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Titans: Control Freak's Island Paradise (RP - Rated R)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by VampirateMace, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Rating: This RP is rated R, for the possibility of violence, death, swearing, and other 'mature' subject matter.

    Plot/SU Thread: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/titans-control-freaks-island-paradise-su-rated-r.663095/
    Discord discussion: https://discord.gg/KDAg9k9

    Champions keep playing until they get it right.
    - Billie Jean King

    (If you are reserved I will add you, or you new char to this list once you're approved.)
    1. VampirateMace (Wraith, Dennis - quantum-ghost powers)
    2. Monster Guy (Violet Lantern, Max - love-fueled lantern powers)
    3. Sketchie (Nightmare, Lucas - shadow control powers)
    4. Skillfulness (Vara, Datalogger - tech powers)

    The head never rules the heart, but just becomes its partner in crime.
    - Mignon McLaughlin

    1. Follow the standard forum and sub-forum rules.
    2. Don't SPAM, flame, or otherwise harass other players.
    3. Don't bunny (control others' character's) without permission. If you know me, you know I am strict on this. - IF you fight another player, you do not get to decide if you hit them.
    4. Your character is NOT Omnipotent, Omniscient, or Omnipresent. Do NOT have them know things they shouldn't, teleport, or otherwise god-mode (there's limited exceptions on the teleporting, but do not abuse them). Remember, we are young heroes, not veterans.
    5. Put your name(s) and location at the top of your post. Inventory is not required, but be realistic. You are not going to just find a jeep or a laptop on the island (unless Control Freak leaves it for you, but ask first, okay).
    6. For those of you with multiple chars and/or pets, make it very clear WHO is doing WHAT.
    7. Do NOT be the idiot that forces me to make more rules (love you guys).

    If you study both 'Gilligan' and 'Brady,' you will see they are based on a similar philosophy: that it's possible for different kinds of people to learn to live together, either in a family or stuck on an island with no escape.
    - Sherwood Schwartz

    General Island & Control/Cyber Freak Info:
    1. The island is a medium-small volcanic island. The peak of the volcano can be seen rising from the dense jungle, which in turn is ringed by sandy white beaches. The island is sufficient for survival; firewood, building materials, fish, fruit, small to medium-small animals, a volcanic hot spring, and a refreshing freshwater waterfall.
    2. There are no signs of civilization, cell phone/wi-fi signal, electrical sources, etc on the island (unless otherwise stated by the GM). Building a booster will not help, as there is no signal to boost. Satellite signals also seem to be mysteriously missing. It's almost like the island is inside a dome/sphere.
    3. There currently appears to be no way off the island. However much you try to swim, fly, run, teleport, etc, something stops you, about 20 ft out from the island. An invisible dome or rather sphere appears to surround the island, only visible as a light blue 'energy' when touched. While contained pocket dimensions, still appear to work, no dimensions you can escape into or teleportation powers/spells seem to work properly. - If you can think of another way off, assume Control Freak has accounted for it, and RP accordingly.
    4. Though there are no signs of civilization, as this is Control & Cyber Freak's doing, so you can assume there will be surprises, traps, challenges, and even enemies.
    5. It is currently December 20th, or at least it was last you knew. So you risk missing the winter holidays if you're trapped on the island too long.

    Tropical Island (Beach)

    Wraith groaned, opening his eyes and pushing away from the sand. He looked down curiously. It was a fine white sand, with spots of black, the sort composed of powdered shell with a little quartz and a little obsidian. He next looked up and around. It appeared he and his teammates were waking up on a beautiful white beach, stretching off in either direction. Where the beach ended, a dense dark green jungle began, with a mountain peak sticking out of it's canopy. The other way was the shoreline; white surf and sparkling blue water, so clear you could see the bottom for quite a ways out.

    Clearly this was the 'vacation' Control Freak had said he was sending them on. Him and Cyber Freak. Wraith had never heard of Cyber Freak before now, but if whoever was behind that stupidly animated avatar and electronic voice was teaming up with Control Freak, they were obviously bad news. . . Wraith was now regretting how he'd handled that, clearly they should have been evacuating instead of him arguing with Amanuma. He shook his head. Then Wraith got to his feet, brushing the sand off his skin and costume, and asking loudly, “Is everyone okay?”

    That of course was the first thing. The second was figuring out where they were, and how to get back to the city. Several of them could fly, or cross water with other tricks, so that did not seem like a huge issue. He just hoped Control Freak had not caused too much trouble while they were away, whatever the reason he had for doing this. Considering Control Freak's last move had been to replace the former mayor, lots of bad scenarios were playing out in Wraith's imagination. He shut his eyes, covering his face with a hand for a moment, as he tried to focus. Did he remember, or rather premember anything about this? No, nothing was coming to mind.

