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Thy Wish Will Come

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ChloboShoka, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Title: Thy Wish Will Come
    Shippings: Wishfulshipping vs. Pendragonshipping
    Rating: T
    Genre: AU
    Summary: Queen Iris meets Cilan Dento and a bond is created that will change the course of history forever.

    Chapter One: A New Queen​
    When Queen Lola died in 1581, her sole surviving child was declared Queen Of Unova. Lola's adoptive father, Drayden Shaga had secured a political alliance with Johto. Whilst Iris was a toddler, he formed a friendship with Drake, the late King of Johto. He had named his grandson, Lance as the heir presumptive to the throne. Knowing this Drayden persuaded Drake to form an arranged marriage between Iris and Lance.

    At first King Drake needed time to think about it. He shared Drayden's proposal to his council and many showed great enthusiasm towards the match, especially Drake's counselled, Sir Edmund Blackadder who believed the marriage would create a golden age for the pokemon regions, as well as form a strong empire. Both Johto and Unova cared very deeply about the welfare of dragons and how they were at risk of being extinct. After a year of polite letters and bold words, Drayden had succeeded.

    When the engagement was made official, Princess Iris was moved from her home in The Village Of Dragons to Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City where she lived until her coronation. There was when she met her future husband and in-laws. Shocked by her youth and even stunned by her free spirited nature, Princess Iris and her pokemon were given vivid education and harsh training.

    Iris was known for swinging on trees and her love for dragon pokemon. When Drake passed away in early 1581, Lance and Iris were married and had a joint coronation. She was only fifteen years old. Three months after becoming Queen Of Johto, she announced that she was pregnant, but her mother would not live to see the birth of the heir. Iris was determined to make her coronation to be as successful, if not better than her coronation in Johto.

    4th March, 1576

    The first meeting between Lance and Iris was an interesting one. The heirs to the throne in two of the most strongest pokemon regions in the world were capable of securing an empire. It was a well known fact that Iris and Lance specialized in dragon pokemon that were close to becoming extinct. The marriage could secure wealth, power and save the dragon pokemon from the brink of extinction.

    Everything was at stake. Any mistakes could be fatal in a time where kings had absolute power. They could execute anyone who stands in their way with any method, not matter how brutal.

    "So Lance," Iris said as a cue to start a conversation. Drayden, Drake and the other elders that lived in Dragon's Den were hoping that there would be an intelligent discussion. They leaned over to every hole in the wooden door as they closely watched the shadow of Lance and Iris kneeling face to face to each other. "Do you like dragons?"

    Even though Iris was the heir to the throne in Unova, it was hard to remember that she was still just a child and had only recently turned ten. Even though she wanted to act brave and strong, she had a fear of ice. Her elder brother froze to death after being attacked by a Walrein. Iris was only five when it happened and her brother, Dray was so brave that the word danger did not exist in his dictionary. She watched the distressed Walrein stab his leg with it's teeth and silence him with an ice beam.

    "Yes," Lance replied. "They're hard to tame, but their powers are superior."

    "I love dragons," she replied as her axew popped out of her hair. "They're so cute."

    "Then you would know that dragons are also mythical Pokémon. I can see why you like them so much."

    "Have you ever been to Dragonspiral tower?" Iris asked. "It's in Icirrus City."

    "I've flown past it a couple of times."

    "I've been in it," Iris told Lance. "It's a beautiful tower. When I'm Queen I want to make it a home for pokemon. Arceus once Reshiram and Zekrom in stones after the big war thousand of years ago. And when I go at the top I see lots of the legendary dragons. Only Grandpa Drayden believes it though. They say that humans aren't allowed in the tower in fear they might be disturbed."

    "Have you ever seen Reshiram and Zekrom?"

    Iris nodded her head. "A few times, but they can't come out because of the stones. They're like genies in a bottle. It's kinda said really, they say only the true rightful Queen of Unova can set them free. Mother won't try it, so I'm going to try it."

    Five years after Iris' first meeting with Lance, caused a big blow in her life. Drayden had organised almost every aspect of Iris' life and now she was a queen, she would have to take matters into her own hand. For as long as Drayden lives, he would be there to support and advise Iris on how to be a good monarch. The final part of the coronation took part in Pokemon League Tower located on a hill. At the top of the tower was the hall of fame. It was a grand palace with Roman architectural pillars and statues.

    Iris sat on the throne that was reserved for her as she took her vows and promised that she would be good sovereign lady. She would be crowned by Cardinal Frollo, a dedicated religious leader who spent his life detecting corruption.

    "And so in the name of the creator, and of the ancestor, and of the holy trios," Cardinal Frollo held the crown above Iris' head and his voice boomed in her ear. Slowly as he lowered the crown above Iris' hair as he spoke. "I crown you Queen Of Unova."

    The Dento Triplets had become the centre of local gossip. They spent their childhood living in a treehouse with their parents. At nine they were forced to fend for themselves as their parents died from a fever. Cilan became the leader of the pack and as the years past, the tree house began to rot. Desperate for decent accommodation, Cilan and his brothers built a luxurious house in Striaton City. They built the house with the help of their pokemon and created a building that made the imagination of the public, sparkle. Since the death of their parents, the Dento triplets struggled to make a living for themselves after losing their home from a house fire. Cilan couldn't believe how successful he was and was granted the title of Duke of Striaton. He used his status to protect the home and keep it warm and cosy for his brothers and their pokemon.

    Building the house turned out to be one of the most fascinating things in Cilan's life. He felt that it made his bond with his brother's tighter. They were poor, orphaned and used to live in a tree house. It was an outstanding achievement for anybody, but for Cilan it wasn't enough. Now he had a taste of power, he wanted to strive to become more stronger.

    "If only I was a king," Cilan sighed. He raised his drink above his head. His younger brothers, Chili with fiery red hair and Cress with curved blue locks, sat besides Cilan on their wooden table. "If only I could have The Queen and we would be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Just imagine the extravagant clothes and peachy lovers we can have."

    Cress smirked. "All the power and the glory!"

    "Well we've come this far," Chili suggested. "Why don't you go that extra mile."

    "We are just so ****ing gorgeous," Cilan boasted as he slipped in a few burps.

    "And you are so pissed right now," Chili said as he nodded. "But it's true, we are quite attractive men. And as soon as we can afford some lovely suits we can go out more."

    "I can't wait to meet The Queen," Cilan cried out in joy. "She is so legendary. She's as mysterious as the night sky."

    "You know The Queen is already married," Cress reminded Cilan. "And pregnant."

    "Of course he knows," Chili responded on Cilan's behalf. "He just wants to spice things up in the kingdom."

    "I'll do more than spice up Iris' kingdom," Cilan vowed. "I will rock her world."

    "Cilan," Chili murmured. "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" Cilan steered his eyes towards Cress and quietly smirked. Chili took it as a yes. "Well I'm sure she'll like your chin chin!"

    "Don't throw yourself at Iris straight away though," Cress suggested as he moved his chair more closer to the fire. "If you do it, she'll grow tired of you. You should present yourself in a demure manner. Make her be dazzled by your modesty."

    "Cilan modest?" Chili chuckled as he helped himself to umeshu: a deep wine made from plums. "I don't believe it."

    "If The Queen is going to love me she will love me for who I am," Cilan said. "She'll take all of me."

    "Are you being serious?" Chili asked. For ages, Cress and Chili were carrying on with the joke, but now they were getting worried that it might be too serious. Of course, they would be there for their eldest brother no matter what happens.

    "Maybe I am and maybe I'm not."

    The three brothers laughed and continued drinking merrily until they slept peacefully on the table.

    Kei, the King Dowager of Unova had watched his daughter's rise to power with pride. He was a retired knight who spent his free time reading books and drinking tea. As her daughter walked into his room, followed by a group of geishas, he stood up and flicked his golden hair to his side. He opened his arms and hugged Iris. Kei was close friends with the Awayuki family for he helped protect their heiress, Himeno during the Leafe War. His dark skin, golden hair and dazzling eyes captured the attention of the late Queen.

    Iris had learned of Lola and Kei's meeting from Drayden. He told her everything that Queen Iris felt that she needed to know. Drayden was Iris' guardian and mentor, she felt as if she could really look up to Drayden, whom she had given the title of The Elder Prince. It was Drayden's wisdom that gave Iris the positions she had. Her parents did little towards her upbringing compared to Drayden.

    "Thank you ladies," Iris told them. "You may leave me alone with my father."

    When Iris' servants left Kei's chamber, it was the first time in years that Iris had spent alone with her father. Kei went down on his knees and kissed his daughter's hand. "My little princess... or should I say Queen Iris. You must be happy."

    "I've never been so delighted," Iris told her father. "And even better, I'm pregnant. I'm going to fulfill my duty as queen by bearing children."

    "You and Lance are a great match," Kei admitted sternly. Vanity oozed from his deep voice as his clothes dripped in yellow gems. "You've got got power, glory and beauty. Nobody can take that away from you. But I've got something to tell you as well. It's very good news."

    "What is it?"

    "I'm getting married," Kei told his daughter. For someone who was about to be married, he spoke of it as if it wasn't a serious matter. Iris knew very well that marriage was a lifetime commitment. She had been preparing for the moment since she was ten, and to see her father talk be so laid-back about it was unusual to her.

    "To who?"

    "She comes from the digital islands."

    "Does she have any children?"

    "Two sons."

    "What's her name?"

    "Nancy Takaishi." Kei took out a small mirror from his pocket and opened the case, above the mirror was a portrait of a lady with blonde hair. "Her sons are digidestend."

    "What do these digidestends do?" Iris asked.

    "They own digimon and fight with them," Kei explained to his daughter. "Unlike pokemon, digimon were not made in Arceus' image. They are creatures conjoined together through emotion and data. You mainly find them in the digital islands."

    "So they're essentially pokemon trainers but with digimon instead?"

    "There are some differences," Kei replied. "For example you can have as many pokemon you wish, digidestends are only allowed one digimon."

    "It sounds weird."

    "What you must understand is not everyone lives with pokemon," Kei said. "There's all sort of people out there, beybladers, dueslists, witches, wizards, knights, ninjas, pirates, soilders, you name it. But that's what makes our world so interesting. There are not many dragons left in this world, but you have the power to save them all from extinction. I think your proposals for Dragonspiral Tower are brilliant."

    "Thank you. So when will I see my new step-family? And when are you getting married."

    "In seven days," Kei said.

    "How long have you been engaged?"

    "Since your mother died."

    At that point, any excitement Iris had for Kei had stopped. "Did you cheat on mother?"


    "Why did you rush into the marriage then?"

    "Nancy hasn't been married for ten years," Kei responded in a cold voice. "I didn't want her to be known as a leftover. And in this day of age, it's not good to be unmarried at my age, so I took the logical reason and got engaged as soon as possible." Iris didn't believe Kei, but she kept it to herself. Kei tapped Iris' shoulder and said, "But enough me, focus on yourself and your regions. You are a very lucky girl for getting Drayden's help. Because of Drayden you've married into the most powerful pokemon regions in the world."

    "I do like to think that I married for love as well," Iris admitted. "Didn't you marry my mother for love? And do you love Nancy?"

    "It would be hard not to love Lance," Kei responded, carefully dodging any personal questions his daughter would give him. "He's handsome, powerful, stands for justice, he king, he's a dragon master and you're carrying his child; your great successor and heir. What else could you possible want?"

    "There's not much I can ask for."

    The hall glistened with velvet curtains with golden dragons. The hall was littered with the most noble people of Unova court and all of the guests who had been invited by Queen Iris and her father. Queen Iris took to her throne like a duck to water. She had her right leg crossed over to the left as her back leaned against the red part. Tonight was the night when Iris would see her future stepbrothers for the first time. The guests were gathered around a large marble table with random pink shapes and silver patterns. They all bowed down to The Queen before she asked them all to sat back down to their chairs.

    King Lance was sitting next to her and the royal couple showed subtle affection by gently holding onto each other's hands. Kei had not yet arrived and it was making Iris anxious; everyone could see it, but King Lance felt it.

    Iris shrugged. "My father's marrying some woman from The Digital Islands." She turned to her husband. "What's it like there?"

    "It's a kingdom based on corruption and violence," Lance responded. His cold response gave Iris a chilling reminder of what her father had told her. She thought about it and became worried about her father. Was he simply losing his way. A lot of his friends passed away before she was born, and with his wife and son dead and being separated from his daughter, he had lived an empty life for the past ten years. Iris didn't know what else to say in the matter.

    Kei had finally arrived into the main hall with Nancy Takaishi by his side. Behind them were Nancy's two sons: Takeru Takaishi and Yamato Ishida. Yamato was normally known as Matt and he was the oldest. When Nancy divorced her first husband, Lord Ishida took custody of Matt whilst Nancy took Takeru under her wing. Both of the boys had blonde hair and looked a lot like their mother.

