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Timeless Revenge, Timeless Love! (Advanceshippiing and Hedgehogshipping)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Wes, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    Well folks I guess I'm going to try my hands at a Advanceshipping story which is a sequal to my last fic, "The Chaos Emerald Frontier," Sorry this prologue isn't really shippy but it sets up the story. Anyways enjoy and don't fret other shippers since I'm making more then one shiping sequeal. Oh yeah enjoy and the rating is...PG-PG13 the most I guess.

    Prologue-The Plan of a Timeline!

    It was a peaceful night. Around seven o clock P.M. to be more exact. We see a remote island in a very secluded location. Upon that island is what seems to be a huge metal tower. On the ground floor of that metal tower was standing on pure hard steel and a huge metal gate surrounded the whole place. We see humanoid dark robots patrolling the whole area. All white and grey, standard, and a bit intimidating.

    We now check one of the rooms in that same tower. We see a room...whose walls were painted metal blue.....carpet was metal blue......and had two huge glass panes as one wall which let the one using that room look outside. We see a bed with a metal blue like blanket and a metal blue pillow. We also see the one and only....Metal Sonic resting in it in sleep mode seeing how he was in a meditating position.

    Metal Sonic....a very dangerous murderous robot. The robot was a renegade....betrayed his former master....for power...only to be defeated by his good and righteous copy...or should I say the real deal Sonic The Hedgehog. He tried again...only to fail once more but right now the metal hedgehog was in a good position. Part of a new group. Working for a leader he respects and that respects him...unlike his former master he betrayed.

    Metal Sonic looked like his real counterpart. Except was a robot version of him. Except fought for his own needs and not for others. He had glowing red eyes and black pupils. His hands were steel claws capable of crushing anything he wanted. He had a jet turbine in his torso that helped his achieve speed that could break the speed of sound. He had his own shoes....metal shoes. He was someone not to mess with.

    As he was resting it sounded like the whole base was silent and lifeless. Quiet place it looks like...or maybe not. Suddenly a sudden announcement that had the voice of a male computerized voice seemed to announce,

    “May General Metal Sonic of the speed division of the Metalix Confederation please report to the conference room. Thank you.”

    With that announcement heard Metal Sonic woke from his sleep mode and mumbled,

    Oh, yeah...
    All right...

    “Humph. I wonder what is needed of me now?”

    Metal Sonic was the general and leader of the speed division of the Metalix Confederation. A secret organization made up of machines and robots determined to take the world and reinvent it into what they saw as true paradise. One run by machines and with no humans is as the Metalix Confederation called them....carbons. Pathetic, weak, useless, and nothing more as they saw it....destroying themselves into extinction. The speed division of the army focused on...well speed obviously. Metal Sonic trained and made robots made and needed for speed. To be fast....and to kill fast....and to escape fast...you get the idea. Oh and the main color of the speed division was metal blue....yeah it was kind of obvious but anyway moving on.

    We now see our buddy Metal Sonic getting out of bed and going to a large mirror staring at himself a bit. Then he briefly glowed as he wanted to change into his general form, the robot was the only general to know how to work with liquid metal as he was making himself into the form known as Metal Sonic Overlord. After a few seconds Metal Sonic looked different....a bit. His usual ....metal hair style was now that of Shadow The Hedgehog....it was blue and his ...metal hair stuck out like Shadow which was up and where Shadow’s fur was red it was white for Metal Sonic. His body and fists looked stronger and a bit more emperor like if he were the czar or Kaiser. His shoes were a little different seeing as how the back stood back a little more and sharper. His fists were more noticeable and then we see the metal hedgehog smirk.

    We see the metal hedgehog going to a closet and taking out a black cape and puts it on as it travels his back as he walks out of his room. He walks down the hallway and stares out the glass showing the ocean. He wonders that evil robot he does.

    “Why do those humans make such fools of themselves? Doing useless things...such as....love...humph. Glad we machines don’t have emotions...well at least the more mindless ones don’t.”

    Metal Sonic kept walking. If there was something he hated was anyone being superior then him and he only knew one person...or in this case hedgehog that was superior then him. Sonic. The real Sonic. He hated and when I mean hated I mean HATED folks the real Sonic beyond relief! Heck everyday after working out in the base’s track field and upgrading himself a tiny bit he get a sonic doll, plushy, toy, or stitched up piece of fabric he shred it to pieces personally till nothing but a head remained which he just stomp on furiously. Now that robot definitely does have emotion! Emotion of needing serious anger management!

    Also he despised anyone that had strengths that resembled his. Like Sonic and....this one carbon he met. A boy with a blue sweater, black –shirt underneath it, blue jeans, and a cap. He saw what the boy called his.....Chaos Form. A form when the boy turned into a human version of Sonic. He still was human, and looked human except for some physical and appearance changes. His shoes change into red shoes with yellow streaks by the side with white shoe laces and was made by the former company SOAP that made shoes for grinding. Also a logo of SOAP was on each shoe. His black hat. Became a bit spikier and he had shades of blue like if he had a bit of Sonic’ blue hair. He also wore white gloves as well. He didn’t know the name of that boy but had a similar but not as harsh vendetta against him too.

    Well, I don't show off, don't criticize
    I'm just living by my own feelings
    And I won't give in, won't compromise
    'cause I only have a steadfast heart of gold

    Metal Sonic finally reached his destination. The meeting room. Once in he sat on one side of a long slick sleek table where you could see your reflection. Usually the meetings consisted of the two other generals and the leader who usually called them. That leader being....

    “Ah Metal Sonic! Good to see you! Have a seat!”

    “Thank you leader Egg Robo. What is the matter you need me for?”

    Egg Robo...and yes Egg Robo is his name. Not Egg Robot. Egg Robo. Anyway Egg Robo was basically a robotic version of their former master. Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik. A fat egg shaped scientist that specialized in robotic technology and had an IQ of three hundred. Basically IQ 300 but anyway Egg Robo was a very smart robot. It was even smarter then it’s creator and even a bit deadlier seeing how it was built with its personal weapons. A special rifle gun that shot either plasma beams or another open hole that shoot explosive mines. The robot also had a built in jetpack it used if it wished. Needless to say Eggman should be careful of creating robots that are much smarter them him seeing how they abandoned him seeing the fat guy always lost.

    But anyway back to the situation at hand.

    “Metal Sonic...I think it’s time the Metalix Confederation...makes a move to help attain true power and dominance over those pathetic carbons!”

    “Really? Please explain,”

    “Glad you asked.” Grinned Egg Robo evilly. Oh yeah I forgot how the top leader of the Metalix Confederation looked for you guys. Let’s see....ah ha! The robot had short thin metal legs and arms but had feet which were metal shoes and metal versions of human hands. Its body was based on how Dr. Ivo “Eggman,” Robotnik used to look with his old clothes and physique. Round and an egg shaped but not as egg shaped looking and a little it of a balloon as well. Metal torso painted red with red and yellow triangles based of the big bad fat doc’s old clothes. Average head size and orange eyes with a black pupil in them. A metal mouth to talk and grin evilly or show his emotions. Right now he was looking okay.