    Everyone seemed to be fine. He slipped the communicator off the strap of his drop bag and flipped it open. It was picking up the emergency radio signal of the other communicators within 400 ft of it, but everything that was cell or satellite signal-based, including the often used video chat and GPS, appeared to be down. Okay. He reattached that to the bag's strap and next slipped his cell phone out of his bag. No bars, no wi-fi (not that he'd expected wi-fi), and basically no help. He held down the button, hard turning off the phone, and returned it to his bag. No point in wasting the battery, maybe it could be useful later, and they had walkie talkie function on their communicator in the meantime. But also, maybe someone would be able to get signal from their phone or communicator, if they got higher up?

    Or maybe, if they were lucky, they could simply see the mainland from up there. He figured, they just needed to think this through. He looked back at his team, instructing, “Okay, I've got no signal. Does anyone else?” No, he nodded softly, “Okay, let's figure out which way to civilization on our own. If you can fly go up and see what you can see, or if you can get signal. Or if you've got some other trick, scout out another direction. The rest of you hang tight, we'll get you out of here soon. . . I'm gonna head straight out this way, and hope I find land before I run out of energy and drown.”

    It was a joke. A bad one. It did take a lot of energy to do this, but he could get pretty far especially if there was nothing to distract his attention. And how could there be? There was nothing but open ocean as far as the eye could see. And even if he did manage to drown. . . he wasn't going to stay dead. . . probably.

    Wraith stared out over the water, taking a heavy breath. Focus. This was a pretty difficult trick, turning intangible was easy enough, but it was propelling his atoms forward that took immense concentration. A cloudy black pillar sped forward over the water. Then twenty feet from the shore, Wraith felt his atoms bombard something, and reforming to his solid state, splashed into the water. Sh!t. He coughed as he tried to tread water. No, not today reaper. Wraith unclasped his heavy red cloak, and slamming a hand against the invisible wall, turned to swim back to shore. A faint blue glow lit where he'd touched it, and then disappeared again, though he was already turned around by then. Wraith swam hard, coughing up more seawater once on shore (if someone wants to help him part-way back, feel free). Meanwhile the cloak slowly sunk into the depths like a big red jellyfish.

    Wraith sat in the damp sand, staring at the ocean as he tried to catch his breath. That wall, whatever it was out there, it could stop even his intangible state, and he was sure it was Control Freak's doing. He was sure of something else too, saying weakly, “Okay, I am not doing that again.”
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  2. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Violet Lantern/Max Hudson
    Tropical Island

    Max sat up, stretched his arms, and yawned loudly. He looked around, and saw that he was on some fabulous tropical beach. White sand, blue water, the works. If it weren’t for the fact that he and his teammates had been sent here by some crazy super-villain, this would have been a fabulous and romantic vacation destination for him and Lucas.

    Once he was certain that nothing had been injured... Max stood up and dusted the sand off himself. He watched Wraith basically throw himself foward, only to crash into some type of invisible force field, and wind up swimming back to shore. “Let me try.” Max said, even though he had just seen Wraith fail spectacularly. “This forcefield can’t possibly withstand the power of love!” Max flew up, headed about as far as Wraith had gone, then fired a pair of violet love beams from both hands. This did nothing to break the field, and instead the beams were reflected back at Max. The Violet Lantern ducked, and his beams wound up hitting a palm tree, causing some fronds to fall. “Well, apparently this thing can. Hmph, that’s annoying... Looks like we’re stuck here.”

    Max landed back on the beach, next to where his boyfriend was. “Hey Lukie-lue. Are you ok? This probably isn't the way you want to spend your birthday, but let’s look on the bright side. Control Freak brought us together in some weird twisted way, and now he sent us on a romantic island getaway together!” Max chuckled, and kissed his boyfriend on the cheek. “Come on let’s go up and see what we can see...” Max picked Lucas up in his arms, and flew upwards. Max was aware that Luc could fly on his own now, but what was the fun in that? Besides the actual flying, the best part of flying was being able to sweep guys off their feet.

    As soon as they got high enough, the first thing he saw was the volcano, and he frowned. “That’s not good... I’ve watched enough TV to know where this is going.” Since both hands were busy carrying Lucas, Max picked up his communicator off his belt with violet energy, and made a call on it. “Hey guys, I think we should be concerned about this volcano. Even if it’s not active, Control Freak is probably using it as a lair or something...”
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2018
  3. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Datalogger/Vara Tortelli
    Island Shore

    Vara awoke and sat up, sand falling from the side of her face. Sighing in annoyance, she brushed off what she could and starting looking around. She and her team were on a white, sandy beach with nothing but jungle past the sand. There was a mountain towering over the trees, she noted, and lots of water in the other direction with no signs of other land. The first thing she truly noticed though was how quiet it was from a technological standpoint. Usually she could feel almost endless devices around her that she could transfer into, but here there were hardly any.