    "Father!" Iris jumped of her seat and forced herself to smile. She seemed to be older than Kei, much older. Kei was only five years older than Lance, and The King was just 25. It was shocking to see "So is this Nancy, Takeru and Matt?"

    Nancy and her sons bowed before Queen Iris and in unison they lifted their head and smiled at them. Lance gazed at the family suspiciously and made no attempt to hide his lack of optimism towards them. The three of them really stood out with their green clothes.

    "Indeed," Kei responded.

    "Welcome to court, digidestined," Iris announced. "I was wondering when father would remarry. You know something else? I really look forward to having friendly battles with pokemon and digimon. I wonder how they can get on together in one society? Well I hope you enjoy yourself and may the marriage be long and prosperous."

    "Thank you Your Majesty," Nancy said. "And may I say I hope your reign is just as long and golden."

    "There's a myth in Sinnoh that says that the reason why pokemon jump out is because they want to thank people. I'm sure that we and pokemon have helped each other and enriched the world since ancient times. These precious memories have been engraved in each PokEmon's heart! So, I want pokemon and people to get closer and closer! I hope you digidestined will join us too."

    "I think it will great way to promote peace in this world," Takeru announced.

    Iris smiled. She felt a lot more relaxed as her shoulders lost tension. At first she was worried that Nancy and her sons would be really unpleasant looking and sound pretentious and up themselves, but they all seemed to be very kind and brave people. It reminded her of the time when she had to introduce herself at Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City to make a good impression.

    "To my new family," Iris raised a glass in the air and everyone with drinks also raised their hands with her. The sound of glasses joined together chimed as everyone applauded Kei for his new found happiness.

    Meanwhile Cilan Dento who appeared from the side of the room twirled into the room and threw his knees before Iris' feet. "Would you dance with me?" he asked boldly. The Queen gasped, but gladly let out her hand as Cilan twisted her to the dance floor. She found herself flabbergasted by the instant attention that she was receiving. She had heard about Cilan Dento, but this was the first time she had met him face to face. Every eye was upon them both as they threw themselves carelessly to the music and succumbed to each other.

    Queen Iris found herself in a fit of giggles. "You must be Cilan Dento."

    "I am," Cilan said. He waved his arm and wrapped his thumb around The Queen's little finger. "It's a pleasure to be dancing with The Queen."

    "An even greater pleasure to have someone like you in court. You are welcome to my castles anytime."

    "I'm greatly honoured." Cilan winked at his brothers who sat in the corner of the room.
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  2. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Two: Family​

    The Queen's return to Unova was a special occasion indeed, especially to the one place that held a special place in her heart. It had been many years since she last stood foot in the age where she was born. The Village of Dragons was The Queen and her family had arrived. It wasn't until her coronation did she realize how sheltered her life was when she learned that her mother had been missing for eight months before she died.

    Her husband, father, stepmother, grandfather and stepbrothers all walked besides Queen Iris as she lifted the bottom of her dress and ran into a pack of trees. Queen Iris was greeted by Emolga; one of the first Pokemon she had when she was sailing with Ash and his close friends before her tenth birthday.

    She had only been Queen for about eight months and she was already beginning to get tired. And with her growing belly the doctors informed her not to swing on trees anymore. She would miss being able to swing on trees, it made her feel young and free.

    Everything she missed before she was sent away to live in Johto all came flooding back to her; the wild scent of the trees, the heart of the forest and her old promises finally kept.

    Queen Iris lifted Emolga from the branch and held the electric bat to her chest as she twirled around.

    She laughed. "I'm home."

    Iris' dragonite charged through the trees and stomped his feet as soon as he was reunited with his trainer. He was furious that she had been away for so long, but pleased that she kept her promise.

    "You can't take the forest out of the girl," Kei said to Nancy and her sons.

    "I think we're all going to get along just fine," Takeru said, as he retired from his formal tone for the day.

    Everyone else returned to the carriage as Iris' dragonite clung around the ribbon around her waist.

    "I'm happy to be back," said Iris as as she tied her arms around the orange pokemon's neck. "I won't be leaving for a long time."

    Emolga and another of Iris' old pokemon Excadrill rushed over next to Dragonite's feet and their eyes pondered across The Queen's stomach with a twinkle of curiosity.

    "Are you wondering what this is?" Queen Iris was referring to her child. "Its a baby: the future heir to the throne."

    More Pokemon jumped out of the woods to greet their queen. Kei popped his head out of the door.

    "Come on Iris," Kei said. "Everyone is waiting for you."

    "We can wait," Drayden said firmly to Kei. "Those were her pokemon pals hlthat she hasn't seen in years. Amazing how they still know who she is."

    "With big purple hair like hers everyone would notice," Matt said.

    "I think today went rather well," Iris told Drayden as they walked around the black walls of Opelucid Cathedral. Drayden listened to The Queen with all his might. He was a rapidly aging man, but he went down on bended knee before a statue of Arceus and promised to listen to Iris, his monarch and adoptive granddaughter. "It feels good to not just be with a family, but to know that I'll have my own family."

    "Starting a family is never easy," Drayden told Iris. "I'm sure I've told you this many times but everyday will be challenge from now on."

    "I understand Grandfather," Iris said.

    "Is something wrong?"

    Iris lowered her head. "I'm not sure, I just feel like something's wrong with my father. Seeing him is like meeting a stranger."

    "You haven't seen him in a long time," Drayden reminded her. He tapped The Queen's back and rubbed her shoulders. "You should both be happy for each other."

    "I just think it's strange that he able to get a new wife so quickly," Iris admitted. "Sometimes I feel that he was cheating on my mother and that disturbs me. Just thinking about it sickens me, her sons are nice but I can't help but see a ***** under that dress of hers. And sometimes I don't even know why I bother, I don't even think of Kei as my father. The Royal Family of Johto have treated me more like a family member than my parents ever did. You've been a grandfather to me, you're more like a father to me than my own father. Am I talking rubbish?"

    Drayden shook his head. "Of course you're not. And if it makes you feel better, I can get Nancy and Kei's relationship investigated for you."

    "That would be a good idea," Iris said. "Perhaps The Dento Triplets can do it."

    "I'm not sure," Drayden said. "But if that's what you want, then I'm sure they will obey your command."

    "I want Cilan to lead the investigation," Iris whispered.

    "That can be arranged."

    "Was there something else you wanted to tell me?"

    "Ah yes," said Drayden. "This is very important. Now that you're queen, your duty is to provide heirs to the throne, promote the welfare of Unova and increase the population of dragons. You have many people sworn to be by your side, but beware! Not everyone will work within your best interests. Some may betray you for their personal gain."

    "Lance wouldn't betray me will he?" As soon as she said it, she wished that she kept her mouth shut. It sounded like a silly question. Of course Lance wouldn't betray her! Drayden wouldn't have gone through all the trouble if he thought Lance was unkind.

    "No," Drayden laughed as he shook his head. "You know Lance by now, he's a nice man. He wants you to be happy. You are both young and in time you will both be very fond of each other."

    "That's good."

    "I will always be here to guide you for as long as I live."

    Iris lifted her heals over to Drayden and held his hand. With bold words she said, "And I will make sure that you are remembered for your greatness."

    The Uchiha Clan were the most powerful family next to the Royal family. Itachi Uchiha, the head of the clan was Iris' cousin. No one in the Uchiha Clan were pokemon trainers, but they chose the ninja path. Itachi and his brother, Sasuke were the considered the strongest ninjas in Johto. Even though the Uchiha brothers were direct cousins of The Queen, they had never met Iris.

    The Uchiha brothers held no interest in Iris. They only saw her as a distraction. Sasuke was in the progress of divorcing Sakura Haruno. Sakura had always made her affections for Sasuke public, but they were always unrequited. The only reason Sasuke married her in the first place as because Itachi told him too. He held the heavy mountain of shame on his back, he did as he was told.

    Sasuke had spent his whole marriage in guilt. But arranged marriages were considered to be a fashionable trend. For Sasuke, it turned him into a cold and bitter man. Sakura was devastated but she had plans to return to Kohana and marry a man named Naruto. The man was his worst enemy and best friend at the same time. They were once a trio that tackled traitors, survived the deadliest forests and complete missions.

    "We have a queen that has no right to be queen," Itachi moaned as he watched prices of wood turn to ashes. Lola was their fraternal aunt and with Drayden adopting Lola along with the The heat warmed his cheeks and the sound irritated his ears. Behind the flames was his brother, Sasuke. The rest of the clan were located in Johto. Sasuke and Itachi however, were sitting in White Forest in Unova. It was the first time in years they touched Unova soil.

    "And you have a brother who needs a divorce!" Sasuke hissed. "Who needs the stupid crown anyway?"

    "Uncle Kei got married," Itachi announced. "His weak stepsons have a better claim to the throne than you do."

    "I don't want to be king."

    Itachi sighed. "You'd make a good king. Think of all the glory and power you can own."

    "Like I said," Sasuke said, "There is no need for a crown. Our power speaks for itself. Ganondorf has returned. He will destroy them all in no time. I don't want to be king. Ever."

    "Then what do you want?"


    "You can't divorce."

    "Why not?"

    "Because you need to produce heirs."

    "You're the head of our clan," Sasuke said. "That's your responsibility. Well if you won't let me, I'll speak to The Queen; she'll help me."

    "Then I will tell the whole world what you did to that thing."

    "His name is Sneasel, not that thing." Sasuke held tightly onto Sneasel, who had returned to a physician for broken ribs, but both brothers insisted that he fell off a tree.

    "Good evening gentlemen." Emerged from the bushes was Cilan Denton and his friend, Ash Ketchum; a knight and a prince from Kanto. The brothers froze, but glared as if they were prepared to attack. "Well if it isn't the lost cousins of The Queen? Maybe you can help me. I'm investigating Kei's suspicious relationship with Nancy."

    Sasuke held his back against the nearest tree and lifted Sneasel from above his waist. "I guess he showed his true colours."

    "What do you mean?" Ash asked curiously.

    "My uncle has known Nancy since before Iris was born," Itachi stated as he marched around the flame. "They've always spent a lot of time together. Some people think Kei is the reason Nancy divorced her first husband. But it's not. The real reason is this: hatred and jealousy ruled their hearts."

    "So Kei was unfaithful to the late Queen Lola?" Cilan asked as he approached Itachi.

    "Yes," Sasuke responded. He stood behind Cilan and stood with a smirk. "He's full of himself. He thought because he was king, he could do whatever he wanted. I can't stand the man, even though he's my uncle. He's not one of us."

    "So you're wanting a divorce?" Cilan asked. Ash remained silent; he felt a if he was in a different world. Cilan smiled and patted Sasuke's back. "You and Sakura were a sickening match. Congratulations."

    "At least someone makes sense." Sasuke didn't mutter a word after that.

    "Why don't you go to my uncle's chamber?" Itachi asked. "You might find some evidence."

    "That's exactly what I'll do. Thank you for your time."

    "It's like you're showing me the way to his scaffold," Cilan said. "Very cruel testimonies. But with your dagger eyes I can tell its the truth."

    "So are you guys the only people in your clan?" Ash asked. "I was expecting more people."

    "We do all the hard work in our clan," Sasuke told Ash. "Our family do whatever they want unless my brother gives them orders."

    Cilan and Ash said their goodbyes and decided to explore the forest even more. Ever since Cilan had met up with Ash again since he came back to visit Unova, he had spotted more nervous impulses in Ash. Weather it was through the impulse of Ash's quail face or the hidden confidence, Cilan had seen a change of heart in Ash.

    "Things don't feel right," Cilan said to himself. Before he knew it, Ash heard him and his legs froze to the spot.

    "I feel so guilty," Ash admitted. He lowered his head and slapped branches in crossfire.

    "You shouldn't feel guilty at all," Cilan said. "It's not your fault if Kei turns out to be a cheat."

    "It's not that," Ash whispered. "It turned out that I slept with my half-brother."Cilan hugged his friend as it finally came to him. Ash had slept with a man, and it had made him feel guilty ever since. The hug was brief, Cilan's heart jumped as he heard the news.

    "Who is your half brother?" Cilan asked, deciding it would be appropriate to add a positive atmosphere into the dark forest. "He sounds like a nice guy."

    "Cilan I swear on Zelda's life I'm not a womanizer!" Ash was a great grandson to the legendary Queen Zelda.

    "Well, if I find out you displeased The Queen I'll give you a slap."

    "I haven't touched her," Ash said as he shrugged his shoulders. "So this is what she asked you to do?"

    Cilan nodded. "She also made be the butler to her father."

    "How come?"

