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Time will Tell (Pokeshipping one-shot)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by The Red Butterfly, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    This is rated G!

    Alright I was stuck in bed sick yesterday and so I thought what better way to kill time then to write =D Hence my new Pokeshipping one-shot! Please tell me what you think and enjoy ;D

    “It’s too late”. It only took three words to not stab but viciously murder my heart. This whole time I thought I had everything under control and that she would wait for me. Thinking like that got me well….no where. The grey clouds grew darker and the rain poured harder on me. The girl in front of me; her beautiful face was flushed and tear stained. She looked down and began to walk farther and farther away from me until I couldn’t see her anymore. The brief few seconds this happened felt like a life-time as my heart painfully broke.

    “Misty” was all I was able to faintly whisper five minutes after she had left. Even though I knew it was impossible, part of me wondered if she had heard me and was running back so I could hold her in my arms. I wanted one more chance to make this up to her and only time would tell if I would.

    *~ 1 year later at Gary Oaks Lab~*

    Gary was sitting at his computer, typing up data about ghost pokemon when his phone began to ring.

    “Hello, Gary Oak speaking who is this?” he said into the receiver.

    “Hey Gary it’s me Ashy!” the guy responded back while laughing.

    “Oh hey man what’s going on? I haven’t talked to you in like a few years have I?” Gary said happily.

    “I know it has been a while and I know this is terrible of me to do but I need to ask you to do me some favors ok?” Ash said getting serious.

    “Alright what can I do for you?” Gary asked sighing to himself. It was very typical of Ash to go away from long periods of time and then come back and expect something from you.

    “Thanks a lot Gary; Anyway I need you to talk to Misty for me since she probably won’t want to see me and I need to you to just kinda bring me up in the conversation.” He explained.

    “And why am I just bringing you up now?” Gary asked trying his best to follow what Ash way saying but it wasn’t working very well.

    “Because, I have a plan to get her back and you’re going to have to go along with it. All I need you to do is talk to her and send her letter” Ash said trying to clear it up a bit more.

    “Ok, I’ll see what I can do. Now tell me more about this letter…”

    *~ At the Cerulean City Gym ~*

    “Daisy you’re twenty-eight years-old so for crying out loud get away from the television set and get yourself a job!” A girl around nine-teen yelled at her older sister while she cleaned some dishes.

    “Misty can you like shut up please? My favorite soap opera is on and I’d like to watch it peace ok! Also J-F-Y-I I do have a job: walking around the gym and looking pretty and I’m doing that twenty four/seven.” Daisy yelled back from inside the living room. Misty sighed; she was the only member in her family that was employed. She was currently the eighth gym leader since Gary had given up his position to focus on being a pokemon professor full time. She was proud of her achievements and wished her sister’s had something that they could currently be proud of. She closed the dish washer and was going to go get ready to go to bed.

    “Knock, Knock”. Sheesh, can’t I get one second to relax? Misty thought to herself as she went to answer the door. She gasped in shock when she saw who it was.

    “Hey Mist, it’s been a while hasn’t it?” the guy at the door asked. He was tall, had light brown hair that was slicked back and nice brown eye’s to match. He was wearing blue jeans and a grey sweater.

    “Oh my gosh Gary what are you doing here?” Misty squealed as she threw a huge hug around him. Misty and Gary met up again about two years ago when she took his place as a gym leader. They only had been communicating by e-mail so to see him was a real pleasant surprise.

    “I thought I’d stop by and see how you have been doing” he answered as he walked into the house.

    “Oh well thank you for stopping by, would you like something to drink?” Misty asked while showing Gary to a seat at the kitchen counter.

    “Water would be nice…so what have you been up to lately?” Gary asked as he took a seat. He was sent to Misty’s house to take care of a task and he planned on going through with it.

    “Not much really, just battling trainers that think they’re all that and trying to get my sisters jobs”. She said handing Gary his glass of water.

    “Thanks, anyway um…have you talked to Ash recently?” he asked and took a sip of water as he watched Misty’s expression drop from happy to blank and uncomfortable. It was as if she didn’t comprehend the question at hand.

    “No I haven’t why do you ask?” she said as she began to play with her long orange hair.

    “No reason, I just talked to him today and well you came up in our conversation so I was just seeing if maybe you had talked to him”. Gary answered casually.

    “Well what did he say about me?” Misty asked in a snobbish-school girl fashion.

    “He didn’t say much, just that you turned him down and stuff.” Gary answered in a discrete matter which was begging to aggravate Misty.

