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Tidal Wave Deck (Modified)

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by DraculKuroHemming, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. DraculKuroHemming

    DraculKuroHemming Top Coordinator

    I am looking for any advice that could help aid this deck.

    -Squirtle (Plasma Blast 14/101) x2
    -Squirtle (Boundaries Crossed 29/149) x2
    -Wartortle (Plasma Blast 15/101)
    -Wartortle (Boundaries Crossed 30/149) x2
    -Blastoise (Plasma Blast 16/101)
    -Blastoise (Boundaries Crossed 31/149)
    -Vanillite (Plasma Storm 35/135)
    -Vanillite (Plasma Freeze 27/116) x2
    -Vanillish (Plasma Storm 36/135)
    -Vanillish (Plasma Freeze 28/116)
    -Vanilluxe (Plasma Freeze 29/116)
    -Buizel (Dragons Exalted 32/124) x2
    -Floatzel (Dragons Exalted 33/124)
    -Wailmer (Dragons Exalted 25/124) x2
    -Wailord (Dragons Exalted 26/124)
    -Keldeo EX (Boundaries Crossed 49/149)
    -Kyurem (Plasma Freeze 31/116)
    -Manaphy (Plasma Storm 34/135)
    -Suicune (Plasma Blast 20/101) x2
    -Meowth (Next Destinies 80/99) x2
    -Persian (Next Destinies 81/99)

    -Energy Retrieval x2
    -Rare Candy
    -Cilan x2
    -Scoop Up Cyclone (Ace Spec)
    -Superior Energy Retrieval
    -Great Ball

    -Water Energy x19

    The general idea of this deck is to get Blastoise on the field (Preferably on the Bench), and use cards such as Energy Retrievals and Cilans to build up my hand on Water Energy so I can get Keldeo EX on the bench to overrun with strong attack power. Should Keldeo EX be unable to get to, Vanilluxe is in place as well to use ChillMAX to do potential high damage with more Water Energy in place. Floatzel is in the deck primarily as a filler, along with Persian, until I can get my hands on Kingdra (Will be taking out Buizel x2, Floatzel, Meowth x2 and Persian to add Horsea x3, Seadra x2, and Kingdra). Wailord is in place for high HP and capable to hit for high damage with more Water Energy. Suicune is in place to help protect against EX Pokemon. Manaphy is there to help search out any missing card I might need while adding lost Water Energy. Kyurem is there for strong power plus damage to the opponent's bench.
  2. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    Do you want to try and build blastoise? It's a fairly competitive deck that wins a lot of tournaments, below is a slight article on being able to obtain some of the cards fairly easily as well as a decklist I used against a lot of competitive players at my league.

    This list is called "terrible blastoise" what it mainly does is use cards like keldeo EX for the use of the rush-in ability, blackkyurem EX for black ballista to deal 200 dmg off of 4 energy (discard 3), and blastoise to get out as much energy per turn to make that possible, I also added in cards like skyla to increase the consistency of being able to have that turn 2 blastoise, 1 energy retrieval and 3 superior energy retrieval to get back 2-4 energy cards per card (makes the use of black kyurem very universal as well as making keldeo a heavy hitter as well). and 4 stadiums to win the stadium war against decks that run heavy counts of frozen city, or tech frozen city with a heavy stadium line.

    Also on the 25th (this upcoming Wednesday), there will be a red genesect box with 2 N, 2 juniper, 2 catcher, 2 ultra ball, 2 energy retrieval, there is also blastoise in one of the current theme deck's (plasma blast theme decks) and keldeo EX (spring 2013 tins).

    (I should note, I do not own any tropical beach or black kyurem, this is a league deck, I like blastoise after a season or 2 and think it's a fun deck to play).

    4-0-4 squirtle is from boundaries crossed has the ability of shell shield (really solid card to play in this deck), blastoise (deluge)
    3 keldeo EX
    2 blackkyurem EX pls (BKEX)

    3 electric energy (for BKEX)
    11 water energy

    4 tropical beach
    4 juniper
    4 colress
    3 pokemon catcher
    4 rare candy
    3 skyla
    2 tool scrapper
    1 energy retrieval
    3 superior energy retrieval
    3 ultra ball
    2 level ball

    so the concept is to use level ball to setup squirtle asap, then setup blastoise, then black ballista, black ballista, black ballista, secret sword, etc, etc.

    I personally think blastoise is a fun deck to play, have fun and good luck.
  3. Swagsire

    Swagsire Well-Known Member

    4 beach too much. Dont suggest would be my advice. And 4 colress. why ven why. Qwaa ;195;
  4. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    First off I did say that this is my "terrible blastoise" list, second 4 colress and 4 beach do 1 of 2 things, get rid of any chance of you're opponent ever playing frozen city and great synergy, oh I don't like that hand, colress for 0 then draw a hand of 7 new cards.

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