorway.

    “Someone alert the commanders, the rest of you – fight him!” one of the grunts shouted. Everyone got out their pokeballs and brought out their pokemon.

    They were a mixture of bug pokemon and Glameow. Ash just raised an eyebrow at the pokemon before scoffing as he brought out his pokeballs.

    “Turtwig! Buizel! Staravia! Come on out!” Ash called out and his three pokemon came out, ready to battle.

    “Turtwig, razor leaf! Buizel – aqua jet! Staravia – wing attack!” Ash commanded with a hard tone.

    “Turt!” Turtwig sent a stream of razor leaves toward the grunts and pokemon.

    “Bui!” Buizel covered himself in water before shooting forward, spraying everyone with water.

    “Via!” Staravia flew into the air as her wings lit themselves up before she swooped down toward the grunts and pokemon.

    “Piplup – Bubble-beam! Pikachu – thunderbolt!” Ash shouted. “Let’s finish this!”

    “Piplup!” Piplup sent a stream of bubbles.

    “Pikachu!” Pikachu covered himself in yellow electricity before it crackled up in the air and electrocuted all the pokemon and grunts, leaving them on the floor, knocked out.

    “Good going guys,” Ash praised. “Come on, we have a mission to do.” Ash led the way over to the stairs with the pokemon following him, just as determined as he was to get Dawn back where she belonged…right by their side.

    They reached the floor only to notice that a man was already waiting for him. He had his pokeballs in his hands as he turned blues eyes toward Ash.

    “I suggest you leave before I embarrass you,” he informed Ash, who just raised an eyebrow.

    “Embarrass me? You’re the one who kidnapped Dawn so I’ll think it’ll be the other way round…don’t you?” Ash asked.

    “What is it with you and that girl? Why can you just understand that we are trying to create a better world, one far superior than this one,” the man demanded. Ash just snorted.

    “Because you’re not trying to create a better world. All you’re trying to do is destroy everything we know because you can’t handle the fact that you are a…nobody,” Ash informed him with a mocking tone.

    “Enough!” the man snapped. “Today is the day you will rue crossing Commander Saturn.”

    “Bring it on,” Ash told him as Saturn threw his pokeball into the air.

    “Kadabra!” A large golden creature appeared. It had two spoons in its hands as it glared at Ash.

    “Staravia – wing attack!” Ash shouted. Staravia let a cry as she swooped toward Kadabra. Commander Saturn was about to shout an order when it was too late. Staravia’s attack had landed on Kadabra and sent him flying till its back hit the wall and was knocked out.

    “NO!” Saturn shouted but he recalled his pokemon and threw out his other Pokeball. “Bronzor!” A round blue metal pokemon came out.

    “Pikachu – thunderbolt, Turtwig – Razor Left, Buizel – Pursuit!” Ash called out and all three attack met Bronzor at the same time, forcing it to fly backward and hit the wall before sliding down to the ground. It got back up with a small sway.

    “Bronzor – use Extrasensory!” Saturn ordered but it was too late. The pokemon tried to use the move but it backfired due to Bronzor being confused and it ended up knocking itself out. “No!” Saturn gritted his teeth as he recalled his pokemon before throwing out his last pokeball. “Toxicroak!” the evolved form of Croagunk came out. Its skin was lighter, it had a spike on its forehead and a large red bubble under its neck with two large red claws that proved fatal filled with poison.

    “Staravia – wing attack!” Ash called out. “Pikachu – thunderbolt!” Both attack met Toxicroak in the middle. It stood there for a short moment before it fell forward, passed out from the combined attack.

    “NO!” Saturn shouted, shocked and angry with his loss over the battle.

    “See you later,” Ash told him as he walked pass Commander Saturn only for Pikachu to use thunderbolt on him, knocking him out. Ash just chuckled without looking back as he continued to walk up the stairs till he got to his destination.

    Upon reaching there, he found himself staring at a short red haired woman before sighing to himself.

    “How did you get up here?!” the woman shrieked. “There is no way you could have passed Commander Saturn!”

    “Guess again lady,” Ash replied. “Does this mean I have to battle you? Cause I rather not waste my time.” The woman scowled.

