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*~Throwback to White~*


Beyond Infinity
Well, there hasn't been a White or Black RMT in a while. I've decided to do a playthrough of all my Pokemon Games while waiting for Pokemon X&Y to come out. 51 (or so) Days Left!!!!. Here's my Team fir White.

·Leaf Blade
·Aqua Tail
·Return/Aerial Ace

Poison Touch
·Ice Punch
·Drain Punch

Defeatist (blah)
·Rock Silde
·Crunch/Dragon Claw/whatever I need when I need it

Snow Cloak
·Icicle Crash
·Hone Claws
·Rock Slide/Stone Edge
·Brick Break

Flame Body
·Shadow Ball
·Energy Ball
·Calm Mind

I have no idea who to use as the sixth member. I usually don't. All help is appriciated. Thanks :)
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le quant-à-soi
I'm assuming you have access to BW2 move tutor moves since you're running Ice Punch on Seismitoad, but let me know if you don't have access to them. Go with Drain Punch > Venoshock. Poison only hits Grass for super-effective, and Venoshock is outclassed by Ice Punch; Venoshock is only more powerful than Ice Punch when your opponent is poisoned, which, due to Poison Touch, only occurs 20% of the time when you use a Physical move, so you're better off just using Ice Punch which is more consistently powerful (furthermore, to get your opponent poisoned in the first place, you'd have to use either Ice Punch (super effective against Grass) or EQ (resisted by Grass) so you might as well just save that time and just run Drain Punch). Plus, healing is always nice.

I'd run Jolly nature on Archeops. Before Defeatist activates, you have enough Attack imo, and a +Spe nature means you might be able to use more attacks before your HP drops below 50%.

Hone Claws is an option > Aqua Jet on Beartic to boost your Attack and Accuracy, which could be useful considering Icicle Crash and Rock Slide's 90% accuracy, and the Attack boost is nice as well. Aqua Jet doesn't do much for Beartic anyway.

I Like Pie!

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Beartic could use Aqua Jet as it is slow. Priority always help.

For the 6th member, you could use Galvantula, as your team has only 1 Special Attacker and no Electric moves.
Thunder/ Bug Buzz/ Giga Drain/ Volt Switch works pretty well in-game, to my experience.