    "I obviously made a deep impression on her." Cilan said in pride as they both left the forest as polar opposites in regards to emotions. Cilan had a plan to make a warm supper that he think will lift up Ash's spirit.
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  3. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Three: Inch Of Death

    Thick black smoke circulated The White Forest. All who lived there flee in fear whilst the pokemon tried with all their efforts to bring out the fire. The damage spoke for itself. Iris had been on a ride with a dragonite and often thought about her baby. She was eight months into her pregnancy and her midwife said if the child was truly healthy, it could handle anything. It wouldn't be long until she gave her kingdom it's heir. She was feeling cautious because she just felt her child kick.

    She knew about Ganondorf's return. Iris had heard that he gave Lance's great grandparents much trouble before their reign in Hyrule. Hyrule was now nothing but land untouched by humans since the plague half a century ago but it was under the ownership of King Norman of Hoenn. There was an important aspect that was relevant in The Legend Of Zelda: The Triforce.

    The Triforce was a golden relic that consisted of three sacred triangles. The three triangles became crests of courage, power and wisdom respectively. Around Iris' neck was The Triforce of Power. The necklace around her neck was a birthday present from Lance for her thirteenth birthday. Iris knew very little about the true nature of The Triforce, but she was certain that Ganondorf was after her part of the Triforce.

    She could feel Ganondorf's presence, even though fog blinded her vision. She held her throat and resisted to cough. The Triforce of Power was pumping harder than her racing heart. And it didn't take long before she felt a black hand. The fist alone was enough to send Iris to the ground. Her palms reached the floor just in time and her stomach was unharmed.

    Iris couldn't see anything but a black shape of a man. He was a giant and she could hear his croaky breath in front of her. He opened his arms and the fog faded and Iris had returned to the burned out White Forest. She didn't know who the old man was, but she knew it had to be Ganondorf. The infamous Great King of Evil stood and gave Queen Iris a standing ovation.

    "For a prostitute's daughter, you have done well," Ganondorf cackled. "Hyrule has lost it's value since the death of my great rivals."

    "You must be Ganondorf," Iris said. She was not going to be scared. She refused to show fear. She had the dragons by her side and she had Arceus on her side. "And my mother is not a prostitute."

    "You don't think so?" Ganondorf hissed. "Oh dear child you know so little of your heritage. Did you not know that your mother was found dead in a farm?"

    "What are you talking about?" Iris asked. "I was told that my mother died peacefully in her sleep."

    "She ran away from Hoenn and I finished her off."

    Iris gasped, but she determined not to let her guard down by Ganondorf's chants.

    "You're an attractive lady," Ganondorf said. As he buried his hand in her chest and picked up the Triforce of Power he craved. "But you're nothing more. A shame your reign had to be cut so tragically short. I am Ganondorf and I will rule the world."

    "I'm The Queen of Unova, and you're under arrest." Iris said with a smirk on her face.

    "I'm afraid you won't even get the chance," said Ganondorf.

    "Guess again."

    Iris wanted the element of surprise when she saw her husband sneaking around with an army of dragonites. Iris threw her left leg in the air and her foot landed in between Ganondorf's thighs.

    "Stand back," Lance ordered Iris as one of his dragonites lifted Iris over behind Lance. The dragonites gathered in a circle around Ganondorf and spat out rays of giga impacts and hyper beams.

    "I said I will exterminate Link and Zelda's descendants!" Ganondorf roared as the feeble old man began to roll around the forest. "Mark my works, this is not the last you've seen of me." Every breathe Ganondorf took was filled with anger, hatred and revenge. "I will get my Triforce of Power back."

    "Take him to the dungeon!" Iris demanded, already having enough of the man. The dragonites nodded and carried the knocked out criminal away.

    "We should go back to Johto," Lance suggested.

    "But I want to stay," Iris moaned.

    "You're not safe here," Lance shouted. He held Iris up to standing position and held a tight grip on her shoulders. "You don't know how dangerous Ganondorf is. Even if he does appear to be crippled, we don't know how powerful he is."

    "What about Dragonspiral Tower?"

    "The slaves are still working on it as we speak."

    "What about my friends?"

    "You'll see them again."

    "I thought we were going to raise our children here," Iris begged. "I don't want to go back to Johto yet. I haven't spent enough time in Unova. I've got so much to sort out, I don't know how it will get managed when I'm away."


    It didn't matter to Iris. She was fine and the child was fine. She was worried about her friends and she wanted to give them the best protection possible. And poor Cilan, how was he going to cope? With her away it meant that traitors could plot his downfall to be in her favour. Cilan was trying to discover if Nancy and Kei were having an affair behind everyone's back.

    "Will Cilan be alright?"

    Lance replied more cooly. "He'll be fine. You should stop panicking. This is why you have to go back to Johto. You panic over the little things and dangerous occurrences mean nothing to you. You need to put the child first."

    Iris felt as is reality slapped her in the face. "I guess you're right. It won't be long until the child born." Ever since the legend about Reshiram and Zekrom being freed by two true queens, she felt the urge to have a daughter so they could both free the dragons together. The legend turned out to be false in the end because Iris ended up freeing both dragons in unison. But her desire to have a daughter still lived on ever since. She forced herself into Lance's arms and he covered her with his black cape.

    "We should head back as soon as possible," Lance announced. "You won't need to pack anything."

    Iris was sad, but she felt it was the right thing to do for her child. As soon as her child was born, she made a vow to herself that she would return to Unova and she would also like to see Cilan again.
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    Man oh man! This fanfic sure is great! I have never expected the fanfic to mention a quote from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. I hope you post Chapter 4. I am excited to see what happens next.
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    Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it here as much as you did on the other side. (FF.net)
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    Chapter Four: So Called Truth

    As much as Iris loved Johto, she much preferred the soul of her hometown. She wasn't on her own, but only The Elder of the Dragon's Den was present. The Elder kept reminding her that she needed to think about the baby, but she couldn't help but think about Cilan. Her heart was racing and her breathing became unsteady. She had a banging headache and she constantly wiped her face.

    One minute she was hot, the next she was cold. The Elder looked down on Iris as he passed her a steaming cup. Iris hugged it as soon as she got it. The Elder took a seat in front of her. The crashing sounds of the waterfalls could be heard from outside the temple. His face was stern and Iris was unable to take his eyes off him. The Elder had announced, "It's about time you knew the truth."

    "The truth?"

    "You weren't born in The Village Of Dragons."

    Iris gasped. She adored The Village Of Dragons and she had spent the best of her childhood splashing pokemon, swinging on trees and for her, this was the equivalent of somebody committing treason in her eyes. "What do you mean?"

    "You were born in Blackthorn City," The Elder announced. "Your parents are heretics and for years Drayden has tried to secure a prosperous future for you."

    "What do you mean my parents were heretics?" For Iris, the burn only got deeper. She had always wondered what had happened to Unova since she had to leave, but nobody even after she returned as Queen, nobody told her the secrets behind her mother's demise.

    "When Drayden's wife struggled with infertility," The Elder explained. "So in case they were unable to produce a child, they adopted a girl named Lola Uchiha. The Uchiha Clan are strong ninjas, but corruption runs in their blood. Your maternal cousin, Itachi once considered killing everyone in his clan and was only going to spare his younger brother."

    "Why are you talking about my mother like that?" Iris asked. She didn't care about her long lost maternal relatives and what was in her eyes childish intentions. "My mother was Drayden's successor. I can't believe you could speak such blasphemy against her."

    "No my child," The Elder spoke in a more compassionate voice. "You are Drayden's successor. Lola was to be his great successor, but she was a deep sinner and refused to respect The Holy Church Of Arceus. Having failed to atone for her sins, she was sent here to give birth to you. On my orders and of the approval of King Drake, you were to be raised in The Village Of Dragons."

    "And what about Dray?" Iris asked. Her brother had gone, but her fear for ice lingered.

    "Dray's death was an unfortunate accident, but your brother was a fool for putting your life in danger. It was Drayden's suggestion for you to be married to Lance. He had tried to encourage King Drake to secure a betrothal as soon as possible."

    "So this is why Lance has brought me here?"

    "His Majesty loves you very much," The Elder announced. "You are carrying to heir to The Dragon Empire and you must obey our orders for your own protection."

    "And I wanted to be with my family."

    "You are much safer here, than you are with your family."

    "And how will Unova be?"

    "Pray to Arceus and he shall send the Tao trio to protect Unova."

    "It's like some sort of witch is casting a spell on me." Iris thought that there was so much she could do as queen other than pray. Her stomach was twitching and she could feel her child kick inside of her.

    "What drivel!" exclaimed The Elder, "You're just stressed in your condition. Now you must rest. Your child will be due any moment now."

    "There's just so much that needs to be done," Iris cried out. She clenched her eyes shut and resisted the urge to cry. "I sent my friend Cilan to investigate and become a spy for me."

    "What on earth for?"

    "I question the sanctity of my father's marriage to my stepmother," Iris confessed. "I find it a little odd that my father would marry someone just one month after my mother's death. I have a funny feeling he was unfaithful to her and thus committing treason."

    "It would not surprise me one bit," The Elder said. "But it is for the best that you are away from your heretic parents. You have been cleansed and we pray that you shall not slip into a sinful path like your parents." Iris wondered weather it was all true or if they were discriminating her parents because they weren't pokemon trainers. She already knew about Lance's hatred towards digimon and their tamers and Drayden was never close with Dray and Lola as he was with her. Being a queen was a glorious role, but Iris was beginning to see the other side of the coin: the political corruption that hung in the balance. She didn't know what to think. It was all too much for her.

    Queen Iris was disturbed from her slumber from The Elder of Dragon's Den. She opened her eyes in haste and yawned. The Elder took Iris' opened eyes as the opportunity to announce his news. "Your Majesty. The King has decided that Blackthorn Castle shall be the birth place of your future heir."

    "Blackthorn Castle?" Iris had heard of it, but she had never been to it before.

    "It's where the Lady Clair lives," The Elder responded with yet again an expressionless face. "It is not far from Dragon's Den. The physician and midwife has spoken to The King, and they have all agreed that it is best that you give birth to your child there."

    "You'll be taking me there now?"

    The Elder nodded. Iris struggled to get herself out of bed as her servants behind her followed her every move whilst the Elder lead Iris to Blackthorn Castle. The Elder was right, it was so close to Dragon's Den the buildings could embrace. Iris didn't feel like a queen, being told what to do and where to go. She knew everyone was looking out for her, she she had an urge to break free from her responsibilities.

    "Any news on Cilan?" Iris asked curiously.

    "Who is this Cilan?" The Elder asked.

    It was a useless question, thought Iris as she was carried into her room in Blackthorn Castle. She couldn't believe that she had missed it when it was right in front of Dragon's Den. Then all of a sudden a wave of memories hit her. She had been here before when she was much younger. Maybe once, maybe twice but the mother of pearl panels and red dragons reminded her of her childhood days when she slept in Lady Clair's room.

    Contractions. They started as little twitches in her stomach. Each contraction was getting longer and sharper. What seemed to be a dozen of contractions later, Iris began to gasp. Her back was retreating forwards and she was holding onto another maid's shoulder.

    "Your Majesty?" the maids said in fear, but to Iris it was only a distant echo. She didn't even know where she was anymore, she couldn't control her legs anymore as they continued to shake, her back didn't help. Iris threw herself towards the poll of the bed and her maids assisted her onto the mattress. Iris couldn't maintain her silence anymore and screamed.

    "The Queen is in labour!" roared The Elder. "Be prepared."

    Iris was overwhelmed. She felt as if she was egging on in a horse race. The contractions were getting worse, and the sensations gave Iris a huge urge to push. She was showered with positive prompts and she was told that her child was coming and that he would be born within an hour. Dusk had quickly approached and she had still been pushing.

    Iris focused so much on breathing and pushing that she didn't notice anything else until Drayden walked into the room. She picked up his voice and it prompted her to raise her head.

    "What are they saying?" Iris asked Drayden.

    "It's almost done," Drayden responded. "In a few minutes time you will give to an heir. You're nearly there Iris... Don't give up now. Take my hand."

    Iris squeezed onto Drayden's hand as she followed her orders to do one last push.

    The baby cried.

    Iris was of course exhausted, but she swore that she could feel her mother's echo through her newborn child. Her whole body felt stretched and relieved. The maids helped Iris back into a comfortable position on the bed and they covered Iris' body with a blanket.

    "It's a healthy baby boy."

    Iris was sheepish. "Huh?"

    "You have son!" Drayden announced. "You have a male heir to the throne and now nobody can deny your claim to the throne. You are now untouchable."

    Iris was exhausted, but she couldn't resist having a hold of her newborn son. He was beautiful and so cute. Everything had been worth it.

    "Her Majesty has delivered of a healthy son!" Cress cried out to his brother, Cilan.