    “You dare to brush me off?! Commander Mars?!” she asked before she threw her pokeballs into the air, hoping that calling them all will give her an edge. “Bronzor! Golbat! Purugly!”

    A blue bat came out; it had a large mouth as it stay in the air. Purugly was the evolved version of Glameow. It was a fatter version, one that had Ash cringing as he looked at it before shaking his head, hoping to God that Johanna’s Glameow didn’t evolve at all.

    “Staravia – wing attack on Golbat. Pikachu – thunderbolt on Bronzor. Buizel – pursuit on Purugly!” Ash commanded. Commander Mars smirked before she opened her mouth only for her jaw to drop when she saw that his attacks had just knocked out two of her pokemons. Golbat and Purugly went down, hard. Too late, she realised that they had just used attacks that her pokemon was vulnerable to.

    “Bronzer, use Extrasensory!” Commander Mars shouted.

    “Piplup – use peck!” Ash shouted.

    “Pip!” Piplup’s beak grew as he ran toward Bronzer, jumped up and pecked it hard as he could before Bronzer could even get its attack out. Bronzer fell down to the ground, causing Commander Mars to look at her pokemon in a stunned shock before she looked at Ash.

    “It’s true…the legend…about the trainers,” she mumbled mostly to herself. “Why! Why did you do this?!”

    “You shouldn’t have kidnapped her,” Ash said, darkly. “Pikachu – use thunderbolt!”

    “Pik-A-Chu!” Pikachu shouted and electricity shot out, electrocuting both the pokemon and Mars. Commanders Mars and her pokemon just laid there, knocked out while Ash just walked past the bodies with the pokemon. They continued to climb the stairs till they reached another floor that had grunts this time and they were waiting for him as they had their pokemon out.

    “Turtwig – Razor Leaf! Piplup – Bubble beam!” Ash ordered.

    Turtwig steeled himself before a group of razor leaves came shooting out of his back toward the pokemon and grunts.

    Piplup took in a deep breath before shooting out a stream of bubbles which exploded on contact of the pokemon and grunts.

    “Way to go!” Ash praised when he saw the pokemon were all knocked out and the grunts lying on the ground. “Come on!” He made his way into the room only to see scientists standing on the other side of the table and three Pokeballs on the large metal table. He could see the stickers on them and instantly knew they were Dawn’s pokemon.

    Reaching to pick them up, he noticed that the scientists had brought out their Pokemon with a glare in their eyes.

    “We suggest you don’t do that,” the male said. Ash just smirked as he threw the balls into the air, calling out each pokemon.

    “Ambipom, Pachirisu, Buneary – come out!” Ash called, the three pokemon came out, confused to why they had been in the balls for so long and why Ash had been the one to call them out.

    “Ambipom - Swift! Pachirisu – Spark! Buneary – Ice Beam!” They looked at him, confused to why he was ordering them. “They kidnapped Dawn.” Anger overtook the Pokemon as they turned to face the scientists and their pokemon that had dared to kidnap their trainer.

    “Ai!” Ambipom jumped into the air and swung her tail, sending out a stream of stars.

    “Bun!” Buneary shot out a stream of blue ice.

    “Chi!” Pachirisu sent out an electric shock, showing everyone just how angry she was. All the attacks met in the middle, combined and it the scientists, sending them flying backward. Ash just nodded his head, impressed.

    “Let’s go!” he called out and the pokemon hurried out of the door after him, more than willing to do whatever it took to get Dawn back. They hurried up the stairs, floor after floor till they reached one that led the way to the floor Ash need to get only to stop when he saw a pink haired woman standing in the middle of the hallway, much to his frustration and annoyance.

    “You know, this is getting really annoying have to fight you lot one after the other,” Ash said as he rested his back against the wall, crossing his arms.

    “You dare to mock me?” the woman demanded.

    “Let me guess, Commander Jupiter?” Ash asked in a bored tone.

    “How did you know?” Commander Jupiter asked.

    “Easy, I saw your picture in the police’s file. They really want you in jail that’s for sure,” Ash told her before he shifted onto his other feet. “But enough chit chat, I don’t have the time so let’s battle.”