    I don't know why, I can't leave, though, it might be tough
    But I ain't out of control, just living' by my word
    Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason
    I've got my way, my own way

    “Metal Sonic...I’m sure you’re familiar with the story of....the Little Planet? Or a.k.a. the Miracle Planet that appears over Never Lake on the last month of every year right?

    Metal immediately nodded...Little Planet...that was when he first faced Sonic off and...well lost painfully.

    “Of course sir. I remember it from my data storage banks like if it were yesterday-“

    On a certain month of every year which would be the last month December on the Never Lake a small new world appears over the lake. This small planet is none other than Little Planet, AKA the Planet of Miracles. Little Planet is home to 7 mysterious jewels that can altar the passage of time. If all of them are collected, miracles are sure to ensue: deserts turn to lush jungles, and murky waters purify!

    But of course, there was a very certain mad scientist who has other plans for these gems. Once the planet appeared, Dr. Robotnik immediately bounded the tiny planet to a giant mountain with his face carved in it, linked by a huge chain. Dr. Robotnik then wasted no time in high-tailing his butt over there to take control of Little Planet's past so he will then have complete control over it in the future.

    Sonic was seen rushing through the plains before he would then spot the Little Planet chained up to the mountain. And upon seeing the wicked carving of Eggman's filthy mug along its surface, Sonic knew exactly who the perpetrator was. So the hedgehog immediately went dashing up the chain and to the planet to rip Eggman a new one. Problem was Eggman had quite a lot of time to prepare.

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    Sonic also came for another reason...Eggman recently used his latest robot at the time Metal Sonic to kidnap a certain pink hedgehog by the name of Amy Rose. A fan girl devoted to Sonic and loved Sonic like crazy! Sonic then knew it was up to him to save her and stop Eggman at the same time!

    Well, I don't look back, I don't need to
    Time won't wait and I've got so much to do
    Where do I stop? Now it's all a blur and so unclear
    Well, I don't know, but I can't be wrong

    Metal Sonic’s part was to defeat Sonic in one of the planet’s main zones and to guard Amy Rose. The Stardust Speedway. They both had a race of death but in the end Sonic prevailed while Metal....well I’ll just sing it.

    “Everybody’s Metal Sonic Racing! Trying to crash into walls at high speeds!”

    Needless to say Metal lost hard and ever since that day Metal wanted to have payback upon Sonic. Anyway we go back to the present and then Metal responded,

    “Yes I do know a lot of the whole Little Planet. But what about it?”

    “Well my General of the speed division I think it’s appropriate for you to take this assignment. Soon the Little Planet will reappear again and I want you to take it over as soon as possible! Then find the seven Time Stones! Think you’re up for it?”

    “Yes sir. It shall be easy!”

    “Good. This meeting is now adjourned. Good luck. You know when to go,”

    And with that Metal Sonic saluted and walked away. Oh yeah I forgot to mention something. The symbol of the Metalix Confederation was an iron fist. To show that robots and machines were superior then humans and such. We see Metal Sonic walking that same hallway again back to his own room thinking.

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    “Takeover of the Little Planet.... yes. Once I find the Time Stones I shall rewrite history and put that hedgehog in his place!”

    And with that we leave the bad *** metal hedgehog for now. We check somewhere else now. What appears to be a desert. Route 111 to be more exact. Underground that desert though...was a base that belonged to Dr. Eggman. It seems the mad scientist was having another evil scheme as usual. He wore a red jacket, had black leather pants that stretched to his feet, black shoes, bit bushy brown or sometimes was dyed orange mustache He wore simple spherical dark blue sunglasses and goggles on his head. He was in his planning room with a piece of paper and pencil trying to think up a new plan

    “Blasted hedgehog! Always gets in my way! I want to school that blue loser very badly!”

    Suddenly two robots entered the room. They were Bomb and Heavy. Bomb was a short robot who was half black and half red orange. He had short arms and wore yellow gloves and had feet as well. His specialty was as his name implied....blowing himself up seeing how he had a fuse on his head but he was built that after blowing himself up he can come back together. His personality....was dynamite! (Please excuse the lame pun).

    Heavy was another robot. He was big, mean, rough, and tough. He wore boxing gloves, and could box. He had a big slightly longer arms as well and his feet were a little bigger. He and Bomb worked as a tag team well. Heavy who threw Bomb like baseballs at their enemies...or footballs...basketballs...you get the idea. They were also the chief mechanics of the Eggman Empire.

    “Hey Dr. Robotnik! We just thought of a great idea!” shouted Bomb.

    “What is it then you two metal morons?” asked Eggman.

    “Well we thought of the perfect way to get rid of Sonic!” added Heavy.

    “Really? How so?”

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    “Well-“ and with that the two whispered stuff into Eggman’s ear. Eggman was listening and then when they were done he had an evil grin.

    “Of course! Does robots worked so well in the past against Sonic! Alright when the time is right we head to South Island and take it over with my new plot added!’

    It doesn't matter now what happens
    I will never give up the fight!
    Long as the voice inside drives me to run and fight
    Place all your bets on the one you think is right!

    South Island.....was where Sonic grew up as a kid. A pretty peaceful place. But one day back then a while ago was where also Sonic battled Eggman for the first time and back when Eggman first met him as well. Ever since the fat doctor’s defeat he tried to take over as many places and things as possible only to be defeated by the blue hedgehog and friends. Soon things were going to be remembered to be more...timeless....especially for two trainers as well.

    No, no, no, no...
    It doesn't matter!

    To be continued....
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2006
  2. Ember

    Ember Guest

    Pretty good. I like it so far. ^_^ a very nicely written prologue. Keep up the great work, I can't wait for the first chap!
  3. Sweet May

    Sweet May o.o

    I agree with Ember. The prologue is great. Didn't see any errors but that's just me. xP
    But I love where this is going and can't wait for the first chapter. ^^;
  4. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    Thanks guys! Yeah my prologues is kind of good I guess. Well I better get back to work! Thanks!
  5. umbreon43085

    umbreon43085 Guest

    Discription was good and I couldn't find any misspellings. I really like how you put the song lyrics in there but, the lyrics had a few words wrong. I got the crush 40 CD that has this song and in the lyric book, the words are a little different.
  6. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    Thanks. Yeah I don't have the CD and know the lyrics of Sonic's main theme song, "It Doesn't Matter," but the best but nontheless thanks.
  7. Wes

    Wes Iblis Wings

    My first chapter for this story guys! If I have any faults please tell me so I can fix them up a bit. Well read and enjoy!