    Cilain made a vow. "When she gets back, I'll show her what she wants to see."

    The boy was called Pagan. Instead of seeing his daughter, Kei had chosen to sit in his chamber with his stepsons kneeling around a table. Kei was feeling very cautious about the way Cilan had interrogated him the night before. As if he was onto something. Cilan's investigations made made him feel uncomfortable. Even though Cilan was nowhere to be found in the room, and he had his stepsons around the table, he still felt an eerie presence.

    "What's wrong Kei?" Takeru asked. "You don't seem very happy."

    "Yeah," Matt said. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

    "Be careful," Kei told his stepsons. "Lance is loyal ally, but a ruthless enemy. I know that he's not fond of you, but if act kind towards Iris then you'll be safe."

    "What do you mean?" Matt asked. "You should be happy that you're a grandfather now."

    "Has it got something to do with Cilan and his brothers?" Takeru asked. Kei slammed his finished bowl of soup against the table and slid it away. Matt and Takeru attempted to carry on eating with their chopsticks, but they could still see that Kei was unhappy. They knew Kei as a man of pride and one of great intelligence.

    "His accusations deeply offend me," Kei admitted.

    "What has he been saying?" Matt asked, making no attempt to hide anger in his voice. "You've been through a lot and he should leave you alone."

    "This is a time and place where mother can't show her face," Kei said as he bowed and walked out of the dining room. "Her life was ruled by sin... it won't happen again."

    "What do you think he means by that Matt?" Takeru asked Matt. "I don't understand what's going on."

    "Cilan wants everyone to think that our mum and he was having an affair before Queen Lola died," Matt informed his brother. "But don't believe any of it because they're all lies. Our parents divorced because they fell out of love with each other. Kei and Mom have always been good friends, they just fell for each other."

    "Yeah," Takeru said, although he didn't sound convinced. "Maybe Mom rushed into the marriage."

    "Maybe Cilan should stop interfering."

    "Well, that too."

    "Your Majesty," Bianca bowed as she entered Iris' chamber. "Cilan is here to see you."

    "Send him in," Iris requested. She smiled and held Pagan into her arms. She was so happy to see Cilan. She was even better to know that Cilan was safe. Cilan walked into the room and Iris felt that the room had been instantly hit with a round of colour.

    "I believe a congratulations is in order," Cilan said. He held and kissed Iris' hand.

    "I'm so glad that you're safe," Iris admitted. "When I was in Johto, I was so worried about you. I missed you."

    "I missed you too."

    "What did you find?" Iris asked.

    "I managed to speak to your cousins," Cilan said. "The Uchiha brothers. They said that Kei knew Nancy well before you were born. They suggested that Kei was the reason Takeru and Yamato's parents divorced."

    Iris leaned forward to Cilan and sat up in her bed. "What did they exactly say."

    "Itachi said and I quote; hatred and jealousy ruled their hearts. But your cousins are not fond of your father. Perhaps their claims are biased."

    "Has Father been acting strange lately?"

    Cilan nodded. "He's scared of me."

    "Johto didn't want me to leave," Iris said. She hugged Cilan so tight that it squashed him. "I wanted to give birth here, but they all said I wasn't safe here. Then they said these horrible things about my parents. I just find it hard to believe that they would be nasty to each other."

    "Your parents are to modern for their traditional tastes," Cilan stated. "They're different generations and different cultures. It gave the elders a bitter aftertaste in their mouth. You shouldn't be scared, everyone just wants to protect you."

    "Then why do I only feel safe around you?"

    "Because you can trust me," Cilan whispered. "You need me and I need you."
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    Chapter Five: Matt's Truth

    Cilan was always the bravest of the triplets. Chili had the brawls, Cress had the brains, but Cilan had both plus elegance. He knew what he had done, he had secured him and his brothers a better life for them. His brothers assumed that life was perfect and there was nothing more that could be done to improve what they've already got. For Cilan, it was quite the opposite.

    As another winter approached, Cilan was beginning to feel a lot more lonely. He had lost the taste for the food he loved. He would put on a show in court. In public he would show his devotion to his queen and country, but when nobody was around, he felt sad. He wanted what he couldn't have. Cilan always tried his very best to please everybody. He wanted to make people happy.

    His quest to please everyone lead him to isolation. As his rank increased, more and more people had started talking about him behind his back. One solider even confronted him about an accusation of beating up a young girl called Burgandy, who was appointed his lady-in-waiting. The accusation was false, Cilan never laid a finger on the girl. The closest he ever was to being sharp with her was when he gave constructive criticism on the way she groomed her oshawoot. She had taken the criticism to heart, but now the oshawoot had evolved into a graceful dewott.

    As he sat alone on his king sized bed, he listened to the sound of his pokemon playing in the fields. His eyes saw nothing but cold walls. He no longer shared a bed with this brothers, whom now had their own rooms. The bed was colder than the small bed he shared with his brothers. Cilan knew if his depression sunk any lower that he would lose the bond he had with his brothers.

    He enjoyed Iris' company. But he had not seen her lately. She had to go back Johto, and she said that she had no idea when she would be back. Pagan was a beautiful boy, and Iris had to look after him. Iris treated her pokemon wonderfully, and Cilan was confidant that she be just as great as a mother. Johto felt like a million miles away from Unova and when Iris was away, he felt that he had lost his soul.

    The door banged loudly. Cilan gasped as if he had been disturbed from a beautiful slumber. In reality he was not really doing much. Cilan yawned before he invited the knocker to come into his room. "Come in. Ah good afternoon Matt."

    Matt huffed and clenched his fists as a form of discipline. Matt glared at Cilan as if he wanted to grab his throat and slit it. "I don't know what you're playing at but you better stop right now!"

    "What brings you here?" Cilan shrieked. Although he was startled, he tried to remain as dignified as possible.

    "You've been trying to make my mom look like a *****."

    "I was simply doing my duty."

    "Your duty?" Matt laughed to himself and his voice was getting louder. "You've been putting ideas in people's heads."

    "Her Majesty requested that I investigated to see if there was any evidence to back up the rumours." No matter how hard Cilan tried to defuse the situation, Matt was not having none of it. Out of nowhere, Matt seized Cilan's neck and held him against the wall.

    "You should go back to the dump where you belong," Matt spat. "And while you're at it, you can stay away from Iris too."

    "You have no right to speak to me like this," Cilan said. His face was stern as he growled. "It's so rude of you to come here and try to kill me because Iris enjoys my company. Matt you leave such a bitter taste in my mouth."

    "I leave a bitter taste do I?" Matt folded his arms. "WELL GOOD!" Matt's knuckles bruised from the impact of landing on Cilan's stomach. Cilan crouched and nudged Matt away with the tip of his elbow. Matt may have hurt Cilan, but he was going to make him taste burning realization.

    "And you are famous for being a man of friendship?" Cilan asked Matt. "I find it laughable that you hold the crest of friendship, but you slept with your best friend's childhood sweetheart. Like mother like son." Cilan dodged Matt's punches without a single scratch. "Do yourself a favour and get off my land before you get arrested."

    "This isn't the last you've seen of me," Matt promised. "One of these days Cilan. Iris is going to get tired of you. And all your little luxuries will be gone."

    Cilan smiled. "We'll soon see."

    "Come on Matt," a humble voice from behind the door spoke. A small creature barged into the room and stood by Matt's side. He was a canine reptile with the colours of yellow and winter with a horn on his head. "He's not worth it."

    "Fine." Matt nodded and walked away. He gave Cilan a look as if to say he would be watching his every step from now on.

    "What was all that noise yesterday?" Cress asked Cilan at breakfast time.

    Cilan didn't really want to talk about it. He tried his best not to take Matt's words to heart, but the thought of never seeing Iris again broke his heart. He didn't want to cause a scene either because Matt was Iris' stepbrother and she loved her family to pieces. Iris would not allow any harm to come to Matt, so Cilan decided not to pray for his suffering.

    Last night his brothers asked Cilan where he got his bruises from. The bruises didn't start appearing until after Matt had left. Cilan said he fell of a girafarig. It seemed the most logical lie to use. Rapidash would have given him burns. But his instinct was pulling away the fabrication of his lie and out from his mouth slipped: "Matt Ishida."

    "That son of a *****?" Cress asked. "What he did do? Is he responsible for those injuries?"

    "You never fell of Girafarig did you?" Cress confirmed. "Where have all these lies come from? You never used to lie to us until Iris was crowned."

    "He didn't do anything."

    "Tell us!" Chili prompted. "We hardly get to see you anymore. We need communication. That's what made us so successful. Have you forgotten."

    "No." Cilan shook his head. "I'm just being silly. Matt was only looking out for Iris. He can't harm me."

    "What makes you say that?" Cress asked. "We've got to be careful. We need to be prepared for the worse."

    "The way Iris looked at me the last time we spoke. There's so much I want to do to her, but ... I can't." He lowered his head. "She's married and has a family. And even if she wanted to... I'm a fool."

    "There's nothing wrong with dreaming," Chili said in comfort. Patting Cilan's back, Chili looked out of the window whilst Cress inspected the cracks through the door. "You shouldn't toss everything you've done because of Iris. We've got this amazing castle and who knows, you might even get some more land. And I'm sure Iris will still be your friend."

    "Of course she will." Cress gulped. "You didn't answer our questions."

    "Matt came bursting into my room. He's angry because I exposed his mother for who she really is. I tried to say I was only doing what I was told to do and he ended up trying to beat me up. He told me to stay away from Iris."

    "These non-pokemon folk no idea how live do they?" Chili spat out in anger. "Wait till I get my hands on him."

    "Though I am grateful for his horndog." He sighed. "I didn't catch his name."

    "Do you mean Gabumon?" Cress asked. Cilan nodded. None of them could believe it. "Well it didn't take him long to abuse his power. I don't care if he's Arceus, he has no right to attack you. I want him to pay for what's he's done!"

    "We don't need to do anything," Cilan suggested. He smiled. "Karma will sort him out. Anyway, I'm off."

    "Off?" Cress stared perplexed at Cilan. "Where to?"

    "To see The Queen of course!"

    Cilan grabbed his coat, slipped it on and dashed out of the house. As he did, he waved goodbye to his brothers and slammed the door behind him. Just as he was about to leap on the closest zebstrika, he was stopped by a familiar voice.

    "Hey, where are you going?"

    He knew that sweet voice from a mile off. He twirled around and saw Iris soaking wet from last night's storm. Her purple locks drenched as they dragged on her back. Her light green kimono was ruined perhaps beyond repair.

    "Your Majesty?" Cilan scurried over to her side. He grabbed onto her damp shoulders. "What's happened to you?"

    "I wanted to see you," Iris replied. "Please dump the formal stuff. Just call me Iris."

    "See me? Oh dear you're going to get a terrible cold. Please come in." He grabbed Iris' hand and dragged her to his house. He opened the door and before him his two brothers stood there.

    "That was quick," Cress mentioned.

    "Quick," Cilan ordered. "Find a clean clothes for Iris." As Iris sneezed away, Cilan took her to his bedroom. He did everything he could to make her feel better. He was amazed that Iris would tiptoe out of her palace and walk hours in a dark wet night for him. As requested, Chili and Cress brought Cilan a kimono, a cloth and brush. "These are for you," Cilan said as he passed the items over to Iris.

    "Thank you," Iris said. She smiled and quickly got out of her wet clothes, dried herself and slipped on the green kimono that Cilan had provided. She didn't seem to care if Cilan was watching or not. Once she was dressed, she grabbed the brush and within a dozen long strokes her hair was straight again. She seemed comftable in the bed from what Cilan had observed.

    "So how are you and Pagan?"

    "He's okay," Iris said. "They think he's going to be a really strong man when he grows up. Hey... where did you get that bruise from?"

    "Oh! It's nothing."

    "Are you sure?"

    Cilan laughed. "Of course I'm sure. So what happened that made you want to run away?"

    "I overheard Father talking to Takeru and Matt," Iris told Cilan. "I was just about to go in and talk to them. And then I heard him say that Nancy's life was ruled by sin."

    "By sin?" Cilan gasped.

    Iris burst into tears. "There's no other explanation: he and Nancy have been lovers for years. He cheated on Mom. And the elders in Dragon's Den are say horrible things about my parents and how they couldn't save her."

    "Your father's affair must have driven her mad. They were still very young themselves. We just had another war and people wanted to enjoy themselves." Cilan's words went as far as his childhood could remember. "We don't know how she died though. It was very sudden and unexpected."

    "What if she was murdered?" Iris asked anxiously. "I need to know the truth about my mother. Cilan... you need to find out as much as you can about my mother. No one wants to talk about her. They'll be looking for me soon. I won't be able to do any investigations of my own. Like you said, I can trust you... right?"

    Cilan nodded. "I promise that I'll find out as much about your mother as possible."