    “I won’t go easy on you little boy, you will not easily surpass me,” Jupiter warned him but Ash just snorted.

    “That’s what the other two said, guess they were wrong as I’m here,” Ash informed her. Anger passed over the woman face as she threw a Pokeball into the air.

    “Zubat!” Jupiter called out. “Use bite!”

    “Buneary, use ice beam,” Ash ordered.

    “Bun!” Buneary sent out a beam of ice, which met the Zubat head on. The ice covered a thick layer over the Zubat, making it impossible for the Zubat to do anything but fall to the ground, unable to battle.

    “Next one,” Ash told Jupiter, who flashed him a glare as she recalled her Zubat back and threw her other Pokemon into the air.

    “Skuntank! Use fury swipes!” Jupiter demanded.

    “Pikachu, thunderbolt. Piplup, Bubble,” Ash commanded. Both of them nodded as they shot out electricity and bubble together, causing the Skuntank to fly backward, crashing into its trainer.

    “How is this possible?” Jupiter demanded. “How can you control them when they are not yours?”

    “Easy – I don’t control them,” Ash replied. “They trust me because Dawn trusts me and they don’t like it when someone kidnaps her.” He turned to the others. “Finish it.”

    “Pip!” Piplup sent out another stream of bubbles.

    “Ambipom!” Ambipom sent out a stream of stars and both attack hit both the Skuntank and Jupiter, causing them both to pass out.

    “Good, let’s go.” Ash led the way over to the other stairs till they reached a hallway only for Ash to stop. It wasn’t just a hallway, it was a hallway filled with cages of different pokemon and he felt rage burn through him once more.

    They were the most heartless people he had ever met. They cared for nothing but their own gain and damn everyone who got in the way of it…like the Pokemon and Dawn. Ash bent down to the side and grabbed the pole that was leaning against the side of the cages before heading his way down the hallway till he reached the room.

    The scientists looked up only for their eyes to widen when they saw the unfamiliar boy. They made to grab their pokemon but one glare from Ash told them that they would regret it if they did.

    “Leave,” Ash told them. They bolted out of the room as quick as they could while Ash made his way over to the machine that was keeping the pokemon locked up.

    “Argh!” Ash shouted as he swung the pipe toward the computer machine that was keeping the cages locked and it blew up with a shower of sparks causing the alarms to shrill and the glass doors to swing open, allowing the Pokemon to jump out from the cages.

    They looked toward Ash, who moved over to the other door that said ‘exit’ and opened it, allowing the freed Pokemon to get out of the building and back to where they belong.

    Not finished his mission, Ash strode onward to the other door and pressed the button. A small beeping sound rang around the room as the doors slid open and Ash stepped into it with his pokemon following him. He pressed another button the doors closed, going up.

    Upon reaching the top floor, the doors dinged as it opened to reveal an office like room with a desk and a large chair in the middle of the room.

    There was an older looking man standing near the window at the back of the room with spiky blue hair. He had his back to Ash when he heard the door opened.

    “Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting you this early,” the man said before he turned around smiled. “Though, I don’t know why I am surprised.”

    “Who are you?” Ash asked.

    “Cyrus,” the man replied.

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    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 13: Don’t Mess With Me Part 2

    “Cyrus…as in the same man who ordered the kidnap on Dawn?” Ash asked. Cyrus splayed his arms.

    “The same one,” Cyrus said, almost sounding pleased with himself.

    “Why?” Ash asked. “I mean, I have met some crazy teams in my past but you…you take the cake. Kidnapping a young woman because you’re scared?” Cyrus chuckled.

    “She held the answers I needed,” Cyrus told him but Ash just shook his head.

    “Nope, that’s not it. There’s something more and you know it,” Ash told him. “Tell me…was it worth kidnapping her? Did you get what you wanted?” Cyrus just looked at Ash before smirking.

    “I think the question is…will you still want her?” Cyrus asked, causing Ash to stop in his tracks, confused about the turnaround.

    “What?” Ash asked. Cyrus smirked.

