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TI83 Iv Calculating program.......oh yeaah!

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Yesterday started like any other normal day. Wake up, go to school, theatre rehearsel, go home......and then write an IV calculating program for my scientific calculator!!!GAAAHH! For anyone who owns a calculator capable of writing these programs and would like a portable IV calculator, here it is.

:Input "STAT?", S
: (S/P)-5 STO>I
:Input "LVL?", L
: (I*100/L)>U
:Input "EVS?",E
: Disp O

If you can understand any of this, your just as bad as i am, and enjoy it. Have fun. PEace.

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I'm studying Engineer and I use a texas calculator you know one of those that do almost everything..I probably can download the IV calculator program to my calculator but I concurr with the people's opinion......What?!!
I Understand It!


Good grief people! What is so hard to understand about this?! If you need an offline, portable IV calculator, this should help! You could just memorize the math, but that takes a lot more work than most people want to do for a video game.

I tried to post here earlier, but a server error cotinually prevented me from posting. I actually have one of those calculators. I believe this is quite useful, but there are a few problems.
First, this cannot calculate the HP IV. That would likely be best as a separate program.

Second, it should have a disclaimer somewhere saying, "APPROXIMATE", because of the many times when the IVs are uncertain.

Also the steps involving EVs, will give a confusing answer whenever anyone has 6 HP EVs (or any other number indivisible by 4).

Overall, very good! I've been trying to create a program for attack damage.
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This will only give the lowest possible IV and not the highest, it has rounding errors and you've made a mistake in the following line:


It should be

This is what I've written:

:Input "STAT:", S
:Input "BASESTAT:",B
:Input "LEVEL:",L
:Input "EV:",E
:Disp "1 If +NAT, -1 If "
:Input "-NAT, Else 0",N
:Input "1 If HP, Else 0",H
:Disp "MIN IV",max(0,-int(int(int(5+H5+HL-S/(1+.1N))100/L)+2B+E/4
:Disp "MAX IV",min(31,-1-int(int(int(5+H5+HL-(S+1)/(1+.1N))100/L)+2B+E/4

Good luck understanding that.


I you bet
lol it's not that hard if you understand IV and basic programming. also thanks for the help, i didn't know you could do this :p

i would do
:Input P

which is kinda dumb :(
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