    Iris sighed. She had spent most of the day in Cilan's bed. The moment she opened her eyes, her head steered towards the clock hands pointing at three o'clock. Her mouth opened, letting out a yawn. Her eyelids lowered again and she was startled by the sound of crying rapidashes from outside Cilan's house. She heard Cilan's pansage cry out as he tried to guard their property.

    Iris galloped to the window and saw her father with his arms crossed. She couldn't hear what he was saying, but Cilan and his brothers were trying their best to guard him. Concerned for their safety, Iris whisked downstairs and went outside. She was meant to be back home, but because she had a lack of sleep last night, she just blacked out after asking Cilan to find out more about her mother.

    "IRIS!" Kei gasped. He pushed Cilan away and marched across the field. He dragged Iris by her ear and dragged her across the floor. He pulled her up and help her face at level with his shoulder. "Now you may be a queen," Kei muttered, "but as you're father I can still give you a good hiding. Our family have had enough shame as it is."

    "Stop him Pansage!" Cilan cried out. Pansage whistled that brought both rapidash to a state of slumber. As Kei was caught of guard, Cilan grabbed Iris from behind. She kept her back as close to his chest as possible. "You have no right to speak to Her Majesty like that!" Cilan yelled.

    "I am her father," Kei hissed. He tried "SHE IS MINE."

    "I don't see why I'm all of a sudden a disgrace?" Iris asked Kei. "You're the one who cheated on my mother."

    Kei glared at Cilan. "You demon. You've corrupted my daughter."

    "You're the one who's corrupted," said Iris. "I know what you did. You're a heretic."

    Kei chuckled. "Is that what those old hags in Johto told you?"

    "How dare you talk about the elders like that?" Iris spat. She was horrified. The elders who lived in Dragon's Den were respected masters of pokemon. She didn't agree with them all the time, but she was grateful for how they all looked out for her and Pagan. She know understood what the elders had seen in him. "And Cilan is no demon. He's my friend."

    "Pokemon are a waste of time." He hopped onto his carriage and his rapidashes woke up. He left alone. Iris was mortified with her father. Those were the words of a heretic. Pokemon were not a waste of time, they were the living proof of the existance of Arceus and the legendary pokemon. Pokemon were what made Unova such a strong kingdom and not only that gave Iris and her people a reason to live, goals and something worth fighting for.

    As Kei left, she saw her stepbrother, Takeru tumbling down from the sky riding Pegasusmon. "Hey Iris!" Takeru yelled. "I'm glad I found you. King Lance has sent the whole army to look for you."

    "Thank you for your hospitality," Iris said as she curtsied to Cilan. "I hope I shall see you again."

    "I'm glad you've been looking after Iris," Takeru said as he smiled at Cilan. "I love the house. When I have more time I think we should have a party there."

    "Bye for now," Cilan said as he waved his arms at Iris and Takeru.

    As Pegasusmon flew back up in the sky, Takeru asked Iris a question. "Hey Iris, don't you think that your dad's been acting a bit weird lately?"

    "Weird?" Iris pretended to be dense.

    "I don't know. My friend Kari and Tai seem to notice it a lot. Kei seems to have his own special code that only Matt and Mom seem to understand. Kei talked about no longer living in sin."

    "I guess they still think you're a kid," Iris said. She admired Takeru's innocence. "It sounds like adult stuff. I wouldn't let it worry you for now."

    "If you say so."
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    Chapter Six: Queen Mimi Hunt

    The man made a promise to protect his country from injustice. He was a twisted samurai with pale skin and long black hair. A sword in one hand and a hawk in the other. He lived in peace with his bright wife. His name was Simon Blackquill. Simon and his wife worked as attorneys for Johto's court. He lived in the house next door to the Kimono Dance Threatre in Ecruteak City with his wife, Athena Cykes. When Athena came home from work various creatures would often followed her home. Simon was not bothered by the creatures usually, but a horde of hideous green creatures with eyes sticking out of their heads and long tounges.

    "Good evening!" Athena said with a smile on her face as she brought a basket of berries on the table.

    Simon smirked. "It looks like you've made some new friends."

    "We are digimon known as numemon," The creatures said. "We have come to worship our queen."

    "You're queen?" Athena asked.

    "Yes," one of the numemon said. "We have come to see Queen Mimi: the child of sincerity."

    "I think you're in the wrong country," Athena explained. "You see our Queen isn't called Mimi. Her name is Iris."

    "We know about her." the numemon cried out. "She is not the queen we are looking for. We are looking for the digidestined. Because one of them is our Queen Mimi."

    Their demented voices caused Taka, Simon's trusted feather partner to spread his wings, fly over and attack them. Before any of them got the chance to attack, Simon drew out his sword and slashed them all. The numemon dissolved into dust all that remained were small purple blobs. They looked slimy and small. Simon was once again startled by the sound of Athena screaming as she covered her ears.

    As Simon was about to hack into the blobs, Taka intervened. All Simon could hear was little cries, but for Athena it sounded like an explosion. Her hearing was super sensitive and she could hear things from miles away. It was the reason why Athena kept herself to herself as a child, but with Simon at her side, she was more confident to go outside. Ecruteak was one of the most peaceful cities in Johto, which was why Simon chose to live here.

    "Baby goomies," Athena yelled. "I can't believe how adorable they are!" She lifted her head and looked at Simon. "But what about those numemon. Where they really digimon?"

    "The King was right," Simon said. "Digimon are nothing less then possessed creatures. Whoever this Queen Mimi is shall face the joys of the clink and the scaffold."

    "Well all the goomies look okay," Athena informed Simon. "That's a relief."

    Digimon and Pokemon were believed to be completely different type of species, although some were more similar than others. How was possible that goomies were able to transform into numemon. Simon could only think of one explanation for it: witchcraft. The powers of Darkrai that violated the great and holy Arceus.

    Your Majesty-Dono,

    Hideous and unforgivable creatures who called themselves numemon invaded my home today. They claimed to be all digimon and they were searching for a queen. Unfortunately, their queen they sought was not the true queen. They searched for digidestined and were looking for a Queen Mimi. There's no such queen called Mimi.

    Cykes-Dono tried to make sense, but all they did was gush out nonsense. Taka reacted violently towards them, so I used my sword to slice these devilish creatures. Instead of killing them, they returned to their true form. These creatures were nothing more than possessed goomies. I am disgusted that witchcraft is used on such helpless baby pokemon. Fortunately, there were no fatalities and Cykes-Dono is taking great care of them.

    I believe that this Queen Mimi is a witch that should spend time in the clink and if proven so, should take her last steps on the scaffold. I shall not have this peace disturbed.

    Faithfully serving in the best interests of Arceus and the holy trios.

    Simon Blackquill

    The Twisted Samurai

    The peace between pokemon and digimon was meant to be the beginning of world peace. It was no secret that King Lance despised digimon, but he had to tame his opinions. His father-in-law's indiscretion with a digidestined's mother had only shown him that digimon were not to be trusted.

    King Lance rode on his dragonite with his wife and cousin whilst his army patrolled the sky. Iris's hydreigon was going too fast for her. The morning seemed longer and colder as she flew over Japan and it's regions. She was not alone. Her husband would make it certain that there was always somebody there to watch over her. Iris had been ordered to see a physician after the ride. Clair was going to be right next her and she had a keen eye. Nothing goes unaccounted for with her.

    "We must be wary," Lance said. "Digimon and their tamers cannot be trusted."

    "What do you mean they can't be trusted?" Clair asked. "What have they done this time?"

    "A horde of numemon tried to invade Blackquill's house. They were looking for a Queen Mimi."

    "I think I know who this Queen Mimi is," Iris croaked. She nodded in agony as her heavy eyelids eventually rose. "It's that filthy Nancy *****. I don't know what my father sees in her."

    "A free ride perhaps," Lord Xemnas, commander of Her Majesty's Army said. "But if you think that Nancy is this Queen Mimi. What shall we do with her."

    "Put her trial," Lance quickly said. "If she's guilty then we burn her."

    "Don't burn her," Iris yelled. "Burning is too slow! Cut her head off and make it quick."

    Iris did not like the idea of burning anyone, even criminals. Nobody, even her stepmother did not deserve to be thrown into a hot hell with the rotten smell of burning flesh and hot ash smacking helpless faces. She did not like the death penalty, but if it was needed, her choice of execution would always be beheading. It was quick and less problematic.

    She could feel the intensity of Lance's glare when he rode slower for Iris to catch up.

    "Why do hate Nancy?" Lance asked. "Have you finally come to your senses that digimon and their tamers are nothing but trouble."

    "No!" Iris snapped. "Not all digimon are evil. My brothers aren't evil."

    "They're not your brothers," Lance hissed. "Never were and never will be."

    "I will never forgive Nancy and my father for what they did to Mother." Iris looked down. She couldn't cry in front of Lance. "Because they've had an affair."

    "doesn't surprise me," Lance responded. "Your mother was no better."

    "WHY ARE YOU ALL INSULTING MY FAMILY?" Iris yelled out in frustration. She was no longer able to contain her anger anymore. She had enough. She couldn't tell the difference between a secret and a rumour anymore. She couldn't understand why people were talking so badly about the previous queen. Iris growled at Lance. "And if you hated my mother so much then why did you even marry me in the first place?"

    She vanished.

    "Shouldn't we go after her?" Clair asked.

    "I'll deal with her later," Lance said.

    Clair shook her head. "We need to tame her. She may be a powerful lady, but she's also very vulnerable."
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    Chapter Seven: A Bright Future

    Equestria was once a beautiful country. That was until was until other nations had decided that the ponies who lived there were causing too much devastation. It wasn't their actions that caused harm, it was the way that men were driven to madness by the mere word pony. Men would waste away and commit indescribable sins in reality.

    Many creatures were harmed during these spells of madness. Pokemon, digimon and other creatures were raped and sometimes murdered. It was at the point when Fluttershy realised that Equestria was not the magical place she thought it was. A world of so many wonders all taken away to reveal Hell's fire.

    It seemed to have happened overnight. It had to have beeen, Fluttershy had only just waken up and to open her eyes to the chaos flaring in her peaceful country, she felt as if she was more in a nightmare. From this moment on the different between dreams and reality would be much less clearer.

    Fluttershy was mortified. All the creatures she looked after were now either homeless or captured. Only a god would know what they planned to do with them. Fluttershy didn't want any of the humans to cause any more harm then they've caused. With every tear that dried from her face, another layer of tears emerged from the corners of her eyes. Her hooves felt like a ton of bricks below her and the smell of death hit the pit of her stomach and an urge to vomit escaped from her throat. She tried to gulp, but her face couldn't handle the weight of her tears.

    "What have you done to my world?" She screamed. It was the first bloodbath that she had ever seen. Although some of the ponies managed to escape the killings, there were hundreds of corpses. Their blood, horns, wings and bones were being taken away in big carts.

    "You ponies are a threat to this world," one man said as he stood behind the flames and in a silver puddle next to a headless unicorn. A unicorn's blood was thick and silver like paint. "Do you have any idea what madness you and your friends have caused?"

    Fluttershy could not tell who the man was. He could only see the silhouette of a bulky man. The scraggy hair showed signs of age and the curves on his clothes showed royalty. She shuttered at the thought of his cold face and sharp eyes that would pierce the soul. She growled and stomped her hooves. She lifted her neck, took a deep breath. "Who are you?" Fluttershy asked. "COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF?"

    The man came into the light. "I am Arthur Cantabella. I am Lord of Fandomass. Equestria is no more. On this land I shall rebuild the beautiful city, Labyrinthia."

    "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" Fluttershy yelled. She flew over to Arthur and bit half his beard off. "You think you can come here and take over this land and call it your own." She gritted her teeth together and her eyes joggled. "YOU'VE COME TO THE WRONG NEIGHBOURHOOD. NOW BRING BACK MY FRIENDS AND TURN EQUESTRIA BACK TO HOW IT WAS!"

    A dark dragon with two extra heads serving as claws tumbled down from the sky and grabbed Fluttershy away from Arthur. The yellow pony tried to escape it's grip, but her pink hair was caught, pulling her neck towards the dragon. On closer inspection, Fluttershy could tell it was a hydreigon, the powerful pokemon from Unova.

    Fluttershy had struggled to overcome her fear of dragons. The devious grin on the hydreigon's face was anything but comforting. Fluttershy screamed until the pokemon engulfed himself in a horrific outrage so powerful that trees nearby collapsed onto one and another and the apples were lost in the wind.

    Arthur fainted from the apple attacks, but Fluttershy wasn't hurt one bit. The dark dragon fainted after being hit in a state of confusion. Arthur grinned as he looked up to Fluttershy. "You must be a fairy...The only thing that is immune to a dragon's wrath is a sweet fairy. You will join us... unharmed."