    Chapter 1-Vacation Plans

    We now begin the next day as the morning orange sun was rising about to the sky we see a hotel known as Tipton in Goldenrod City. A great city with a good flashy name, lot of golden like paint buildings with good filled bricks and stuff….right moving on. We now check on a certain hallway of hotel doors leading to the doors of certain people who will play big roles in their future life.

    We check on one hotel room where we see a boy sleeping in light blue covered sheets snoozing away as he was dreaming weird things lately and of a certain phrase that seemingly an old man was saying. Oh and before I mention it his room had light blue walls, light blue carpet, posters, and some other furniture such as chairs, table, and a bathroom I suppose with light blue tiles, shower curtain, and so on. Designer of said room must have been real blue….that was lame wasn’t it? Moving on with the old man saying.

    "To live a life of power, you must have faith that what you believe is right; even if others tell you you're wrong. The first thing you must do to live a life of power is to find courage. You must be ready to reach beyond the boundaries of time itself. And to do that, all you need is the will to take that first step...."

    The person by the way I think I should describe despite it being very painfully obvious who it is. What? I’m being honest here! Anyway he had black hair, brown eyes, was currently wearing a black T-shirt with an orange stripe in the center, blue pajama pants, and was still snoozing away. Oh and slightly tanned skin I guess. He was very well known by many people despite his age of fifteen…though he acted more like a thirteen year old to me…right moving on. He was known to be kind, headstrong, a bit non bright, and had a lot of courage in most things. But back on him later.

    We now check another room where the walls were oddly pink of all things, pink carpet, soft comfy furniture but enough of the stuff. Time to check on the person who was currently living in it. A young person around the age of twelve years old now who was wearing a yellow T-shirt, and yellow pants who was currently dozy in her bed. Had brown hair so I guess that makes her a brunette….well duh stupid me of course. Must put on a lot of hair gel seeing how her hair…well two parts of it stuck out from one side and the other…but it does maker her look adorable…right moving on. Back to her later too.

    Finally we go to one room where we see three boys sharing…no they are not dating! Just a group of friends who stuck with each other. The room had a disco ball on the top, lava lamps, classic lucky number eight ball, three bathrooms for the three guys…one spotless with everything cleaned to perfection…another being average and just a normal bathroom and the third…..well let’s just say gravy of all things was what he bathed in and the fact the bathroom looked real unclean. The three were known for being comic relief for their mischief and a bit crazy but good moral ways…usually. Back to the comic relief guys later too.

    Or not seeing how right now an announcement rang through the whole hotel like an alarm clock that seemed to bark,

    “ED’S! Report to Mr. Something Something’s office right now!”

    As the whole announcement was heard we check back to that boy’s room with light blue who merely stretched after a mouthful of words and then mumbled,

    “Well it’s good to know they have a way of waking us all up….in a way,”

    That boy while I’m at it was known as…well you probably know but for some fun yet weird reason I won’t say for now. He stretched a bit and suddenly we hear his abdomen rumble for something to digest. Or in straightforward terms he was hungry.

    “Well I better get dressed quick and head down for some breakfast at the restaurant,”

    The boy quickly went to his closet, grabbed some blue jeans, his blue shirt, his shoes, and his infamous red cap that had a symbol of a region known as Hoenn. He rushed down the hallway to an elevator only to bump into someone he knew....right...I forgot the sound effects.


    “Sorry for bumping into you Ash,” said that girl from earlier who now wore a red bandana, gloves, and white shorts.

    “It’s okay May. Nothing big,” said Ash. Both then waited for an elevator and then both went in and waited to take them downstairs.

    “So May what are you doing today?” asked Ash out of curiosity. May just smiled and shouted,

    “Well today I’m going to hang out with Amy and Cream at their place. You?”

    “Not sure really. But have a fun time at what you’re ding,” responded the older trainer. Then they reached the main floor and then they both say,

    “Wanna race?”

    After the elevator door opened they both made a mad dash toward the restaurant with Ash in the lead and May tailing right behind. They soon made it to table to sit on and they both laughed a bit and then may shouted,

    “Well my appetite certainly got larger. I hope our waiter gets here soon,”

    The two sat down opposite each other reading menus. Suddenly three familiar waiters showed up. Ash and May put their menus down and then they said,

    “Let me guess. You Ed’s are now on waiter duty right?”

    We now see three boys who were in waiter suits. One was tall, had some hair that pointed up, a bit dim...or a very over reactive imagination, was the strongest but nice of the trio, usually wore a white and red stripe shirt with a green jacket and blue pants, and black shoes. And he was...Ed. We now got to the second tallest who usually wore a orange shirt, purple shorts, and well was still wearing his black sock hat on his head, and was the smart one of the group. Double-D. And now we go to the shortest one but also the most greedy, mischief loving, and cunning of the three for quarters and jawbreakers. Eddy.

    “Look all we did was accidentally added a formula to the pool when it was so hot yesterday and everybody headed to the pool,” answered Eddy.

    “But made everyone’s hair turn green too,” reminded Double-D annoyed of the outcome.

    “And it also turn people’s hair who already was green into pink like Drew and Wally,” added Ed.

    “Well too bad for you three. Anyway may we order breakfast?” asked May. Suddenly three yells that seemingly had the voice of Brendan, Wally, and Drew that seemed to shout something familiar.


    “You can get your breakfast later!” shouted Eddy as the three waiters made a run right out of the restaurant. Ash and May just sighed with disbelief. Much later we see the Ed’s who came back who apparently looked like they had black eyes and scratch marks on their waiter outfits that was consisting of the colors black white, and a red tie.

    “What do you want? And please make it fast before we get seen by those three again,” asked Eddy.

    “Well I guess I’ll have a cup of orange juice and a bagel,” answered May.

    “Cereal please.”

    “Thanks and would you like anything else with that?” asked Double-D.

    “No thanks. Later I’m going to see Amy and Cream about plans of a place she calls South Island and well I’ll probably eat there. How about you Ash?”

    “Well I guess I’ll have-“

    “SOUTH ISLAND!” suddenly screamed Eddy who was then shushed by Double-D. Eddy them calmed down and shouted,

    “South Island! That place I hear has great vacation spots! The most famous and best of them being the Green Hill Zone!”

    “And donuts,” added Ed. Eddy just whacked him on the head and then asked,

    “May! If you’re ever going to that island tell us boys since we desperately need a vacation for all the hard work we done lately!”

    “The hard work caused by your pranks?” asked Ash. Suddenly the familiar sounds of Drew, Wally, and Brendan were heard that seemed to scream once more, “ED’s!” was heard and then the three make a mad dash out of the room only to be pursued.

    Later that day to about three o clock PM….

    We now see May walking with one of her newer friends she met after the whole...Project Chaotix fiasco in the group’s last big adventure. That friend being the one and only Amy Rose! Amy Rose...well for starters she wasn’t your typical average girl. She was a hedgehog. Pink fur, peach muzzle, inner ears, and arms/hands, vibrant green eyes three curved, thick bangs coming out from her forehead five thick quills that extend downwards around her head, wore a red dress and skirt and red shoes with a white stripe down the middle. Did I mention she was twelve years old like May as well right now...oh and she likes to wear white gloves. Anyway we see them discussing stuff.