    “Let’s just say that we didn’t believe that she didn’t know what we were talking about so my men decided to have…fun with her,” Cyrus mocked only to still in fear when he saw Ash’s eyes blacken and his hands curl up into fists. Every muscles in Ash’s body told Cyrus that he was furious and Cyrus had realised that he made his fatal mistake.

    “You what?” Ash gritted out.

    “You heard me,” Cyrus told him, sounding bored. Ash tilted his head down slightly as he fought to get his anger under control. This wasn’t going to help Dawn and he needed to have a clear head to find her.

    “I found your records books…pokemon from space? Just how high are you?” Ash asked. Cyrus growled as he turned to look at Ash once more.

    “They are powerful, more powerful than any of us can comprehend, thus, they are going to help me to create a new world,” Cyrus told him. Ash snorted.

    “I know they’re powerful but they’ll never help you create a new world, they like this world,” Ash informed him before shaking his head. “You guys are all the same…it’s either the money or world domination.”

    “It’s neither,” Cyrus told him but Ash just arched an eyebrow.

    “You just said that you were going to change the world to your view…er, that’s world domination,” Ash explained.

    “I merely wish to change the world from its pathetic state it is in right now. We treat Pokemon like they are equal when we know that they are more powerful, more important than you lot. They are here to help me harness their power,” Cyrus explained. Ash just sighed.

    “Give me an example of a Pokemon that has come from space,” Ash countered.

    “Deoxys,” Cyrus remarked. Ash just let out a mirthless laugh.

    “We all know that Deoxys isn’t really a pokemon. It only became a pokemon because it was the only way for it to adapt, pick something else,” Ash told him. Cyrus just mouthed soundless and Ash smirked. “Guess your little theory is going to be blown out of the water before you can even say ‘boo’.”

    “You arrogant little punk!” Cyrus growled as he lunched himself at Ash only for Ash to grab him by throat, pulling him over to the desk.

    “Tell me why you kidnapped her!” Ash shouted as he slammed Cyrus’ head onto the table, pressing down hard.

    “There is a legend,” Cyrus groaned out. “A legend that the pokemon of Time and Space will come forward but only will recognise two trainers that will meet their expectations – I need those pokemon to change this world to make mine and those trainers will ruin everything!”

    “Tragedy,” Ash mocked out as he yanked Cyrus up and glared into his blue eyes. “Doesn’t answer my question about why you kidnapped Dawn!”

    “You are the trainers,” Cyrus snapped out. Ash looked at him, confused. “You are the trainers that the pokemon of Time and Space will recognise. I need to know if the girl knew anything of the legend, anything to help me prevent you two from screwing everything up!”

    “You’re insane,” Ash shook his head as he shoved Cyrus away. “You are losing it. Dawn is a coordinator, I’m just a trainer.”

    “A trainer who had saved the world on more than one occasion,” Cyrus remarked before nodding at Ash’s shocked look. “I know all about you Ash Ketchum, I even know who your father is…”

    “Don’t you dare talk about my father!” Ash shouted as he took a step forward. “He has nothing to do with this. This is all about you being so scared that you kidnapped a girl just to prevent you from getting what you want. This world is not going to be changed to your belief and guess what – it’s all thanks to you.”

    “What?” Cyrus asked, confused and Ash nodded.

    “You heard me. If you had just left Dawn alone, I wouldn’t have to come after you and I wouldn’t have found out about your little plan thus I would have stayed out of it but you brought us in to it and we’re are going to finish this,” Ash informed him before he grabbed Cyrus by the throat. “Now…where is Dawn!”

    “Why should I tell you?” Cyrus demanded as he shoved Ash away from him only to realise his mistake.

    “Piplup!” Piplup blew a stream of bubbles toward Cyrus. Pikachu used Thunderbolt. Buneary used Ice Beam. Pachirisu used spark. Buizel used water gun and Ambipom used swift.

    All the attack joined together and sent Cyrus flying off his feet till he hit the wall with his back and slumped down to the ground.

    Ash strode forward and wrapped his hand around Cyrus’ neck and lifted him off the floor, choking the older man.

    “Where is she?” Ash whispered.

    “Somewhere you can’t find her,” Cyrus choked out only to choke even more as Ash’s grip tightened around Cyrus.

