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Throw an Object at the Next Poster

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Where I shouldn't be
*Throws him in the brig for being a troll*

*throws dice @ NP*


I am the Batman
I dodge, then gain his psychic power so I levitate him aside.

I throw a Gengar's eye @ the NP
*Hold it in hand and gives to potion to a robot. The robot drinks it and starts to dancing.*

*Throws the dancing robot at the NP.*


Supreme Overlord
Zaps it with electric power, causing it to go haywire and explode.

Throws TNT barrels at NP


Supreme Overlord
Yay! The Looney Tunes Road Runner! *lets him put on that extra burst of speed that leaves us all in the dust*

*throws crates of Nitro at NP* (note: it's like TNT, but at even the slightest jolt will explode; TNT was a boon to the mining industry. Less accidents)


Supreme Overlord
*whistles like they do in cartoons* *catches and brings home*

*throws torpedoes at NP*


to see you smile
Gets 10 ton shield an blocks

Throws shield at NP


Steel-Clad Wonder
... I like Unowns... *Catches*

Throwing a bagel at the NP


Supreme Overlord
"Well, like they say in Brooklyn, early to bed, early to catch.... the bagel."

*dodges because I don't like bagels*

Throws a pizza at NP
Not open for further replies.