    "Where will you take me?" Fluttershy sobbed.

    "To Pride Rock," Arthur replied. "You will meet King Scar and if he likes you, he will take you as his Queen. If he does not, you will be his supper."

    Within a blink of an eye, Fluttershy's perfect world had been disturbed. What about all the plans she had with her friends? What about all the adventures they made and the accomplishes they achieved? Fluttershy had learned so much about the wonderful things in life. She knew that she was about to learn about the gore, greed, curruption and violence.

    She didn't know anything anymore. All that she knew was that she could not bring herself to trust the man that destroyed her home. Concealed in a cage, she was taken away from everything she loved. She was almost dead. She lost her hope and her will to live.

    After taking Fluttershy to Pride Rock, Arthur made his way to Johto to attend a festival. He was invited by Drayden as they had known each other since childhood. They stayed in Blackthorn Castle, where Clair lived and had supper. The meal was a quiet occasion filled with candles and organ music. Lance was in Dragon's Den with the rest of the soilders, so he was unable to attend. There was only five of them present at the supper there, Arthur, Clair, Drayden, Iris and Cilan. Iris had brought Cilan with her fr entertainment.

    The food was nice, but the atmosphere was anything but pleasant.

    Cillan could see in Iris' face that she was nervous and from the distance he could see her fingers twitching. She had faced even darker lords than Arthur Cantabella, so Cilan was startled to see her so nervous. He heard others whispering amongst themselves too about how she couldn't display her affection in public. How rude, he thought.

    "So Lord Cantabella," Iris said. Her eyes were pointing at the way Arthur waved his chop-sticks like a conductor at an opera house."What have you been up to today?"

    Arthur smirked. "I made The Lion King fell in love with a pony."

    "It still sounds like a better love story than Twilight," Drayden commented. Drayden patted Arthur's bulky back. "How did you do it?"

    Cilan tried his hardest to remain quiet, but he knew at some point he would have to speak out. He can't believe how rude some of guests were, especially Arthur. Waving the chop sticks around as if he was placing a curse on the kingdom. He frowned as he watched Arthur stab his pieces of sushi like a sword in the enemy. If Lance was there, he wouldn't have tolerated it.

    "Well I invaded Equestria. And it has now become a part of my county: Fandomass."

    "I'm guessing you're going to bring Labrynthia back to it's former glory," Iris said. Cilan could feel her disgust with the man. She may not have mmuch interest in the magic ponies, but she would never forgive a man such uncalled for devastation.

    "Of course. My daughter will be happy once again. And while I was destroying the Arceus forsaken place, I found a fairy pony."

    "What did you do to the fairy pony then?" Cilan asked Arthur. Why would a daughter be happy with a father who slaughtered innocent creatures for a bit of land.

    "I took her to Pride Rock."

    "Did you meet King Scar?" Drayden asked. Arthur nodded. "How is he keeping?"


    "I reckon that pony will be all bones now," Drayden said as he did his best not to be distracted by the chopsticks. "Hyena and lions can be a dangerous combination."

    "On the contrary, Scar has decided to make Fluttershy his Queen."

    Drayden shook his head and slid away from Arthur. "Madness."

    "So this is why they call you The Storyteller," Cilan spoke.

    "You couldn't my stories up if you tried." Athur spoke down to Cilan. "Because they are true, and if not true then they will become true."

    "My Lord," Cilan bowed and then lifted his head. "Can I talk to you in private?"

    Arthur stood up. "Of course."

    Cilan followed Arthur into an empty room with only the moon's relection as light. "What you said about your stories. Do they really become true?" Cilan was curious, but at the same time, he couldn't help but feel that there were fiction in his words. There is no way a lion would fall in love with a pony. The pony would be bones by sunlight.

    "I never lie. I cannot."

    "I think I can trust you," Cilan lied as he pulled a convincing smile.

    "I too, believe I can trust you."By the firm handshake, Cilan knew that Arthur had fallen for his lie. "Your fidelity to the crown is undeniable."

    "Have you got stories about the Queen?" Cilan asked. If what Arthur said was true, perhaps he could predict the future. Will it be worth seeking Iris' pleasure or would they be better off as friends?

    "Yes. She shall have one more child with Lance. She will miscarry all the others."

    Cilan frowned. Even though they were not his children and technically, it really didn't concern him, but knowing that Iris was going to go through hell, was painful enough for him. "I was hoping for something more happy."

    "The truth is not always happy, I'm her pain, will come your glory."

    Cilan raised his chin and opened his eyes wider. "Glory?"

    "Yes," Athur replied boldly with his arms in the air. "You and Queen Iris are capable of having a bright future together." Cilan glared at Arthur with no emotion in his face. He couldn't believe what Arthur was suggesting. "Don't look at me like that. It's perfectly natural for powerful people to seek pleasure outside their marriages. I can see you as a lover. I know your game."

    "My game?" Cilan chuckled. " I have no idea what you're talking about."

    "You're plotting to destroy the dragons." Arthur couldn't have been more wrong. "I've seen you befriending fairy types. And you that fairies are what The Queen is afraid off."

    "Actually Her Majesty's biggest fear is ice," Cilan corrected him. "She isn't afraid of fairies; she embraces them. You must be careful with your tongue. Stick to storytelling Leave the politics to us. By the way, do you know that your daughter is courting a woman?"

    Cilan already knew about the dangers of playing thrones. If he didn't win, he would die trying.
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    Chapter Eight: Inspiration

    Arceus was in his heaven as he watched over two people sail a small boat around The Orange Islands near Kanto. Inside the boat was one man and one woman. The man was known as Ash Ketchum, he was The King's cousin and known as The Red Prince for his bravery in battles. The lady was Misty Waterflower, The Duchess Of Cerulean. They had been best friends since they very young; at least when they were two. There was famous portrait that rested at the top of a lounge in Pallet Castle when Misty was three. The picture showed Prince Ash, wearing a red tunic, clinging onto Misty, who wore a yellow dress.

    It was medieval times, but Japan was not a safe place if you took part in sports that didn't pokemon. Digimon tamers, pirates, ninjas, duelists and beybladers were all burned in Johto and some were even executed in Unova. King Lance found out that people were illegally eating dragon meat and he held anyone who didn't own a pokemon, responsible for it.

    Ash's friend, Iris had caught her mother's family, the Uchiha Clan eating the flesh of a dragonite. That dragonite was the mother to Iris' dragonite. As far as Queen Iris and King Lance was concerned, it was unforgivable. What Iris had witnessed had sent her into madness. That madness stressed her so much it led to the death of her unborn daughter.

    It was no better in Sinnoh, everybody was making a fuss because Queen Cynthia's choice of spouse was not the most conventional. No one would understand why Cynthia would want to marry a woman. But Pope Mickey gave her permission to marry Dawn, which shook the world. At least for Cynthia, her region was at peace for the time being.

    Ash and Misty sat face-to-face on a patch of grass outside Cerulean Cave with Pikachu as their only witness. They had been friends for a long time, and when the time was right, they knew that they would soon be married. As they smiled at each other, they reached out for their necks and held out their matching gold lockets. Inside the locket contained a miniature portrait of their beloved one.

    There was so much on Ash's mind. He threw himself into Misty's arms for what felt like split seconds. Why was there so much pressure in the world?

    "I wear it all the time," Misty told Ash.

    "The locket gives me strength," Ash responded. "They will it's my bones when they find this around my heart." Ash's Pikachu sighed as he tapped his trainer's knee. Ash continued to speak. "And one day you're going to be Queen of Kanto."

    "You still think you're going to become king? But how?" Misty asked. She frowned and held onto Ash's hand. "You better be doing this legitimately!"

    "If I bring a nation to it's knees," Ash replied. "Get a glorious reputation, which I have so. I know I've got what it takes to be the greatest king; I have royal blood and I've beaten kings at war. When we get married, we're gonna have a kingdom. It will work Misty, we are beloved by the people and pokemon, and we love each other. One day I will be king and you, queen."

    "Ash... That's really sweet."

    Ash was still naive and childish for his age, but he was still the bravest man that she had ever met. Misty felt as if she had a great future ahead of her with Ash. She wasn't interested in the throne, or any of the jewels, because she she didn't see the appeal. She already had wealth through her title and family, and she was surrounded by water pokemon. Misty loved the water for it's pure taste and fresh appearance. Water had given Misty so much, she couldn't imagine her life without it.

    Ash was a king in all but name. Misty didn't think that Ash would become an actual monarch, but if Ash brushed up on his manners and education, he could have been a great king.

    "So how's your mother?" Misty asked Ash.

    "She's doing fine," Ash responded. "She's been helping out in the kitchen; the food has been a lot better ever since."

    "Is your brother and father still giving you trouble?"

    "Sort of," Ash's response was more dry. "I still won't forgive Kamon for stealing Totodile off me and Dad keeps telling me what to do. So what about your sisters?"

    "They've not changed one bit," Misty replied with her eyes closed. "They're planning to sail to Korea."

    "How come they're not inviting you?"

    "They think that I'm too busy with you." Misty shrugged her shoulders. "I didn't want to go anyway."

    "I can't believe I'm related to two kings," Ash admitted. "And they don't even like me."

    "But you were knighted by Lance."

    "Only because Pope Mickey forced them too," Ash muttered. "We all used to be friends, but since Iris and Lance got married, we've not been as frieldy to each other as we used to be."

    "I'm sorry to hear that," Misty said. "But no matter what happens, you don't have to be alone because you've always got... me."

    "It's getting late," Misty said. "That Lapras has come to pick me up."

    "I'm going to miss you," Ash admitted. "We should see each other again soon."

    "Don't forget to write back to my letters," Misty reminded Ash.

    "I won't," Ash yelled. "See you soon."

    Misty went to her feet, and judging by the speed she was going in, she wasn't enthusiastic about it. She waved at Ash and blew him a kiss as she jumped onto Lapras' back and sailed away. Ash sighed as he watched the distance between him and Misty become greater and greater. After the sun set he rose from his day dream and made plans to walk back to Pallet Castle. To his surprise, his younger brother was waiting for him, along with a carriage lead by rapidashes.

    "So it's true that you're a womanizer?" Kamon snapped. He leaned back against the carriage. His arms were folded as his eyes turned back and fourth towards his father and brother.


    "Everyone knows that you and Mistress Waterflower like each other," Kamon snapped. "Childhood sweethearts."

    "I think Misty is one of the best friends I've ever had," Ash said in his most boldest and confident tone. "She makes my life worth living, she's something worth fighting for."

    "Father wants you to get in."

    Ash knew that Kamon also wanted to become a king, but he wanted to do it in a harsh way by stealing Queen Iris' heart. Weather Kamon actually had feelings for her or not, Ash still hated him for it.

    "Don't be so foolish," Giovanni interrupted, but he laughed at the same time. He had heard and seen Ash try to give Misty his affection. "You can't have her. You're marrying the princess of Hoenn."

    Ash dropped his jaw. "But I promised Misty that she would be Queen."

    "And you will keep your promise," Giovanni said in a brisk voice. "I'm making arrangements with your Aunt Catherine to make Misty Queen Consort of Kanto."

    "She'll marry Gary?" Kamon asked.

    "Yes," Giovanni answered. "She has made a deep impression on him too."

    "But Gary will hurt her," Ash whimpered. His chin pointed to his chest as his felt his eyes filling up.

    "You must stop this affair with The Duchess of Cerulean at once! It brings great shame to the family. And if you've ever kissed her then you're a disgrace to the family."

    "But it's okay for Kamon to steal Totadile!" Ash was reminded of how Kamon stole Ash's pokemon, and Giovanni said it was fine. "It's okay for Lance burn innocent people, Aunt Ariana sleeps with lots of men and you say I'm the one who's the disgrace?"

    "You were born to be a king," Giovanni roared. "You can only take royal brides. You can never marry for love."

    "I'm walking!"

    "You're going nowhere young man."

    "She loves me," Ash cried out. "I can't just betray her."

    "A *****'s love is worthless," Giovanni hissed.

    "How dare you say that about her," Ash roared. "She is not a *****!"

    "You are coming to Hoenn with me, weather you like it or not. If you play your cards right, all your dreams will come true and you know the family motto by now."

    "Crown them all," Kamon responded.

    "That's right!" Giovanni grinned whilst Ash sulked in the corner.

    "Why are you such an ungrateful wimp?" Kamon kicked Ash's leg as he spoke. "You get everything you want."

    "I don't know anything about this Hoenn Region nor it's princess. What if my pokemon hate it there?"

    "They will love it," Giovanni declared as he patted Ash's shoulder. "King Norman of Hoenn stole Hyrule from The Ketchum Dynasty, and we'll never get it back unless you marry the princess. As soon as we've returned to Pallet Castle, you must pack everything you need. In two weeks time we will go to Hoenn where you will meet Princess May."