    “Tell me where Dawn is or the pokemon are going to have the pleasure of taking you apart…piece by piece,” Ash promised.

    “In a room, near the back,” Cyrus choked out. Ash threw him to the side before slamming the door open and stormed through it with all the pokemon following him.

    There were doors lining the corridor, causing Ash to look around frustrated as he walked down the hallway, hoping for a sign where Dawn was. All the pokemon were looking at each door curiously before they shook their head, dismissing it till they came to a stop at the last door.

    Ash looked down at the pokemon and found they were all staring at the door with a fierce determination before he looked at the door. He tried the handle only to find it was locked.

    Discourage, Ash was about to go back to Cyrus to get the key when a whisper brushed his ear.

    She’s here,' a voice whispered. Ash lifted his leg and snapped it toward the door, breaking the lock.

    The door slammed open and the light from the hallway lit up a path to Dawn’s broken body, encased in her underwear, lying on the floor.

    “Dawn!” Ash shouted as he moved closer to the still form and turned her on her back before inhaling sharply at the sight of her.

    Her face was bruised and battered. Her bottom lip was split and slightly bleeding. Her lips were partly open as raspy breath came out in short painful puffs. Her stomach was a mass of dark colours while her back and the back of her legs were slashed to ribbons due to all the whipping she had received. The blood stained her back and the tiles.

    “Pip…” Piplup moved forward and pushed Dawn’s neck softly with his head.

    “Bun,” Buneary whimpered, causing Pikachu to place a hand on her shoulder. Pachirisu looked like she was ready to electrocute someone on the spot while Ambipom and Buizel were shifting furiously.

    “Turt, Turt!” Turtwig pawed the ground as he looked toward Ash, waiting for an order. Ash just bowed his head.

    “I’m so sorry Dawn, I should have been quicker,” Ash whispered as a tear leaked out from the corner of his eye. All the pokemon bowed their heads before Pikachu snapped his head up.

    “Pika!” he exclaimed, causing everyone to look up except from Ash.

    A hand curled around Ash’s and squeezed softly. Ash brought his head up and looked into pained yet relieved blue eyes.

    “I knew you would come for me,” Dawn whispered and Ash gave her a soft look.

    “I would never leave you,” Ash whispered back. Dawn gave a pained smile before she closed her eyes again. “I’m gonna get you out of here.” Ash looked around till he stripped his body warmer off before stripping his shirt off and wrapped it around Dawn’s body as gently as he could before he pulled on his body warmer on.

    Ash stood up and lifted Dawn into his arms, bridal style, and walked out of the room with the Pokemon leading the way.

    Cyrus struggled to get up from his spot on the ground as he continued to massage his throat when he heard a noise coming from the doorway and smirked to himself…no doubt the boy couldn’t find the girl and had come back to threaten him some more.

    Cyrus looked up and gasped when he saw Ash walking toward him with Dawn in his arms.

    “Impossible!” Cyrus shouted. He had hidden her in his best hiding place yet that boy had managed to found her. Ash just raised dark eyes to his.

    “Nothing is impossible with us,” Ash said with a hard tone.

    “You weren’t meant to find her!” Cyrus shouted as he tried to lunge himself at Ash only for Ash to side step him.

    “Guess you were wrong,” Ash told him as he began to walk over to the elevator when Cyrus spoke up.

    “We never touched her!” Cyrus shouted, startling Ash as he turned to face him. “When I told you that my men had fun with her…I lied.”

    “Why should I believe you now?” Ash asked. “You have just proven to me that you will do anything it takes to make sure the two of us stays separated and you were willing to let her die in order to get what you wanted.”

    “Tell him…” Cyrus started as he reached out to Dawn only for Ash to shift Dawn’s body and threw a right hook, catching Cyrus off guard as the punch landed on his left temple. Cyrus stumbled to the side, clutching his head as he looked at Ash, shocked.

    “Don’t you ever touch her again,” Ash promised. “You touch her, I get to kill you.”

    “You can’t stop me!” Cyrus shouted.

    “Just watch me,” Ash countered back as they exchanged glares.