    “First of all I had a reason for turning him down so I’m not a bad guy ok? Also it is none of your business so If you came here to talk about Ash only then please leave and if not you’re welcome to stay and talk about anything else” Misty yelled, getting upset. She didn’t mean to completely blow up on Gary but she was in no mood to talk about Ash right now.

    Gary nodded, got up, left and shut the door behind him. So he came here to talk about Ash only and it seems like he’s back in Pallet again as well… Misty’s eyes began to water just thinking about him. Daisy then walked into the kitchen where she saw her sister in tears.

    “Aw, Misty don’t cry-water will ruin the fabric of your dress.” She said sympathetically. Misty quickly wiped her eyes and walked away.
    “I’m going to bed Daisy so I’ll see you in the morning”. Misty said as she headed up stairs to her room. She walked in, got dressed into pajama’s, got under loads of covers and buried her face in her pillow. Her tears began to soak through the soft fabric and thought’s began to run through her head.

    *~ Dream/ Flash Back Sequence~*

    September 15th

    Dear Misty,

    I’m finally in Pallet Town and we need to meet up for the sake of humanity. I know I missed out on our last three meetings and I’m so sorry and I’ll be there this time so we can talk, I promise! Meet me at the Pallet town Park at four o’clock pm tonight ok!


    I’ll finally be able to see you again Ash and hopefully you’ll be able to keep your word this time and not blow me off again. I’ve really needed to tell you how I feel about you. Please don’t let me down…

    *-Pallet Town Park-*

    Misty sat down at a park bench exactly at four pm on the dot. To kill time while she waited she flattened her white tank top over her blue jean hip huggers and played with her hair. Some kids on skate boards rode past her then left. She didn’t start worrying until she noticed that the bright yellow sun was now turning various shades of red, orange and pink. Misty then pulled out her cell-phone to see what time it was and noticed it six-thirty. She then sighed and left.
    That’s it Ash, you keep on telling me you’ll be here for me and well I’m sick of waiting for you when you don’t show up! This was the last straw Ash Ketchum…it’s over!

    *-Cerulean City Bus Station the next day-*

    Misty walked out of the store and noticed that the clouds were really grey and that it was raining. Oh great, I thought the weather man said it was going to be sunny out! She went to go hail a taxi when she saw a familiar face sitting at the bus station so she decided to go talk to him instead.

    “Hey Ash did you decide to blow me off last minute again or do you plan these things out?” she asked furiously. Ash looked up at Misty in shock.

    “Oh that’s right Misty, I am so sorry-I got side tract. I’ll make it up to you though I promise. What do you want I’ll give you anything!” Ash replied.

    “You always say that” tears began streaming down her face and showed no sign of stopping. “What I want more than anything is your time, for you to notice me, talk to me and not blow me off, I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME!” she screamed. The people at the bus station began to whisper. The rain began to pour harder and Misty’s make-up began to smear and rinse off; Ash stood up.

    “Misty where is this coming from, I’ve always known that you liked me and we can date now!” he said hoping Misty would calm down.
    “If you’ve always liked me then why didn’t you do anything about it? Did you honestly think I’d wait around forever for you? I’m sick of this and no we can’t date!” Misty said in a low whisper.

    “Why can’t we date now Misty?” Ash asked starting to get upset himself.

    Misty looked down and whipped her tears off her face “Because” she mumbled. She then looked him dead in the eyes “It’s too late”.

    *~End of Dream/ Flash back Sequence~*

    Misty opened her eyes and sat up; there I go dreaming about the horrible day again. She got out of bed and went into the living room where she saw Daisy eating breakfast.

    “Good morning sunshine, you got mail today so that might cheer you up but if its bills maybe not.” Daisy laughed hoping Misty would lighten up. She hated seeing her sister like this.

    Misty opened the envelope addressed to her and began to read what it said.

    September 15th

    Dear Misty,
    We would like for you to come and meet some of the new trainers here in pallet town. It’ll take place today at four pm at the Pallet Town Park! Don’t be late; they can’t wait to meet you.
    Gary Oak

    She put the letter down and sighed, it was already around one pm and she wasn’t in a “people mood” today but she was going to have to not let it show.

    “So what did the letter say?” Daisy asked whilst pouring pounds of ketchup on her eggs, something Misty found disgusting.

    “Gary wants me to me meet some new trainers at the park near him today.” She responded.

    “That should be fun, maybe I should come with you. It would be more then just sitting around the house all day today.” Daisy said, now stuffing the ketchup infested eggs into her mouth.

    “Yeah whatever but isn’t your soap opera marathon on today?” Misty asked organizing the rest of the mail on the table.