    “Is everyone ok?” Wraith asked.

    “Fine over here,” she replied. Quickly looking at her teammates it didn’t look like anyone else was hurt either. Nodding in content, Vara then held out her left wrist and her watch started to vibrate slightly. Then, in a blur of energy and flying pieces, it had transformed into a pair of binoculars. She began to scan the sea, looking for any signs of something besides water. When she saw nothing, she looked again and frowned. Is there really nothing out there? She was concerned, but kept the thought to herself.

    “Okay I’ve got no signal. Does anyone else?”

    Vara shook her head and said, “I can’t pick up on anything besides our communicators. From what I can tell, the only technology nearby is whatever we have on us.” She resumed scanning the horizon, but was sure she would find nothing. However, she did watch as Wraith hurried across the water. His form blurred to almost a shadow as he jetted out to sea. Vara had a fully zoomed view from her binoculars when he collided with the field. That has got to hurt! He quickly paddled back to shore, coughing up water.

    “Okay, I am not doing that again.” He looked to be ok, though maybe his pride had been a bit wounded. Vara had reverted her binoculars to a watch and started unclipping her neon green pockets, preparing to swim out there. Meanwhile, Max had flown up to try using his powers to break it with no luck. With a furrowed brow, Vara walked into the water.

    “I’m going to see if I can stream into it,” she said, leaping and beginning to paddle out the short distance. As she approached it, she could sense it there, but already she knew there would be nothing she could do. Treading, she gently placed her hand out to touch it and it glowed lightly, but did not react otherwise. The entire field was a complete mystery. She could feel its presence, mentally and physically, but it was far too advanced for her to try hacking and she wasn’t even sure where the source of this thing was. All she had learned was that she knew nothing about it.

    “Alright,” Vara said, back on shore and drying beside Wraith, “either it’s too advanced for me to interact with or the source is somewhere else and I can try getting into that.” She looked up to see Max and Lucas scouting things from the sky. Hopefully they would be able to find something that could lead them to some answers.
  4. VampirateMace

    VampirateMace Internet Overlord

    Wraith (Dennis Harrison)
    Tropical Island (Beach)

    As Wraith sat on the beach convalescing, Max had already assaulted the force-field, which was apparently love proof as well as quantum particle proof. Next, he took his boyfriend up for a look around. Meanwhile, Vara tried to access the force-field with her powers. As Wraith watched her investigate, a call from Max came over the communicator, mentioning the volcano and how likely it was Control Freak would be there. Wraith nodded softly to himself, Max was probably right. He unclipped the communicator, luckily these things were rather watertight (he couldn't say the same about his phone), and replied, “Yeah, you're probably right, Control Freak wouldn't be able to resist a cliché like that.”

    Vara returned, sitting beside Wraith, and explaining how complicated the force-field appeared. Wraith nodded softly again, she was the tech expert, and she would know. Then he looked up as well. It was a nice warm day on the island, and the two of them should be dry in no time. If they'd chosen to be here, this might even be considered pleasant.

    Sighing, he turned to his drop bag and opened it up. The boxy leather bag was water resistant, but certainly not water proof. He dumped the contents onto the dry sand just behind him.

    Wraith sorted the damp contents, which of course getting sand all over them, but he could brush everything off once it was dry. Some things were easy, the zip ties, bottle of hand sanitizer, evidence bags, and pencil were fine, and he could just discard the biodegradable receipts here and now. And he figured he'd set the notebook out on a rock somewhere and try to dry it. He checked the lighter and pepper spray, the spray seemed fine, while the lighter was a no go, but maybe it'd work if he left it out to dry as well. That just left the cell phone. Picking up the probably ruined device, he turned back to Vara, “Hey, you think you can save this? Not a big deal if you can't, it's just prepay for minutes and data anyways.”

    At that moment, the theme of Jurassic Park started trumpeting from everyone's communicators. Wraith put his free hand to the bridge of his nose, what fresh Control Freak based hell was this? Then in a mockery of a female voice, Control Freak's voice, “Welcome to Classics Island!”

    Wraith pulled free his communicator once more, really hoping this did not mean dinosaurs attacking them. He flipped it open, to be greeted by a disturbing close-up of Control Freak's face, as the red headed man with early male pattern baldness dove into a speech, “By now you can see we spared no expense in bringing you this first class exotic island vacation. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time here on Classics Island! Oh, be sure to but watch out for the Compys.”