    “There’s nothing you can do,” Cyrus informed him only to let out a yell of pain and clutch his left eye from where Ash had punched him again.

    “Don’t try me,” Ash promised him, darkly.

    Cyrus looked at him and was about to reply when a loud blast surrounded them and smoke filled the room.

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    Bubbles18 The Crazy Eevee Lady

    Chapter 14: How to Save a Life

    “Are we ready?” Professor Rowan asked Officer Jenny, who nodded.

    “Yes, everything is in place. Remember to stay here till we have everything secured,” she warned him and Professor Rowan nodded before she turned to the others and signalled with her hand.

    With the signal, a blast went off inside the building and all the police officers rushed into the building, clearing each room they went in and who they have apprehended.

    Meanwhile, in Cyrus’ office, Ash and Cyrus were coughing as they tried not to breath in the white gas when the door crashed opened to reveal police officers. Cyrus moved backward toward a wall, pressed a button and disappeared through the wall.

    A group of police hurried over to the wall, intending to catch him while the other police officers lead Ash down the stairs where they met up with Professor Rowan.

    Professor Rowan felt the blood drain from his face the moment saw Dawn’s still body in Ash’s arms and met worried brown eyes.

    “Get to a hospital…now!” Professor Rowan shouted and Ash hurried out of the building, holding Dawn close to him.

    “Who have we lost?” Officer Jenny asked as she looked at the grunts they have arrested.

    “Commander Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Our men are currently pursing Cyrus,” an officer told her. Jenny sighed as she ran a hand over her forehead.

    “Find them, they can not be let out into the world,” Officer Jenny said. “They are a threat to the society.” The officers nodded as they ordered another search of the building.

    “Have we found anything?” Professor Rowan asked.

    “There are labs and lots of notes. There is a hallway of cages but someone had taken a pipe to the computer that was keeping the cages locked and freed the pokemon. We found them in the exit route,” Officer Jenny told him.

    “That would be Ash,” Brock spoke up. “He hates seeing Pokemon locked up.” Officer Jenny nodded.

    “What about Dawn?” Rick spoke up. “What happened to her?” Officer Jenny hesitated in telling them anything before sighing when she saw the pleading looks in their eyes.

    “From what we could tell in the room, there is a lot of blood on the tiles. There were several of equipments from whips to ropes. We could tell that she was tied down and some of the tools have been used from the blood that coated them,” Jenny admitted.

    Rick just closed his eyes as he looked away. His skin had turned a little green.

    “I…gotta…” he stumbled out of the building before finding a bush and retched into it. Brock came up behind him and patted Rick’s back, comforting him through his sickness.

    “How can anyone do that?” Rick asked hoarsely after a few minutes of silence. “How could they do that to Dawn?”

    “I don’t know,” Brock whispered. “I really don’t know.”

    Professor Rowan and moved over to the window during Officer Jenny’s description of Dawn’s room and felt guilty he had not warned Ash and Dawn of the situation they were in. If they had, then maybe Dawn wouldn’t have gone through the torture. He had believed he was protecting them but if anything, he had them led to Dawn.

    “Professor Rowan?” Lucas asked as he looked at the older man. Professor Rowan looked down at him before turning to see everyone was looking at him with concern.

    “Find them…and make them pay,” Professor Rowan told her before he strode pass everyone and up the stairs to the lab where they would hold the answers they needed to find out what was going on.

    Meanwhile, Ash was running as fast as he could. He hadn’t realised that all his pokemon had stayed back at the building with Brock, knowing they would never match his speed.

    All he cared about was getting Dawn to the hospital as soon as he could. He needed her to live; he wasn’t going to let her go. He chuckled slightly to himself. After tonight, there was no way he was going to let her out of his sight.

    Dawn’s eyes opened slightly, curious to what Ash had found funny when pain shot through her body, causing her to groan. Ash looked down at her and felt his heart clench when he saw the pain filling her face.

    “Just hold on Dawn, we’re nearly there. I’m gonna get you help,” Ash whispered. The only answer he got was Dawn’s eyes rolling up into the back of her head, nearly stopping Ash’s heart. He just ran faster till he caught sight of a hospital, changing tracks, he took the short cut over to the hospital so he was there quicker.

