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Time Traveler + Sky Lord [poems]


Waiting for summer
((yes, I have returned to the domain of poem making . . . . I felt like a fish out of water with my one shot, but I hope these are ok. Oh! Almost forgot, these poems are free verse, they don't really intentionally take any other format so yeah))

Time Traveler

She hovers on her dainty wings,
her petite form, deceivingly powerful.
She defies the power of Dialga,
she travels the contexts of time.
To the ancient world,
to the paralysis of the future,
and back to the present.
She helps all she can,
green full of life.
She is known as the time traveler,

((Yeah, I thought of the paralysis part from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2))

Sky Lord

he floats upon his throne, the stratosphere.
Ruling with an iron fist,
over the flying Pokemon.
He has no wings, but soars higher than any bird or dragon.

He has the power to destroy mountains,
and shake the air itself.
But, he normally maintains the peace of the blue and red one.
He rules over them, for if it were not for him,
the world would cease to exist.
The Sky Lord,

((Comment please! xD))
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Bone-ified dinosaur
They're really good, shorter than your others but lacking none of the imagery, well done.

(I've just got to that part in PMD2 so I understand what you mean XD).
Hey these are really good. The choice of words are amazing. The only problem for me is ythat it doesn't rhyme...

But that's just me...

Keep it up.

Legend of Lucario

Again you impress me with your poems and imagery. I like these better then the song fic you tried. You should definitly stick with these poems.


Waiting for summer
Yes, I am a fish, and poems are my water. . .that is what I figured out. . .xD. Thanks for the comments everybody, I hope more people see these poems!

((I just found out throan has two different spellings. . . . .>.>))