    “So Amy. Last time we met you suddenly had an idea about a place called South Island?”

    “Well May...yeah. I was thinking about that place. Lately after that whole Project Chaotix incident from that jerk Metal Sonic I think it be nice to visit an old place from my childhood for some fun. And well what better way to know your new friends by taking them for a trip there!”

    May’s eyes filled with enthusiasm as she heard that. She then asked,

    “You mean...a vacation!?”

    “Well why not? But the problem is I can only take about....seven people. But don’t worry I know you’ll come!”

    May just smiled when she heard that. The two decided to walk to a café to discuss who else to bring along. While discussing suddenly a TV report from a TV in the café showed up. We see a woman with orange hair there, orange suit, and she was at a news desk. The two stopped to watch the news.

    “Hello everyone as I Scarlet Garcia is here to bring the latest headlines. Today the Eggman Empire had made a terrorist attack in the capital of the United Federation, Central City but luckily world renowned hero Sonic The Hedgehog has stopped the robot terrorist in their tracks today. We go to Gabby and Ty who are now at the scene,”

    We now see reporter Gabby who was seemingly interviewing the world’s most famous hedgehog. Sonic. Amy was currently staring at the monitor with hearts in her eyes as she had a very very big and I mean BIG crush on the blue boy.

    “Sonic. Have any comments on the evil Dr. Robotnik who once again failed with his latest plot?”

    “Sure I guess. Eggman....try to build robots that can actually catch up to me in speed. Then maybe you’ll win,” joked Sonic.

    “Well there you have it folks. Reporter Gabby signing off for now. Back to you Scarlet,”

    Back to May and Amy who went back to talking.

    “You sure like Sonic Amy,” asked May out of curiosity. “What made you like him so much anyway?”

    Amy suddenly stopped daydreaming about the blue hedgehog and began to think for a moment or two. She then answers,

    “Well back when I was much younger I kind of had a crush h on Sonic when I first saw him. But the moment that really made me love him was when he went on that big adventure on the little Planet just to save me! Well maybe not only me and also the world but he saved me too!”

    “Little...Planet?” asked May out of curiosity. “Never heard of it to be honest,”

    “Really? Then when we go to South Island I’ll show you! It’s one of the best places no scratch that. The best place to see and good thing this is the month we get a chance to see it! The place is so...timeless....you may possibly remember and get your best memories from seeing that place or visiting it ...too bad the only time I ever went was ruined...but anyway let’s forget about it.”

    May noticed Amy felt hurt a bit when talked about Little Planet. Granted Sonic did save her but...what else happened beside that? May then decided to change the subject and asked,

    “Too bad Cream couldn’t make it today. She had to go to a dentist appointment,”

    Amy nodded. For the rest of the day they hanged out and discussed what to do and when they should go to South Island. But meanwhile...

    We check on Ash who was with his best pal friend who was a pokemon known as Pikachu. The two were in the hotel each eating a cup of yogurt watching the Ed’s cleaning the restaurant floor.

    “You know Eddy if you haven’t made...most of everyone’s hair green or of a different color in the first place we wouldn’t be in this predicament,”

    “Yeah yeah I know Double-D. But I wonder how I get caught every time,” mumbled Eddy.

    “Cameras?” suggested Ed. Eddy just shrugged it off and answered with,

    “Naw. So Ash anything interesting happening to you?”

    Ash looked at the Ed’s and shook his heads in boredom. Eddy then just said,

    “You know something? You and-“ but before Eddy could say something May rushed right into the restaurant but accidentally slipped on the mopped floor and slipped and fell right on her back. Ash immediately rushed over and got her back up and asked,

    “May! Are you okay?”

    “It’s no big deal...really,” said May as Ash got her back up. Eddy and the two other Ed’s ran over to them and then Eddy shouted,

    “Hey! Now I’m going to have to mop those spots again!” They all just glared at him while Double-D then said, “Well what’s the big hurry? I’m assuming very appealing news for us?”

    “Yes! I can take up to five people with me to...guess what? Eddy you were right! A vacation on South Island!”

    The Ed’s all looked real jubilant just hearing the word of South Island. Then Eddy screams,

    “We must go or we’ll prank this whole hotel including you guys till we get kicked out and live on the streets of Goldenrod begging for jawbreakers, quarters, and cups of gravy all while having buttered toast due to lumpy’s addiction and we’ll be frozen popsicles by then!”

    After hearing that Ash and May just sweat dropped while Double-D just stared blankly at Eddy while Ed was in a thinking position. May then answered with,

    “Okay. You funny guys can go. But...that only leaves one position and ...who should I choose?”

    Meanwhile we see the infamous blue hedgehog Sonic who was currently in Goldenrod city because his buddy Tails told him someone was waiting for him near the Goldenrod Mall entrance. He looked at his watch and tapped his red shoe and sighed and mumbled,

    “I wonder who’s here to see me?”

    With those words mutter suddenly he heard what appeared to be,


    “Oh no! Please tell me that’s not who I think it is!”

    Suddenly a pink blur quickly tackled him and Sonic groaned in annoyance.


    “Hey my cute Sonikku! What’s up?”

    “What’s up is me getting away from you!” and with that Sonic made a quick dash out of there and we now see the blue hero sighing in relief but he suddenly notices a note stuck in his left glove. He takes it out and reads it. Sonic just groaned and reluctantly said,

    “Alright Amy. But the only reason I’ll go is because I have a feeling you’re going to get yourself in trouble and I’ll end up saving you anyway,”

    We go back to May as she was in her room thinking of who she should invite. She had three last choices left and wasn’t sure which of her friends to pick.

    “Maybe I should call Amy and ask for her opinion on whom to invite,” and with that May took the phone near by her bed and called. We now see Amy back at her apartment paying some bills and counting her rings when suddenly the phone rings. She picks it up and we hear,


    “Hey Amy. I need an opinion on who I should choose.”

    May already explained on whom she chosen and why and now was asking now who to choose last. Amy decided to think who the best choice was for May last. Brendan....nope was too gullible like....Knuckles...a bit not bright. Wally....maybe....but kind of weak like Tails and you might want someone to defend in case something happens in the South Island...Amy then though of Ash....he was good...brave...even reminded her of her Sonikku a bit...bit too much....Amy then answered,

    “Well I think Ash is a good friend and ...that you should pick him! Bye!” and with that Amy just shut the phone off quick. May just thought for a moment. Ash....friend...mentor...big brother kind of guy...sure why not? What can possibly go wrong? May then ran out of her room and soon found ash who decided to help the Ed’s with their penalty of the day and we hear May scream,

    “Hey Ash! Want to join me and the Ed’s to South island?”