    “Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about that and they were airing the new episode today as well! So screw that I’m staying home”! Daisy yelled. Misty rolled her eyes. “Well I’m getting dressed so you have a great time watching your TV!” She said as she walked off to go get ready.

    About an hour later at two o’clock Misty re-entered the room to show off her looks to Daisy. She had on a dressy pink top over her elegant and slimming white skirt. She looked great in her outfit along with her hair with loose curls.

    “Jeez Mist, where are you going; to meet little ten year-olds or on a date?” Daisy asked eyeing her sister’s wardrobe choice.

    “What, am I overdoing it with this look? I just want to look presentable for everyone” She said looking at herself in the mirror.
    “Ok, whatever floats your boat. Just remember it’s been held at a park!” Daisy said as she glued her eyes back onto the television screen. Misty ignored the last remark as she headed outside. The weather was very decent for a September day. It was sunny, warm and with a slight breeze blowing through. Misty shut the door behind her and noticed something on the ground. It was a rose with a note attached to keep it from blowing away. Misty read it:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    I’m sorry for the way I treated you.
    I hope you’ll forgive me and I’d really like to see you again.

    Misty looked around for a name but there wasn’t one on it. She put the rose near the other flowers by her porch and put the note in her pocket. She then went to the street and hailed a taxi to take her to Pallet town.

    *~Pallet Town Park~*

    Misty finally arrived at the park right at four pm just like she had a year ago. She looked around and noticed that there weren’t any kids around. They must be at Gary’s place getting ready to come here she thought to herself.

    “Glad you came” a voice said from behind her. Misty turned around and saw him standing there. His black hair was neatly done and now short and his brown eye’s sparkled as she gazed into them. He was dressed in casual blue jeans and a black top. It was Ash.

    “What are you doing here?” Misty asked in shock.

    “I’m here because if you remember, exactly a year ago on this day I asked you to meet me here at this time so we could talk but I never showed. Well here I am now and I want another chance.” He said. his eyes were watery so Misty knew that he was being serene.

    “You mean a fourth chance” she laughed. She couldn’t believe that Ash actually remembered that it was today that he had blown her off.

    “I don’t know Ash-“

    “Yes you do know, I know you love me and I was too stupid to do anything about it! Now you have my time and I want to say that I love you too and that I’ve loved you all these years and that I want to be with you.” He said. Misty began to cry, she than threw her arms around him and kissed him. He held onto her as if he never wanted to let ago.

    “So I get a second chance then huh?” he whispered.

    “Nope, you don’t need one, according to your letter you’re right on time and you actually came for me.” She whispered back. She figured Gary was helping Ash with something and now it all made sense.

    Time would tell if I would ever have a second chance to have her…I do and I couldn't be any happier.

    Well, there it is hope you all liked it^^ Once again comments are always welcome!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2006
  2. mistydreams4ever

    mistydreams4ever s a r a n g h a e

    Cuuuutest line EVER. *w* Very well written story! <3 I like the many scene changes, the dialogue, and your grammar is almost perfect. <3 You're such a wonderful writer, Kyoko-san! xD
  3. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Thank you so much ^_________^ that means a lot and I'm glad you liked it ;D. Now can i take a wild guess at who you are? : Wishy^^

    Thanks again!
  4. Oh my gosh, this story takes place on my mother's birthday! :O Cool!

    Anyway, it's a real good thing that the only Pokeshipping author left on SPP is good at what she does. You've made another good Pokeshipping story, which is really the only one I've seen in months so thank you for the story. :) It was very well written, with no visable grammar mistakes (not that I saw, anyway). I did notice a few typos, though:

    You just forgot to put Misty's thoughts in italic. I'm sort of fussy about the whole italic thing. :p

    You just posted 'one' where it shouldn't be. Nothing really major.

    But all-in-all, an excelent story. 5/5. Good work!
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2006
  5. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    =O you have no idea how that remark made me feel! You two really made my day and thank you so much^____________^. Also you're Mom's b-day is on September 15th? That's cool^^ it's coming up then! Thank you for pointing out the typo's *fixes them*.

    Again, thanks a lot- I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  6. XxM!styxX

    XxM!styxX shooting the moon ☆

    That is sooooooo cute :)
    I loved it, especially since Ash was always late... I can really imagine him doing it b/c this is something I was also thinking of adding in my fic--that fact that Ash needs to decide you know-pokemon or love-i know its alil sappy but it makes sense, ash is so concerned about pokemon that he loses sight of well--MISTY!
    great fic gurl
  7. The Red Butterfly

    The Red Butterfly rocket queen

    Thank you^^ yep Ash does tend to put pokemon before Misty but they love eachother anyways =D I'm glad you liked it!

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