    “I need help!” Ash shouted as he entered the hospital, startling everyone till the doctors and nurses sprang into action when they saw the body in the boy’s arms.

    A gurney was wheeled forward and Ash placed Dawn on it.

    “Name, age and details,” A doctor asked as they wheeled the gurney toward a room.

    “Dawn Berlitz, she’s fifteen. She was kidnapped and beaten up. One of the men insinuated that they had fun with her,” Ash explained, trying to fight back the bile at the last statement. The doctor caught on and nodded.

    “I want a team of surgeons on hold, a nurse with a SAE* Kit and 10 pints of O-positive blood and more on hold. I want them now!” The doctor barked out the orders as they wheeled the girl into a room.

    Ash made to follow them when one of the nurses blocked his way.

    “I’m sorry honey but you’re going to have to wait outside,” she told him with sympathy in her blue eyes. “I promise we’ll do our best to help her.” Ash just nodded as he moved away from the doors and headed over to the window that allowed him to look in to see what was happening.

    They had shifted Dawn onto the other bed while a nurse inserted a tube down Dawn’s mouth so they were able to help her breathe. A doctor was checking Dawn’s pulse and looking over the injuries they could see. Another nurse was cutting Dawn’s bra apart so it wasn’t compressing her chest.

    “I want x-rays and CAT Scans. I don’t want anything missed. Hook up those IV now and get me a surgeon down here,” A doctor shouted. A nurse hurried over to a phone and started dialling in different numbers.

    They brought a scanner in, not willing to risk Dawn having a flat line while transferring to the x-ray room. They had found that she had multiple broken bones, sprained wrists and ankles, a cracked rib and a broken rib had punctured Dawn’s lungs. There was a faint hairline crack along Dawn’s head, telling them that she had sustained some head wounds but nothing too serious.

    A nurse had taken samples of blood, probed a soft cotton bud into her mouth and between her legs before scraping under the fingernails to get any DNA evidence that may have been sustained during her kidnap.

    Ash had looked away at that moment, unwilling to invade Dawn’s privacy before looking back when they started using the scan to check Dawn’s stomach only to find that she had a mass of internal bleeding due to all the beating she had received. They found that the wounds on the back weren’t as deep as they could have been and they would heal on their own given time.

    Ash placed his forehead on the cool window, wishing that he was holding Dawn’s hand before he closed his eyes and took in a shuddering deep breath as he fought to control all his emotions.

    Brock was pacing the building, feeling antsy and decided that he would go and comfort Ash. He felt useless in the building, he had checked out all the pokemon and found they were unharmed before suggesting that the pokemon should be taken to a pokemon centre where Nurse Joy would be able to care for them and give them the love that they needed after their captivity.

    “I’m going to the hospital to find out what is happening with Dawn, do you want to come?” Brock asked Rick, who shook his head.

    “I can’t…not right now,” Rick told him and Brock nodded in understanding as he brought out all the pokeballs and called the pokemon back. He was about to put the Pokeballs away when the pokemon broke free of their pokeballs, startling everyone.

    Brock just sighed as he looked at them with understanding clear on his face.

    “Do you want to wait till you have seen Dawn?” he asked and got nods of agreement. “Okay, come on!” He ran out of the door with the pokemon following him.

    “Interesting pokemon, I have never seen pokemon this attached to their trainers before,” one of the Galactic scientists said.

    “What do you mean by that?” Rick asked in a hard tone, startling the man as he looked toward the boy.

    “I mean that Ketchum was able to use the girl’s pokemon despite the fact they don’t belong to him,” the man explained, shocking everyone. “They obeyed him the moment he said that we had kidnapped the girl and continued to obey him despite the fact they found the girl.”

    “The girl’s name is Dawn,” Rick snapped. “Or is this a tactic that helps you from identifying her as a real person.”

    “Rick,” Lucas whispered as he placed a hand on his shoulder.

    “No!” Rick snapped, finally losing his temper. “They kidnapped Dawn! They took her, tortured her and beated her within an inch of her life! They are the reason why Ash was going insane. They are the reason why Pokemon will probably never trust another human being again because they’ll start to believe that we’re all like them!”