    Ash just heard her and then smiled,


    Meanwhile we check on the evil Dr. Eggman who was in his kitchen room currently drinking a cup of hot cocoa and was thinking of his next big move. Suddenly Bomb and Heavy enter the room and Bomb shouts,

    “Dr. Robotnik! The repairs on the special robots you said to be made are now complete!”

    “Excellent...prepare to be owned blue boy!” shouts Eggman.

    To be continued...
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    Chapter 2-Chain Reaction

    It was that same day or should I say night now and we see both Ash and May in their individual hotel room resting Ash and May thinking over. Soon they head to a vacation at a place known as South Island and to relax till no tomorrow! They were lying in bed resting and staring at the ceiling as they were so ecstatic about heading to South Island for the first time in their lives. Then again...not everything goes according to plan....

    We now see Metal Sonic walking to the meeting room again already in his overlord like look of status he went walking. One of the highly regarded harshest generals (Well technically all of the Confederation’s generals were harsh as hell but back to Metal Sonic), who was known to easily get angry if he were ever compared to his counterpart. He kept on walking till he reached it and when he went in he found a note. Upon reading it his mood changed to a pleasant one. That saying,

    “Well my speed division general. Soon the Little Planet will be in your grasps...well not literally but whatever. I forgot to mention one important detail from the last meeting. Let’s just say I think it’ll be fun to frame our former master for this takeover if that pesky copy of yours comes along and learns of this,”

    If Metal Sonic had a movable mouth he smirk right now and he then shouted,

    “A couple of days are soon going to be a couple of years as me as the victor!”

    Meanwhile we see Dr. Eggman in his base and was in his planning room finishing up a design on hat appears to be some machine. Suddenly Bomb and Heavy come in the room after tripping over each other and both robots shouted,

    “Dr. R! When do we start the South Island...thing?”

    “I’m not sure to tell the truth...hmm...a couple of days ca work I guess...you got those six special robots fixed just like I said right boys?”

    “Yep,” answered both robots. Eggman evilly grinned and then answered,

    “A couple of days it is then!”

    But while all that scheming and blabbing was happening...we switch scenes to a forest nearby the city of Goldenrod. We see a mansion that looks recently built. It was huge, fancy, painted with orange and the windows and door being a combination of gold and silver. We now hear someone inside scream,

    “YOU MORON!”

    We now switch scenes inside and we see a blond hair women wearing a black cloak and her hood not being worn also part of the cloak. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, and her hair went back but was a little long and a little short and had two pieces of hair sticking out like if she were a ant. She was yelling at what appears to be two other men wearing the same cloaks except made for them and not her and she was literally furious at them.

    “You ripped off all my books in the Library!”

    “It was an accident you little-“but the other men just hit the one on the head fast to shut him up. That other man being Saix. He had long light blue hair and an x shaped scar on his nose. He was very serious when it came to matters. The other man was Axel. A guy who had red spiky hair, green eyes, and known to have many faces.

    “But sir that brat clearly-“upon hearing that Larxene quickly stomped on Axel’s foot who yelped out,”Ouch! What the heck is the problem with you?”

    “My problem is that you accidentally burned down all my books!"

    "Whatever," mumbled Axel as he walked away. Larxene was just steaming mad till Saix said,

    “Don’t mind that flaming fool. Come I came here to talk to you for a reason Larxene,” said Saix very calmly.

    “Oh really? What is it scar face?” mumbled Larxene oh so sarcastically seeing how she loved to make fun of people. Saix who ignored the last comment said,

    “Xigbar wants us in a meeting. Let’s go,” and with that said the two began walking to their meeting room in the mansion. Upon arrival they met another of them but he kept his hood up so they couldn’t see his face.

    “Larxene. Saix. Got an assignment for both of you,” answered Xigbar as soon as they walked in.

    “Well what is it?” asked Larxene annoyed. Xigbar then suddenly tossed them each two profiles of four different people altogether. After the two were done reading their assignments Larxene suddenly shouted,

    “You want me to observe two brats?”

    Xigbar coldly responded with, “Yes. I see....potential in them. As for you Saix...you are to observe the infamous hero and his so call love. Think you can handle it?”

    Larxene had a scowling face while Saix remained clam and replied with one word. “Affirmative,”

    A couple of days later...like a chain of events...it seems someone arrived very early in the morning. To be more exact robot who happens to be Metal Sonic was now near Never Lake. He was sitting on the ground just reminiscing to himself about Sonic and Amy for some strange reason.

    “Hmm....back then....that infamous sphere of time....those two...heh. What an inferior duo. It seems that because of Miss Rose’s love her weakness was exposed. Guess love is nothing but a weak pathetic carbon based spot. Good thing I’ll expose it over this pitiful world,”

    Metal Sonic just rested...when suddenly...he heard a large shock and he woke his eyes up and suddenly saw a giant flash.

    Later...we see Eggman and his five robot assistants; Bocoe, Decoe, Bokkun, Bomb and Heavy all packed in the Egg Mobile which reminded the scientist to make bigger versions of it. The group already arrived on South Island and we hear the mad scientist exclaim,

    “Alright boys! We first head to Never Lake to start up sort of a mini base there!”

    With that said the madman and his robotic crew grinned. As they were reaching the lake...will more like when they got there...their mouths stood at awe.

    “Change of plans boys....Bomb and Heavy...you two can go after the hedgehog...I have some personal investigating too do....seeing how someone FRAMED ME!?”

    Much later we see Ash, May, Sonic, Amy, and the Ed’s all sitting on a folding chair on a grassy hill all wearing what appeared to be sunglasses.

    “Isn’t this the good life boys?” mumbled Eddy to the other Ed’s. They both nodded. But meanwhile we see a familiar trio watching them from afar with binoculars. All wearing a white uniform with the infamous symbol of Team Rocket. One had short length blue hair, was known to be much nicer compared to his teammates, and also used to live big. He was James. Another teammate was a women with long red hair and was pretty obsessed with it, had a bit of a temper, and being bossy beyond relief. She was Jessie. And last but not least we see a cream colored cat, with a gold coin of a charm on his head, whiskers on his face, and a voice that makes him sound like if he were from Jersey. Meowth.

    “The twerps! This time they’re hanging out with them two hedgehogs!” mumbled Jessie to her teammates.

    “Dat’s our chance now! Soon we make a quickie from our latest stuffs!” added Meowth.

    “Finally we’ll get some pokemon....I hope,” added James and with that the three decided to go quiet and wait.

    Later we see Ash, May, and the Ed’s who were walking down a grassy plain to check out a lake for some fun....that lake being Never Lake.

    “I seriously doubt a planet of all things appears over a lake,” mumbled Eddy as May told them all about it.

    “But come on! I’m sure there is such a thing right?” May asked the others.

    “Well...this sounds like some legend...but then again anything is possible,” answered Double-D.