    "I need some air."

    "You will stay here," Giovanni declared as he blocked Ash's path with his staff. "You must never contact Misty again until you and Princess May are married."

    There was no turning back, his father had defeated him. Giovanni had made all these plans behind his back, and Ash had wished that he was told about them first. It was Ash's dream to become king, but he was happy to give that up so that he could be with Misty. All that wishful thinking had gone to waste. The good times he had with Misty would only be memories: but the best memories he ever had.

    The image of Misty came into his mind. Ash buried his hands and he didn't care what his father or brother were thinking. He cried out aloud, knowing that he may never see Misty again.

    As Queen of Unova, Iris had enjoyed the best victories of her life and also survived the worst tragedies of her life. When she married Lance, she made a vow to keep their political alliance and create the most powerful empire with their dragons. She gave him the sons she was promised, but it was not easy. Iris had miscarried many times.

    She was ashamed of herself for so many reasons. Every day Cilan would get more handsome and she was never given the time to grieve for children she had miscarried. She could only cry in the comfort of her private chambers where she would be alone and were only one person would be allowed to enter.

    That person was Cilan. Iris crawled into bed as she curled herself into a ball. She was covered in regret and could see nothing but blood in her mind. The blood of those who lost their lives in the war, her miscarried and stillborn children and her blood. Everything had terrified her. All the good things that she had done had seemed to be only dreams.

    Iris had a dream of a beautiful world where dragons could roam free. All she had now were nightmares.

    "Your Majesty..." Cilan clapped his chest on his hands as he tip-toed towards Iris' side to the bed. "You shouldn't be upset."

    "Arceus is punishing me," Iris whispered. "In fact all of the holy legends are cursing me now. I hate them all for eating dragons but I didn't want Lance to order these mass executions. Even with this crown on my head, I'm still... powerless."

    "None of this is your fault," Cilan grabbed her shoulders and then laid on the bed with her.

    "It is my fault," Iris screamed. "I have been pregnant five times but only two of them survived. My whole kingdom hates probably hates me now."

    "I would never hate you," Cilan assured her.

    Iris clutched his hands and sobbed. "Please stay with me."

    Hinata thought to herself that she either must have been very brave or very stupid. Gazing into the lake, she saw the reflection of a tall lady with navy hair down to her back. She felt anything but confident with her eyes becoming wetter by the second. Even if it hurt, even if she had to die instead of somebody else, she knew that she had to do it.

    Jigglypuff popped out from behind her back and patted her gently. Even though she couldn't speak human tongue, Hinata could understand Jigglypuff by her body language.

    "Don't be sad," Jigglypuff said. "I know you can do it. They won't execute you because I'm by your side."

    "I'm not afraid of dying anymore," Hinata murmured. "I must make sure that Sakura is released before it's too late. But these nerves are so overpowering."

    Jigglypuff frowned and rolled around Hinata. "Don't waste your chakra on these nerves. Even if Sakura dosen't get released, Naruto will appreciate you for trying."

    Hinata gasped. "You think he would? And if I fail?"

    Jigglypuff floated up to Hinata's shoulder and pounded her hair. "YES! If Naruto is the wonderful guy you think he is, he will admire you for trying. But remember when you see The Queen you are representing all the ninjas in Johto. The fallen ones are in a better place and they are watching over you."

    Nearly eighteen months ago, Her Majesty, Queen Iris had miscarried her child. She had recently given birth to her second son, but the scars of the miscarriages between her first to her second son still burned. The Queen held the Ichijouji and Itachi Clan responsible as she caught them eating the roasted flesh of a dragonite. Dragons in themselves were rare creatures and dragon type pokemon were sacred. She had made it her duty to save dragons from the brink of extinction.

    They were starving; eighteen days with limited food and water, they had to eat something. Had they had not killed the dragonite for its meat, they would have died. To Queen Iris, it was total betrayal. She didn't care that the Uchiha Clan were her maternal side of the family. The fact that Itachi and Sasuke were her cousins meant nothing to her. Even though the heirs to the Ichijouchi clan; Sam and Ken were geniuses in their own right and friends with her stepbrothers, to kill a dragon is unforgivable.

    King Lance had decided to take drastic measures by ordering every digimon tamer and ninja to be executed. Some had managed to hide in the depths of caves, underground or in the mist of the forest. The unfortunate ones were burned to dust.

    Neji, Hinata's beloved cousin was one of the ones executed. Watching Neji on the scaffold with three digimon tamers burning behind him. He was beheaded. Hinata had dreamt about it for nights. She wanted to say that everything would be alright in the end, but she knew that things were far from over.

    Neji was a ninja prodigy of the Hyuga Clan; they were considered the strongest ninjas around next to the Uchiha Clan. Before Neji was captured he gave Hinata a healthy jigglypuff that he found in the cave. Because of the jigglypuff, Hinata and the rest of her family were spared. It did not mean that they would be spared for life.

    Neji had died for his family, just like his father. Hinata found herself fortunate that a lot of her friends were not executed, but Sakura Haruno had been arrested and kept hostage in a dark cell. With one world from King Lance or Queen Iris, then she would be sentenced to death.

    "Neji was so brave..."

    "And if they think they can beat me with their big dragons then they can think again," Jigglypuff confirmed with her small hands above her mouth. "I'm a fairy so their dragon attacks will do nothing to me."

    Hinata nodded and picked Jigglypuff up from the ground. "Let's go Jigglypuff."

    The Dragon Empire had burned Hinata's village but it could never take away her faith. Her elders had made immediate plans to hide wherever possible. At the moment, Kohana's surviving residents hid in a temple in Cianwood City.

    Hinata had taken a long boat trip to Blackthorn Castle to visit Queen Iris. Her presence had caused a mixture of uproar and surprise. She was confronted by nobody and no one would dare stop her passing with a jigglypuff staring at everyone as if the pokemon wished them all to be dead.

    King Lance had left the hall as soon as Hinata had come in. He took both sons with him. Even though she had a pokemon, the kingdom was still unkind towards ninjas.

    "You can do it!"

    "Jigglypuff is very friendly," Hinata announced as she saw people trying to avoid looking into Jigglypuff's eyes. "She's not used to huge crowds."

    There was no time to be dazzled by the marble floors, rainbow stained windows and elegant kimonos, capes and dresses. Even if she was allowed, Hinata would have no time to taste the fresh food prepared on the tables. Queen Iris was sitting on a throne as her best friend, Cilan took King Lance's seat. Layers of dancing and conversation had turned to silence and stillness.

    "What do you... NINJA!" Queen Iris spat. Her breath was unsteady as she cradled her stomach her dead children had lived.

    "You must release Sakura Haruno," Hinata demanded. Her voice was calm, and even though she was quiet, her voice echoed making everyone present able to hear her. "She is innocent."

    "She is a convicted ninja who refused to love pokemon!" Cilan announced. "She deserves to die like the Uchiha Clan."

    "And Arceus forbid if Sasuke and Itachi ever step one foot in my kingdom again."

    "Those people your husband ordered to be killed," Hinata got down on her knees as if she was begging for mercy. "They were your mother's brothers and sisters - your uncles and aunts. Sasuke and Itachi are your cousins."

    "Sakura is a foolish little kid," Queen Iris muttered. "She refused to bow down to The King. She must be punished."

    "Please..." Hinata yelled. "Show your compassion. Your gods wouldn't want this."

    "Why would you want that ***** to live?" Cilan asked. "If you let her die... you'll get your man!"

    "Sakura is not a *****!" Hinata bounced to her feet. "She's an honourable medical-nin. She means the world to him and she is my friend too!"

    "What are you trying to achieve?" Cilan crossed his legs and leaned towards Iris. "Are you trying to put your place in history? Or are you a traitor with a guilty conscience begging for mercy?"

    "Neither!" Hinata replied. "I only want Naruto to be happy."

    "OFF WITH HER HEAD!" Queen Iris yelled with her finger pointing straight to Hinata. Fourteen guards in black cloaks charged circulated around her. "I can't deal with this anymore."

    "Stop!" Cilan gasped as he hopped from behind Her Majesty's throne and down the red carpet next to Hinata.

    "Step back from her," Iris ordered and the guards vanished at once. "Cilan? They killed my daughter!"

    "I know true love when I see it," Cilan announced. "That Jigglypuff seems to adore you. And she believes in you. Forgive us for our rudeness, but I think you have come in peace."

    "If you have come in peace," Queen Iris said. "Then I will give you what you asked for. RELEASE SALURA HARUNO AT ONCE!"

    "Allow me to escort Hinata," said Brock, one of the noblemen of the court.

    "Thank you, Your Majesty."

    Brock escorted Hinata to Blackthorn dungeons and took her on a long walk to Sakura's cell. When Sakura heard the news that she was released, she thought she was dreaming. She screamed in joy when she saw Hinata and they ran into each other and closed their arms. It was one of the tightest hugs that Hinata had received in a long time.

    "H-Hinata... How did you do it?"

    "I couldn't have done it without Jigglypuff," Hinata said.

    "You're crazy," Sakura yelled. "You should have got help."

    "I couldn't put them in danger."

    "My ladies," Brock said. "We must cross the shore at once! Many are gathering there waiting for tonight's miracle."

    "Tonight's miracle?"

    "A strong princess from Hoenn will come and ship you all to her father's kingdom."

    "I will miss everything we had in Johto..." Sakura admitted.

    "But Johto is no longer safe," Brock reminded Sakura. "And I fear if you two and your friends stay here much longer their mercy would end."

    "Which shore?" Sakura asked.

    "Cianwood City," Brock announced.

    "That's where Naruto and the others are!"

    "Then we better get there pronto!" Brock said. "She'll be arriving any moment now."

    Iris laid back on her throne and closed her eyes. Her faithful friend, Cilan held her hand. It was the first time that Cilan had seen her lips curl to a smile for a long time. The sound of her laughter was like beautiful music to his ears. Cilan found her dark skin, grand purple hair and figure beautiful and her sensitive spirit enchanting.

    "You have a wonderful smile," Cilan told Iris. He chuckled as he gave Queen Iris and hand massage. "You should wear it all the time."

    "I'm glad Hinata came," Iris admitted. "She showed her friends true loyalty. Not only that, she reminded me what it was like to feel love, friendship and bravery again. Thanks to her, I feel inspired."
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  11. Skiyomi

    Skiyomi Only Mostly Dead

    I'm here from the review game with some thoughts on chapter six as requested. Since I haven't read this from start to finish I don't really have the full context, but here's what I observed as I went through it.

    I don't think you need the "The" there. I think it could either be lowercased or nixed altogether. I do really like the image this presents, though. Nice, strong description to lead me into the chapter.

    Feels like there's some tense inconsistency here. We were in past tense in the first sentence and the first part of the second sentence, but with "flee" we've moved to present.

    Again, I don't think "The" needs to be capitalized. I looked up some LP footage and, at least Ocarina of Time, refers to the Triforce and its parts with a lowercase "the."

    I'm not totally clear on the action of the hand here. At first I thought she was being strangled; then it looks more like punched. It may help if you clarified just how she "felt" a black hand. Some greater emphasis on the peril her unborn child was in might be a good addition too, since the last sentence is a little vague on that.

    Minor nitpick. But since "black" has been used as a descriptor a couple times already (black smoke, black hand) it might be nice to change things up from "black shape" to something different like "silhouette."

    Maybe something about him "looming" before her would convey how big and imposing he is while giving a more concrete/actiony verb than "was?"

    I feel like the double "and" makes this sentence a little unwieldy. Something like…

    1. He opened his arms and the fog faded. Iris had returned to the burned out White Forest


    2. As he opened his arms the fog faded, and Iris had returned to the burned out White Forest.

    …might sound smoother.

    I'm a little confused since the first and second parts of this sentence seem to contradict each other. Maybe it would clarify things if instead of saying that she "didn't know who" he was you went with something along the lines of she'd never seen him before or they'd never met or she knew him by reputation, not appearance.

    "Chants" doesn't really feel like it goes with the situation. Maybe "taunts?"

    Yeesh, that instigates a chill. I kinda feel like this should be expanded on with a more immediate reaction from Iris.

    Since Lance is already mentioned in this sentence, it feels like "him" instead of the second "Lance" would make this a smoother sentence. Ditto for Iris, the second of which could be replaced with "her."

    Typo. "If" instead of "is."

    I feel like we could, and to some degree already have, experienced Iris's sadness more viscerally than the rather plain and telling "Iris was sad."

    You build some really great worlds. The idea of mixing the Legend of Zelda universe with the Pokemon monarchy you've already built gels pretty well. What's more, Ganondorf's sinister presence is well established in this chapter and that creates some good tension.