    Something began to rustle behind the group on the beach. Sh!t. Wraith turned, scrambling to stuff his items back in his bag and stand up. The shaking leaves got louder and closer, until they could see the bushes before them moving. Wraith looked for his skull tipped wooden staff, it now occurring to him, he hadn't seen it since passing out back at the tower. Well sure, Control Freak probably left it behind, why would he give him the benefit of such an obvious weapon that had nothing to do with his powers? He pulled the retractable titanium back-up off his bag's strap and flung it open, luckily he still had that.

    A small green lizard-like head emerged from the foliage, followed by around three dozen more. Then, the small chicken-sized dinosaurs charged down the beach, leaping and snapping their sharp jaws. Ugh, seriously? Well, at least of all the things Control Freak could have brought to life, at least these were a manageable size, even if they were still incredibly dangerous. Wraith swung his staff with both hands, knocking two of them a good eight or ten feet away. Resilient, they shook their heads and got back up. Oh boy, he already hated these things.
  5. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Violet Lantern/Max Hudson
    Tropical Island

    “Yeah, you're probably right, Control Freak wouldn't be able to resist a cliché like that.” Wraith said over the communicator. That's the sort of thing that happens when your dealing with a nerdy supervillian. Max just hoped that volcano wasn't active, and this didn't become a get out of here before it blows situation. Max looked around for anything else of interest, and saw nothing but trees, trees, and more trees. So, he decided to land, let go of Lucas.

    At that moment, some song started playing over his communicator that Max wasn't at all familiar with. Then a voice that sounded like a guy trying to sound female said “Welcome to Classics Island!” Was that Control Freak? Did he seriously hack their communicators too?

    Max opened his communicator, to be greeted by a close-up of Control Freak's face. Yep, he did. That was certainly something he didn't want to see. “By now you can see we spared no expense in bringing you this first class exotic island vacation. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time here on Classics Island! Oh, be sure to but watch out for the Compys.”

    "What?" Before he could get an answer to what that meant, he heard the sound of leaves rustling. Before he knew it, A small green lizard-like head popped out from the bushes, along with a bunch more. Then, small creatures charged down the beach, leaping and snapping their sharp jaws.

    Max grabbed one of the little dinosaurs by the scruff of it's neck, and held it up. "Aw, these are actually kind of cute! If we can get it housebroken, maybe we can keep one as a mascot?"

    Then the little dino growled, bared it's sharp teeth, and chomped down, causing Max to drop it. The mascot idea was definitely out.

    "Oh, you're one of those..." Max sighed, and conjured up a violet mallet of love. "I was hoping it wouldn't come to this but..." Max hovered up, and bopped the dino on the head. "Looks like we're playing whack-a-dino!" He flew around bopping a few dinos on the head with a love mallet. It knocked them down, but they soon shook it off, and got back up again. "These things are tough for being so tiny!"
  6. Skillfulness

    Skillfulness Well-Known Member

    Datalogger/Vara Tortelli
    Island Shore

    “Hey, you think you can save this?” Wraith asked holding his phone up. Vara looked at the dripping hero and his phone. She shook her head and laughed.

    “Yeah that’s not going to happen, sorry. Unless we find a bag of rice to stick it in, you’re out of luck.” She started clipping her pockets back on when all their communicators started chiming. Rather, the theme of Jurassic Park started playing so Vara opened hers.

    “Welcome to Classics Island!” Vara rolled her eyes as he started to rant, noticing most of the team had a similar reaction. He was a formidable villain, but he certainly had some quirks that made him difficult to take seriously at times. Though the name of the island may shed some light on what he might have prepared for them.

    “Oh, be sure to watch out for the Compys.” The message concluded and it was quiet again, but only for a moment. From the jungle at the beaches edge came some scuttling sounds. The leave and branches were shaking. Any second Vara expected to feel vibrations in the ground and she transformed her watch to her hammer in preparation. Instead, there was a small hoard of little green, upright lizards that emerged from the trees. Vara sighed in relief. A giant dinosaur had been what she expected, but a herd of little raptors was much more manageable.

    "Aw, these are actually kind of cute! If we can get it housebroken, maybe we can keep one as a mascot?" Max had snatched one up, but it snapped at him and he took back the suggestion.

    “Ha! I dunno about you, but I might see if I can take one home.” Vara deftly spun her hammer and gave a powerful swing. The three Compys charging her were flung far by the hammers swing and splashed into the shallow waters. Hopefully they stayed here as more were on their way.

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