    “Well I personally believe it. I mean if I can trust May why can’t you guys too?” asked Ash. Upon hearing that comment it made May smile for a little bit. Double-D just shrugged while Eddy answered,

    “Because....well....don’t you think maybe such a thing is so...fake...like....like...our scams we pull for quarters!” Ash and May just sweat dropped hearing that seeing how Eddy admitted how fake his own scams were but nonetheless Ash just quickly responded,

    “I still trust May. I know she’s not the type of girl to lie,” and with that said May smiled once more and then the group continued walking when suddenly the three Rocket’s suddenly were seen ahead blocking their ways and Jessie holding what appears to be a vacuum cleaner of all things.

    “Team Rocket!” shouted the five. Jessie just taunted,

    “Well if it isn’t the twerps. Today we’re going to make things quick, easy, and simple!” and with that said she turned her vacuum on and needless to say pokeballs immediately shot out. Ash’s eyes widened in anger at the trio as they were always so annoying getting in their way. He then decided top teach the three the same shocking lesson they received.

    “Pikachu use thunderbolt!” Pikachu his infamous friend nodded charged up and fired a thunderbolt...but sadly got sucked in while it fired it....so right before it fell into the vacuum...the trio received their usual shock but after the blast they went blasting off again...but it seems Jessie was still holding the vacuum.

    If you're strong, you can fly
    You can reach the other side of the rainbow

    “Oh no! After those losers!” shouted Eddy! The five agreed and they raced toward where the three indeed...only to get a big stare of awe from their surprise of what they saw. They saw a large metal chain of metal...two chains to be more exact...one connected to one mountain which had a carving of Dr. Eggman’s mug on it. The second chain was on the other side connected to another short mountain and oddly enough had a symbol of what appeared to be a....iron fist surrounded a circle. But what surprised them most what both large and lengthy chains held down.

    It's all right, take a chance
    'cause there is no circumstance that you can't handle
    When you use your mind

    “See Ed’s? There is a Little Planet!” shouted May in excitement and....worry.

    Indeed. A living planet above the lake...but instead was covered all in metal...like if someone turned it into a base...needless to say the three saw what appeared to be silhouettes of the three rockets as they seemed to crash into the planet near the closest chain they were near.

    “It looks like Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again,” stated Double-D.

    “It looks like the start of another adventure...alright!” shouted Ash in enthusiasm. They all stared at the Little Planet. It wasn’t exactly good to know it was converted into a giant steel fortress from the outside and was held by two abnormal chins of metal...but then again...maybe this vacation wasn’t going to be all sightseeing and relaxing...maybe some sightseeing worth remembering.

    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom
    Trouble keeps you running' faster
    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom
    Save the planet from disaster

    “But Ash...how do we even get up there?” asked Double-D. Suddenly Ed shouted, “The rope of metal doom!”

    They all stared at the chain connected near the mountain. Granted that wasn’t really safe but the group has been in crazier spots before.

    “Well looks like we got no choice....oh goody! We can take picture of the places inside that planet and make a colander with some good limited edition shots of the inside of the Little Planet to make some money!” mumbled Eddy to himself.

    “Alright then. Let’s save our pokemon and if we could stop Dr. Eggman at whatever he’s planning this time!” shouted Ash in exhilaration. They rest of the group nodded. They soon made it to the metal chain and just noticed how large it was.

    Through the dark, to the light
    It's a super sonic flight; gotta keep it going'

    “Wow....maybe we should have partners to make sure we don’t fall off,” suggested Double-D. “Agreed Double-D! We Ed’s are gonna sick together while I guess you two can help each other!” answered Eddy. Ash and May stared at each other and then nodded. Needless to say the early climb or tiptoeing began. As they began Ash said to May,

    “If you start to slip or wobble grab on to me. I don’t want one of my best friends getting hurt,”

    May nodded and when Ash turned his face around she just smiled because of what he said. They started to ascend the ground became much farther away in view. Then again they were glad if they got close enough but fell they land in the lake and wouldn’t be seriously wounded. As they got higher the chain became harder to stay on. Even one time May almost fell but Ash in the nick of time grabbed her hand and help pull her back up. What a good teamwork duo....

    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom
    Trouble keeps you running' faster
    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom
    Save the planet from disaster

    Meanwhile we go back to Sonic and Amy and Sonic decided it couldn’t hurt to take a walk with her. He sighed. He liked Amy....just as a friend. He always thought that Amy...was going to one day going to accept the harsh truth and well...Sonic was afraid of her being...well plainly put...sad. As they walked Amy usually smiled. But meanwhile...in another bush...we see the two robots Bomb and Heavy watching them.

    “If we get rid of the hedgehog Dr. Robotnik I’m sure will give us an upgrade!” mumbled Bomb.

    “I know Bomb. That pink kid girl I think we can use as bait for the first set up trap,” mumbled Heavy back.

    “Right...at the Underground Zone we get both of them losers and make them face the upgraded special robot,” mumbled Bomb back.

    “Right dynamite powder for brains. Now we start phase one,” and with that said Heavy handed Bomb a sign who then ran off. We now go back to the hedgehog duo and as they were walking Amy bumped into something.

    “Who puts a sign in the middle of this path? Mumbled Ms. Rose as she bumped her head and was now rubbing it. Once back on her feat she red the following lines.

    “Go to the Underground Zone and hope you find your good luck charm of Chaos Emerald!”

    Amy immediately though of a way for her relationship with Sonic to get better. “Sonic! How about we go emerald hunting in the Underground one here at South Island?” asked Amy. Sonic immediately said,

    “Amy...don’t you think it’s bit....weird that a sign out of nowhere shows u and-But Amy too determined to win his heart already grabbed his arm and began running and Sonic only mumbled one word to himself.


    Meanwhile back to Ash, May, and the Ed’ who were on the last two chains staring into a hole it lead into. I was black and it was hard to tell what, who, or should I say...when was happening in there.

    “Well...it’s now or never,” reminded Double-D. Ash just grinned and shouted,

    “A new day does bring new adventures,” with that said he jumped right through. May stared at the hole and grinned. She jumped right in. The Ed’s looked hesitant. Then Eddy shouted,

    “It’s rich or quarters boys!” and with that said they went in...needless to say good thing Double-D brought a watch...things are about to get past, present, and future like.

    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom
    Spinning' through a world in motion
    Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom

    To be continued...
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    Chapter 3-Palm Tree Panic-Past-Morning Beginnings in Tropics

    To start let’s go with Ash’s point of view


    It was a bit...weird.... it was feeling weird? I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Another weird adventure. I guess I’m too nice for my own good sometimes... Now in a place rumored but I guess believe supposedly has a thing on time. Time travel? I always wondered what would happen if someone messed with that sort of thing like in the movies, “Back To The Future!” That movie starring Michael J. Fox I think had two sequels making that series a trilogy... retro movies are pretty good to watch once in a while I guess.

