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Throw an Object at the Next Poster

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Lord Zoroark

Master Tactician
I tell the Wondertomb that it's a motherloving hack who doesn't exist, and it disappears into hell.

I throw an angry, bloodthirsty Victini at the NP.


Back in the OLDEN days...
Unfortunately, I don't play AC6, so I replace the Golden King with the Queen of Hearts, who beheads Quagsire.

I throw the head at the NP and the body at the poster after that.


Queen of Charizards!
*takes the objects and puts them into Justin Beibers food.

*Throws an orc at NP*


Reshiram, anyone?
*Slices Durant with the Shadowmourne I borrowed (and wish I owned*

*throws Shadowmourne at NP*

DaTreeko =3

Be VERY afraid.
Chuck a Ultraball at it. When It fails, I run away like a baby until it sees a lump of meat.
Throws a scary fanboy at NP.
The Deino eggs crack on my face. :C
Throws yet another scary fanboy at NP.


Reshiram, anyone?
*is chased down by 2 angry fanboys of 4Kids (you didn't say what kind of fanboys*


*throws Azeroth @ NP*


Imma be
dodges. throws **** at np
Not open for further replies.