    “Rick…” Officer Jenny started but Rick had already stridden over to the scientist and lifted him up by his lapels before he pulled out a picture of him and Dawn together, one where Dawn was laughing and thrusted it into the scientist face.

    “Look!” the man tried to look away but Rick just tightened his grip. “Look!” the man looked at the picture of the girl they had kidnapped. “She’s fifteen years old. She has a mother who has barely slept since she had found out that her only daughter was missing. Dawn has suffered torture and abuse at your hands. I want to know is when I will be able to see her laugh without the shadows of fear and doubt in her eyes that was put there because a group of people can’t comprehend that Pokemon were not created for power!”

    “I…” the man started.

    “You what?” Rick demanded. “You’re sorry? A bit late for that isn’t it?” He placed a punch into the scientist face, startling everyone into action.

    “Rick!” Lucas shouted as two police officers hurried over to Rick and pulled him off the man, who spat out the blood.

    “You deserve that,” Rick snapped as he fought the police’s embrace but they were too strong when they heard a cry of frustration.

    Ash was still standing at the window, watching the nurses and doctors work on Dawn. They had discovered that she had punctured a lung and had internal bleeding and were waiting for the operation room to be cleared before they transferred her.

    A surgeon had came down and taken one look at Dawn before heading straight to the phone and called up all the available teams they had so that they were on stand by for any major problems.

    “Sir,” a female voice interrupted Ash’s thoughts. He turned his head to see a nurse standing there with a cup of hot liquid in her hand and a blanket in the other. “Do you want to sit down? You have been standing there for almost one and half hour,” she told him. Ash shook his head.

    “No…I can’t…not till I see for myself that Dawn is going to be okay,” Ash whispered. The nurse looked at him for a short moment before she nodded and handed him the cup.

    “Here, you’ll need it,” she told him. He took the cup gratefully before she wrapped the blanket around his shoulders and left him alone with his thoughts and the girl through the window.

    Meanwhile, in the building, Professor Rowan and Lucas were pouring over the books, checking everything that the team had collected over the years and found some answers but not all of them, which was more frustrating for them.

    On top of that, they still haven’t apprehended Cyrus, which was even more annoying and more worrying for them. They needed him captured if Dawn was going to lead a relative safe life without looking over her shoulders for Cyrus.

    “We’ve lost him!” A police office shouted, startling the Professors as they looked at each other with stunned looks.

    “Ash!” a man voice called out and Ash turned to see Brock running toward him with all the pokemon following him.

    “Brock,” Ash greeted softly.

    “How is she?” Brock asked and Ash shook his head.

    “Not good,” Ash admitted before looking at the pokemon. “Why are you not in your balls?” Brock sighed.

    “They came right back out after I called them in. They want to see how Dawn is with their own eyes,” Brock explained and Ash nodded in understanding. Brock opened his mouth to say something when a loud beeping noise attracted them.

    Spinning around, Ash saw a doctor performing CPR on Dawn’s chest while a nurse held a mask with a pump as she continued to pump air into Dawn’s body.

    “Blood pressure is going down!” a nurse shouted from where she could see the EGK machine as the doctor continued to pump Dawn’s chest, trying to get her heart to get back into rhythm.

    “Dawn…” Ash whispered as he placed a hand on the window, wishing that he was in the room with her, holding her.

    “We’re losing her!” The doctor shouted as the beeping slowed down till it went into a continuous beep as the line became flat.

    “She flat lined!” The nurse shouted.

    “Will someone get the crash cart?!” another doctor shouted.

    Ash just stared at Dawn’s body as fear clutched at his heart – she was dying.


    *SAE Kit – Sexual Assault Examination Kit

    This was inspired by ‘How to Save a Life’ from the Fray
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    Wow this is a very good fic! Currently I feel very suspensful at the moment. Dawn... don't die! Man.... I can't believe TG did that to dawn... I mean they did that tp a sweet innocent 15 year old girl. It's bad enough doing that to a prostitute, but a 15-year old girl?! That is WHACKED.
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    wow..this is a very good fic i'm impressed and dawn dont dieeee Dx

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