    Anyway after entering I felt a bit...well sick to my stomach. I guess that’s natural for these sort of places. The Ed’s said that to me one day...I believe them. They’re...original enough as it is to know what they’re talking about. That and weird but nonetheless good friends.

    I eventually woke up and I felt real tired. Yet it feels weird...it’s like everything already happened. Like it was.... in the past. As I woke up I slowly rubbed my eyes so they get a good view of what I see. I saw what I did not expect.

    Now for a bit of May’s point of view


    Man that felt strange. One minute I feel normal...the next reminds me of that time I went time traveling with Meowth. Like I was traveling in the past. Slowly I regained consciousness and well.... what I saw as beautiful.

    Oh right. I should introduce myself. My name is May and once again out on another adventure! This time to recover my friends after a meeting with those rockets. Man they never give up do they? Jessie, James, and Meowth earlier caused Ash’s and my pokemon to get caught up with them. We chased after them only to find they blasted off into the legendary Little Planet. The same place I wanted to see. But that wasn’t exactly good…seeing how it looks like Dr. Eggman is back to his old tricks. Literally as Amy told me he tried to take over the place before. So now being the good people we are we decided to go after our pokemon, and maybe stop Eggman at his tracks at well!

    But the thing was…the story of how he took over seemed t bit off this time. I mean Amy told me he chained the whole planet with on with a large iron chain connected to a mountain with his empire symbol on it. But the difference was that…two chains held it and the other chain led to a mountain on the other side of Never Lake with a symbol of what looked like a fist…no more like an iron fist. Strange…unless Eggman is into pumping his fist in the air in victory, which he does, but it seems someone else was after Little Planet and its secrets. I don’t know…more like a gut feeling of instinct. But oh yeah it was beautiful for sure the place….

    Back to my point of view thank you very much


    Both trainers wide eyes shouted,


    What they saw was...magnificent lush, bountiful....green checkered plains filled with palm trees? The sky was light blue with the sun slowly coming out which signaled it was the early morning and a fog like mist was at the whole area. Needless to say it was a bit beautiful yet...odd

    “Wow...we ended up in a great looking place for our new adventure,” May said quietly. Ash nodded. It was sort of beautiful. It was actually a bit of a paradise.

    “Yeah...where are the Ed’s?” asked Ash suddenly. May sweat dropped and began to think. Then she shrugged. Ash sweat dropped too. Where could have they ended up?
    Suddenly the two heard a familiar sound. The sound of yelling and arguing.


    “But Eddy my tummy roars for food and remember that time I went sleep walking and-

    “How about to divide it into three? I mean it couldn’t hurt-


    Ash and May sighed with relief. The Ed’s have been found up further north of their position.

    “Well if it weren’t for Eddy’s big mouth those three might not be that lucky,” mumbled Ash. Both just ran to the blabbing.

    Meanwhile.... we see a certain something elsewhere. He was quietly inspecting his new base of operations for the time being. He was silent just eyeing the hallway of metal he was walking and eventually got into a room where it looked to be a place of control.

    “Some time will be needed but eventually this zone will be under command. Then…the search can start!” and his red eyes of fury is seen with a look of coup and of payback. It started already for him and he was glad. The plan that make him better ten his counterpart. Where the one word he wanted to achieve might finally happen. Revenge. Oh what a sweet word for that robot to say. Metal Sonic that is.

    Back to Ash and May who finally found the Ed’s still arguing over a pineapple trio found earlier.

    “Alright break it up guys!! What’s going on?” shouted May as the three were tackling each over to try to grab a pineapple from whoever had it last.

    “What does it look like? Were fighting over a pineapple!” shouted Eddy. May sapped her face in annoyance and shouted, “No I mean why are you fighting for a pineapple in the first place?”

    “....Well.....we don’t have any food with us at the moment....and were pretty hungry....and yeah that pretty much wraps it up,” answered Double-D.

    “Can I have a bite of the pine banana?” Ed asked. Eddy just tackled him and the three already got back to fighting for the fruit. Ash and May just sighed. The Ed’s were a weird trio. Eddy being the tough, greedy, yet a bit nice guy. Double-d the nice, polite, smart, and well mannered boy. And Ed.....overreacts beyond relief...a bit non bright.....and very strong...but a good person nonetheless.

    “...How did you guys get that pineapple anyway?” asked Ash? The three then stopped and looked at each other. Finally they shrugged and Ed said,

    “It fell from the sky...THE SKY IS FALLING!” And Ed began to panic. Eddy just slapped his face in annoyance and walked over to Ed and whacked him on the head with his hand and shouted,

    “Knock it off lumpy! Double-D the pineapple came when it landed on his head?”

    “I think you three need to look at your surroundings more like the back for starters,” suggested Ash.

    The Ed’s took a look around and were amazed at what they saw. A very large and might I add tall palm tree stood bearing ....pineapple oddly.

    “Odd....WHERE THE HECK ARE WE!” Yelled Eddy! Everyone else just shrugged while Double-D began to think.

    “Hmm....well let’s see. This place is in the Little Planet. Full of palm trees yet...I don’t know...gives a sense of...panic in the air?”

    “Like...a palm tree panic?” asked Eddy. Double-D nodded and stated,

    “Yeah...I guess that be a name for this zone we can call it...who knows maybe it’s already named that? Well then, I think we better get to exploring! I wonder though....how far did those no goods went to? And....unfortunately from earlier looks possibly and probably Dr. Eggman and his cronies,”

    They all shuddered when hearing that name. Dr. Eggman. Boy he was one very bad dude. He attempts to take over the world on many occasion, once blew up half the moon with a weapon of mass destruction, unleashed a large water god on a city known as Station Square, kidnaps, split the world into seven pieces just for fun, and created deathly circus traps. Needless to say he was mad, funny, evil, and one out of the norm guy who had a timeless knack for eggs as well. And stomping on anything with a sign of a familiar blue pest he knows and loathes as well.

    “Well if Eggman thinks he can just thinks he can take over he’s got another thing coming!” shouted Ash., The boy who just loved to fight for the good, needy, and was also a great pokemon trainer as well. He hates it when someone just has some plan to do wrong. Then again….there us no wrong or right….just different views….

    “Well we better start!” added May. They all nodded. It began in Palm Tree Panic!

    “Yep so I guess we check out the plains but first….anyone up for some fruit?” asked Eddy as another pineapple came down and hit Ed on the head. They all then noticed they were all starved from…well coming in.

    Meanwhile we check o dastardly duo Bomb and Heavy who were sneaking from bush to bush to catch up and spy on Sonic and Amy.

    “Well dynamite powder for brains we might actually be on a roll….you do remember the plan right?” asked Heavy. Bomb sweat dropped oil and answered,

    “Um…yes? Maybe? …No?” answered Bomb finally. Heavy sighed and hit Bomb on the head who immediately got on his case.

    “First they get to the Underground Zone. When they do we sneak in and get ahead of them and place a path of dollar bills. This will make them interested. In following it I guess. With me so far?”