    I feel like there's a lot of good stuff here, but that some of it could stand to be expanded upon or clarified. I found myself wishing in multiple places that there was some extra description and just extra space made in general, to explore the scene more and unpack the characters' emotions. It goes very quickly through the events and exposition, and I feel like the impact of a lot of the drama is lost because there isn't the time and space to properly experience it.

    That said, there are great opportunities in the set-up and some simple, but really stand-out descriptions.
  12. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Chapter Nine: Thy Wish Will Come
    Iris wondered around her garden with Cilan by her side. The secrets the two have shared with each other had to stay between them. It had taken Iris a long time to realise it, but she finally knew why she could put all her faith in Cilan. When she held his hand, she felt secure. Everything Cilan had done made a great impact on her life. The moon was veiled by dark clouds. Leafs danced in the wind whilst the two of them strolled around the bushes.

    Iris threw herself on Cilan as she tried her hardest to fight back the tears. Cilan's neck was sandwiched by her elbows. "Lance doesn't even care about me any-more. I want these heretics out of my kingdom."

    "Don't worry about it," Cila responded as he tapped her shoulder. "Ash and May have decided to keep all the surviving non-pokemon trainers in Hyrule."

    "Why can't they just kill the traitors?" Iris gasped. She pushed herself away and slapped herself. "It would have been so much easier."

    "My lady," Cilan spoke softly. "It was only two clans that ate a dragonite and most have been punished."

    "Ken Ichijouchi is still alive," Iris snapped. "And my wretched cousins are still out there."

    "Even the three survivors have been punished."

    "In what way?" Iris asked. "They need to be executed at once!"

    "Their punishment will be to live forever with their guilt." He stroked her back and his fingers crawled all the way back to her hand. "But all the traitors are gone now."

    "It's just Arthur Cantabella waiting for the chop." When Iris mentioned his name, Cilan felt a spark in his head. He remembered that Cantabella had owned a lot of land and had hoped to be good trading partners with Iris. Cilan knew there was something wrong with him the moment he met him. Cilan advised the man to stick his nose out of politics and stick to storytelling instead. It was his own fault that he ignored Cilan's advice.

    "Do you know what he told me the day before he was arrested?" Cilan asked.

    "What was that?"

    Cilan felt her warm breath on his chest. He smiled. "He told me that you and I had a wonderful future together."

    "I had a feeling that he was a man of evil wizardry," Iris said. "It was funny how everything he said would happen actually did happen. But what does he mean by that? Wonderful future? Does he mean that we can become something more?"

    "Your Majesty..."

    "You can call me Iris."

    "Iris..." He covered her shoulders with his hands. "I have a present for you."

    "A present?"

    "I think you will love it. Close your eyes," he demanded. Cilan had always wanted to give Iris something as a token of his appreciation. Before he made his move, he checked that her eyes were wide shut. Then his hands went into the bush and out he took out an adorable axew. It was no secret that little dragon with rusks was her favourite pokemon, but this axew was unlike any other. The axew he planned to present to Iris had glittering golden skin that absorbed the rays of the moonlight. "You can open then now."

    Iris gasped as she took the axew in her hands. "OH MY GOODNESS! IT'S A GOLDEN AXEW! COME HERE YOU!" She gave Axew the biggest hug one could ever a pokemon.

    "I saw him and thought of you," Cilan whispered. "Do you like it, Iris?"

    "I don't just like him," Iris squealed for joy. "I adore him. Oh thank you so much. I could kiss you."

    Cilan smirked. "You can if you like."

    She held the axew in one arm and with her free arm, she grabbed Cilan's waist and their lips met. The moment of their lips made them both relax. She knew it was time to confess the feelings that she compressed for so long. "You're a very special friend. I wonder if we can we closer. Did you like the kiss?"

    Cilan giggled. "Very much."

    The laughter didn't last.

    "What's wrong?" Iris asked as she touched his cheek.

    "I've always loved you."

    "And I love you too."

    "I love you more," Cilan exclaimed with his arms wide open. As he spoke, he began to speak faster. "I love your personality. I love the way you handle your pokemon and I think you are one of the unique queens that this world will ever have. I want to make you happy. You've been through so much horrible stuff."

    "I can give you anything you want!" Iris declared. She held his waist and banged him against her chest. He had celebrated her at his best and accepted her at her worst. "I can get you anything you want, just have to say the word."

    "My request is a powerful one."

    "Say it anyway."

    "I want your heart, body and soul."

    "And I'll gladly give it to you." Iris meant every word of it. Cilan could tell from the strength of her grip. "Just imagine how much fun we could have."

    "I don't want to be your lover,"Cilan was serious. It was all or nothing. "I want more than that."

    "What else do you want from me?" Iris asked. She slid onto her knees as she curiously wondered what else could she possibly give him? "I can give you everything I have."

    "I want to be your king!" Cilan announced. "I want to be in the shadows any more. I want to be able to express my love for you in public."

    "But Drayden worked so hard for our alliance with Johto." It was a lot for Iris to think about. She would have to divorce Lance, but her two sons would not be happy. She could only imagine what awful stuff the elders from Lance's clan would say. She was the queen, but even a queen had limits to what she could and could not do, and that was what reminded her that she was still human. "This is too much to take in."

    "I promise that I will take good care of you and your children."

    "I KNEW IT!" It was a different voice. Iris' stepbrother, Matt and her father, Kei appeared from the shadows.

    "Matt! Father! What are you doing here?" Iris asked. "You two should be asleep!"

    "I knew I should have kept a close eye on you," Kei hissed as he made no hesitation to draw out his sword. He aimed it at Cilan. "You were trouble the moment you stood foot in Iris' life."

    "What a disgusting way to talk in front of a queen," Cilan barked. "Are you aware that I could also be the future king? And I told King Lance everything you did; tampering with the ropes so Iris would fall and lose her baby. The many times when you to tried to poison us." Cilan took a step back and faced Matt. "And your friend was exposed for eating a dragonite. And on top of that, you are great friends with the evil witch, Queen Mimi."

    "Don't listen to him Iris,"Matt yelled. "He's full of lies! And Mimi isn't a witch, she's my friend."

    Iris looked above the two men and saw two dragonairs "Arrest them!" The two blue dragons wrapped with their tails and flew away. As Iris watched her stepbrother and father go further into the distance she felt like hiding away. She was about to sacrifice her position of power, the trust of her family, pokemon, friends and subject for Cilan. "Sometimes I wonder if I'm even doing the right thing."

    "You're the queen," Cilan reminded her. "You can do no wrong."

    Was Cilan the one that would make her wishes come true? Iris was confident that Cilan was the one for her. The one that gave her empty eyes sparkles.

    Thy Wish Will Come has officially come to an end. Read The Other King, The Ketchum Inheritance and Once Upon A Crown if you want to find out what happens next. A big thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed.
  13. Kutie Pie

    Kutie Pie 桜咲くこの坂を今も上っている

    A review up to chapter three for the Shippings Fics Review Game.

    This is hard for me to write as I'm not sure what more to think of it. It was only three chapters, a third of the story (chapter-wise), but it's a third of the story that, as an introduction piece, didn't do anything to drag me in to its world, nor in its plot. I'm not entirely sure why it is I don't like it, because there's a number of reasons, albeit convoluted as I don't know how to pick them apart from one-another. If I had to sum it up, it just made me confused, bored, and uncaring enough to not bother continuing.

    So the biggest issue I have with it: nothing makes sense. I have no idea what's going on at all. I don't know if this is a standalone piece of work from what appears to be a series of fantasy AUs from your library, or if this is related/intertwined with any of them. If it is, then I don't know what's the first story to get into so I can make sense of everything. That's only if I'm correct. If this is a standalone, then it's not working, at least in the beginning.

    What doesn't make sense to me is how the world works. The world-building's non-existent outside of some rushed, perhaps forced exposition in narrative or through one or more characters in the hopes to get the reader to put it under their hat and move on. I get it that crossovers are hard to do, and hard to do well. If this is a mash-up of multiple universes from multiple franchises, then cool; unfortunately, the world's a mess. I don't know how these lands/kingdoms work (Unova has dragons and the Digital Islands with... Digimon and nothing else), or where they are, or what their purpose is to other kingdoms—or their purpose to the plotline. I imagine they do trades and all sorts of political truces (or wars) with one-another, but where are they situated? Are they kingdoms from the far east? The west? Right next door? Do we have to understand these worlds to know what is exactly going on with the Unova kingdom, specifically? Is Iris being trained to handle political agendas? What does Lance do: what is his job, specifically, besides dragons?

    In fact, that brings up another reason: the characters. They are not clicking with me, and I don't think it's just because it's an AU. I mean, I don't know if the characters are similar to their source material or not, if you have enough leeway to turn them into kings, queens, dukes, and other titles of hierarchy. If they're not the same characters, I'm not seeing it very well, and even then, I don't care. (Also doesn't help that I'm familiar with some characters, but if I can't tell whether-or-not I'm supposed to be familiar with them all or not...) At the same time, I don't understand motives, decisions, roles, dreams... anything. And I'm not invested enough to care.

    I don't care what Iris does, or what her role in the story is supposed to be. I don't care what it is with Cilan wanting to get with the queen—I don't even know if he ever fully explained himself or expressed such a desire more than once. I have no desire to learn more about Takeru and Yamato and their roles for being dragged into a new kingdom because their mother married Iris' father. (I don't even know if the family really cares too much to get to know one-another, especially since Iris is married into another kingdom anyway.) I don't understand, nor care for why it is the Uchiha clan is getting themselves involved in... whatever. I don't understand what the deal was with Ganondorf and the confrontation between him and Iris. I just don't know their histories with each other—or histories with anyone. They apparently do, but they're all over the place, or not fleshed out enough to draw out a family tree of sorts.

    I just have no idea who these characters are, and why I should be interested in learning who they are and enjoy them for being them. The only one who's apparently “unique”, or at least tries to stand out is Iris, but she's boring. She's just a generic princess with a thing for dragons. That's all I know about her. Oh, and she's pregnant and allowed to go off and do things when she should be pampered by her maids and kept in or around the castle grounds because she's about to produce an heir to the throne (I mean, it's not like she has to lead an army into war or anything, right?). I at least assume she's off doing things she shouldn't be doing, I sometimes have no idea where the narrative is taking me when it comes to the setting, and with whom we're focusing on for that scene. In the meantime, Lance is her husband, and Cilan is a duke who wants to sleep with her. That's all I know.

    And speaking of the narrative, I know you're trying to draw some intricate, delicate piece with a medieval/fantasy setting, but I was struggling with its pacing and processing what I was reading to get the picture. It's almost as if the characters are just wandering around on a blank, or unfinished piece of tapestry, just going about wherever they must, hoping to run into something. It goes hand-in-hand with the world-building, I just don't have a clear picture of where it is they're at. I thought they were all in Unova—but where in Unova? Is the kingdom of Unova similar to its source material, and that's the setting and scale I should imagine, or is it more condensed? Is the world round or flat?

    Maybe fantasy/medieval literature just isn't for me, so I could just not be interested, and perhaps this was just all me being biased about it. Perhaps I just need to be able to see what it all looks like and be able to watch the characters do their thing and hear what they have to say. But I was getting Arslan Senki flashbacks and not in a good way, meanwhile, I thought a lot about Snow White with the Red Hair, and how much I adore it. And I thought back to Sleeping Beauty, and I like that story, too. Reading this, while I didn't see any similarities between the titles I just mentioned (not a bad thing, was just something I noticed came to mind a lot), it was giving me a headache to try and figure out what was going on while fighting off boredom and to keep from wandering off someplace else. It was just a hard read for me in general.

    I tried, but I'm sorry, Chlobo, that I have to pass on this one without finishing it. I could've just bailed too early and it indeed gets better, but first impressions are basically what determines whether-or-not I continue reading something. I didn't have fun reading this, nor did I have fun writing this out. This was as difficult as it could get, and I'd rather it not get worse in that direction.
  14. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Hey Kutie Pie, I'm sorry you found this fic painful to read. It's one of the weakest fics in the series, but I'll keep this in mind when I revise the and update the trilogy. It is part of a series, but I would say The Other King would be the best one to read first to understand the world as it's the first one I've written for the series, and I think that describes the world the most. The world I have in this fic is set in medival times were manga and game characters from different fandoms share the same universe. The video game champions are rulers of their respective region, the elite four are the arch dukes and arch duchesses and the gym leaders are dukes/duchesses. Maybe I should make a little paragraph containing the details of the world.

    The main religion is The Church of Arceus which is like a pokemon version of the catholic faith. And they consider anyone who isn't dosen't have any pokemon as a heretic or a bad person. So they would consider digimon tamers as heretics or outcasts.

    I will take all your ideas on board. Thank you.
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