    “Of course! I aint dumb like you are!” shouted Bomb.

    “Did you just call me dumb?” asked Heavy. “Well you certainly are….heavy for a robot your weight,”

    “Hey! I take that as a compliment! I’m a robot whose name is Heavy! What do you expect Bomb?”

    “That you be a slow moron?” answered the shorter robot back. “At least I’m not puny and obsessed with explosives like you are!”


    “Same goes for you!”

    The two argues for a little bit beating each other up and suddenly they heard footsteps and quieted down. They took a peak through the bush they were in and saw the two hedgehogs still running and then Heavy whispered,

    “Now where was I before that brawl? Oh yeah. Then we snatch them up and take them to our boss’s special new and improved machine he called……The Trapinach Snapper! We then take them down and feed them and the boss promotes and upgrades up! Easy thing no?”

    “I guess…mind drawing a diagram?” asked Bomb. Heavy then took out an art pad for drawing and a pen. He next drew a doodle of Sonic and Amy looking happy. He then drew doodle of himself and Bomb. He then doodled himself holing a beaten up Sonic and Amy, then he doodled a picture of the Trapinach Snapper which looked like a mechanical Trapinach who’s head stuck out of the ground and snapped wildly with it’s mouth. And finally a picture where heavy and Bomb tosses them in and a lot of blood is coming out and he color it all with a marker and said,

    “And soon that masterpiece is going to be live action…hopefully,” answered Heavy.

    Bomb just stared at it for a bit and mumbled, “Gee that’s a bit gory don’t you think? And masterpiece?” I can doodle way better then that!”

    “No you can’t!” answered Heavy back.

    “Yes I can!” answered Bomb back.

    “No you can’t!”

    “Yes I can!”

    “No you can’t!”

    “Yes I can!”

    And they continued for Ho-Oh knows when. Back to the five on Little Planet as they finished a breakfast of pineapple yet they already ate breakfast but since they entered Little Planet and for some odd reason started in the past….you get the idea. They were walking up a hill just searching and searching. Looking for any possible sign of Team Rocket since the three probably still had Ash and May’s pokemon captive.

    And speaking of Rockets. Let’s go check on them right now. Jessie, James, and Meowth who still held a bag of pokeballs walked around whining in pain.

    “Stupid electric shocking Pikachu,” shouted Jessie as she walked in anger.

    “Yeah. That thing always seems to get the last move on us usually,” added James tired.

    “Dat mose is gonna be sowrry one of dem days!” muttered Meowth with annoyance.

    “Yeah. Too bad that electric rodent got lucky and seems not to be here with u. Oh well. I never knew we crash into…I don’t know. A metal planet?” asked Jessie.

    “Well we’ve been to weirder places like an island filled with clones, islands filled with legendary birds, tower made out of crystal of all things, in a forest with a evil power greedy jerk, a town where nothing happened to us really while on vacation, a valley where a giant fake Groudon attempted to destroy everything, a city where alien pokmon invaded, some giant tree that was odd beyond relief, and now in a metal planet filled with palm trees. And much more stuff I bet,” added James meekly.

    “Yep. But dem days brough some timeless moments tween us threes right Jimmy boy?” asked Meowth.

    “Yep. Timeless unforgettable moments for us…and the twerps,” he mumbled back.

    “Yeah ... oh no! Get down!” shouted Jessie. James and Meowth were confused but dropped down on the floor and saw something or should I say more of the same thing from before.

    “Oh crud! That Eggman guy is here too!” growled Jessie.

    The three noticed marching Egg Pawn robots holding their lances patrolling the area. They gulped and slowly crawled back hoping not to be spotted. I don’t blame them. Being caught by those robots only meant a lot of unnecessary pain. And that’s no good!

    But I suppose we should go back to Ash, May, and the Ed’s now....I mean it already happened...that didn’t make since didn’t it? Oh well. Back we go and we now see the five panting and out of breath walking. Is it me o is the subtitles getting more...present tense in the English language. Our group now noticed the mist has cleared away and it’s now currently the beginning of the afternoon. Twelve o clock. P.M. sharp that is. They all sit down from exhaustion and May asks,

    “So....is it me or does it feel normal now?”

    “Yeah it does...kind of...present tense,” joke Ash. The Ed’s who experienced nothing looked at each other confused and shrugged.

    “Or you two...I don’t know feeling okay?” asks Double-D.

    “Of course we are! Why did you just ask that?” May who has a bit of a feeling of frustrate in her tone and emotions.

    “Well maybe you said something about everything feeling normal now....what did you two got stomach aches before or something?” asked Eddy.

    “No I mean...when it was morning didn’t it feel like....we traveled back in time or something,”

    “..........Yep. Ash and May are on drugs,” jokes Eddy. May seemingly pulls out her Piko Piko hammer out of nowhere and hits him square on the head. That hammer by the way being the same as the one and only Amy Rose! I already described it...I think. If not I’ll do it at a later time just to make sure.

    “Now that was funny,” laughed Ash as Eddy rubbed his head in annoyance. May couldn’t help but she was giggling at this. Ash always seemed to agree with her and help her as well. Though there was one time that the Ed’s seemed to dub, “The Bicker The Better!” which was when both got into heated arguments for one whole day long till eventually settling their differences. But back to right now.

    “Thanks Ash. I think you’re sense of humor is a good choice,” and that comment made Ash blush a bit. No one else noticed except Eddy and he only came up with one though in his head.

    “Ouch and huh?”

    “Thanks for saying that May. Well we better stop for lunch I guess. Good thing Double-D here brought his watch here or we never survive in this time based place,” shouted Ash. May seems to blush a bit as well and they set off for more fruit to chow down on.

    Meanwhile we see Dr. Eggman somewhere else in the same zone of Palm Tree Panic and he kept wondering something as he said to himself.

    “Who framed me? I obviously did not chain this planet down unless I got sleepwalking problems and I happen to bring my machines with me. Hmm...well regardless I might as well try for the Time Stones here. After all.....you only got one life to live! Unless....you got Time Stones to mess with the time space continuum that is! Hehehehehehe!”

    To Be Continued
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    Hi, I read the prequal to this and some of your one-shots and love your work. The only suggestions I can make are to avoid long, drawn-out senteces and avoid using the same phrase several times in the same paragraph. You seem to have quite a knack for keeping a character true to thier personality, as well as making great comical moments. Keep up the good work!
  20. Wes

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    Thanks I guess. I was thinking...forget I said that. Yeah I'll try not to do that. But I'm trying to make the shipping fics here well...I'm trying to...well..umm make the viewers think of them as a movie with me the director having commentary. Heh. Anyway I got the next chapter coming up soon. Well hopefully I get my first two out of four shippy fics done well. Hopefully. Anyway till next time! I'm not going to giving up on these fics anytime soon. When I do a fic I'll finish it. Mark my words...darn it...unnecessary info....umm well thanks.

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